Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Food Bag, New Chart and Last Orange

Pic: Working away at the nav station, my favorite place to sit!
Well that's it, the last of my fresh fruit. I've just been savoring my last orange and I'm sure going to miss fresh fruit! And on the subject of food today I pulled out my first new food bag. A food bag lasts 14 days. It feels like a bit of a milestone and I'm looking forward to dinner tonight because I get first pick of meals. By the end of the week all the good stuff will be gone and I'll be back to eating all my second favorites.

Progress has been a little slower today with the wind dropping right out to pretty much nothing for a while last night, then coming round on to Pink Lady's nose this morning. But we're still eating away at the miles and getting very close to the edge of the chart. So I pulled out a new chart and spent the afternoon looking over it studying up on areas we're sailing into. It feels
like we're really getting into unfamiliar waters now, I've never sailed this far east before so it's all new and exciting stuff from here.

I'm a bit annoyed with myself at the moment after thinking it was calm enough to open a hatch and being quickly shown otherwise by a wave breaking over the deck and pouring right into the cabin. There's some wet salty clothing hanging up, but it’s all drying quickly now.

Also, sorry about the delay in getting a tracking map up, but the team will have something on the website for you all next week to follow.

Alright I'm going to sign off now because I'm off to do something brave, daring and possibly a little reckless. I'm going to open the bag labeled 'School Work'. OK, so maybe I'm being a bit of a drama queen, but wish me luck on this one!

Hope everyone's having good weekends.



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Anonymous said...

dear jess,

you continue to amaze me. your writing is incredible; i feel like i'm there with you every step of the way. i can almost taste the salt on my skin!

keep up the good work. there are so many people around the globe thinking of you and wishing nothing but the best!

god bless.

Suzanne said...

Have a great week Jessica. Throw a line over and catch something worth cooking.

Anonymous said...

you go girl enjoy the new food bag hope mum slipped something nice into it for you you make us proud to be an aussie we are behind you all the way. the scurvy glen

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica
You are an amazing inspiration to me - i'm not a sailor but i really admire your courage and determination
keep it up!

mimo said...

Hey Jess,
Well the adventure continues. Have fun with your school work, although I think you've got the best classroom out there. This may seem a weird question, but before you left was the topic of pirates ever discussed. We read in the press most days about pirates attacks. I know your nowhere near Somalia but are there other dangers (pirates) out there you have to worry about?

Stay safe


June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jessie,

Get stuck into that home work. I have just finished my last test for this semester and am looking forward to a short break. I do mean short as I am about to start the third semester work over Christmas.

Say Bulla Fiji for us.

Take care and keep finding those kind winds.

June and Richard Thorn

Lillee said...

Hey Jess - enjoy your dinner tonight and get the homework done and out of the way so you can enjoy everything around you

Stay safe

Go Aussie Go

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Wow how exciting it must be to be sailing into unknown adventure, looking at maps and wondering whats on those islands. Could you imagine the first sailors not knowing even where those islands are? Its all so exciting for us back here with you telling us about your boat and routine. Love it so keep it coming.
John (Macedon, Vic)

Lissy said...

Ahoy Jesse,

No more fruit? Oh no! Don't worry there'll be plenty for you when you get back.

Loved the pic. Great set up you've got there!

Stay safe and steady as she goes Pink Lady.

We've just had some much needed rain on the Gold Coast this weekend..yay!

Lissy :)

Summersailor said...

Summersailor said: Jesse you make me laugh "Open the school bag". You could be the teacher in a thousand class rooms around the world for what you are teaching the rest of us on the lessons of tenacity, guts, intelligence, inspiration and the beauty of living your dream. Keep on teaching the world beautiful(girl) lady. :-D

peter said...

Hey Jess....You are staying up at nights because there is plenty of moon around at the mo. If you have clear skies at night it must be an awesome sight.

Nice meal, light breeze, big moon and music !
What more could you ask for....
all the best..
Pete NZ

helwhiz said...

Great to see you looking so happy and confident. It's funny how important food becomes when you're on a boat. Keep up the good work.

RICHARD said...

School work! As if this adventure isn't an educational experience of a life time? Well, I'm sure it was a condition of your being able to undertake this incredible quest. I guess it is yet another sign of good parenting. However, I must say that in reading your blogs, your writing skills are well beyond that of an average sixteen year old. That being said, it would appear that you do really well in school. If your school work is anything like the home-school programs in the states, your shipboard education will be thorough and one you will easily work through.
Be well and smooth sailing.


See ya sailor!

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Love ya work Jesse...

Beware of Dragons too...

You are topic of conversation here, I find I'm talking about you all the time with friends and on the Radio! (Amateur Radio)

I can't wait to here you jumping for joy when 0 degrees Latitude is reached...

Hey it's a Sunday...School work can wait...surly;)

Good to you see you smiling too.

Can't wait for the tracking map.


Clint - Melbourne

cousinpete said...

hi jess
you are the teacher here! thanks for the pic, and keep up the hard work. school and house that is. sailing is your leisure time.toodles

Anonymous said...

lol @ the dramatic school lesson...hope it was all your favourite subjects!!

Take Care

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the update and the new pic. You look very happy and relaxed which is good to see! I find myself smiling knowing that you are having a good time out there and you haven't found it all too stressful.

So with you opening up a new food bag each 14 days, I guess you really look forward to every second Sunday night, when you get to spoil yourself with a smorgasboard of delectible delights! LOL

It is good to hear that you are human and you can make the occasional error in judgement with having the hatch open. But you are only human and if this is the only mistake you make, I wouldn't be worried about it too much.

In any case, I am sure that all your clothes will get wet at some stage or another through the trip. Just think of the huge pile of washing that you will be giving your mum on your return!

So what sort of school work do you have to keep up with? I would have thought you would just have a year off to complete this journey and then start again. After all, the things that you will learn on this adventure, not only about the world's oceans, but also about yourself, would be much more invaluable than any school work. But I suppose the school work will help to keep life as normal as possible.

Anyway, good to hear from you again, good to see that you are still in good spirits and enjoying yourself, and you are getting excited about what lies ahead.

It's been a good weekend here at Caves Beach, high 20s with the usual gentle north-easterly sea breeze rolling in during the afternoon. This is pretty much the weather pattern here during the summer.

Personally, I fractured my left wrist again, the same wrist that I had surgery on which kept me out of golf for 18 months. After getting back into practice again 2 months ago, I guess I have to be a little patient again for a while. I don't think it is as bad this time, but I am still smiling so it's all good!

But look at the positive side, I get to sit in front of the computer a bit more and keep up with your adventure and great blogs.

Enjoy that last orange and I will have one as well now and savour it as if it is my last one, so that I kind of join you in spirit at least. These little things really remind me of just how brave you are and what you are sacrificing to do Australia proud!

Take care and keep in touch

Caves Beach, Australia

Didier said...

Hi, I hope you are having a good time. I have always wanted to sail on the sea but I am only 6 years old and don't see it very often. I wish I could sail with you one day on the Pink Lady. Love Kaitlyn from Perth.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess
Love your blog. Your writing, your English is fantastic, so your English teacher in that 'School Work' bag should be very happy.

And i'm happy to hear all the technical, navigational and sailing stuff you can throw at us.

Sail on you little wonder


M said...

Hi Jess

going well by the sounds of it and I'm sure you'll even look forward to the homework B4 the end of your mission :-)
keep up with the blog, it's more thrilling than any soap on the idiotbox. Mark, Plymouth UK

Barbara said...

School work! That's hilarious. What are you studying? Be safe, have fun, enjoy the new food bag.
Barbara from Elk Grove, California

Ruddy said...

Pick of the dinners tonight hu lucky you.
A mistake on leaving the hatch up you say, well "We learn from our mistakes" Chin up and move on if a mistake happens.
Your adventure as you surely know by now has made many Aussies including me even more proud to be Australian. I too have enjoyed following you when I can and seeing the many well wishes of luck on your blog reminds me, "I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder one works the more goodluck they have"
Anyway little champ and I am sure all your little chores keep you busy , Those chores even the most tedious will stop boredom.A thought for you while you go about them "Its what you learn after you know it all that counts." Have a great day , have fun
Goodonya Jesse,
Ulladulla Harbor, NSW

Grandma June said...

Hi Jessica
I live on the Gold Coast Qld and look forward to your blog every day too. Always checking and anxiously awaiting your updates. They are so interesting.

However,I too am wondering if we all really need to know your exact locations along the way. Others have just expressed what I have been thinking from day one. I am sure your team has taken this into consideration and can satisfy curiosities without giving too much away?

All the best and safe sailing home.

phil said...

Tremendous pic. of you at the nav. station - the best yet. These will make great illustrations for your book. Enjoy the school work! You have the best classroom in the world. Enjoy the new food! Phil, W.Aus.

Richard Lathrop said...

School work!
you ARE the teacher!
can't imagine anything in that bag of lessons that's more instructive or more important than your daily quest.
of course, you are 16, so I guess it's expected of you. but it does seem a little ironic.
wish I could send you a bag of oranges. got any limes aboard? wouldn't want scurvy to catch up with you!
That's funny about taking a wave through the hatch! chalk it up to a learning experience. At least you're in the tropics, so stuff should dry out fast, right?
hope your bed didn't get too soaked.
tell us what you are studying for school. maybe that will help us get a little perspective on your odessey.
Yours in awe and admiration.
Richard Lathrop

rodney said...

Jessica you are a very brave, tough young girl. I have a small yatch 7m, and would love to ocean sail but I am nowhere near experienced enough, and at the age of 60 it will probably not happen, keep up your spirits, we are behind you all the way, more youth of Australia need to have the adventurous get up & do it like you, following you day by day ........ Rod & Rita

MUNGUS said...

School work?

Yikes - now you're taking things a bit too far Jesse! Don't get too engrossed, there's nav to attend to as well :-)

Happy 7%,

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

hiya jesse
do you have a line and if so will you try and catch someting i have been following yyou since you started love the posts i can just picture it
will finish by saying go jesse and enjoy your self

Austen Reptiles said...

Good morning!..

I hope you had a great night last night as I'm sure you would have.. What a pitty the wave that crashed through your hatch ruined all your school work!.. Bummer that! :) Have a cracker day out there Jess and I look forward to hearing all about this new and unfamiliar ocean you're now sailing!

Take care.

Michael from the Gold Coast.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

You are truely amazing. Your blog is really great reading. It makes us feel like we are really part of your epic journey. I log on several (many) times a day to see if there are any updates!!

You are looking completely relaxed and at home there in the cabin of Ella's Pink Lady.

I was wondering about school work. Having a 17 year old son myself I know he would take any oppartunity to delay the dreaded school. As I say to him...get in get it done and then you can do what you want!!! I am sure you will do that as part of your regular routine.

I am looking forward to your continuing Blogs especially as you head up past Fiji and onto the equator.

Stay safe and watch the sunburn :-)
Ingleburn NSW

Gabe said...

Well done Jessica.
Your voyage remains amazing to all of us.
“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”
~Gail Devers
Keeping you in my prayers,

Buddy Blanton said...

Hello Sunshine,

Great picture! Well, as I told you before, you always have to be on your toes, for mother ocean has her own mind. Learn to love her, and learn to listen to her, and you will be just find. Make sure you stay hydrated! That is a must on the sea, and make sure you are taking your vitamins. It is hard to get all your daily vitamins eating prepared food.

It is Halloween night, but I guess you will not have any trick or treaters...except for those little sqid varments. I am thinking of you. Stay on guard sunshine, and keep a weathered eye on the horizon, for you are in unchartered waters for you now. Enjoy the ride...but be vigilant....Keep smiling that beautiful smile...buddy

this is my favorite quote from myself...."mother, mother ocean has many secrets to tell you, but they can not be heard from the shore." You go girl!!!

P.A. said...

You are an inspiration!

I am a high school teacher and I have linked your blog to my school's Teen Waves It is a blog to encourage student writing! (Only new but it's slowly evolving!) Take a peek! Maybe even do a writing prompt there!

Also, if you want any help with school work let me know there!

Have fun and take care!

Ms Adams

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, & the homework!!. You're a inspiration to us all.
Darren from Cairns

Rowie said...

Hey Jess,

Good morning! excellent blog today and loved the pic. We are all learning so much from you! Gee, to have to knuckle down to school work or pore over the new chart as you head out into unfamiliar territory must be really hard to do...thank you so much for sharing this amazing journey with us. I, like many others, eagerly await the new postings.

Stay safe, keep healthy and top up the sleep whenever you can!

Our best wishes to you,
Phil, Rowie, Maddy and Pat

Kai Engelke said...

Hello Jessica,

Greetings from Hannover, Germany. I stumbled over your adventurous (does this word exist?) journey when i read about the 14-year-old girl of the netherlands in the press. She wasn`t allowed to do her trip by the authorities. I'm not a sailor but i really enjoy reading about your trip and it is really exciting and inspiring. So, best of luck and enjoy your dream. Not many people in the world, have the chance to live their dreams. Your blog is bookmarked and i can't wait to read more.
Bye and *Tschüss* from Germany.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
It's great to see you with a smile on your face! Sorry to hear about the wet salty mess. I look forward to seeing lots of photos of the wide open sea. Have a great day!!
I look forward to more videos:)

Bonnie said...

Hi Jessica! Sounds like you're having a great time! I'm really enjoying following your progress! :-) Have a lovely week!

NCRR said...

Hi Jessica,
I have been following your adventure every day. I sent a comment yesterday, but did not see it posted. I am 65 and not real sure how this blog stuff works. Sure you already know, you are not alone in the huge ocean, there are people around the world who are with you. Please use a tether on board, we do not want to hear you fell overboard.
God bless you .

Chris said...

Jess, as Winter sets in here in the State of Minnesota, USA and the sailing season comes to a close I have very much enjoyed following you as you set out on your journey. At 9 years your senior it is exciting thinking about what it would have been like to embark such an adventure at that age. Alas I will live it vicariously though you. Thanks for the great blog. Best Wishes from Simple Pleasures, home port, Wacouta, MN USA

- Christopher

Anonymous said...

just a quick question; I know you won't be stopping ashore, but how close exactly will you bee sailing by Samoa or Fiji or any other land? Close enough to see some people or not?

Thanks you brave one!
(Adriatic sea, Croatia)

Brian Riley said...

Hope you enjoyed halloween sorry couldn't be there to give out some treats, but that's life. Really like your sat/nav station area for chart plotting, Nah! it's not unfamiliar water, bet if you look out the scene is still the same (Ha Ha), and you are doing great, will you sail north or south of Tonga, there is some rough weather to the west around the phillipenes and a small weather scud to your east, at the momnent you are sailing through the middle of this weather. You are looking totally relaxed and at home so I do wish you luck with the school work, and some good cooking.
Safe passage, will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD

Paula said...

Along with your other talents, you have a gift for writing.

Richard in MD said...

Hello Jesse,
Great picture! I'm glad your feeling up. Now that you are "crackin the books", does this mean you are "uber bored"? Just kidding.On another note, it looks like your track might cross where Magellen sailed on the first circumnavigation. I read that he went up the west coast of South America, and then across the Pacific at the Equator.

All the best, you are an inpiration!

Richard in Maryland

kellie said...

hi jess
go jess go glad to see everything is going ok i am not a sailor but i feel i am out there with you i love the blog and the pics


Enliven Publishing said...

Hi Jess. your blog is inspring...go girl!!!We are a family in Melbourne trackin your course. My 16 year old, Amy is totally inspired by your quest. We pray God speed!!
Macolm Calder.

Wolfhound said...

Glad to see the soaking didn't dampen your spirits.
And glad, too, to see the witches and ghouls didn't get you last night ! We're just in from trick-or-treating here in NY, and the kids (9, 7 and 2) had a blast.

They're home-schooled, too, so they'll be thrilled to hear that you're homeschooling too.

Enjoy the new food ! I admire your discipline; I'd just go though all the bags eating my favourites first, and then the seconds, and so on !

All the best from NY,


Anonymous said...

Dear Jess!

Just want you to know that you have big support from the people in Sweden , and please continue to wright with the same antusiasm the whole journey !

Good luck //

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
My name is hannah and I think you are very brave to go around the world alone (I would be too scared to do what your doing)but I am only 8:)Wish You Luck

From Hannah

mbasscat said...

Hi Jess,
Sailing into unknown waters will be just awesome for you and exciting.

I know your mom will have some kind of backup fruit for you, maybe not fresh but as good.

Maybe if you have some time explain how you go about cooking a meal, what you use etc.

Go enjoy that new bag of food, turn on some good music and just kickback and enjoy yourself.

Stay safe :) :) :)
God Bless you Jessica
Marion from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

mrtipster said...

hey jesse,
as a professional sailor what you are doing both scares me and inspires me. good luck and keep up the positive attitude!

Anonymous said...

You rock Jessica - we're with you all the way.

Probably not such a good idea to publish GPS coordinates to the general public though, as someone said before. Not everyone has as good intentions as you.

yarnek said...

Hey Jesse,

So many milestones......last orange, first food bag, new chart, first School Bag..(A-A-AARGH!!)
Should be interesting sitting for your exams at the nav station!
Thanks once again for keeping everyone involved in your voyage, and for the pics. I am so looking forward to the tracking map; we will all feel just that little bit closer to you.
Take care young Lady,

The Old Bloke, Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

Jess, your blogs are great! I give you an A+ :-) But no, truly, thanks for being so diligent with the updates. It give us such a great insight into your life at sea. Keep them coming! Hope your clothes dry off quickly and don't forget to do your homework!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Enjoy your new food bag, have just spent the last hour reading through the comments, should be doing the ironing for the week, how boring is THAT in comparison to what you are doing. That is one chore you don't have!!! It is hot and dry out here in the central west, I miss the ocean and the sound of the wind and waves. Happy sailing and stay safe, God bless
Bron NSW

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks so much for all the info you give us. I'm following you on my globe. You are amazing!

I was only on a sailboat once, in the Caribbean, and there was no wind that day. I got so seasick I jumped off the boat and swam to a nearby island. I felt for you when you said you were seasick. Hope you're over that by now.
Happy sails,

Lee Phila., Pa. USA
Go Phillies!

Rick Irving said...

Jessica, We are delighted to share in your adventure. We have 2 sons and 2 daughters. Our daughters are April 19 years old and Abby 17 years old. You are a real inspiration to us. We look forward to reading your blog each day.
You fans in Texas!
Rick, Sue, April, Abby, Dusty and Tyler

Anonymous said...

Good morning Jess
your writing and pictures are fantistic , you make us feel like we are their with you. Your blog is one of the highlights of our day and we follow you like a favourite football team but you are more inspirational.Looking forward to seeing your track to add a little more perspective.
have fun , stay upright, your in our hearts , Leo

curryfamily said...

hey jess
been following your blog every night b4 bed time, its like reading a little novel of adventure...great stuff
having teenage daughters myself I
really admire your
young desire and courage...
keep up the good work on your blog
regards david

Roger and Lou Dwyer said...

Hi Jesse,
Hey it is the weekend!!!you dont go to school on the weekend, Luv u, stay safe and thanks for the post xxx Roger and Lou Dwyer

NCRR said...

I try to send you my encourgement. But it does not post. I am 65 and do not understand blog. You are amazing. Will continue to follow your adventure.

Anonymous said...

Youre an amazing young lady. All the best.

markm said...

Hey Jess,
I am keeping track of your voyage you will make make it and just ask God to help you and he will he loves winners.

God Bless from Mark

Tim09 said...

Lol Jess,
School work? you would think that they could give you some time off.
Glad you have a bit of a chance to rest with the weather dying off.
Love your blogs
Tim and Rosie

Anonymous said...

Hi should save one of your favourites for last in your food bag. Something to look forward to when you are down to your least favourites! The things we all take for granted like fresh oranges! I am not all that fussed on oranges anyway but would certainly miss other types of fruit! At least chocolate doesn't require refrigeration really!!!

Our prayers are with you, Ella's Pink Lady and your family every day! Keep on smiling that beautiful smile!

The Ryders xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess
l hope you are having a great time. You are so brave to do such a amazing adventure. l am 10 and l have been to New Zealand by myself for just under a month. Have a safe trip.

Love Grace

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Finally caught my wife up to speed with your adventure , reading your blogs, looking at your pics, and watching your videos and she is as excited about your adventure as I am!! Good to hear that the winds have died down hopefully not too much. Watch out for those rogue waves! lol We got our globe out of the family room and put it by the computer and will be tracking your progress! Godspeed to you , Mike and Amy Kay

kathie said...

forget the school work... you can teach the teacher!! keep the spirits up, dig in and enjoy. following your journey everyday.

Emile said...

hi miss jess, we are happy that you have a little calmer weather. Your food bags seem a great idea but can you make it last 14 days. Don't forget some reefs near the equator are very low and hard to sopot with calm sea making little or no surf. We hope that you too are having agreat weekend Cool Pic as well we are being spoilt. MAravale HS 5

Lea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You are truly an amazing girl. A real inspiration. We all must follow our dreams! My 14 yr old daughter, Katie, and I are following you daily!
Valerie Newark, Delaware

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess

After my girls Hannah (8) and Grace (10)spent so much time downloading photos and worshipping the britney spears and tayor swifts avril ...

My husband and i decided enough! We want them to be inspired by girls like you real people who are making a difference and breaking new ground. Or just women and men that have true talent and courage.

They now have your picture as there background page on their computer and we will wipe all the folders with junk and start new folders for them of people they can truly look to as a guide for living their life. Yes im not that mean they can watch "some" music videos on saturday morning and listen to their music but we are educating them more about the fakeness of hollywood modelling ....

We will be following your progress. have a wonderful day

Cheers Rachel

Tracie L. Hall said...

So, these little squid characters...we're thinking they aren't just riding waves in but are actually slithering on in and making themselves comfortable? Did your predecessors making this voyage mention squid visitors or are they unique to you? Perhaps they love pink. You need some little chairs with 8 arm rests. I see now that my last idea of giving one a cozy spot in the sink was a bad idea...apparently they don't worry about being out of water and would probably explore the rest of the cabin...including the pillow!
Did I ask yet, what subjects you are going to study? Do you get credit for all the stuff you've learned on your own; engine repair, nutrition, emergency medicine, navigation, meteorology,etc.
I've noticed that you haven't divulged your tastes in music or books...actually, I think you did mention one title of a book so it's probably not intentional, but if you *are* worried that you will lose some fans who have different tastes--I totally doubt it. Much more likely is that if someone doesn't already share your taste they will be curious enough to test it and your favorite musicians and authors will benefit by your expedition also with more sales.
Does Australia do Halloween? It's tonight, so I was just curious.
Take care and blessings,

Lea said...

Hey Jess,

Today's the first day I've logged on to see how you're going - it sounds like you're having a blast.

Hubby and I talk about you alot and hope we can bring our son up to be as independent and adventurous as you (no cotton wool kiddies in our house!). You're such an inspiration.

Keep enjoying yourself and the dreaded schoolwork :-)


TheCarterFamily said...

Happy Haloween Jessica from the US. There is no homework going on here tonight, just hoarding candy and stocking up for the long wet winter. No oranges just Snickers Bars.
It is good you are keeping up on your studies but how do you turn in your homework or are you going to save it until you get home?
Great pic. in the nav station. I can see why that is your favorite spot. It has all the tech stuff and it looks like a control center. Can't wait to see your progress on a GPS tracker.
Well sleep well tonight and don't let the bed bugs leave your hatch open. Nasty little buggers huh !!!
Love ur blogs and look forward to seeing the next one.
Love from the Carter's
Oh P.S. This is the closest I've gotten to being the first comment. I'm number 30.

jimmy said...

Jessica, what you are doing is amazing, stay sharp.
I am enjoying reading about your progress. You are truly inspirational.

Jimmy in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Keep going, Jessica. You are beautiful and an inspiration to many people. I thank you that I can be a part of your sailing adventure.
Richard (QLD)

Sarah said...

Hey Jesse,

You are begining to inspire me. I think that what you're doing is amazing. How would you feel without any fresh fruit anymore?

From Sarah

Anonymous said...

You are just amazing Jessica and we are very proud of you as a wonderful Australian careful with that homework it could be more dangerous than anything that nature has to offer you :)
Hey "Pinch & a Punch for the first of the month" :)

Wrigleys said...

Hey Jessica

What are the temperatures out there ? it's nudging 35c here in southern New South Wales and not a drop of flowing water for miles.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, Thank you for your blog I also feel Iam there with you on this adventure. I have my fingers x'ed and have best wishes for your safety.


Anonymous said...

JW... Miss Australia, Miss Universe, Worlds Best Sailor, Award winning author(blogger).... YOU are truly amazing girl!

Angus. said...

Hi Jesse,
I new you were a pretty tough son- of-a-gun, but to open your school work, that's real spirit. When i was your age that was the last thing on my mind.It will be good to see just where your position is.
Hope you don't have to revert to using a sextant, I didn't excel at that section of bridge watch keeping. maybe a bit too lazy.
I used to think every day was a new and exciting day at sea. Just remember after a while travelling east you ll eventually get back home.
I don't know if I'll be able to go and see you sail into Sydney but I'll sure as hell see you sail back home.
The good thing is you cant stop time and one day soon you'll be back home.
Then you can do some real school work. so long for now, wishing you, fair winds and following seas.

Anonymous said...

Magpie here,
Hi Jessica.
Wow what a smile!
Perfect photo, and I have to say you look very comfortable and settled in.

We have just had our first lesson of respect for the ocean in Sydney.
There are thousands of Bluebottles this weekend and now we know that summer is coming.

The sculpture by the sea has started in Tamaramma and 'Little boy alone on the beach'has lost his togs already, to the bemusement of the Council, lol.

Equator here we come, Sayonara.

Peter Flynn said...

Hi Jess,
The photos are super!, it really brings it to life - together with your writing we are able to share this experience with you. This is really quite extraordinary. What a fantastic adventure. To realise that you have so far to go make us understand the amazing amount of bravery and determination you must have.

All the best.


Tiana + Melissa said...

Hi Jesse,
We are 4 yr 5 students very interested in your blog every day.
We all read it at school with our teacher and classmates.
We are going to follow your journey with a map.

We have 1 Question for you:
When you are on Ella's Pink Lady how do you wash your face and body in salt water?

Hope you can answer this question.

Love From Tiana, Melissa, Xanthe + Georgia.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your blog is wonderful to read, I may not comment everyday..I am sure there are many more people reading than commenting. You stay safe:)

Chris Akenfelds said...

Hey Jessica, I'm a little concerned that you're doing school work on board Ella's Pink Lady. That has everybody really worried for your safety and well-being :-)

Chris Akenfelds
akenfelds @ lycos . com

Maurie said...

Hi Jess!
I'm in McDonalds just south of Sydney right now quaffing a latte & reading your blog. They have free wireless internet here. Lots of people bag the 'Golden Arches' but I'm happy to eat their pancakes with maple syrup anytime!

You won't believe this but I have an audience - people I don't even know are reading your blog & comments & drooling over my shoulder as I type! (keeping a close eye on the pancakes here!) I kid you not Jessica! I just happened to casually mention your name & before I knew it I was surrounded by a posse of fellow 'McDonaldites' in various stages of munching! You are causing quite a sensation here - I have been asked to pass on their good wishes!

Forget the school work Jess - toss it overboard unless you are really hanging out for some mental stimulation! You don't need it - what you are doing is an education in itself! Seriously - if you want a Yr 12 qualification you can do a TAFE course when you get back. You don't even need Yr 12 to get into uni these days - they all have alternative entry programs... Would love to see the look on their faces when they read your application....."and what have you done Ms Watson to convince us that you have the commitment & determination to succeed at tertiary study..." Well... I've just sailed single handed, unassisted, non stop around the world!! Would that do? LOL...

Catch u later. Enjoy your day...
Cheers, Maurie - Sydney

PS Re the food bag - it's interesting that you go for the good stuff first - I always leave the best til last. Gives me something to look forward to...

Ian said...

Jess, There is hydration and there is hydration. When your mother reminded you it was important to keep hydrated, I'm sure she didn't mean open the hatch and let the ocean in!!LOL. When you report among all the glamorous things that are going on in your world, that you're about to knuckle down to homework, you become a great role model for all the kids of the world. Well done, Jess. We're all rooting for you.

Ian from Brisbane

duane said...

Love the picture Jessica, nice to see you smiling. Enjoyed seeing the videos too but you looked pretty tired. Hope you get enough rest to keep you in good spirits. Congratulations on two weeks at sea. Already you have accomplished more than most will ever accomplish. May God always clear your path. duane

Eric Sonnen said...


You are an inspiration to us all, for your efforts!

I'm a 39 year old banker that has never drove solo a boat over 15 miles out to sea. Your efforts conjure and inspire all sorts of goals for me.

Thank you,

Eric, Atl, GA, USA

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts every day - you are inspiring and I wish you only the best. Did your mum throw some surprises / treats into the new food bag?

Until next I "blogg" to you (this is now my fourth or fifth one).

Take care and God bless.


Anonymous said...

Re: Mick 9:24AM. The Somali Pirates are everywhere, especially in Australia pinching cars.

Mary said...

Greetings from Maine, Jess.

Your picture is great. Thanks for the smile. Your nav station looks like it's definitely YOUR spot!

I'm glad you're getting into some school work. Beaming your mental focus onto assignments is really good for strengthening your mental attitude. It's not about the "smarts" or whether you're the teacher or the student, it's about applying your mind. You are the expert at taking care of yourself, parenting yourself and entertaining yourself. Go, Jess!!! You're doing great!

Give yourself a WORLDWIDE HUG from me. Peace, Dear One.

Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Come on, Jess.
If you manage to navigate by yourself around the world, you will have proven to the relevant authorities, that you have more brains of anyone your age. The HSC should be handed over on arrival in Sydney.With a good management your life can be set up for good afterwards. Or was that a condition of those "paperpushers" to let you go on this trip ?
(It's "Show-them-the-finger" time, as your father has been quoted...)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jess, have you got "6 months in a leaky boat" on your stereo as well ?

Anonymous said...

still reading your blog daily and still thinking of you out in that big ocean. It must feel good to know so many people around the globe are with you on your journey, so you are not along out there..
Take care gutsy lady.

Perth, West Australia

Anonymous said...


I check your website everyday to check for updates on your adventure. Your updates are entertaining and interesting to read. You are such an inspiration and you are making it sound so easy out there, which I am sure it is not.
Looking forward to reading more and seeing more pics ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
My husband & I have just spent the morning at beautiful Callala Beach where there were a number of yachts in some sort of Regatta & heaps of dolphins too. We were talking about you as we often do & wondered how your day has been so far, so it was nice to come home & find your latest post. You're looking nicely tanned too but keep up with the sunscreen! Enjoy your day & watch out for those waves coming over.
Take care little one,
The McGraths Nowra NSW

BillaBong said...

JW...I wondered if you had a sextant. Presumably you have the tables.

Challenge yourself, take some shots and see how close you come to the GPS position. I'd be doing that every day if I were in your shoes.

In an airplane, not only did we use a sextant but we also shot off pressure, an advantage you do not have. When everything else crapped out we used dead reckoning but with doppler radar we were able to calculate drift.

How do you calculate drift without all the satellites backing you up?

I saw your mag compass in one of your vids, can you make your way to a land mass with the sextant and mag compass in case everything craps out?

For your own safety, do not become complacent by all the gadgets.

Your notes remind me of our own daughter casually describing a field trip but your very life hangs in your ability to be able to use the basic tools to calculate your position.

It was no easy task for the Brits to deposit all of your ancestors on the big island and if you lose all electrics you'll be no further along technologically than they. Since you have two notes posted in the period, I will cut/paste this one into two so you get the message...assuming of course your minders let it through. I'm batting .500 so far.

This is not a game and I don't think you think otherwise. The proof of the pudding will come when you get near Argentina. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. BaB Adventuring vicariously through you.

Alessandro Machi said...

No more oranges! How do you keep scurvy away?
Here is a picture of oranges on a tree in case you miss them too much. What My Dad Left Behind

Anonymous said...

Jess,have you got a spare Australian flag on bord ? I mean, when you come back to Australian waters and a storm has ripped your flag away, what chances are there, that the RAN will hook you up and tow you to Christmas Island Detention Centre ?

lilshawnee said...

Hi,lil Jess,
School work,ouch.
dont you think your doing enough?
Wow you are having fun.Getting water in your cabin,wow how fun
im glad you are having a good time beeing bord hehehe lol
we are having loads of fun keeping up on you well most of the time if this darn computer will let me find out where you are having fun doing your dreams and we are having fun tracking you.
Well Jess i allways wanted to sail and my girls and i are going to sail long dist.I am startig to take courses and wow its a lot to do.
the way i see it you are a real smart lil day i will sail untill i see a lil pink boat. well thats mine and my 13 year old girls dreams. well lil one keep sailing and keep us posted as much as you can.Be safe and keep having fun.yur friend Robert and lil Alison

whereamicat said...

good on ya girl,i actually come across your web site on your first day out of sydney when i was sailing back from an island my girlfreind works on 45 mile from townsville,and thought i must write with surrport and good luck,i live aboard a 45 foot cat and am out of the loop abit at times as to wot is going on in the world,lol.i have you on favorites now and check your progress everyday when i check the wheather forecast,its funny-i feel like im sailing halfway around the world to see my girlfreind 40 mile away,,,but then i think no im not but jess is and good on her,my inverter is screming at me to stop useing power so i must turn this laptop off off,sure shows whole much the worlds wasts power when your on a boat ahh, travels young lady and hold on tight

Jules & Heath said...

Hey Jesse!
We've just started following your blog (bit slow off the mark!) Hubby is a sailor and he is really impressed with how switched on you are - you're age obviously has nothing to do with how organised you are. I think you're pretty special and we'll keep following you and reading your blog.
Smooth sailing! Jules & Heath.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Am reading your comments daily, You are very inspiring. I have sailed most of my adult life, but only dreamed of a trip like yours.We are all waiting for you to complete your journey.

Have a wounterfull trip

Breeze Seaker

North Carolina, USA

Naked Mariner said...

School work? Sounds like a bore but unfortunately at 16, it's a necessary thing. Keep up the good sailing. Once again, my thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Your parents are the luckiest people in the world. I would give a lot for a pretty, courageous daughter like you. Godspeed Jesse.

Eliza said...

You've reached the edge of your chart like a true pioneer. How exciting! Hope some fruit comes floating by soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
This is the first time that I have read one of your blogs. Mainly been keeping up with how things are going for you when I see comments on a news web site. Glad to hear that all is going well for you and that there is plenty to keep you occupied on your journey. Take care and have a wonderful amazing trip. Will continue reading your blogs now. Your family must be so proud of your strength and courage. God Bless!

Amber :o)

Bruce Watt said...

Hi Jessica

Great blog today...How I wish I could lower a big bag of fresh oranges and other fruits unto the deck.

Keep going and make sure "Pink Lady" pointing in the right direction before opening those school books.

Roger said...

I hope that when you are in the South Seas, the skies clear and you see the "Southern Cross". That will be a good omen, indeed.
Excellent blog today. Your writing is so descriptive. Almost like I was there myself.
Take care, & be safe.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Graham said...

Go for it Jess one day at a time.
Graham Mc Cready Wellington New Zealand

bulletproof said...

finerly got my blogger workin good to se you in the pickys your startin to grow on me and i would like to meet you in person if your sailin past perth could you please come over for dinner i would love to meet you in person i live in subiaco not far from fremantel it would be grouss..anyway getin back to the ME part of it after finishin the cape-cape on a hard tail (A bike with no rear suspenion)i went out on friday and spent some bigg momey on a new pushy $5200.omg its alot and im not an elit rider but its my sport,if i payed tennis i want the best bat sorry my spelling lets me down i think tennis(bat)is french..oh yeah its a (specilized epic comp)carbon fiber.. took it for a ride in the hills yesterday whoe its good still have to pedel but it keeps me trim.mmmm been fishin yet.arnt some quotes stupid something about butterflies omg thats what 2half glasses of wine a night gives you (insight&hart)did you spew..ha he..i did anywhooose got house work to do..stay fresh and please think about my offer and come over for dinner one night when you get

Robert Irwin said...

I hate Blogs! But I can't wait to read yours every day.


Sally said...

Thanks for your posts. They are great for those of us who have never sailed but wish we could. You're amazing. Keep it up.

Rolf Zullig, Broken Hill said...

Schoolbag? - What are you going to teach teach them this time?
Cheers, Rolf

Anonymous said...

You're doing great! I love reading your blog! Best of luck! Amyin Ireland

MNDave said...

Just love to read all the details that you include in your post. The comments on electrical power, food, schoolwork??,charts, new territory and so on are really interesting. It doesn't sound as if you have time to be bored.

Good luck in the new waters.

I'm sure that you have read this before:
"Life is not measured by how many breaths you take, but by how many moments that take your breath away." You have undoubtedly had many such moments and will be experiencing some more in the next several months.

Have fun, stay safe and God Bless you.

Dave from Minnesota

5metreswell said...

Great weekend here in Tasmania Jessica, warm & sunny, dare I say hot!!!!! Glad all is going well for you. Enjoy the new food bag. And yeah, do some homework!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
proud of you you deserve all the publicity you get have a good voyage youare a wonderful young lady, can't wait to see you back in sydney,you are doing the country proud
regards donesses

Anonymous said...

...hi, jess! omg! you have to do schoolwork, too? you are living the school of life! can't say how much i love reading your posts!..been following you from day one!

castro valley, ca, usa

jeffrhen said...


Thanks for your daily updates. You continue to amaze me with your courage and skill. There are many miles ahead of you and I'm there with you as you make history. Be careful! (and I wish I could drop a bag of oranges on Ella Pink Lady)!

Jeff Lang
Dallas, TX USA

Jedii said...

Great Pic Jessica, you look very relaxed, I mean I can't imagine Sir Francis Chichester sitting like that, lol. The advantages of being 16.

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jessica,
What a great blog. Your excitement and sense of adventure comes through. And your blogs are still bringing back so many memories for me. Like how exciting it is when you sail off one chart and onto the next ... and using up your favourite food first and then having to eat the other things ... all these little things I had forgotten. And those sneaky waves that just wait to catch you out!

You look so relaxed at the nav station that the non-sailors who are following you will have the idea that it's all ... well ... plain sailing! But of course it's not so easy really. You're on the job one way or another all the time.

It's good to keep hearing from you. Take care and enjoy.

Home Scoolers 5 said...

Hi Miss Jess, YesKeep u with your home schoolin or shud we say BOAT SCHOOLING. Have fun in the ecee weather from Maravale Home Schooling %, Skye, Liam, JAy, Emily and Josh

Ruth said...

Hi Jessica,

Following your blog with great interest really proud of you.

Its nice to know you have a favorite spot to curl up in, enjoy:)

Have fun with the new food bag.

Good luck with the school work.

Cant wait to hear how you feel crossing the equator.

happy days:)


Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
you look happy and sovereign in your favorite spot, the nav station!

Ah, to be in charge of ones life, that is a supreme feeling!

Enjoy your dinner tonight!

Oh, those kinds of showers, through the hatch, you won't want too many times!

How exciting, new territory and getting closer to the equator!

What you are doing is definitely more exciting than schoolwork, good luck with it!!!!!!
But probably soon, there will be something to check up on Ella!!!!!!!!

I have made enquiries about sailing schools and I will enrol out of Airlie Beach!!!!

How is that! And it's all your fault!!!!!!!! :-)

Keep well and happy even without fresh fruit, stay safe,

Trudy, Tirol, Austria

Phil in Idaho said...

Salt water down the hatch, Yep! UGH!! Well Stuff happens. Good luck on the food.

Marcus Schormann,Germany said...

hey Jessica, don´t worry about have
the last fresh fruit eaten up, i suppose the next will tast even better when your back home.
On the relast video you´re looking a bit tired aroung your nose. In a few days, when you´ve past the last islands on your way down to south pacific you´ll have a bit more time to have a longer sleep.
Have a nice weekend so far, and be aware to see NEPTUN´s assistants. They probably will visit you and PINK LADY just before you cross the line to the north hemisphere
only to look wether you´re prepared enough :):)
all the best on your way, i´m with you all the time, Marcus from Germany

Tez said...

Hi Jess,

Have you read Joshua Slocum's book "Sailing Alone Around the World"?
Any flying fish landing on deck yet?

"Its teh difference that makes the difference."

Christine said...

Thanks for the update Jessica, it is just fascinating and allows us to see inside your world. Keep safe and when the times get a little tough just remember there are so many people out there who really believe in you and pray you stay positive and enjoy every bit of your trip.
Christine - Tura Beach Australia

Martin said...

Jess You ROCK I think it is super cool for a girl your age to be tough enough to tackle something like this and also to have people in your life how support and beleive in you I will be here every day checking on you and saying a little prayer so you go home safe. One more thing way to go to Jess's mom and dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

congatulations so far on your ever continuing success and also you deserve a nomination for the young Australian of the year award.
As for all your critics a big thankyou as as your negativity is what inspires great people to try even harder to achieve their dreams.

regards James.

Dani and Graeme said...

Go Jess. Ofcourse you know there's a great motley hoard of us wishing you on.

Dani and Graeme

Bouboulinaa said...

Go Jessica Go, Go, Gooooooo!

My spirit is with you!

From Southern California!

Steve, Tracey, Alex, Mackenzie and Jamieson said...

Hi Jess,

you are doing such a great job and making all of oz proud!!!

the gang

Simon Kennedy said...

Dear Jessica, you're doing a terrific job keeping us enthralled with your journey! Very glad to read about how much you're enjoying the experience so far. No doubt you'll encounter some really tough moments, where you may feel very alone out there.. just think, each of those bad moments will soon be just a memory. This is such a huge undertaking, but your progress & the attitude you're displaying is truly inspirational. Stay strong & best of luck with the school work!!
Simon from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

good girl Jess - God bless,

Sizzlord said...

Awww man, all the way out to sea and School works STILL gets you. Price you pay I guess tho.

Good luck Jess, love the blog!

Sue said...

Hi Jess, just loving reading your blog and you have such a way with words. So sorry, you have eaten the last of your fresh fruit, but look what you have to look forward to for when you get home.

Good luck with the school work. I think you are teaching all of us a lot of lesson. Love the pic by the way.

Take care and stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Hi jessica

We're all glad to see you making such good progress! You are a credit to all teenagers.

Keep it up!!

The Lucas family

Anonymous said...

School work? Are you made? ;-) Loving the updates, enjoy your super yummy meal tonight, I hope you don't miss fresh fruit too much!
- Helen (UK)

Georgie said...

Gday Jess
Home work good luck with that mate lol. :) Well your looking gr8 in ya photo mate doing a gr8 job. As for fruit i feel ya pain no fresh fruit O. Loving ya blog each day theres always something new and exciting and some days we even get a good laugh :0.. Well mate i better cruise now till tomorrow where well meet again take care and have fun..
Your our true blu AUSSIE CHAMP..
Cheers CHAMP

M H Skoolers 5 said...

Hey Miss Jess Did you know that Captn Fitzroy on the Beagles' @nd voyage with Mr DArwin had 22 clocks on board. Captn Firtzroy used his clocks to figure his longitude. No confustion there Miss. Happy sail to the EQUATOR 0 degrees N/S

Old Iron said...

Did anything else other than clothing get salt wet.
Always good to see a new photo or two.

Was thinking about your 'School Work'; and if this was just a way to out of it.

Shan said...

Hi Jesse.
I think its really awesome that your sailing around the world all by your self! You are so brave. I would love too sail around the world like you but I always get sick and I`m only 12 years old. I hope everything is going fine and that you are having a wonderfull time!

be safe!

Bye Jess

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

I was just wondering if anyone here would feel safe if they posted their exact address and when they will be home alone on the internet? It would be very foolish for anyone to do that, inviting trouble. So I think people can understand why your long/lat position isnt posted.

Somali pirates have kidknapped a couple in the Indian Ocean and asking a huge ransom. They boarded their yacht a long way from the Somali coastline. I wouldnt put it past them to travel even farther afield in their evil pursuits.

So I say, keep em guessing, your present description is just fine, and people will know your exact cordinates when you come back through Sydney Heads anyway.

BronSki said...

You can't say your dog at your homework! Keep up the great work.
x Bron

pelel said...


If Captain Cook was still alive he would have wanted your equipment and food badly. Of course, there is one thing he definitely won't take - your school work :-)

Have fun and keep watching the horizon. I have read some note about Cape Horn. It will be tough so be prepared. Again, be careful and take care. We all will be following your voyage.

Pele Leung

The Griffs said...

Good to see you doing your homework. Tell all those kids on dry land to hit the books as well.

HAWKEYE said...


Jesse, gorgeous snap. But where's the life jacket etc - shouldn't you be buckled up?? These squids seem to have taken a liking to you! Sorry about the fruit and to rub salt into the wound I doubt you'll come across a fruit shop or an orchard on your current course. Never mind. You are doing wonderfully well. Anyhow the 'tucker bag' sound OK - a bit like a lucky dip.

You're descriptive skills suggest a very good book is a real possibility. Something for all Jess fans to look forward to in the future.

If you're reading this I feel privileged but other hand, I feel a bit guilty becos you should be doing home work. However, homework doesn't seem quite the right description. We'll have to find a more appropriate expression - maybe some of the bloggers can help us out?

Jesse 'til next time stay safe and be happy


Gabi said...

Dear Jesse,

Good luck with your school work!!!

Cya Jesse,

Anonymous said...

hey jesse

im also a young sailor and writge to your blogg everyday!!:)

It's just to bad you used the last of your fresh fruit!!but im sure you will finnd somethign else you love to eat on the boat like another packed of hiden lollies lol :P

And opening a new food bag good for you if its fees like a milestone evryday is feels like youve got one milestone pit s]down for me:)

It will be a new adventure for you then if youa re getting into new waters thats allways fun but i sure youll ahndle it i give you all my suppory all the way

Dont fret im sure all your clothes willld ry but rember this in the future when you thinkn to opena hatch!!! :P

I cnat wait for the tacker im going to see where your at everday its amazing that our doing this

Have fun tackling the bag that says school work!!! hahaha good lucj with it!!!! lol:P


Richard said...


Adding my voice to the groundswell of thousands appreciating your Blog ... especially your honesty and spontaneity in your writing ... keep it flowing... but don't worry if you miss a few days ... we can wait.

We will be there as you ride the highs and lows.

Well done.

thomas vesely said...

love your latest photo,a look of entire joy,amazement.for now you are also in my heart like my own child.amazement and a fervid hope of smooth sailing.and daily wonder to audacity..........

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

I am constantly amazed when I read your blogs. You write such interesting stuff! I hope you find some little treat in your new food bag. Keep up with all the news; I am loving it. Stay safe.


Ron Munro of 5108 said...

You Go Girl, and the very best of luck with your school work. My wife and I supported our 3 daughters as much as we could with their education. We listened to THEM tell US slowly what they were told, the slowly part wasn't so that we could learn (eg old dogs) but so that by our girls telling us they could pick up on the part they missed out on. We must have done well as the eldest and the youngest both went to Uni and the middle has employment with a high importance Government Department. PS I left school in 1968, maths etc has changed a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Love the blogs! I am also full of admiration for your parents and general support staff onshore. You have said that GPS tracking will be activated next week and my two grandsons are very keen to see this and check it out on Google Earth.
I am using HF radio when 4WDriving we have morning and afternoon skeds. Who do you link to?

Keep sailing and stay happy.

David Southern OAM

Byron said...

Thanks to you I just bought an S&S 30 ( couldn't afford the 34) & I am about to sail it from Airlie Beach to Mooloolaba ( I live in Buderim )

Plus you inspired me to do my own blog

I leave tomorrow ! how cool
is that :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I bet you never would have thought, how many are following your journey.

So best wishies also from the region of Bavaria in Germany,

SL said...

Hi there,

the pictures are too small. I use to dwonload sailing pictures from blog sites and add them to my screen saver, but these are too small.



Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
You're doing school out there!!! beat us all with the best classroom view ever.

Have Fun
Saraya :-)

Anonymous said...

Superblog and Wonderpic are on board...
Hi, Jesse!
Thank you once again. I can't wait, first time in the morning (we must have a 12 hours difference, now!), to look at your site hoping to find an update, and there it is, faithfully!
Schoolwork will be easy for you, and vary the tidying and maintaining routines.
Thinking of you alone in mid-Pacific and with your months to come, can give courage and will to anyone for anytask. You are a model for all of us. Be blessed.
I hope EPL will remain strong and reliable all along.
My wife and children ask me, hour after hour, how youa re doing, and I am overpleased to tell them that you are great.
Go on, Captain, the word is at your feet!
Richie and family, Paris

Dave said...

Jessica, you are fantastic. I wish I had half your courage and ability. The first thing I do each night is bring up your blog and read every word. What are you doing about the lack of fresh fruit from now on. Are you using vitamin suppliments. Ok now as you tackle the most daunting of your adventures (homework), I just want to wish you well.

aiyana said...

Hi Jessica

Well sorry to hear you're on your last piece of fruit for a bit but you'll be fine.

Nah, I couldn't get away from school work either when my parents took me to the UK for 3 months when I was a kid - had to do it everyday.... oh well, it's good for you in the long run.

Scott and I went to see Sculptures by the sea today at Bondi beach - great weather - the ocean was a fantastic backdrop to the sculptures. Lucky you, you get to see the sea close up all day, every day.

Best of luck with the sailing this week. Your photo is great too - we like to see you now and again.

Jane and Scott, Mosman, Sydney.

alex said...

not the school book! Surely not. You are one brave person. Pythagoras theorm. That destroys people. haha nahh you will smash it

Anonymous said...

dear Jess,

Your amazing and your courage is an inspiration to us all. The entire world is watching and reading about your journey as I know I am. I'm thousands of miles away from home myself. I would be greatful for some cold weather now or even snow.

Be safe and make good juedgements out there. I'm sure you have prepared, but it is always the things we don't think of that bite us.

I agree with one of the other bloggers. You should throw a line over and catch something worth eating.

Happy studies!

Greg H.
undisclosed location

Peter said...

HI Hess
Keep going and all the best for your next chart. May the next chart bring you as much luck as the first chart.

dave said...

well done JESSE

Simply EC said...

You are such an inspiration to me, Jess. You are showing the world that it is SO possible to be a smart, strong and independent woman and really go for what you want. I continue to pray for your safety. You are a lovely girl. God bless!

Northern California, USA

Nat said...

Brilliant stuff Jessica !!!!

Am loving your blog ....

Im sure I , and a fair few others out there, will miss the daily updates upon your return....It really is a highlight and something I look forward to reading when I get home each night :-)

Keep the piccies coming too !!


darren said...

Sunday school? Well I guess weekends are irrelevant out there?

Sounds like you are still having the time of your life? Please continue to do so, and tell us all back here of all your new and exciting adventures.

My fondest memories are of two months travelling Europe on my motorbike. I can totally relate to waking up each day not knowing where it will take you or what will come your way. I really miss that, but your blog is bringing back all those great feelings. Thank you.

Keep living and loving the dream!

God speed and good wind! (in your sails not you!)


Russell @ Sunny Coast said...

G'day Jesse,

Thanks again for your great writing, sharing your life on board with us, you can't imagine how we just hang for your next post! It's better than 'Home and Away' (actually much better!!). I'd even give up watching 'Bones' just to read your blog.

It's sunday evening now and back to work for the mere mortals tomorrow, but will still be thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.

The weekend here has been overcast and some rain, can't complain as we badly need it. Spent saturday painting the loungeroom ceiling and thinking of being anywhere else, but not in the middle of an ocean!

Very few people can even aspire to be an inspiration to the world, let alone actually achieve it, but Jesse you are doing that, don't know how that would ever sink in! but it's the reality of what you are doing, not necessarily because of your age or that your a young woman, but you set your mind to do something great and are now on that journey. I'm getting on a little(!) in years now and you have me questioning my goals and ambitions, THANK YOU!

Jesse, keep safe. God be with you.

Sunny Coast Qld

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, just try to munch your second favourites first, that way the week will get better all the time. It is the same as with the chores, do those things first that you like doing the least, that way it will be going easier all the time.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

dear Jess
OMG I mentioned I was ex radio and during the day I felt you might think I,m media coming via the back way..haven't been near a mic for years..resigned after I had to read a story that wasn't true. You have had a bit of that unfortunately already. On a positive note enjoy the moon tonight and your food bag. I love your blogs you are an inspiration to us all
Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

study? You probably have enough experience and knowlege from what you are doing to qualify for an honorary degree already. Maybe the Navy will take you on as a Lieutenant or Captain?

Wonder if the Fijians can toss you some tropical fruit as you pass by.

Really nice photo of you, you look a lot more energetic. The salt spray, aloneness, and having to be constantly alert can take it out of you. Subconscious stress can make one very tired. But once you settle in you will adapt further. I read an SAS book once called sleeping with your eyes open, so I guess thats a bit what its like. I imagine you had an excellent education from your encounter with the ship. Indeed it was rather a blessing in disguise, better it happened when it did, close to home, and before your departure around the world. You're a more experienced sailor for it, and stronger. Indeed I thought you handled that emergency very well, you quickly identified the dangers after the collision, went below till after the rigging and mast came down, assessed your seaworthiness, and competently brought into Southport under your own steam. Any crash you can walk away from is a good one in my book.

Enjoy the islands and on to the equator.

Safe sailing and pleasant journey.

The tribe of six said...

Hey Jess,
School work? Surely not! Is doing this trip and it's real life challenges not enough? A new chart = geography, new food bag = home economics, using all your whizzbang technology = IT, chart calculations = maths, reefing the main =PE? Nevertheless, it pleasing that you are trying not to get to far behind! Our 8 year old has to do a speech on 'happy healthy me' tomorrow- I'm sure you would have heaps to reflect on if you had a topic like that! Cheers, Sarah

Anonymous said...

To Jessica

A tiny pink dot
On a vast vast sea
You inspire us Jessica
The world and me

Yet Sydney waits anxiously
How very glad she will be
When her arms finally can wrap
round you
And welcome you home safely

Jill (Newcastle)25.10.09

Anonymous said...

Jess you dont need to do school work,, I'm sure you could teach the teachers a few things now.LoL

((((( Go Jess )))))

Kedar said...

Hi Jess from Switzerland,
I am also following your trip. I am a photographer and videographer and am eager to see new pics. Can you do them also in bigger size or is this technically not possible? Do one nice artistic picture every day and save it in a special folder. This will be an unforgettable memory after you will return home. All the best. You will do it!

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse........ haven't commented for a couple of days but still been reading. Just love your writing! Will be good to have a tracker even a very basic one!

Must be amazing out there just you Pink Lady and the sea and sky although you realise a lot of us are "hitchhiking" along with you. Much love xxxxxxx

shiron said...

Hi Jess, we live on an orange farm so we'll send you some when you get back! Have a great week. Bel, Soph, Noah

Linda R said...

I can only imagine how your mum feels right now and how you may feel at times, the highs and the lows. I feel angels are out there watching us and I can feel an angel watching you right now. There is a real innocence and courageous determination about you which is inspiring the globe to probably did not want to read that but if you get in a boat at 16 and sail around the world you get a bit of attention wether you want it or not! I guess I , like many others, will be reading your blogs and checking up on you to make sure you are safe. Think of all those thousands ,perhaps millions of peolpe sending good messages and thoughts your way if not every day at least every week..... you really need to speed home as I guess you will have one massive party to look forward to!

I am really impressed that you are spending time to enjoy yourself on the way. It is not so much the things that you do but the fact that you realise how lucky you are, how blessed you are by those around you and how amazing the world really is. You bring a little of this into each of hour homes when we read about your adventure.
Allways moving forward...
best wishes Linda

Peter Gold Coast said...

Hi Jesse, I have been following your progress from day one and have only just worked out how to send you a message. You may have guessed I am not all that young but have done quite a bit of blue water sailing in the past. I know how quickly conditions can change so when you miss a blog or are late I get worried and keep coming back to the computet to check. My whole family is proud of you and wish nothing but plain sailing. Even if I don;t check in too often be assured we are watching you and willing you safety and success Peter Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

hi i see its hard to get on line with you but just wanted to say hi to you all the same. try keep and open mine of what is going on all around you, and know that every min some one some where is thinking and praying for you..

I hav sail'd once in my life, but nothing like what you are going through right now. God Speed my dear' Keep your sail's full and follow your dearms....

a friend once told me you'll see a lot of things and people in this world, but you'll never know them if you don't first give them something to believe in first.. I see you bring so many people all over this world together, cause you have given them your dearms to follow while your doing it.

God Bless you Girl, go for it..

****John Glenn Sheppard * USA****

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess.

Thanks for yet another fabulous update.

Great to hear that you opened your school bag. Did you go the next step and get any done? Or was it all just looking a bit too stormy so you put a reef in the homework mainsail?

Of course your blog is the best procrastination I could ever have from studying for my December uni exams.

Best wishes and safe sailing


PS. I am one of those who thinks that you should not post your exact position. It would be great to think the world is all goodness and light, but it isn't.

Daniel said...

Hey Jess,

Study hard because when your back there will be a big examen.

Enjoy your trip.

Macca said...

wow only if u had 3 assignments like ha

how are the seas goin out there and what is the biggest seasj u have had yet


p.s jessis still cute

Magnus said...

I've been following your blog with great excitement. I think you're amazing for doing this. Best of luck!

Magnus (from Sweden)

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

As usual you have treated us to another entertaining and informative blog.

I love the 14 day food bag idea. I have 2 teenagers a little younger than you and I can see that this would be a great way to control the fortnightly food bill!! No grazing between meals.

As for the school work, I made sure that my kids read your blog so that they understand that no one gets out of doing their home matter where you are!

Best Wishes,

John F

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess!!
It sounds like your having a fantastic time! :)
I have to say good luck with your school work, i'm certainly not a fan of doing school work lol.. Just wondering how your doing your school work.. is it through Brisbane School of Distance Ed? Coz i actually just finished year 12 on Friday and i've been doing it through Brisbane Distance Ed for the past 2 years.. so yes just curious about that.
Good luck on the rest of your voyage, i am so impressed by what your doing! it's so awesome!! :)
Have Fun!

Trudy said...

Hi Jess,
I read Kay cottees book many years ago and couldn't put it down. The closer she got to home, the more I just wanted her to do another lap around the world. It has been great reading your blogs everyday because it makes me feel like I'm on the journey with you (in spirit or course - I get sea sick very easily).
You are an amazing young lady to be doing this and it must give you a lot of courage knowing that the whole of Australia is with you all the way.
Keep your chin up and take care,

~eMm~ said...

Hey Jess,

Caught your vid on Thursday Night Live. Keep enjoying yourself, and yes, even the homework. Lol.

Cheers and godspeed,

Mary said...

You are unreal Jess, I love the fact that you also have to do school work - what is it going to teach you!!??? Sorry possibly I should be encouraging you to hit the books, enjoy. regards Mary

ngt said...

Keep it up Jessica. I hope you get some breeze and a bit of a lift today. I have spent 19 days with the wind on the nose... Moving is great, but moving down wind is REALLY great.

emgblaevoet said...

Hi Jesse,

You're out there and wishing us all a good week-end ??
So, what school work ??
You ARE teaching us all how to live, for goodness' sake. !

Have a good one.

emgb1 in South Wales

tassie devil one said...

hi jesse,
I have sent a few comments but they didnt appear just found out what I was doing wrong ......just lucky its you out there and not me!! I think you are doing a great job for your age , your parents have to be congratulated for the way they have bought you up to be such a mature young person, keep sending the interesting stuff
best wishes from tassie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Great effort girl! It is awesome and inspiring to see you taking n sucha great challenge. Enjoy each day and know as each one passes you are one more closer to achieving your goal.
looking forward to keep hearing of your success.
Kepp going anf have fun.

Anonymous said...

We're watching and anxious to hear your next story, all the way from Indiana, USA!

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