Saturday, September 5, 2009


Amazingly, packing all the food into Ella's Pink Lady has been going well, after all that initial panicking, everything's actually fitting in so well. The mounds of food piled up in the spare room have somehow fitted neatly into the bow. With Mum putting the hard work in to ensure that everything's packed in the right order hopefully there aren't too many phone calls starting along the lines of 'Mum where's the...?'

So far its looks like there'll still be room for me on board too! but there is still a lot more gear to be stowed. Everything has to be carefully tied in place and anything that might get damaged has to be wrapped up and stored in a dry bag. Luckily packing my personal things has been really simple, there's not room for much! But thanks to everyone who has given me small good luck charms and cards to take along.

When I do finally set sail, I plan on taking around 10 days to sail down to Sydney so that I get plenty of time on the water the test all the systems and give Ella's Pink Lady a good run in. Then there'll be time in Sydney to make any last minute changes before departing and heading out into the Tasman Sea.

I still can't say exactly when I'll be sailing out of Mooloolaba and saying goodbye to the Sunshine Coast but I can say how much I'm looking forward to it! Everyone's been asking whether I'm feeling nervous but to be honest, I just cant wait to leave.

Make sure you keep an eye out in the Sunshine Coast Daily who have been running regular articles lately, some of them are below.


Anonymous said...

Everything is sounding FANTASTIC!!!!
Checking the blog everyday and also can't wait to see you on the high seas. Ella Bache are lucky to have you on board that's for sure. ALL GOOD!!!!

Anonymous said...

just so every one is aware of the record, Zac Sunderland and Mike Perham did not break any records. they sailed the world assisted and with stops. they also both choose to use the panama cannal.By doing this their voyages will not be considered as accomplishing a record other then in the Guiness Book . Now what they both did was remarkable but it does not even come close to what Jessie Martin did and what jessica is atempting to do. It would be like taking a helicopter to the top of everest and saying you climbed it. If you were to ask either Zac or Mike they would both acknowledge this. sail safe Jessica.

Marcus Schormann said...

Hey Jessica , from the opposite side of the globe the best wishes for your departure , be careful we all are following every movement of you and ´PINK Lady´. Many regards from Marcus Schormann , Germany

Bec Hem said...

Hi Jessica! Love Reading all your posts and can't wait to follow your journey! Can you let us know what day you'll be leaving? Would love to come up and wave you off!

Marcus Schormann said...

hey Jessica, there is a final advice from a former seaman as i am: take some dried cloves, normaly used as a spice - aske mum,
with you. the can help against toothpain. There is nothing worst than toothpain on bord ship far away from a dentist.
Anyway all the best from here, Marcus Schormann

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
all the best wishes for you and your PINK LADY, for your dream of the trip round the world.
Please be careful and sail safe home again.
Best regards from Bavaria, Germany

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a great plan, Jessica. I am enjoying following your journey and wish you only the best.

Bend, OR USA

Rachel said...

Best wishes for a safe voyage and good luck breaking the record! We're all cheering for you...

North Carolina, USA

Anonymous said...

From my sailing experience it's good advice to take a package of "Ziploc" bags along, they come in pretty handy when one needs to keep things dry. Tupperware containers are pretty good but harder to stow away, their forms and sizes somehow never seem to fit into the availiable spaces on a saiing yacht.
For sailing under tropical conditions it is even better to vaccuum-pack your stuff ( e.g batteries, electronic spares ) because everything that can rot in one or another way will inevitably do so.
Also keeps insects off the food.

Says Gerhard

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the other side of the world, from Germany.
I´m glad to hear everything ist ready to go. I´ll follow your blog daily.

I do wish you a sucessful voyage!

Anonymous said...

Sailing lovers from canada will watch your journey every step of the way Jessica. Cant wait to see you leave port only to return a worldly woman. gods speed.

Sail Safe

Lisa-lei said...

We need some exciting and happy news on the Sunshine Coast after August so you go girl! I'll be following your journey daily.

Anonymous said...

, It would be like taking a helicopter to the top of everest and saying you climbed it , it wouldn't be like that at all.

It would be like climbing Everest in stages and stopping at camps with people along the way versus climbing Everest non-stop and solo.

Albert said...

Hi Jessica,
I love the finished boat and the name "Ella's Pink Lady" seems an inspired choice, it looks fantastic, professional and perfect.
All of your sponsors, supporters and yourself need to be congratulated for the hard work and planning that will ensure your challenge is not just a dream but a seriously managed attempt to rewrite the record books.
I hope to see you back in Australia next year to celebrate my birthday on the 18th of May 2010.

Patty said...

Jessica, you are on your way *almost. Be safe and happy, thinking of you and look forward to reading your book/dvd/documentary and world record.

Coxy said...

Hi Jessica,

Go for it! What an inspiration you are. I love hearing of people who set themselves a goal, stick to it and make it happen, instead of just sit back and wait for life to pass them by.

Best wishes, and travel safe!

Chris from Brissie

Helder said...

Godspeed Jessica Watson! I've just found out about you and your journey, it's an opportunity to very few people, so enjoy the ride.
By the way, have you read any books from this brazilian saylor called Amyr Klink about his circunavigation and winter solo in Antartica? Quite a history I tell you. All the best! Helder (from Brazil but living in Melbourne).

Jim WMYC. said...

Good luck Jessica. just read on Yahoo you set sail today so must have finished packing. Wish it were me but at 50+ might leave it to be the oldest ever. LoL.

Anonymous said...

My kids are amazed at your goal and will be following every day. Good weather and plain sailing. You have inspired a couple of Brisbane kids to go for it in life. Good on you!

Nick & Erica Nicholson said...

Heard that you left for Sydney today. We're just as thrilled as you are. You're an inspiration to a couple of old dreamers who are preparing their boat for some long range cruising. We'll follow you with unbounded belief that you'll achieve your goal. GO JESSICA!!!
Nick & Erica Nicholson

Docko said...

Good luck Jessie.

Carlysle Global said...

Hi Jessica,

Have been following media reports of your planning, preparation and progress for some time now. You GO girl!! It's just magnificent that you have started the run south to Sydney today.
Heaps of congratulations to your sponsors, supporters and family for their willingness to really get behind you.
We are CHEERING for you and will be frequent visitors to your blog and site. May the winds be fair, the seas be smooth, the spirits kind, and your joys be bountiful evey day of your journey.

Al P said...

What a bummer but not to worry, fix it up and get under way, all will be fine, never a doubt!

Ziggy Pickles said...

As the commodore of the Women's Sailing Association of Southern California - Long Beach/Los Angeles, let me say congradulations on such a lofty challenge. We will be following you and your adventure and look forward to your success.

We have no doubt that you will have the ride of your life!!

Take no prisoners and enjoy!!

Kathy Fancher