Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ella Bache!

Wow, some exciting news! You may have seen by now that Ella Bache have stepped on board as our major sponsor. I feel really proud to be representing such a great brand. Ella Bache have a long history in sailing and were heavily involved in the 18 foot skiffs in the 90s, that was all before my time but it was a pretty big thing back then.

Ella Baché’s mission is to inspire you to be the best you can be, something that I also strongly believe in, so I can see this being a great partnership! Pink Lady is now proudly named Ella’s Pink Lady. Wait till you see the new branding - it is very cool and totally cute but I wont say anymore or I’ll spoil the surprise. I’d like to say a huge thank you to John, Pippa, Kit and all the team at Ella Bache for their support and vision. I’m really looking forward to working with Ella Bache and also the media launch down in Sydney in a few weeks time.

While I’m on a roll I’d also like to thank Andrew and Scott from our management team at 5 Oceans Media, they’ve become an essential part of the team, securing and looking after our commercial deals. For me it’s a whole new world, often a big and scary one, so having these guys to help out is totally amazing!

They’ve certainly been hard at work firstly working on our broadcast partnership with ONE HD who will be following the voyage and be keeping everyone back on land updated. Then with Satcom who provided me with equipment that I can see myself becoming very attached to, the satellite communication gear! With Hachette, who are going to publish a book on the voyage and lately with Panasonic who recently came on board as our technology partner.

Its only with this amazing support from all my sponsors that we’ve got this far and I cant say how proud I’m going to be sailing out the heads in September with all their backing and belief behind me.

Thanks all for making it possible!


Firestarter said...


I have been a faithful follower of Mike and Zac and now await your journey around the world. Following someone like yourself satisfies my need for adventure albeit vicariously. I am sure your will be presented with many difficulties and challenges we don't know about but the trip will define you as a woman. May the wind be always at your back!


Anonymous said...

Go Jessica, go!
That all these wonderful sponsors are interested, is a tribute and credit to you and your entire support team. Everyone has confidence in you!
Desire to accomplish, the best preparation and focus on your goal are the keys!
Always thinking of you,
grandma Trudy from Austria

Anonymous said...

Great news...I wish you the best. I have been watching your progress and am eager to follow your trip.
Charles Reeder

Jordan said...

You are doing great things and will inspire many people. I think now you just need a specially made Gennaker to really get that boat skipping along.

Mu said...

Hi Jessica,
I am a teacher who is working with a small group of students from four Secondary Schools in East Gippsland, Victoria. We are connecting via new video conferencing facilities and after i noticed your quest on One HD i was thinking how good it would be if the students were able to keep in touch with you while they are working together. You are an inspiratioal person who is sure to capture the minds of thousands of young people around the world. Are you going to be maintaining any way for students and teachers to be able to keep in touch wiht you whilst you are on your voyage?

Good Luck.


Mia Archer said...

Hi Jessica,

I am following your journey with avid interest and wish you all the best for the trip. Great news that Ella Bache are on board!
You go my girl!!!!


Al P said...

Well Ms Jessica yu are making great strides forward and congrations on obtaining a top notch sponsor. As the Rev Schuller siad years ago, "Inch by Inch anythings a Sinch." Please excuse my poor spelling.

You clearly have a large dependable following and I join them in offering continuing support along the way.

Al P

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new sponsors !
As an avid Zac watcher, I look forward to your updates !

Joey Grob

Anonymous said...

We are a group of 8th grade Geography students in Warrenton Virginia USA.

We are VERY excited to follow your progress around the world

Larry Byvik and the Warrenton Middle School 8th Grade

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Fantastic that Ella Bache is on board as a sponsor.That is great news they have a sailing history with sponsorship so that a major deal for you.Will you be doing commmercials on the deck of Pink Lady with your hair that been combed with a fork?? Ha ha Anyway if you got free samples where would you pack it.Glad the boat handles well so far.Jess mothers worry about everything you do thats there job...But they will be your biggest supporter to.
Take care
Deanna Yeppoon Qld

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Jessica and follow your dream. You are an inspiration to all our young Australians to get out there and live their lives. Also proud of your parents for supporting you in this adventure. You have our support 100%. Enjoy every minute. Best wishes,Brett & Tam

Robert said...

Good luck on your travels young lady which will be a huge success im sure.of course its risky but if people didnt take risks we would still be reading by candlelight.

go with your dream and i will be following you with envy.

good luck
Robert Anderson (adelaide)

admin said...

Is there a yacht tracker set up to follow her trip?

Susan Haynes said...

Onya Jessica! Thinking about you and following your journey with amazement. You've made the right choice to follow your dream. Wishing you lots of luck and good winds.