Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leaving Home and the Sunshine Coast

The last few days have been pretty busy in the lead up to departure from the Sunshine Coast this morning. After feeling like I’d never get away for so long, the last few days have been a bit of a blur!

It was so nice to set off knowing that Ella’s Pink Lady was completely ready with everything neatly packed, and what a send off I got! I wasn’t at all prepared for all people lining the river to wave or the small fleet of boats that saw me out the harbour, not to mention the two helicopters buzzing around over head. It was amazing to have all that support from the Sunshine Coast, I have to admit it was all a bit of fun and I couldn’t help feeling so proud of Ella’s Pink Lady looking so sturdy and with all the pretty new signage.

Of course I couldn’t leave without my brother Tom and sister Hannah having the last say, when I came below for the first time after setting sail, I found that they’d left messages and jokes all over my walls!

Even when the last boats had left me to head back into the river I still wasn’t going anywhere too fast, with hardly any wind right on the nose I didn’t lose sight of Mooloolaba for quite a while. But luckily the wind picked up and we covered a few miles this afternoon. I had fun just enjoying the sunshine and cracked open my first can of potatoes to fry up into chips for afternoon tea.

So right now I’m sailing along at 6 knots off Cape Moreton, there are a few fishing boats around and I’ve been spotting a few whales. It’s nice and flat with perfect sailing conditions but I’m still being a bit careful to ensure my food stays down till I get my sea legs in a few days.

Ok, I better go and fire the radar up, turn the navigation lights on and have one last check of everything on deck before it gets dark. Then I might think about some dinner before grabbing some cat naps of sleep.

Till tomorrow,



Rebekah Galea said...

All the best Jessica. I'm 16 and that would be a great feat to accomplish...all the best


Bobby Timson said...

And so the adventure begins. I am praying for calm seas and fair winds little lady. God speed!

Anonymous said...

Thats great news to hear that you finally set sail

Cameron B said...

Hey Jessica, I believe i spotted your Vessel this afternoon. A spec in the distance but i was in a car. Hope to see you again in Sydney.
And happy sailing

Bec Hem said...

Go Jess!
i can't imagine what it would be like to sleep in short bursts! you're probably sailing past our house as i write - and it looks lovely out there!
good luck!

belinda said...

Hi Jessica,
Saw your story on the news tonight.Absolutely inspired.I will be tackling my first 100 mile running event in the Glasshouse mountains on Saturday. This is nothing compared to your voyage. I will be thinking of you often and following your story.Belinda

philip bonnett said...

hey Jessica, just a quick note of support for you and your tremendous adventure. i heard about you on 4bc & on the news.
I just happened to be reading Kay Cottee's book "First Lady" at the moment, which im thoroughly enjoying.
im glad you have much better technology to use. wishing you every success on Pink Lady

Linda said...

Hi Jessica saw you on the news tonight, Pink Lady looks great, have a comfortable night out there and may the whales keep watch over you... Cheers and blessings.. Linda from Hervey Bay

Carol said...

It sounds like one amazing challenge. The best of luck. I shall be following you all the way.

eva enright said...

Good luck Jessica and God speed. :)

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are on the way Jess, less one final stop in Sydney. Good luck with trials on the way down. Neville in NZ

Cam Laird - Photographer said...

Well done Jess! Safe travels, make sure you keep us up to date with plenty of blog posts and interesting pics!

Kim Miller said...

Hi Jessica,

Many years ago I helped Jesse Martin write up his Cairns to Thursday Island trip, and in a couple of interviews introduced his plans for his solo journey on a sailing ezine, 'On The Wire'. Perhaps you've seen those early articles as they still sit there on my website.

It was an extraordinary undertaking then, and it is for you also. I wish you well as you head off.

Kim Miller

Darla said...

I am so proud of you Jessica, I am from the states but my man lives in Australia and love to sail as well. He has his girls ages 9 &10 learning to sail. I will checking on you. God bless you and BESAFE!!


Mountaincat said...

Hey Jessica!

Nice to read that you have started to sail. Wish you safe trip and good wind in sails!

Hope we can get updated often and can follow your adventure.

from Japan

Anonymous said...

It's only early in the sail but no doubt you are relieved to be sailing!! You are an inspiration, stick with it Jessica. Will watch every day.

Stay safe.

Derek from Samford Brisbane

Wayne said...

Its been great following your preparation and now the journey is about to begin. Will you be entering you lat/lon on your blog each post or have a tracker set up somewhere on your website?

Fair winds.


Hann Family - Narre Warren Vic said...

Good Luck Jess. Stay safe & enjoy this very unique experience. We will be following your blog & keeping you in our thoughts.

amy said...

Jessica, You will be in my prayers for a safe journey. I have followed Roz Savage and her excellent job of rowing across the Pacific. Now you! Thank you for your courage to set out on such a life altering mission. Sail on Sailor! My best and all the joy to you today. Amy

Mouse on a Motorcycle said...

So excited for you! My wife and I went sailing in a Shields 30 up and down the coast off of Newport Beach, CA, yesterday. I ate a plum, and I was a little nervous because it was the first time that solid food passed my lips at sea. Conditions were calm with only 3-6 foot swellsand a consistent 10kt wind. Nonetheless, I was pleased that there was apparently no danger of the fruit's reappearance.

As amateur sailors, your trip was a great topic of coversation, and as I read your blog this morning about travelling along at six knots, I remembered being so excited to have the GPS read 5.5 knots over ground on a beam reach. Of course, we were only out for about four hours, so you've got us beat. In fact, by the end of the week, or maybe next week, you'll have more on-the water time on this trip than I have in my entire life!

Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
Mouse in Whittier

Buy "Death and Coffee" here!

Sven on Senta II said...

Make sure to shake out all the little gremlins during the shakedown !

Good speed !


md said...


Congratulations on finally getting away, you must be excited.
I will be following your voyage from here in San Diego.
Please remember the two rules: Rule #1- SAFETY, Rule #2- SAFETY.

Fair winds and following seas,

Anonymous said...

You will come to think a lot more about dinner, trust me.
But that's just another part of traveling autonomous - Making the best out of your provisions in trying to create whatever variations possible.

says Gerhard

Anonymous said...

Run Jessica! Run! I hope you will return safe at home. All my good thoughts are with you.

Lisbeth said...

Awesome Jessica! It's 2:46am here in Brisbane & my thoughts are with you. Hope you are getting some sleep & not nervous out there on your own. What an amazing thing you are doing! I have an 18-y-old son (Samuel) & a 14-y-o daughter (Abigail) & while they are fabulous, spectacular & incredible, I really can't imagine them doing anything like what you have taken on. I admire your spirit & guts, & kind of envy your freedom a little. You go girl! With you all the way.
Take care.

Old Man said...

What an adventure! - Wishing you smooth seas and following winds - Best of luck!

MPCEE said...

Hi Jessica, having followed Mike around and his encounter with you, I will follow you round. Glad to know you are now on your way to Sydney. The weather is my thing and I route yachts across the Atlantic. Good woinds to you and Bon Chance!

St Martin de Ré, France

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration I envy your trip and solitude will be watching your blog with interest untill you return home have a great trip

Anonymous said...

And you're off to the races! Way to go girlie...so many people are proud of you and pulling for you. I look forward to tracking your progress. :) -Karyn (IN, USA)

Greg said...

I couldnt make your departure, but caught a glimps of the television coverage last night when I was at the pub. It all looked very spectacular. I wish you all the luck around the world, and look forward to reading your blogs.
Greg Black

Jordan said...

Hi Jessica,

I have heard what happened. I cant imagine what is going through your head, and i fell for you greatly.


Allan Young said...

Hi Jessica
Sorry to hear about you run in with a ship.
Keep your chin up and don't let it change your goals.
If it was so easy everyone would do it.
Good luck

Kade said...

Tough luck Jessica :( at least you're safe! Wishing you and your Lady a speedy recovery from Darwin.

Dave said...

Jessica, I was very sorry to hear about your collision last night.

I hope repairs can be carried out without delaying your departure too long.

I am sure you got quite a fright but you got through it which must be viewed as a positive experience.

Keep trying! You are an inspiration.

Lisbeth said...

Of course the solo attempt will continue! Stupid place for a merchant ship anyway! I was going to write 'charter boat? what charter boat?' but assume someone else will want to tease you about that later :) On ya horse JW! Tally ho!

Nick said...

Hope you are ok after last night's 'mishap'. Just remember, if all our lives went perfectly none of us would have stories to tell!

Full respect to you for what you are trying to do - I know you can do it.

jolandet said...

Hai, Jessica, Following you from the Netherlands. Nice to read about the festivities around your departure.
Good luck!

Albert said...

I hope the armchair experts can wait for all the facts to be revealed before they pass judgement on Jessica after the incident which involved 2 vessels, not just her's. Jessica survived a night time collision by herself, she showed maturity beyond her years and did not panic. I am certain that it will strengthen her resolve to continue.

Matt King said...

Keep your head up Jessica, we are behind you now more then ever.

Anonymous said...

Take strength from all that happens in your journey, you inspire by your example. Regroup and follow your dream. Amanda in Brisbane

Anonymous said...

You'll look back on this in years to come and have a laugh. You should be thinking of how this situation can benefit you now. You got great exposure, so put it to good use and get that boat heading back east.

jade Foggo said...

hey jessica,
dont let this stop you sister you can overcome this hiccup and im sure it will make you stronger.
every great journey in life has its set backs but it just makes the adventure all the more worth while.
the country is behind you and we are proud you have taken this first step.

jade in mullumbimby

karen decourcey said...

Hi Jesse, my daughter and I had the privilege of farewelling you from the very point of exit river to ocean yesterday. To watch you come around the bend with such pride was overwhelming. As you passed us a word came to me and that was "Dreams"and that is what you are fulfilling, "Your Dream". As I watched you sail out of sight, I had nothing but great admiration for you and look forward to seeing you sail past us again when you fulfil your dream. I shall follow your updates until then. Sail well Little Lady.

Linda said...

Hi Jessica, stupid ship running into a Pink Lady.. good to hear you are ok and Pink Lady is back on the water very soon to continue your adventure. Stay strong and in strong spirits... Cheers and Blessings, Linda (Hervey Bay)

OutdoorGaz said...

Bugger! .... hope its only superficial damage and you can be own you way again soon.

True adventures are never easy.

Mike Maguire said...

Have been following your adventure so far, seen you at the boat shows, wish I could do it...... wife woke me up with news of the accident, sure you have a list of things that can go wrong, so cross that off your list, pick yourself up brush yourself off, and continue with your dream, go girl go,

wompee said...

Hi Jessica, I just want to say that I am really moved by your journey and I want to wish you a safe passage and an amazing eyeopening adventure. I can see you have good "mettle" and will find your way through the challenges as they arise.
I am 36 and have some intense adventures behind me that have enriched my life and moulded my vision of the world. The challenges canbe as intense as the wonder but the kind of adventure you are embarking on will serve to stregnthen and bring out the best in you. Thankyou for reminding us all that life is an extrodinary adventure, for the living. Good luck and lots of warm wishes,
Holly Shiach
Diggers Camp NSW

Peter Simpson said...

Hi Jess, Chin up Sweetie.Just think, you've got ships out the way now. That only leaves whales, pirates and pitchpoling and your home free.I'm not wishing you luck cause your common sense and level headedness is what will see you safe.Our thoughts will be with you all the way.
The Simpson's - Whitsundays

Anonymous said...

Hello there amazing lady!! You are a winner, its plain to see, the whole world will be so proud of you when you accomplish your dream. So a stupid boat (like the huge lorries that roar down our roads thinking might is right) blundered into your space! So!? Who had angels watching over you? You are proving to everyone that you can keep your head even under such dangerous circumstances; in the dark having to act so swiftly and keep yourself safe while doing eveything that you would have had to do. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Bet there will be heaps of people to cheer your return, (under your own steam as befits a real sailor) I am so proud of you I could burst!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, there's a saying in theatre (stage acting) "bad dress (rehearsal)= good opening (performance), good dress (rehearsal)= bad opening (performance)". I'd say that you just had your bad dress rehearsal.

Best wishes on a safe and successful voyage!

Steelheart in Minnesota USA

Anonymous said...

go Jessica, go!
ignore the media-pack hoo-haa.
lots of land-lubbers are wishing you so well on your adventures.
shine-on, ride the wind and sail sweetly sister,...
scott from byron

InALittleMinute said...

Try to stay positive girl! Everyone has little "adventures"... time to get back up, brush yourself off, and head out again! Hope your okay and the boat is surviving with just a bit of damage. We are all thinking of you on the coast here... continue to make us proud in your journey!

To go thru what you have already is a huge task in itself. You have many people on your side, wishing you well. Cant wait to hear about more of your adventures.

Anon@11:34 from MN... hello from another Minnesotan.. "up der hey!"

Anonymous said...

My heart sank when I heard the news on radio this morning however reading new reports it seems things aren’t that bad. Delighted to hear your still be proceeding.
Mike (NZ)

lindsay said...

Hi Jess,
We here at Johnson Pump wish you a safe & successful global adventure, albeit with your little setback this morning.
I personally believe in your courage & determination in achieving your goal of becoming the youngest to circumnavigate the globe.
I will be following your progress with great interest & look forward to seeing you arrive back in Aus` with your dream successfully accomplished.
Again, all the best Jess`, safe sailing, stay strong our thoughts are with you. :-)

Lindsay Eames
Johnson Pump Aust`

Raul said...

Hi Jessica, great to know you are in your way. I will be following your adventure until the end. God bless and protect you. You can consider me a faraway grandpa. Raul
San Juan Capistrano, CA. USA

Anonymous said...

head up girl, keep on fighting!

hewisond said...

Hi Jessica, I just heard the news about the collision... I also heard your resolve to continue... I just wanted to say that it's people like you that give me hope in the younger generation.. That makes me sound old, im only 37 going on 13, but when you look around most people achieve nothing with their lives and criticise others for taking a risk.

I crew as midbow on an RP47 based in Melborune, called XLR8, she races hamilton most years... I know the challenges you face (Actually I can only imagine!) it's a dangerous sport but to come out the other end - whether you fail or succeed puts you above the crowd.

Good luck and stay safe :)

lettuce said...

hey JEssica

what a star you are. take care to have fun and I hope the food doesn't get too monotonous... the scenery will make up for it. And the love and hopes we all have in you and your adventure. Girls can be FANTASTIC!
Sooo glad you ahve set your sights on a wide horizon. Tell us about the silent times too. What happens when its just you and the sails and the sea. look forward to the inner world review.

lots of best best wishes, and will be watching and sending lots of love/peace/happiness your way on your journey.
Grace, Sydney

Sunshine Coaster said...

Hi Jessica -
Go you good thing!! Like others here, I'm SO proud of what you're doing. It's a fantastic adventure. I've raced, cruised & sailed all over the place and there is something so special about being alone on the ocean. Be safe and may the fair winds always be in your favour. I'll be checking on your progress as I'm sure many other people will also do!!
Best of luck,
fellow Sunshine Coaster

Sunshine Coaster said...

By the way, LOVING it that Ella Pink Lady is pink inside as well as outside (just watched your video on the tour of EPL).

Way cool. Hope you have lots of CDs to rock out to!! :)

Travel safely,
Sunshine Coaster

Albert said...

Why doesn't the news get it right, the collision early this morning was NOT day one and why does everyone want to question Jessica as if she is totally to blame, there was another ship involved.
What doesn't sink you makes you stronger.
On the 19th June 2008 Joanne Socrates ran aground on the shores of Mexico, 50 miles from completing her solo circumnavigation. We should say Jessica is lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, are you ok? just heard about your incident.Saw you leaving on the news last night and was very proud of you.
Take care
Yeppoon, Qld

Steve Hanley said...

Best of luck Jessica! You are an inspiration to a lot of uu. Safe travels and see you in April!

Jack said...

Ahoy Jessica! I wish you plenty of fair wind and water under the keel. Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

Be careful. There are big boats out there.

mark usa said...

Best of luck jessica. Looking forward to seeing you complete your dream and challange. Followed mike and i'm looking forward to following to advanture.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Jessica. Be safe and HAVE FUN! Waiting to hear more about your adventure. Barbara from Elk Grove, California

Anonymous said...

You go Jessica! I believe you can do it! People said Amelia Earhart couldn't fly solo across the Atlantic, and she did! She crashed in another adventure because she ran out of gas. You can do it girl!

from Florida, USA.

Judy Winter said...

What a great example you are for so many young people, and for most adults, Jessica. You go girl!

Safe travels.

Judy Winter
Author: Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations

jolandet said...

Dear Jessica,
How frightened you must have been after the collision. Good for you you kept a clear head.
Now would be the perfect time for you to have a nice piece of chocolate.
Hope to read your will be repaired soon.
Jolande, Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica; I can't believe you are doing this. You are a very brave girl and I hope your adventure is great. Not too many girls your age would do this. Follow your dreams and enjoy.


ChantillyLacey said...

Get it girl!!!! Rooting for you in Kansas City, Missouri USA! Dig the Pink Lady! Be safe! Many blessings your way!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Jessica didn't alter course in time to avoid the collision. Surely with all of the equipment on board she knew the ship was out there.

It is common knowledge that, however wrong it is, large ships do not always or even often respond to their radio calls and don't always have someone on deck looking out as they should.

I am not saying this in an unkind way. I am in total support of Jessica's trip. She is an incredibly qualified and well-prepared sailor but am curious why Jessica did not take more action herself to avoid the collision?

chris said...

hey jessica, too bad about the collision huh. don't let the bastards grind you down. those with empty lives will find ways to criticise you. follow your heart.


CharStephens said...

You go girl! It is so inspiring to see a youth with such commitment and drive! A lost art! May the winds beneath your sails lift and inspire you and may the angels watch over you! Wow...what an awesome life experience!

Charlene - Colorado, USA

Maggie said...

Hi Jessica, I found your blog on the internet. What an adventure for such a brave, free spirit, and mature young lady. I am going to read your blogs and follow your journey thoughout your trip. I will pray for steady breezes and calm waters thoughout your incredible journey. Happy sailing! Maggie Abbott, Sarasota, FL

Anonymous said...

hey jessica! just wanted to say that you inspire us and that we're so proud of you for what you're doing! you handled that accident really well - we can't wait to follow your adventures when you get started on the big voyage! xxx ondrej and gerard and all of our friends in melbourne!

Calvin K said...

Good luck on your adventure! Back in 2004 I crossed the Atlantic with a dozen other boats, but not alone. You are BRAVE! Have fun! You will remember this the rest of your life!!

...Joe Shea said...

Sounds like your navigation gear should have been turned on a little earlier! How did that accident happen, and how long will it take to repair your boat? I know it must be embarrassing, but sometimes an embarrassment will renew your determination to succeed. I hope you make it, as so many others do, too. Please be careful, and good luck from all of us watching in Bradenton, Fla.!

Joe Shea
The American Reporter

PS: Feel free to send us an article about your adventure if you get a little free time. Send it to ar5 @ sonic. net.

Al P said...

Well Ms Jessica, don't let all the houpola get you down. And as Zac as well learned a few days out from LA, you always give to might. His frieghter had no lights at all on, no visable watch and like you, no radio response. Remember always, Caution Rules The Day.

Fix er up amd get underway. There is someone or someting in the Universe that will keep an eye on you.
Al P

Kimberly said...

Good luck to you! Have the time of your life, and keep us all updated.


Jeanne Sawtelle said...

I think that you are a very brave young woman. I wish you a very safe journey...and I also think that your Mum is brave, as well.
As a Mum I would not be that brave.
Jeanne In Maine, U.S.A.

Michael said...

Hey Jessica, sorry to hear of your 'meeting' with the ship, and glad you're safe. Keep up the great effort, and please post your thoughts and feeling at this time.

David W said...

After the last year following Zac and Mike on their circumnavigations and Sarah Outon on her long row across the Indian Ocean it is exciting to have you as my new daily dose of vicarious sadventure.
I wish you all the best and hope that your unfortunate accident today was not too serious and damaging.
Fair winds and following seas.
David Welsh, Agoura Hills, Ca, USA

Albert said...

This year 10 adult men who went out to sea in small boats have drowned along the East Coast of Australia because they did not wear their life jackets.
Some of their life jackets were found neatly folded and intact in the storage compartment of their boats.
Why are people still doubting Jessica who is safety conscious and has been trained by experts.
She has now shown her ability to cope with a dangerous situation, which will only make her better prepared.
Criticism is always welcome if it can increase knowledge but those people who can't get past the age of 16yrs should really get a life!

Pedr Francis said...

Hi Jess,
My wife and my 16 year son and i want you to know how proud we are of you.we also live in Buddina on the coast and we support you and your adventure,we are so glade you are following your bliss.I would also like to say you have proven how perfect your seamanship skills are by how well you have just handled yourself with the coolision at sea.Your a true Aussie champion Jess. This family will be watching you every leg of your journey.Cheers Pedr

Bern said...

Hi Jessica, sorry to hear about the accident that you had yesterday, in colliding with the container ship. Good for you in not letting this mishap get you down - at least it happened before you began your actual circumnaivigation ... that's something to be grateful for ...

Good luck with the rest of the trip. I think that you are absolutely wonderful to be doing what you are doing and at your age, to have the confidence and experience to do this, is just wonderful!

As a former teacher and school principal, I have known a lot of home-schooled students (having worked in the Outback - south of Charleville and Birdsville)and many home-schooled students have a lot more maturity, dedication and conscientiousness than face-to-face schooled students. I am sure that you will find your years of home-schooling beneficial on your journey.

I had my first trip on a yacht (a catamaran) this past March, off Hamilton Island (at age 45) and I just loved sailing (just the yacht, the sea, the wind and yourself), so I can understand, just a little, the passion that you have for your trip.

I look forward to reading more of your adventure on your blog.


Bern in Caloundra

Anonymous said...

boats can be fixed...

Jeremy said...

I have just read all the comments posted. A wonderful and inspiring testimony of support from around the world of the goal you have set yourself.
But it is your choice, and whatever, your choice is OK by me. :-)

School Librarian said...

As you begin your voyage and as the school year begins in Burke, Virginia USA the students at White Oaks Elementary are going to plot your progress on a world map and read your blogs.
The faculty, staff and students wish you smooth sailing and best of luck.

Emmewetter said...

Hi Jessica
I've read today about your experiment in the newspaper. I just couldn't belive it, because in my age (same) I wouldn't be able to do something like that. It's fantastic, just that you try it, that needs very much courage and discovery sense and also if you didn't get the result you hoped to, I'm very impressed. I find super that you've tried it!
Best regards from Switzerland,

Albert said...

This week I heard Ian Kiernan OAM, make very positive comments about Jessica. Ian was AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR 1994, he was a solo circumnavigator and the man who started the Clean Up Australia Campaign which has spread overseas.
Many other experienced sailors offer support and it is good to see that Premier Anna Bligh also supports Jessica.
To BERN on this blog, I have also been to Charleville and Birdsville about 250 times over 5 years.

Rando Shipley said...

Good luck to you Jessica,
We will all be following your
voyage into a great adventure here in the U.S. My love and I will look forward to reading your blog as you go.
I'm sure she feels a little bit of wish she was there. Hope you have fair winds and a calm sea. But most of all the time of your life. Return safe with many tales to tell. Rando & Angie

Al P said...

Well Ms Jessica, don't let all the hoopla get you down. And as Zac as well learned a few days out from LA, you always give to might. His freighter had no lights at all on, no visible watch and like you, no radio response. Remember always, Caution Rules The Day.

Fix er up and get underway. There is someone or something in the Universe that will keep an eye on you.
Al P

Anonymous said...

Why have you been decidedly absent since setting sail? Lots of us are wondering/worrying about what's happening out there. Hope all is well! -Karyn

Alan S/Y Jamel said...

Blog's very quiet these days, wonder why?

Tammy Lorna said...

Hi Jess,

I'll follow your blog over the next several months if that's okay. I'd be too scared to ever attempt something like this, so I'll just have to live vicariously through your adventure! Best of luck - I hope you have a wonderful time. Remember, there are an awful lot of us out here wishing you well on your journey.

Daisy Hill, QLD

Becky said...

Hi Jessica,

Thank goodness you are O.K. (as in...alive!) I can not imagine the initial shock and horror when that happened. I even had tears when I saw your beautiful 'Pink Lady' and her beautiful Captain(ess) reaching for land.

I know your heart must be as broken as Pink Lady's mast, yet you are both able to mend; and for that, I am grateful.

(((HUGS))) from Colorado~USA

Steve George said...

"see you in Tasmania" I will be waiting your arrival Jess at south east cape on my yacht OASIS11 so keep a look out! Sad about the other night but I know you will be able to get back out there and rise to the challenge.YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Follow your dreams,you will always get the knockers but deep down they only wish they had followed theres.Will be watching and hoping all goes well.Cheers another Dad.

MKP Eagle Heights Staff List said...

I am enjoying following your journey Jessica and wish you fair winds on the high seas. I would love to see your position plotted on a map on the website - you might even be able to get someone in your home crew to interface it with Google Earth wihich would be pretty cool !

All the best


Anonymous said...

Noting the comments from MKP Eagle Heights, it would be interesting if consideration could be given to allowing us visitors and including regulars, a regular update re Jessica's position -bearings as she travels down the NSW coast to Sydney. We know that Jess has encountered some interesting and we know that the test is yet to get into full swing. I will be following this site with interest but I too, do have some reservations as an observer and someone who has seen what mother nature can do especially on the water.

Ljung said...

Jessica... you are fantastic doing this long journey all on your own.

I am from (and living in) sweden and heard about you from the swedish papers, and will follow you around the world!

Take good care of yourself!!!
If you want a mailfriend, you could find me on

Keep brave and fit for fight for the weathergods.