Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally, an update on repairs!

Things are going well in the shed. The hull and deck damage has been patched, and the damaged fittings are being replaced. The new rig is well underway. The guys have been powering away. So, I've been spending my time keeping up with everything that's happening, getting my hands dirty and being part of all the decisions.

I just can't say how great everyone here has been. AME boat building have been completely fantastic! It's not hard to stay positive surrounded by such great people.

At this point we're aiming to have Ella's Pink Lady back in the water and ready to go again towards the end of next week.

I've just realised that I've never posted a picture of Ella's Pink Lady completely finished. So, here goes . . .

Looking totally stunning the day we sailed out of Mooloolaba!

And also, here's a picture taken after the collision.

Motoring into the Southport seaway, not looking too pretty but holding our heads high.



Celina said...


Anonymous said...

Surely a high-visibility profile.

Marcus Schormann,Germany said...

dear Jessica, please tell all folks around you and Ella´s PINK LADY a big praise from the opposite side of the globe for all they are doing for you.
Many regards from Germany, Marcus Schormann

Ulrich from Germany said...

I´m glad to hear that the repairs go smoothly. The support you receive ist amazing. And a good thing it´s that way, because otherwise it would have been surely a serious showstopper.

Your ship is a beauty, but pink..cough :-))

Tammy Lorna said...

Very cool boat - I love it!

xo Tammy

Cameron B said...

Wow, Pink Lady looks so beautiful...i hope she is better after the repairs.

Stranded Mariner said...

Jessica I am really happy for you that the repairs are coming along well. I wish you fair winds and best of luck!


Mouse on a Motorcycle said...

Beautiful picture!

It's a great demonstration of your character that you are so able and ready to get back up after being knocked down. Remember, if it was easy, than it wouldn't be worth doing.

To quote a famous song, "The good L-rd gave us mountains so we can learn how to climb."

Still praying Numbers 6:24-26
Mouse in Whittier

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Anonymous said...

Not to be mistaken - wow how pretty she is.
Bend, OR USA

Charles said...

I've heard that Pink does repel Pirates, so it should certainly work from long distances to keep you safe

Steelheart said...

Thanks for the great pic! It really shows how hard you got hit by that freighter when one compares the images.

Steelheart in Minnesota, USA

DB said...

Looking forward to how things go when you get the lady back in the water. Good luck.


Al P said...

Great news but, Never A Doubt!She does look so prerrrty!!

It won't be long. Best to ya.

Dave said...

I have been watching the website and blog for sometime and wishing you luck from Camano Island, Washington, USA!!

Weide said...

Hi, Jessica,

A remarkable recovery! By statistics, you don't need to worry about being hit by another ship for years to come. That's the silver lining! :)

Weide @ Sacramento, California

miiii said...

wow that`s a cool yacht
well it is nice to hear that it al is going well
only about the mast is a bit disappointing to hear
but you`ll be back on the seas soon:P

i`ll read about it next time
doeg doeg
Daan Werdekker

Anonymous said...

i have to laugh when i see Ella's Pink Lady,only because when i think of Mike Perhams boat and how it was so state of the art and engineered to fly around this world with all the newest materials known to man. In yet here is this Pink lady looking like a floating beauty salon but will have an harder task to complete. Going around the world non stop with no assistance and having to use the capes. Wow what a shocker that will be for the designers of Mikes boat. I sure hope you show all those guys how it is done Jessica. Cheers

waynest said...

I was watching you as you left the spit on your great journey.
My wife Monette and I wish you all the best.We will be following you around the world.When you return you will be even more famous I hope you will allow me to paint your portrait for the Archibauld. when you get back.
Wayne and Monette Strickland from the internet cafe mooloolaba.

Marcus Schormann, Gerany said...

Hey Jessica and the team, may be unnessary but what about the idea to install a so called sailor-light
near the top end of the mast. Means a red on top a green light which identifies you as a boat on sails. From my past as a seaman i can say the usual positionlights of a sailing boat are to near to the deck, so recognize them from a freighters brigde can be difficult.
The idea might be a plus of visibilety.
Many regards so far, Marcus Scormann from Germany

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I hope you prove the naysayers wrong. BTW can you post details of your sailing knife?m

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness..and I worry about my daughter if she is late getting home from work!!
God speed.
Sherry in Dallas, Texas, USA

Christian from Germany said...

Dear Jessica, I wish you all the best on each journey, which leads you to the goal.

Have a beautiful time round the blue earth :-)