Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting Back on Track

Things are back on track already and that’s mostly thanks to Dean and the team at Gold Coast City Marina and also Joe at Australian Marine Enterprises (AME). Immediately after hearing the news of the accident, Gold Coast City Marina and AME stepped forward and offered to repair the damage and see that Ella’s Pink Lady gets back on the water as soon as possible. Ella’s Pink Lady has been treated like royalty and we’ve all been made to feel completely at home at such a fantastic facility.

After coming out of the water and into a shed on Thursday, work is already well underway. The damaged rigging, lifelines and bow fitting have been removed and the first layers of fiberglass have been laid on over the damaged areas. All things considered I’m still marveling at how well we did come off. Talk about a tough little boat. As we’ve been going over Ella's Pink Lady we’ve been discovering all sorts of unexpected things that did survive like the Hella navigation lights that worked perfectly despite a direct hit! I’ve also been thinking about how nice it was to be able to turn on my trusty Yanmar engine to get us home and to be able to use my Wichard knife to cutt away tangled lines. What a good job it did!

The guys have estimated that it’ll take 10 days to get Ella’s Pink Lady looking her best again and the rigging should’t be much longer. Luckily we’re still got some leftover pink paint handy! It's such a relief to have an enthusiastic team hard at work because I have to say, although I’m still completely positive, it might have taken me and the team a little while to have the energy to restore Ella's Pink Lady.

I’ll finish up with another thank you to all my sponsors who’ve made it clear that they're here through thick and thin.



Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica!
What a fabulous experience for you, so much help and support! More people backing you and cheering for you! It warms my heart!
I am not lifting a finger, but I get the benefit too, enjoying it too vicariously!
Thank you for being such a clear minded woman and letting us be part of it too and your fabulous support team, but when it comes down to brass tacks, this is happening because of who you are!
Hope you are on your way sooner than you anticipate, stronger, more determined and wiser for the experience, Trudy from Austria

Anonymous said...

To our Jessica, We decided it was time we wrote to tell the whole world, or at least, everyone who reads your blog, how proud we are of you!! --and how we believe in you and what you are doing! You, of course, already know how proud we are of you. You are indeed a very, very special and wonderful grand daughter. Love Granny & Grandad W

Marcus Schormann, Germany said...

Hey Jessica, reading all your comments about the whole bunch of spontaneous support you recieve in these days makes me happy so i think you´ll be back at sea as quick as possible.
All the best so far, Marcus Schormann, Germany

robert said...

So happy to hear that all is working out for you on the repairs.... Looking forward to hearing more soon Bob Klinshaw Lockport, NY USA

Jedii said...

Grats Jessica, back on course.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Jess & your team, It's a great lot of resolve you all have. Always looking at the big picture and jumping all the hurdles as they come along. That's ocean sailing. "Long periods of monotony followed by moments of shear terror !!

Good luck and fiar winds,
Melbourne .

Sandy M. said...

Hi Jessica! This is my first time on your blog, (I hadn't known that you have a blog) - I just wanted to say: well done on having your dreams, and on how far you have come with this one so far!

I've been asked if I would allow one of our children to do what you are doing (we have seven children), and my answer is, 'yes!' It's a wonderful thing for a young person to be as motivated and directed as you are. Congratulations to you! And to your parents too!

I hope all goes well with the repairs, and with your exciting adventure from here out! I agree that your recent mishap was probably a good opportunity to gain some helpful experience.

Have a good week!

Tim Stackpool said...

You go girl!

miiii said...

that `s nice to hear
that all is taken care off
for you
i hope you can go soon
and that it goes better this time:P
i`ll hope to read more soon

Daan Werdekker

m.e.mccarthy said...

Good to hear the progress with repairs. I wish you the very best for your epic journey.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on this great news. Hit by a tanker and still going strong, your a champ and i wish you the best luck for the rest of your journey.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you came out of this so positive and wish you well. I will be following you from here in Texas in the US. I feel like I am on the adventure with you as you keep us posted. You have many friends you haven't met, and we all wish you the best...

Anonymous said...

Canada is watching as well Jessica. you are such an inspiration to us all. what a challenge you have ahead of you. this voyage will for sure set the bar even higher then ever before. i look forward to your final farwell. Sail safe and good luck with the repairs.


Weide said...

Hi, Jessica,
Your courage and fortitude shown in the whole incident has proven that you have the right stuff to handle the whole challenge and succeed! Remarkable!

Sven on Senta II said...

I hope we all get to hear what really happened, some day when the investigations are done.

Until then; best of luck and go live the dream.


Anonymous said...


Great news! What a great bunch of folks that support you, wow, impressive. Speedy repairs and you're on your way, good luck.

Steve in California

Nathan Fletcher ( said...

I hope the team working on your yacht manages to get it sea worthy asap to see you on your way to breaking the world record. If the guys down at Gold Coast city are short a hand in the painting side of the repair (i don't think they are) i'd be proud to give them a hand and help an australian prove the world wrong.
Went down on Sat 12th to see how your boat was coming along but shed was closed up.

Anyway, goodluck with your journey, Nathan, Gold Coast (orange ute)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica! What an experience! I am sure this was a test, and it appears you and your team has passed with flying colors! As tough and scary as this ordeal may have been, I am quite sure you and your team are better than ever. Unfortunately, what this means is that you will not only have to navigate for yourself, but for everyone else on the water also. Accedents happen even when we do everything right, what we learn is that we not only have to excecute every one of our moves with precision, but anticipate the wrong moves of others.
I look forward to reading about your progress with the repairs and getting back underway.
Praise God that you and the others are safe and still are determined to press on! We will be praying for quick and complete repairs and that no detail be left undone, and for your continued safety.
Thanks for sharing.
Mike and the entire youth group at Grace Fellowship Church in North Stonington, CT USA.

Ulrich said...

Im glad to see you receive such an amount of support.

This demonstrates what obstacles can be overcome if people help each other.

lostinthought17 said...

I hope you're having a blast! Keep it going! Cheering you on from Virginia--Bree

Anonymous said...

go girl you are now so famous what you have done is just so cool,you must be so brave,my friends at school they are going to buy a boat and sail away,it must be so exciting.We will buy your book, where can we get it? what TV station is showing your trip? From Tess ,Slothy,big will,and rappy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
We are a year 7 all girls school in Brissy. We go 4 girl power you go girl. We have followed your story in class. We ♥ your boat. We are very supportive of your courage to break the record.We are all very happy you have the confidence to rise up after such a setback.

Albert said...

Jessica and friends, you may all be interested to know that in France - l'Hydroptère set a new speed sailing record on Friday, sustaining an incredible speed of 51.36 knots over 500 meters to become the fastest sailboat in the world, see it at this website:

Michel said...

Jessica, from Barcelona-Spain a daily reader of your blog wish you all the best to keep on going with this great experience! I´m happy that you're back on track!



mike said...


What does this tell you!!!! Everyone from all over the world is in your corner... What a feeling that must be. Keep us posted so we can share all of your joy as you seek out your quest...

Mike/ Miami Fla

Capt. Joe Hazelwood said...

Hi Jessica,

You may not be able to answer due to the pending investigations, but at what point did you pick up the Silver Yang on your radar?

What lessons have you learned from the incident?

Good luck and smooth sailing in the future.

Capt. Joe Hazelwood

Anonymous said...

hi jessica. every trip has a degree of bad luck, I think you've had yours. good luck with the repairs, my children Ella, Will and Summer and I will keenly follow your progress. hope you get away soon

Mount Martha Vic

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,hows the repairs going?Are you close to getting back on the water?Hoping all is going well.
Take Care
Yeppoon QLD

Ray Fraess said...

As a landlubber on the prairies in Canada I'll being following your trip will great interest and envy. Your living the dream of many, young & old, female & male. Good for you! Be careful, enjoy the moments. As your close call illustrated, take nothing for granted. You have the best wishes of many behind you.
Ray Fraess, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

I can't wait for your adventure to start and that I can be a small part of it......following on line.

You go girl and enjoy ...make the most of every day.
Ros x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Glad you are OK and the repairs are on track. I can hardly wait until you take off again. Good luck. Barbara from Elk Grove, California

Jeff Johnson said...

Hi Jessica,

Just to let you know that we are unable to see your vessel on the web site except when you are in port or very close, say a kilometer or two. Other vessels are "visible" up to 50km out to sea. Please throoughly check your AIS and VHF radio.

I am very experienced in marine electronics, radio, remote adventuring (on land:-) and a "yachtie".


The Reverend said...

I hope all goes well, keep us bloggers posted about your adventure :-)

Tony said...

Hello from Alabama, USA. Your adventure and influence are being felt the world over. You will teach others by your example. I have 2 daughters whom I have taught to think for themselves and not be forced into unwanted stereotypical roles. We support you in your ventures. Should you want to contact someone during the lonely times, send an email to me at: Bon voyage! Tony Alexander