Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Off

The repairs and work on Ella's Pink Lady are almost completely finished up. So it will be out of the shed and into the water early next week before the rig goes in some days later. Watching Ella's Pink Lady slowly come back together again has been great and everyone at the yard is so keen to help and fun to spend time with.

On Friday, we had a lunch to thank some of the people who've put so much effort into getting us back on the water, particularly Joe from AME who's been a huge part of getting up this far. Everyone stood up and said their part, and I gave Joe a framed copy of a cartoon that one of the papers printed showing the lighter side of the collision.

Even though most people's reaction has been positive and supportive, I've been a bit disappointed in some of the completely un-factual articles being printed. It's a little sad when even the basic facts become completely twisted! But it's all part of the fun and the only thing that's important right now is getting back on the water safely.

With not much left to do on Ella's Pink Lady, I've been dragged home for the weekend. I'll admit I was a bit hesitant because I'd left without cleaning my room! It's been nice and a bit strange to have the weekend off. I've been mucking round with friends, spending time with family and working away at a few different projects. There's always something to do, and having the time to put a little extra effort into a few things has been a bonus - as well a having the chance to recharge, ready for all the next challenges!



Dan said...

Great work Jess, glad to hear the boys on the goldcoast are looking after you. You have a great network of helpers, all the best for getting out there asap!

Al P said...

Sounds great Ms Jessica and enjoy a day off when you can. Who knows when the next one will be. Surely you will be back on the water soon and on your way. We are all waiting for the day.

Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

the break will do you good, then it is ready, set, GO!

Forget the media, black on white is often not fact anymore, so don't waste your energy on these people.
We get our facts regarding your journey from the horses mouth - YOU - when the time is right for you to reveal them!

At the same time I suffer from withdrawal symptoms, when I don't see a new post on your blog!!!!!!!! But don't worry, I am just impatient!

Can you send us a picture of the cartoon!

Good luck!
All the angels sail with you!
Trudy from Austria

Mathis Family said...

More than just a few people are avidly awaiting your every adventure,young lady!..Follow your star,oh wait!...Make that the Southern Cross,Jessica!!

Anonymous said...

it would be nice if you upload some pictures

good luck next time!

trentgs said...

Its' Great to hear that you're back on course, and excited about meeting the challenges ahead. We're excited for you here in Savannah,GA! I know what you mean about the press being unfair/or printing inaccurate material. Thankfully most of the stories I've read about it matched up with your press release. The Videos were Great showing your arrival. Super that your Mom and Dad are solidly behind you too. We're all proud of you!

/ said...

Hi Jessica,

It’s me again. Sorry to know your boat was crashed and damaged, but I’m pretty sure you will be able to solve this asap.

I’ll be reading your blog periodically and will also remember of you on my prayers.

See you around!!!

Douglas J. Barreto (Brazil)

Yabloodywombat said...

Hi Jessica.

Will be watching your journey with interest. Great to see the tenacity to get out there and have a go. All the detractors out there have forgotten how to have a life and are venting at you.

stay safe.

Pete & Gillian
Far North Queensland

Sven on Senta II said...

Your supporters want to know what happened that unpleasant evening.

If the authorities state they have no authority because it was in international waters doesn't that mean you can talk freely ?

Having folks report that they saw you in some local news show "admitting" that you were asleep at the time doesn't help. Granted, I've only seen one post claiming that, but that is one too many and it can't be left unchallenged if it isn't true.


Duracell Bunny said...

The very best of luck Jess, good to see repairs are all but complete.

And never, ever believe what you read in the papers ... fact of life, I'm afraid. If facts are needed, you go to the source not the press.

Gavin said...

Have been following your preparation and blog closely. It's great to see someone so young and mature show the world what one can achieve if you just put your mind to it and focus.

Just laugh at the media...anything to fill a newspaper!

You have a lot of support behind you. No matter what, we will all be proud of your achievement.

Counting down the days...

Dieter said...

Hi Jessica, wish you better luck for the open ocean. Friends of mine did a circumnavigation in a charter 34, the same type as yours. I circumnavigated myself. I would do it again when I think of the turquoise anchorages but not when I think of the open ocean with the big swells. You must be pretty brave ...or naive. It will not be easy. You should be able to do repairs by yourself and not by helpers. Anyway good luck! (from Germany)

Stephen Lyons said...

More power to you Jessica, and your seemingly endless team of helpers.

As for not cleaning your room, I somehow doubt James Cook cleaned his room before setting sail, my bet is Mum has the homefront under control.

Good luck, God bless, good sailing.

Stephen Lyons
Jervis Bay, NSW

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! and don't worry about what the media say. When you get back the mishap on day one will only add spice to the story. Also not cleaning your room up before you left is no biggy... my daugther never did. ;-}