Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sydney International Boat Show in pictures

Pink Lady might look a little small next to all that glamour but we definitely didn’t sink beneath the radar!
From the port (left!) Pete Goss, myself, Don McIntyre, Justin and James up on stage, I really enjoyed these discussions and the chance to hear more about all their adventures.

Pink Lady all made up for the show and me on the bow talking to more cameras.

Up on stage during my daily talks with Tim, a lot like playing twenty questions! By day five I was feeling a lot more confident.

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Bobby Timson said...

Ah! Such is the life of a celebrity. Enjoy every minute of the limelight now. You will have plenty of time to recover and unwind during the trip. I suspect you might be looking forward to some peace and solitude. The Pink Lady is looking all prim and proper and as adventurous as her pilot. Remeber one thing during your trip, that even though this is a solo unassisted attempt, there will be thousands of hearts and prayers with you every step of the way. Bon Voyage!