Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tick Another Box

Wow the Sydney Internationl Boat Show is over already, and it’s on to the next step. Tick another box!

The last days of the show went well with the exception of me doing so much talking that I started losing my voice! All that talking was hard work, but I did finally have the chance to take a bit of time off – maybe a good thing considering how much work we’ve got in front of us! Now it’s time to make new work lists and get back into it.

As the show gates closed, it was back to work. Our once beautiful targa frame was dismantled, cut up and sent off to be used as a template for the new frame. I can’t say that it felt very nice seeing all that work lying on the ground in a tangle of bent stainless.

Another thing that I had the chance to do was to stop into the Maritime Museum which is now the home of Kay Cottee’s yacht, First Lady. Kay was the first lady to sail solo around the world non-stop. I really enjoyed having a good look around her boat and picked up some great ideas. Even though my Pink Lady and First Lady are completely different boats, it was interesting to see the similar ways they’ve both been set up for strength and solo sailing.

On Tuesday morning we were up early to pull the rig out and get ready for the boat to be trucked home but . . . well, nothing ever goes quite to plan, and this time the truck was delayed before reaching us. Oh well, all part of the fun!



Cameron B said...

Hi Jessica,

As long as you have a plan nothing that i can think of can stop you.
Good luck with the new targa frame, hope it all goes to plan from here on in.
I can only hazard a guess that you are over the moon for finally being back on the water, even if it was just across the river.
Till next time

Cameron B

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess and all your support team! Its so good to pick up your new blogs as they are posted. Just wanted to say, for all the world to read, how proud we are of you.
Lots of love from Grandad and Granny W in New Zealand :-))

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Enlarged the photo of Pink Lady and you being interviewed and the boat looks great. I love the swirl design on the stern and the tiller looks really nice too.Makes me wonder if you're tempted to paint it pink to or did your Aunty and mum say no.Well when the targa frame is finished you can tick another box...getting closer.
Take care
Yeppoon, Qld.

Marcus Schormann said...

Hey Jessica,many thnks for the first pics of PINK LADY , i do collect all pics ´til i can start my projekt to build a SIB( ship in the bottle) of her. I hope you agree with this idea.
To visit Kay Cottee´s yacht was a good idea i suppose ´cause there are a lot of things you can take with you for your projekt. What i mean Kay´s journey was more than 0years ago and she did it all with less the modern equipment - some times less is better than more.
many regards from Germany , Marcus

Vastenhout said...

I wonder if you have the same problems with people who think your to young for this. btw you will have a younger contender who leaves 1 September.