Friday, August 21, 2009

Pink Lady's First Sail

Out sailing for the first time on a perfect Sunshine Coast day! We were very impressed with the crunchy new sails from Ullman sails and David Lambournes fantastic rig. My face is still sore from grinning and how cute does Pink Lady look?!


Bobby Timson said...

Looking Good!!!! Congrats on finally getting the Pink Lady under sail!

Anonymous said...

Way cool Jessica,
I wonder what the whales will say, when they see that heavenly apparition of pink?
I don't know, why I am so excited, YOU are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime! I am a land lubber presently in Austria!
I think it is the stirring of the potential in each person's soul, who read and follow your blog!
God speed,

Matt King said...

One word....BEAUTIFUL

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She looks incredible. Good luck with your final preparations.

Marcus Schormann said...

Hey Jessica , well done i´ve to say.
She looks very nice, you´re right.
And .... in her ´pink look´she a boat of a lady.
many regards from Germany , Marcus Schormann

Andrew said...

hay looks gr8
Pink looks better then the white and blue i think ur on 2 some thing there!

Anonymous said...

Well, I really do hope that you know a little more about electrics than just to push the right buttons and that the use of a spanner holds no secrets to you either. Pink is definitely not my favoured colour and I probably would have chosen a faster ship, but you got to make do with what you get, eh? Nevertheless, it's a very good ship and I'm looking forward very much to following your voyage on the web; All the best wishes to you, never a day of boredom or distress and a safe voyage - I shall be thinking of you when I set sail for the North Sea next thursday.


Karl said...

I can't believe you found that much pink paint... saw her down at Lawries last week... certainly hard to miss. ha ha.

All the best Karl

Adriana said...

Congratulations from Brazil, Jessica. I told my daughters Sara and Vitoria(they are aged 8 and 5) about you and you boat and your voyage. They would not believe me until I showed them some pics form Internet. They loved "Pink Lady"'s color and the whole story, but were a bit worried you'd feel alone without anyone to play with all that time or that your parents would be angry with you if they found out you had gone to the sea all alone... But I told them "driving a boat" is your favorite thing, and that your parents are OK with it and help you; and that you'd take a telephone and radio and would be just fine. I'll be translating your blog for them form now on. Thanks for what you are doing for girls all over the world, darling. Fair winds and goods tides for you is the wish of us all.

Lots of love,