Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finishing Off

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, it’s been a busy week finishing off Pink Lady! Working in the sunshine and being back home at Mooloolaba Marina has been great. Some of what we’ve been working on includes fitting winches, deck gear, lining the cabin with foam, fitting communications equipment and finishing off the electrical system (including the all important stereo and speakers!)

I’m excited about my new stereo because Dad’s always said that when I get my own boat I’ll be able to listen to the radio stations I like, only problem is I suspect that the electrician Neil is deliberately taking his time plugging the last wire in so that he doesn’t have to listen to my music either! And just to rub salt in the wounds I know that when I get out there on the water chances are that the only station I’ll be able to pick up will the BBC…

I spent a bit of time with Jim the mechanic going over potential engine problems and am starting to feel confident that I really do know the boat inside out. Every little locker…. sometimes being the smallest person around isn’t a good thing. Whenever there’s a spanner needed in a tricky little corner I start getting meaningful looks… then hinting comments, I normally give up at this point and end up emerging from whichever locker, half an hour later covered from head to foot in sicker-flex.

Mum’s been making the most of me being home for awhile, by feeding me all kinds of long life food experiments for me to taste test. Not to be fussy or ungrateful but some of its becoming a little too creative! My brother Tom says he can’t wait till I leave so they can go back to eating normal food.

On Friday Targa frame version two arrived along with my repaired Fleming wind vane, getting the targa to the back of the boat was a bit of fun but all went to plan with the help of a dingy and a few strange looks along the way.

Next week’s going to be even busier and more exciting with the rig going back on Monday, first sail planed for Wednesday and time for some overnight sea trials by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica

You would not believe how excited I am to see you setting sail soon for your around the world journey. I have followed Jessie Martin, Mike Perham and Zac Sunderland. I think that most people dont realize the difference between sailing the world and stopping in ports for rest and repairs and sailing non stop unassisted. The non stop unassisted part is what is going to be truly remarkable. Even in ocean races like the Volvo Ocean race they have to stop for repairs and rest. If you pull this off at your age it will truly be one of the most remarkable accomplishments this world has ever seen. It even ranks above climbing Mount Everest because even the climbers are assisted for part of thier assent. I will be following you every step of the way. Gods speed and sail safe. You truly are a remarkable young woman and an inspiration to us all.

Marcus Schormann said...

dear Jessica, allthough SIKA-FLEX is a thin ´made by the devil´ whenever you tuch it, to ceep in every corner of your boat makes you able to find every detail even in cases of hurry or emergency. And be aware that a good preparation is more than a half of your success. And every on sea every matter is direktly combined with your own safety.
Many regards from Germany,Marcus Schormann

Anonymous said...

jessica when are you planning on leaving for your voyage?

Chris and Neil - Sunny Coast said...

Wow Jess, preparation is going along really are sounding more confident each blog and so you should be! What a champ you are!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!
Always in our thoughts
Chris and Neil

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, Sounds like your preparations are hard and interesting.
Good job on the inside of the boat and Good luck with the rig going on.

Saraya :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello there Jess! Good to get a new blog. Will you be able to post photos of you on pink lady in the water when you commence your sea trials? in other words, will you be accompanied by another vessel when you set sail on (hopefully) wednesday? I'm so excited and nervous for you. anon's comment (16th aug)is right about how amazing your attempt is. May your angels be with you always, even after your safe and triumphant return in 10/11 months time!!

Jessica said...

Hey Jess,
I just want you to know that you are an inspiration to me! Your about a year younger than me, and I think your amazing to chase after your dreams! I hope all goes well, and everything works out! Good luck!

Jessica Gross (Wisconsin)