Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Roll Cage aka Targa Frame

With a huge thanks to Phil George (on the left) and Dad my targa frame, notoriously known as the 'roll cage' couldn’t get any stronger. Whatever we call it, the frame is vital because it will support most of my sat communication equipment, solar panels, wind generator and various aerials.


Sven on Senta II said...

It looks like a jungle gym ! Guess you can use it for that if you get bored in the doldrums :-)

The bump in the back is for the Monitor windvane ?

Will you anodize the stainless steel a matching shade of pink ?


Anonymous said...

wow...when you are done with the trip you can put it on a dune buggy...Good Luck with the trip. I have been following Zac Sunderland for over a year and Mike for some time now as well. I look forward to following your trip.
Charles Reeder

David Mac said...

Jessica lots of people dont seem to realize that what you are planning, and what Jesse Martin did is vastly more challenging and adventurous and difficult than what Zac and Mike are doing. Going solo and unassisted and nonstop right round the world is in a completely different league all together and maybe it doesnt bug you but it bugs me when people talk about you and those two guys as if youre all doing the same thing. After Zac and Mike have finished Jesses record will still remain because those two guys werent unassisted and werent nonstop, and neither went around Cape Horn . Jessica what you are planning is MUCH more incredible and I think very few people realise what a massive challenge you have set yourself. You always need some luck but it looks like by the time you set sail you will have everything else you need, including a fantastic attitude and positive brave personality. I among many thousands will be following you every day and urging you on in our hearts. Go Girl and Good Luck.

explora said...

Very exciting to read about your preparation progress - go Jessica!!

Al P said...

Looking great young lady and waaa what a support team. Keepum hopping.

Al P

Al P said...

Looking great young lady and waaa what a support team. Keepum busy!

Al P

Sven on Senta II said...

I agree completely with David Mac; Jesse Martin's records are still there for you to try to claim. I really, really hope you get to do it.

With that said, it is pretty obvious that Mike was personally more than up to the challenge but his boat wasn't. It is tragic that he didn't get to claim "single handed", "un-assisted" or "non-stop".

The silver lining is that Mike still got to show what a truly great sailor he is. He also got to show that he was doing it because he enjoys it to the core. Finally Mike has shown that he is a gentleman and outstandingly good sportsman. What a role model !

Soon it is Jessica's turn to go for it, but only after Mike rightfully claims the mantle of youngest solo circumnavigating sailor.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, Looks like a great place to sling your hammock. lol

I have 70 St John Ambulance cadets at my school Jess all your age, and we are going to follow your journey, we wish you all the the best.
god speed and fairweather.

Mark White
Dromana Secondary College
St John Ambulance Cadets

Anonymous said...

Well I have followed zac and mikes trip so needless to say i'm looking forward to following your trip. Seems to be coming along well.


Anonymous said...

you go girl! Show those boys how to sail an ocean :)

Anonymous said...

Aww...beaten before she can even start. Tough luck kid.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 3:32,

How do you figure? Zac is the first to complete a circumnavigation while still 17. He will only hold the youngest part of the record until Mike Perham breaks it in a month or so because he is a few months younger than Zac. If Jessica completes her voyage at a younger age than Mike, which is possible, then she would be the youngest.
If she is able to do it as planned, then it is a different catagory - non-stopped, unassisted.......

Just to do what these young people have done and are doing is really the big deal. All the preparation,
support of family and friends, sponsors, endurance etc.... this is what it's all about.
Through the internet I have followed
Zac and Mike through their trials and triumphs and will now do the same with Jessica - I didn't know about their voyages until they were already underway. It is really nice
to start with Jessica in the preparation phase and follow her the
whole time.
Zac's motto has been "Do Hard Things"! That is what these amazing young people are doing!



Anonymous said...

Very very exciting Jessica I really hope you pull it off, it would be so cool to beat two guys at their own game. I'm more tickled in that it would seem the cruiser yacht is the way to go, both you and Jesse Martin and Zac for that matter, have and are doing this in solid built run of the mill if you will good old cruisers, where purpose built race vessels seem to fail even if a fly should land on the sail. Unless of course if its brand spanking new and multiple millions are behind it.

Yaaay to cruisers, the Land Rovers of the oceans.

Can we get pink sails too what a statement that would be.

Best of luck, we'll be following you all the way

Sue McPherson and daughters

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess,

This is my first time checking out your blog. I have been following Zac Sunderland and had the opportunity to see him off a year ago. Yesterday, it was a thrill to see him come in.
I wish you well on your journey and will be glued to you blog. When do you plan on leaving as your website says you are leaving after your birthday which was months ago?
Thanks for making mention of it.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine (Jena Yeager, around the world non stop by air) left me so impressed with her will and abilities to do what seems to be impossible to us mere mortals, and just by undertaking this task alone, I am so impressed by your Mom and Dad for the way they stand with you and support your adventure.
Michael P. Jefferson Sr
Denison Texas, U.S.A.

Laura said...

Hi Jessica,
First time for me on your blog..i love the pink!!
I have been following Zac and Mike for a while..well Zac for over a year and mike about 6mo..you all just really impress me with your commitment at such a young age.
I wish you all the best and hope you get on the water soon!
I would love to take a trip to watch you make history too.
Looking forward to more pink pictures:]
Bermuda Dunes CA

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

I think you should call your boat 'CUPCAKE' !!

Now that it's pink and all ;)

Who else agrees?


Anonymous said...


I think you should call the boat 'cupcake' as that is what it now looks like.

From Panama.

Pauline said...

I still think it's 'Eau De Pink'....!

Best wishes Jessica...!


Anonymous said...

I'm reading there's a boat naming comp.

How about

Jass Ice

in pink of course

(guess what that means)

Sue McPherson and daughters