Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas and Complications

Much to everyone’s relief the new gearbox arrived bright and early Monday morning. Other arrivals included boxes full of goodies from RFD, the radar reflector, heater and the last of the Navco equipment. Christmas! So along with the cheerful new paint job and successfully tackling a few tricky jobs, things were looking particularly positive…It didn’t last.

More complications set the mechanical team thinking hard. Jack, John and Richard certainly eared their sandwiches! Outside the boat sanding and preparation for the final coat of paint on the deck continued while the inside is starting to look a lot more finished. Pat and Ed have been doing an amazing job of mounting equipment, filling in all those holes and empty spaces. I’m hoping they remember to leave room for me!

Outside the shed I’ve still be hard at work testing out all sorts of weird and wonderful long life foods. My least favorites have been energy bars and tined seafood while my favorites include frieze died mince and tined cream. So after all this taste testing I’m starting to feel a lot more confident with the food side of things, I’m actually looking forward to digging into some of my meals.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

I think you should call your boat 'CUPCAKE' !!

Now that it's pink and all ;)

Who else agrees?