Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coming together and my incredible team!

Wednesday saw us welcome Damien who’s come up from Tasmania to join the team and today we were rejoined by Rod who was pretty much a force of nature in the early days of the refit. We were all very pleased to see Rod who brought with him a singing, dancing toy chicken as my trusty new mascot then got straight to work.

I have to say again a big thanks to all the team not only for all that hard work but for all the fun we’ve been having! I’m so lucky to have so many amazing, supportive people around me. Being able to draw on so many years of experience is completely invaluable as we make decisions on every little detail. Storm tactics, power management, fuel storage….. I’d also like to put in a special word for Ed who’s been a so persistent and an incredible all-rounder!

The days out at the shed have become longer and everyone’s been working harder as departure date grows nearer but not a moment goes by with out a laugh. We’ve certainly reached the exciting part of the refit with so much HVP (High Visual Progress!) It’s amazing to see all the different parts of the boat come together and in most cases fit just right. Of course there are the exceptions, some things just wont give in with out a fight!

The bright pink paint still takes us all by surprise but the smart looking black antifoul and new portholes help bring the look together.

Thursday was an exciting day out at the shed with the news of Zac Sunderland’s triumphant return reaching us over all the local radio stations. It was great to hear of Zac completing his voyage and claiming the ‘youngest circumnavigator’ title. It’s been amazing to follow his progress, from myself and all the team here I’d like to say a huge congratulations!! We’re all only just beginning to understand many of the challenges involved so can really appreciate Zac’s incredible effort. Go Zac, you’re an inspiration!


jayzona said...

We are a family of sailors from Tucson, AZ USA and have been following Zac for the last year, inspired by his dream and perseverence. Well, now Zac is home so it's time to follow Jessica and her dream. We wish you all the best. We'll pray for your safety. Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

I'm an oldy from Tasmania who had dreams.
You will achieve something I tried a few years ago but through medical advice gave it away at Cooktown so all the best and fulfill your dream.

Anonymous said...

from now on you can relax as the thought in the back of your mind (and in all people that consider sailing round the world alone)of what could happen in a large blow and now you've found out about the boat and mainly about yourself.
well done,