Thursday, June 4, 2009

Steady Progress

Slowly but steadily we’re beginning to tick things off the work list.

Hanging around the shed working hard with the team is great fun and although we’re right on schedule, I have to keep reminding myself to be patient, I’m busting to see back in the water ready for the start line!

Every day we finish up exhausted but that doesn’t stop my brain from constantly running through a million things, even if I had the time I couldn’t think of anything else! I feel all keyed up, its like I’ve got ‘get to start line, get to start line’ chanting not just through my head but my whole body.

Tomorrow’s job list includes having the keel bolts and rudder x-rayed to check for weaknesses, glassing in cabin knees (supports), more construction on the dodger (solid canopy offering protection from the weather) and finalising the targa (frame on the stern supporting the solar panels) design.

The support we’re continuing to receive is amazing, from equipment suppliers to everyone stopping in to lend a hand with the work!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I really like what your doing.I'm only a few years yonger than you (12 in August)butI could never dream of doing what your doing.Go Jessica!!!!!!!

Ambrose said...

Hey Jessica,

I've been following your quest in the news over the past months, I think it's awesome what you're doing. Good luck with it, and don't let anyone tell you you can't do it!


Cameron B said...

Hey Jessica,
Before i met you and learned your story, i wasn't really inspired to work on my boat.

To see you step up and give it all you've got i found an occasional hobby to be a daily routine...My Hartley 16 is being fitted..from cutting and inserting buoyancy and floor boards too making a hatch and rudder.
I can now understand the enjoyment you are having with your s&s 34

Anonymous said...

Good luck.

"Someone said to me recently that the ocean doesn't care how old you are," Watson said. "It respects experience, not your age."

Thats real wisdom.

Enough can not be said about the importance of pursuing dreams.