Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Day In My Life

I admit to hitting snooze a few times this morning after a late night plodding away on the computer but was up before 7am only to miss my lift out to the shed. After a few more minutes to wake up I spent the morning tackling all those tricky jobs, emails and phone calls I’d been putting off.

It was off to the shed to join the team after a productive morning. I arrived in time to sit down to lunch at the laminating table to paw over various product catalogues.

The afternoon was spent learning to Laminate sheets of foam that will make up my dodger, discussing the latest options with Neil the electrician and Iain the mechanic, helping Steve remove the quadrant and a visit from Peter the representative from International Paint to discuss the preferred colour scheme; Pink!

Dad received today’s hero award for removing the ‘something’ that we’d all been avoiding. After there was nothing left to remove and all excuses were used we all took a deep breath and Dad proved his complete dedication by removing to dunny! I had to try very hard to keep a straight face as Dad frog marched toward to skip with the toilet held at arms length.

My other important role lately is ‘template’ I’m required to sit, stand and pose so that measurements can be taken and the dodger, engine box and targa frame can be constructed to fit me perfectly.

Knock-off time was 6pm and it was my weekly turn to cook. My time management skills were put to test as I juggled and burnt a million things in the kitchen while discussing how best to present project management schedules over the phone.

I’m off for a bit of sleep before it all starts again tomorrow!


Cameron B said...

Hi Jessica
WOW, what a day.

My father and I are currently fitting out a small 'hartly 16ft' in aluminium, not long now.
Upon completing this little job, in our scraps of spare time we will tinker away at the 'van de stadt 34'(steel)lying parallel to our house. unfortunately sitting alone for several years in the weather the rust has grown and grown - the sandblasting comes first.

Have a great day,
Cameron B

Mouse on a Motorcycle said...

Seems clever to use you as a template for sizing hatches, dodger, and controls, but at your age will you still be the same size at the end of your journey as you are at its beginning?

Praying Numbers 6:24-26
Mouse in Whittier

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sanfter sascha said...

you really want to paint your ship pink!?

Albert said...

I survived many years in aviation because of good risk management, sometimes I would have an irate passenger complaining about delays to an aircraft, usually because of mechanical problems. I would say to them, it’s better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, than to be in the air wishing you were on the ground. This comment usually causes a white face a swift reality check. I expect risk management will be an important part of your training.