Saturday, June 6, 2009

My floating tank!

All I can say after the latest session with a notebook and measuring tape is my poor boat! This morning we sat down to plan out exactly how much water, fuel and meths (for cooking) I’ll be able to take, where it will fit and how to secure it. All I could think of was all that weight and its effects on sailing performance. I’d always known that would set off sitting low in the water but that didn’t make me feel any better looking at the final figures.
I’m learning a lot about the word ‘compromise’ everything’s a compromise, weight and performance versus comfort, power and communication.

Dad, Bruce and Rod are practically an unstoppable force as they plot the best protection from the weather, strength and safety. I restrain from constantly pointing out that this is a yacht rather than a tank because I know how much I’ll appreciate having a boat that will look after me in the Southern Ocean.

On another subject, I’m proud to say that over the last crazy month, I’ve put on a whole 3kg of weight and it’s definitely not on the hips so I’m going to assume that it’s all muscle! Most people are probably wondering weather I come from Mars. A 16 year old girl proud to be putting on weight?! But building myself up is an important part of my preparation.


Cameron B said...

Hi Jessica,

Yeah you have a point, building a bit of muscle would be a vital part of your preparation. You don't need to be as 'tank' as you boat although in rough weather holding on is in your best interest.
Cameron B

Albert said...

Most comments to you wish you luck and that’s ok, I am always hoping to see you progress to the stage where you will make your own luck. It’s good to see that you are putting on muscle, 3kg is a good start, that’s just enough to fight off the TV cameras when you depart. You seem to be in good hands with your family and friends, they obviously know what they’re doing, you can not beat the voice of experience. I must admit this is the first time that I feel confident you will have a safe journey, your progress can now be measured and that’s good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Good luck and have a safe trip on your journey around the world, you are showing the whole world as long as you got the determination and mindset to do something it can be down, as that no matter how big or small you are that you can do anything.

Good Luck and Have a Safe Journey!!!

Michigan, United States

MJ said...

Jessica, greetings from aboard "Silvergirl", St. Petersburg, Florida.

You are an inspiration to all and show you are never too old or too young to "live the dream".

You possess all of the qualities which will bring you success in this and everything to come in your life. Your team sounds like a great bunch. Your parents are to be commended for helping you become such a great young lady and supporting you in this remarkable endevor.

There are going to be times this will not be easy, just remember, that is what makes it great.

I anticipate following your adventure from my I am sure will many other sailors around the world.

I named by boat for the words from the song "Bridge Over Troubled Waters". I send them to you, as they seem to really fit..

Sail on Silver Girl....sail on by
your time has come to shine
all your dreams are on their way
.....see how she shines.

Fair winds, Skipper

Max Southers
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Anonymous said...


Good luck and have a safe trip. I hope we will be able to follow you trip.

Indianapolis, Indiana