Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Planning and Hard Work

Tuesday evening just before knock off time 6pm! From the bow, Rod and Steve building a temporary mould for the hard dodger, on the stern Bruce and Dad (Roger) planning out the targa frame for the solar panels.
This may look like a relaxing dinner but we’re hard at work planning!! Dad, Rod, Brenda, Margaret, Neil, Bruce, Suzanne and me in Pink.


Anonymous said...

Hope the planning is all going well. We're excited to see your progress!

Cameron B said...

Excellent, the refit is going well - from all I can see.
Wish the workers minimal hiccups and no injuries.
Youngestround.com has to be broken in before your adventure on the high seas.
Best of luck with that
Cameron B.

Anonymous said...

Go Jess Go,
Best wishes for your epic trip and congratuations to all involved especially your incredibly supportive family. How wonderful to be living your dreams at your age. The world's your oyster. May you stay safe and well. I look forward to watching your progress and reading the book (you will write about it won't you?)
I highly recommend a book by Laurence Gonzales called Deep Survival. It would stand you in good stead.
Every Best Wish

mikeyb said...

Hi Watched the 7.30 report last night- really hope you can pull this off! I have ocean sailed single handed- wonderful feeling.
Could it be a good idea to do a shakedown to NZ ? I have also seen a lot of the southern ocean- it will be tough !! good luck