Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks BAYSIDE Crane Hire!


Anonymous said...

I'm checking out Mike Perham's video blog. I love the sound of the wind in the sails and the boat cutting through the water, I can understand the attraction to sailing, the boat speed seems impossible, are you sure that he's not cheating? His "dolphins en route to Lisbon" video is great, it's just like being there. He was so exited to see dolphins that there was the danger of going overboard while filming them, "this is Mike swimming with the dolphins and that's my boat sailing away"
From what I'm reading about other sailors, it seems equipment failure is the biggest problem, but most of it is under our control.

Weide said...

Hello, Jessica,

I just want to say that you're so amazing and brave to take on such a tough challenge. I wish your dream comes true and all the best!

Sacramento, California