Monday, June 8, 2009

Work List Vandalized

On arriving at the shed first thing this morning after a Sunday spent regrouping and planning, I wrote out the days jobs on a huge big bit of card and pinned it up on the wall. I returned only a few minutes later to discover that my carefully planned out work list had been brutally vandalized! In between every item on the list completely absurd jobs such as smoko, tea breaks, coffee brakes, union meeting, team bonding session, sundowners… to name a few had been added. I can name a chief vandal but I suspect input from all the team. Tea breaks, union meetings how absurd!

Jokes aside, even with all that hard work most days, it’s an amazing feeling to finish up knowing that we’ve achieved something, that we’re achieving something. With weeks more of work it’s still great to slowly plod away at the work list.

For everyone in Australia keep an eye out for ABC’s 7:30 report tonight or tomorrow night for a segment on the voyage.


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Cameron B said...

Haha, so work isnt 'just do whats on the list', it involves hidden jokes and a laugh along the way.
Keeping the joyful spirit is great...time does fly when you are having fun.
Keep in touch

Cameron B