Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Milestone let the work begin!

This morning went from being a fully functioning yacht (without mentioning a few major issues! i.e. the engine not running, the rig threatening to fall down and at one point sea water flooding in!) to a stripped down hull miles from the water and locked up in a shed. It may sound like we’re going backward at a million miles but today was actually a huge milestone, the beginning of the refit.

Thanks to Bayside Crane Hire for lifting the rig out and to Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron for berthing and the use of your travel-lift!

I had to keep reminding myself how positive it all was because it was very hard to watch being stripped of its rig, bounced along the highway on the back of a truck and welded into the cradle that will be its home for the next 8 weeks.

We arrived at the shed just after lunchtime and with so many big flash machines and big tough men hanging around I expected that I’d have little to do but stand back and watch. I was wrong. I was given the job of hauling and the cradle into position, all 5.6tones, training I’m told!

An exhausted Jessica signing out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Last night I saw something on TV that you could add to your exercise program, it was pole dancing, stop laughing! pole dancing is a seriously good workout for the muscles that you may need to develop, the same muscles that you would use when sailing. I'm not suggesting that you should use it as an excuse for not helping with the repairs to the boat, but it's worth a try!

Albert said...

I've read everything I could find about solo sailing, so I could measure the challenge that awaits you. I've done a lot of solo flying, I reach my destination in a matter of hours and I‘m always busy, but solo sailing seems something that you need to prepare for, especially when there's no wind, your contact with civilization must not be broken by flat batteries. I know I could handle the solitude and you being born on the same day may be the same. We certainly share a lot of interests, although with me fencing is with foils and I assume with you fencing is to keep out rabbits! I was interested to learn about Neal Petersen, not only has he conquered his “Everest” he’s shared his dream and his victory with so many people, he’s turned it into a business. There’s many people like him who do extraordinary things and are then forgotten, how sad!

sanfter sascha said...

hallo jessica, now from germany the best wishes for you. i'm a sailor too, but only baltic sea ^^
so i dont can imagine, what you really want to do...sail around the earth like Bernard Moitessier or winfried erdmann (first german solo round)
so good luck und ( nicht wie bei heidi klum eine "handvoll") " immer eine handbreit wasser unter dem kiel"

Cameron B said...

Hey Jessica,
Im Cameron, i briefly met you and your team manager at the Sanctuary Cove Boat show. I also share your birthday :D
I Compete in public speaking at school, when i was in year 9 i compiled a speech titled 'Life is what you make it'... basically i reviewed Jessie Martins unassisted circumnavigation. It is quite amazing what can be achieved by yourself, and alone at sea - with hard work, dedication, and self-motivation life really is 'what you make it'.
Keep in touch,