Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacific Route Change and Rock Climbing

After much discussion, consulting of pilot charts and weighing the pro’s against the con’s, we have a new route. The new route will take me northeast across the equator to Washington Island in the North Pacific. Around notorious Cape Horn, below South Africa and the Cape of Good Hope, across the Indian Ocean and up the east coast of Australia home. An estimated total of 23,000 nautical miles and 230 days at sea!

This morning I really enjoyed heading up to Mt Tinbeerwah to try out some rock climbing and abseiling. I enjoyed the physical challenge of clinging to the rock face and got the heart rate up abseiling down. There is a considerable amount of strategy involved in finding hand and foot holds and working out which limb you should attempt to move first! Thanks for taking me along Gary and Erin!

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Nick said...

Perhaps traveling NE to Washington Island would be a better choice. Going NW to get there would really add a few miles to the journey.

I applaud your grit and self-confidence, and I'm looking forward to following your challange. My prayers and best wishes will be with you every day of the journey.