Thursday, May 7, 2009

Keeping More Than Busy

Over the last few days I’ve been enjoying learning all about weather systems of the world, currents, passage planing procedures, cyclones and finding sextant errors all as part of the Ocean Yachtmaster course.

I’m getting excited about the Launch and Press Conference on the 13th May and am looking forward to telling you all about my ‘special something’! With out giving away too much there will be a bottle of something (non-alcoholic!) to smash over a bow. Everyone’s invited so come along and be part of the action. That’s Wednesday 13 May, 10.30am at Rivergate Marina.

As the departure date drawers nearer and my schedule becomes more hectic I’m starting to understand something I’ve always been told, that time is the most precious resource we have. I tried giving up sleep to find more time and in an effort to get more done but gave the brilliant idea up after becoming a little disagreeable to live with!!

So what have I been busy with? Apart from continuing to prepare myself and the …! For the launch and Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. We’ve been putting a lot of time into every little detail such as dietary needs, power generation, cooking facilities, the best way to set up a windvane, communications… Now is the time to get down to the details and preparation is such an important of making the voyage as safe, comfortable and achievable as possible.

I’ll be out there for 230 days in some of the worlds most isolated oceans so being 100% confident in every piece of equipment is essential. It’s also important that I’m there as every little thing is fitted so that I know how everything works and how to fix it.

A lot of people have been asking how I’m feeling about departing and after that the voyage? I’m feeling excited, not scared but definitely nervous! Mostly I’m busting to get out there and start plodding away at those 23,000 nautical miles.

Here is some of the latest from the media;

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P.S. See you on the 13th!


kasyapa123 said...

i am satish frm INDIA
i feel very pleasure to meet u
i saw u r article on INDIAN News Paper. The name of the paper is
I am very proud of u.
ur very courage and adventure girl.
ur type of girls r very rare in this world.
I feef very very happy to cu.
very very thankful to ur parents also for encouraging ur adventure.
ur's loving frnd

rama said...

iam ramakrishna
i saw ur artical one telugu daily
it is really great job
that to one lady doing this
i am proved of u
i like adventures and also who are doing
Any way i pray to god u complete
ur gole
ok best of luck
happy journey
last one thing
i am a photographer so u take good pic. of ocean in different
those are the momeries of u

ur friend,