Friday, May 1, 2009


It’s been another busy and productive week, there are not nearly enough hours in a day! Some days it’s like trying to swim against the tide and others the world feels like the smallest of speed bumps! ‘The world is your oyster’ As the saying goes!

The fact that things are so busy is great news, so many exciting things are happening! And you can be part of the most exciting of them all…

On Wednesday 13th May at 10.30am you’re invited to a press conference, Adventurer and solo sailor, Don McIntyre and I, will be making a Major Announcement to the world.

The final countdown is about to begin and I would love to meet you all and show you something very special! Come along to Rivergate Marina (see to find us) and be part of something BIG. Everyone’s welcome…we’ll see you there,

We have just confirmed that we will also be present at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat show on the Gold Coast, from the 21st to the 24th of May, stop in and say hi!

As well as working hard to ensure that the ‘something special’ is looking gorgeous for the big unveiling, everyday life (organising equipment, plotting out the exact details of my route and making lists) continues at full speed.

Next week, I’ll be undertaking a RYF Ocean Yachtmaster theory course at Sunshine Coast Sailing School to cram in as much knowledge possible and get a better understanding of celestial navigation.

Sunday morning, I’m off to try my hand at a more landlocked challenge, rock-climbing, someone mentioned a 40metre cliff on a local mountain and what could I say…!
I look forward to checking out the harness systems, that the climbers use, as I’ll need similar equipment to haul myself up the mast at sea.

Recently all sorts of interesting things have been arriving in the post, including a Flemming Wind Vane, which made for a pretty big package! A local supporter Kerri, Dad and I set to work assembling it this afternoon.

See you soon!



wannabe cruising said...

Go girl!!! I remember another famous female solo sailor saying when the weathers too rough to boil water ... it's OK to eat chocolate!! I will be following you all the way!!

Ciro said...

pretty Girl...

Christine said...

Jessica keep going ... I have nearly come to grief with a shipping container in the same area ... follow your dream ... the oceans vast and once you leave the coast you may not see a ship for weeks!!