Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last sail before refit

26 of May, sailing slowly through Moreton Bay for the last time before the refit.
Finally alone on youngestround.com, for me the weather was all sunny!

The 13 of May, the Watson family on the bow of youngestround.com, media on the dock, supporters and friends in the background and Jessica standing out in pink!

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DONUT (o_O) (Bridget) said...

Hey Jess,
WOW well ur trip sounds like it will b sick az, OMG!!! eight months, the longest time i've ever been away from home is 2 weeks.
I would lov to do something like that but when it comes to "SOLO" i think i'll pass.
Do ur brother and sister still like sailing like u do?

Well good luck hope u hav an awesome time, and i'll be reading ur whole Journey, so might talk to u soon.

PS: Ur brave =]