Monday, May 25, 2009

Rainy and Successful Boat Show

After a shaky or I should say rainy start and plenty more drama getting the boat to its berth, the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show was an amazing success. Starting with Thursday night at Rivergate Marina and Shipyards Annual Deck Party where I was introduced by Maxi Wild Oats Skipper Mark Richards and had the chance to talk about my voyage.

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped in to say hi and to see In between all that lovely rain it was wonderful to receive so many ‘good lucks’ and ‘best wishes’. One of the most amazing experiences we had was to have someone come up to express their doubts about voyage and to have them walk away 10 minutes later over come with emotion and with every confidence in the project.

Also thanks to Rikki, Mel, Brian, Tom, Hannah, Pamela, Jen, Suzanne, Bruce and particularly Mum and Dad for their totally gallant efforts handing out postcards and giving Bruce and I the chance to spend time talking to suppliers and existing sponsors.

No time to settle the overflowing head with a hundred and one refit details to finalise and the rig coming out on Wednesday.


waterlilly1770 said...

Hey Jessica,

Once again, lovely to meet you & your family at the boat show down the coast. You looked exhausted by the end of it...then again we pretty much all did. Good luck with the boat on Wednesday & hopefully I'll catch up with you again.

Krissy (Southern Cross Yachting)

Tuty1993 said...

hi Jessica

You draw attention me when I read your story in newspaper.Im Turkish so I dont speak English very well.But I want to say something.
I think you're so brave! You can do it perfectly I believe. I want to meet you. And Of course I ll catch up with you again on wednesday. I wonder you!
Good luck! And be careful!

Tutkum :)

Jordan said...

Hey Jessica,

Good to hear you are turning the critics Jessica keep going.