Thursday, April 23, 2009

Unexpected Visitors

We’ve had a busy and exciting week with Don McIntyre, a long-term supporter and Mike Perham ( popping up from Tasmania for an unexpected visit. We went sailing, hunted down some of the essential equipment I’ll need, got some great video footage, talked, plotted, planned and made many long lists.

To be able to call on all Don’s years of experience managing projects and adventures was amazing and having the chance to talk to Mike about his trip so far has given Mum, Dad and I a lot of confidence! In many ways they opened our eyes to aspects of the trip that we hadn’t even considered, we talked a lot about the rainbow at the end of all the hard work and about having the right mind set to get me around the world.

Both Don and Mike where amazing to spend time with, as well as constantly taking the words out of each other’s mouths, they were great fun!

One of the helpful and essential pieces of equipment that we picked while roaming the local chandeliers was… wait for it… a 12volt hair dryer! I’m a bit confused as to what I’ll use it for, but the boys tell me I’ll use it to doll myself up for the albatross while sailing past Cape Horn! That’ll be a picture not to miss!

I also had the chance to see and experience, using a life raft, after we came across an old,out of date, life raft. We put it to test in the swimming pool, I understand the meaning behind the old sea saying ‘step up to a life raft’. A good solid yacht is definitely no comparison to something that resembles a pool toy!

On Tuesday morning, Don, Mike, Mum, Dad and I did a joint interview on the ABC local radio, you can read the teaser and hear it on the following link.

Everyday more people commit to help pull the project together and I’m finding it amazing that my departure date can feel so far away and so close at the same time, I’m nervous, excited and inpatient all in one.

I wish Mike good luck and all the best as he returns to take on the rest of the world, I’ll be following his daily blogs, knowing that I’ll soon be having similar experiences.

Back to considering how to best use my 12volt hair dryer!



Ben said...

Glad to hear that you and Mike got on. I got the impression he and Zak didn't see eye to eye - there wasn't the enthusiam on their blogs for each other that you and Mike are showing.

Good luck with the voyage!


Sven on Senta II said...

Lucky albatrosses :-)

More seriously, what did Mike and Don's visit make you realize or think about that you hadn't already thought of ?

Are you following Mike's, Natasza's, Zac's and Marta's (in Polish) blogs to learn from their circumnavigation experiences ?

7 months and counting !

Jackson Hole Skier said...

Hair dryer is probably for shrink wrap on electrical ends. I suppose one could use it for its intended purpose also, in a pinch, although with your particular cruise you won't need to "doll up" for about 7-9 months.

nathaniel frost said...

cool, i hope you dont have to yuse the life raft! i have been in one in a pool with foul weather gear on, you sink like a rock. 12 volt hair dryer, i bet (and hope) that zac and mike both dont have any one! when is the day you set off? i remember seeing some time in november, same time i will be sailing to panama!
have fun and be safe!
s/v second wind

Kuba said...

You are amazing:) Good luck!
Regards from Poland