Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Search and Rescue Coordination Centre Visit

John Ashby showing me around the Search and Rescue co ordination centre

While we were in NZ Mum, Dad and I visited the Search and Rescue co ordination centre in the Hutt Valley. What an amazing place. We were given the full briefing and a few power point presentations to bring us up to speed with the capabilities of their resources eg the Air forces Orions routine for search and rescue and a demonstration of their program for estimating drift.

We talked about the need to have many different backup systems for communicating and encouraged me to make and maintain contact with them whilst I am in their coordination area.
They have many resources available to them when coordinating, from medical experts to equipment and technical advise.
It was great to see a ‘real life’ search and rescue operation that was taking place on the outer eastern limits of their area of responsibility. The information they had gathered, the options that were open to them and all the data about equipment, conditions, daylight hours etc were all just so comprehensive.

We also got a tour through to the Radio operations Room, which was all a buzz with radio transmissions. They told us all about their role in assisting in the communications of vessels at sea, right from the smallest circumnavigators to the biggest commercial ships.
I’m looking forward to making contact and checking in whilst I am travelling through their area.

Bruce and Susanne off ‘BWR Multihulls’ did well in the 3 peaks race in Tasmania (www.threepeaks.org.au), they were up a place from last years race and did plenty of rowing due to lack of wind!

I am busy chasing gear, every little thing needs to be perfect! Researching designs for solar panel frames and keeping everything rolling.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I am from WQanganui and read the newspaper write-up about you and your intentions. I have added your blog to my list of sites to be visited and my wife and I wish you all the best with your endeavours. We will no doubt comment asgain. Tom Joll

Sven on Senta II said...

Just found your blog/site after a post by Mike P. on his blog.

You seem so level headed and inspiring that I can't wait to start reading your posts after you set out.

Looking forward to seeing you break the record !


wanderlass said...

Hi Jessica. I'm going to follow you around the world!