Monday, April 6, 2009

New Zealand Again!!

The Watson Clan Celebrating Granny and Granddad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary
Back in New Zealand celebrating Granny and Granddad Watson’s 50th wedding at the Avro motel in Wanganui. While I’m over here I will be catching up with New Zealand Search and Rescue to give them all the details of my voyage and hear any advice they have for me.
Yesterday I caught up with the local news paper and on Wednesday I’ll be giving a presentation for my 7 year old cousin Noahs’ school before heading home and back to work Easter Sunday. Looking ahead there’s a big boat and equipment announcement coming up and the time line up till departure date on 7th of November looks to be pretty busy.
Securing communication and finance sponsors are on the priory list as well as planning and personals preparation over the next month. After than it’s launching into solo sea trials and fulltime boat preparation, with Bruce Arms as boat manager.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
Heard Noah's class mates and junior school were thrilled to host you and hear about your planned trip. You have lots of young supporters inspired by your courage and sense of adventure! Go Jess!