Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bouncy and Dolphins

Yesterday was a bit bouncy with the wind up a bit as we just clipped the edge of that nasty weather system to the south. My best "Jess-timate"(this is what Bruce calls my often slightly vague descriptions of what the wind is doing) would be 40knots in the gusts.

The sea is still over 4m which isn't particularly huge, but the waves are a bit messy and really rolling through with a lot of punch behind them, so Ella's Pink Lady is being knocked around a little.

The wind went up and down just as expected and with everything ready well beforehand, there wasn't much to do other than hold on and roll with it. Now that we've been through a few gales out here, handling 40knots of wind has become pretty routine, just like the way tacking, gybing or reefing has almost become an automatic reflex too. But if anything, it's only made me more cautious than ever. Knowing that everything has been double-checked is the only way to get any peace of mind.

Before the wind started coming up I was treated to a visit from some dolphins (see pic below), actually hundreds of dolphins! There were dolphins everywhere, in every direction right off to the horizon. Long lines of dolphins leaping out of waves, dolphins shooting off down the swell, dolphins playing on Ella's Pink Lady's bow and dolphins quietly swimming along chatting away to each other in small squeals and squeaks. I didn't know where to look and their visit came just at the right time too, as I'd been feeling a little bit mopey and frustrated, but the dolphins sure put the smile back on my face!

The dolphins haven't been my only company lately, I've also been seeing a bit of shipping lately. By that I mean three ships in the last two days, which is a lot by my standards.

When doing a galley re-stock from the stores in the bow the other day, I discovered that I'm running short on Pringles (I'm down to my last pack!), getting low on tomato sauce and fast running out of tinned fruit. On the positive, I did come across a hidden stash of Nutella (chocolate spread)!

So just over 1500nm to go till the Cape of Good Hope, but we'll be passing well south and clear of land.


Pic: Some of the many dolphins that joined me!


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Queenslander said...
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Unknown said...

Gotta love them dolphins!!
we need another video when your not being rock "n" rolled lol

Continued Good Luck!
Kalamazoo, Michigan USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Capt Jess

Just a bit of weather to keep you on your toes and to make life interesting!

And the dolphins? They'd heard about you on the "sea"weed vine and just had to check you out for themselves!

How delightful!

Kirsty from Brisband

Dave Gatenby said...

Looks like the dolphins know where you are and want to have a party with you.....How are your solar panels managing after that storm and the wave that broke over them??
What else have you got hidden away Jess....seems like you are a squirrel hiding her nutella!!!

pestinfo said...


Good guy that "Bob" bloke. Got you out of the really big bad stuff.

Next time Bob wants a wind speed use the good old terms like

Would blow knots in my hair
Would blow a dog off a chain
Would blow a cow off a chain
Water skiing off the stern is another one

That way he will be able to appreciate the exact speed of the wind.

We really don't need to know the Beaufort Scale

Sail safe

Allen H/Bay, Qld, AU

Astroglide_Australia said...

The Dolphins look great. Its amazing how fast they swim and how they can judge how fast you are going and get so close to the bow.

keco said...

Hi Jesse.
Love the lates photo. Bet that was a plesant suprise for you and Pink lady. hope the stayed with you forthe day. Do you often wonder where they go when they leave you.
Hope that front is going to be well out of the way when you have to turn s/east.
keep an eye on your food Jesse. Would be a great shame if you had to abandon your quest because you run out of bic-ies.

take care lady of the sea, Safe sailing

Quincy said...

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Anonymous said...

You, shleepy face,

Thanx for the pic from your previous Saturday (?) post at 2:45 PM. "Jess-timate" ... I cracked! :-) There was a guy commenting from Switzerland a few days ago, maybe more, who obviously knew first hand the local weather conditions and patterns at sea around S. Africa's southern tip. Out of the top of my head, one of his warnings was exactly that, the containers ship traffic.




Anonymous said...

I hope you got lots of photographs of those dolphins, especially close-ups.

Anonymous said...

Keep a sharp lookout for the giant green trimaran "Groupama 3" which is heading your way.

It would be nice to hear a report of a sighting or a radio chat if your respective courses happen to cross close enough.

As always, I enjoy your descriptive and personality-filled posts.

Looking for forward to your book!!!

Don Stubbs
Summerfield, NC, USA

Anonymous said...

reading the latest news answered the question of why you were heading towards the african continent. now its all clear and i should see you sailing down south and east of the cape.

the image you leave after each blog is frozen in time until this next one where we are treated yet again to an action packed imagery.

cant wait for the book and then the doco if not the full length movie.


Oakhurst, Sydney

JiffyLube said...

Are you allowed by the rules to make a port stop to provision for food and water?

bwjones said...

Thanks for the pics Jesse - We all want too see as much of your adventure as possible!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse!

Wow! Great shot of the DOLPHINS! In our neck of the woods (ocean) we see our fair share of seals, sealions and some porpoises, but no dolphins. I am sure that seeing their big smiles and hearing their happy squeals would be fantastic! Our seals and porpoises are pretty quiet... the sealions on the other hand have a very large bark... especially clear at sun rise during summer vacation!

As for the lack of "Pringles"... I hope you don't starve! Although the "Nutella" should keep you going while you cross the Atlantic.

Finally, I can't believe how comfortable you are with wind gusts of 40 knots... I don't go out in anything over 15 knots! Perhaps high winds are easier to handle in the middle of the ocean?... I don't think so! Once again Jess, you are one brave girl!

Keep on sailing,
Paul (and the Killer Whales)

PS The Killer Whales are going to love your photo of the dolphins!

Bruce S said...

Oh Jessica
so good to get your latest and informative message.
Glad you are "more cautious" cause that is the way!
Glad to that the Dolphins have been visiting ... they always lift our spirits!
Thanks for the photo.
Bruce Stanley/Sydney

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Thank you for the nice photo's. You look so relaxed doing some school work. Good on you.
It must have been a thrill for you with all the dolphins. They are really guarding over you.
I do hope that you food in stock will be enough for you all the way back to Sydney.
Take care and safe saling.

Ingrid, Tyreso, Stockholm, Sweden

Robert Bernecky said...

Hi Jesse,
From the Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Coleridge:

Within the shadow of the ship
I watched their rich attire
Blue, glossy green, and velvet black,
They coiled and swam ; and every track
Was a flash of golden fire.

O happy living things! no tongue
Their beauty might declare
A spring of love gushed from my heart,
And I blessed them unaware
Sure my kind saint took pity on me,
And I blessed them unaware.

Let's pretend he was talking about dolphins (and not water snakes).

Robert Bernecky
Mystic CT USA

Anonymous said...

Really have to wonder, with the amount of dolphins you're attracting all the time, if it's the color pink of the boat for some reason. Quick checking there are pink fresh water dolphins in the Amazon.

Maybe they all think you're a relative of some sort out there :-)

Unknown said...


The dolphins want your

Ide be guessing the closer you get to home the more stuff your going to run short of. So are you rationing that last packet of pringles??? Or will you just eat them and then thats it, no more!!!

Im glad you were pretty much able to head north and outrun that cool front...better to hit the edges of it than be caught right in the middle of it.

Anyway.....i guess with rocking and rolling its a bit hard to do the homework....any

you stay safe, continue having fun...

Catch you next time

Deb and the guinea's

Bruce Watt said...

Yaay for the dolphins Jess, are'nt they great. They will look out after you. Hopefully you will miss most of this nasty front, so that you can soon hang a right and head straight for Oz.

Sail carefully and truely Jess, watch for the buoys and other ships.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Victoria)

Debbie in Tampa, FL said...

Hi Jessica

Wow, I am sooo happy for you that you got that visit from those Dolphins. I want more than anything to go swim with them. I've put that idea in my hubby's head. We never got to truly celebrate our 17 year Anniversary and Valentine's Day is coming up, so maybe, just maybe he'll take me to do it soon.

I'm glad you just missed that nasty storm, but sorry you still got clipped by it anyways. It probably brought back memories of the last storm that knocked you down repeatedly. We hope you never go through something like that again.

And has far as you restocking your galley, a girl can always use some chocolate. Chocolate and Dolphins came just at the right time to bring a smile to your face. That’s wonderful!

Well, it's just a matter of time and the Cape of Good Hope will be behind you and your Australian Home in front of you, how exciting!

Keep Sailing Along the Ocean Blue
And Know that We All are so Proud of You!

Take Care and God Bless
Debbie in Tampa, FL

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're going with the flow, Jessica. I've been following you from the start and keep my grandchildren up to date with your progress (one of them is 'Jessica'and I see so many 'Jessicas' achieving lately I wonder what she will do.(she's 10)
I'm surprised so many followers said to not worry about your schoolwork. It's your choice but just ask yourself... will you feel better going back to school knowing you're up with the class, or having to play catch up and cramming for your next exam... good luck.:-)
I had a dream of you recently where you delivered a rolled up carpet!!! to an island. You just threw it to them. I 'knew' the people were going to give you something in return and I thought 'no' that will violate the rules. My cousin and I took the gingerbread biscuit (large wrapped in celophane)from them and then ate it between us. I then felt incredibly guilty to have eaten your biscuit... sorry...:-(
Wishing you love, goodspeed and lots of dolphins...
M:-)(near Sydney)

Anonymous said...

What a great story Jesse.
Just seeing those friendly dolphins and so many of them certainly would boost your spirits. They are so close to being human than can be imagined. They are just making sure you are safe and guarding you as they are well known to do at times. The weather sounds a bit rough but after coping with your 4 knockdowns, you can handle anything that comes up. You are getting closer to the cape so hope you don't run out of too many goodies and not have to ration food. I expect Mum gave you plenty of supplies for the whole trip but perhaps not all the fancy stuff. You might have to get back to vegemite sandwiches. :)
All the best and safe sailing. Great photograph. Best wishes..Russ/Calgary

Faye and Max said...

Hi Jessica,
Well we just couldn't imagine anything better to prepare for that nasty blow than to have all those dolphins escort you along for a while. Just how special would that have been, and they were all talking to you in their own language saying:- Go-Girl-Go.

Sail on dear girl and stay safe.

Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tough Cookie, nice dolphin pics. Glad they are hanging round in the numbers! BTW I think your closer to Mooloolaba than me. Jealous. Have you found any pumpkin scones? 60 degrees North.

Bluefin said...

Hi Jesse,

Wow, those dolphins are amazing, what an experience to be surrounded by them! Thats another memory you will enjoy after you arrive home. Must have been incredible and to hear them talking to each other, priceless.

You handle that bouncy stuff so well, always pre-prepared and organised. I suppose 40 knots doesn't seem so bad after the storm but it sounds pretty dramatic to me, I'm glad you only got the edge of it.

All the very best,
Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...


It is heartening to hear that you and EPL are keeping ahead of trouble. You have a good team there and you are working well with them.
We all wish you well for sailing past the Cape of Good Hope before you get into the Indian Ocean leg of your journey.

Enjoy the dolphins, they seem to be bringing you and EPL good luck.

Kim humphreys W.A. said...

Hi Jessica
Great to hear some more news, and I agree with Monte we need some more videos. Nice pic of you doing homework. If you pull into Esperance WA on your way past I'll restock you with pringles ,sauce and some chocolate as well. ha ha
Safe Sailing

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

So many dolphins truly amazing. They must have rounded up all the family to come and see you :-)

I am sure you would have been well prepared for any weather that comes your way after what you have been through over the last couple of weeks. EPL and you could not be better prepared.

Your updates are always very much appreciated and fantastic reading.
It may seem a little odd but, as from day 1 of your journey, my mind often wanders and I think of you out on the ocean so far from everywhere and think what a great person you are. You truly are an inspiration and a breath of fresh air!!

Stay safe and keep dry

Ingleburn NSW

Mary, Maine, USA said...

Hi, Jess,

Yeah, I really hear and feel your frustration. That's okay. You're a champion at going with the flow. Hang in there, dear one.

I'm so glad you were visited by the Dolphin Sweep. They filled your EPL vibe with resounding loveliness and song, helping you get through your time of mopeyness. How absolutely wonderful that the sea creatures are with you, as you are with them.

I'm also SO GLAD that you found the NUTELLA!!!!! OMG, that would put a Forever Smile on my face! How are you going to ration it out??

Try to remember that your frustration and feeling down will come to you in cycles. Try to allow the feelings to come and to go.

You are doing a fantastic job, Jess. I'm so incredibly proud, awed and gobsmacked by your talent and courage.

In peace and sending you strength,
Mary, Maine, USA

Queenslander, I'm in midcoast Maine, where whoopie pies are BIG, they're everywhere, and.....I stay away from 'em! As a matter of fact, I've never had one!! That would be the end of The End.

Daphne Vos, great idea for students to read Jessica's blog in English. What fun for them, with lots of tangential lessons.

Kim humphreys W.A. said...

Hi Jessica
For got to mention somthing about the dolphins, but I guess most people will do that. Can you tell us what sort they are or describe them in more detail.
On another point I dont always respond to your blogs due to the fact there are so many ahaed of me. Can you mention in your blog wheter you read any of the respones or are you leaving it until you get home. My guess is you only read about the first 50 or so
PS love the Beanie

Sarah Cooper (Sydney Australia) said...

Dolphins are magical i reckon, they seem to know when someone is in need when they are in the water. Look at all those sick kids who swim with dolphins and they seem to make a connection! I reckon the dolphins know your there and know when you need cheering up! I am reminded of that dolphin helping you at the Cape!

As for the food... i could not survive without tomato sauce!!! Quick make a bee line for home port to re-stock!!!

Smooth sailing Jess!!

danma said...

Hey Jess,

That's lovely of them to come & check on you, we sent them you see!!!just to check that you were not having any of those wild parties out there!!!!
So very close now to the other Cape, bet you can't wait to mark that one of the "done List".

Stay safe out there & happy sailing.....

Anonymous said...

..Nutella on the Ella......................
Eat it by the spoonfull : ] .............
Sally in Melbourne by the Bay


Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse,

Dolphin Season and they are talking.. !!

Where is a Dolphin Chat translator when you need one....You would have loved that. The picture of them is great and they look to be in full flight. Excellent.

The seas still sound very big and I hope you get smoother conditions soon. I did view PW and thought you may have been experiencing some rough stuff...swells and wind.. You are so modest when you describe it as a normal day at the office.
Relieved you missed most of that bad weather. It did look particularly nasty ...Good on ya Bob. The three ships you saw must have had the same idea about missing that weather? Traffic jam to better conditions…??

Pringles rations…ohhh nooo…

Actually I can speak Dolphin, and this is what they were saying on the ‘up’ jump…..

Ahoy there…..Jesse…..give us … your homework…...we will … it… for you.
Gee….your crew……looks lazy…Toss…...them over…. as well. Could…you cover them…..with tomato sauce….....please….

Great to hear from you Jesse, thanks for the update. Have fun and will see you tomorrow. Cheers Paula

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Glad to see you had some company over the last day or so. I have had the pleasure of seeing a small pod in the passage at Bribie Island. Very Therapeutic watching them swim around and play games around the boat.
It's been raining here on the Sunshine Coast over the last 24hours with Caboolture receiving over 100ml. It has been welcome after a week of steamy humid weather.
Ok Bye for now
Tim and Rosie

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

a lovely surprise, while reading the last commentaries, there is another welcome account from you.

The photo is great and the dolphins felt your vibes and came in force to cheer you up!

What caught my eye the most in your writing is:

that you are more cautious then ever and that you are double checking everything!
It shows the respect for your environment, the sea and it's ability to change conditions from one minute to the next, it deserves.

I hope that you find other delectable replacements for the food favorites that you are running out of.

No doubt as you are approaching the CoGH, there are bound to be more ships passing by.
I am glad you are extra vigilant, but if you can communicate with their skipper, it surely is a pleasant diversion for you.

Hope the 'ride' gets more comfortable for you.

Speed on Jessica,
in fun, well being and safety,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

Keith and Anne said...

The dolphins definitely know when you need company. The weather will probably give you a few more headaches but you are handling it all so well. This is the first step when I go online to make sure you are safe. Take care, be safe until your next blog.
Keith & Anne, Hervey Bay.

Anonymous said...


Way to go Jess!!!

So that's why no one's seen any dolphins lately! They're all hanging out with you! You're just not satisfied with a few dolphins you have to go and adopt them all. lol

Be safe Jess!

Proud as, Billy!

Ps. Teacher! The Dolphins ate my school work! lol

Queenslander said...


Dolphins must be psychic!!!

Damn spell check!

Verification = fehaw... yea, real funny!

Kissyfrott said...

Whoooopppeee, Dolphins, a bunch, a group, a herd, an army, a troop, how would you say?
They certainly brought you the best entertainment in that part of the world. Not many rivals, I guess, but how lucky you are!
Maybe they like the bumpy waves to jump and dive, it may give them sensations.
Though I am sure they enjoyed seeing a gorgeous young lady on a sturdy pink lady. Your yacht's shapes and curves look like theirs, and of course they liked much your pretty face and your sparkling eyes.
The whole southern atlantic ocean is probably chatting about you by now.

What kind of ships are navigating in your zone? Merchant ones, I presume? You might be passed by Groupama 3 (a Formula 1 boat) one of these days, but probably once in the Indian Ocean; They must be now still in the Pot-au-Noir area, but as they can speed at 30 knots...

Jesstimations are a good measuring method. Especially when you don't have others. But they are reliable when they come from an Old Salt like you.

Good to have stores on board. I didn't know you could do some shopping around there, don't make your credit card burn. I think the grocery would charge you a huge bill to import Pringles by Dolphin Courier Service. You will have to hold on for a few months before the next box.
I am not sure Nutella will be the best surrogate for tomato sauce with your macaroni, but putting some on your last Pringles and throwing them to your pal Neptune when you will round Good Hope might please him, don't you think so?

I particularly like your words on being cautious and the double-checking. That is actually the best gift from you we could all hope for.
Cautious for what's on board, and vigilant for what can be out board, that's what we are waiting from you! This ship traffic is to be watched on all the time.
Well South of the Cape seems to be the best option.
You have the best team, as we already knew.

I am sure that even if you read all the compliments that your followers are posting, and get that they are fair dinkum (I'm improving in aussie espressions!), you cannot, absolutely cannot imagine how much pleasure you are giving to so many people. To pleasure, I should add example, inspiration, passion, awe, admiration, love.

Go on, Gem Captain!
Your adventure is fantastic, and you are LIVING it for real, and at 16.
You feel lucky?
You know what?
There's no luck in that. Only talent and work.

I wish the Dolphins' club will swim with you for some time. You are their hero, as you are ours.

Charley said...

Hi Jesse,
Touching home base, Sydney.
At 33 52 S and after a little rounding you'll pull in there again to end your journey, soon...
You had your eye on that persistent storm for days, Bob pulled all the strings necessary edging above it to ride out gale and monster seas.Greatful for Bob and you. Congratulations again.
It so happens... ships passing in the night skipper to skipper conversation, the both of you must have found this unexpected occasion very interesting.

As I looked at your comforting relaxed foto I thought : hands on Naval College enterance course on sight test ! Just kidding...
Books at the ready - straight A confident look in your eyes and a knowing smile, easy passing grades, ready for a very interesting future ... not kidding.
Keeping up with you is something else ! 'on the edge of our seats' but then very proud of your accomplishments. Best , Charley
You might have picked up a bit of dolphin speak by now ! That was a treat...

Anonymous said...

Dolphins have the abilty to cheer anyone up.

Fair winds and kind seas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Wonderful dolphins keeping you company and a smile on your dial, stay safe and keep enjoying your magical experience.

The Hirst family Newcastle!

Anonymous said...

Nutella and dolphins alone should be enough to put a smile on! No worries. Love the Jess-timation of wind velocity. :)

Keep up the great work, the wonderfully written posts, and the undeniably mature beyond your years wisdom of your words on single handing a small sailing vessel.

Here's to you Jess- our new sailing heroine: well known & respected around the world at an age when most are concerned with things much less vital than keeping one's vessel successfully circling the globe.

hp said...

Bonjour Jessica & Ella's Pink Lady,

12750nm done, 9000 more to go, dolphins, a chat with big ship skippers, but more importantly good weather and wind in your sails!

And Nutella. Perfect!

Take care, be safe.

Anonymous said...

Always delightful to hear from you Jesse.
12 28 S 130 50 E

Joe from The Shire said...

Good to see that your going well Jess, just when you feel a bit down the dolphins come and cheer you up.Just so you know your not alone with bad weather, Sydney has been coping a drenching too. Getting the rain out of the way so we can give you a beautiful day for your return through Sydney Heads. Keep the great work Jess, your doing your country proud.

Good Luck
Joe in Sydney

Roger - Cleveland QLD said...

Just cruis'in through it all... good onya Jesse!

KB said...

The dolphins are cool, they just want to party on with you as you travel through their playground.

Enjoy the ride


Anonymous said...

Jess I have not blogged in awhile so thought I might add a note here.I'm still in awe of you , over half way there and I still cannot fully comprehend a 16 girl meeting with gale winds and knock down waves, as if wel.. there thats done.
Have you given thought to sailing in your future? Like, after your book is a big success using the money for another big adventure, say auction off a spot on the next trip. Your Jess fans would love that. someone get a chance to sail who has no skills but its still a dream.
well I,m rambling now , love the dolphins. God bless..

maxine maroochydore said...

Love the Dolphins they must have known that you were abit down, but also remember us land lovers are always thinking of you, even after I have read your blogs, I try to calculate when the next one will be as you are always on my mind. I could live without the pringles, but not the tomato sauce. Had rain here on the sunny coast, just enough to water the gardens. God speed Jess, Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Unknown said...

What an incredible entry! I just love the thought of all those dolphins altogether at the one time, beautifully told. Still, I don't think it is your writing ability that has attracted the dolphins. Maybe they're attracted by that fishy smell you've picked up after many days at sea without a hot bath.

Hey, no more Pringles! How will you cope with that disaster?

I've really got to admire you when you describe, quite calmly, seas that would terrify us landlubbers.

Thank you so much for keeping us informed of your doings so regularly. We really do love you.

Ian from Brisbane

Yeoman said...

Hi Jessica
The following might be useful, extracted from the Beaufort scale for estimating winds speed. This dates back to Nelson's days.
Rooting for you,
Beaufort Scale Number 7 – Near Gale / Moderate Gale
* Wind Speed: 28-33 Knots (50-61 kph)
* Description of Seas: Sea heaps up and white foam from breaking waves begins to be blown in streaks along the direction of the wind
* Probable Wave Height: 4.0 meters

Beaufort Scale Number 8 – Gale / Fresh Gale
* Wind Speed: 34-40 Knots (62-74 kph)
* Description of Seas: Moderately high waves of greater length; edges of crests begin to break into spindrift. The foam is blown in well-marked streaks along the direction of the wind
* Sea Disturbance Number: 6
* Probable Wave Height: 5.5 meters

Beaufort Scale Number 9 – Severe Gale / Strong Gale
* Wind Speed: 41-47 Knots (75-88 kph)
* Description of Seas: High waves. Dense streaks of foam along the direction of the wind. Crests of waves begin to topple, tumble and roll over. Spray may affect visibility
* Probable Wave Height: 7.0 meters

Beaufort Scale Number 10 – Storm / Whole Gale
* Wind Speed: 48-55 Knots (89-102 kph)
* Description of Seas: Very high waves with long over-hanging crests. The resulting foam, in great patches, is blown in dense white streaks along the direction of the wind. On the whole the surface of the sea takes on a white appearance. The 'tumbling' of the sea becomes heavy and shock-like. Visibility affected
* Probable Wave Height: 9.0 meters

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey there Jesse,
I'm still annoyed at the loss of your Anemometer but I guess your "Jess-timate" will just have to do!
Actually are the wind instruments still on your mast or have they been totally removed?...

The Dolphins coming out to play with you is sooo fantastic, such beautiful creatures of the sea.

I can see too that the swell has been getting up around 5 meters looking at Passage Weather!

Savour every last Pringle Jess, just put one in you mouth and let it just slowly dissolve and let the flavor tingle the edges of your tongue! letting a Tim Tam slowly melt in you mouth....yum!....prolonging the agony!!

Well...Victorians all over today are remembering the horrible Fires of "Black Saturday" 12 months ago today, very sad for a lot of people...

Cya El Capitan!

Clint - Melbourne

Jen said...

What a treat! Thank you for taking us on this journey with you.

StuntTrader said...

I don't think I could do schoolwork if my classroom was on a lean & bouncing up & down & hundreds of friends were calling to me from outside!

Today's lesson "the bowline" (you're excused Jesse)

"Lay the bight to make a hole,
Then under the back and around the pole,
Over the top and thru the eye,
Cinch it tight and let it lie"

Queenslander said...


It is a real shame the QuickScat satellite died after 10 years of service (was only designed for two!!) and that NASA does not have a replacement. (Cannot rush these things!)

Bob seems to be doing just fine without it. (Oops... did I just compliment a Kiwi?!... No!... he is Scottish, right?)

Looks like you are going to be quite busy, too busy for schoolwork, keeping up with the constantly changing wind speed and direction over the next few days. Another front on Monday?

Curious about you being on port tack in the "schoolwork" photo..? Was that before or after the front?

"No harnesses in the classroom!"...? One thing I have yet to see you wearing (or mention) is a P.E.P.I.R.B.

The next time you are feeling down, just remember how many lives you have touched and how many of us have you in our thoughts.

Gotta go!... be good...

P.S. "Tangled Tethers" are way better than tethers clipped to the rope bag behind you!;)

Nadine said...

"40knots of wind has become pretty routine"
Your amazing!

Grant said...

Hi Jess,
Things are going well it seems, great to hear. A big thank you to all those people who have responded so favourably to the film clips and songs. No 3 is nearly ready. Now the dolphin!! More inspiration. How about some more video Jess.
All the best you intrepid sailor you.

Anonymous said...


I can just imagine how wonderful it would be to be surrounded by dolphins - especially out there on your own. They always make me feel peaceful, something about the ease with which they move.

So pleased that you haven't had to deal with too much of that storm. Whilst it can be good to get some wind to move you along, it is better if it doesn't knock you around too much :)

Glad to see you had the books out, if only for a photo opportunity. The life lessons you are taking on are something you can never learn at school!

Hoping your journey past the next cape is not too eventful and you shortly get to the ocean we share on our west coast.

Happy sailing

Beth (Sydney)

Nadine said...

My best "Jesstimate" is the last half of your voyage will fly by.
Ohio usa

Anonymous said...

Good on the dolphins - they did the trick. Always enjoy your blog.
Happy sailing. Bessen Family Mypolonga SAust.

Unknown said...

Good find on the chocolate! Sounds like you're good to go!

We are really enjoying you enjoying your adventure!

Best from Southern California!

Unknown said...

Hey, Jessica. Nice going. I don't think it was anticipated you'd have tomato sauce with EVERY meal - that's maybe why you're running low.

Personally, I can't stand the stuff, but each to her/his own, eh?

More importantly, how's the fresh water supply holding out?

Good sailing to the East & South East and another fast cape rounding.

Steve in San Diego said...

I had a similar dolphin experience in the Gulf of Mexico bringing my boat around. Indescribable and not picturable. If you want to know about it you must go to sea. Dang your blog is good, youngster.

ScottL said...

I am so excited for you! There are many following you everyday. You are an inspiration to so many even to me at my age. I am excited to get sailing again. Be safe! We are all praying for you.


Kev said...

We're all with you Jesse - and we enjoy your interesting notes as you go.

Safe sailing Jesse!


Kev, Forestville 2087 Oz.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Out little princess Emily turned three yesterday. After she helped make her cake she disappeared to the deck with her brand new camera. She was quite excited when I asked her what she was taking photos of, she was waiting for Jessica to come to her party and she was waiting to take a photo of her pink boat. Unfortunatly all there was to take pictures of was ships and more ships. There's quite a few sitting off Gladstone (counted 14 and I know I missed some) waiting to come onto port after all the rain.

Anyway, at least I know she has a wonderful role model in yourself. Unfortunatly we won't be able to come to Sydney to see your return, but hopefully we will be able to catch you on your return home to the Sunny Coast.

Keep up the school work, aparently it's important!

God bless and from our crew to yours all our love,
MV Whittley Lass, Gladstone, Qld

Bruce S said...

Google Earth
can you post a hint or two
on how to get the
Lat/Long to show on GoogleEarth
I have the latest 5.... version.

Bruce Stanley/Sydney

Collette Cole, Australia said...

Good Morning Jesse,

Thank goodness you only caught the fringe of the storm..40knots and 4m seas sound pretty huge stuff to me, and very uncomfortable for this landlubber!

I'm really happy to read of your continued preparation, caution and readiness for 'the worst',
but in retrospect, why would I expect any less from you Skipper!

Having a peek at your Voyage map, the pink squiggly EPL's are on both right and left now which tends to trick one into assuming your mighty quest is almost finished. So it's difficult to imagine that you are still in the middle of nowhere, alone, with some 3 months of sailing to go.

I guess you have already demonstrated your patience Jesse, and it is ressuring knowing that you love being out there living your dream.

Sometimes I have a quick look at 'marinetraffic' and am astounded at the amount of shipping slinking around on the world's seas, so it's probably odds on that you get to see some of them now and then. I think I would be afraid of submerged containers.

Your description of the dolphins is a delight to read Jesse, your book will read like a magical adventure.

Pesky news about the Pringles, fruit and sauce and you can have the Nutella to yourself sweetie! But I reckon the aforementioned brands should now come on board with you in way, shape of form!

Ella's Pink Lady, please continue to serve and protect your are such a talented, faithful, cute little boat!

Eat well and stay safe til next time Ladies.

riveter said...

QUOTE JESSICA WATSON "The sea is still over 4m which isn't particularly huge".
Your starting to sound like an old salt there Jess!

Unknown said...

Always look at your posts,only posted once,but thought it was a good time to say its good to see you are still keeping the dream alive

Clair said...

OK, Ryan Langley has finally made his circumnavigation announcement:

Jump on board! He'll need LOTS of advice for this one!!!

Anonymous said...

It was a great blog until I got to the end, when tears of empathy started rolling down my face!

What were you thinking Jessica???

That you'd just stop at the next shop and get some more pringles?

You couldn't just stop at a few, you had to go and scoff the lot.

Was gonna suggest that you don't need to do this, you're already a champion to us, so just come on home!

But hey! Then Nutella came through!

Your so lucky Jessica!

Proud of you Jess and love your writing little buddy!

Go Jesse! Go


Anthony said...


thank you for sharing all you feel and day to day life aboard EPL, on your fantastic vogage around the planet earth. We are all being taught a lesson in human sprit. You have common sense and ability way beyond your years, and your positive influence on so many others is a major achievement in itself.


Anonymous said...

Hey- Don't beat up on "Jony the Pony"! (Which I always assume is "Joanie" - so as to rhyme with pony)

I get a kick of it each time I see it. It's a nod to the earlier discussion of installing a dodger on Abby's boat - using Jessica's dodger as a great example.

Feels like an old friend driving by, leaning out the window and just saying "Hey!" as they drive away.

Go Jony, go!

Steve in California

ali cross said...

The dolphins sound amazing! Glad they were there to give you a little cheer :)

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hello Gorgeous Jess

We have written for a while, been busy, us land creatures

Its so good to see you doing your homework and to know that you still take all the double checks, and rechecks

The Dolphins look wonderful, they put a smile on everyones faces they are the most beautiful creatures. I am glad they made you smile too.

Take Care
God Speed, talk soon

Peter and Sally

Anonymous said...

So that's what you call ripping all the food bags apart in search of more Pringles.

A galley re-stock. lol

Anonymous said...

You have idea of how much I envy you lol.
Tania, Brisbane

sponge21 said...

Hi Jesse

40 knots! We have 3 knots here in perth this morning,I think its safe enough for me to take our little 5m tinny out,as soon as i
finish writing to you i will be hooking up,cant wait!!
I cant imagine what 40 knots would
be like,toooooo scary for me!
hold on tight and keep safe out there.

Mark Perth WA

Anonymous said...

Gald you had a bit of company. Visitors, even if it is dolphins, must be a welcome sight for you and Pink Lady. Good news that you skirted the really rough weather. Thanks for the great blogs. I always enjoy reading them.

Nancy from Monroe, Ga. USA

Bluefin said...

Hello Jesse,

Today, the 7th of February, is the first anniversary of the Black Saturday bushfires, which was Australia's worst ever natural disaster. To all Victorians and I know we have some in our blogger family and especially those people in the bushfire areas, my heart is with you today.

173 people died in these fires including very young children and whole families. Over 2,000 homes were destroyed displacing over 7,500 people. Other buildings that were destroyed include police stations, churches, schools, public infrastructure and private businesses. Over 4,500 square kilometres were burnt which is over 1,100,000 acres. In many, many areas it was a wild fire that could not be controlled.

For all people affected by these fires I wish to send you a message of Hope for your continued recovery and I know all Australia and every one of Jesse's blogging family is with you in spirit today as you recall your losses, gain strength from your communities and hopefully, with renewed vigour, look toward the future.

Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote

Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness,heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice.

Bethany Hamilton
greatest female surfer of our time


I love the way all your blogs read, they all sound like another day at the office with it's up's and down's.
My wife and I always feel elated when you have the dolphins back somehow we know they are taking care of you which is very comforting.


Anonymous said...

I sailed the ocean many months, with 500 of my closest friends and never got to see dolphins in the ocean. Perhaps being in the engine room most of the time had something to do with it! What a blast you are having. Relish those Pringles to the last one. There's many more waiting when you get home. Safe sailing, good winds and God bless. From Florida in the states.

judy bundy qld said...

hi jess what a lovely pics to start my day .just got on 2 c your progress n there u are sitting pretty with the dolfins.u are doing great and as many say u will b home befor u know it. safe sailing and keep smiling.

Queenslander said...

@ Barry Clements...

No worries mate...

It is very easy to get caught up "in the moment". I think it is only human to want to contribute. I find it amusing when the bloggers are "telling" Jesse what she should be eating, how much sleep she should be getting, etc, etc.

She & her team have proved their competency & do not need us (the onlookers) telling them what to do.

For me, all the "advice" that is being offered is just an indication of our concern for this incredible individual.

However I find it a little (or is that a lot) disappointing that we have been invited to share in this experience and yet reoccurring questions are not addressed. e.g. fishing, the heater, celestial nav, 180 damage, etc, etc...

If the website had an FAQ section it would be a big help.

Maybe (my cynical side is showing) the team is "saving" all the "good stuff" for the docudrama, book, movie, etc

P.S. I for one, having towed a line for thousands of miles without much luck, appreciate your tips.

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
Thanks for the great update and pics. I can sense the ambience of your dolphin experience from your words. Your third paragraph has pretty much covered everything I was thinking myself. After all, I'd imagine homework would be pretty low on your list of priorities given your present situation and peace of mind would be of utmost importance if you were to get some quality studying done. That you are actually able to sit and study is reassuring in that, as you said, you've double-checked everything and you're well prepared. I guess, when all is said and done, there is more said than done because just as you're settling down to do some homework, you're very pleasantly interrupted by dolphins, no less. Great stuff!!!
Well, at least you can say that it wasn't through a lack of trying that you didn't get so much schoolwork done. Good work Jess, I sense your peace of mind too and you are looking well. Keep up with the D+F's and stay safe, ok? Take good care of yourself and bye for now...Aunty Sam XX

PS...Thanks shore team for the update and Bob, you are a legend!
Kind regards also to Jess' mum and dad. XX

Anonymous said...

Wow!! 2 blog updates in one 12 hour period. And more good news as well. Glad to hear you were invited to the Saturday dolphin dance party.
Arnie in Canada

Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,
Glad to see the dolphins put that smile back on your dial. They just seem to know when they are needed.
Sail on,

Brian Riley said...

Hi! Jessica,

What an amazing beautiful story about the dolphins and their effect on your moral,what a wonderful event nature is good or bad.

The bouncy seas will be keeping you on your toes, you do seem to have everything well in control, not becoming complacent with the continual routines of sailing, you really sound like a happy person at the moment now with a new rash-on of nutella.

Safe Passage, will talk later.
Hervey Bay

Anonymous said...


I think a non-stop
is better. Less problems
with navigating going into ports
and redtape. You of course,
at the start, need
a well stocked food locker
and other supplies. I think
the mind needs some routine
to deal with the known dangers
and daily hangups. Ports or stops just
get in the way of success.
I think you are doing well.
It would be good to read in your
own words what went through your
mind most days. Maybe when you are
30 or 40.

Seth G said...

Way to go Jess! Keep up the good work, and don't let the "Mopes" get you down - you're truly an inspiration!

We're under 2 feet of snow here, so it's great to see your view from the boat.

More pics, please!
Washington, DC

Tom G said...

Hi Jesse,
Good to see you alive and well. Major Disaster, NO PRINGLES LEFT !!!!

I was begining to doubt my ability to follow the weather maps as your location seemed to be right amongst the big heavy stuff, a couple of days ago, and then you post a picture of yourself pretending to do school work (yeah, I got kids too) on a prety calm looking sea. But aparantly you found the weather, as mentioned in your blog today, SO i have a glimer of hope left.
Today I thought I would work the numbers (as engineers have a habit of doing) to see what mean latitude you must keep to to do the 23,000 N-M trip. The wheels fell off me altogether at this point.

This is open to anyone who can help me here.
23,000 N-m = 42,596 Kilometers
Diameter of the earth = 12,756 Km meaning that the circumference of the earth is 40,074 Km. the minimum distance is 2,500 Km longer then the circumference of the earth.

SO -:- there are two possibilities.
1 - Jessica and EPL must circle the earth at the equator but at an altitude of 400 KM above the sea level. This is higher then the orbit of the international space station, but not as high as the Hubble Telescope. No weather patterns up there but the breathing is a little difficult.
2 - There must be a fair amount of extra distance travelled by weaving up and down to bring the distance up to the 23,000 N-M

Of course the third possibility is that I have completely screwed up my calculations (luckily for everyone i do not build bridges).

So I guess I am asking anyone that can answer, is the 23,000 km limit set so that some (very game) sailor could not just do a lap of Antarcticia,(10,800 N-M at 60 latitude) and claim the record. Mind you, having seen what the weather can be like south of the horn, it would be a very dangerous excursion in a small boat, or even if it was even possible at all.

My guess would have been the minimum distance should have been equal to the circumference at the equator, 21,638 N-M, so the 23,000 specified seems to be quite an overkill.

I know there are reasons for this, but the numbers just do not add up to me. Any Ideas from the global Jessaholics?

Tom Grayson

Old Iron said...

1500nm to go till the Cape of Good Hope

Thanks for the update.

All the Best!!!

Roger de Davis said...

Ohai, again, Capt. Jess,

Your comments bespeak a real sailor (sailess?) with enough experience to take any kind of weather in stride. Such comes with months of continuous dealing with whatever is thrown at you 24/7.

Thankfully the dolphins visited to brighten up your day.

Allen is on to something, with his adopted wind-force scale idea, but we might be able to fix something a bit more quatifiable. Some especially simply aircraft use a springy rod holding a small flat plate to face the wind, with the wind bending the rod as it blows faster. You'd have to mount it so it would trail in the wind, but, with all you've done, you might be able to rig something.

Crude, perhaps, but familiarity would increase your ability to interpret it.

Your Davis, California fan club prays for you, and EPL every day. :o)

Roger of Davis, CA

Charles Dodgson said...

maybe dolphins are your totem - you know, the animal that you identify with most and has a mutually respectful association with so they will look after you as you look after them.

Janet said...

Hold on tight Jess be carful,im glad the Dolpins have joined you again, they seem to be around you when there is bad weather keeping an eye on you which is lovely.
Great photo of the Dolphins Jess.
Take care.
Janet Kawana Island

Mark Anthony of Dallas said...

The dolphins sound really really cool! I never though there would be so many together out there.. Maybe they are getting together to discuss what they should do with the humans (So long, and Thanks For All of The Fish!) I was just thinking maybe they find a "Pink" ship really interesting and that's why they are hanging out together at the "Jessie" zoo" :)

Jim from Perth WA said...

Hi Jessica

Nice to see Bob Davitt is doing a great job of keeping you out of the worst part of that storm, even it meant going a bit north for a while but see now you're back south again, actually I saw Bob Davitt on You Tube talking about the various weather pattern around the globe you're likely to expect, he sure knows his weather. Love the dolphins, great pic Jess, you sure are being well guided Jessica by these heavenly Beings.
Well, only another 1500nm to the Cape of Good Hope, excellent progress!!!!

Thanks Grant to those wonderful videos you made and posted on YT in tribute to Jessica. And thanks room 401 of Minnesota, Great to see you now have your own You Tube page with a lot of the pre-sail videos.

Sail on Silver girl
Perth, Western Australia

Unknown said...

Still going strong! What an amazing site you had with all of those dolphins. Sometimes words just fail to describe the picture, just as with describing the wind.
Keep up the amazingly good work!
Marquette MI USA

Liz said...

Hey Jess,

Well, it is a rainy Sunday kind of Sunday here on the Gold Coast. Really fat food and movies weather!!!! of which I am doing neither..haha

You sound a bit flat still my dear...those dolphins must have picked up on this and wanted to give you a show to lift your mood...what a magical treat from the oceans for you. All I see when I look out the window is the neighbours fence...over grown lawn and rain....not quite the view you have become accustomed to hey?

What school work are you doing?..

Well am pleased you missed the worst of the storm. I have my next sailing venture next weekend,,didnt happen this weekend as they were hanging for my next fix.

So you are running out of your fave foods. Guess in away that is a bit of a food is a comfort giver..but I know with your effervescent attitude and ability to bounce back to the bubbly will find you already have ...another fave thing to eat. are doing so well..what I love about your blogs is that you are not affraid to be it up day or down day...your true personality comes thru in your writings..and this is waht we regulars have grown to love about you..not just the enormity of what your are doing..or the tails of your trip...but the real you that shines thru' sometimes between the lines. You are a darling, and just keep on doing what you do so well..we are all thinking of you all the time..willing every thing to keep going your way, as you head for home.

Enjoy you nutella, keep on top of the checking routine, and look forward to your next entry.

Love the photos.

Happy thoughts and lots of laughter sent your way


Vic said...

Hey Jess,
Thanks for another great blog. We were sailing off Batemans Bay, NSW a few weeks ago and saw just a few dolphins which were lovely. To see 100s would be truly spectacular.

Stay safe and cheerful.

Lea.. Far North NZ said...

I do hope some dolphins accompany you into Sydney. What a spectacular that would be. Knowing how intelligent they are, I am sure some will want to share your limelight.


Eric Sonnen said...


Great picture! Seeing that many dolphins must be a wonderful experience! I see a couple just about every time I go out on the Georgia coast and I'm always excited to see them pop up.

Happy sailing! I'm living vicariously through your around-the-world adventure!

Georgia, USA

hezakiah299 said...

02-06-10 @ 21:26
Hi Jessica,
Hey, thanks for the latest up-date, I didn’t expect one that quick, but I’m not complaining, oh no, no I was glad to receive it. So, I see that you’re back into the bumpy stuff again/still. Seeing as how you’re getting knocked around a bit I take it for granted you’re not going outside much, yes??? Hope you do stay clipped on if you have to go out, or wear your belt when you are in the cabin. Talk about a spiderwalk, ha ha.
I figured you could handle the current situations without any problems, but I’m really glad that you have become more cautious. You don’t want to be to complacent, even though it’s like an automatic reflex (which is good to have) to respond to a situation. You can’t depend on that, but I understand exactly what you are saying.
Good to see that you had everything properly stowed and taken care of before all this hit, it’s a good idea to always be prepared for situations like this should one come up on you unexpectedly.
I enjoyed the episode where the dolphins were all around you and jumping, playing and chatting,….(I liked the way you explained it better)….I’m just glad to see that they knew you needed a little cheering up, and came to your rescue and put a smile on your face. Then you got a second smile when you found the hidden stash of Nutella…..Hoorah!!!!!

@ Collette Cole: Hi Collette, you take a pretty nice picture yourself,…but I know what you’re saying. That has happened to me a number of times, and then you feel guilty if you say anything near what the other party may have used. But as long as it comes from the heart, what difference does it make. I enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up!!!!!

Ok Jessica,I hope you got all the problems (within yourself) worked out. There is nothing you can’t overcome,…… and that’s a fack, Jack!!!!!(Movie “Stripes” w/Bill Murray)
Sorry to see that you’re running out of some stock, but you did find the Nutella (Did your Mum stash that,….praise be to Mum). Do you think you may have to start conserving, but everything was packed on a weekly basis, wasn’t it? Or are you just running low for this weeks portion. Questions, questions all the time questions. Haaahaha!!!
I wish there was something that I could do for you, aside from worrying and praying. But that would jeopardize your situation. Oh well!!!
Take care of yourself and crew(cut their rations) and smooth sailing to you.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Jessica I love reading your posts...and the pictures are added bonus! Please know sailing is a foreign concept for some of us (me included) that are tagging along on this extraordinary journey of yours! Keep your chin up girl...we are with you...cheering you on!!

safe happy sailing!

Swartz Creek, Michigan USA

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Hi Jesse!

What a treat to have the company of hundreds of dolphin to amaze, and amuse, you! I imagine that's just a "Jess-timate" but it must have been thrilling to watch them all showing off for you! Just think how they must feel to have an audience for a change. Since they all can do the same "leaping waves" and "shooting swells" they probably don't have much opportunity to show off their skills!!! I hope that you got some video of it, even if just for yourself and to share with your family . . . hey, we're your family too, aren't we?? A video would also capture their happy sounds. If you didn't get any this time, maybe next time!!! Having such a wonderful surprise as the dolphin "three-ring circus" must have done a lot to help you get rid of your "blues" and the frustration you had been feeling!

Just had a thought, Jess, that besides writing a book when you get back, maybe you can put together all your video and slides and make a DVD, complete with some of the sounds of your trip. Hopefully, including the sound that the sea makes rushing along EPL's hull, and the wind in the sails and the rigging, and also the birds. and even the dolphin's squeaks and squeals. It would be fun for us to be able to "hear" some of the music you've been playing to entertain yourself!! (Maybe, sometime, when you make another video for your blog, you can have a little bit of your favorite music on in the background, or that we can hear before you turn off the video camera. Since we have been able to hear other sounds in past videos it should come through okay!!

I'm so thankful that you've gotten through the storm, and that you only experienced the fringes of it. And, it's good to hear you talk about being aware of the need to double check everything you do! You are one "SMART" cookie, Jesse, as well as being a tough one!!!


Carol Florida U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am jealous! My dream is to swim with the creatures some day! those look like bottled nose dolphins too! To bed the sea is to choppy and cold, otherwise swimming with them in their natural habitat would be fun!! :)

I'm a "Religious"follower of you. Your an inspiration to all us famels. KEep up the good work.

BlueJ said...

I have purchased a world globe and am pasting stickers on it to remind me where you are in the world.
I feel you have problably done more for globe sales in Australia than anyone.

Thanks and good luck

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, I'm going to sound like your mother here but maybe suggest you put the last supplies of tinned fruit away for later as a special treat when you are feeling absolutely desperate! I know what fresh tangy fruit is like when there is nothing else available.

Just a thought

Deb said...


I was wondering if you already have, or if you could, post about your communications setup. We're 3 years into our 5 year plan to retire onto a sailboat and we're wondering about emails and blog posts. Are you using SSB? Can you go into some detail about the whole issue?

S/V Nomad

Anonymous said...

Haha! Did you know that February 5 was World Nutella Day?


Linda from the Heartland of the USA

ozbeachman said...

Jessie if there are dolphins there will be bait and pelagic fish and it could well be time for a bit of fishing and nice fresh fish for dinner. Take it that you are on a southerly course now your tracker Google map on you home page is often a few days behind with its map reference and positions that we are viewing a little out of date. You will be coming into the shipping lanes when you get nearer the African coast,and no doubt you will be seeing more ships. Although you are telling us you plan to run to the south of the cape and may not see any land. Hopefully the wind will be following you and you will get some really good days running before the wind into the South Pacific. Another milestone for sure. Tell us have you seen any whales atall lately as you are in their migration course off the coast of the Cape. It's sure the correct thing to do double check all the sails and rigging this is what it's is all about and being prepared, and predicting the wind and weather changes as they arrive you are one smart lady for sure. But I guess you have been told that before!! He! He! how true ....Fair winds Captain and take.... ozbeachman

Anonymous said...



Nutella on the Ella!
Eat it by the spoonfull! lol


You rock Sally on the bay!

kiwi_canuck said...

Many Kiwis would go to the ends of the Earth to get Watties tomato sauce or Marmite. Me, I prefer good ole Aussie Vegemite..... I must've been in Canada too long, eh? Nutella is good, and will dress up your crackers "yummily" :)

Your dolphin visitors must have been a real treat, and I'm glad they came by to entertain you.

Stay clear of those big storms, Jessica, and sail on home.

Brian & Phill,
Vancouver, Canada

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,

Whaddya mean you're on your last pack of Pringles???? With those things it's a case of can't stop!!!! Just like your mission, lol.

♣Quincy, Thanks for the publishing info.

♣Mike_trrac, Your ship traffic site was well timed 2 posts ago,♦♦♦ Genius♦♦♦

♣ Queenslander, spot on about the FAQ's but I suppose that's a money and time and a who's gunna do it thing. The book deal seems to have squashed any hope of a FAQ's section, sigh.

♣Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said..."Victorians all over today are remembering the horrible Fires of "Black Saturday" 12 months ago today." All NSW too, as well as probably the rest of the world that saw that Fire Fighter giving that Koala a drink of water (that's another story)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Still keeping up with your blogs, pictures , and videos. Your strength is really quite something. Very brave!! My boat is under a 1/2 meter of snow here in the US. I'd rather be where you are. Take care and we're all pulling for you.

Terry said...

Hi Jessica ,Sorry to hear you were feeling bit down for while yesterday, it must have been that schoolwork . Hope you feeling great today. Remember Jess whenever you feel a bit off, that all us followers back here are constantly thinking of you and are with you in spirit.. Wow !! ,What amazing creatures those Dolphins are and what a special time for you to be comforted by so many of them just when you needed it. We all could learn so much from them and other animals if we would just watch and listen. Take care Jess and stay safe . Terry and Patricia Melb Aus.

Anonymous said...

One of the dolphins is asking for you to adopt him Jesse.
This guy is going to follow you all the way and watch over you.
How about another fish?
That is, after the dolphins move away.
Enjoy all the stories.

Bruce Watt said...

Hi again Jess
I would like to make a second comment on this posting. So lets go; I hope that Pringles, Nutella, Cadbury's and lets say Rosella (tomato sauce) have been reading your blogs. Boy they owe you, after your loyalty and affection you have often written about for their products. So I hope that when you dock in Sydney, these guys kick in. Thats the very least you deserve.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)

Sally said...

How about we just post some of the FAQs we'd like answered?! That's half the work, coming up with good questions to answer! If we label our post "FAQ query", Jesse's team could easily do a search of the blog and put them together. If nothing else, maybe we'd be helping Jesse with her book! What do you think?
FAQ query #1 - Sleep.
When do you get your best sleep or does it depend on where you are?
What are times you can NOT afford to sleep? (Storms, traffic, etc.)
Do you always have some sort of harness on when you sleep just in case of a big wave etc.?
P.S. Feel free to add to someone's FAQ query. For example, I'm sure there are more questions about Jesse's sleeping arrangements.

jan said...

glad the dolphins cheered you up. keep searching you will come across some more pringles,i feel sure.
cheers from canterbury nz.

Anonymous said...


Please tell us once in a while what point of sail you are on, and maybe your guess at the wind speed, wave height, and what sail combination you have up.


Queenslander said...

@ Bruce Stanley/Sydney...

On the [View] drop down menu, make sure there is a "check mark" against [Status Bar].

The Lat/Long will then be displayed along the bottom of the globe window.

Anonymous said...

What you said Bluefin!!!

My heart is there for those families lost and the loss for the survivors and animals from the fires.

To see that devastation unfold and not be able to do anything when it's so close to home is hard to grasp!

Hearts and tears with you all!

A tribute tonight on channel 9 at 6.00pm in Melbourne.


Unknown said...

Hi Jess, clear sailing and best wishes from Nth Qld.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica....

Loved the pic of the dolphins! Running out of Pringles would put anyone in s bad mood. ;)

Keep your chin up and know we're all still w/you all the way!

~Two in TX

Alessandro Machi said...

I hope there isn't an asterisk next to your record setting run around the world.... as in *Dolphins helped push Ella along at one point, or, *Ella drafted behind some dolphins....or, "Ella put back on course by Friendly dolphins.


Jake said...

That boat Jesse talked to was probably the Crystal Serenity (callsign C6SY3)

hezakiah299 said...

02-06-10 @ 23:32
Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to compliment you on the fine job you are doing, the average landlubber doesn’t understand exactly what you go through. (Like myself) It’s not all lay back with a martini or chocolate shake and moping in the sun. I have learned a lot from your experiences, and I’m immensely impressed.
The emotional and physical strains on a person are awesome. God Bless you, some more.

Just throwing in a few more pennies worth,
@ Mary Maine: I almost fell out of my chair when I read “ That would be the end of The End.” I am familiar with Whoopie pies, and they would be the end of an End.(or the beginning of the End) LOL…….. That was great!!!!
@ Queenslander: OK I’ll bite…what is a P.E.P.I.R.B.

@ Tom, Brisbane: Did you take into consideration that she traveled from Sydney, North to the Equator, above Kiribati, and then back down to continue her trip which would account for approximately 9000nms. I’m not a navigator, maybe my figures are off, so maybe someone else will come up with a better explanation.
Keep the training lessons up (for all the landlubbers, we need them) and take care of yourself and all them scallywags, they’re really good guys, I just like to harass them. Lol…….
Always proud of you, and always thinking of you.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

nutralady2001 said...

Hi Jesse....woohoo!! The dolphins are back!!Thanks for the photos, glad some of them obliged and were out of the water as you clicked.

Glad you found the Nutella...yum! but getting to the end of the Pringles? Disaster LOL

I can see you now, giving Mum a shopping list as you near the end of your journey....


J/K bet there'll be plenty of fresh food you want too....take care xx

Aunty Chris said...

hey Jesse
Hope the 'punchy' seas have eased for you and you can relax a little. And also pleased that you are staying vigilant and haven't slacked off. Bad news about the Pringles, maybe Mum has some hidden supplies in one of your food bags. What will you do when you need a salt fix???
Aunty Chris, Tamworth, NSW, Oz

Anonymous said...


When you are pleased to find ANY kind of spread you are getting a tad desperate... and that includes Nutella chocolate...!!! Oooohhh... you make me laugh.

You are so young, so brave, so funny, and so cool... go, girl go... you are an inspiration.

May the dolphins keep you safe...

Blenheim NZ

keco said...

Hi Jesse,
Kec oback again. Just spent the last hour reading all the great comment you are getting. Well deserved for a super young lady.I bet it has knocked your socks of a bit all the interest that you have created around the world. I wonder if there will be enough room on Sydney harbour for "Elle pink lady" and the beautiful captain Jessica Watson when they return.
It will be fitting if it is a bright sunny day.
Aer you well clear of the nasty weather to your south, hope so.
Igestimate another 10/14 days to cape Horne. what say you.
Look after your rations lady of the sea and take care.
Love you heaps...Keco...xxxx

Babs said...

Hi Jessica, I think those dolphins are your guardian angels:) they always seem to put you at ease when they appear. Safe sailing Captain.
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

David W said...

I am going to see what 40+mph winds are like in the open sea as tomorrow, Sunday, I set sail from Los Angeles for French Polynesia. On a much bigger vessel, 350 passengers, with, I am sure, lots of Pringles aboard! Forecast for the area in 7/8 days is for cyclonic conditions! I will be thinking of you on that "other" ocean and wishing for your continued safe and always exciting circumnavigation. As I have done for the last several months I will continue to follow your blog as I sail across the Pacific.

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse
I wished for you to have some marine friends drop in for a visit and you were given a rare treat of a large pod.

chin up Pet the homework is not allowed to get you down do you need help I am studying history at the moment at Uni so ask if you need help. sorry math is not my expertese but some one else might be able to oblige.

A suggestion when taking photos away from the boat of birds or dolphins use the zoom on your camera.

You would have been wearing your coffee if you had it on the bench in the seas you described.

You are making good timing heading towards the Cape of Good Hope.

Well I am sending you a huge hug hope it cheers you up.

Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Erica (from Brisbane) said...

Hi Jessica, fantastic to find all those dolphins around you. Amazing that they just swim along and squeek to each other. Almost human. Just like they're out on a training jaunt. Pringles are great, but Nutella's better. Glad you found a hidden stash of it. Terrific comfort food, and makes anything taste great. Keep on top of those swells. Happy sailing. Erica from Brisbane

From Sea to Summit said...

Hi Jess ... glad to know the dolphins are keeping you company across the vast Southern Ocean. Old sailors say that waves always grow gentler, the winds always abate, and the sea's appeased when dolphins appear.
Stay strong.
Lincoln - US Gulf Coast

RICHARD said...

Wow... an endless swarm of Dolphins. That sounds like fun and something one would probably come across only once in a lifetime. I know Dolphins can be fun but that many is crazy.
Ok I am pressing here... but do you have any time to take a video of EPL? you the deck and condition of the cabin.... We are all just curious to see your surroundings. I guess we will just have to meet upon your return... but will there be a dock large enough to accommodate the millions? LOL

It is always a relief to see that you are well.


See Ya Sailor!

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica

I really like Bruce’s term
“Jess-timate”. Hereafter whenever anyone refers to a wind speed that is not read on a scientific instrument it must be termed a Jess-timate. I think that term should be taken up by yacht clubs throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA, and published with acknowledgement to its inventor Bruce Arms, as a tribute to his prodigy Jessica Watson, in all future sailing manuals.

Jessica, may I humbly say that I agree with your statement that the only way to have peace of mind at sea is to know that everything has been double-checked. You have given us all many lessons in sailing throughout your voyage, and this latest comment refers to a very important aspect of sea safety. I expect you could write a whole chapter or more about
double-checking for peace of mind.

Your photo of the dolphins is wonderful and your written description of them is superbly beautiful. It is another example of your talent for description that enables us, your readers, to easily picture the scene.

Are you sure you have nearly run out of tinned fruit? Jesse Martin, in his book, says he didn’t like some things so when he came across them in his food packs he put them back into stock in 'Lionheart's bow ‘store’. Then, when stocks became really low, he was faced with having to eat all those things he didn’t like without any goodies. I hope you too haven’t been eating through the goodies and re-stashing the rest for ‘another time’!

Well, 4 metre seas may not be particularly huge to you, but to us at our computers they are higher than the distance from floor to ceiling.

You continue to sound positive and relaxed out there and obviously enjoying your journey. I hope the ‘left-over’ chaotic waves dissipate soon and you are left with a regular swell that you and Ella’s Pink Lady can enjoy to the fullest.

And keep on Jess-timating –
we won’t get upset if your
Jess-timates and Bob’s guesstimates occasionally disagree.

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - this is my third go!! Power failures in this day and age and on land. Well darl I told you the sea urchins would join you; how could they not? After all they are there to protect you and I suspect provide you with their version of an ACDC concert.

You sound a bit flat darl and that concerns me. The latest blow seems to have unsettled you a little. I suggest you talk to your team, family and friends and make sure you don't have any unfinished business at the end of the day. Yes, you say it's 1500 nm to the CoGH but you shouldn't be focusing on that at this stage. It's the daily goals both sailing and personal that should be the focus and they come in small steps and allow you to look back on the day and it's much easier for you to realize just how much you really have accomplished over the day; it will keep you in the moment and that is critical - remember the buoy that came out of nowhere. Well, that's a timely reminder that vigilance is your best safety beacon. Being alone for so long I would imagine it's a bit freaky for you at times but as you have implied there is a lot to do and the 'maintenance' has stood you in good stead. It's another of those critical safety measures you must attend to. Remember darl how important 'you' are to 'yourself'. I'd love to be able to help with the Tom Sauce and the Pringles and anything else for that matter but life doesn't always work in a way that is near perfect - have another go at fishing and I can get my betting ring up and running again.

OK precious one please think positive thoughts, your 'aloneness' is a construct of the mind. Shift any noise in the head into a positive place and please take very good care of yourself. You are special darl and I love ya - now head up and be happy. God bless and safety first. Jesse, do me a favour. You have a gorgeous smile - now get the school books out again, open your Algebra notes, give me a smile of great joy and take a quick snap. I've got a funny feelin' you were not smiling in that recent photo.

I'm not joking darl get to it, please!!!


Mary, Maine, USA said...

Dear Jess and Family,

Thinking of you, Jess, and wishing you continued courage, safety and manageable sailing.

For all who are in tune with Jess and holding a Safe Space for her in your hearts, I find the Irish Blessing continuously comforting.

xoxo Mary, Maine, USA

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, I loved reading your last two posts and thanks for the pics they are great as always. How nice that you were able to sit on deck and do some homework, I mean if you 'have' to do homework what better place than on EPL right? It was great to see so many dolphins travellig with you and making their presence well and truly known!!
I'm sure your pantry is well stocked, you wont run out of food also I hope you will come across many more 'surprises' before your journey is done, but yay a girl can never have too much chocolate!!
Take care 'til next time.

fumes said...

maybe the dolphins ate your pringles..

(during that one big knockdown) and that's what all

the squeaking and squealing was about! ~fumes

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if you handle whatever weather conditions come your way- you are truly a seasoned sailor, Jesse. What an awesome experience to be in the company of hundreds of dolphins- that would cheer any sad soul! I am so proud of you, I'm so happy you found some nutella- I LOVE nutella!!! -Karyn, IN, USA

Anonymous said...

and the sea hath friends that meet her and their kindly voices greet her beneath the everlasting glory of the everlasting stars...
Banjo Patterson
(sort of lol)

KB said...

Hi jess
WOW how blessed r u to have so many dolphins looking after you.
Dolphins are very smart, they know exactly whats going on and they can tell how ppl feel.

As long as they are there you are never alone.

ps wasnt aware cookies ate pringles
I learn something new here all the time

Sail on pringle muncher
Saa ya mate :))))


Tom G said...

Hi Jesse,
I laughed when you told us about 40kt winds being almost normal.

Yes you are getting comfortable with things that would make the general population cringe with fear. There is a term for that sort of person. "EXPERT"

Leave aside all the usually negative references to experts, and concentrate on the real thing here. You are now proficient in a job that is mastered by a relatively small number of people on this earth.

That is the "Take Away" here.

Now you will look at life, and others will look at you, from an entirely different perspective. One with confidence that commands respect from not only your peers but from from people from all walks of life.
Mind you, I think that happened not long after you rounded the horn, and prevented EPL from becoming a submarine in THAT STORM, however you have now expressed the feelings, in words, that convey, "THIS IS MY KITCHEN, AND I ENJOY THE HEAT"


@ Jony the Pony.
I'm with Steve of California.
Do not bow to the pressure.

You remind me of the old fellow that lives down the road who waves to me when I drive past. I do not know him apart from his wave but I feel that he is saying, "Hello Friend, I am here for you, and I know you are here for Me" Sometimes more words are not necessary.

Take Care all

Tom Grayson

SaltyDog said...


And the dolphins had been feeling a little bit mopey and frustrated, but then the pink sailboat with Jessica and the scallywags came along and put a smile back on their beaks!

Ah, Nutella, chocolate, nectar of the Gods.

Weather Bob, you’re a rock star. Well done, again.

The Killer Whales from British Columbia and Room 401 from Minnesota, I think you guys are ALL great! But if Team Canada faces Team USA in the Gold medal hockey game, I’m not sure who I should be for. My dad and two brothers are from Minnesota but I was born and raised in Washington, just south of British Columbia. What should I do?

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing

From Seattle, WA, USA

Markus-Peter said...

Hallo Jessica Watson

Bist ein Tapferes Fleisiges Mädchen


Die Delphine sind deine Treue Begleitung
Bist bald in Sichtweite Kap der Guten Hoffnung
Bestimmt Schönes Wetter und Sonne

und eine Gute Heimfahrt

Grüße von Markus aus Germany

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

A great pic of the dolphins and thanks for another well presented and informative blog.

As you approach the Cape of Good Hope, the amount of shipping will increase considerably so I hope your detection systems are all working at maximum efficiency! Rounding the Cape well south is probably the safest option, but then you'll miss actually seeing that landmark...

Hope you find some more goodies in your provisions, I'm sure Mum has hidden a few nice surprises which haven't surfaced yet....

Keep up the great work and stay safe and happy...

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, West Aust

Unknown said...

As always, totally in awe of you and your effort, keep up the good work and keep the pics coming.

Stay safe


Peter Stockwell said...

Good to see the dolphins are looking after you. Those fronts just keeps coming. More fun to look forward to midweek. Stay safe.

Peter and Robyn (UK)

Richard Rumble said...

Many different cultures believe that animals communicate with humans.. and in some cases, humans communicate with animals.... perhaps you are becoming Jesse, the Dolphin Whisper'er .. You have some time on your hands... why not give it a whirl. See if they respond to your thoughts and bring you some Fish! or perhaps keep you company in your mopey days.

Unknown said...

Aren't those dolphins marvelous; just pop along at the right time to cheer you up and as for nutella I believe it was world nutella day! about the time you found yours which means in my book anyway Jesse, nothing is pure coincidence.
Thanks for the photos, thanks for your blogs and thanks for your wonderful enterprise. I really appreciate it for one and somehow you seem to be a unique force moving steadily on to your destiny in an ocean of changing circumstances and events in the world we land lubbers live in where everything keeps changing as it must but which change can only be illuminated fully when we are made aware of someone like you.
What I am trying to say and do is encourage your wonderful positive approach for your endeavour reflects the deep and great things of the human spirit.
Why else would all those dolphins be there cheering you on :)

Anonymous said...

That's amazing Jessica! I hope you're taking tons of pictures for your book, I just can't wait to read it. You never cease to impress me every day that I read your blog. How many people on this planet can say that they sailed along side hundreds of dolphins. As always, you are doing a fantastic job! Like usual...where I am we're expecting up to 10 inches of snow AGAIN!! Winter just doesn't want to end here. Enjoy the warmth and keep the pictures coming! Darla in Iowa, U.S.A.

Barrie said...

Jess, when you're near land, do you ever get a yen to cruise over and have a look, explore, find some little cove with a beach and just hang out?

Must be a temtation, but I guess the homecoming cruise into the harbor beats that, looking forward to seeing you back in OZ!

So many dolphins!

Blue Mountains

Gemini said...

You're one awesome gal Jessica! Love your posts and spirit. Can't wait to read your book.

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Jesse, We just returned from a big gymnastics meet after driving in rain, fog, desert, city-a total of fifteen hours of driving-with you on our minds. Sailing and desert driving in weather have some similarities, but it would be weird to drive for six months! The "shipping traffic" was all heading into Las Vegas for betting on the Super Bowl football game, or so I thought, until a wall of fog I slowed for suddenly revealed two over-wide loads of military tanks on flatbed trucks. How perfect world peace would be if it was as attainable as on your blog, Jesse!

I wrote a little ditty for you, Jesse:

The PM sends his best;
Bloggers wish the rest
to the teen girl with no fear-
Perhaps next Aussie of the Year!

For Ella's Pink Lady 'n Captain,
something's ever a happenin'
from keel to mast
round the oceans vast.

Hunting for fruit tins,
consoled by the dolphins.
Supper missing sauce;
Anemometer a loss.

Not a single Pringle!
No heater for our leader.
But the mainsail's sewn
for weather unknown.

A delicious reward
Jess' homework can afford:
Our Pink Lady of Ella
has got her Nutella!

Jesse's set her scope
past the Cape of Good Hope.
She'll have Vitamin C
Docked in Sydney's fair lee!

From your fans in Northern Nevada!

Barry Clements said...

Hi Jesse

I love to see photos appear with your blog and with dolphin escorts is even better.

Going by memory from your journeys beginning you had dolphins or birds appear every time you were having a low, at times of storms where you got slapped around a bit, got becalmed or something else that was playing with your mind.

Isn't nature something special when you have dolphins, birds or something as ordinary as a buoy turn up just at the time you need a little pick up or distraction.

Out of Pringles and little luxuries don't help with the moment so I'm so happy for you that not only dolphins turned up but hundreds of them.

Thinking a little forward I'm sure Mum has tucked a treat in the next feed bag. I don't know how Mothers do it but they have an instinct of knowing what is needed and when for the comfort of their children.

Any time you need inspiration think of all the nice little surprises she's had tucked away for you to find at the right times and I'm sure you will feel better.

You just can't beat a Mothers love and you have one that is something special. she's a rare gem and we know the genes have been passed on to an extremely capable and worthy young lady.

We see it in every blog you do and it shines in your face of every photo we see.

Take care and in a few days you'll sneak around the corner into the Indian Ocean. from there it's a straight line to home.

What a heart warmer that will be. sailing in the same ocean as Western Australia.

Best wishes and see you home soon.


Hello Queen of the Seas,

A song for the Queen:


Well, since my Jesse left me,

She found a new place to dwell.

It's down at the end of old Cape Horn

In 10 meters of swell.

I feel so lonely baby,

I feel so lonely,

I feel so lonely I could die.

I know it's always crowded,

On Jessica’s Blog every night.

Where broken hearted Bloggers

Are crying till the daylight.

I feel so lonely baby,

I feel so lonely,

I feel so lonely I could die.

Well, Hezakiah’s tears keep flowin',

and Magpie he’s dressed in black.

Well they been so long on Jessica’s Blog

they ain't never coming back.

I feel so lonely baby,

I feel so lonely,

I feel so lonely I could die.

So, if your sailor leaves you

and you feel you can’t go on.

Just Get on Line and Get in Line


I feel so lonely baby,

I feel so lonely,

I feel so lonely I could die.

♡♡♡♡♡♡."Thank You Very Much".♡♡♡♡♡♡


Mike_trrac said...

Hi Jess

it sounds like Pitt St in the rush hour out there with you, the dolphins and the ships all hiding from the storm. With the glowing reputation of your weather team they will all probably fall in line astern of you for safe passage!

I suspect that the dolphins are practising their routine for when they give you an honour guard into Sydney Harbour on your triumphal return.

Much more appropriate than a fly past or a 21 gun salute although we will accept those as well.

@magpie - thanks for the genius rating. I'll have to get Jess to pass on some homework so that I can earn it.


Mike_trrac (Avoca Beach, NSW)

Jonathan Castelino said...

Hi Jess,

As always a super blog entry today.

Yes, human nature gets the better of us now and again and feeling mopey goes with the territory. But given who you are and what you are doing, its a given that the mopey-ness won't last too long.

What an amazing experience - dolphins as far as the eye can see ! Whats your Jess-timate on how many there were out there?!

I just pulled up your tracker globe and put your last posted position 2/3 of the way across the Atlantic on the extreme left (West) of the globe and guess what popped up on the extreme right ? You guessed it - Oz, The Land Down Under...HOME ! That really got me excited and with each position post, we are going to see more of This Great Land emerge from the East. Incredible !

The difference between good and great is leaving nothing to chance. Even after being on the water for this duration, you take nothing for granted. Apart from the experiences, it is this that gives you the confidence to take on the elements. You ARE truly exceptional. Good on you Jess, and keep looking sharp.

Look after yourself, young lady.


Keith in the U.S. of A. said...

Low on Pringles...........ooh no!

If you eat a chip a day, how long can you make the can last?


Anonymous said...

You're amazing Jess....Robyn from gold coast xxx

Nico said...

Hi Jesse,

of cause I'm still following your voyage. But I'm not very good in small talk and usually prefer to stay quiet, if there's nothing to say of any substantial matter.

I'm very happy watching you going on, maybe a bit slowly now due to that southern storm system, but seeing you relaxed with your school work [which teenage girl would take out her school work voluntarily except under the most boring circumstances? ;) ] gives me the impression that you have everything under control so far.

To me, it has a faszination of its own to watch something really extraordinary like a 16 year old girl sailing around the world becoming sort of familiar. Probably there will be others in the future, and if Laura manages to start her voyage this summer, she may grab the youngest-person-cup. But what really counts is, that you are the first from your group of age and ... above all ... your way to do it sets a sort of role model both for those who like to follow you and those (adults) who will have to make the decisions whether to approve or not.

Probably, there are people out there considering how useful such a costly experiment is, which only a very small group of young people from some wealthy countries could ever repeat. But to me your voyage is not only about a girl, her boat and some oceans. It's rather about making things possible which seemed impossible so far to everyone: In a certain way, you are the Neil Armstrong of our time. And the best thing is, that I can write this to you without the apprehension to drive you crazy by this. After all, Neil Armstrong stayed just a normal man after his return from the moon. :)

My best wishes to you!

Frankfurt, Germany

Piero Budinich said...

Dear Jessica,
every time I see one of your new pics, I feel to be at sea on Ella's, feel the wind and the sea air, the colors and the light! Thank you and good wind!

Eddie Offermann said...

I think dolphins just might know when you're feeling mopey! They can turn a lonely afternoon after being alone at sea for a few days (months for you!) into a party.

I'm always happy to see them and it's great when they decide to play with you. There's nothing I enjoy more when sailing than a good strong wind and bowriding dolphins.

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Brisbane, rain, rain and more rain. I believe that you wouldn't have had too mush trouble sailing the pink lady down Queen Street we've had that mush rain.

Not to worry, the dams and water tanks are once again fully laden and ready for the next dry spell.

What's this I read that you've been a little bit down? I guess that's why word got around the dolphin world to come and pay you a visit.

Just think, not too many more days before you start sailing in the waters that lead you back home.

Always one way to brighten yourself up. Do some more school work (not!).

Take care brave lady. Remember that we're on your side and thinking of you every minute of every day.

Find the kind winds home.

June and Richard Thorn

odelia said...

Those dolphins sure are keeping an eye on you Jess,such magnificent creatures!! Am Really enjoying your great photos.Thank you
Wishing you fun and safe travelling
Odelia Sydney

Ron Munro of 5108 said...

"running short on Pringles (I'm down to my last pack!), getting low on tomato sauce and fast running out of tinned fruit." Gee I am not too sure about the Pringles but the tom sause and canned fruit NOW thats serious. Now you have ration and just hang out for a meat pie with heaps of tom sause and wash it down with tinned peaches and enjoy the juice afterwards .. which I think is realy pear juice?? Love and hugs to you Our Lady Hero

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I'm glad you escaped that nasty cyclone weather that was reported recently. You can always have seafood for your menu to save on your food supplies. Deep sea tuna sound good lol.

Keep safe,
Pete (Canberra)

HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

Another good blog … thank you!

Dolphins are therapeutic and so clever and so perceptive and so love humans … they are a real blessing! Have you tried banging on the side of your boat to attract them to swim up next to you … it works!!!

Elvis – you are so funny!

Jonathan – enjoy your blogs – admire you, I am terrified of flying! Keep em coming.

Love everyone’s comments!!

Jessica – stay safe on your way to the Cape of Good Hope!


Fay from the Gold Coast

Muggins said...

Hast seen the White Whale?

ben said...

Hey Jesse,

sounds like you're as far north as you are likely to go and ready to track east/sou-east. Hope you don't get into any real bad stuff on your way to Good Hope... especially 'knock-down' stuff. All digits crossed.

Gotta give Bruce a plug Jesse for being such an entegral part of the team. He always seems to be there when the going is toughest..kudos to ya Bruce for keeping Jesse positive during the real rough times.

I reckon those dolphins sensed your frustration Jesse and decided to throw a party for ya. I'm always amazed at how you manage to find ways to pick yourself up again when feeling low. Remain always positive..yeah!

Complacency is not in your vocab Captn J as your preparedness indicates a readiness for any turbulence mother nature may unexpectedly throw your way.

You are gobbling up those nm's Jesse. Before ya know it you'll be on the home strait bound for home.
Safe sailing Captn J and lookout for those humungus ships out there wontcha :)

Ben (Qld)

Susan said...

Hi Jesse,
You must've watched 101 Dalmatians.
Remember the way the dogs relayed messages with their their Twilight Barking? Well, when Silly stopped by for a rest, it didn't take long to realize something special was going on. After staying long enough to gather relevant info, calculate speeds, etc., Silly left and began the Twilight Tweet to relay the info about your journey halfway around the world. Mr. Albert Ross and friends helped. Now, those birds you saw recently...? Yes. Dolphins, being the amazingly intelligent beings they are, naturally understand their Twilight Tweetish. They also realized that a young woman who had been at sea for 12,750 nm might be feeling a bit mopey and frustrated about now, and more so if she was running short on some favorite foods. So they whistled, trilled and squeaked the tweets far and wide, and all who could came to cheer you up with their playful company, chats, and smiley faces. Great timing too because they were waiting for a good cause to party, and loved that Ella's pink lady looked like a pink party hat floating along out there.

Whether it be for company through a storm and reassurance, or for some fun and games, they're your companions (nothing in the rules about having friends swim alongside!).

About frustration... it happened again, the third time in a week or so... aargghh! (I won't yell in case you're sleeping).
I had a long post, with messages to other bloggers, and I lost it... again... so frustrating, and no dolphins to cheer me... boohoo.

The Cape of Good Hope will be checked off before the end of the month... pretty amazing Jesse! One day at a time will get you there quickly enough.

I'll sing you the song of the wind,
And I'll hum you the sound of the rising sun.
I'll connect the stars to play you a symphony,
As you and Ella strum along.

Susan in Oregon

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse, Thanks so much for the latest pics of yourself and the dolphins.

Your're amazing!!! Time for homework with all the other bibs and bobs you have to do.

I thought that you might be running a little low on some of your food supplies. I guess you'll use up all your favourite treats up first. Enjoy that Nutella won't you. :-)

I hope that your radar alarm system is in good working order with all those ships around you at the moment. I don't know how you fit in sleeping with all that's going on.

Your're doing fantastically my dear and we are all so proud of you.

Keep safe and take care and you are in my prayers for a safe journey until you reach those Aussie shores.

Warmest wishes and big hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad you missed most of the bad weather and that you had the dolphins again for company.
Australia has just beaten the West Indies in a one day cricket match in Melbourne.
Hope things are going well,
Look forward to your next blog,
Keep safe,

Susan said...

Jesse, I'm sure you relate!

From Bernt Lüchtenborg 2-5-10
(another solo sailor)
(from a German to English translation) and with a nice picture of blue sky and big swell!

"The lakes churned with black holes under the clouds hunting heavy forwards. Intimidated of the enraged elements and the power of the storm, I form into a ball to conceal my fist around my unrest.
Around us around the world explodes. A work of art of nature, out of tension and drama, in the change of human humility and hope. In this mixture and experiencing, the answer lies for me for the magic of the Segelns, but also the explanation which holds off many of the sail: To be in naked loneliness and sleepless night underway, confronts with a powerful element."

Susan in Oregon

hezakiah299 said...

02-07-10 @ 05:43
Hi Jessica,
I had to laugh at Bruce calling your wind description a “Jess-timate”. Makes sense, what else can you do??? Do you have a kind of a graph behind the string or some kind of markings to indicate different speeds? Or are you just free-wheeling it? Curious minds would like to know, lol….

Kudo’s to the Shore Crew, the fantastic people in the background that, for the most part, are unseen until something goes wrong, like, who‘s the first people we think of when something goes amiss……then everyone says, how come they, or where are they, or why don’t they, and so on, and so on…..But believe me, you guys are all appreciated, I hope you realize that, and even though you’re at a different location, Bob, you are definitely included in these comments!!!!! God Bless You all.

@ Jonathan@Tooradin: Liked your last post, how true, how true.

@ Bluefin (Annie) Buderim: I remember that fire, I had followed it and prayed for all the victims. I hope many, if not all are back on their feet and doing well. Their Aussies, they will!!

@ William: That was funny ‘a galley restock’ lol… you think she’s guilty of that???? Haahaaaha

@ Charles Dodgson: You make me think of the movie “The Golden Compass” It’s a very good fictional movie in regards to your soul, check it out.

@ Carol Florida U.S.A.: I liked your closing comment, “Hugs and kisses, Prayers and Wishes, are always on their way to you Jesse, from every direction on this beautiful globe” it’s so very true.

@ SaltyDog: You do what your heart tells you.

@ ♣Quincy: Thanks for the links and addresses.

Time to hit the sack as it’s 05:40 here in WV with lots of snow, I had to dig out the front end of my car after the plow truck buried it. Gosh darn, yeah, right. LoL…
Take care of yourself and be safe.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
Smooth sailing
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

To Magpie, yes you are perfectly correct this was not something that just hit home here in Victoria, I know all of Australia was with us during that time if not the world.

Annie (Bluefin) thank you for your kind words and to Billy too...

As I type ABC1 is screening an amazing documentary on this Fire "Inside the Firestorm" narrated by Hugo Weaving.

Even though I live in Dandenong, the temperature that day rose to over 47 degrees C here, I could see and smell the smoke in the air, it wasn't until many days later that we found out that cousins of our family living in Steels Creek had lost the entire house and everything on there property, they just got out before it was to late!!....and suddenly it brought it home!
And yet today the weather was nothing like that day 12 months ago....

Anyway...that is all.


Clint - Melbourne

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

Love, love love those dolphins!! I'm sure they are protecting you as well as enjoying the ride alongside "Ella's Pink Lady". Just adorable, and of course they'll put a smile on your face.

I wish I could offer a good suggestion for the times you feel frustrated but all I can suggest is that you remember how many people have faith in you and more importantly have the utmost RESPECT for you. You really are one of a kind, in fact only a handful of people in the world would attempt what you're doing.
You're doing great out there.

Finding that tub of Nutella will be your lifesaver if you've run out of chocolate. Make it last.

Here's hoping you can gain some rest. You've almost got another box ticked. Won't be long.

Take care little one, always in our thoughts.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Kissyfrott said...

@Bluefin Annie...Thank you for the reminder. That was horrible. Our thoughts are with the survivors and the families.
@Steve and Tom. OK guys! Jony doesn't speak much, but is a very, very faithful supporter. Dodgers yes, but no one forgot the Albertos and the Dolfens. I am relieved to not be the only one not to understand the Keep up them dodgers motto. I am sure it is an encouragement, anyway. Jony could be for Johnny as well as for Joanie, don't you think? @Jony, keep on!!!
@Tom, about the 23,000 nm. It must be about the distance a roundsailtrip from the northern hemisphere has to be, because of the way by the big southern capes. So were made the rules for a trip from the southern hemisphere, with a hop above the equator, and finally there are not many ways to shorten the route.
@Sally Melbourne, about Nutella... You did it again! So imaginative and well done too! And funny!

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

It's really amazing how the dolphins seem to just appear when you need them.

I would interpret that as their way of saying "We're here for you Jesse".

Beautiful picture. I wish that they had been closer.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Mark Catalina 27 said...

I respect and appreciate your caution and preparations on EPL but 40kts wind has become pretty routine?

You are an amazing sailor Captain Jess.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, thanks for your message.

How lovely to get a visit from so many dolphins.. just amazing.

Keep safe out there, and keep alert, we are all thinking of you and cheering you on.

you are in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless


Armidale NSW

Kissyfrott said...





and her extraordinary Dolphins show

Come and see them leaping out and shooting off,
playing and swimming, jumping in hoops, singing the Wiggles' songs and whistling Popeye the Sailor Man, and doing many acrobatic tricks, like catching flying Pringles...


Tickets for sale from Sunday 7h on:
Waves, 10 first rows = 12 shrimps
Waves, rows 11 to 100 = 8 shrimps
Clouds, lower level = 2 sardines
Clouds, upper level:= 1 sardine



WendyS said...

Well Jessica, you keep on coming up with the goods. Great descriptions of your day and sights. The sight of the dolphins must have been spectacular! You deserve it for all your hard work.
Keep on keeping on, as all us landlubbers are thrilled to hear your stories.
Regards, Wendy, Mal and Samara
Gold Coast

bobcat68 said...

Hi Jesse,

Congratulations on the fact that we can now see both ends of that beautiful necklace of tiny pink boats you are stretching around this old planet.

The descriptions of your experiences so far and your welcome to us, your fascinated fans, is just great.

Tomorrow I have to travel south to visit an ailing relative and will be pretty much out of touch for the next ten days. I will certainly suffer symptoms of withdrawal.

In the meantime I hope you have fair winds and some nice surprises in your next food pack.

Hugs, Bob from 25 minutes due west of Noosa.

@Nico Feb 7 6.58 pm - A very nice comment.

@Richie Paris Feb 7 8.46 am - I suspect that The Elvis of Oz and PWB are twin brothers.

rod said...

good day bright one,
sure glad the books weren't destroyed in the storm.
i didn't like homework back in the
60's,( i would prefer to go for a run ,ride a bike , play soccer or visit my mates place instead of doing homework), so considering that you are at home 24 hours a day, i consider any study you do to be homework.
take time to further your knowledge with the nature that is around you, keep up the blogs and thanks for the pictures of the dolphins, i almost fell off my chair reaching out to pat one.
as always take care little adventurer, until next time
blackbutt qld
i am not saying to avoid your studies, i am suggesting that because you are unable to step beyond your boundarys (splash),you can't go riding , or running, or visit your mates, you may as well chuck a line overboard and catch a fish.
while you are doing this keep a school book close,just in case you happen to take a photo of the fish that you catch, we will see the book in the photo and think , what a good girl you are.

JJ said...

Hey Jesse,

Glad to hear the dolphins are keeping you company - as I've read on several occasions, they certainly seem to be your angel of the sea. On the few occassions I have seen them in the "wild" they facinate me no end and I'm always amazed by their seemingly acceptance of mankind. I live in croc country - not quite the same beauty!

Take care Jesse.

My verification word is hystomo - HYSTeria as jesse heads HOMO!!


Hello Blogmaster Andrew - continued fantastic effort on somehow managing to maintain this site despite all the traffic! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...


Hi Jesse
Swap....Your view of Dolphins for a view of my pups waiting to go Walkies!!!! Guess it's time give the computer a rest and get some exercise..
Thanks for the update and keep smiling Jesse.

Sally in Melbourne( on the dog path) by the Bay.

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA. said...

Hey Jess

Good to see your keeping out of trouble.

By the way to my fellow bloggers. Does anyone remember the address in Sydney that Jess once gave as a place we could write to. I want my Year 1's to send a letter to an address rather than just to the blog. Education dep wont let them access the site directly at school as it is deemed a email type site. (They can look at everything else just not see their blogs in print.)

Anyway, sorry jess just sidetracked to the rest of the world there for a minute. No Chips.....That's worse than no fuel for cooking or no loo anyday.

Best wishes as always

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA.

Libby O said...

The dolphins always seem to know when we need comfort or reassurance, from my experience. Thanks for the pictures.

PWB said...



ConFuseUs Says:

Girl who sail in pink boat,

always at the Prinnacle of her game.




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