Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 Months at Sea

Four months at sea today, but it still feels like only yesterday that we were leaving Sydney! It's almost a bit scary how fast the time has flown and how completely I've settled into everyday life out here. But I'm also really looking forward to all things land and home.

We've got pretty rubbishy, overcast and drizzly weather at the moment but no complaints as progress is good. The wind is about 25 knots and because we're

running pretty close to directly with it, Ella's Pink Lady is rolling and surfing a little uncomfortably. Not long now till we're back in the 40's and with the temperature dropping a little more, it looks like my nice, sunny Atlantic holiday is over. But on the upside, hopefully I start seeing a few more albatrosses again.

There's still the odd ship around. Another one passed pretty close last night, they were really friendly again and when I mentioned over the radio that I was a little uncomfortable with how close we were set to pass each other, they immediately offered to change course to give us a little more room.

Something I forgot yesterday was to give you an update on how the food is going. Apart from those few tragedies with the Pringles and Tomato Sauce,

overall it's all going really well. I'm eating a bit less than what Mum planned for, which means there's quite a bit left over in each food bag, which

means that I'm able to pick out my favorites and leave the not so good stuff. The dried fruit, chocolate, pasta, tinned pie, mixed Chinese vegetables and tuna are the first things to go and by the end of the fortnight, the pile of leftover's normally includes crackers, banana chips, dried peas and tinned beans. Which gives you a pretty good idea of my likes and dislikes. Anyway to cut a long story short it looks like I'll be returning with enough food to feed a small army!

We've got just under 600nm sailing to do to pass under the Cape of Good Hope. So that's going to be it for today.



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Unknown said...

Thanks for your update :-) Always good to read this. Take care and I'm looking forward to the next update.

CiCi said...

Your mom did a great job preparing the food for you. That was her way to participate in this humongous project of great importance. For a young woman you have such poise in your posts. Bless you.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say that you are the envy of everyone at my highschool sailing team! Sailing around the world is my dream!

Queenslander said...


Looks like you will be getting head winds soon enough...


I was wondering if your pelican is related to Marnie at Taronga Zoo.

This clip taken from a live Channel Nine broadcast should put a smile on your face.

To see the best bits with more volume try this:

Scott W said...

You're a daily inspiration Jessica. Keep up the excellent work!


lilshawnee said...

Hey lil Jesse. Wow your doing so good.
Im happy to hear your doing well and still happy.
All because of you im going into sailing so i can have fun,
I just bought 32 foot Pearson so now i just have to learn to sail it.
Well keep up the good work lil one sail safe be good,lol
God bless you and Pink Lady
Your friend Robert,Ellen,Alison,Autumn

Nadine said...

Hi Jess,

I'm starting to think about you getting close to home and what that will feel like for you! I bet it will be indescribable.

Can't wait for that description :)

ohio usa

Anonymous said...

Hi first blog but have been following you, Dilip and now Abby...quite amazing for a non-sailor...but you three have become my daily inspirational tonic. From Dilip's last blog, looks like you two will be almost crossing paths again fairly soon. Safe sailing...Mordie

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Hi, Jesse,

Nice surprise to read a new Post from you . . . already!!! Having fun trying to keep up with them, but don't take this as a complaint; far from it! Love each and every new update from you!

Glad to know that you have plenty of food, and with the "drizzle" maybe you've been able to add to your already sufficient fresh water supply.

I was in our local Outback Restaurant, and saw a sign for "Vegemite" . . . I'd never heard of it until reading these blogs. Whatever is it, and how does it taste??? The Nutella (which I do have) was something I recognized and like the taste of!! But, while I was there I was telling them about you, and your amazing adventure, and gave them an update on where you are and how you're doing! Everybody is in awe of your courage and your ability, at such a tender age!!! I thought it would have been nice if all the Outback Restaurants here in the US would be keeping track of your progress, and giving us all an update, instead of the other way around!

Watched Torah Bright at the Olympics today, and she's ahead of the rest at the moment. The sports commentators were all excited by what a fantastic job she did. I think this is just the qualifying round, but still, so far, so good!!!

Stay safe, Jesse . . . and stay tethered!!! Congratulations on how far you've come, and how well you've managed 4 months at sea (alone, except for your thousands of "family", who are with you in every possible way except in the flesh!!!)

Hugs and Kisses, Prayers and Wishes . . . for your safe passage!!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

HomeSweetBoat said...

Congratulations Jessica on four months at sea … WOW!

Lovely wind although you are surfing a bit uncomfortably … it will get you to the CoGH soon, I guess about five days.

That’s right, you tell them ships to keep their distance, no mucking about with Pink Lady!

Your Mum catered so well for you, but you must eat and keep up your strength – I think you will get your appetite back when you are in cooler climes.

Keep on keeping safe Jessica, and you …
Go Girl!

Fay from the Gold Coast
Love to all fellow bloggers … you continue to keep us entertained!

Ed said...

banana chips. Pitty, Thats one of my faforites

Anonymous said...

Fair winds and following seas - be happy in the knowledge that continue to inspire many - we eagerly await your updates - another solo Aust sailor doing a circumnavigation is Bob Williams on Slyph going in the opposite direction to you - his blog is also a great read
We're grateful for your endeavours a fantastic positive example of what the younger generation are doing

Kerri said...

4 Months!!!!
Wow, it does seem like just yesterday you were heading of Sydney! As the holidays go, next up St. Patty's day, unless there is an Aussie something in there I don't know about. Fair winds to you and a pleasant trip around the Cape, you'll just maybe be able to see that lovely land of yours on the horizon (at least in your imagination).
As always, fun to read your posts, and Mum definitly made sure you aren't going to be hungry. What a great Mum!

Happy sailing from California!


trentgs said...

Glad to hear you brought more than enough food. One of the crew looks like he could go for those banana chips...
I imagine it may be a bit disconcerting to purposely drive southerly into the chill but you haven't alot of choice...gotta get past that chunk of land known as Africa!!
Do you listen to the shortwave radio at all? I still do a little but when I was in the Navy (on the USS Wasp CVS 18) I listened to it alot. Even at that I used to listen to alot of vinyl..Beatles, Dylan,Baez..Paul revere And The Raiders..Simon And Garfunkel...yep now you know I'm an adoptive Gramps..but still thinking young..And loving to read your write ups...Its' like being there as so many have said.
I bet those close runners do set you a bit on edge after the September awakening...I'm sure you have night mares about that night...I sure would..but You still made us proud..

Gotta Jan unload groceries...

Be Blessed Miss Jess.. Stay Safe..

Gary & Jan

Robbo said...

~RM~ golg coast

Grant said...

Hi Jess,
You're coming around the corner and we'll be able to see u real soon!!

keep safe

till said...

hey jesse-
wow, already 4month on ur boat?! i look up to u and really envy you. must be a great experience. wish you only the best for ur journey. u rock!
cheers, till

Bernie777 said...

hi Jessica we are with you on this one all the way ..a great update ...congratulations on 4 months u r trully amazing....u inspire people...happy wind in your sails lol Bernie 777

Anon said...

I'm not sure what I want to say other than it's truly amazing what you're doing. What you're doing is an adventure of a lifetime. Hopefully, you will have many more after this one is over.

I found your blog/site after reading about Abby Sunderland. Now I read about both of you everyday to see your progress.

May you have a fair wind, smooth sailing and the sun on your back.

Capt. Q

Queenslander said...

@ Bengt

I also replied to Richard Lantrop, but using the last "Pink Boat Pin" on the chart.

I used your "waypoints" and came up with the same distances!


@ Richard

Your answers... both versions are on the last post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Great as always to read your blog, as I have done from day one. Keep on to pick the tasty things you like from the food bag. You are the Captain. Any luck with the fishing yet? Can you watch the Olympic Games? This is what a lot of people round the world are doing these days, including me.
A new blizzard is coming in over Sweden again!!! We don't want more snow.
Enjoy it out there Jessica. Take care and safe sailing.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Stockholm

Toni McLean said...

hi Jesse,
600 nm to the cape - that's amazing! Just a few days at your current rate of sailing!

It certainly doesn't seem like 4 months to me either. 2/3 of the way. Definitely "homeward bound". Well done! So far you have made it look easy, and yet obviously it is far from that. I suspect there's a great tribute due to your own personal preparation as well as the preparation of EPL and the support team.

I always quite liked the dried peas when they were plumped up with water. But tinned beans, I'm with you there.

Was that ship really that close or was it a case of being so used to having a lot of sea room for so long that it just seemed close? I remember that when I used to sail in Sydney Harbour, we thought nothing of yachts sailing by each other metres apart (and I'm not talking about racing), but after I had done a bit of ocean sailing, I started to get nervous if they looked like getting within 100 m of my yacht.

Either way, it was nice of them to consider you. Pity about the rolling downwind, but if you're eating up the miles on the chart that's a consolation. I hope you didn't pack the thermal underwear out of reach.

Gotta go, wishing you fair winds.

Anonymous said...

WOW! 4 months?? It seems like yesterday....

Tom in the U.S.A.

Style Maniac said...

I just began following your journey and you completely amaze me. First, that you are brave enough to do this; and second that you exude cheerfulness after four months alone at sea! Sending all my best wishes your way for happy sailing.

Daz said...

Hi Jesse
Wow 4 months ! You make it sound so easy ! i feel like buying a boat some pringles and heading off myself for a while ! well not really...You are one amazing girl !!! Keep up the good work !

HomeSweetBoat said...

Congratulations Jessica on four months at sea … WOW!

Lovely wind although you are surfing a bit uncomfortably … it will get you to the CoGH soon, I guess about five days.

That’s right, you tell them ships to keep their distance, no mucking about with Pink Lady!

Your Mum catered so well for you, but you must eat and keep up your strength – I think you will get your appetite back when you are in cooler climes.

Keep on keeping safe Jessica, and you …
Go Girl!

Fay from the Gold Coast
Love to all fellow bloggers … you continue to keep us entertained!

Anonymous said...




Kathie said...

Hey Jess,

After reading your blog everyday for 4 months I'm getting to recognize your are sounding a bit down today.It has been a long journey and you have faced many challenges alone without any help. You are so brave,strong,smart, fearless and funny!! You are doing an amazing job and will be home soon. What will we all do when you get home and don't have your posts to read are our HERO!!!

Kathie (NYC)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

According to your journey map you are about to cross or have already crossed my longitude (7° 52').

That's a perfect occasion to wish you good luck and all the best from Germany.


Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Hi Jesse, great to see your progress I have been checking your blog from the start and have read them all, I feel your going to be a changed person when you get back home.

Hi to the crew they must be a comfort some times when your just want to speek out.
Stay safe
Anthony N QLD OZ

gra said...

Fantastic stuff as usual Jess. Perhaps the leftovers could go towards an appropriate charity or what have you when you get home? It'd be a lovely gesture.

IndyMike said...

Excellent! And good to hear your update. 4 mos now and you're at home. A real sailor. How 'bout you!
I'm always so glad I found you.
Enjoy the ride and I'm watching you on my globe.
39°50’19”N, 86°9’20”W

PWB said...

To the Queen of the Seven Seas,

A song about the monkey,
for Jesse to sing to the monkey and crew members:


Well, it's one for the Dunny,
Two for the show,
Three to get ready,
Now go, Monkey go!

But don't you sit on my Blue Jade Loo.
You can do anything, but get off of my Blue Jade Loo.

Well, you can knock me down,
And try it four times,
You can spin me around
But I will never whine.

Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh,
Monkey, get off of my Loo
Don't you sit on my Blue Jade Loo.
You can do anything, but get off of my Blue Jade Loo

You can take the crew,
And my Parker,
Eat my cookies
And my chocolate bar.

Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh,
Monkey, get off of my Loo
Don't you sit on my Blue Jade Loo.
You can do anything, but get off of my Blue Jade Loo

♡♡♡♡♡♡."Thank You Very Much".♡♡♡♡♡♡


Rabbit Proof Fence, HYDEN, WA 6359, AUSTRALIA

Satellite Man said...

Glad to hear you are making progress to round Good Hope. Hope your timing makes it an uneventful passage weather-wise. Also hope your fingers stay warm while using your "outdoor office". Are your hands staying warm, still.

Keep your calories up; you are still a growing girl, and best of luck in the week ahead.

john naughton said...

Hi Jesse
Hope you're still loving your food. I know, no cream! What can you do?
Winds look like they'll pick up from the West soon, hope this suits EPL and the sedate crew.
Time to send one of them up the mast! Hey monkey - where are you? Best wishes
John N

Unknown said...

Hey Jess,

Thanks for another update. It does seem like yesterday that you were leaving Sydney !

Godspeed as you round another cape !

Gig Harbor, WA USA

Eric said...

You are so awesome Jessica! I love reading, with impatient enthusiasm, your blogs every day, while sitting in my lovely cubicle in California! How you relate your adventure with such light, cheerful and eloquent writing is a very uplifting experience indeed! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Well Jess your doing so well, everytime i read a new entry your "writing voice" comes across as being even more mature than last time. You already were very mature for your age, but your maturity has increased ten fold.
I'm so glad to hear the ship gave way to you to give you some room and peace of mind. It must be exciting talking to all those skippers and finding out where they are from and where their heading, and as you mentioned earlier some would be stunned when they hear where your from and where your heading (not to mention how your getting there!!)
I would love to see their faces when the conversation turns to this....

Jess: "yeah that's right, i set sail from Sydney Australia, over."

Skipper: "And you say your heading for Sydney now? is that correct? over"

Jess: "Yeah that's correct, over"

Skipper: "and your single handing non stop? over"

Jess: "Yeah that's correct, over"

Skipper: "and your 16? over"

Jess: "Yes that's correct, over"

......STUNNED SILENCE.......

Jess: "well skipper nice talking to you, i have to go and reef a sail, take care. over and out"


Skipper: "um ok yeah you take care too, over and out" (runs off to find someone to keep watch so he can google Jess)

Take care Captain Watson, i'll be waiting in Sydney in April for you.

Jules of the NSW Riverina Australia.

Sven said...

Hi Jesse,

good to know you're fine, enjoying the Atlantic. If it rolls too much, just keep on rocking.

If those odd ships do not behave, tell'em that you have a cargoload of family members behind you.

"tinned beans" - I'm fully with you!!!(Sorry Julie). On your return you could perhaps distribute the remaining food among the thousands who will be there waiting only for you.

Now, as always, take care,

hugs from Sven, Hamburg.

Richard Lathrop said...

'tis good that you're talking to the passing ships and getting a favorable response.

you can't be too careful in this score.

thanks for the update on the food inventory. i understand your likes and dislikes. i'm sure you'll miss the pringles, but i don't think they add much nutrition.

i added a late comment to yesterday's blog wondering about great circle routes. will your path homeward dip further south?

Stay warm, stay dry and rested.

Fair winds

Richard Lathrop

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,

So wonderful to hear you are doing well inspite of the weather and the traffic. Everybody's commenting about you losing weight and the opposite of your crew. They must be getting up every night to finish off your leftovers.

That was very nice of the ship to offer you some room to move about - chivalry is still alive.

Fair winds

Dad from Oakhurst

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica

You do have a clever Mum, and she should be very happy to hear that she packed more than enough in each food bag so you can choose what you take from it each day. You still haven’t come to terms with banana chips – I suppose you never will.

Congratulations for four marvelous months at sea. Your next four months will go just as quickly and you can expect to be flat out until you launch your book.

It’s good to hear you and Ella are flying along, albeit with a relentless and uncomfortable rock and roll motion. It must become difficult to cope with this but in time either the wind direction will change or you reach the point at which you can make a change in your direction.

Since you presumably have another five days on your present heading it is likely relief will only come when the wind direction changes. Good Luck! I hope when you next write you will still be flying along but much more comfortably.

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Anonymous said...

four months at sea and still going strong. Look forward every time I switch on computer to read your blog.Soon be home Peter

nutralady2001 said...

Wow Jesse I get to comment twice in a day LOL.

Your food bags sound a bit like my pantry at times there are times though when I bite the bullet and have to eat some of the "rubbishy" stuff. Your tastes sound a little like mine.

One fruit I cannot cope with is bananas. I am nearly sick at the smell of them, me, who grew up in "banana country".We even had the "Banana Fetsival" every year in town.

I remember as a kid a farming neighbour bringing us over cases of the ones that weren't good enough for market.

They wouldn't even make it in to a food bag of mine.

The problem started after I was sick after I ate one when I was about 12. So for the last 50 years I haven't been able to manage them. Never mind I'll eat any other fruit x

PWB said...


ConFuseUs says:

Girl who Write for 4 Months and always say "we"
Never have ego problem, like you and me.




Kissyfrott said...

O O O Captain Jesse,
Another wonderful blog just for midnight, to read before going to bed and have the sweetest dreams... THANK YOU!

I like so much the way you write, you say things, it os almost like hearing your voice and your giggles!

No wonder you're looking forward to all things land and home; that's natural, past the middle of the journey and approaching the last ocean leg, you can smell Australia in the East... E.T. phone Home?
(that's for ET Gurl too!)

Our friend Jony will be delighted reading that you have some albertos flying around EPL. They are good company!
It is good to know that there are some kind people around, even on big ships. They must be gobsmacked to find a teenager in a pink nutshell so far from her port...

And the food news are excellent. I notice you don't talk about baking banana muffins again. Is it you, or your crew, who don't wan't to?
Pasta and chocolate, that's energetic. I see what tinned fruits are like (yum), but tinned pie, I wonder.

The Cape of Good Hope within a week, I guess. Our friend Bengt will tell us more.

As an atlantic shore inhabitant, I am pleased that you appreciated your sunny holiday there. Yousee, the Sunshine Coast is not the only nice place on this planet. I wish you many sunny holidays in many nice places in the future. You earnt them.

We shall soon see how your holidays in the Indian Ocean will look like. I wish they will be sunny and windy, to bring you comfort and speed. Btw, for any complaint, you have Commander Dilip's phone number!
I am wondering which routes Master Bob may be planning for you. Safest and fastest... He can do it.

Happy last hundreds of milles in the Atlantic, Captain Jesse. We are following you, knot by knot, mille by mille, and our warm feelings should help you in the chilly fourties.
Go, Bright Cookie, Go! You're a jewel!

Anonymous said...

Thats good, enouph food for an army makes you feel comfortable.

Soon Indian ocean and your measurements will be Australia again. Good I guess but sad in another way I know.

Be careful outthere

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

yepp, I really can imagine that time is rocketing past. As a regular reader of your blog I also can hardly imagine that it's already 4 months ago since you took me with you on your fascinating voyage.

And now after having left more than the half part behind, it will still accelerate, at least it'll feel like that.

Well, a good idea to really enjoy this unique trip every single second.

I thinks that I'll be missing something when you get back.

When reading about your food stock a big grin ran over my face.

I think almost everyone knows such situations. :-))

That's mums !

Have a good time, Jesse.

Markus, Bremerhaven

Anonymous said...

You Go Girl and be safe ok! time to put that hoodie sweater back on and you will be hitting the cape real soon. always in my thoughts!

susan H

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

After four months at sea (without a day off!!!), it's no surprise that to hear you say 'all things land and home' sound pretty wonderful. You are ever so normal....! And, I'm sure everyone at home is in high anticipation of your arrival back home, and all of us in bloggerland are eager for your safe return to 'home' as well. BUT, in the meantime --YOU ARE DOING MARVELOUSLY OUT THERE ON THE HIGH SEAS, PRECIOUS ONE! WE ARE ALL EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOU! Just keep doing what you're doing --stay diligent and stay safe!!!


Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Mike Kay said...

Hello Captain Jesse,

Congratulations on 4 months at sea! I bet it does seem like it has flown but when you stop and think of all the events you have had many adventures and experiences too! I have enjoyed following these 4 months and feel similar in that I have learned so much about geography, sailing, and world time zones and such!! Thanks to you I feel like the lucky one! Good to hear that the food is in abundance and you can pick your favorites and give the leftovers to that "army" when you get back home! I think that we as a blog family figured as much because early on in your journey food was mentioned often and recently not so much. Nice of the passing ships to give way to you ! Hoping for you to see an albatross or two again as I know you enjoyed their company! Stay warm and hope for a slight change in wind direction for a more comfortable ride. Godspeed. Mike

SaltyDog said...


It sounds like for the most part the passing ships have been pretty friendly. Great job of keeping track of their course. I imagine that there’s more traffic the closer you get to Cape Town. In addition to shipping I believe there are quite a few commercial fishing boats base out of Cape Town, so keep up the close watch. The fact that you have such a positive attitude is the reason that the past four months has gone by as fast as they have. For people who have a negative outlook, four months would seem like a lifetime. I think that your Mum did a fantastic job with the food. A little extra isn't a problem. I'll take feast over famine anyday. I guess your next big milestone will be passing Cape Agulhas. I’m looking forward to that celebration. Congratulations again on a very successful first four months. I really am extremely proud of you, Jess.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Anonymous said...

Hello from Kodiak, AK. I was wondering why my class had gathered around my laptop today during our break; I noticed that they were looking at the list of videos from your website. Since we've discovered your journey, they have been very interested in how you're doing and where you are. I let them watch a few of the videos. They especially liked watching your video of the gentleman who interviewed you; he had previously sailed around the world solo. Thanks for letting my class have access to your adventure.
My class will enjoy reading about your favorite foods stored on the boat. I'm sure they'll have a comment for you tomorrow.

Stay well and best wishes for the leg around Cape of Good Hope.
Mr. J's 5th grade
Kodiak, Alaska

Annie said...

Hi Jesse,

Congratulations on achieving four months at sea in wonderful style. You listened to your heart, ignored the negative and pursued your dreams and I'm sure that's why it all feels so right out there for you.

Jesse, when huge ships offer to change course just to help you feel more comfortable, you have to know that you are special!

I hope the rolling, uncomfortable conditions don't last too much longer and you start seeing albatross again. I can only imagine how incredible that must be.

Thanks for the update on your food, I'm with you on that, I think I would have separated my likes and dislikes in pretty much the same way. Three cheers for Julie for packing too much, always better to have too much when you are out there.

Have fun Jesse and hello to your cheeky crew!

Bluefin Annie, Buderim, Queensland.

sails said...

Your comment in your last blog is beautiful it reminded me of David and Goliath when you said "Another one passed pretty close last night, they were really friendly again and when I mentioned over the radio that I was a little uncomfortable with how close we were set to pass each other, they immediately offered to change course to give us a little more room " *** Just love it!

"Jesse & Goliath"

I love my food so I am really glad your mum gave you heaps and enough for you to be choosy.

Well done Mum.

Keep on coming on Jesse.



Hi Jess ocngratulations on 4 months at sea.. I envy you the head space that you must be getting - the ability to just think uninterrupted - must be wonderful. You are doing an amazing job out there all alone, and althoguh I know you have a brilliant support network, the hard yards and all the real stuff is totally up to you so well done chickie. This is still very exciting stuff, not reading about banana chips, but knowing you are out there, 16, in a tiny pink boat on that massive ocean, just you and the big ships, and albatross, it is hard to imagine most 16 year olds doing what you a re doing. So proud of you!!!! LOVE, DEBBIE FROM ADELAIDE

Anonymous said...

Dried peas? I think I would leave those in the food bag too! :)

Seattle, WA

Anonymous said...

HELLO JESSE - Yes, I find it hard to believe we have been following you now for four months. Easier for time to fly by for we land-lubbers though. Great to hear you are still enjoying your time out there, as well as looking forward to getting home. I can well imagine the enjoyment of your first hot shower with lots of clean, hot water.

You mentioned your fresh water and how it was lasting. I have often wondered how the water you convert from salt water, (I assume you must have to do this,)how it tastes compared to normal fresh water. For some reason even the water we have on our boat, which is refilled each time does not make as good a cup of tea as at home. Anyway, very glad to hear your food supplies are lasting well.

Not much news from here at the moment, so until next time, take care out there.

Lynne (Picton, NZ)

Peter said...

I have been following your course (and voyage generally) with great interest. Its the first thing that I check each morning and last thing at night. you have my greatest admiration.

I note that you have been swinging south a long way, from about latitude 32S to now in 39somethingS and heading into the 40's. The bottom of WA is about 35S and of Tasmania is about 43.9S. How far south do you expect to go before you take a more due easterly bearing?

Rajiv Reddy said...


I have been following your voyage on your blog and mighty impressed. I wish you all the luck and congrats on crossing the half way mark successfully. As dangerous as the Sea can get, it must be quite thrilling an experience.

You keep mentioning that you get unsettled when ships pass by in the vicinity. Could you explain why in your post?

Wish you all the luck once again. Its been thrilling just reading about your voyage...

Ron said...

It seems as you just left yesterday because you're a real sailor. It's in your blood. In addition to being a real sailor, you've become my idol. I want a daughter like you, well even a granddaughter. Do you know where I can find one? You should not have told about your leftover food, now your mum is going to scold you for not having a balanced diet. Some things should be kept secret. Keep up the smooth sailing Jesse. I wish I could be in Sydney for your arrival but that's impossible. I'll be there in spirit.

Ron - Alabama USA

sunfish550 said...

oh jessica...
even a gigantic container ship offering to change course for you,
is there no end to the compassion of people involved with your adventure! folks at sea, and the giant family of bloggers.

you're one precious and tough girl,
PRESS ON to the cape jess.

lenny, pittsburgh PA.

Anonymous said...


Gay at BliBli said...

I follow your progress every day Jessica. Well done so far from Gay at BliBli

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Australia is so proud of you! Safe sailing - you're on the way home now.

Anonymous said...

Since seeing you leave Sydney 4 months ago on CNN we have followed your voyage daily as have many of our friends. Your creative daily blogs make us feel like we are right there with you. What a fantastic and beautiful 17 year old you are! Ron & Thelma Bowen, Mattoon, Illinois USA

Anonymous said...



Time flies when you're having fun!!!
Thanks for the great update and continue to enjoy
your journey...

....and there's " No "way I could go 4 months without
my favourite coffee and a hot shower...You're a legend. Thanks for having us along for the ride!!!

Sally in Melbourne by the (soft and comfy that's me) Bay

RICHARD said...

Nice to hear you are staying thin... LOL
Good wind, good food, good company and fouth months under your belt... who could ask for more?
You are doing a remarkable job out there. We will pray for sunny weather in the south.
Still inspiring us all.


See Ya Sailor!

Lee said...

Hi's sounds like your Mum has fitted out your food supplies very well. It's better to have too much than not enough! That's always been my motto and by the looks of my fridge and pantry contents I'm upholding it!! ;)

I've always believed in having little treats on hand - just in case!

Wow! Fancy...four months already have sailed by! It's almost unbelievable!

It's good to hear that good manners are being put into place at sea, and the ships are allowing you room to manoeuvre.

It must be exciting for you as you close in on the Cape...once past that, you'll be on the home run!! What a unique adventure you're having! Savour every moment, Jess.

Keep up those leg excercises - put on some music and do some moves! Your crew can dance with you...they look like they could do with a bit of a work-out! Make them earn their keep! There's no free rides in this world, remind them of that! :)

It's sounds like your skimming (and bouncing) along...keep up the good work, Jessica. Stay best wishes.

Brian said...

G'day Jess
4 months that is amazing, it has gone quickly, how you must have changed.... grown a little physically, grown bloody heaps mentally, stronger than steel I reckon. Glad the tucker is holding up when you come down to Vic look me up & I'll get you the biggest steak in town!!!!
Stay safe
Regards Brian

Kev said...

Eat well, sleep well, sail well.
Go Jesse go!
Cheers, Kev, Forestville, Oz.

Paula said...

Good to hear about your dietary habits. What are you feeding the crew? They look pretty well-fed, I must say.

Are you doing any schoolwork these days? Which subjects? Do you have to check in with teachers back home, take tests, etc.?

I'm sitting here watching the Winter Olympics from Vancouver, amazed and thrilled by the courage of the athletes. None of them, Jessica dear, can match you for sheer guts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

Wishing you fair sailing for rounding Cape of Good Hope, I lived most of my life in Cape Town and have sailed around Cape Point many times. Its the fairest Cape of all and the most beautiful point in the world! Say hello to Table Mountain.

Alles van die beste (all the best!)


JJ said...

Hey Jesse,

Great update as per usual.

I'd imagine one bag of banana chips would go a fair way - give the balance to your Mum to eat! It wouldn't have been no small task budgetting on food quantities and variations for the trip - sterling job Mum!!

Take care


magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
♣Richie Paris beat me to the Jony the Pony line.
Why couldn't you post a little later so those in LA LE Land would be sleeping, lol. Also at the same time,Torah Bright is snowboarding for Aussie Gold young missy!!!
I reckon you should hang onto those food cans so that you can peg them at us bloggers who get too swept up in the moment when you zoom into Sydney harbour. We'll gladly try to catch them.

☺☺☺ Hoo ROO ☺☺☺

Astroglide_Australia said...

Great update Jessica.


Anonymous said...

Good on you Jess,

If EPL keeps rolling like that all the way home you'll be mistaken for a drunken sailor when you step ashore, so you'd better practice singing some sea shantys like "Yo- ho- ho and a bottle of rum..." to entertain the crowd thats sure to be here in Sydney to meet you.

From Sea to Summit said...

Congratulations on crossing into the Eastern Hemisphere again. Hey ... good news on the surplus food situation as you now have the option of sailing past Australia ... hahahaha!! Do you plans include a fly-over again by your family (when rounding the African cape)??
Lincoln - US Gulf Coast

Anonymous said...

Bananas-potassium, beans-protein. Well, you're probably getting enough. Crackers-salt...heyyyy

I once went travelling on my own, to the US to meet penfriends. I spent a lot of time travelling and was surprised to find I began to talk to myself. I tried to stop doing it but there it was, involuntary self-babble. I stopped when I was around people, and haven't really been on my own since to see its re-manifestation. So I wonder how Jesse is getting on, after 4 months no less effectively on ones todd. Are you silent with just a few facial expressions to hint at inner thoughts, or do you have an operatic open oral debate with yourself and the crew, with the odd cry of "Wilson" to let off steam. Methinks if that was me out there it would be the latter, with sea-shanty jigs thrown in.

The African Cape is a big milestone, bet you can't wait to put it behind you. Seems like the bulge in your route to avoid weather has brought you fairly close to the mainland. I, for one, will be happier when you're out in the big blue yonder again.


midnacht said...

Wow, 4 months. It really does seem like yesterday i started reading your blog right after you left Sydney. Its going to be sad when you finish this trip, i dont know who i can live vicariously thru after your done. anywho Take care and be safe.

Missouri USA cheers for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, hey before you know it you will be back home, have loved all the picky's lately, glad you are well and enjoying yourself. Stay safe, Vicki, your little guardian angel from Caloundra.

Mike said...


gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
It's great hear that you have some good speed happening at the moment Jesse. If you do read this blog, what wind direction do you and Ella' Pink Lady like the best. I know there is no perfect condition, but a nice beam reach or broad reach at about 15 to 25 knots, I think that would suit you and EPL the best?
It's fantastic to be able to talk to the passing ships, I'm sure that would ease a little bit of tension, you know all about bumping into ships, sorry to bring that up.
I must go out and buy some of these banana chips and give them a try, they can't be that bad? I will give my verdict later, has any other blogger out there sampled these chips?
When you get home Jesse, what is the first type of food will you get mum to cook for you, or will it be some type of fast food?
Sorry, no more questions and I better get back and do some work which is piling up, it has to be finished by the end of the day, so I better get stuck into it, see what you are missing out on Jesse.
So Jesse keep having fun and KEEP SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
Exmouth WA Australia

Anonymous said...

Very nice to read your update. The winds are in your favour and it will not be long before you get by the Cape of Good Hope. Quite an accomplishment indeed! Your Mum should be complimented on her stock of foods, planning for 8 months takes a lot of doing and she has done a terrific job.
With all those supplies you will not starve. those banana chips are good for you so you should eat some at least.
Looking forward to you rounding the cape. I hope the albatross will be waiting for you. Safe and smooth sailing. Best wishes as always..
Russ. Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica
Well done
Keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

cory s said...

Just started keeping track of your progress. Looks like fun, I wonder if the wife and kids would miss me for 6 months.. Hope you stay safe..

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, Wait a minute!
Four months at sea? I can hardly
believe it. Since your October
departure I have followed you
every knt mile of the way. The incredible indurance qualities you
possess are beyond admirable.
Remember, there's many miles before
you enter Sydney Horbor. So let's
be sure your focus is on safety,
health and keeping your ship in shape. You Are an amazing woman! Be Safe! Stay Happy! Your Getting Closer! Sing your favorite Songs!

Pete and Nancy in Keene, NH. USA said...

Good evening Jess,

FOUR MONTHS !!! Can you believe it? We've been following you from day one and it seems like just yesterday that you left Sydney.

You've come a long way young lady and everyone that's followed you from around the world is greatfull that you've taken us along for the ride. We check your blog first thing in the am (around 5:00) during the day and at night to see how you're doing. Not really sure what we'll do when you finally get home. Hopefully you'll continue this unbelievable blog and keep us all informed of your life at home and what your next journey will be.

Almost on the home stretch and getting closer each day. Hope you get to see the albatros's soon. If you get a chance, we'd all like to see some new video update from you.

Stay safe and clipped on. We'll check in on you tomorrow.

@RichieParis, you are correct, She is a Jewel

Brian Riley said...

Hi! Jessica,

You have to be the most amazing 16yr old I have come across, you are following your dream, writing superb blogs, sailing a 34ft yacht solo around the world, where time has warped from 4 months to just like yesterday, into which you have stayed focused on the individual daily routine right down to your likes and dislikes, I do hope to be able to meet you for a personal autograph of the book when it is published.

25knots of downwind sailing does create a little of rolly polly, would it help to pole your jib the opposite tack to your main? this may reduce what you are experiencing.

Safe Passage, Will talk later.
Hervey Bay, QLD.

Claes in Sweden said...

I have follow your journey from the start and it is always very pleasant to follow your trip round the globe. You blogging in a natural way sense so i and others have the feeling we are all out there together with you. I have just buying me my first little 20 ft sailboat but it is on land for now because the seas around here in Sweden are pretty much covered by ice for now. Waiting for the spring so i can get sailing in my little yacht. We are all very proud of what you are doing so proceed in that style.

hezakiah299 said...

02-18-10 @ 21:01
Hi Jessica,
Thanks for the up-date, it’s always good to hear from you, to me that’s a sign that things are going, at least, fairly well.

Well Jessica, congratulations on your four (4) months at sea, I’m real proud of you for having accomplished this, and I’m sure your entire family is as proud. When it’s behind you it’s not so bad but when you’re looking at four (4) months ahead of you it can look like a long time.
You’re definitely a very special person Jessica, and I firmly believe you’re here for a very special reason, to teach, to guide or lead, but something with a meaningful purpose. Only time will tell,… any ideas…?????

Yes, the time has sailed right by us pretty fast, even though an hour is still an hour. You have adapted to various conditions over the last 14,000nms very well, that’s who you are and that’s what you can do. You blend in with the existing conditions and make the most of them, yes, as your Mum said “you are one tough cookie”. God Bless Ya. You’ve had some idle time but I think most of your time has been fully occupied, so that would help the time go by faster. Yes???
I guess you’ll be getting the ‘snuggies’ out for this part of the run, Dilip was just talking about not having to dress as warmly as he had been, and now you will have to.
I was glad to read about the conversation with the ship and how they were willing to change course for you, that’s showing courtesy and respect to our girl!!!!! Or maybe they heard about the wild crew of scallywags that you had on board….lol..
Well it doesn’t sound like you’re hurting yourself in the food department by what you are eating, you’re still getting plenty of healthy food in you. Are you drinking a fair amount of liquids????

OK Jessica, I hope you’ll be seeing some albatross and dolphins soon, you haven’t mentioned them lately, take care of yourself and them scallywags, and be cautious, do you stay clipped on faithfully (I just had to ask, lol).
You can do 600nms between teas!!!! lol…
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I have a grandaughter your age who is soooooooo peed off with you since it makes her look ordinary! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, One of my favorite tv shows always started partly by saying 'to boldy go...'. Perhaps others have gone your way before, but none more bolder than you. Sounds like you are eating fairly smart, at least a variety. May you continue to find fair winds and friendly ships.

greg said...

Hi Jess, congrats on reaching the 4 month mark in your journey, I bet you will be glad when you reach home port, I would have gone crazey by now. Not having some one around me,would not be a problem, being couped up in such a small area for so long would. You are one amazing young lady, keep up the good work. Wee have to give your mum full marks for the great job she done on your food prep, better to have to much than not enough,it was nice of the captain to offer to change course, well done captain. Well thats about all for now, stay safe god bless and continued good sailing Cheers Greg from Townsville.

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - again today you sound in good spirits. I'm pleased these passing ships are friendly and I hope you don't tell them you are alone. You need to protect yourself from all the contingencies.

The tucker box leftovers may earn you a few dollars at the local food market when you get back. I'm pleased you said you were looking forward to getting back home. I hope the uncomfortable ride you were experiencing at the time you were blogging is 'no longer' and you are back in the comfort zone. With 600 nm before passing under the CoGH another major milestone will soon be ticked off. I hope you are setting daily, weekly goals for yourself and you are keeping yourself active doing productive tasks.

'til next time precious one, please take care, stay tightly clipped on, exercise the legs, stay calm and relaxed in the moment and don't pull out the hair. Love ya heaps, Jesse and god bless.


hp said...

Bonjour Jessica & Ella's Pink Lady,

You should at least eat your banana chips (potassium). Also the other stuff, you will need the calories as the weather gets colder.

Gentlemanly ships are a rarity. One that offers to change course even more so. So maybe trust but always verify!

Keep smiling, take care, be safe.

14000nm, 4 months at sea, less than 600nm from le cap de Bonne-Espérance. Very impressive!

Patricia, Ocean City, NJ said...

Oh, Jessica. Those uneaten banana chips are most wanted by some of your sun loving crew. Happy that the passing ships are friendly and agreeable. Grandmom and granddaughter, Patricia and Courtney, 13.

Bruce S said...

Hi Jessica
Thanks for the update ...
I like your taste in food ;o)
also glad that you are surfing!
600nm to C of GH ... wow... think
fellow blogger 'Bengt' had EPL for 23 Feb (close, but maybe a day later?)

fair waves and winds
stay safe!

Bruce Stanley/Sydney

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

Congratulations on 4 months.

Peas and beans hey. I sense that they would be greens! For some reason I can hear my mothers voice in my head saying "eat your greens"! So are Chinese vegetables green?

Good to hear that you are flying along.

Sail safe, sail fast.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Jesse,thanks for your update,you sound like you are feeling a bit like my horse who knows she is heading for home after a long day and can't wait to get there!!
Back to the reality,you are doing superbly Jesse,EPL is standing up well and those nm's are disappearing behind you at "the rate of knots"(almost a pun? )Keep eating well, thanks to Mum! get your rest and stay really focused, clipped on of course,take care good sailing,you are in our prayers as always, Dougal

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
glad to hear you keep on keeping on. you mentioned a tragedy with pringles and tomato sauce. That does that mean you have NO TOMATO SAUCE???? I am petrified just thinking about the matter. How on earth would you eat a pie, tinned or not with no TS? Is it wise to keep persisting in this journey? I have a whole new respect for you now finding that out. Oh you poor thing and when i think how much i slathered on my dinner last night! Jesse stay strong in your sauceless state. If anyone can do it it's you. I certainly couldn't.
All i can do is wish you good winds and safe sailing and know i will give my TS the respect it deserves.

Meredith said...

I'm wondering how close is too close for another ship! And how you manage to eat tinned pie ;) Thanks for the update! Not long to go now,
Meredith (NZ)

Pete and Nancy in Keene, NH. USA said...

Congrats to Australia,

A gold medal in the womens half pipe buy Torah Bright from NSW.

Another young Aussie Lady to be proud of !!!

Go Australia !!

Both you and Jess have done your country proud

Well done...

Lee said...

Great news, Jess!!! I'm not sure if you're following the Winter Olympics or not (or if you have the time to do so) - Torah Bright just won a Gold Medal in snowboarding for Australia! Waltzin' Matilda!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce and Allyson Kuehn said...


Just think now, every meter under your Keel is one meter closer to home.

The old time sailors sang songs about times like these. you have much to be proud of and much to look forward to. Even when you reach Sydney, your journey will have just begun.

You are very much a hero and have captured the imagination of all of us who follow your journey.

Charles Dodgson said...

I agree with the sentiment of many of the posts Jess, it has become easy to recognise your feelings in the tone of your posts. Once you get around Cape of Good Hope you will be able to "see" Australia. That should pep you up.

I can not help think about those Dutch and British sailors of the 17 and 18th century before clocks were accurate enough to record longitude. They used to sail across the Indian Ocean from the Cape until they figured they could turn north to get to the East Indies. You will be sailing along the same seas that all those great mariners did. A great history lesson.

Bill (Brissie) said...

Hi Jessica,
Nice to read your blog as usual.
Wanted to let you know that an Aussie, Torah Bright, has just won Gold at the Winter Olympics in the ladies halfpipe.
Go Aussies Go,

cousinpete said...

hi jess. ahhh. an ausi won gold in the halfpipe today. you won gold in all our hearts.
get ready for a little cooler weather, and enjoy the new food.

Philip said...

You should always eat your veggies. Just take the dried peas and soak them in water for awhile, add them to the tuna or mixed veggies and you are all set. Or mix them with the pasta and beans and have a pasta salad.
Nice to hear that you are going again, even though it is drizzly and dreary (sounds like London on some days).
And don't feel bad about doing homework. I go to school as well and put off doing my homework until tonight and I have to be at school tomorrow. So I am racing through it. :)

And I loved the videos that Queesnlander left in the comments. Hilarious!

Anyways, be safe.

USA East Coast

Words Have Wings said...

Dear Ms Watson,
You are my hero. I'm hanging on every blog post now so keep them coming when you can. You are a great ambassador for teenage girls everywhere - people love to paint 16 year old girls as ditzy superficial creatures only interested in fashion and gossip - you couldn't be further from the stereotype. You are also an extraordinary mix of courageous and humble. I would like to also send my thoughts to your Mum who I reckon is a bit of a hero too - not just for packing your food bags so thoughtfully, but because I'm sure she can't think about anything else until you are on dry land again. Hopefully someone's making a nice cup of tea for her every now and then as you head towards your home stretch. So it's back down to the Roaring 40s... hang in there Jess. Keep your wits about you and bring that boat home! We're all cheering you on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
It is great to listen up to your blogs! Four months already - to quick, you will be home before you know!
Take care, Leeroy from BNE

gustav said...

Hey Jesse,

Congratulations on completing Four Months at sea solo,non-stop and un-assisted. A truly great achievement!

You are going really well and heading further down south again will ensure that you make even better headway.

Cape of Good Hope will be there soon
in a few days, so you are going really well Jessica,like a true champion.

Speaking of champions,
I have also been following the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics (which look absolutely amazing) and just watched the Australian flag bearer and Snowboarder Torah Bright from Cooma win the Gold Medal for Australia in the Ladies Half-Pipe Snowboarding,which is very amazing and a great achievment.

here is a short write up from 19, 2010 1:58PM

Torah Bright wins Olympic halfpipe gold

AUSTRALIAN snowboarder Torah Bright has won her first Winter Olympic gold.

Competing in the halfpipe final on Cypress Mountain, Bright crashed out on a horror first run, scoring just 5.9.

However, the Cooma-born world number three nailed her second run, scoring a 45, then watched as her closest competitors crashed all.

US champion Kelly Clark threatened with a clean second run, but was well behind Bright with a 42.2.

Her US compatriot Hannah Teter - the reigning gold medallist - couldn't beat her first run of 42.4 and beat Clark into second position.

It was Bright's first Olympic medal, following up on her fifth place in Torino in 2006 and two gold medal at the X Games in 2007 and 2009.

Bright's teammate Holly Crawford finished in ninth place.

wishing you all good winds and following seas and sending you lots of love dear Jessica,you are a true champion.

gustav haffner

keco said...

Hi Jeesica.
once again so refreshing to read your blog. Great up date. I so look forward to them.

Looks like you are on the ball with you watches at night, soeasy to let it slip a little. We don't want you knocking over any more ships, ha ha ha ha ha.Nice to see there are still some gentelman sailors around and willing to give you more sea room. Oh! and don't forget you are likly to start running into a lot of fishing boat's out of S/africa.
Forgot to ask, do you have a ausey flag flying for the Pink Lady ????????

Take care Jesse and happy safe sailing.
Old Keco...xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who doesn't think it's a good idea to be broadcasting to other ships that you are alone? Especially moving into the area of ocean you are heading into?

Sorry, do not mean to be negative. You really are inspiring to me. I am simply concerned about how safe that practice is.

Good winds.

Anonymous said...

wow -- as u said jes seems like yesterday u left,glad to c its still calm and smooth sailing 4 u.
will b over b4 u know it ,u will have to watch those legs for a bit when u step of the very special pink lady .but u will handleit all . god speed.
p and j

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

I have been following ur story from day dot but never commented. Am loving ur blog and keeping track of where u are. U are a HUGE inspiration and ur wrting style is a pleasure to read. U take care and safe sailing. U CAN DO IT!! We will try make it to sydney the day of ur return.

Bruce de Mich said...

Gosh! A third of a year, Jesse. It does not seem possible that it has been that long even to we land lubbers!

Others have alluded to, perhaps begun, an alternate Blog once you complete your trip around the World. I think some of us will have to have such a Blog devoted to grief counseling once you, EPL and the Scallywags make final port! It is going to surely leave a big hole in some of our lives. I am afraid I will be one of them... but not to worry most of us have been there before and we will managed it for sure. Know that you have made us all stronger, inspired and optimistic, as well as yourself, for having embarked upon this journey with you.


Bruce de Mich

Bruce de Mich said...

If you get a chance, Jess, take a look at what has been happening at the Top of your World! Are you seeing any Aurora over the Southern Hemisphere when you get down that way? This scene is from Norway.

Bruce de Mich

Anonymous said...

hi jess,

how true time flies, my wife and daughters complain that over the last four months I have spent more time on the blog than with the family - I need to remind them that you are family too.

With Sydney approaching, I am sure a lot of your adopted parents must be worrying about a right choice of career for you back home- it does not matter that the final choice is with you or you may have already made a choice, but a typical parent needs to worry and we will fulfill that need.

I have thought of some

- a career with National Geographic adventure
- sports or youth minister of Australia
- a career with the UN youth wing.

in addition to one of the above, of course, you anyway will be doing the mandatory endorsements, book signing, author, speaker, modelling, movies, tv shows etc.

any more thoughts



Unknown said...

Hi Jess,
I thought of you today when I was in IGA buying tomato sauce!!!!!!
Thank you for your updates. They are the first things I look for when I turn my computer on.
I loved the pic of that lazy crew of yours.
Godspeed, you are on the homeward stretch.
Cooroy, Queensland

fumes said...

save those banana chips for me please jesse.. thanks!
i'm glad to hear that you're surfin' right along.. you and epl have just one more cape and you're homeward bound. do you feed your dolphin and albatross friends any left-overs? thanks for keeping us jesseholics updated.. you've got quite a following here ''sailor girlie'' (i just love that moniker molly has for you). ~fumes

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

Commented earlier...thought id let u know u inspired me to read Kay Cottee's First lady. What an awesome story and gives a huge insight as to what ur going through, can visulaise ur busy life aboard Pink Lady and can almost feel the seas ur sailing through
Take care and thanx for sharing ur story through this blog

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update Jesse and congrats for getting past that 4 month mark....yes time really does fly when your having fun...:)

Banana chips and tinned beans....thats the sort of food my Pet Ratties would love to be eating...mind you they eat just about anything. Its better that Mum packed too much food rather than too little....besides its better to have to choose what you want to eat rather than get to the bottom of the bag and go " not beans again...yes, yes, yes"!!!

Not long til you pass that next milestone....i just cant believe how well all is going for you....well yes i definately have things well in hand....many people would not be able to handle things as well as you have... Smile

Albatross are certainly a good thing to look forward an animal lover, any animal would be worth while seeing

Anyway....keep on keeping on...

Stay safe as you head back south, have fun, enjoy the food.

Looking forward to your next post

Deb and the guinea's ( who are inside today in the air conditioning...way to hot outside. :) )

Flash said...

Hi Jessica!

Long time no dolphins 'round EPL, huh?

Should you drop some banana chips or dried peas to attract their attention again??

How about lonelines and boredom? As far as we know about your personality you're putting yourself to the toughbook every free minute to type a new page of your announced book.

Sometimes I wonder if there'll be a DVD of the voyage, too. I presume: yes it will be...

Wow Jessica, you cannot imagine how many sailors you have hooked up with your blog. I read a few yacht forums recently and there are some true and faithful Jessica-Fans all over. No doubters anymore!

So, Jessica, keep the strong determination, observe all the issues of maintenance, sailing and safety and stay healthy!

Counting down the miles to the next cape - seems like a good reason for a new video.

You're in my mind, tough Aussie!

Godspeed and all the best from Germany


Anonymous said...

Save me one of the tinned food that you will not be eaten. At least you can sign on it and say that the can has gone round the world with you! I will be in line to get a can off you.

Unknown said...

Who said you were too young to accomplish such a challenge ??? You must be around 2/3 through - it must be the pringles! I hope you have a really good supply to get through the rest of the trip. If you run out, let us know, and we'll send an albatross out to drop some off to you.

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse

Congratulations on your wonderful journey of 4 months.

I have enjoyed your logs along the way.
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Péter said...

Hi Jessica!

Whenever you enter a new timezone, I change the timezone of my Windows 7 gadget clock. Right now we are in the same timezone! Though this happens to all your fans during your journey, I am paricularly happy. Super!

If I can believe the SotrmSurf modell (, there is no significant wind and swell in the next few days, expected near the Cape of Good Hope. This is just an amateur observation, you better believe Bob!

I hope you'll succeed in passing the next milestone. Maybe it will be sunday, when the last phase of the long journey leading home will start. Luckily you can get your well-waited day off at home and the crew can drink a grog too.

Take care!
Péter from Szeged, Hungary

Anonymous said...

watching your progress and proud of you girl... you will reach that silver line, EA

Abhilash Tomy said...

Dear Jess

By way of introduction I am the lone shore support crew of Cdr Dilip Donde. I have been meaning to write to you for a long while. I have been following your voyage regularly for a while but because of all the travelling and Mhadei I was kept too busy to write to you. You have done an excellent job so far. Here's wishing you all the best for the remainder of the voyage.
Abhilash Tomy
Lt Cdr

Anonymous said...

Jess, please wave to me as you sail a few hundred kms South of Mauritius after rounding the Cape of Good Hope!

Regards and Godspeed


Annie said...

Hello Jesse,

@Sails re Irish Twins LOL!

@PWB ConfuseUs Says 9.27am - So True

@Sven 9.21am "If it rolls too much, just keep rocking! Love it.

@Elvis of Oz 9.11am - May be your best yet!

@Carol Florida its hard to describe the taste of Vegemite you will just have to try it. Maybe SaltyDog could help you, he was very adventurous around Australia Day with Aussie food, he may have tried it. If not, toast, butter, vegemite - enjoy (or not :-))

Jesse I hope the rolling uncomfortable conditions have eased a little,

Bluefin Annie, Buderim, Queensland.

Berlin Red said...

Hey Jess,

What no Brocilli or Cauliflower on Ella Pink Lady,glad i did not sign up for that cruise, hahaha. Wait, I hate those things,where I
do,I sign, where do I sign

Stay Safe

Berlin Red

PWB said...


ConFuseUs says:

Girl who sail alone and write with grace
Is one, ELL-of-A Girl, in time and space.




Unknown said...

600nm to the next marker, that's really encouraging news. I like also that you chat with passing traffic. That's very friendly. That they are prepared to manoeuvre away to ensure you are not discomfited (well, made uncomfortable anyway) says much for the respect in which they hold you.

Well done, you! It's always fabulous to hear from you.

Ian from Brisbane

captain said...

Your a ripper Jess. im just about to do the Ransa race here on Sydney Harbour. Generally takes an hour and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care out there. Capt'n Kelly

Andrew said...


With all of the left over food, you could hold a bar-b-q for your loyal bloggers; or you could auction real bona fide, Jessica Watson brand nibblys packaged lovingly by Mrs Watson herself! In any case, all of this talk about food is making me hungry. I'm off the fridge!

Sail safe,

Andy and Vicki (Queens Park, NSW)

Susan said...

I love reading your blog! What you said about the weather reminded me of this little rhyme:

Whether the weather be fine
Or whether the weather be not
Whether the weather be cold
Or whether the weather be hot
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.

It bodes well that the time has flown by so fast. It's a good indication of how attentive and engaged you've been.

The albatrosses must be incredible to watch and one of the highlights of being down there.

It's good to hear the other ship was willing to change course for you... that's so friendly and caring. Of course no one wants any mishaps.

A few hardships seem par for the course in any solo circumnavigation, but running out of Pringles and Tomato Sauce... oh dear. That's the biggest serious oversight I've heard of with all the preparations, and it will be a true test of grit and endurance to see if you can make it these next 2 months without. I'm rootin' for ya Jesse.

Karin: Jeanne Socrates posted some absolutely beautiful photos she took of the cape town area while she was there for boat repairs... the area looks so very beautiful.

Okay Jess. I'll wish you sweet Pringle filled dreams!

Susan in Oregon

(my word verification is muncelon...sounds like munch along!)

Phil in Idaho said...

Alls well. Fantastic. Very happy you did have a bit of a holiday after all those knock downs. Glad the food is going well. Mum did a fantastic job!!!

It does not seem like 4 months to me either. Wow time flies. I'm stuck behind the computer and my only knockdowns are when the cat jump on my desk and spills the water!

Cobrarog said...

WOW! Jesse,
Hard to believe it has been 4 months since this adventure kicked off!

@ Rajiv Reddy- Jesse has been run over once already. Go to her website and learn more about her and her preparation for the trip. You will find it to be fascinating reading.

Plan to have an auction of all of your left over goodies Jesse. Not everyone has a can of beans that has been around the world for sale!

Those banana chips are loaded with potassium and are very good for you. Well, I didn't say you have to eat them.

Tell us. Compared to distance remaining, how much school work is yet to be completed. Just wondering.

Your doing a great job of taking care of EPL Jesse. Every mechanical thing must have TLC and they will go for ever.

You are on the homeward stretch. This is a time when one tends to get laid back, and "settled in". Jesse, please do not let complacency creep into your every day thinking. Just one slip can mean disaster.

Loving your posts!

Anonymous said...

A hundred years ago some sailors would have considered themselves lucky, were they to go on a diet of beans or so, well earned praise for your backing crew for having planned so well.
And praise to you for your discipline, that's what few people have.

Anonymous said...

Yum yum. Sounds like you're being spoilt.

Anonymous said...

Cooeee Jesse!

Another great blog giving the reader insight into your life on the high seas, thanks.

Your comments about the food bags reminds me of one deployment our son returned from [ THANK YOU Lord!] and he brought home a ration pack to show us! I just shook my head. That pack was years and years old! :( Not only was it years and years old, it was disgusting what it contained! And the Govt wonder why they can't retain people in our military! :/

Anyway Jesse, I'm glad you're food pack is more palatable and nourishing! Trust a Mum to ensure her young'un is well catered to! Maybe our Defence force needs some Mum's to do their catering! :)... ENJOY your tucker! :)

I'm going away for awhile, so will wish you continued safe sailing and hope to be able to check in and keep informed of your progress.

Cheers from Soldier's Mum in SA.

[ for people outside of Australia ... SA stands for South Australia] :)

Jan said...

Bula Jesse,
We have some rain in Pacific Harbour this evening also, but our sea is calm and before sunset the nearby islands were a brilliant green and looked so close ... not a good sign weather-wise.
The Class 7&8's can't wait for your up-dates, thanks so much for all the great detail, like the food!! Yeh, we all agree with your favourites!!What do you have for breakfasts? Or do you just have what you like when you feel like it? .... Anyway, you are making good time towards Afica, well done! Hope you see the birds soon ... "Moce" for now ....

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
You have been part of our lives for 4 months! what are we going to do after you reach Sydney?
I think I would be leaving the
banana chips and tin beans to last also.
Hope you are not getting thrown around too much.
Keep safe,

Anonymous said...

go on Jesse
you are almost home

Sofia - Bulgaria

Anonymous said...

and Torah Bright wins Gold Whoohoo
another young girl realising a long held dream,Go Girls

Anonymous said...


Wow it's been that long 4 months at sea now? I guess I did not realized it. Must be coz you write such beautiful blog that I lost track of time. I do not know what Im going to do without your blogs. Im sure I will miss it.

FYI, Congratulations to Tora Bright for winning the gold. Wow that girl is a master of snowboard.

I was wondering if you have files of video clips that you can share with us after your trip?

Keep safe always.


RainCityBob said...

Congratulations Jesse.

The easiest and safest part of your journey is behind you. You have significantly more experience now, and the strength to make the rest of the trip as easy and safe as possible.

In addition to you and two other young women out in the oceans, women athletes have been showing grit in the Winter Olympics. You all represent the best of humankind.

On your return, your observations and experiences would make you an ideal advocate and spokesperson for ocean health, if your interests led you in that direction. The floating debris you have observed is probably minimal compared to the North Pacific gyre, and there also exists an extremely troubling North Pacific Dead Zone. You have first-hand experience of the vastness of the oceans, and at the same time have noted detritus far from the shopping malls of the world.

Stay strong, stay smart.

pestinfo said...


You only need tinned beans if there is no wind. Otherwise we can return them to the supermarket here for a refund -- or maybe swap them for more Pringles ??

Looks like you are well south of the big bit of land called South Africa.

You should hit the Cape Rollers soon - it should not worry you too much, but has been known to break the old elongated oil tanker into two pieces. Only two big waves at 100 metres apart make it hard for those big tankers to displace their load evenly.

Looks like your well south of land so my only advice right now, is due East young lady. If that's OK with you.

Not too sure what is going to happen when you lose all your homework upon entering Sydney Heads (the waves ate my homework teacher, sorry), but I am sure that somebody will be organising a bit of a reception for you - Pringles included at no extra cost !!

You won't be able to walk straight for days !! The earth will still be rocking.

Sail safe

Best Regards
Allen, Hervey Bay, Qld, AU

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

4 time has really flown by. Not sure if it has been that quick for you. Just hope you are really eating enough!!!!

You have really been my inspiration over the last 4 months. You attitude to everything going on round you is fantastic. I honestly believe that your attitude has rubbed off a little on me in my daily business & home life.

the mile are closing in with only 600 miles to the Cape of Good Hope.

Hope the weather is not unsettling for you.

Take care and stay safe

Ingleburn NSW (in Singapore again for a 1 day visit, home tomorrow)

Anonymous said...

Jessica...I have been following your journey since the beginning...Just happened to come across an article while in Sydney...I am a Flight Attendant who lives in Southern California. What an incredible story you are!! Cheers for you,

Bebie - Caloundra said...

Another great blog thanks Jesse. I know it's real, but you make it all come so alive for us.

Four months already!

I'm afraid I'm going to suffer
"Jesse's Blog and other people's comments" withdrawl symptoms when the time comes.

Stay warm when you hit the cool climate again, but not for too much longer it seems. You'll be home before you know it.

Take care little sweetheart.

seawind said...

Hello from greece. i wish you always good sailing wind at your side.
I admire you a lot that you had the courage to start this amazing trip!
I hope i see your update soon :)

Unknown said...

hi jess, loving your work, enjoy reading your blog's get's me out of the real word and into your amazing sailing. xx pete CAIRNS

Barry Clements said...

Hi Captain Jesse

It's good to hear you're in a position from rationing that you can pick and choose a bit but I hope your Mum doesn't read that you haven't been eating your veggie's.

Your dietician might be having a bit of a fit as well that you haven't stuck to the food intake plan.

I'd be eating the tinned pie first as well. for something that comes out of a tin they're real good but better if you'd had plenty of sauce to tip on top.

But looking at all the photos since you started this journey I don't think you're doing to bad. I think you look extremely healthy so what you have eaten has only done you good.

You've probably been living off the high spirits as well because you have stayed in such a great frame of mind, even on the bad days by not letting the elements take charge of you.

You've been an absolute winner since day one and that shows in the number of fans you continue to attract with the positive attitude, regular fun blogs and the nothing will beat me attitude.

If you've got any surplus food stores you could throw it over the side as you pass Madagascar.

They have an economy with more than 70% of the population living below the poverty line so I'm sure they'd appreciate some crackers, peas and beans.

Either that or hand the left over stores to a charity when you finish. I know the people getting them would think they're something special having done a circuit of the globe with an Australian hero.

You go girl and eat what you want. you look great and your high spirit comes to us in every blog you post.

I'm so looking forward to you getting around this next corner because I'm sure the blogs will get even better. what a milestone to have one last ocean to cross and a little bit of the pacific to go.

Your an absolute credit to Australia and can only imagine the media coverage you'll get when I compare it to Australia picking up a gold medal at the winter Olympics today.

Cheers and god speed
Bribie Island.

Joanne van Os said...

So good to read your blog and know that you're in good spirits and still have your sense of humour. I don't think there'll be much that you won't be able to deal with after this, Jesse.

I sympathise with your mum about packing the food - after a year on our boat, we still had heaps of stuff we hadn't eaten (mind you we weren't sailing non-stop). It was interesting to see what was lurking in the lockers - things like lentils, dried beans, cans of beetroot... things I thought would be essential when I was provisioning the yacht for the first time! Having stashes of chocolate, and chips and other treasures hidden away was a great morale booster when we'd been on passage for a few days and feeling a bit ordinary, so I can imagine you enjoying yours even more so. It's REALLY good when you think you've finished them all, and then you find some hidden away...


My husband and I were on our own circumnav last year with our 16 year old daughter. Ali was killed in a docking accident on 18th February 2008 while we were at a marina in Thailand. She was on the dock watching as a super yacht came in, and something went wrong. When we saw you in Brisbane it was only a couple of months afterwards, and we were really heartened by meeting you and finding out what you were intending to do. Ali would have been SO excited to be following your voyage.
Look out for those friendly dolphins. They were her favourite creatures, and whenever you write about them I get the strongest feeling that she's out there, keeping you company. I'd like to think so.

Stay safe and stay happy Jesse - keep writing to us, there are so many people who are enraptured by what you're doing. You might be a long way out there on your own but you have a million people's hearts on that little boat!
Jo xxx

Nico said...

Hi Jesse,

I really don't want to spoil your positive attitude, but your mentioning of that odd ship makes me think if it wasn't wiser NOT to tell everybody out there by radio, that there is a single 16 year old girl just by herself in a small boat. It's not only nice people sailing over our oceans, and what they don't know, can't give them ideas. ;)

Good and friendly winds to you!

Frankfurt, Germany

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm lucy from nelson, new zealand. I'm 5 and I've been following your trip everyday and think you are awesome. I love chocolate too. I'm sad for you because my dad said you don't have ice-cream.

ben said...

Hey Jesse,

yet another milestone behind you and so very important as each one signals a giant leap toward your ultimate goal...HOME! Congrats and keep knocking them over.

I guess your thoughts are often turning towards home now as you make your way around the cape. I wonder just how long it will take you to be happily amongst the living again. I know you will eventually get back into the general flow, but somehow I can't see you being surrounded by four walls for too long. Watch this space......!!

In the meantime Captain there is
approximately 4,500nm of, as you put it, "open and often unforgiving seas" So, keep ya guard up, comfy and warm, and eat lots. As my mum use to say, "...and make sure you eat those beans!" lol

Happy to see you're ever watchful of those big ships Jesse, but how do you make first contact with them? "Pink Lady to.." naaah

Take care and be safe.

Ben (Qld)

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse....

Gees, only 600 to go before the 'long stretch' to thread the eye of the needle, eh !!! :)))

It's been a _Great Adventure_ you've shared with the serried ranks, Jesse. Wouldn't've missed it for the world ! Can't wait to be 'viewing' the Return from an edge of the 'arbour !!! Yes, time sure has flown !!

Most excellent reading your 'postings' and piccies.... and , especially, your videos when you squeeze 'em in. :))

OK... keep going _Great_ , as you are, Captain.

.... catchya down the tack.. :))

... Ooc.


Alessandro Machi said...

Have you calculated for the lightening of your vessel as you continue to consume its contents? I wonder if that will result in faster times as you get closer and closer to the finish line.

Denise said...

Thanks for the update,you have a lot of determination and guts to do this for a 16 year old,something I could not do.I have been following your everyday moves since you parted ways on the water. My daughter admires you for what your doing :D. Keep safe and I know you would love to be on land but chin up,keep going and wait for that special award to come your way. From Denise Hallett Cove SA

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

congratulations on 4 months at sea! What an achievement!

good news all round! Good winds, therefore moving along nicely, albeit a bit bumpy!

Enough food, even though some of it is not your favorite, but at least you won't be starving!
Were the tinned beans and dried peas your choice to pack?

And isn't it courteous of the ships captain to give you more space!
Gentlemen indeed!

Less than 600 nm by now......great!

EPL and Jessica, fly......

Keep well, happy and above all else keep safe,
hope you see Albis soon,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

Robby Scheffer said...

You'r one gutsy young lady I am allways looking forward to your next update
good to hear your mum packed to much food at least you won't go hungry
Please take care
Rob Scheffer

Liz LaSorsa said...

Hi Jesse,

Just wanted to say how much I love reading your updates. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when you are settled on dry land : (

Keep up the great job out there and thanks again for another awesome post.

Awhitu Girl - New Zealand

danma said...

Hey Jesse,

Good to hear that all is well, ha that is so funny not eating the beans & good on Mum for trying.....
Not that far to your next milestone, keep up the great work....
As always stay safe & happy sailing....

Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

Hi Jesse
Congrautlations on 4 months at sea! What a feat. Loved reading about your supply situation and was nodding when learning what foods go first each fortnight and what is put away for another time (???).
School holidays start over here for two weeks this afternoon. Am planning a trip to a town called Chartres this weekend. It has a medieval cathedral with some amazing stained glass windows. Am hoping the markets are on too, always fun to poke around in.
Will catch up with you again on my return. Have a safe weekend.
Gillian, France

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess!
Yes, Yes, Yes, go get them Albertos!!!
I am glad you're moving away from them Dollydrums. Guess that was your last frolicking with them Dollydrums as it looks like you are going to catch the SIO Highway home.
Keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

PS: SIO= South Indian Ocean

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

while reading the commentaries, I had an idea, what you can do with all the left over cans and packets of food.

Auction them off, as souvenirs for all the blog family welcoming you in Sydney and give the money to your favorite charity!

Which can of beans or packet of dried peas has done a solo, nonstop round the world trip!!!!!!!
Pretty special!!!!!!!!!
Handled by Julie and Jessica, varnished and lovingly stored!!!!

Well, it's an idea!!!!

Fly Jessica, keep well and safe,


auscan said...

Hello Captain Jess,

Across the Prime Med. & 4 mths. at sea! Congrats.
I second all the lovely comments about & to you that fill this blog from so many thoughtful people about the globe.
What did someone say a while ago?, "The Tribe of Jess". Seems like it.
Fair winds & keep your guard up.

Ray from Red Deer, Alta., Canada

Faye and Max said...

Hi again Jessica

Well another milestone passed with 4 months at sea, and another one due in another 5 days or so when you round COGH. We hope you enjoyed your little holiday lazing in the sun with your stuffy crew, as things will hot up (cool down) a bit as you head south. Did you ever get that heater working as you may need it soon ?? You are certainly getting lots of respect – imagine large ships changing course for a little pink yacht, thank you to the Captain for looking after our Jesse Girl.
We suppose you have heard that Torah Bright won Gold in the women’s snowboard halfpipe at the Winter Olympics, after a sensational final run. No doubt that Aussie girls are just the best !!

Stay safe Jesse dear and Go-Girl-Go.

Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

samurai said...

Dear Jo - Malaika Crew,
I have several years of experiences and very fond memories of Phuket and the Boat Lagoon and know of your story. My sincere and humble condolences to you and I hope you are coping reasonably well with your loss and continuing to live the dream for your precious Ali. May time heal and your memories never fail you.
Kindest regards, Sam

Jan Pace said...

Hi Jesse,

Wow, four months at sea, how time flys by when you're having fun
:-). WELL DONE JESSE. I feel that I have known you for much more than four months. I first started following your journey when I heard about you on the news after your little collision with the ship. I thought that I would look on the internet to find out more information on your journey and found your blog site. Since then it's all history, hardly a day goes by I'm not looking at your blog to see what you've been up to and to check that you're okay.

I don't think that other people really understand how us faithful bloggers feel about you Jesse. How protective we are of you when people might say anything negative, how we admire your bravery, modesty and attitude of someone way beyond your years. How we so look forward to your next blog and we worry if you haven't blogged (although we understand if you haven't blogged as you are sometimes such a busy young lady).

It's great that you have been so well prepared with plenty of food. It seems to be something that all us parents do. I tend to send our children away if they go on camps or to their friends with most probably more than they need. When you arrive home I'm sure you won't want to see crackers, banana chips, dried peas and tinned beans ever again. Maybe give them to the Salvation Army for homeless people or a foodbank somewhere would be nice?

I'm pleased that you have had friendly ships passing by. Speaking of ships have you heard anything from Dilip recently? He is enjoying nice weather now after having left the Falklands which Dilip deserves. He is such a gentlemen and has had some really challenging moments on Mhadei.

Well my dear I must sign off here. I think that I have my new blog sorted. I'm still such an amateur. Some people that blog to you have such wonderful blog sites. One day I might have the time to sit down and learn a little more on how to set up a proper blog site.

Warmest wishes and big hugs. Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

Ian Eisenberg said...

Hi, thank you very much. good job.

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

I'm with you regarding your choice of left overs. I think that I would leave those to last as well. Mind you, I think that possibly I have more to choose from than you might have.

Yay, the weather was finally good here in Brissy, but still a little bit cloudy. It is a lot cooler than it has been for the past few weeks.

I'm pleased to read that your winds are still pushing you along at a comfortable rate. I bet the rolling gets on your nerves after a while.

How's the school work going?

Take care and find those kind winds to push you home a little bit quicker.

June and Richard Thorn

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Wow, four months at sea, I wonder if sometimes you pinch yourself, just to remind you that all this is really taking place. I, and obviously a lot of others, are in awe of a young 16yr old living the dream and love to read your updates. Can't wait till your reach your next goal, safe sailing, may the seas be kind to you!

Molly said...

Almost around another Cape!
Time for yet another celebration of your amazing efforts.
I am tickled to read all of your adopted parents/aunts/uncles reminding you of your need for certain foods that you mentioned you have been avoiding.
I am confident that you are taking a multi-vitamin that addresses all those needs and I'm glad you are picking out your favorites from the food bag.
I imagine when you get home, and someone asks you what you want to eat, your response will be "Anything that doesn't come out of a can." : )
Keep your spirit bright.
Blessings and fair winds to you.

Maryland USA

Bruce Watt said...

I bet if you ever do this again Jess,you have more say in the food packing.I.e more tomato sauce, pringles and chocolate. hmm wonder how you prevent the chocolate from going soft. But back to business Jess..approx 8 weeks to go, and you sail thru the heads. Go Jess, Go.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)

Dave Richardson said...

Jessica can you please tell us what speed you are sailing at when you tell how strong the wind is blowing? Thanks Dave Gympie Qld.

HomeSweetBoat said...

@Malaika Crew
SO sorry to hear about your daughter ... what a tragedy. thanks for sharing.
Fay from the Gold Coast

PWB said...


@ Cobrarog said...on February 19, 2010 4:09 PM

Plan to have an auction of all of your left over goodies Jesse. Not everyone has a can of beans that has been around the world for sale!

Those banana chips are loaded with potassium and are very good for you. Well, I didn't say you have to eat them.

PWB Said:
I loved the clever way that you put the above lines together........ priceless can of beans✓✓✓

You grew up in Minnesota where the state flower is the Pink and White Lady Slipper,. Then you grew older in Texas where the state flag is the Lone Star, and then you came here to grow Australian.✓

Due to the fact that Jessica is our LONE STAR and she sails a PINK and a tad white LADY seagoing slipper and that you are also AUSTRALIAN, I would suggest the following: You sir may be the most qualified sailor to comment on this Blog? :)

Roger, please excuse my boldness by saying, continue with the comical comparisons as I perceive a tonic in your comic.
Best regards, Peter W.B.

Mike said...

Hello Jessica! Wow, 4 months! Time is going bye quickly. For me, the winter here in the northeastern US has gone bye quickly as well. That's a good thing, because soon we will be sailing here again as the weather breaks. I must say, the picture of the crew made my day. I'm sure they appreciated the warm sun. Thanks again for allowing us to sail along with you. Keeping you in my prayers.
Grace Fellowship Church.
North Stonington, CT, USA

Unknown said...

Sounds like your progress is going very well. Wont be long before the cape of good hope will be another mile stone achieved. best wishes, duane

Anonymous said...

G'Day jess, it has been a while since my last read of your blog and i have missed it!! BUT, i now have come up with a huge benefit for you being stuck out in the ocean - no one can give you head lice (NITS!!!) :) not sure if you have had them but my 3 year old has just had them and right now i wish i was sitting with you isolated and NIT FREE!!!
anyway, keep rocking, you are a little champ...
take care out there,
mel of yenda!! :)

John Kenney Jr. said...

I can't wait for your book, I imagine you are working on it now. Don't tell too much on your blog, surprise us.

Anonymous said...

Darwin Australia,
Love all your up-dates, having been following you since you left. I love your positive outlook on life, wishing you continued success and a safe and speedie trip home.

Michael said...

Hi Jessica,
congratulations on 4 months at sea.

I really love reading your blog. It's like reading a good adventure book: you can just dive into it and feel (almost *g*) with the heroine - even sitting in a warm room in snow cold southern Germany and having the next "sea" round here being a lake of about a 1/4 square mile.

So I hope you won't get those deep temperatures down south and that the good winds will continue driving you home.

Anonymous said...

My name is Kees and I'm a Jessaholic...
....they tried to put me in rehab, I said "no, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Congatulations Jessica, to you and the scallywags on a great job so far (and of course, all credit to the onshore team).
The four months have flown by for all of us as we've been following you, many of us from the beginning and countless friends that have climbed aboard along the way.

@PWB - all of you are keeping us delightfully entertained.

@Jony - love your posts....all of them. (someone has to keep Jesse focussed on dodgers, albertos and dollydrums, but what about the dollyfence?)

@RichieParis - great humour :)

@Sally by the Bay - pretty pictures

@Soldiers Mum - glad to hear your son's back safely

@Hezakiah299, SaltyDog, Samurai, Flash (Stefan) and the whole family - keep up your warm and loving support of "our" girl

@Julie and Roger - you guys sure cooked up a perfect GEM in Jesse!!

Jessica, stay safe and clipped on...
Jesse Jesse Jesse, OI OI OI

Kees, Doetinchem, the Netherlands

ps. word verification: canstil.....but i can't sit still

Bobby from South Carolina said...


4 months - it's hard to believe that it's already been 4 months since you set out on your adventure (and took us all along for the ride) - dried banana chips aren't in my top 10 favorite foods either :) I continue to be amazed at your accomplishments & so do all my friends here in South sails my friend, safe sails...

Bobby from South Carolina

Unknown said...

Hey Jesse,
Sorry I haven't posted lately ( not that you probably realised ) but my Mums taken ill and is in hospital. Nothing too serious but just a lot of running around.

Take care and stay safe


BillaBong said...

I just noticed that the picture on your revamped blog is that of your parent's shot of you near the Cape. Much more outdoorsy and captivating than the schoolgirl shot in the harbor. You're really doing it. Way to go. bab

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
4 months, wow, you ever are amazinga and an inspiration. Thank you for every day. Changing the course of oceans, or at least ocean going ships is accomplishment enough! We're with you every day. See you later!
Tom, Missouri, USA

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
This one is for Lynn of Picton NZ, Jesse is mainly relying on rain water to top up her water tanks. She has a small desalinator to top up EPL's tanks if she doesn't get enough rain, but I don't think Jesse has needed to use it so far, Jesse may correct me if I'm wrong.
To Rajiv Reddy: You wondered why Jesse gets a little nervous around shipping. You may not know that she had a collision with a large ship on the way down to Sydney before the the start of her adventure, so she would like to give any shipping a wide berth. Go and check out her earlier Blogs.
To Malaika Crew: My heart goes out to you guys, to lose a daughter at that age. I read your story in Cruising Helmsmen, I'm very sorry for your loss, I hope you are still doing and enjoying the cruising life style.
Cheers George Simmons
Exmouth Australia

Cape Breton said...

Great effort Jessica, I think your work ethic is second to none and ditto to your shore team especially your Mum.
I hope the Cape weather is kind to you and EPL.

A lot of us armchair sailors are learning the meaning of various sailing terms and use of equipment from you, so I hope you won't mind
this information on how a drogue works.
Another blogger mentioned this
Aussie, Bob Williams on "Sylph VI".
He is a current long term circumnavigator, and here is his clear description of the series drogue.
"This is a device developed by the US Coast Guard for use by small boats in heavy weather to prevent them from broaching and capsizing. Basically it consists of a long length of line with a series of small fabric cones attached to it at regular intervals; ours will consist of some 120 cones on 100 meters of nylon line. The idea is when the weather gets really rough you stream the drogue over the stern and the drag it creates slows the boat down and keeps the stern into the wind and waves."

Be safe, healthy and watch out for shipping and "rogues".

from the great Bras d'Or Lakes.

Fotobeeld said...

Congratulations Jesse! Another Milestone

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hi jessica i hope u get back soon
from T.J Walker Middle School

Anonymous said...

Keep going - not too many ports to call into now - even if you wanted to. WA no way - full ov tossers!

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
good to hear about them albertos! Please show us some pictures, I am pretty excited! :o)))
Maybe you can try some new combinations: banana chips with tinned beans? Sounds not so bad I would say.
So goodbye to them Dollydrums and up to them SIO highway for a smooth ride back home.
Keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Keith Rows the Indian Ocean 2011 said...

awesome achievement to date and I have no doubt you will set lots of records this time out and no doubt in the future. I have been telling the world here in Ireland of your great adventure. Most of which knew about you already. you are making your mark on the world and at such a young age. its a wonderful thing. embrace it and enjoy every second. It certainly sounds like you are. all the best for the rest of your trip.Keith rows the Indian

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