Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 Months at Sea

Four months at sea today, but it still feels like only yesterday that we were leaving Sydney! It's almost a bit scary how fast the time has flown and how completely I've settled into everyday life out here. But I'm also really looking forward to all things land and home.

We've got pretty rubbishy, overcast and drizzly weather at the moment but no complaints as progress is good. The wind is about 25 knots and because we're

running pretty close to directly with it, Ella's Pink Lady is rolling and surfing a little uncomfortably. Not long now till we're back in the 40's and with the temperature dropping a little more, it looks like my nice, sunny Atlantic holiday is over. But on the upside, hopefully I start seeing a few more albatrosses again.

There's still the odd ship around. Another one passed pretty close last night, they were really friendly again and when I mentioned over the radio that I was a little uncomfortable with how close we were set to pass each other, they immediately offered to change course to give us a little more room.

Something I forgot yesterday was to give you an update on how the food is going. Apart from those few tragedies with the Pringles and Tomato Sauce,

overall it's all going really well. I'm eating a bit less than what Mum planned for, which means there's quite a bit left over in each food bag, which

means that I'm able to pick out my favorites and leave the not so good stuff. The dried fruit, chocolate, pasta, tinned pie, mixed Chinese vegetables and tuna are the first things to go and by the end of the fortnight, the pile of leftover's normally includes crackers, banana chips, dried peas and tinned beans. Which gives you a pretty good idea of my likes and dislikes. Anyway to cut a long story short it looks like I'll be returning with enough food to feed a small army!

We've got just under 600nm sailing to do to pass under the Cape of Good Hope. So that's going to be it for today.



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Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi Jess,
Well its 2:14am Saturday morning just finished watching a favourite of mine Sandra Bullock in "The Net"...just love her! the ending title music plays I'm writing to say Congrats on achieving your Four Months at Sea another mile stone my dear!

I've decided to print out all your blogs in colour and I've complied them into two books including the odd gorgeous picture of you throughout, mum has been sitting back reading for herself all your blogs to date!....if one can make a book or two from just from your blogs just imagine the amount of untold material you are compiling for your actual book....can't wait!

Well Jess, I understand your food likes and dislikes it sounds like you may have lost a little weight too, but that’s part in parcel of being at Sea for the last 4 months so be careful about that you have to try and maintain some condition as the next couple of months sailing the Southern Ocean will need all your strength both mentally and physically...but you've been doing this so well anyway I hardly expect anything different!

And I concur with what other people are saying about your writing style, I love the way we can hear you talking through your written word, the self expression is unique to you and I just love it!!

Must go to bed its now just gone 2:52am...actually nothing unusual for me.

Night Jesse...

Clint - Melbourne town

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain Jess
I've been keeping up with you on a daily basis, Glad to here all is well and it seems like you have flown across the atlantic, it does not seem like 4 months since day one,
I wish you steady winds and calm seas,

Dreamsailor, miami, florida,usa

Kylie said...

4 months - Congratulations!!! It's probably a good thing your "crew" doesn't talk back - after four months with most people you'd be ready to strangle them.

I'm glad you're doing so well and can just imagine what the pilots of all those container ships are thinking to themselves when they get off the radio with you ;-)

Kia Kaha,
Kylie (from Cleveland, OH)

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Oh I forgot to mention we received the Pink Wall Chart yesterday and its proudly on display it looks really great, some reason we didn't get any Pink Dots to plot your course but we can improvise...

Thanks team for making such a gorgeous looking wall chart! there any "Car Stickers" being planned??...just a thought.

Clint - Melbourne....3:12am!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Thinking about you! lot's of love and peace!

Matilda, Sweden

Unknown said...

Four months already. The old saying applies to you, "Time flys when your having fun!" I'm thinking of all of us here in blog world that have gotten to know you over these past 4 months there is going to be an empty spot in our lives when you reach port and no more blogs. That's not happening for awhile so no blog doldrums yet. Good sailing with fair winds. Grandpa Bob in Tucson.

Unknown said...

Lil Jesse, banana chips ! keep some for me please !!!
Congratulations for your 4 months at sea !!! You are a giant !!!!
Have a safe and good leg around Cape of Good Hope and then... you can smell Australia !!

Take care and happy sailing


hezakiah299 said...

02-19-10 @ 12:24
Hi Jessica,
Well I hope this post finds you in good health and high spirits. I love it when you laugh between the lines…LOL.
Numerous bloggers have mentioned concern about you losing weight, other than you saying that your legs were slim I hadn’t noticed any mention of the weight loss. How do you weigh yourself?? Your pictures don’t show any indication of weight loss, and it would surely show on your face. I think you’re legs are just getting more muscular (wiry) from the constant running and moving about on the deck of EPL. You have a slim build so you may not have a lot of extra fat in your system to give up.
But you know yourself better than anyone of us bloggers, so what say you??? I’m sure if it was anything to be concerned about you would have contacted Mum and gotten some good Motherly advice….Yes????

Sometimes, when a lot of bloggers are commenting about the same problem it seems to get magnified and blown out of proportion, it’s just that everyone is concerned about you. So you have to be careful about what you say and don’t set us all off….lol…We all worry about you, especially me, and I have that right!!!.…lol.

Just took a look at PI/W and in my ‘unprofessional’ opinion you seem to have some pretty good sailing ahead of you, so keep up the good work and hurry home.
It’s nice not to read of any problems on Ella, she’s a stout ship and has proved herself to you, and of course that’s due to the TLC that you have shown her. Good for you Jessica.

@ Malaika Crew: My condolences Lex and Joanne for your terrible loss.
Always believe that she’s there and she will be.

@ Soldier's Mum in SA: God Bless You and protect you on your trip.
@ RichieParis: Do you have any plans for the blog you had mentioned??

Hope you will enjoy the rest of your ‘vacation’ and that you will sail in smooth waters and have a good wind at your back.
I’m very proud of the good job that you are doing and I know that you will continue to do so, take care of yourself and that fabulous crew, looking forward to your next great blog.

Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

My compliments to your meal planner -- here's a story about somebody who came up short:

A wildlife photographer who planned to spend the winter living in a remote trailer in the wilderness of northeastern B.C. narrowly escaped starving to death after he failed to pack enough provisions.

Hudson's Hope RCMP say the 42-year-old man was trapped for more than two weeks without food in the Carbon Creek area near Williston Lake.

Police and rescue volunteers found the hungry man on Feb. 1, about 36 kilometres from the W.A.C. Bennett Dam, according to Hudson's Hope RCMP Cpl. Darren Woroshelo.
'He'd been without food for, I believe, 17 days.'
—RCMP Cpl. Darren Woroshelo

"He'd misjudged the amount of provisions he'd need to make it through the winter. He'd been without food for, I believe, 17 days," said Woroshelo.

Driven by hunger, the unidentified man attempted to snowshoe out by himself along the rough roads he used to get the trailer in during the summer.

"He made it several kilometres, but then was just too weak and he couldn't continue and made it back to his trailer," said Woroshelo.

Unable to escape the icy wilderness, the man lived on water melted from snow until he was finally able to signal his distress to a passing helicopter, which left him some food, and notified Hudson's Hope RCMP.

"He did have a good supply of heat and water, which I'm sure is what kept him alive for those 17 days," said Woroshelo.
Rescued by snowmobile

Once notified of his plight, the RCMP and some volunteers launched a rescue mission by snowmobile to bring him out.

"He seemed to be in good spirits and, of course, he was happy to see them," said Woroshelo.

But once back in town the man refused medical treatment and asked to be taken to a local restaurant and then a motel instead.

"He was going to get some food, and warm up and re-nourish," he said.

The man plans to stock up on food and head back into the wilderness for the rest of the winter. But in the meantime the man has asked for privacy, and declined to speak with CBC News.

chris said...

Hi there,
You are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom who packed more than you needed.She sure did'nt want you to go hungry since there are no Macdonald's out in the middle of the ocean!! hehe
So, now you are on you way home.. you must be getting so excited. It is amazing that when one is doing something tht they absolutely love, time tends to fly... its the mundane tasks that take forever!!
Keep it up.You are amazing!!
chris in northern calif

Unknown said...

Hi Jesse, Just wanted to tell you how much I liked the sunset video looking off the stern of the boat. The reason I like it was because it gives the viewer a excellent sense of the movement of the boat. You can just see the nautical miles of water sliding underneath and away from Ella's Pink Lady. When you first started there were very few miles behind you and an awlful lot of miles ahead. Now there are a wonderfull amount of miles behind you and not that many ahead!! To stand in the cockpit and look aft and see those nautical miles flowing away has got to be a wonderfull feeling in any kind of weather. Sometime real soon all of this will just be great memories of something that you achieved in your past and you are looking for new challenges for the future. Right now all you are thinking about is the thrill of rounding the Cape of Good Hope and when doing so enter your third and final Ocean. Unbelievable!! You may have lost some weight since you started this journey but when you reach Sydney you will be much more stronger in body and spirit. So every morning from now on when you wake up look into a mirror and make a big smile and then start your day. That light at the end of the tunnel is starting to look like a freight train heading your way but don't be afraid its not. It's the example of the joy that your Mum and Dad are feeling that grows brighter each day knowing that their daughter is still doing fine and another day closer to joining them back home. So sail safe Jessica Watson and know that there is someone living in a tent on the island of Haiti that would change places with you in a heart beat. Your long distant friend, Larry

PatK said...

Wow - When looking at the voyage map on your website, you can see both ends now. You're almost home! I've thoroughly enjoyed following you, and wouldn't let myself check your blog on most weekdays until I had posted in my own.
PatK-Boston MA

Anonymous said...

Hello again from Kodiak. The kids want to say:

Did you hear about Torah Bright? She was the first Australian to win a gold medal at the Olympics this year. She won the women's snowboarding half-pipe. Jacob

Keep going! You're almost there. Madison

You're doing great! Hannah

Do you like the Olympics? Johnny

Keep up the good work! Adelheid

Who is your favorite Olympic snowboarder? Leah

Do you play computer games? T.J.

You have a dream just like Sally Ride who went into space. Eric

You're a great role model for a lot of kids. Elin

Good luck! Matt & Cassidy

Do you drink Ovaltine on the boat? Trent

Do you have an auto pilot to help you? Leah

How do you keep up with all of your chores? Jacob

Will you be sad or mopey when you finish? Johnny

How much reading do you do on the boat? T.J.

Best wishes and fair sailing to you!
Kodiak 5th grade

Susan said...

So many comments about the banana chips! I think you should autograph each one and auction them off on ebay!

@Jules: I've wondered how those conversations go!

@Bruce de Mich: Such a beautiful photo and phenomenon

@Tell Tale: the lone shore support crew for Dilip! Good on ya! (I'm learning Ozish .. oi oi oi!)

@PWB: My favorite ConFuseUs so far!
(did we ever make up?... I lost track for a while because of computer glitches)

@Words Have Wings: "a great ambassador for teenage girls"... She is that!

@Malaika Crew: My heart sank reading about your daughter.
You said this perfectly - "you have a million people's hearts on that little boat". It's so true,in so many ways.
I lost a son (to drowning) who had a love of nature and a very adventurous spirit like Jessica and Jesse Martin. Hugs.

Jessica is a hero, an inspiration, a role model, brave, the envy of many, amazing...the list goes on! ...because she is living her dream.
I have so much admiration for Julie and Roger to have given Jessica their full support and blessings, knowing it couldn't have been easy.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Thoreau

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake. Thoreau

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs

Anonymous said...

I've been following Jessica's blog since day's a request for the many regular commentators (you know who you are), shared politely and with only the best of intentions...Can we please work on the habit which has developed of basically repeating everything that Jessica has said in her post in your commentary. Many of you are simply repeating back, line for line, a rehash of what Jessica has just shared. It not only makes for uninteresting reading, but it's also not a sincere way of wishing her well. Why not simply say "Thank you for the post...we're still behind wishes" or something of that nature?!? Why do we have to write a lengthy recitation of her observations back to her?!?

Just a thought.

Pauline said...

You are amazing Jesse. My husband and I have read every Blog and your adventures have us enthralled. Yours efforts are courageous to say the least and we look forward to many more of your interesting and informative Blogs. Thankyou for sharing with us. Take care out there.

Anonymous said...

Gratulation, Jessi!
4 month - and you keep on smiling. I'm following your blog since three month and I like this adventurious teenager. You are a very optimistic girl . Good luck to you an your team on board of EPL.
Sincerly Axel, Germany

SaltyDog said...

@Malaika Crew: My heart sincerely goes out to you. I hope that time will ease the pain of losing your wonderful daughter, Ali. I can’t help but think that following the voyage of someone as beautiful and strong as Jessica might help a bit with the healing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Bruce de Mich said...

@Susan... You strike me as a wonderful person! You must know these varied human qualities from the inside out in order to see them in, and reflect them to others.

So saddened to hear of the losses suddenly showing up on the list of bloggers, including your own.

In our own ways many of us seem to be recalling the need to say our goodbyes... but it is far to early to dwell on that.

Jessica et al, keep lending us your spirited ways and keep us lifted to the end! Hope that is not too much to ask....

Bruce de Mich

Anonymous said...

Jessica you are my hero ...

sails said...


A lecturer, when explaining stress management to an audience,
raised a glass of water and asked
"How heavy is this glass of water?"

Answers called out ranged from 20g to 500g.

The lecturer replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter.
It depends on how long you try to hold it.
If I hold it for a minute, that's not a problem.
If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my right arm.
If I hold it for a day, you'll have to call an ambulance.
In each case, it's the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes."
He continued,
"And that's the way it is with stress management.
If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later,
as the burden becomes increasingly heavy,
we won't be able to carry on.. "
"As with the glass of water,
you have to put it down for a while and rest before holding it again.
When we're refreshed, we can carry on with the burden."
"So, before you return home tonight, put the burden of work down.
Don't carry it home
You can pick it up tomorrow.
Whatever burdens you're carrying now,
let them down for a moment if you can."
So, my friend, Put down anything that may be a burden to you right now..
Don't pick it up again until after you've rested a while.

Kissyfrott said...

@Jo-Malaika crew. My heart is with you and with Ali.
Words are poor and weak, but thoughts and love are strong. I also lost my little sister who went out for a single adventure. These wounds never heal; but we learn living with them. Life is cruel. HUGS.

@Michael (WV). I had very few reactions about the blog idea, so I maybe it is better to wait a while. Since we're out of the black hole, people got their fix and are not (yet) thinking much of after.
It might also depend on Jessica's plans.If she keeps on blogging regularly once on land, we could still meet on her blog. Maybe Admiral Andrew would give us some good advice. Though I am afraid she will spend half of her time in hot showers, the other half with the press and medias, the third half with her family, the fourth half eating pringles and chocolate, the fifth half sleeping, the sixth half partying with her harem of buoys, the seventh half tidying up Ella's Pink Lady and singing with Them Scallywags, the eigth half writing her book, the ninth half touring Australia and the world... How will she find the time for blogging???
The point is that, by her blog, by another blog, or by any other mean, I would much like to keep in touch with all the marvelous members of this unexpected and wonderful community. The question is: How?

@Captain Jesse... Thinking of "ya". It's night for you now, I hope you are still flying and that Bob's forecasts are all gooooooood.
Sweet dreams and smooth sailing, Silver Sailor!

mike said...

Hi Jesse

I haven't had time to read all your blogs over the past cuppla days, so I don't know if anyone has given you suggestions for exercising your legs. You are probably aware of isometric exercises. There are several exercises that will help to strengthen your legs, including simple ones such as lying on your back and pushing your legs (knees bent at about 90 degrees) firmly against a wall (if there is a wall in EPL) and keeping the pressure for 15 to 30 seconds, and standing up and raising your heels off the ground and holding for about 10 seconds, and repeating these exercises from 10 to 15 times.

If you find time to google on 'isometric exercises for legs' you might find some exercises that would suit you in your EPL environment. One (of many) such websites is:

I'm guessing you will work out something in your own admirable problem solving fashion.

Best wishes in achieving your next milestone this week.

Mike (Canberra)

PWB said...

@ Susan of Oregon,

Yes, you have been a good friend to me and this outback household since your unprecedented letter on January 23. The below quote was about Jesse And You, that ConFuseUs posted on February 15, 2010 9:40 PM. Susan, could you please email me , as I have my email address on my profile now. Regards PWB.

ConFuseUs says:

Girl who drifts with words at sea,

Is like lady who live in state called tree.
One is keen-ager, one is keen-young
They both rich like cedars of lebanon.




Anonymous said...

Nautical miles are passing,
Sydney were on our way.
Nautical miles are passing,
Oh Joyous Happy Day!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Anniversary...I cant believe that four months have passed by so quickly..It sounds like your Mom did a great job planning out the food aspects of youir trip. She also surprised me yesterday with a Thank You note for the Christmas Card. That was Very Nice of her.

Watch out for those ships passing in the night..It is pretty neat that they are mostly friendly...

Thanks for the update...stay alert and stay SAFE...

Joe Springfield VA USA

keco said...

Hi Jesse,
are you round that big corner yet ????? I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for you to SHOUT YAAAAAy.
You want me to fall off and land on the floor, not good for my OLD bones.
Come on Princess, the suspense is killing me. ha ha ha.

Hope you have a comfortoble night and kind winds.
Stay safe Ocean Lady.

Old Keco...xxxxx

keco said...

Hi Jesse,
your food pack has just bought back to me a memory of my time in the RAF in Cyprus in the 50's. We complained about not having any biscuits with our tea.Some bright spark found in a lost store a tin of ww1 biscuts. Soldered lid and said there you are. Hard as concret, once soaked in tea were not to bad.So don't complain to much about beans. ha ha ha

kiwi_canuck said...

Wow....has it been four months? We started following your blog back in November when Universe Today reported on your fireball sighting in the South Pacific. I bet you've spent hours looking at our beautiful night sky with no light pollution to blunt your view.

We look forward to hearing that you're past Africa, heading for Oz. You'll be home before you know it.

Clear skies,
Brian & Phill
Vancouver, Canada

SaltyDog said...


Last night I watched as Australian snowboarder Torah Bright won the gold medal for the half-pipe. Congratulations to Torah. A great accomplishment for a beautiful young lady who has overcome multiple concussions and a dislocated jaw to compete. What a proud moment for all of Australia. I couldn’t help but feel a bit of that Aussie pride myself as she stood on the podium. She is certainly a great role model for so many young people.

But, I don’t think that there is a better ambassador on the face of the planet than you, Jess. You represent all that’s good in the world. You are an “Australian Gem” and the pride of all who have come to know you.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Kissyfrott said...

@Susan. So Sorry. Love and Hugs. I'm short of words, but I feel like being your brother. In this community enlightened by Jessica, we are all very close. Close to her, and close to each other. I love this adopted bunch that our teenage Captain attracted around her. You are a wonderful person, Susan.

Bruce Watt said...

I refer to the posting by anonymous where in he/she complains that postings from most people are simple repeats of what jessica in her blog. Well if someone writes you a letter, and a blog is a letter. We were always taught to comment on the major points made by the writer. A-it is good manners and B- it shows the writer you have read what they wrote.
Sorry I can be more specific on whom I am replying to as the writer of this posting did not have the courtesy to leave a name.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
Congratulations on your fourth month at sea. I think adjusting to everyday life at sea is much easier than the other way around, especially once you have salt water running through your veins. It's like a bug that you never again seem to be able to shake off. The prospect of being on terra firma becomes a novelty longing for the promise of heading out to sea again. Your life will never be the same again. Granted, you grew up on the water and around boats but it's the extended voyages such as these that truly build your character. In the four months that you've been out there, it is evident to me and, no doubt to everyone else followng your voyage, that you have evolved in strength of sprit, maturity and exceptional character. I continue to be in awe and filled with admiration of you. Take good care of yourself for you are one very special individual and an inspiration to many. Enjoy every precious moment you have left out there. At sunset, take the time to reflect on each passing day and make the most of every new day.
I am with you in spirit. Take care, stay safe and bye for now...Aunty Sam XX :-))

JF said...

congratulation on your fourth month sailing. And more to come. So kind for the ship to offer to change course.A 33 footer making a monster of the sea changing course, what a powerful Lady you are!Always nice to read your blog full of nice comments. Put an other jacket on and happy sailing towards te albatross

Anonymous said...

Hello Jess!

Wow... we can't believe that you have been out there sailing the oceans for four months!

We haven't blogged for a while, because our teacher, Paul was in Vancouver to see some 2010 Olympic events! We have also been busy learning about the Olympics in class... congratulations to Australia for earning a GOLD MEDAL in the Ladies Snowboard Halfpipe... go Torah Bright!

You'll also be happy to know that we Killer Whales are becoming very good friends with Rio the Homework Dog... lots of e-mails coming and going each day between our classrooms!

We will be watching your progress closely next week, as you get ready to round the Cape of Good Hope. Keep on sailing,

Paul & the Killer Whales

PS Sorry, but now that the Olympics have started... "Orca" has traded in her Australian flag for a Canadian flag! But don't worry, we'll be cheering for the Australian athletes too!

samurai said...

This is my mantra and I shall now attempt to type it straight off the top of my head. Please go easy on me if I make a mistake and by all means correct me if you spot any.....

* - * - * - DESIDERATA * - * - * .....

Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others. Eeven the dull and ignorant, they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter for always there will be greater or lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interest in your own career. However humble, it is a real possession in these ever changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is. Many persons strive for high ideals and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond the wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.

You are a child of the universe. No less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore, be at peace with god. Whatever you conceive him to be. And whatever your labours and aspirations in this noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - ..... :-))

Anonymous said...


Jesse will release her much anticipated book soon after returning from her Circumnavigation voyage.............. : )
...............The title will be...

**101 Ways to use Dried Banana Chips**

(when you are solo on a yacht in the middle of the Sea)

To entice readers I include the following.......

After attaching string they can be a nifty
---@-@--- SLEEP AID you know it WILL help...

Colour half brown with vegemite and make a crafty set of checkers to play with the BORED fluffy crew

Watch them ...I think they might cheat and eat a sly few.
Paste them onto the soles of your sneakers and make a noisy pair of tapping shoes to dance the boredom of the doldrums away...Tip...Wiggles tape required for this activity. so...
...\__/.....\__/..Paste as many as you can fit on soles
for MAX noise...I'm sure the crew will want to join you so save some for them too.

Having seen the need for these delicious ,adaptable and versitile crunchy treats ...get down to the shops quick ....the stocks won't last!!!!
OR...wait till Jesse clears out the PINK Lady and you might be lucky...
THANKS JULIE for the essential ingredient in any girls crafty hobby kit and lunch pack.

Sally in Melbourne by the PATCHWORK Bay

sponge21 said...

Hi Jesse

Looking at booking flight to Sydney when your near home.I would love to see you comming in!
Keep safe and good luck around the Horn.

Mark Perth WA

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesse. I love to read your blog, can't belive it's 4 month already. Did you catch another fish yet? Please take care and send us some more pictures. Thanks
Amina from Umatilla, FL USA

Anonymous said...

How have you managed to have so much benign weather (with a few notable exceptions)? I associate terrible storms and waves with Cape Horn and the great southern ocean.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Following your progress with much excitement and awe. You are quite an amazing young woman and as courageous as any one could imagine. Stay safe little one, angels are watching over you I'm sure.
GB Gold Coast

SUBIR said...

Dear Jessica,
Great update. I wish I can be around when you get back to help polish off the leftovers, especially the banana chips which I absolutely adore. You should try the banana chips more often - it sort of grows on you and it, of course, packs in instant energy. You must have seen athletes gorging on bananas, Pete Sampras being a prominent one.
Someone has mentioned crackers for salt - I guess all you need to do for salt is to keep your mouth open with so much of sea around you. Ha Ha!
Take Care and Happy sailing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

By the time this message gets to air,you'll probably be within 500 nm of the CoGH. As you close in on the Cape, the amount of shipping will increase significantly. Do you have any radar reflection devices on EPL to assist other vessels "seeing" you?

Also, do you have any resin cartridges or similar devices on EPL to produce some drinking water from seawater if necessary? Or would you "jury rig" some kind of a distillation unit with your metho burner if the need arose?

The reason for asking this question is that I don't think you'll encounter a lot of rain during your passage across the Indian Ocean as it will still be summer during that time and the rain bearing fronts will be further south. Also,you indicated an allowance of 2 litres per day from your current supply which should be sufficient but seems fairly tight and an emergency backup system would be useful if water does become a problem....

In the meantime, stay safe and keep up the great work.

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, West Aust

Anonymous said...

Skip'Ohoy.Captain Jessica.Steedy going you brave girl.4 months out there Oh my G-d.You beat me with a good 3 months.On LPG/Tanker Mundogas Atlantic,we left the Panama Canal and heeding for Sidney that took us 29 days at sea and when we doocked in Sidney we run ashore like a bunch of wildmen and we was not going to the museums,we was hitting the Bars.Thanks to the Dentist I have bodyparts in Newcastle Australia and so I have in Kuvait and Holland I'm spread all over the winds and the best of luck.From:Herman.Hampstead.USA.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at your video of Cape Horn. With the smile on your face, you looked like the cat that ate the canary!
I loved the photo of your crew, they will be your friends for life.
It's ok to talk to them on your solo journey, however if they talk back to you, you may have a problem.
Take care,

Susan said...

@Bruce: thank you for such kindness

I think you're onto something!! How many ways can banana chips be put to good use???
Anyone want to add to her list?!!!
How 'bout wind chimes? (in dry climates of course!)

Susan in Oregon

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

Good update, everything sounds like it's going to plan.

Better to have enough food than not enough so I'd say Mum did a good job.

Better go get ready for night shift so as usual all the best Jesse,

Chat soon.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

hezakiah299 said...

02-20-10 @ 01:02
Hi Jessica,
I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Abby made it across the Equator, and she is doing great.
So how are you and your fantastic crew doing, are they as excited as you are about heading home, have you told them yet? I’ll bet they’ll be anxious to get back into their little cubbyholes and nooks or sitting on their favorite shelf…LOL… Did they ever get their “Shellback” certification?
Checking out P/W and to me it looks pretty good for you with a little weather South of you, but I’m sure Bob will keep you apprised of that.

@ samurai: Enjoyed your mantra very much, thank you. Lotta truth!!!
@ Bruce Watt: Liked your response on Anonymous. He/she could just by-pass what they don’t like to read. That just happens to be my style.

Good to see that Torah Bright did such a fine job in the Olympics, she’s had a rough time coming up, but she to, overcame adversity and there she is!!!!
There are so many young people that excel in sports and/or academics but, sad to say, go unnoticed, mainly because they don’t make good print for the media, in some areas.
Stay on your preventive maintenance, eat well, dance with the Scallywags, and drink, drink, drink, water and juice only. Hope your not brewing anything out there. LOL…

The sun came out today and the temp was up so a good bit of the snow melted, amazing, maybe it’s snowed itself out for awhile.
Take good care of yourself and the Lady, and don’t forget the crew.
Always thinking of you, and always proud of you.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Unknown said...

Rummaging around Jessica's old blogs I came across this photo of newly installed Parker. Its a view I think most have never seen. You techies can see the real works. Its missing the top mounted vane section but the pulleys and gears are much more visible than the shots we've seen from on board.

Steve in California

HomeSweetBoat said...

Agree with you Bruce, well said.
Fay from the Gold Coast

Annie said...

@Anonymous 5.55am

Re: repeating what Jesse has just told us in her latest posting.

I appreciate what you said but I would like to add that repeating back to someone and adding our own comments to their statements is a very solid way of showing them that we have heard what they have just told us. Eg. If Jesse said she was just knocked down by a wave and we simply said "Thanks for the comment" she would be thinking "didn't they just hear what I said!" Or on a lighter note when she excitely shares her joy on having a beautiful day, the same scenario applies. Its a way for us to show that we have carefully read her posting and she has our full support on her particular comments.

This blog is about Jesse not what we did on the weekend and we bloggers are very sincere indeed not insincere as you suggested.

These are just my thoughts on your comments, meant to respectfully add to the discussion.

Cheer for now,
Bluefin Annie, Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work Jessica. You are an inspiration.


nutralady2001 said...

@Malaika Crew and @Susan, just want to add my ((hugs ))to you now I've had time to read the comments.

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, good to hear from you again. Wow four months!!! Where has the time gone, I'm sure it flies for you as there is always something to keep you busy. Maybe you could mix up a batch of muffins and add some banana chips, I'm not too sure what the outcome will be like but it couldn't be too terrible. Even though I don't like bananas, fresh or otherwise, I don't mind banana muffins. Happy sailing ....Take care 'til next time.

jan said...

thanks jesse for your latest blog, 4 months at sea, amazing ,ill say it again you are a STAR!!!cheers from canterbury nz.

David and Una said...

Fantastic Jess!

I can't believe you are so close to the Cape of Good Hope already. Time seems to be going so fast.

Don't eat all the good stuff and end up having to eat all the not so good stuff on your last leg.

Loking forward to youur next blog.


Stay safe

Dave and Una...........Brisbane

Nana said...

HI JESSE - gsimmons explained to me your collection of rain water for your water tank top-ups. I had assumed you converted the salt water. Thanks for explaining this to me. Does Jesse also shower using salt water to conserve her fresh water.

Jesse, I remember being away on a very small launch years ago. We could not shower on board so had to have compulsory swims every day to freshen up. Ofcourse you Jesse, could not risk this so you no doubt have a salt water shower. We also had a bar of salt water soap. Really, it was not very good and did not lather up at all. I did get used to my salt water swim but did not feel really dry, salt leaves you feeling damp. Better than no water at all though. Makes a hot shower so much appreciated when home again. I think I have gone on enough now. So until next time. Keep safe and I always look forward to your next blog and maybe photo's.

Lynne (Picton, NZ)

Lucy said...

I think you're just AMAZING! Can't wait to see you cruising into Sydney Harbour. Godspeed Jess!

Rosella said...

Hello jessica,

WOW,you are such a brave girl,
I'm soooo impressed by your trip,

take a good care of yourself & may Allah be with you ....

Unknown said...

Hello Jessy, Congratulations on 4 months at sea! You are doing really great job. You have set a tough target for young peoples. I salute your courage and passions.

Keep it up.

Best wishes,

Muhammad, Pakistan

Mark Catalina 27 said...

Sail on Captain Jess. Always a pleasure to read your posts and learn a little about your life on EPL. Thoughts and prayers are with you every day girl!

Kim Dalziel said...

Hi Jess, I'm sure you are not thinking too much about the record etc but rather about getting through each day. We have loved following your progress. Just wondered if you had thought about calling yourself the first 16 year old (or first 16 year old female) to sail unassisted around the world, rather than the youngest. It just occurred to me that this title could never be taken off you. Would be interested in your thoughts.

Unknown said...

My first post to you Jessica you have done a brilliant job so far not only to overcome the difficulties of a trip like this but to win over the hearts of those who had doubts. I have enjoyed following your progress, stay vigilant and keep up the good work.
Regards Phillip.

PWB said...

@ Clint - Melbourne Town
February 20, 2010 2:00 AM

That is a Great Idea about the book for your Mum to read. ✓✓✓
I was out at a country fair today and bought 10 raffle tickets for a Mini Pink Tractor with Pink trailer:>)


Molly said...

@Jo/Malaika Crew...I'm very sorry to read about the loss of your daughter.
That must have been heartbreaking for you and your husband.

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
some extra time today meant i was able to scroll through and read quite a few comments from all your fans. I was so touched by the post from Mailiaka Crew, I felt i must send my own comment to them. Such a beautiful post filled with incredible generousity of spirit towards others, despite the tragedy of you losing your precious daughter. I wish you and your husband much love and peace and hope the feeling of your daughter's presence whether it be out at sea amongst the dolphins or by your sides never diminishes and remains a constant source of comfort for you both.

Anonymous said...

hey there Jessie girl. Still reading kay Cottes book and shes at roughly at the same point now as u are about to round the cape of good Hope...wishing u fair sailing...cant wiat for ur next blog..

A silly question i sailing carreer was limited to a sail boat on lakes hehe...what do u do with all ur rubbish....anyone can answer that...just a thought.

Take care u brave girl

Anonymous said...

G'day Jessica
You are so awsome, your sailing it in. (pardon the pun). I posted something earlier but I don't think it got through, but have you heard Powder fingers new album and the song "sail the widest stretch"? I know it's a love song but I think of you every time I hear it.

Ruth said...

Hello Jessica,
Well done on your journey so far and I hope you continue to fare well till Sydney and in your life beyond solo circumnavigating the globe.

Remember always that Banana chips are one likes them and they taste nothing like bananas or chips!!...same as dehydrated apples.

I can't believe someone hasn't mentioned that bananas are considered bad luck amongst the fishing fraternity!! Toss them overboard!

Hello to all bloggers too.

Ruth, Bullsbrook West Aust... (PS Anon - We are NOT all "tossers" in WA)

trentgs said...

In case no one else has said it. Torah did Australia proud at the Olympics taking Gold on the half Pipe. Was sorry to see Gretchen eating snow on her second attempt..Hannah did okay but the day belonged to Torah.
Heres' hoping EPL is still surfing along nicely doing you proud!!

G'Morning Jess n'Crew!!

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Woo-hoo! FOUR months! Congratulations!!! So can you tell---you still think another 4 months will get you back to Sydney (original projection was 8 months, wasn't it)? That's great that you are assertive enough to suggest to another boat that it's passing too close. And REALLY great that they understood and complied.
Well, it's going to be an early morning breakfasting with some old junior high pals, so off I go to ready myself!
Happy sailing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jess, for giving us an update of your food supplies. Now,having watched all those airport and airline custom security shows I suggest you tick the food section on your landing card otherwise some stubborn officer will impose (famous or not)a 220 AUD Fine on you. Or don't those Quarantine Rules apply to you as you have not touched foreign soil due to your non-stop trip ?

Anonymous said...

MUM ! B O Y S !(You tell them as well to keep well CLEAR of your daughter...

Anonymous said...

Passing 40*South one can hear a Happy Jessica shouting:

Anonymous said... adversary to tinned beans...
How interesting.
That, my dear, explains, why, to your own frustrations on calm days,you are left without wind...

Unknown said...

The land locked kid from North Dakota (USA) sends his best. I ride motocycles across Canada (alone) and it is refreshing to see a young person, such as yourself, take on an adventure. I am 57 and my bike license plate is ADVNTR. Godspeed to you Jess.

Bismarck, ND, USA

Anonymous said...

As a Queenslander, Jess is a member of the Tribe of Banana Benders not Banana Choppers... ah...Chippers... ah... Chubba Chubsers... Shoobidoobies... I mean Shannannanna Chubby Cheekers...Chubby Checkers ?
It's organic. Toss it overbord. Feed the Sharks ! Queensland Sharks. The ones nerving the Banana Benders...or are they Choppers... Chippers...?
[STOP ! Dis is ya local Casino. Do nat trow da Banana Chips ovabord. Bring dem to us Casino and we will make ya rich by gambling wis dem...]

Anonymous said...

Chris,20 Feb, 4:02AM:
Check your map.There is a Macker on the way to Oz, namely the MacDonald Island. Haven't you HEARD of that one ?

Anonymous said...

Richie Paris (and likeminded):
The success of Facebook. If you haven't got too many close friends for whatsoever reasons, find them at Facebook. Globalisation, as much as it destroys local jobs for the reinvention of slavery via 3rd World Sweatshops, it can be a blessing when it comes to communication. Unlike an international phonecall,which can be disruptive and annoying at an inconvenient time, emails are the message in a bottle, very directive though,that can be opened any time by the receipient without losing the imformation. And it's faster than mail.
But I guess it is the Club atmosphere that you and others are after. The social gathering of common minded. The average sportsfan has a similar goal. Be part of a group of winners. Sharing in the success one couldn't achieve for themselves. Or overcoming losses. The Tribe. Banding together. Giving your best in a team to make it great. Baden Powell always believed in teamwork. A patrol requires a leader to guide the direction, but within the patrol everyone should be able to be a leader, so in case the appointed one fails, the group will successfully carry on to reach their target. When this adventure ends, Jessica will have achieved her task, but like big events, such as Olympics, Soccer World Cups and Jamborees the party atmosphere will want to linger on. The actors will be tired and looking for relieve, but the spectators are still crying out for encores, don't want the dream to end. I am sure that apart from a few very strong friendships, that will last by regular emails, the majority of bloggers will disperse or join up at other blogs for this communal fix. And then again there is this exotic feeling of having friends worldwide, whereas the next door neighbour is always present and can be negetative at times.
Richard (and likeminded), I wish you all the best in your future relationships. It was nice to have met you on this blog, but like Peter Pan I have to move on to other grounds as staying will remind me of getting on with time, say aging. Youth is a restless group. If you keep it up, you can delay aging, at least on the mental side. Pottering around with the same people will share a common history, but it will remind you of the common years as well.
So, when EPL will dock in Sydney it is time to bid farewell, remembering the good and bad times and move on to new adventures.

Victor C. Pankouken

Anonymous said...

Anonymus,Feb 20,5:55am:
What you are witnessing are the emerging rituals of a new cult, the "Jessaholics". As some have already compiled every written word to compose drafts for the Holy Recitals the very faithful ones are patiently sitting it out to receive the New Book of Books in a few months. And having to endure this relentless pressure,in 2110 the Vatican on final approval of Popess Turfde III will declare Saint Jessica the second canonised person of Greater Australia (incl. the Islands formerly known as New Zealand).

Anonymous said...

keco, 20 Feb, 10:10AM:
RAF, huh ? They'll cook your shoelaces as spaghettis and you're begging for more.

Anonymous said...

"4 months at sea". And another 2 (?) to go. What a fast boat. In our super rushed world you could have got yourself pregnant, wizzed around the planet and still got to the hospital on time. Anybody out there trying that category of record ?
Werner, Kiel, Germany

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Joanne and Lex (Malaika Crew),
Your tragic loss of your daughter, Ali, you wrote about took my breath away. My heart went to the floor.

You've gotten through the first year. I saw in your profile the excitement you had when the three of you started out with your friends on your round the world. What a different sort of journey yours has become. Our hearts go out to you as we all follow Jessica together, realizing how brave you are to face your sorrow by following her, too, and seeing the spirit of Ali in the dolphins she loved.

Jesse, after four months solo you know yourself so well and have such depth--and probably fewer illusions--what an opportunity to be so equipped for each day ahead. Congrats on four months! Once again, a renewed "Bon Voyage!" for 'round the Cape, Your Pink fans from northern Nevada,
Patricia, Richard and John

Anonymous said...

Hi fans in the U.K. Some "SON-ny" news for you, both bad.
You probably would like to have someone like Jess WatSON among you. Sorry, but it looks like she will be staying in Queensland. But to avoid overcrowding Queensland, Pauline HanSON will come and join you.
(Where is Monty Python's Flying Circus when you need them...)
L. Batros, Wallabadah, NSW

SaltyDog said...

To Kodiak 5th grade, Jan’s class 7 &8 in Pacific Harbour, Fiji, Rio the Homework Dog and Room 401 in Minnesota, Paul and the Killer Whales in Campbell River, B.C. and all of the school classes , it’s great that you are following Jessica and giving her you support. I’m sure that it means a lot to her. Nice job Killer Whales showing your patriotic support of Team Canada. My toques off to you.

@Elvis of Oz: I think I saw you on my last trip to Las Vegas.

@Hezakiah299: Thank goodness your weather is warming up a bit so you can finally thaw out. Hope you’ve been able to deal with the snow O.K., Michael.

@Samurai: Desiderata certainly is timeless. I have a feeling that you don’t only recite it, you embody it, Sam.

Nemra said...

Hello Jessica,
I'm a student at Pinckneyville Middle School. My Drama teacher Mr.Stafford has talked about you and your journey. You must be very inspirational to so many people including me. I hope you stay safe and good luck on your journey.

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

CONGRATS ON YOUR 4 MONTHS AT SEA,almost seems like yesterday I started following your great adventure,boy does time fly.
So much for the warm weather,keep bundled up,that wind can get you chilled quickly.
I am behind the eight ball with missing two days of postings,work called in prep for the return to ''Haiti'' next month.
I am amazed by the amount of new b logger's who have joined our ''adoptive world family ''recently,that is just OUTSTANDING.
We are resting with our ''winter weather'' last few day's,I am so sick of snow you can't imagine,we hear we may get some end of next week.
I have been watching the ''Olympics'',was great to watch the Aussie win the snow boarding,don't ask me to sing the national anthem,cause when I left Sydney in the late seventies it was still I believe''God Save The Queen'',you all let me know if I am wrong please.
Hope you are sailing smoothly young lady and your ''stuffy crew '' has returned to there look out posts.
By the way,the posting of ''Vegemite'' at an Outback Steakhouse here in the US,really made me homesick....used to have it on ''Arnotts'' when I was a young lad.Also a Violet Crumble Bar was an added treat,sausage roll wasn't bad either,plenty of tomato sauce on top too.
Enough of that,keep up the outstanding work,stay positive,you will be home before you know it.
I continue to be so proud of you,I only wish I had such courage when I was your age,you have my utmost admiration and I salute you for all you have accomplished so far.
May God continue to keep you save and sound,watch over you daily,you are a ''Hero'' in my eyes and all ways will be.
Godspeed,smooth sailing with fair winds to guide you and crew.
Again,posted before I read the blogs,day behind here anyway.
Much love and continued support to all around you on land and sea.
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

Got to post one more time after reading the daily posts,
''SAM'' you out did yourself once again,what a great mind you have,you are so so creative,in total awe with your pros.
Look out ''Richie,PWB'' you have some competition in this area.
My heartfelt thoughts go out to the our family member who lost her daughter,my heart breaks for you,my deepest sympathies go out to your entire family.
Life is so precious,we need to make the best of everyday we are here to enjoy.
Jessica,thanks for allowing me to ''share''.
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',
PS- Will make a point from now on to read the postings first before I comment,missing out on a lot.

Carlee said...

You've been at sea for four months and I've been followin' you through it all!

Richard Rumble said...

Captain Jessica, Your blog posts are a delight to read. Thanks for the information on Ella's Pink Lady and how she is doing with the knockdowns and all... you have a great way of putting your thoughts to paper.. (electronics and pixles??) and I am sure you have a few book deals in the making upon completion.

Just so you know... I do educational programs here in the USA with school age kids.. and you and Abby get a mention and photo in each assembly I do.. so by the time you get home.. you will have 1000's of American School age kids as fans.

Keep up the good spirits.. Sail safe.. post often and have FUN.

Richard Rumble
Dana Point, CA USA

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your "Study in Blue!" It is a lovely vision.

What you are doing is admirable and important because your accomplishments expand the breadth of human capabilities. Not only have you proven some rather bitter sounding critics wrong, but you have done so under the scrutiny of a huge audience, and done it with endearing style, panache and brio.

Abby Sunderland has started out on her voyage to validate what you are so gracefully demonstrating: THIS IS WHAT A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL CAN DO!

New topic: "crackers, banana chips, dried peas and tinned beans..." Hmmmm, what can your virtual extended family come up with in recipes and suggestions for what to do with these items?

Crackers (what we call 'saltines' in the States?)...maybe crush them into crumbs and mix them w/ bit of flour, to dredge those fresh tuna fillets before frying in butter?

Banana chips: Tired of banana muffins? You've got tinned cream, sugar (honey?), and dried eggs? Maybe you can try a banana custard, and put it in a cracker crumb crust (made with butter and sugar, and do you have cinnamon or allspice?)

Dried peas: fired out of a small cannon they would be effective in repelling pirates. Soaked and boiled and boiled and boiled, they would become technically edible. What you do with them depends on what you have in your larder.....

Tinned beans: What kind of "tinned beans?" Black beans, cannelini, or Navy white? But you are out of tomato sauce? That's grim. No catsup, no tinned tomatoes, no diced or crushed tomatoes, no salsa, and no spaghetti sauce? (That's past grim, that's a crisis!) How about hot sauce, tabasco sauce, sriracha sauce,or steak sauce? Soy sauce or fish sauce? Peanut butter? Dried onion, dried garlic or garlic bits in oil?

Here's a recipe:
"Ella's Pink Lady Spicy Beans"
In a sauce pan saute some garlic bits and dried onion flakes in oil or butter, or in oil and butter. (3Tsp of onion & garlic, plus a pour of oil, or three pats of butter)
Add a dollop of peanut butter, 1 tsp ground comino, or curry powder, or allspice (or pimenta), some black pepper, 1 tsp thyme. 1 tsp flake red pepper, or a chopped jalapeno pepper (small hot capsicum). Stir together. It ought to look like beginnings of a sauce.
At this point, add something w/ a tomato base. My fav is a half a cup of crushed roasted tom. Then stir in 2 Tsp soy sauce. The sauce ought to be reddish brown, and fragrant.
If you are lucky enough to have some tinned black beans, drain them, and then add to the sauce.
Use gentle heat and stir carefully until thoroughly warmed. If you have any left over cornbread, yum! Or serve over rice.
Todd @BCL

Randy said...

Hi Jesse!

Congratulations for the four month on sea!!!

You are fantastic, girl! Go on, sail well and safe!

I think of you!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Anonymous said...

I think you should have an auction of all your food leftovers when you get back, so us bloggers can get our own piece of memorabilia.

I bid $50 for the peas :-)


Glenda said...

Hi Jess, Wow, four months already. I think of you often throughout the days and nights and marvel at what you are doing and how at home you seem in your environment out there. It takes an enormous amount of courage and tough mindedness to stick at such a task, no matter how much you love it. You have my deepest respect. Keep going, keep smiling, keep writing!

Trace said...

What an inspiration you are! I've watched your blog since the beginning of your trip. I'm a nursing student, and I love reading your blog during lectures. :-) It gives me an extra boost of energy every day. I love seeing your pictures of the sea, your boat, and the wildlife. What an adventure!!!
Oregon, USA

Aunty Chris said...

Hey Jesse
Still thinking of you bumping along, you should be going around the next corner quite soon and then you'll be able to wave to us. See you soon.
Love Aunty Chris, Tamworth,NSW, Oz

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G'day Jesse
Crikey, it doesn't seem like 4 months for you at sea...only a short 600 to the Cape wow. Sunday here...yesterday could have been a nightmare. I am part of a group building a 500 seat theatre here and yesterday was a sound/dance test. I was so nervous that things would go wrong I couldn't even write to you. HOWEVER...everything worked and well whew...sound was great and the dancers loved the sprung floor. You'll have to come and visit...official opening July 23.. so hurry up and get home you great sailor...Gold medal to AUS in Vancouver it turned out to be a great Saturday

Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

trentgs said...

Was just looking for a song in my collection when I found this classic..from the Hollies "Romany"
Hollies Lyrics

Take me home
Sailing on with romany
To and fro on a icy morning
Feeling calm to have an old friend 'round
Feeling warm to see the wind blow down

Take me home
Where saints and children laughing
Tell the dutchman ships are passing
Feeling safe to reach the harbor sound
Feeling warm to see the wind blow down

Take me home
Leave the galley sailors talking
Leave the bridge and captain's walking
Feeling naked on the covered ground
Feeling warm to see the wind blow down
The wind blowed
Down in the moonless light
The sea was dark
The breeze was light
Everyone's thoughts were their own
Caught by the ocean thief
The bow hit on a coral reef
Romany sank like a stone
Verse 1

The harmonies are incredible...

Blessings Miss Jess...

Just thought I'd share it with you!!

Gary & Jan

PWB said...


ConFuseUs says:

Good words are as fine jewels
set with skill upon a ring,
and a ring as a sentence.
Too many rings on one hand
can devalue the owner.




sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"We should be careful to get out of an experience only the
wisdom that is in it -- and stop there; lest we be like the
cat that sits down on a hot stove lid. She will never sit down
on a hot stove lid again -- and that is well; but also she
will never sit down on a cold one anymore."

-- Mark Twain

Anonymous said...

Bernard99, 21 feb, 6:28AM:
In which Shrine will these peas end up ? Daily prayer administered to as well ?
Werner, Kiel, Germany

Anonymous said...

Gary & Jan, 21 feb, 8:35AM:
Great work. We will get to know it as part of the Hymn Book.
Werner, Kiel, Germany

Kissyfrott said...

Hi Captain Jesse, Saturday is over for you too, and you are obvioulsy going to round the african southern capes really wide from coast, to avoid the opposite currents, the difficult weather, and the heavy traffic that are closer to the shore. Certainly a wise choice from Master Bob. I guess you won't see the land, but that doesn't matter much, as far as you have Jony's Albertos frolicking in the air around you!
I suppose the official "rounding" notice will be issued on longitude grounds. Maybe in three days; and then, the last leg!!! We are excited here, everyday the children ask me whether you entered the Indian Ocean yet, or not yet.
Fair sailing, Super Captain! We love you!

Kissyfrott said...

@Victor. It's a matter of opinion. You are absolutely allowed to believe what you want, and to move or not to move.
Anyway, the world moves too, and life goes on. Jessica irradiates so much in her adventure and in her blog that the many persons who come there may be attracted by different things. My personal opinion is that Jesse is a totally outstanding person, and that her blog is a place where some special feelings are running between visitors.
Victor, your lesson about Facebook and globalisation lets me cold. No reason to mention these already old moons here.
You can believe what you want to. I am afraid you are completely wrong when you compare Jessica’s bloggers to sportsfans. It means that you didn’t get it at all; you few previous comments hinted in that direction already. Sportsfans? A group of winners? A tribe? I can’t see how you can seriously compare Ella’s Pink Lady’s Odyssey to the Olympics or the Soccer World Cup, that are all about sports, competition, and big money. Where did you get that? I respect Baden Powell, a great figure of the first half of last Century, but he has nothing to do here either. Your “leader” refrain, and the vocabulary of guide, direction, patrol, recalls me bad echoes. The same words lead Mr A. Hitler where you know, and the world to what you know. Beware the “chief” philosophy.
And it is SO different from Jessica’s adventure’s spirit, that I feel deeply sorry for you not to have got it.
Jessica’s journey, if it has necessarily a sports side-aspect by its physical and mental demands, is above all a HUMAN adventure and challenge. And if we are many here, it is mostly because we admire her HUMAN bravery, her guts, her incrediblematurity, her positive attitude at her age, and her skills for writing and sharing, staying simple and humorous. If we cheer her, it is because she is alone and goes through hard times; it is not to “win”? She is not in a race, not in a match. She is no leader, there are no troopers.
Of course, many bloggers will disperse later, as Jessica won’t be sailing and blogging to attract them, and there’s no harm about that; but I think many of the “faithful” bloggers, who learnt to know and appreciate each other, will be happy to keep some kind of relations between them. It is not so common to meet people sharing your essential values, and I am sure that few of anyone’s next door neighbours do.
Jessica is not leading troops. She is fully living her life and her dreams. We are not her soldiers, not her patrol, not her sportsfans. We just love and admire her, and are taking pleasure in meeting likeminded persons. I am sorry to have to write down what should be obvious from reading the blog, but it might be helpful.
Sydney will be the end of Jessica’s first circumnavigation, but also the beginning of her adult life and, probably, of other adventures.
For sure, we shall not keep on checking her sailing blog everyday once ashore, but I am sure we shall keep an eye on her next projects, and hopefully keep some contacts with several, maybe many, of the very lovely persons we met here, thanks to Jesse. I doubt we could find the same mood in other blogs. And there will be no crying for encores, no denying of the end of a dream! We shall be happy to see Jessica arrive! You are all wrong, there too. But part of us, maybe a good part, might well like to stay in touch... if they wish to. That’s all.
Peter Pan is well linked to Baden Powell. Still the opposite of Jessica, whose story is precisely about becoming an adult. She has now both young spirits and a mature mind...
No hard feelings, Victor, I just wish you to stay young, and as happy as eternal youth can allow you to be. Do you really think Peter Pan is a role model?

Anonymous said...

Have not missed a day of your trip, the time has gone so fast, keep it up,there's some girls back here so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Jess, I can't believe that you've gone so far already, Good luck on the rest of your journey, The Whole of Autralia is behind you!

Anonymous said...

Ha that's great to hear. I'm sure you would still come back a bit thinner since you're always on, and can take, or leave food as you please with no set meal times. It sounds like you're having fun, and I'm glad. Sorry for commenting so late stay well. -Jest

Anonymous said...

RichieParis, I swear to God!!! If I caught a snapper as big as you everytime I went fishing I'd be very happy!!! Put that bib back on and don't forget to take your meds.

Collette Cole, Australia said...

Ahoy there sweetheart,

Yes, those 4 months have absolutely flown, I can hardly remember back to October, but one thing I do recall is my heightened blood pressure as you finally sailed out of Sydney! And my chest puffed with pride.

Some things never change Jesse!

@Bruce Watt is now talking in WEEKS!...only about 8 of them! Woohoo! Let's pray they are (nasty) incident free.

I seemed to focus on your comment 'I'm also really looking forward to all things land and home'. Your saying this pleased me, as it is likely to be borne of emotive thoughts. Without emotions we would be chilly soul-less beings.

Good on you for contacting that nearby ship..I can imagine at times it would be near impossible to see Ella's Pink Lady between waves and troughs in the dark, despite having all your lights switched on. Very sensible Captaining Jesse.

@Malaika Crew, an incredibly sad turn of events, especially amidst the cruise of a lifetime. You warmed my heart with your imagery of Ali being out there with the dolphins. May Peace be with you.

@Susan, my condolences to you also, now I understand the impetus for great warmth in your blogs. BTW, looove the 'autograph' each banana chip idea!

@RichieParis, awfully sad for you as well, again your words are a fitting tribute.

Jesse, thankyou again for introducing us all to new friends worldwide. I too hope that we stay in touch one way or another.

Til next time, eat well and stay safe.

Mark Newcomb said...

Hi Jess

Well done I knew all the time before you commenced your epic journey that you were capable of your dream. Looks like you will be back in Australia before we all know it. You seem to be experiencing nice weather out there much better than what we are putting up with over here in Brisbane.
Anyway Jess I am following your progress daily,I look forward each night going into your site and reading your daily blog and looking where you are on your map.
Jess take care and have an absolute blast out there. You are a true champ girl.

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