Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Typhoon Jetfighter and North Again

After a few days of light winds, we're only just properly clearing the Falkland Islands now. The birds, kelp and shipping that I've been seeing a lot of lately is steadily becoming less common as we head out in to the South Atlantic. I'm sure that it can be just as nasty as any ocean, but after looking over all the latest charts, I can't help being a bit surprised at how small the South Atlantic seems after the never ending Pacific!

The other day while slowly drifting off the coast of the Falklands, I was treated to a flyover from a RAF Typhoon Jetfighter. Even though I was expecting him, I still got quite a fright when he turned up making a pretty amazing noise as I was finishing my breakfast. He did a couple of passes, put a big smile on my face and then took off again. Very cool!

After seeing the pictures taken from the two flyovers, I'm totally thrilled at how great Pink Lady is looking, cute as ever! It's sure a credit to the many coats of anti-foul from International Paints that the hull is completely free of growth, and also to Ullman Sails that the sails are holding up
so well and still looking almost new! It's great to have come this far with so few signs of wear and tear.

With Cape Horn being the subject of all my attention for so long, it's strange now to refocus and start thinking ahead to the rest of the voyage and the other milestones along the way. Even though it's all been very exciting and a total novelty, I'm also glad to again be clear of land and the shipping that comes with it. It's nice to be able to settle back into some sort of vague attempt at a routine and to be able to sleep better knowing that it's just Ella's Pink Lady and I again. Actually I don't really think that you could describe my random sleeping and eating habits as routine!

Even out here I've been hearing all about the terrible earthquake in Haiti, I can't imagine what it must be like for the survivors and for everyone working with aid organisations in what sounds like horrific conditions. My thoughts and good wishes are with them. It's great to hear about all the support pouring in for them from all around the world.



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Unknown said...

Jesse...it's great that you got such a warm welcome from that region; navy, air force, and more. It's good to know that those folks are looking out for you too. You've got quite the following around the world. We're all very proud of your accomplishments so far and your courage taking on this great challenge. Still keeping you in our daily thoughts and prayers. Paul Weber, Fort Worth, Texas

Andrew Jennings said...

great to see you focussing on the next stage, and not getting ahead of yourself: we are all cheering you on.

Anonymous said...

Just out of interest how many hours sleep do you ever get in one hit? And over all in a day how many hours do you think you have been averaging?
Looking forward to living through the rest of your journey. Thanks for all your entries. Utterly amazing.


Buenos vientos para ti en el Atlánticooo.
Quito Ecuador

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you again, Jess, thanks for keeping us in the loop!
With the adrenaline no longer rushing at mad speed through your system it is time to get back to baking muffins ROFL

keep it up, Jess, we love ya


joseph said...

good on you jess for making it that far...and it looks like sydney isnt so far away for the big home coming when you think of it....those 3 months have gone so quick and with 3 more months to go it looks like a breeze....happy sailing stay safe and god bless

The Studio k/KAUSS said...

Jessica, you are an incredible human being...!!! Minds of steel...thoughts of novelist! How can you be able to write all of that in such a bumpy ride...? It's absolutely amazing how someone like you be able to do such an incredible challenge. You are really inspiration to us all...really! Well, we wish you the best of luck the rest of the way...may the angels always watching out for you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica, So glad to see that you are moving along now and welcome to the Atlantic Ocean...I am only a few miles from shore but many sea miles north: ) It was so wonderful to see your Mum and Dad flying over you. Very cool!!!
Safe sailing,
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

Kev said...

Must have been quite a thrill to see the RAF jet fly over = you're a very important girl out there!
As you sais it certainly is sad about the poor people of Haiti. I'm in Frenchs Forest Lions and we did a collect last weekend and had very good support for the people there.
We all look forward to your updates and wish you the best for your sailing'
Cheers, Kev, Sydney, Oz.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesse, Yet another beautiful inspirational blog,its such a pleasure reading your blogs it always leaves me with thoughts of "Wow, you are an incredible very special 16 year old with a most beautiful soul"My thoughts are indeed with the people of Haiti and all the beautiful aid workers who have selflessly gone to assist,and my thoughts frequently roam the high seas to you and think that you too are an amazing role model and doubtlessly have given hope and inspiration to many others both young and old alike.Safe and happy sailing!!

Andrew said...

Great to hear your latest news re the flyover and all.

Blessings as you refocus on the Atlantic.

Andrew Dunn
Albany NZ

Anonymous said...


Bluefin said...

Hello Jesse,

Great to hear from you and that you are settling into a routine of sorts after all the excitement of the last few weeks.

Yes, Ella's Pink Lady really looks great, sleek and beautiful, she's a wonderful sight and a great credit to you, we know you are serious about her maintenance and the results speak for themselves.

The RAF Typhoon Jetfighter flyover must have been awesome! I bet your crew loved it as well LOL.

Yes, the people of Haiti are in our thoughts also, I urge all of your bloggers to donate to their
Aid Organisation of choice.

I really can't believe your trip is half over, to me it has gone by so quickly.

All the very best for the next leg to the Cape of Good Hope.

Bluefin, (Annie), Buderim, Queensland.

DAVY JONES said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
Cape Horn was an amazing milestone and you did a fantastic job of getting around there.
Now- Cape Horn is a trip of memories and you've already started focusing on the next big milestone.
Great Job
Saraya :-)

Anonymous said...

Ahoy Captain Jesse
Great to hear from you. Hope you were able to get some rest after all the excitment leading up to and around the Cape.
The pictures and video of your parnets were great.

Looking forward to the downhill side of your voyage and your great discriptions of life aboard EPL

Since you started your saga, I have read Joshua Slocum's book about his jorney. Great book and only serves to show what outstanding acheivment you are in the process of accomplishing

Keep on trucking


DAVY JONES said...


Mary, Maine, USA said...

Hiya, Jess!

Mary from Maine sending you my greetings. We've just had a beautiful nor'easter storm and lots of lovely snow here on the coast.

It's so amazing to think about the variety of events and weather happening all over the globe....the Haitian earthquake is so monumental and there are such incredible teams there helping out. It's sweet of you to think of Haiti while you're sailing over the ocean. Yeah, there's fundraising happening everywhere for Haitian relief efforts. I'm visualizing lots of supportive activities continuing to take place on behalf of endangered victims of the quake.

How cool that you had a heartthrobbing flyover from a military jet. Wow! Must have been loud!

Sweet dreams and good rest for you, Jess. Wishing you continued safe sailing and following seas as well.

Mary, Maine, USA

Unknown said...

Look it was OK to catch a glimpse of the wrinklies, but it seemed to be a higher risk than necessary, good that is behind you now, you have heaps to concentrate on plus the need try and get a few catnaps.
The video is pretty cool, I have to admit, tho Dad is a bit too emotional to be allowed out like that. Can u head more towards Australia please.

with best wishes

Graeme and Annabelle Dodd
The Rocks Sydney

Angus said...

Jesse, you are an inspiration to us all. My two gilrs Molly (8), Elliie (4) and I were driving across the Spit Bridge last October on holidays and they were asking all about the Pink Lady (the best colour on Earth I'm told) and your voyage. They now follow you on the web each day. Keep the spirits up and enjoy every moment of the voyage. Angus, Molly and Ellie

Paul G. from Chesapeake said...




Mal Johnston said...

Hi Jess
Hope its gets warmer soon.
You are a champ!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesse,
Ella's Pink Lady does look pretty cute skimming across that vast blue ocean.
Judi, Sydney

IanM said...

Well done Jess.
Here is a nice photo album I just stumbled across that you and others may enjoy.


Bob from Seattle said...

I agree! EPL is still as cute as ever. (and still as pink as ever) I saved the pic of you waving to your parents and sent it to family and friends. It looks like EPL is about 2/3 out of water. I envy the thrill you are living.

I wrote Queen Elizabeth today to make sure she's aware of your record attempt. I'm hoping she will public acknowledge your achievement when you arrive in Sydney. Ellen MacArthur became a Dame, but I'm sure you have to be English to be a Dame. I hope people don't think I'm using a slang. I'm talking about the title, equivalent to Sir. Anyway, if anyone wants to write the Queen, here's her address:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London, U.K.

I'm sure you are now rested and feel wonderful. Glad the Atlantic looks small. Nothing can stop you.

Cowboychincs said...

Dear Jessica:

So good to hear from you again, and happy that you are finally getting away from having to dodge obstacles...

How cool to get the Fly-Over from the RAF... really neat.

So what is the latest on the heater situation? I was hoping that your mum might have dropped one off on her fly-over :>) You know how mums are...

As usual, I will still nag you into checking all the little things... as it is usually the little things that turn out to be a big deal. Hopefully your back-home crew is nagging you to do the same.

Proud of you!

Grandpa Jerry, South Carolina, USA

Style Seduction said...

Must have been amazing to see the fly over and now get back out to sea.

Good luck on the rest of your journey!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of what you are doing Jessica. I can't say it enough, you're an inspiration to all of us. Through your eyes many of us can see parts of the world that we will never see in our lives. You make it seem so simple!! It's almost like you're saying..."ho hum...made it across the Pacific Ocean and around Cape Horn" lol! Keep doing what you're doing! D.J. Iowa, U.S.A.

Lea said...

It is such a buzz checking at random.... and there it is. Another blog. Thank you for the amazing journey and making us all feel part of the crew.

Lea... Far North NZ

HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

In this world of unexpected dramas, war and sadness (re Haiti) you are like a breath of fresh air!

What a lovely gesture, the RAF Jetfighter flying over! Another exciting moment you so graciously share with us.

It is good that you are once more out of the shipping lanes and hopefully will get a lot more rest. The South Atlantic Ocean should yield some good fish. If you have Coriander and Soy Sauce on board, you could cut left over tuna into strips (I am sure you will catch one) and powder with pepper (NO salt) and in three to four days you could be eating delicious fish jerky! Good luck.

Have fun and get lots of rest …


Fay from the Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

It's great to hear that you're almost clear of land & shipping lanes again. The RAF buzz must've been pretty darn loud, especially at brekkie time.

Yes, the Haiti earthquake is an awful thing. Those poor people didn't have much, and now they have even less. It'll take a lot of work to get the clean up & rebuild completed.

Clear skies,
Brian & Phillippa
(aka kiwi_canuk)
Vancouver, Canada

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jesse,
Just passed by and saw you were at home so thought I'd drop in. You say the winds have been light and yet I was surprised to read that you are clear of the Falklands now. You must be sailing EPL well.

You seem to have the same feeling I used to have in getting clear of land and shipping etc and having the ocean to myself (or ourselves in my case).

Yes, the Atlantic is just a big swimming pool really, compared with the Pacific or the Indian Oceans. For someone like you it will be an absolute doddle. Though my stepson says to make sure you don't go near the Bermuda Triangle - his geography is a little lacking!

First a couple of Navies and now the Royal Air Force - you will be the pin up girl for a lot of military men! Hope you didn't choke on your Corn Flakes with the noise!

You're sounding cheery and relaxed. Just saw the video of your folks on the plane. A few crusty old sods here in Oz are implying you're not doing this unassisted because your parents came out to see you, but if only they knew you were risking life and limb running all over EPL trying to wave to them they'd know that you certainly didn't get any assistance!!!!

Well, hopefully you get to take it easy for a bit now, catch up on the school work and stuff! :-)

Stay cool

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your next adventure across the Atlantic. I'm sure that there will be a few more flyovers before your journeys end.

Kylee, Townsville, QLD

SaltyDog said...

To Mr. Fleming “Parker” Windvane

I feel like I know you by now, so I can I call you Parker. I haven’t written a comment to you for awhile and I felt like you deserve an “ata boy.” I know that when you volunteered to go on an expedition you asked where the adventure would be and they said Outback. You didn’t realize that they meant out back, stuck on the transom of a pink sailboat. While the girl and her feathered and fur bearing crew stay dry inside the cabin, you have to hang out in the cold and wind. You probably feel like you’re always just bringing up the rear. Well, you deserve credit for your endless service. I hear that other sailors chose someone who they thought was more sophisticated than you, someone named Otto Pilot. I guess Otto has a very magnetic personality but seems to only work when he feels like it. Definitely not as dependable as you, Parker. And you’ve never once asked for a cupcake, Toblerone or bag of bolts. I’m afraid I’m getting a little long winded with you but I wanted to give you the credit you deserve. I’ll probably never meet you, Parker, but you never know. I might bump into you at the marina someday. Anyone who’s witnessed my docking skills knows what I mean.

Thanks for your dedicated service to Jess and bring her home safe.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Sparkie said...

good to hear you are now settling back into a more 'normal' routine after all the excitement - all too soon you will be preparing for the finish line....one day at a time Jessica and keep on keeping on....

judy said...

crHi Jesse
Glad to hear that you are focusing on the next stage of your journey. What an inspiration you are to all the young people that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. We are all watching your blogs with great interest, Good luck with the next stage and love to see the little pink sails enter Sydney harbour.

Mark said...

I tell everybody about you and what you are doing !
Go well, sweet Jess.

judy said...

Hi Jesse
Glad to hear that you are focusing on the next stage of your journey. What an inspiration you are to all the young people that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. We are all watching your blogs with great interest, Good luck with the next stage and love to see the little pink sails enter Sydney harbour.

Grey Ghostsuni said...

Just because it's my first doesn't mean I haven't been following your progress Jessica. Believe me all the photos you have posted are safely stashed away somewhere in this comp. Keep going Kiddo and make it safely back to Sydney.

lswinter said...

Midnight in North Carolina, USA

Jesse, we got quite a thrill watching you from inside the plane on your mum and dad's flyover. Seeing you so far below made us realize anew what an amazing feat you’re accomplishing.

Now you move on to conquer the Atlantic and round the tip of South Africa. We've been to Cape Point, SA and stood on the windy cliff above the old lighthouse. It was amazing to know we were seeing where the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans meet. That was Christmas 2007 when we went to visit our daughter and three grandchildren.

Your remain in our prayers,
Leon & Sally
Waxhaw, North Carolina

Joe L said...

Jess - glad to see you finally made it across the South Pacific, it's a very long way! Now just a puddle jump across the South Atlantic then the Indian Ocean will take you home.

What's the last leg, up across Darwin or south through Tasmania? Anyway, the hardest part should be over now that you passed Cape Horn.

Keep up your great spirit because you have many loved ones waiting on your return . . .

Stay safe - joe

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

Great to hear from you again Jess! Its great to hear you have now set your mind on the next phase of the trip to cross the Atlantic, your determination is admirable.

I log on every day to check your progress as I am sure hundreds if not thousands are doing at the moment. I wish you safe sailing and pray for you every day.

Keep up the brilliant work

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Kath, Qld said...

Hi Jess,
great to hear from you & to know that all is well.
A jetfighter - woohoo!
Hope you get enough sleep as you focus on the next stage of your journey.
Stay safe X.

JJ said...

Hey Jesse,

Fantastic that you have blogged again - we all need our Jessefix. Who knows what strange behaviour we may take on if it is too long between news of how you are going.

All best with getting back to "normal" - how will you adapt back on dry land ??

Your comments about the tragedy in Haiti is another reminder that you are one special Chick!

Keep at knocking of those nautical miles (why isn't there a nautical kilometre??).

Safe travels


Anonymous said...

You mentioned photos being taken by the Typhoon flyover, where can we see these?

Queenslander said...

Good on ya Jesse,

Any chance you can give us a rough idea of your game plan going forward?

Fair winds & calm seas.

angela said...

We all saw your parents on the news and I cried along with them. You looked so small in that big ocean! Keep looking forward, your doing so well.

Unknown said...

Great to hear from you Jess. Good luck with the next stage of your amazing journey. It was lovely to see the video of your Mum and Dad's flyover. Must admit I shed a tear.
Stay safe
Cooroy, Queensland

Anonymous said...

Well, Deb and I went sailing out from the Sunshine coast Yacht Club for my birthday on Sunday as I mentioned in an earlier blog. We went on a members yacht for a club race and as fate would have it we won. Also Jess, we were sitting in the club house while your blogs were being updated on the window. Aswell as all the newspaper clippings for your cape passing.
Wishing you all the best.
Dean and Deb

kellie said...

hiya jesse
its great to see that everything went ok when you sailed around the cape and i bet you wrere so happy to see that plane and the navy ships and then the fly over by the the airforce jet whst else is there jesse
go jesse go


Anonymous said...

Jesse,the light winds under the lee of the Falklands was just what you needed to ease off on the adrenalin, and let you recharge your energy levels!The RAF flyover would have been awewsome all that sky, all that ocean, and a jet engine piercing the atmosphere!It's back to sailing the ocean wave Jesse,you are travelling nicely,keep your mind on the job at hand, as you have been doing and you will achieve your next "milestone" before you "know it"Eat well,Jesse catch some "shuteye" stay clipped on"and just keep driving EPL.Godspeed,Godbless, you are in our prayers, Dougal

Old Iron said...

Thanks for the update we all have been keeping an eye on your journey after cape horn.

A flyover from a RAF Typhoon Jet fighter; WOW, thats great!!

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Jesse . . . there you are! It's always the best treat to hear from you directly.

I am happy that Cape Horn is in your rearview mirror and that you are out of the traffic that land brings. We check on you every day and every day I am amazed by what you are doing. Stay safe, we are cheering you on every step of the way.

Continued best wishes from San Diego.

Jostein Gard said...

Nice to read about your trip. I almost look into your blog every day.From Jostein in Norway

KP said...

Your a gem Jessica. One with compassion and ambition. Good on ya for making note of the Haiti situation. It is the time for gratification, for all the simple things that life offers us more fortunate. It's great to see that your ambition to sail the world does not deter you from that understanding. You will go a long way.

Tonya Willis said...

You're one classy girl!
Drawing attention to the strife in Haiti shows what you're made of.
I expect your sailing peers will say something supporting the efforts soon!

You probably know of all these already, (thanks to Joni!) but
here's the updated list plus I've added as many details as I could Google. Apologies if I got anything wrong! These are the round-the-worlder's I'm following:

Jessica Watson (BD 5-18-1993)
Buderim, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
GO GIRL!!!!!

Dilip Donde (BD 9-26-1967)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
(in the Faulklands for repairs)

Minoru Saito (BD 1-7-1934)
Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
(In Punta Arenas, Chile for repairs)

Jeanne Socrates (BD 9-16-1942 Not sure about this one)
Hamble Hampshire England UK
http://synereida.livejournal.com/ GREAT PICS!
(in Cape Town, South Africa for repairs?)
Email Jeanne at http://www.svnereida.com/contact/contact.php

Abby Sunderland (BD 10-19-1993)
Marina del Rey, California, USA
(Plans departure late next week?)

Ryan Langley (BD 7-4-1992)
Somewhere on the US west coast (Olympic Peninsula)
(Major news flash - will announce new website and trip plans within days!)
Until then, please don't hesitate to leave him an encouraging message!!!

Laura Dekker (BD 9-20-1995)
Whangarei, New Zealand (currently living in the Netherlands)
(Approved to leave but has conditions to be met)

Abby North (BD 4-15-1994)
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
No blog yet
(Sustained boat damage and no word on plans)

Here's a good page that keeps track of many at once although a little outdated.
Tonya Willis

Anonymous said...

Jessica - You rock! Great to hear that things are going along so well. Get some sleep - if you can!
Best wishes from Alaska, USA.

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,
another most welcome post from you, full of good news!
Congrats on clearing the Falkland Islands.
I can very well imagine, that you are glad to have less traffic of any sort on your continued journey.

Hooray, they did the fly over! How cool is that! Those jets do make a hell of a lot of noise!
I hope there will be a few photos of that too.

Yes, EPL does look remarkably unscathed by over 10000 nm of continuous journey.
Very pretty and very clean.
Great advertisement for the paint and sail companies!

Now you can refocus and zoom to the Cape of Good Hope!

I think it will be a challenge when you get home, to adjust to what we would call a normal sleeping pattern (during the night)
Your sleeping habits may forever be changed!

I don't think it is fathomable, the utter destruction that took place in Haiti!
Lots of aid organizations are there and I am sure everyone does what they can. It will be a long time to restore some normality to their lives.

It is sooo hot and humid here in the Pioneer Valley, without doing much, the 'sweat' is pouring off!

Keep well, fair winds, be happy and above all be safe
Trudy from Austria/Australia

Bruce S said...

good to hear you're past the Falkland Islands and away from the busy shipping lanes.
As a yachtie, I can appreciate your comments about the antifoul lasting (International Paints) and every sailor depends on good sails ... well done Ullman Sails!

Thanks for the update.

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
I heard about that jet, must've been a huge thrill. I hope you didn't get 'Tangled in your tethers' trying to spot the Pilot.

♣Amazed by you, always cracks me up. She mentioned recently that she wanted..."more info on those two boat loads of buoys please..." She's always looking for the Goss, you only gave us the jet, lol.

I also couldn't stop laughing when ♣Samurai noticed..."Ella's Pink Lady's nice clean bottom".

Great to see your professional attitude is still there with a mention of 'International Paints and Ullman Sails'. Just don't get too carried away like she who can't be named on that other Aust. made yacht, lol.

The Falklands have definitely given you a dose of the Queen's English.."Pink Lady and I" (me is just fine) lol.

Time to get serious once more,
☺☺☺ ◘◘◘ Hoo Roo ◘◘◘ ☺☺☺

Anonymous said...

hi Jess

What an exciting few days .. woo! Now that you're settling back into a routine, I feel that I can relax again too! haha.

Take care, eat well, sleep well.

(Aunt) Cazz x

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Just quickly.
You're such a great Ambassador for Australia (and New Zealand)
Your thoughts towards the wonderful people helping the Haitians at this horrible time is so commendable.
See Ya.

Unknown said...

The Atlantic truly is a pond compared to the Indian and the Pacific. NIce to see you are getting somewhat of a breather after the Cape. Sounds even more like you need it. Good show!

Susan in California said...

As I sit in my cozy room with my laptop and two noisy warm cats noisily purring away on each side of me, I can't help but think of you all alone in the big ocean.
What is your next navigational goal? Anything before Africa a bazillion miles away?
Did you get your heater fixed yet?

Ron said...

Every day, I'm more amazed at who you are. You're writing skills are as advanced as your sailing skills. I know you'll write books of your adventures and I'll read them. I still insist that you visit my home when you come to the U.S. and I know that will happen in the not too distant future. I'm old enough to be your grandfather and I've never really admired anyone. You have my admiration. I once again wish you Godspeed for the duration of the voyage.
Ron - Alabama USA

peter said...

Great to hear from you again jess.
Sounds like you have a very few exiting days, is it going to be easy to get back to routine like you said?
Quite a good welcome to the atlantic.
What an amazing story your going to have by the time you get back.
I have a 16 year old niece and I can't imagine her off doing something like your journey.
your an inspiration to us all.
Looking forward to reading on the next part of your journey

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

The Jetfighter would have been awesome doing a fly over, how great knowing it was just for you.

I also want to say how kind it was to mention the tragedy in Haiti. It was so typical of the beautiful soul that you are and why you're respected.

Enjoy this part of your journey.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

gustav said...

Hello dear Jessica,

Make sure you have a good rest and catch up on some good sleep once you are past the Falklands and back in safer and quieter waters.

You can not run on adrenalin alone you know,so make sure you look well after yourself,eat and drink well,sleep and rest well and keep warm.

So off you go,put all your warning systems on and strap yourself into that cosy bunk of Ella's Pink Lady and have a nice nap.

gustav haffner

riveter said...

ah damn...we got all choked up watching the video with your mom & dad.... You are such a trooper holding it together. Glad the aviator came by to fill the void that you must of felt when your folks flew off. Boy, don't think I could do 1/100th of what you are accomplishing! Hope to meet you in person one day if you ever sail up to BC Canada

Anonymous said...

Now let's bring on the Cape of Good Hope! Great Work Jesse.

Ant @ Townsville N QLD said...

Hi, Jesse

What's your next goal??
I couldn't help it but your mum sounds a lot like you :)
Stay safe young lady.
bye 4 now
Anthony N QLD OZ

Susan said...

All I know about sailing is what I've been learning from reading your blog and from looking terms and equipment up that you and others talk about and post (like a drogue and sheets!)
I believe, however, that one of the reason's that Ella's Pink Lady is faring so well, aside from having excellent quality sails, paint, etc., is due to your abilities and attention to maintenance and to making adjustments to the sails as needed. Kudos to YOU!

That's pretty cool about the RAF Typhoon Jetfighter. My parents lived near an airforce base in the US for a while, and it was impossible to ignore them when they flew over. They are loud!

I'm sorry for repeating myself, but I hope you get as much of a challenge as you want with the weather. From watching PW, there have been some nasty looking storms in the Atlantic, and I'm always happy that they are where you aren't!

How exciting to have had the experiences of this past week and how nice that it happened halfway around for a change in the routine. The next landmark will come so much faster, and not for awhile, but at some point along the way, it's going to feel like Sydney is closing in!

You are doing so well, and taking everything as it comes, and enjoying it, whatever it is! (I do believe that is one of the secrets of life!)

My heart also goes out to the people (and animals) in Haiti. The aid is now pouring in but it still isn't reaching most of the people. It's been a week for them without shelter, food, water, and medicine, all while having to cope with so much grief. Haiti has been the poorest country in the western hemisphere, so on a brighter side, in a few years, they will be much better off with their living conditions, as rebuilding will happen with earthquakes in mind and with plumbing for water systems.
There is always something good that comes from so much sorrow.

Wishing you well,
Susan in Oregon

(word verification is masta... sounds like Italian for mast!)

Anonymous said...

Rock on Jesse!! Great to see you're getting into the open and focusing on the next stretch...

We are all thinking of you here in Brisbane!

Take care,

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
How thrilling it must have been for you to have an RAF Typhoon Jetfighter flyover to greet you. I suppose it was too far away and traveling much too fast for a photo, hey?
Yes, Ella's Pink Lady is as beautiful as ever. From the variety of pictures I've seen she is looking very sleek and tidy indeed. I even saw a photo of her lifting her skirt and showing off her nice clean bottom while seemingly dancing her way through the water. She is quite a sight to behold. You are so very fortunate to have such a fantastic boat to be doing this on. I've no doubt she will endure the remaining half of your voyage and see you safely back on terra firma with exceptional performance. Can I have her when you finish? :-)) I can go for the solo, all-stops circumnavigation record, no worries about that! :-)) Sorry, I must be daydreaming again... moving right along...
Well, halfway 'round and homeward bound you are now and on to the second half of this your journey of adventure. I hope the next 10,000 or so miles ahead will be as exciting and enjoyable for you as doubtless, it will be for all of us out here following you.
You're right to feel relieved in that, as much as the past week has been very exciting, it's good to be out in the empty ocean again and to settle into the routine of the daily activities of a life afloat.
Labour well the running maintenance of your boat and of your self. Stay in the moment and enjoy the sheer beauty of nature as it evolves around you. I wish you fair winds and calm seas. A fish or two would be delish, so good luck with that too.
Take good care of yourself, stay safe and bye for now...(Aunty) Sam XX

Anonymous said...

Jess, my daughters (6 and 9) and I read your blog every day and are thrilled with your progress and your wonderful descriptions of life on the open sea. We're pulling for you!
Matt, Maggie and Ellie
Los Angeles, CA

bernie777 said...

Once again your letter to the world has really nailed it...I dont care if you have a thousand ghost writers...I just wish you to keep sailing safely with your free spirit intact...the worlds shipping lanes are your oyster....you should be able to see the Tabletop mtns as you sail pass South Africa..that will be a treat...hope you dont get cold anymore...both your male and female admirers and anyone in between would like a sexy bikini shot of you sailing away into the sunset..if it gets too hot for you....how much can a koala bear,,,,I know Ill be pinning 1 up....you are a real heroine...like that Aviator woman...the only difference is you cant crash land...only sail n surf,,,what a life...wow...go Jessica...Bernie 777

workerbev said...

Hi Jessica (Beverly here in Tassie). Super great to hear about the fly-over by the RAF Typhoon. What an honour that is! Did you get a picture or spill your breakfast into your lap? LOL

You are so right about the devastation in Haiti. I cannot imagine in my mind how it would be to be there. All we can do is hold them up in prayer and pray that those people who have money can contribute as much as possible. And may God put the money and all aide into the hands of "honest" people who will get it to those who most need it and not let it go into the hands of the corrupt. And please pray, even if you don't, for the protection of the people who are trying to survive and for their safety from the prisoners who got out of jail due to it collasping. It is said the prisoners, and others, are going around with machetes etc, robbing people of the little bit they have been able to get to live on. And there is now killing going on as well as the humonguous death toll. God definitely needs to take His Legions of Safety Angels to Haiti to protect those poor people.

Now that you are going North, and out of the shipping zones, I trust that your nerves can settle a bit and the adrenalin can subside. No big ships to look out for, I hope, so you can get some much needed rest.

Well my dear, may you remember God is right there beside you every second of the day and His Legions of Angels are safely protecting you from the rogue shipping vessels that still may be around and guide you to your next phase. {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania


Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Wow Jess

The RAF does a flyover just for you! How cool is that! It just shows you how the world is watching your voyage.

I know that you said you were travelling slowly but judging from the map on the web site you are really knocking over the nautical miles. Good on you. From the distance you are covering it looks like you have hooked up a team of Orcas to pull you along – although that would be assisted! Or is it that the thought of a long hot shower gave you added enthusiasm about your trim – EPL’s trim that is! In that you will be landing in Sydney, maybe the 3 minute water restriction shower rule will not apply? Although, my kids have a unique interpretation of how long a three minutes shower is anyway.

I just wanted to say thanks for posting your position on the map irrespective of you blogging or not. It is really cool to see you well underway to the Cape of Good Hope; or the Cape of Agulhas to be more precise.

So I guess you and the team have worked out the most efficient latitude/course for you in terms of steady wins, great boat speed and not going too hard on your three Bs (Boat, Body and Brain [Mind]). I was also thinking that the further south you go the shorter your trip, although you still have to sail further south and then further north so my thoughts are just navigational babble.

You are so lucky to be where you are. Yesterday it was around 37degC on the SC and 38degC where I was on the GC. Ugly humidity and very very uncomfortable. Sitting in Brisbane today is much better and about 15degC cooler.

So what’s your 10 most frequently played tunes on you MP3 player right now? And would you describe yourself as a hip or a daggy dancer? Cockpit and Cabin dancing is in a class of it’s own you know. Especially when you are south of the 45th parallel.

Sail safe, sail fast
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Your maturity and capabilites amaze me, havent missed a blog and dont intend to. Keep bobbing along. Bessen Family, Mypolonga SAust.

Flash said...

Hi Jessica!

Well it might be a good thing to put up a little daily routine for everybody! In your case it might be much harder than in our case - landlubbers and armchair-captains!

Keep that little pink boat goin' - nice to hear that EPL is doing so well with the rigging and the hull. Seems all is ready for the next gale-force winds which will surely waiting down the line!

Your adventure made it into the german media as well as into the worldwide press and tv. It's nice to read all the footage and the respectful comments.

Best wishes for the next days, fair weather and following seas!

Greetz from Germany,


Susan said...

Some of you might be interested...
earlier someone posted info about Bernt Lüchtenborg's. He is doing solo navigation too, first west, then east, and is about to round the cape. He blogs and posts a photo each day.. I love pictures!
If you're interested:

He has encountered some big storms. His blog is in German, but this site translates


It's good enough to understand what he's dealing with, and the funny translations bring smiles sometimes!

Since Jesse just rounded, I thought it was interesting what he says in his post today.
"Probably on Saturday I will see the rock of all navigator romanticism. Or also not - if the weather badly is and I must bypass the Hoorn far south, because the waves of a four thousand meter of deep ocean throw themselves on the South American Kontinentalschelf. If in addition storm lakes run through currents, Interferenzen or through a self-changing topography of the sea-floor totally out of the step, they bear true monsters at force."

I wish him safety

Susan in Oregon

Anonymous said...

The video of your parents flyover was great to see--thanks for sharing it with us. It is striking however how the ocean is so big and your boat is so small when seen from the air. It makes me appreciate even more the effort you and your team are making for your journey. Fair winds and God speed, Larry

Brigitte said...

I am following your blog (I am Australian but live in the USA) since you took off from Sydney and love it:)..what you are doing, girl, is so amazing and absolutely awesome. I once in a while share your blog with facebook and twitters, and everyone always comments with respect and admiration for you:)
Wishing you a most wonderful (and above all safe) rest of your around the world sailing-solo journey. Have fun:)

Expat OZy said...

Just watched the video of your parents fly over at:


WOW what an incredibly proud moment and then the fly over from the RAF... You da Girl!

Come on OZy Come on, Come on!
John, Alicante, Spain

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Thank you again for the update. Good to hear that you are on your way to the Atlantic. I also want to thank you for acknowledging whats happening in Haiti. I live in Los Angeles (earthquake zone) and I can relate what an earthquake can do. "BAD". Haiti needs help. Lets all pull together and help them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse, I can imagine that flyover would have been a real buzz! Have you got any pics of it that you could show us?

Hope the adjustment of refocusing for the next leg isn't too hard. Maybe you can relax and treat yourself with food goodies and a nice book for a couple of days, before really getting back into it. Good luck.


danma said...

Hey Jesse,

It's good to hear from you, great to see that you are focusing on the next part of your amazing journey.

A flyover how wonderful, it would have scared me as well......

As always stay safe, have fun & happy sailing.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Once again, thanks for updating us all and sharing your close encounter with the Typhoon jet fighter. Amazing how loud those beasts can be!

Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can,

PS Maybe the Killer Whales & I will make paper airplanes tomorrow and fly them over our Pink Lady paper boats... kind of a reenactment of your close encounter!

Mikey said...

Hi Jess, I'm continually amazed at how well you're doing. Every day I check the map and see you've eaten up some more kilometres. Best regards and prayers for your safety from NZ! Mike R, Auckland, New Zealand

Jules GC said...

Good to hear from you, Jess, thought you must have been taking some well-deserved R&R after the adventures of the last week or so. Let's hope you can get some peaceful sailing in over the next few weeks. It's great that EPL is in such fine form, a tribute to your sponsors (wink).

Lori said...

Hi sugar, thanks for your post, you sound great as usual, glad you have had a bit of down time, or have you??

Your buzz by the airforce sounded exciting, were you able to go out and acknowledge them?

Your Pink Lady has come through with flying colours due to you and your great sponser's work, well done to you all.

Keep up the great work, you are always in our hearts and prayers, as are the dear people in Haiti, how horrific for them and aid workers......x

-Lori, Brisbane

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

Hello out there in the South Atlantic! Once again you have cheered us with your beautiful blog.

Yes, the world is experiencing a fair share of unpleasantness and pain right now, but for the wonderful moments of being on your blog there is, at least for me, a great deal of joy and much refreshment seeing in you the example of when something needs to be done, the solution is to get after it and do the job! I have a feeling you are inspiring people all over the world to accomplish things they never dreamed of....maybe even in war-torn countries and among aid workers in Haiti!

I wonder how many people have taken a step toward following a dream because they've been on your website!? To everyone who has a dream, I say "Go for it!" Bet you would say that also!

Glad EPL is doing her job so well, but then you being her 'caregiver' I am not surprised. Am sure she was a pretty cute sight for the pilot of the RAF Jetfighter too. You are a couple of really lovely ladies out there sailing along!

Enjoy the Atlantic and as always --SAFETY FIRST!

Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica.
Settle into your routine.
Relax and keep smiling
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Ian said...

well done Jessica,one ocean behind & another up ahead, i,m sure you will rise to the occassion. EPL looked great in the video taken from your mum & dad,s flight.


Maria Catalina Wiley said...

That would have been awesome having the Jetfighter fly over ... I'm wondering from what country it was? Enjoy the Atlantic and stay focused :-) I'm so enjoying following your blog! cheers,
Maria, CQ artist

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',
[proud to be],
Maryland, USA

Many thanks for the contribution you will make to the rescue and recovery effort in Haiti. May you be blessed richly for your service.

Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Glad to hear you are safe and well and clearing all that built up traffic.
What a reception you have had. Navy, airforce and best of all Mum and Dad.
Now back to just you and EPL and of course the crew.
We all feel for the people in Haiti, and the aid people who have gone to their rescue. It must be horrific.
Hope you will soon be back to your "routine" and putting nmiles behind you.
Keep safe,

Marc D. (Florida) said...

Commander Watson,
Were you able to get the Kiwi fastened down with the rest of the crew before you hit those gale force winds. What a way to bring in the New-Year. Did that heater accidently fall overboard, or are you going to run it over with a steam-roller when you get back to Sidney Harbor. Congratulations on passing the Cape!.

Anonymous said...

We are proud of you and your accomplishments so far! Keep up the great work!

Dora and Rachel

Global English Outreach said...

Dear Jesse, my South Korean students and me read your Blog everyday! Take care of yourself! Love. Nico le Roux

Anonymous said...

First off - Huge congratulations on safely rounding the Cape! I cried as I watched the video of your mother crying. I guess it's a "Mom thing". LOL

I have a question (as sadly I have no personal experience sailing):

Do whales show up on your radar? Have you seen any whales yet?

I'm glad you are getting back to your routine and heading even closer towards home. I'm sure that after going for so long without seeing any land, boats, or people, it must have been overwhelming to have so much company all at once.

As always, stay safe and happy sailing on this next phase of your journey!

Sherry Price
Crofton, Maryland USA

Unknown said...

All the very best for the next leg of your journey, Jess. I won't go on and on about how inspirational you are. That's been done to death. Let me just say how much I admire how inspirational you are. What a girl!

Nice of you to think of Haiti as well as your sponsors when you also have monumental challenges to face.

Lots of love from

Ian of Brisbane

Mark and Jude Thomas said...

Hi Jess
my family and I did a 6month world trip and we constantly found ourselves having to refocus after each stage... to be 'present' where we were and in the moment so we weren't either reliving the past, or thinking too far ahead, but making sure we were making the most of the now!
You go girl! You're making an awful lot of people rethink social norms...
Another biproduct of your 'solo' journey.
Mark, Adelaide SA

Anonymous said...

onya Jessica, good to hear your doing well,good luck.

Kahuna said...

Hi Jessica,
I was starting to wonder if your internet had colapsed. No updates for 3 days! The posts seemd to all stop on the 16th. I actually jumped on just after your post today and saw "0" comments. I was looking at the Falklands on google earth - Port Stanly was so close to you - good to see you weren't tempted to call in for a rest! With evey mile your legion of fans grows so keep up the that strength you clearly have - you're over the 'hump" now and homeward bound. Good luck with the next leg and keep safe.
JB from Cairns

jan said...

jesse, you are simply the best.cheers from canterbury nz.

Barry Clements said...

Hi Captain Jessica Watson

What a buzz to hear from you and to know all's well.

Reading in your post about how pleased you are with how good ELP is looking from above, below and on deck doesn't surprise me.

You and your team were so thorough with the preparation of every single detail in the lead up to this voyage of not only the yacht, the mechanicals and electronics but to yourself, your diet, the preventative maintenance while at sea and right down to having tethers for the motley crew.

It's an absolute credit to you all that you've passed half your voyage and some tough conditions and the worst problems have been minor although a little stressful at the time then fixed with a phone call and a little fiddling. except for a temperamental heater that doesn't like cold weather.

It must be very heart warming to know all that lead up work has enabled you to stay at sea and on target of your goal but hear of other solo sailors needing to make land for repairs.

The other thing we're seeing come from that preparation is a world wide following watching to see how a real sailor goes about sailing around the world, not only as planned but ahead of schedule.

Then we hear from your mentor Don McIntyre that your caring for yourself as well as your equipment and have maintained your weight. most sailors we hear about who have returned from these voyages lose quite a bit of weight.

That tells us that the detailed preparation even went into the packing of ration bags (good vege to chocolate ratios) LOL.

Keep up the fantastic job your doing and fly across that little Atlantic ocean your in. the winds look in your favour to maintain some reasonable speed but still allow you some comfortable sleeping conditions.

Thanks again for the fantastic blogs, photos and videos. I'm at my computer way to often looking for updates and getting emotional reading page after page of your fan mail.

Great job Jesse and give all the crew a pat on the back for their part of this historic event.

Cheers and Take Care
Bribie Island

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
Its good to hear your doing so well and settling into a routine again.
Must of been quite a thrill to have the jet fly over you, just shows how important you really are to all of us.
There are not many 16 year old's that get there own flyover.

The Atlantic is still pretty big and there is still a long way to go,but going on past performances you will eat it.

Well keep chipping away at that mountain, it wont be long now before your back home.
So long for now.

Fair winds and following seas.

Richard in California said...

dear jessie, sorry to hear the worlds serious troubles are bothering you way out there, but so it goes, I too feel terrible for haiti but have been reading and watching the only fully operational hospital complete with pediatrics and surgeries all in tents,set up by israel and still the ONLY fully operational hospital in Haiti, there are other field hospitals setting up and one or two running but without surgeries or pediatrics or maternity's. Israel did a fantastic job of first response.

Sadly though most of the surgeries in these early days will be amputations of crushed limbs that are turning gangrene. Lots of injures at this point.

Heres a link to one story about the field hospital for your enjoyment. http://www.latimes.com/news/nation-and-world/la-fg-haiti-rescue19-2010jan19,0,6859551.story

Sally said...

Lovely to hear from you again Jess. It's always good to find out where you are and what's been happening. You are such an inspiration to me and to many others. Stay safe.

Michelle and Tibor said...

Hi Jesse,
The world is keeping a close eye on you and looking out for you as much as we all can in your travels. Through your blogs the world is also able to read what a very special young lady and pioneer representing your age that you are. Just keep doing what you are doing and this includes teaching us all along the way. Til next blog...Michelle and Tibor, Coffs Harbour

gsimmons said...

Hi jessica
Yes, the Atlantic Ocean certainly does look small compared to the Pacfic Jesse, but it's still a lot of water out there.
The RAF fly over would have been a fantastic sight and sound, I'm sure he would have put on a good show, did the navy ships turn up? may have been to rough and scary for them, but not our Jesse.
Ella's Pink Lady sure does look great, and the main reason she is still in great condition, is you looked after 100%. Not pushing her to hard when conditions get nasty, if you after her, she will look after you.
So, hopefully the Atlantic will give you a little more luck on the fishing side, didn't do to well in the Pacfic. Are you still trolling a lure, or will you wait for warmer water?
So keep having fun and KEEP SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love
Exmouth WA Australia

mostthingsonce said...

Hi Captain Watson; Those flyboys sure like to show off, don't they? It would be nice to get a picture of EPL from the jet. When your parents flew over and we saw your tiny pink boat bravely sliceing through the waves, I thought to myself, yes! That's what sailing is all about. Fare well Jessica. Alfred
Vancouver, Canada

Adam Reeve said...

Hi Jess my lass! Great to hear from you again. Sounds like you have been having great fun... Wow! It must have been an awesome sight to see that jet fly around you and know he was doing it JUST for one special girl! You are a very brave person you know Jess. Not many people could do what you are doing... nor would they be able to do it with such an amazingly relaxed style. You always sound so calm and sensible in your posts. You're certainly an incredibly brave youngster. Men 4 times your age would tremble, yet you make it sound such a lark!

Keep that harness on and stay safe!

I remain,

an avid fan of one Jessica Watson (Heroine)


Berlin Red said...

Hey Jess,

You are such an amazing young woman,you do yourself,your parents,your sponors,your adoring fans and you country proud, well done, enough of that gooey rubbish,enjoy your adventure it will be over,far to quickly and the Pacific Ocean awaits.

Please Stay Safe

Berlin Red

Charlie Snow said...

Glad all is well again Jess.

Brian Riley said...

Hi Jessica, welcome back to reality after your fairytale rounding of the Horn and the Fly over with your parents, the videos are quite amazing and as you say EPL is looking outstanding, must be due to the skipper as well.
Hope you didn't spill your breakfast when the Typhoon flew overhead,hee,hee.
Safe Passage, will Talk Later.
Hervey Bay,QLD

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Great to know that you are always in a good spirit & mood. Keep smiling!

PB Qld

Glen said...

You parents must be s proud of not only your achievements so far, but what a mature personable young lady you seem to be. I was initially sceptical of your plans, but have been pleasantly surprised and follow your blog regularly. Well done and keep up not only the great sailing, but the great writing. Cheers and good luck.

Unknown said...

Jesse, I have been following your journey with great interest. Your evocative descriptions make me really appreciate the fantastic adventure you are enjoying. Just having a glass of wine. Cheers to you! Trish

Anonymous said...

Cooeee sunshine, from another sunny day in South Australia!

I think 'sunshine' is an apt word since you're from the Sunshine coast, Jesse! :)

As always, wondeful to read your latest update, and a RAF flyover no less! Hope you remembered to salute! :)

Yes, the photos of you and Pink Lady taken at sea from the flyover by your Mum and Dad are fabulous, aren't they?!
I took the liberty of posting a couple on the nursing site and they all loved seeing them!
You've now got a bunch of nurses worldwide who are as in awe as I am and are folllowing your progress! :)

Continued best wishes going your way Jesse for safe sailing, fair winds and smooth seas.

Cheers from SA!

Sarah Cooper (Sydney) said...

I love reading your blog, it's great to see your focus and dedication! Glad you can finally settle back into your routine and get some sleep and rest for a little while! You're over halfway now so it must be so exciting!

I can't wait to see your pretty link pink boat sail into Sydney!

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

It was great seeing Mum and Dad doing their flyover of you and EPL and we all appreciate them letting us come along for the ride. It was a beautiful and private moment full of raw emotion. Mum and Dad are true-blue! For them to share this with the “world” was unbelievably generous. Thank you Mum and Dad for your big hearts!

Wow Jess, the “world” IS watching! You most assuredly deserve much praise. Youngest person (male or female) to solo round Cape Horn… I don’t know about you, but that is incredibly incomprehensible for me! I wonder… Are you still saying to yourself “Wow, I am really doing this!” or has the enormous effort you are undergoing, along with having to stay focused, blocked out these kinds of thoughts? I hope you’ve had a chance pay back on some of that sleep debt with the calmer weather and have had some time for recent events to settle in your mind.

There were some incredible pictures from you of late. I would like to comment on one in particular. You know, the one with the full reef in the main sail? It just scared me to death to think about surfing down those huge swells, being shoved ahead at hull speed (and then some) with only a handkerchief size bit of cloth flying; and to do it in such an unforgivable piece of ocean too! Definitely unnerving. Its just one of those shots that helps to put me in the moment and to realize the enormity of your accomplishment and I thank you for it.

Now, if you would be so kind as to humor me, it’s time for the (unneeded and unwanted I’m sure) advice portion of my post. Please Jess; use copious amounts of sail tape on those chafe areas. It would be a complete shame to blow out your main at this point.
Sorry, that was more for me than you; it just makes me feel like a contributor :-\

Jess, I do hope you get to return to Cape Horn one day and that you get to set foot on her as well.

Sail on and be safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

Newhaven College Schoogirls said...

Hey Jess!

Your doing so well, I would get just a fright from hearing the jet plane! I'm so glad you have people flying over to watch you, I watched a video the other day of your parents flying over and everyone is right Jess, EPL looks absoutely amazing!!

Keep Safe,

Newhaven College
Year 8's
Katie, Fin, Zoe, Kelly and Maddie

hezakiah299 said...
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peter said...

Hey Jesse....that jet must have been amazing...did you talk to the pilot at all ??
That part of the world has been all action for you..what with Cape Horn and mum & dad now the RAF.
Keep going girl..
Auckland NZ

Sue Canavan said...

Hey Jessie

Good to hear you are doing so well. Not long now and we will be seeing you again passing the office on your deadly treadly or dropping in to see us. Keep up the good work you are doing all of Australia proud!!
Love & Luck
Sue, John & James
Sunshine Sailing Australia

Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ,

It must feel good to have The Horn behind you. I hope the RAF didnt give you a fright.

Well kiddo, to boil the remainder of your journey down to its basics....it just 2 more capes and chuck a lefty and you're home.

Good Onya and God Blessya

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the fishing Jess Atlanic Salmon are very tasty.Your half way there,that went quick, you will be home in no time good luck
Ian from Mannering Park

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse!
I absolutely love reading your blog, and hearing all about your adventure. I stayed up until 3am the other night reading the entire thing and now I'm hooked - you probably think I'm crazy! Haha. I'm only a year older than you and I'm so jealous! I hope you're having the time of your life!!
-From California
Julie :D

Janet said...

Glad to hear from you Jess, you will be home before you know it.keep up the good work.Till next time take care Janet.

StuntTrader said...

That would have been a real buzz Jesse, for those that weren't there (& that's the rest of the world!), this is a glimpse of a Typhoon fly past

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog and news every day. Admiring you, keeping my fingers crossed for you having a beautiful and save journey. Just three more month to go... what would I read in the morning, when you reached Sidney?! Loving your reports. Stay save.

Anonymous said...

Jesse you're a beautiful girl,beautiful inside also,go to Cape Town!!!!!!Strong.......go jesse go. claudio Roma-Italy

Anonymous said...


It's good to here from you after a few days with out you... and pray'n for you .. it is always good your still up in spirt's... and it keeps ya goin..
What a sight it had to be to see a jet fighter come down from above just to fly over only for you.. I am sure that he was takin pic's as well.. to show every one back home ..
Keep your head and take care our prayers are there for you .. jesse' always..


Jim from Perth WA said...

Hi Jesse

the paint you mentioned you put on the hull of the boat to keep off marine growth displays yet another facet of how well this trip has been prepared, You caring comments re the people of Haiti shows what a loving, caring person you are.

2:02 of sheer joy
This was originally posted at 11.17am 17/1/2010 by

Hope it’s okay to reproduce for those who might have missed it first time round, at the bottom of the lyrics is the link, THANKS SAM!!! To actually see Room 401 singing this tribute to Jessica, it’s totally awesome sung by Room 401 from Minnesota

Here are the words:
She’ll be coming ‘round Cape Horn when she sails.
She’ll be coming ‘round Cape Horn when she sails.
She’ll be coming ‘round Cape Horn.
She’ll be coming ‘round Cape Horn.
She’ll be coming ‘round Cape Horn when she sails.

Toot, Toot

She’ll be sailing Ella’s Pink Lady ‘round the world.
She’ll be sailing Ella’s Pink Lady ‘round the world.
She’ll be sailing Ella’s Pink Lady.
She’ll be sailing Ella’s Pink Lady.
She’ll be sailing Ella’s Pink Lady ‘round the world .

Land Ahoy, Toot, Toot

We all want to greet her as she sails.
We all want to greet her as she sails.
We all want to greet her.
We all want to greet her.
We all want to greet her as she sails.

Hi Jess, Land Ahoy, Toot, Toot

She’ll be wearing her big smile when she sails.
She’ll be wearing her big smile when she sails.
She’ll be wearing her big smile.
She’ll be wearing her big smile.
She’ll be wearing her big smile when she sails.

(Head nod), Hi Jess, Land Ahoy, Toot, Toot

She’ll be making history as she sails.
She’ll be making history as she sails.
She’ll be making history.
She’ll be making history.
She’ll be making history as she sails.

You Rock!, (Head nod), Hi Jess, Land Ahoy, Toot, Toot

We hope you can find it and sing it at the top of your lungs.

Best Wishes-
Room 401-Minnesota

And here is the link to see Room 401 singing this:

2minutes-2 seconds of sheer joy!
Jim from Perth, Western Australia

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica
I read about you conquering cape hoorn (congratulations!!!) in a swiss newspaper so i started reading your blog. what you do is so amazing and i wish you all the best for the rest of your journey. i love your boat by the way, very pretty color.
looking forward to your future posts.
Michelle Lupold, Zurich, Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Wooohooo Jess! Jets!!! So cool!

Hope your ok out there!

As far as Haiti, we can't get there fast enough,but we're getting there! Let us worry about that and you just worry about you!

Dear Sally in Melbourne (from the Bay)!

Tocoons special! (Australias first baby elephant) Thursday night at 7pm on channel nine.

Take care everyone!

Especially you Jess!


Anonymous said...

Go Jessica Go!

The Sunshine Coaster Family said...

Hi Jessica,
Well after being out nearly all afternoon with my 3 beautiful children - getting school supplies and school bags and pencil cases!! You would not think that there would be so much in-depth discussion and decision making when it comes to picking your pencil case and school bag - but yes it took up most of the afternoon. Shoe shopping will have to wait that was enough for today!
Coming home to read your blog was better than a warm bath as it sounds so wonderful being out there in the beautiful blue ocean -instead of being at K-Mart Maroochydore scrambling for books, pens, rulers, drink bottles etc. But to us landlovers - it would be totally different being out there day in and day out.
By the way I know that you are 16 years old - so what year level are you in this year 2010 for school. Is it Year 10 or 11?? How is your homework going?? Now I'm dragging you back to "so called normal life"!!
Anyway we are always thinking of you.. I wrote a letter into the Sunshine Coast Daily about you and I couldn't believe that they published it! Wow my family was proud that I did it as even though we don't know each other we are just a run of the mill family here on the Sunshine Coast just very proud and excited for you of your adventure and journey around the world.
As my kids would say...
Be Safe & Take Care,
The Sunshine Coaster Family
A, C, J, B & G (Nambour)

Heather)sunshine coast) said...

It's amazing that you are sitting out in the middle of no-where writing your blog to keep us in the loop...and we hang on every word..Keep it up Jess...you are on your way home.........

Anonymous said...

Bless you, you are so positive about your voyage; May sailors are frightened out of their wits to meet the occasional drifting container whilst sleeping but you, having been through worse, set an example everybody else can look up to.
Of course, being so well equipped helps matters no end. I think you could make a smal list about what was really helpful and what turned out to be not so useful. Sailors all around the world will be wanting to learn from your experience.

Aunty Chris said...

Hello Jesse
Very glad to hear from you again and that your starting to settle after all the excitment over the last few days. I bet the stuffy crew are happy to have you back all to themselves again. Keep safe and I am looking forward to your adventures in the Atlantic.

Love Aunty Chris, Country Music Capital, NSW, Oz

india summah said...

far out.. dam fine effort.. although being a born and bred Buderim local myself, i always new you were on! (not that i could do it myself ) cheers jess and all the best.. have a ball and god speed ey.. stay safe.. read you 2moz..

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Good to hear that the wind has been light and that you have been able to get some sleep.
I'm sure that the RAF Typhoon Jetfighter was a welcome noise ( if I can use noise ). Those type of aircrafts can become scary. Once in Chicago, 5 came flying past and before I know what it was, I closed my eyes, and they were gone.

Yes, the Pacific Ocean is vast. I can't see in my atlas where you pass into the Indian Ocean, maybe when you have passed Cape Town.

Unfortunately, I can't see the video or photo's your parents took (it's something wrong with my computer) so I have to visit a friend.
Only -2C today.
Take care and sail on safe.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Jess! you so brave... We here in Siberia, Russia, wish you to be good lucky and healthy!

maxine maroochydore said...

Hi Jesse, thanks for the update, I can imagine you sitting there having breaky and hearing that loud noise coming from the flyover, more excitment for you, everybody knows about you, we are so proud of you keep up the good work Godspeed Jess, Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

Susieb said...

So good Jess to share your excitement with your parents over the last few days rounding the cape - I hope the Atlantic crossing is as enjoyable as the Pacific has been for you,
then its just 'turn left at the corner' and you're home - Amazing girl best wishes and a big hug

Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hey Jess

Heres a laugh for you, my daughter was in a porta loo at river fire a few years ago in Brisbane when the F1-11s flew over doing a dump and burn.

You have never heard a such a commotion as the efforts to remove herself from the porta loo.

It goes down in memory in our families history

So we can really imagine your surprises when the fly over took place

Take care
God Speed

Peter and Sally

Word verification for the day " DAMPA" why not cook some Jess.

Take care

Anonymous said...

You have reached another milestone Jess, Congratulations!

Bluefin said...

Hello Jesse,

Great to hear from you again and I'm glad that after the excitement of the last week or so you are able to settle back into some sort of routine.

Ella's Pink Lady does look great, smooth and sleek, your attention to maintenance has certainly paid off.

Wow, I think having the RAF Typhoon Jetfighter fly over would have been very cool! I bet your crew were just as excited. LOL.

My thoughts are also with the people of Haiti and I think it would be great if us bloggers donated to the Aid Organisation of our choice, the need is so massive.

All the very best Jesse as you now head for the Cape of Good Hope.

Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Well done getting through their without any dramas, now just like a jigsaw puzzle it's one small step at a time...Good onya mate!

"Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul"

You're a Legend
Take Care

Michael J Cawley said...

Hi Jess,

Typhoon Jetfighter Pilot, may be that could be your next challange when you get home.A piece of cake for a sailor of your talents.

Your accomplishments are just fantatic. Thank you so much for involving us all in your journey around the world.

Sail on Jess.

Michael in Melbourne

Sally said...

Evening Jesse

Seems like things are quietening down a little for you now and Pink Lady, giving you time to refocus and as you said "start thinking ahead" and about what you have to tackle in the Atlantic Ocean.... On to your next milestone!!

What an amazing journey this has been - 3 months down and another 3 to go? At least EPL is showing very little signs of wear & tear. The media showed pictures of her from the Flyover also, she is such a cute yacht!

It's good new that you are clear of land again and the traffic that goes with it, so that you can catch up on those missed zzzzzz's.

Do you feel that you have learnt alot on this journey? Have you found inner strengths or skills in yourself that you did not expect to find or is there any part of the journey that has surprised you and it's not as you expected it to be? Thoughtful questions!!!

Hey - I have just been watching the news reports about Haiti - it's such a dreadful disaster. My heart goes out to all those affected. You feel so helpless watching TV and seeing the aftermath from the earthquake, so many people suffering, but it's good to see that aid is trickling in.

The weather in Sydney for the past 4 days has been glorious. We are expecting it to warm up over the next few days and I think Friday is going to be 40c!!! That deserves exclamation marks! Bless the person who invented air conditioning !!!!!

Take care Jesse and stay safe.

'If you live a life of make-believe, your life isn't worth anything until you do something that does challenge your reality. And to me, sailing the open ocean is a real challenge, because it's life or death'
Morgan Freeman

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” Jawaharlal Nehru (Indian Prime Minister. 1889-1964)

Sally In Sydney

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica
What an exciting and awesome moment having the RAF Typhoon fly over. That was a salute from the RAF and you should feel very honoured. I’m sure you do. Just as well the Typhoon made a lot of noise – if it hadn’t you might have missed getting up on deck to see it.

We all think Ella’s Pink Lady is still looking ‘cute’ too. Her appearance is a great credit to the preparations you and your shore team did before you left Sydney. The way you are going you will probably arrive in Sydney still looking good and as pretty as a picture for the many photos that will certainly be taken as you sail through the heads.

Keep on sleeping and eating randomly when you can, and do a little bit of sailing in between!
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

pestinfo said...

Sail safe Jessica

Allen H/Bay, Qld, AU

Anonymous said...

Pleased to see you're back, was a bit worried something happened.

Head in the clouds said...

Hi Captain Jessica,

As others have already mentioned, you've made yourself a Very Important Person already. Not many have ever done that in their first 16yrs!

I can't imagine when the next occasion will be, that a 16yo, let alone an Ozzie (!), gains the kinds of attention for their single self, that you have -

Foreign Navies keen to see you safely on your way. Media moguls doing their thing. Even the UK RAF giving you a big ROOOAAARRRR! (jealous as they must be).

Sure, flyovers happen at the motor races and the New Year and all that, but I think the last time, before You, that someone got personal accolades like that was Capt Kingsford Smith!

So - You can surely look forward to 'quite a future' as they say.

Wishing you the best sleeps in your improving searoom. And always waiting for info on your progress, just like the other 1000 bloggers and the 1 million visitors that don't chat.

Alan and Lena, Gold Coast, Oz

Alex said...

Hi Jessica,
You the good fellow, will be people ready to make similar travel a little. Successes to you!

Russia, Moscow

Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse,

Wow RAF fly by, very cool. They are VERY loud aren’t they. Laughed my head off when you said they gave you a fright, not because I am nasty…but I can relate.
I embarrassed myself twice at the Amberley air show with F111’s doing a fly by. (many years ago) Covered the person next to me with coke, not once, but twice!! She didn’t accept my apology the second time… Deadset jumped out of my skin. I really didn’t mean it.

So glad you are getting into comfortable water space. It always puts a smile on my face when you describe company as a bit of a hassle, which it would be, I know. You are very much the loner out there, what a great work ethic for a solo trip. Dang those other people to dodge!

EPL does look great doesn't she. I have looked at her all over, and I believe you may have lost half a sponsor sticker...OOPS. I could be wrong though, I normally am. Or it may be just the shape of the sticker. If so, they need some media/advertising advice…te he he he.

Thanks to International Paints you rock with Jesse. I know that your product works, because Jesse says so. I have got no idea of what actually gets to grow on the bottom of the yacht, but I am very happy ‘its’ not there because of you.
Is it barnacles or chickens? Anti–foul… Is it smelly? Best go Google.

Ullman Sails, go you good thing, no doubt you will be with Jesse for many years to come. Her future is so bright, you better wear shades. Thanks for the update Jesse. Have fun, turn the music up. Cheers Paula.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful adventure and what a wonderful young woman you are, Jessica Watson! Every day I check your blog to see how you're faring. Like most others,especially the mums amongst your fan club, I worry for you when you haven't had the opportunity to post But of course you're okay because you've planned everything so carefully and thoroughly. I love reading your blog. You're always so upbeat and you make light of any dilemmas or concerns and you have such a happiness and enjoyment of all you're experiencing.As someone who gets anxious walking outside after dark, I just love being able to share in your adventure and I thank you and your team for letting us all come along for the ride!
AM Ferny Creek VIC Australia

Ron Munro of 5108 said...

I can't believe you have passed the half way mark alseady and rapidly approaching the three quarter mark AND talking of touching land, family, home and sydney already. Awesome about the RAF giving you a buz. I know the feeling, I was working west of woomera on the rocket range and was buzzed by an RAAF F-111. he did a return fly over inverted and gave me a rude sign; he was forgiven as I am ex-RAAF groundcrew. Your our hero and worthy of a hug by all that follow your adventure. YGG!!

Anonymous said...

BIG HUGS to EPL from Jesse

Jesse loves her cute Pink Lady ! I'm sure the friendship will last a lifetime.
Safe sailing you lovely pair and thanks for the great update Jesse.
Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

Amazedbyou said...

For. SaltyDog USA: Sleepless in Seattle.

I love your accent when you say G'day. It suits ya. Thank you so much for your kind explanation about the sea and waves standing up. Much appreciated and understood and kinda scary all at the same time.

Transplanted Aussie – Stephen, I am lost for words. You are going to Haiti soon and you talk about your skills and putting your heart in it 100%. You have a gift and to truly realise that gift, happens when you give it to the world. I wish you safety, strength and a inner peace as you carry out your duties of care and civility to those in desperate need. You are a my hero.

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess and fellow Jessaholics,
Phew just caught up on everyones posts, it's seems like I have been reading for days. Rosie and Caitlyn arrived home from Ayr on friday and we have been busy getting them ready for school. Rosie has loved catching up on your adventure and looking at the videos and pictures.
She thinks that she would be to lonely to do something like this.
Glad to see you are getting back into a routine after the excitment off the past week. Hope you are getting plenty of rest and the weather starts to warm up a bit as you head north.
Well Jess have to go.
Stay safe and hooked on
Tim and Rosie

Bruce Watt said...

Ok Jess your getting into the Atlantic which has known to be nasty from time to time. Please concentrate now, as I want to see you sail into Sydney. Your achievements to date are simply awesome, but never let up one (1) minute, sail on Jess, sail on - Australia awaits your return.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse.....

Into the Atlantic.... ~~_so_ excellent , eh !!..

... The Dream unfolds some more..

... & great blogs of late. I feel, along with the other serried rankers, that I'm "sharing" this adventure of yours in every splash.

Hehheh--The jet would've set your heart racing if he was low enough, and fast enough, to bounce some shock off you, I reckon.

Now.... about that long awaited fish..... what do you reckon your chances are ???,,,, Be a bit higher if you've got a lure out. :))) ...... and just a 'light' line.... then if anything nasty takes the lure it'll just break off.

... and isn't your 'voyage map' impressive now ! Wow !

...OK... I'm outa y'way again.

.... keep safe and well. Y'going GREAT !!

.... Ooc.


Ian Lamb said...

well done so far. there should be more youngsters like you with a bit of adventure inside them. great blog

jo from perth said...

HI Jesse,
Glad to hear you are getting back into the swing of things after such a couple of exciting days. Remember way back when a new food bag was your biggest excitement for the week? I am sure you are still enjoying opening a new bag but there are just so many more things now that take priority in the excitement stakes! I think i maY have missed a blog that had some beautiful photos... well missed writing to you on that blog. I am up the top end for awhile. So humid and hot in the wet season but today was spent swimming in spectacular waterfalls. Anyway tis not my want to talk about myself. So i wish you good winds and safe sailing.

Attitude said...

"You don't become enormously successful without encountering and overcoming a number of extremely challenging problems." Mark Victor Hansen

Anonymous said...

Feels like we're all resting now the cape's out of the way, All us blow hards were blowing pretty hard to get ya round there ROFL ^_^

Reckon we should attach a line to EPL's bow and tow ya home

smilin at ya Jessica, amazing how ya got us all on board with your adventure, guess that's part of being Aussie

Kevmeister / Perth

Kissyfrott said...

Nice post as we were expecting too, never disappointed with you Captain Jesse, but you are keeping spoiling the jessaholics around you! MANY THANKS!

Great news that Pilot Dave and his Typhoon (Eurofighter, definitely no longer Hawker like the brave WWII "Tiffy" that was one of the top faighters on the D day) could fly over you. He was probably as thrilled as you! Do you know that this thunderous flying toy is actually bigger than EPL? Its length almost 16 metres (a giant!) and even its width (almost 11 metres) is more than EPF's length!

I feel relieved that you are getting out of the Falklands area and its traffic, not to mention kelp. Some open seas again are good to get back to some routine, better sleep, and maybe cooking some treats for your fluffy gang.

I read in the comments several suggestions that you should fish again, and I had an idea sneaking in my brains. The fact you caught only one tuna in the Pacific... didn't tell how you prepared it... wouldn't that mean that, like many a teenager in fact, you don't like much (or many) fish(es) or seafood? mmm quite possible, huh? Well, even then, no harm. After all, you may consider them as some distant cousins, as they are living, like you, in salt water. ;-)
If you were starving, I bet you might turn into a ferocious fisher and a saltwateranimals cannibal.

Kissyfrott said...

Some more lines, sorry, Captain!

It is quite interesting to note that Ella's Pink Lady is looking great and cute as ever: please notice that exactly the same words could apply to you.
Both of you are in perfect shape and great looks.
It means that you are a superb match, taking care of each other, a TEAM.
Team is a key word in your adventure.
A wonderful family team, at the beginning.
An amazing preparation and project team, as we can measure it now every day.
An excellent management team, flawlessly working night and day for the world.
A sweet and loving furry scallywags team.
A huge but caring team of jessaholic "bloggards" (for drunkards?)
And the best of all, the one that federates all the others, the one that is actually rounding... the planet, is yours: Ella's Pink Lady and Jessica Watson!

You see, some may consider that some solo circumnavigating adventures are superior to yours, because achieved by loners, mavericks, without the support of a shore team, without sponsors, without electric or electronic equipement...
I would say their performances are probably more athletic... certainly more based on luck, too. People playing with their life, bidding it. You can call that courage; for me it is not cleverness. Being courageous is dominating your own fear, not playing games or taking unconsidered bets. You admire the maverick coming back for his sports performance and for his luck, but that's all. Admiration, but nothing more. No love anyway. Many of them sink and drown, and you hear "that was their choice".
One of the sides I appreciate in your adventure, Jesse, is that it is an immense challenge (sporting and sailing), but that all has been done to control and limit the worst risks (though they can't be zero)...
But among the many sides I like much about your challenge, is that though you are in a solo journey, it a teams' story.
The difference is huge.
Doing something alone is in itself a performance, a personal achievement.
But doing it lonely (as a maverick) keeps the achievement at this level.
Doing it in a "teamy" way, as you do, is an affair of sharing and, quite simply, of love. Your teams love you and you love them, inside the teams, people love each other, and certainly EPL loves you as you love her.
That's one of the very special points in your adventure... You are not just a maverick solo navigator sailing selfishly around, nor a self satisfied sports star accomplishing a big challenge with bunches of paid servants to support. You are a dreamer and a lifeloving and sharing girl, shining and drawing love.

"There"s something special about Jessica".

Mmmm what about lamb chops? Isn't it time to open a new food bag? Long time no heard of!
Fair winds and enjoy the tiny South Atlantic Ocean, Captain Jesse.

Molly said...

G'day Sailor Girlie,
I agree, it was awesome to get an overhead glimpse of you and your Pink Lady.
And to see your Mom and Dad in close proximity to their special girl.
It sounds like quite a few members of your blog family had to grab a tissue watching that.
You should be closing in on your halfway mark pretty soon.
Time to make some more cupcakes!

Maryland USA

alex said...

Hey there Jesse. Great videos. Before you know it you will be back in Sydney. Great work. Keep it up and carry a big smile with you. You got the world on board with you!

Anonymous said...

GO JESSICA GO! I wish you good luck!
And during dark times do not forget about light which disperses darkness and gives hope rays!


Anonymous said...

Well done Jess,great to read your blogs

Safe travels

Mitchell Qld

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,
Good to hear that Neptune is still treating you well. I hope You'll have plenty of time to get back into the 'comfortable' routine that was yours for the past 2 months. The next 2 oceans put together are just about the size of the 1 you've just crossed. So, I bet you'll make a walk in the park out off them, hehe.
I'm not surprised the RAF came to give you a wave. They are the eyes and ears of the south Atlantic and never miss an opportunity to welcome or bid farewell to sailors and adventurers.

How very nice of you to spare a moment to think of earthquake's victims. Good little heart, you are!

Stay safe and enjoy

emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)

Anonymous said...

enjoy every day and take care of yourself and ella!!
you are extraordinary and a credit to yourself! enjoying following your blog and we are all with you and ella!!
mel of yenda

Organisedvicar said...

Greetings Jesse!

If you haven't watched the 3rd graders sing this tribute yet it is a MUST SEE


Congratulations Room 401-Minnesota.

And....bet you didn't expect to get a marriage proposal while on the trip!

Wishing you continued fair sailing on this next part of your trip - one that is helped by all that careful planning and preparation. I remember mum and dad saying EPL was the most prepared yacht ever to set sail so they weren't kidding! Big congrats to you and all your team and sponsors.


Jo-Anne, Geelong, Vic, Aus.

Marcus Schormann , Germany said...

Hey Jessica, congratulations again for the sucessful rounding cape hoorn. Even when the atlantic seems smaller than the pacific it can be as uncomfortable as well. Means, keep been careful all the time as you´re are used to be.
Been away from the main shipping routes mean more comfort for you, but never feel too secure.
Man regards so far, fair winds an a lot of ´recovery´ until the next challenge.
yours, Marcus from Germany

Susan said...

To the 3rd grade class singing She'll be coming round cape horn...
I loved it! You guys rock!

To Cheryl in San Diego,
Watch this video! It solves the mystery about the horn! :)


Still waiting for the revelation that explains the cape (or was it crepe?)

To Amazedbyyou... that was hilarious!

To everybody...What a great group of folks!

Susan in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jess. I'm thrilled for you, your family and team. You guys have sure done it right! Keep up the great work. With best wishes for the rest of the journey. Wendy Stewart.

Unknown said...

A day without news from you out there is not a good day. So glad you still find time to share your thoughts with us.You will definetely have to write a book once you're back home, otherwise what will we read then...
Stay safe and kepp cool


Unknown said...

Hey Jessica good to hear you are in some relatively calm waters. Pretty cool to have the RAF fly over too. Sounds like you are still enjoying the voyage as you refocus on the next leg. Sure was exciting when you rounded the horn. Thanks for all the wonderful updates. Have fun and God bless. duane

Anonymous said...


When the world keeps putting out more bad news than good it can get us down .So when we hear of the wonderful triumphs of man and nature in this worried world then we rejoice.
The birth of Tocoon at Melbourne ZOO THIS WEEK REALLY lifted my spirits.
Thank you to sweet William for the TV reference to a documentry about this beautiful baby.I'll be watching for sure!!!
Thankyou also to the many friends(and blogmaster Andrew) who have encouraged my artwork on Jesse's Blog.

Jesse is our inspiration and a GOOD NEWS story in the worried world .

Sally in Melbourne by the Bay


Unknown said...

Dear Jessica,
Another great blog - didn't realise there would be so much shipping around in those parts.
The videos are great with Ella's Pink Lady looking in great shape.
Here in Tassie there were full page reports of your achievement rounding The Horn and of your Mum and Dad flying over you and chatting - great stuff and very emotional!
We now 'sail' on with you to your next goal.
Stay safe, stay warm,
Infinite love, peace and harmony,

Anonymous said...

We've adopted you as one of our own here in the Northern Territory. You're resourceful, positive, nature loving and a terrific ambassador - Yep you're ours !!!
Keep going Jess
May the wind blow calmly in your sails and Australia be soon in your sights.
Territory gal.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update Jessica. Another step ... Next cape is Good Hope ... nice perspective isn't it ?

I admire the fact that you are making this adventure on your own but I believe you would feel more alone shouldn't you have the current technology ! It is amazing that you can keep in touch with people through blog, phone calls ... making it a little easier (relatively of course !). You can not say you are alone if you see the numerous comments you receive :)

Take care and looking forward to new pictures !

ben said...

Hi Jesse,

so much devastation in Haiti. Survivors are still being pulled from wreckage 6days later tho hope is now fading for any more. Aid has been slow getting through, I imagine it takes time to put these services into place. Australia is digging deep once again with not only Government relief, but the nation as well. I would imagine most countrys to be doing the same. Such a tragedy.

What an honour having British RAF flyover normally reserved for dignitaries and very special occasions I would think. You have VIP status now Jesse, but we knew that :) Thanks Dave Verity, Team Jesse and RAF Falklands.

Yes, now you're getting back into open water and clear seas you can relax a little and get back into the "groove". Hope ya get your routine going again.

Dilip was treated to a flotilla of yachts and boats as he entered Port Stanley. He'll continue Feb 02 2010.

Another very engrossing write-up Jesse, thanks for the update. Hope you get that perfect wind and seas to push you steadily on to your next milestone and closer to home. Take care out there and secured firmly to...you know, EPL :)

Ben (Qld)

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
we all love you!
Yes, give us more pictures and videos!
Hope you still have company from them albertos.
Don't loose focus, the trip is not over yet!
Keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

Paula said...

Welcome to "my" ocean! Like Jersey Shore Mom, I'm a few thousand miles north, but I'm on the shore of Long Island Sound, New York. We've had some beautiful spring-like weather the last couple of days, but soon we'll be back into winter. I hope your decent weather continues and your winds pick up.

Great to hear about the RAF flyover. I'm sure those guys, who have adventurous spirits, appreciate the same in you, Jessica.

Anonymous said...

""I imagine that my first long hot shower when I get back home will be much the same!""

Oh Jess...you are such a naughty, naughty girl!!

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
We here in France are so proud of you are of French descendance!
You are a véritable French citizen, conquering the oceans and stuff.
Please come and visit your racines when your trip is finished!
La France t'aime!
Jean Bart

Cobrarog said...

Well Jess,
your off to a good start with this leg of the trip. Don't let your guard down after all the hoopla!
Settle in, get a line back out into the water and hit the books.You will be in the Indian Ocean before you know it.

What an essay this trip will make for your English class. We will expect no less than an A+! I lean towards the thought of you going through fighter pilots school.

That is a natural step to joining NASA! There is no doubt in my mind that you have the right stuff!

Keep Safe and God speed.
Cobrarog in Hervey Bay

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful inspiration.
I am sure that from time to time your challenges out there go way beyond what you have described to us here.
Just being on your own for this length of time would present a whole world of challenges, that would have to be experienced first hand before they could be fully appreciated.
You are showing remarkable resilience and self reliance and I cannot have anything but complete confidence in your ability to complete this journey successfully.
Clearly your parents have seen these qualities in you as you have grown, Thus leading to them lending their full support to you now. They must be the most proud parents on this planet by now.
I take my hat of to you, And wish that you enjoy the second half of your journey as much as you so obviously have for the first half.

Happy Sailing
Tom Grayson
Brisbane, Australia

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Jesse...how is ya,
Steve.P, from previous blog, goes "Shhh Jess is resting after the Cape, Sleeping in..." had to laugh at that...
I'm wondering where Sam is too?....600 posts in the previous blog and nothing from Samurai, she's either pulling extra
shifts at work or...I wonder?....oh there she is, yes the clean bottom is funny...such a Sam!

Thanks to everyone that comment me about the Herald Sun link I provided last blog, not a problem...

I'm still struggling through the blog before that now at 1161 Posts!!....that's gotta be record.

oh...I've just watched "She'll be coming round Cape Horn"....what a gem, its funny to watch the young fella on the far left, not really participating but
he does try to give it a go...quite funny, Jess will love it!

Your not wrong Jesse, It's pretty cool to have the Royal Air Force Typhoon Jetfighter do a couple of fly overs, they do sound very loud, I can just imagine you about to take a sip coffee with your breaky and whoooshhh over the Jetfighter goes causing to spill you coffee over you....sorry my imagination again!

Are we going to see the pictures...hmmmm???

Well I'm back at work now, my three weeks off just went toooo fast its just not fair!...soooo anyway I can only sneak in quick glimpses at work to see if there has been an early blogs or a quick look to see how many posts have been posted, otherwise I have to wait until I get home to catch up...

This earthquake that's happened, really bad...really horrible, to Stephen a transplanted Aussie, go for it mate they need very possible pair of hands over there...

Well its looks to me about 3200 NM to Cape Town give or take....try to stay clear of those Low Pressure cells where the isobars are rear close to each other....I'm sure Bob will advise...onya Bob!

Okay...I've almost gone through a packet of FarmBake Chocolate Chip Cookies while writing this, reading posts while watching the Hallmark Channel and listening to a bunch of school kids singing "she'll be coming round Cape Horn".....a wonderful way to spend an evening!

Happy Sailing young Jesse....focus ahead

Clint - Melbourne

Jonathan Castelino said...

Hi Jess,

Great blog entry ! Amidst the not so routine lifestyle you are experiencing, I am thrilled to see that you still have a mature and structured approach to the next leg of this great adventure and in fact your entire voyage.

Quite right. It does look decidedly shorter from "Cape to Cape" compared to the Pacific behind you.

For the very first time we actually saw Ella's Pink Lady from the outside and it was a sight to behold. She looks amazing - not just her lines and pedigree but her condition. She looks none too worse for the wear or as if she sailed out last weekend ! She certainly does not look like she has been out at sea for the last three months in all sorts of weather. But then again, it begs the question - who's the one at the helm? Well done, love.

You sound more relaxed after the 4-5 adrenalin days, except for the fright the Typhoon afterburners gave you. The Eurofighter Typhoon is a new generation multi role military aeroplane, curiously enough with a delta wing (really old 50s and 60s technology) but with some modern innovations like two smaller wings or canards which are on the forward fuselage just in front of the main wing assembly. I'm a peace loving person and don't much care for the destructive capability of any military aeroplane but I do marvel at its technology and aerodynamic capability.

Right now, Typhoon Shmyfoon. Its all about Ella's Pink Lady and its intrepid Captain.


HAWKEYE said...


HI Jesse, great to know you are getting some well earned rest and planning the next set of goals. It's great that your mind is back on the job with a lot of sailing still to be done. The flyover must have been a great thrill for you - it's nice to be saluted from the heavens - huh?

Well darl EPL seems very resilient and that is no doubt a big confidence builder - you need every bit of good fortune that can be mustered and with the transport in good nick, at this point, it's a big bonus. Seemingly, it is well built but equally important you are looking after her well.

It's good you are eating well and the added rest with a more open sea ahead it seems as though it is back to 'business as usual'. I wonder whether you will pick up a few friends in the South Atlantic - another Silly, or a Dolphin would be nice. Whatever, I know you will treat it well.

I want to congratulate you on your comments on the devastation in Haiti. Life can be cruel and when you see the kids its just heartbreaking. Like Jesse I encourage people to stop for a minute, pause for a while on this tragedy and ask yourself 'what can I do??

'til next time precious one take care, get the goals sheet filled out, think safety first and be happy. Take care darl and God bless you Jesse.


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