Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Typhoon Jetfighter and North Again

After a few days of light winds, we're only just properly clearing the Falkland Islands now. The birds, kelp and shipping that I've been seeing a lot of lately is steadily becoming less common as we head out in to the South Atlantic. I'm sure that it can be just as nasty as any ocean, but after looking over all the latest charts, I can't help being a bit surprised at how small the South Atlantic seems after the never ending Pacific!

The other day while slowly drifting off the coast of the Falklands, I was treated to a flyover from a RAF Typhoon Jetfighter. Even though I was expecting him, I still got quite a fright when he turned up making a pretty amazing noise as I was finishing my breakfast. He did a couple of passes, put a big smile on my face and then took off again. Very cool!

After seeing the pictures taken from the two flyovers, I'm totally thrilled at how great Pink Lady is looking, cute as ever! It's sure a credit to the many coats of anti-foul from International Paints that the hull is completely free of growth, and also to Ullman Sails that the sails are holding up
so well and still looking almost new! It's great to have come this far with so few signs of wear and tear.

With Cape Horn being the subject of all my attention for so long, it's strange now to refocus and start thinking ahead to the rest of the voyage and the other milestones along the way. Even though it's all been very exciting and a total novelty, I'm also glad to again be clear of land and the shipping that comes with it. It's nice to be able to settle back into some sort of vague attempt at a routine and to be able to sleep better knowing that it's just Ella's Pink Lady and I again. Actually I don't really think that you could describe my random sleeping and eating habits as routine!

Even out here I've been hearing all about the terrible earthquake in Haiti, I can't imagine what it must be like for the survivors and for everyone working with aid organisations in what sounds like horrific conditions. My thoughts and good wishes are with them. It's great to hear about all the support pouring in for them from all around the world.



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Larry said...

Hi Jesse, Watched the video of your Dad and Mum's flyover many times. It brought tears to both my wife and I seeing both your parents tearing up. We are parents also. Two boys and two girls. None sailors at this point and don't see it for the near future. The oldest son works for Raymarine who makes marine equipment for all kinds of boats. Your Mum said you look so small down there when she was looking at you from the Cessna. But I will tell you Jessica you are a giant in all your supporters eyes. Hopefully the rest of your journey will be like a walk in the park. I mentioned to my wife that I saw the resemblance between you and your mother in your mother's face. She and You are very pretty ladies!! Your father struck man as the leading man type in the movies. I agree with you on the Haiti situation. I live on Guam where my father and wife are from and shortly after getting there when I was sixteen the island was hit by a typhoon. Gusts of 200mph and sustained winds 180mph. It did quite a bit of damage. Fortunately only 8 people lost their lives in that diaster. In New Hamspire were we live Mt. Washington has the highest recorded winds of 232mph. A typhoon on Guam after we left would have broken that record but they didn't have enough recording instruments survive to verify it. When people around here get excited about 50mph winds I roll my eyes and say "Whatever"!! Well Jesse I'll give you my usual Sail safe, eat well, enjoy the ride, think positive, get what sleep you can and continue dreaming of that Long, Long, Hot, Hot, incredible shower to come. Your long distant friend Larry (guamgranite@myfairpoint.net)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your latest post.

I can see where you get your lovely nature from. I watched your latest videos and your parents are such genuine, loving, caring people. It was so neat to see them visually looking down on your little EPL and hear how they were feeling, you could just see how proud they are of you. It was a shame the rest of your family couldn't have been up their as well, but it was a lovely gesture of the people who made it possible for your parents to have the flyover.

Have you thought of putting another fishing line down and trying your luck????????? You never know what you might catch.

You are sounding really focused Jesse and it's good that you are now ready to settle into the next leg of your journey. With all the excitement of the late you haven't even had much of a chance to watch much in the way of movies or read any books. I know that you have to keep your wits about you and you always have something to do to EPL, but maybe you might be able to treat yourself to a little of that popcorn (if you've got any left) and a good movie.

My thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe journey for the duration of your voyage.

Keep up the great work Jesse. You are an awesome young lass. Warmest regards and big hugs from Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

PS - Dave (husband), Sarah, Darren and Monique (children) all say their hellos as well.

Cat Harbour said...

Well done, Jesse,

Good to see you sailing east of the Falklands. You'll be past Cape Hope before you know it.

Do you have your fishing line out as you sail the shallow water? Any luck?

Best wishes,
Rex Gibbons
St. John's, Newfoundland

Jonathan Castelino said...

A quick follow up to my previous entry.

Yes, Haiti is a real tragedy and its a very slow process getting aid through a largely underdeveloped infrastructure.

It is quite a sobering reality check. There are so many of our fellow human beings that share this world with us but are so much worse off than us and yet we take our lives for granted and lull ourselves into our comfort zones.

Jess, the very fact that you have spared a thought for these suffering people, shows your compassion as a human being. I'm sure Mum and Dad have raised you that way and kudos to them and now you for doing so. Hold this quality close and never let it go. It will set you apart later on in life when you enter the realm of leadership. Compassion and humility are the hallmarks of a truly great person.


Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse
Glad to hear you have cleared the shipping lanes and can now settle down to normality again for you. Its a bit of an anticlimax now you have passed the half way mark.

What a wonderful treat to get a fly over did you get some photos of him as he flew over you? Tit for tat you know. He took photos of you so you should have taken some of him.

The people are in our hearts and prayers and I should think we are all digging deep to make donations to help in this terrible circumstance.

Amazingly since you have been at sea there has been earthquakes and tsunamis and more earthquakes.

did you grab. up some kelp when you had the chance makes great sushi. Time for some more fishing young lady, you need the omega3 keep you lovely and healthy.

While you are in isolation you cant pick up any dreaded luries likes colds and flu, isnt it wonderful.

Well Im just waffling now take care and so glad you have moved out of the shipping lanes and can get some sleep.

Take care
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I use to watch the RAAF fighers at Williamstown just up from Newcastle in NSW when I lived up that way and they were quite loud taking off. I understand what you mean about getting a fright when the Typhoon jet figher flew over you even though you knew it was to happen.

Well this month seems to be going quickly for me which means it must be for you to. If the other months go just as fast it won't be long before your sailing towards Australia again. I will have to trek up to Sydney and watch you sail into the harbour something to look forward to.

Keep safe,

Pete (Canberra).

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

As always and with words, you artfully crafted another excellent visual image with your description of the Typhoon flyover. I can almost imagine your reaction, eating breakfast, was akin to the scene out of Top Gun when Maverick did the flyby and the officer in the control tower spewed coffee all over the place.

Glad you are getting clear of the shipping traffic lanes where you can settle down to a more routine schedule; that is if anything about sailing around the world could be termed "routine".

Well done Jessica !

Hey, I finally learned to make words in bold type and italics when writing comments.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

trugannini said...

Hello Jesse from East coast of Australia.....keep rugged up.....
Good to be clear of land eh? No tankers and the like.....keep cruising dear girl....you are a marvel! Sail on silver girl,

thinking of you each day,


Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Samurai...there you are!! Great to see you. I sent out a Cooee cause I missed ya so much. EPL lifted her skirt just for you, you know. Glad it was a good sight. What are we looking for anyway?
I am not a gynaecologist, but I’ll have a look.

Sue in Oregon. Yep it is Crepe. The breakfast for Jesse is Crepe Horn. I can say that now Jesse has conquered him. One to his ribs on the way out. Snigger Snigger.
(He had my full respect when Jesse was roundin' him, I don’t mind admitting)

SaltyDog, letter to Mr Fleming “Parker” Windvane.

Just such a crack up, all of it, top honours to this quip….
“I might bump into you at the marina someday. Anyone who’s witnessed my docking skills knows what I mean”. Laughed and laughed.
Cheers and Beers, Paula

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Great to hear from you again. It is good that you now have the ocean pretty much to yourself again.

Seeing the Typhoon's would have been fantastic. I would imagine the noise would have been something you cold not miss.

It is good you are putting some miles behind you and now heading out into the South Atlantis Ocean.

I am currently in Perth WA where my son is playing in the Mens U19 National Softball Championships. For the last 3 days the temperature has been above 40C. To be honest right now I would be happy having your weather!!!!! :-) Oh well hopefully a little cooler tomorrow.

Take care and stay safe.

Ingleburn NSW (still in Perth)

Unknown said...

Hey Jesse,
and now a word from our sponsors, just kidding. I like the way you slip in the, not so subtle, advertisements. I suppose without them it wouldn't be possible. Anyway, good to hear you're well.

Stay safe


Richard Lathrop said...

Good Morning,
Sounds like you are settling in on our small Atlantic Ocean. Here's wishing you the space you need to relax.

Thanks for your empathic remarks on Hati. We should all do whatever we can. You are doing your part by sailing safely around the world and sharing your adventure around the world as well. You provide hope. Because of your excellence, we can feel more hopeful when it comes to addressing the tragic side of life. You are a 16-year-old adventurer pouring warmth, light and laughter into more weary human souls. No one does it better. keep it up.

I, too, was impressed to see the excellent condition of Ella's hull. I smile at Richie Paris' comment that her skipper seems also in excellent condition. May I add (in spite of your conversation with Mum) that her interior also looks good--what little I've seen in the videoes--cluttered sometimes, of course, but clean and cared for.

Welcome back Samuri. Thanks for your excellent poster. We've missed you for the last few days.

Best wishes,Jesse, stay warm, stay dry, stay safe, and--most of all--stay exactly as you are. Your voyage encircles the world like a gigantic hug. The world's a better place because of your embrace.

Fair Winds,

Richard Lathrop

Steven Hays said...

Congratulations on all your accomplishments thus far! It is an amazing thing you are doing! Our prayers are with you, and we also are thinking of those suffering in Haiti. All best from the Hays Family.

Phil in Idaho said...

It must have been very cool to have the RAF come out from the Falklands to greet you. How does it feel to be such a celebrity?
You have come a long way and still have a long way to go. Keep up the good work! We are with you.

Anonymous said...

Jess, u are a true leggend, we love you over here, best regards for your safe journey from us in perth love, love your reports and da pictures, just keep sending them love, thank you heeps )))))))))

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
What about making some icecream while you have the cold weather to freeze it. would make a great treat.

to Transplanted Aussie-Stephen
best wishes for your stint in Haiti and keep safe.

I was starting to feel relaxed and settled back comfortably in my chair after you passed the Cape now I have a niggle of concern Only a niggle that I have set the angels and God onto to protect you from any stray floating objects and the odd whale that doesnt show up on radar (I think they should) just having a minor panic attack I know you are safe Pet.

Keep safe love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Romagirl said...

Thank you RichieParis for sharing your insightful comments on Jessica and her adventure - January 19, 2010 8.54pm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Sounds like your sailing is more relaxed now after all the excitement associated with the rounding of the Horn. Yes, the Atlantic is quite small compared to the Pacific, but it has its own peculiarities and challenges, not the least of which is the semi-permanent South Atlantic High Pressure System which has the bad habit at times of becalming yachts that sail into it for days. Hopefully your track avoids this system and you'll stay in favourable winds and keep moving steadily towards your home port.

Hope the weather is as warm as the welcome you have received in the Falklands region and your level of comfort is on the improve....

Must have been quite a buzz having the Typhoon Jet acknowledge your presence, but this will be insignificant compared to the welcome you'll get when you return to Sydney..

Thinking about you and please stay safe...

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, West Aust.

Mary, Maine, USA said...

Hiya, Jess.

I'm hoping that you've been enjoying the sail and able to rest up, even diving into a favorite book a bit.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the creativity of our blog family's comments. Wow. I especially love Salty Dog's letter to Parker, very cool. And Richie Paris, your tribute to Jess is one that I will reread often. I would only add that in my view, Jess, you've got the ancient template of a true explorer all over you. This is the PERFECT TIME in your life to be sailing, when you're YOUNG, PASSIONATE, HEALTHY, and CERTAIN!!

BTW, thank you to the bloggers who included You Tube posts of the RAF jet and MN's Room 401. Great song and delivery, Kids!!

With All Love and Deep Respect to you, Captain Watson. Safe Sailing On....

Mary, Maine, USA

Boris said...

Following your course - great courage! Please post the pictures of the flyover....!!

Anonymous said...

Psalm 4:8
I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.

Good morning, Jesse. I can only imagine with all you describe that you now feel like heaving a sigh and getting some rest. Today I am praying for you that indeed you will settle into some good periods of deep rest, rebuilding. Praying that you will be and stay well, and for your continued good and safe progress, even while you rest. We bloggers all follow you and look in on you through this virtual window, your mum and dad looked down on you briefly from above, and that pilot flew over to check so briefly on you -- so much more your heavenly father is constantly with you and watching over you, and you can find great comfort and rest in that.

You mentioned Haiti. It has been remarkable that in the media reports, one can't help but see examples of the faith of some of those people carrying them through this awful time. It is hard to see and to try to understand. Thankfully, the outpouring from around the world is extreme. We all need to pray for mercy and comfort for those people. Hard to understand.

DouloScott said...

Congratulations Jessica on rounding the Cape.

Epsilon said...


Enjoyed SaltyDog's comments on Parker and totally agree - Parker is worth more than 10 extra crew, never complains, doesn't eat much (a little lube occasionally) and works tirelessly.

Enjoy the next stage of your wonderful trip and getting ever closer to Australian waters.

Sail safe,

SV Epsilon

Big Al - USA said...

Jesse, glad you are settling into a "routine" again. So, it seems you are further north than you've been for some time. Can you tell a difference in the weather and temperature yet? Since you talk with the ground crew twice a day is there any chance they could update the plot/voyage track that often? It'd be nice to see where you are between posts. All the best on your voyage! You are an inspiration!

Markus-Peter said...

Hallo Jessica Watson

Bist ein Mutiges Tapferes Mädchen

Wünsche Dir Schöne Weihnachten
Ein Gutes Neues 2010 und eine Gute Heimfahrt

Gut gemeistert das Cop Horn
Grüße von Markus aus Germany


Anonymous said...

Best wishes Ms.Jessica continue to sail on realizing that this history making voyage will one day conclude when you reach Sydney triumphantly having sucessfully circumnavigated the Globe !

Alonzo P. Tornquist said...

Glad to hear you're `settling in' again after all the excitement, Jess. The videos etc of your `reunion' with your Mother and Dad were Awesome and appreciated. Made me a bit teary with joy, actually. Thanks for sharing. And as for that Typhoon fly-over.. Way to Go, RAF. Boo-Yahh !!

Anonymous said...

it's absolutely AMAIZIMG..

hp said...

Bonjour Jessica & Pink Lady,

Looking good! :-)

Keep warm, stay safe.

Meechree said...

Glad to hear from you!
It's great that all is well (:
-Dimitri, USA

Anonymous said...

Jessica...thanks for your thoughts about the folk in Haiti. One of my friends moved to Cap-Haitien two years ago to help rebuild her native country. She was in Port-au-Prince on a business trip when the quake hit but has made it through safely. You're both such courageous young women and an inspiration to all to follow their dreams.

On another topic, I was just looking at Google maps and do you know that had you turned south rather than north upon reaching the Cape, that you'd be enjoying tea in Antarctica at this moment? Totally outrageous. Can't wait for your book!

Wishing you fair weather, Donna from the US

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
Amazing how keeping a blog during your voyage had the unexpected result of producing a flyover by an RAF fighter!

For those bloggers who are not as terminally addicted as I, an Australian blogger (whose name I can't remember right now, but thanks a million), said that she had a relative in England who had a son who was a pilot stationed in the Falklands. A few phone calls and other work got the flyover arranged. A worthy tribute!

On getting ready for Cape of Good Hope. The Horn might be the Everest of sailing, but Cape of Good Hope is right up there as another sailing “mountain”. It is an area that produces tremendous seas and has strong currents. Many famous sailors have had trials and tribulations there while going around. I'm sure you will do well, but for bloggers, this trip is far from over at this point. As Andrew said "It's head down and bum up" from now on. As an American, I had to look that one up!
Translation: "Keep your nose to the grindstone".
(I'm guessing the Aussie slang came from scrubbing decks on your hands and knees or some such thing).

Once again, the flyover by your folks was spectacular! Looking at Pink Lady in the pictures, I was reminded that the Earth surface is 70% water!

Sail on Special One!

Richard W

Kerri said...

Fantastic you! A wonderful job rounding the Cape. And I am sure you are ready to get out of the 'rush hour' traffic and back to a steadier sail w/out having to keep an eye on EPL and eye on the visitors.... Your Mum and Dad's visit was great to see though! Your Dad's a big 'ol gushy teddy bear I bet!
So, now that you are out of the Pacific are you noticing warmer water and weather yet? Hope so, even though EPL's paint job is keeping her crusty-free, we don't want you molding under all your foul weather gear ------ although here in California, we may be. In our drought state we are raining, raining, not to complain, we need it. But when you are from a sunshine state, you do miss that miss that golden orb ----- as you know. Sail on sail..............
Happy Sailing from California,


Charley said...

Hi Jesse,
I'm sure Her Majesty was briefed on your RAF flyover and is proud
as we are of your accomplishments.
(took off straight E, over you twice, in minutes & right back - saving petrol !)
Gave you goose bumps !

Heading NE in warmer sea and air will add to a more relaxed time.
We were up tight with you for those fantabulous days and can be more at ease now also.
Hope you find S Atlantic interesting and trouble free.
We'll keep an eye on you...Charley.
And - you and Ella's Pink Lady do look terrific, absolutely beautiful

Unknown said...

Hooray for open, small, ocean. You'll be rounding Africa before before you know it or before your next bag of chocolate is gone. ;) Being a grandpa does't stop me from also being a chocolate freak. If ever we meet I promise to share. Good sailing. Grandpa Bob in Tucson.

Cheryl in San Diego said...

Hi Jessica,
I am so glad to read that you are heading away from the ship traffic, kelp (yuk especially around the rudder!) etc around the Falklands. I hope you get some much deserved rest as best as one can at sea. Please continue to be alert, tethered and safe.

Thank you Susan in Oregon and Jowel for the Room 401 url! You are right Susan....I get the horn part now!
Hey Room 401..YOU ROCK!!

God Bless you Jessica and all the souls in your wonderful blogger family.


Pipefish said...

Jesse, glad to see you are moving away from shipping lanes, and out to the deep blue once again! Also pleased you have the RAF looking after you, whew, do you carry some clout lol! Prayers and well wishes for the next leg!
Pipefish, California Usa

RICHARD said...

Great to hear from you. Although it has only been a few days, with all of the steady news regarding the giant milestone rounding the Cape, it seems like ages since your last blog.

After all of the excitement it must be somewhat difficult to settle back into your "routine." Can't wait to see your pics.

With Africa now in your sights our concerns return to that of the weather and the added threat of hijackers. Once you get closer to you next milestone watch for small planes. Report any that you see. There will be only one reason for a small place at sea... to find the amazing Jess and EPL.

Enjoy the rest. May you have good weather and great sailing.


See Ya Sailor!

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, Welcome to the the Atlantic Ocean. I'm right here on the coast of NH 43.03 degrees N
70.76 degrees W Elevation 49FT. Glad to hear that you are away from all the traffic. A Flyover... Wow! That IS pretty cool. Hope you can get some much needed sleep. I
hope your North East heading will bring you warmer temperatures. Be Safe! Be Happy! Sing Linkin Park's
"What I've Done" Godspeed!

pestinfo said...


Now is the time for more sheltered waters and a bit of sleep. It's not that far to the next Cape and you want to be well rested.

When you approach the Cape Agulhas you will be in a traffic jam with merchant vessels. So sleep now, whilst you can.

Wishing you all the best. There is not much I can do to better a jet fighter fly over, but if I could I would.

Sail safe
Allen, H/Bay

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work Jess.. happy to hear about the big welcome, and your entry about your parents flyover btought tears to my eyes ...hope you people have a haapy reunion when you are done with your adventure... you are in our thoughts.. good luck :)

Fatima, SaudiArabia

Randy said...

Hello Jesse!

Great to hear from you again.

For me it's the same! These are wonderful pictures, see Pink Lady and you past by. The moment you wave your arms to the plane - to your parents- have given me just
a very special feeling...

So all the best for you at the second part of your great dventure!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Dan said...

Dear Jessica

I'm touched that you would be thinking of the people in Haiti while you yourself are in peril on the sea. I've often thought about your choice to risk your life to accomplish this great deed that you have set out for yourself. It goes to show that there are no guarantees in life. You could stay home and not risk your life on the sea, but there is no certainties that disaster won't beset or your path cross with a drunk driver. At least you have chosen your path.

Fair winds and following seas.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Unknown said...

Dear Jessica,
what a marvelous sailor you are. An inspiration to the young and the old. Thank you for sharing your experience in this way. Nature' s forces (not merely tectonics) can be dealt with. I am confident you will get where ever you want to go. Have a safe and joyfull trip onward.
Greetings from the Netherlands.

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Happy three month anniversary! (a day late)
Wow, how exciting that you were treated to a Jetfighter fly-over too! And I watched the video of your folks, how very sweet! Your poor Dad! Airsick AND choked up!
I do hope the Atlantic is a gentle place. We've been having some storms coming in off the ocean here in CA--our first storm arrived Sunday evening and by the time we're done at the end of the week, they are saying we'll have had more rain than we've had since 1995...but then, who knows if that will bare out.
Take care and blessings,

Phoenix 187 said...

again and again you are proving yourself to be a great human being,equal if not more, than being a great sailor.

I am realy touched you are thinking of the Earthquaye in Haiti.

Lets God protect you and keep you safe...


Swati( India)

Phoenix 187 said...

again and again you are proving yourself to be a great human being,equal if not more, than being a great sailor.

I am realy touched you are thinking of the Earthquaye in Haiti.

Lets God protect you and keep you safe...


Swati( India)

dave said...

Dear Jess,
so glad u kept Cape Horn on the portside passing it. Just do the same at the Cape of Good Hope and u wont end up in England :)
You are having such fun while I'm just going off to my boring office. :(

steve and Kerry lovell said...

Morning Jess,
Well thats it!! Ive just realised after reading Richie Paris Blog that its the VEGIE CHOCOLATE thats been sustaining you. The bloggers need you to front and share the ingredients, NOW....What do you think Richie? Lets not ask for the Cooking instructions. -just whats in it!!

Jess ,You just keep being you and Thank You for the ride.

With all the miles you have been clocking up you have made the following quote I read from Ancient Mariners seem incidental.

"Too far East is West"

Jessica- In your world nothing is impossible or too far.

Love and Prayers

The Lovells Nelson NZ

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

I was aware that you would get a flyover from an airforce jet but as I said yesterday I was not aware of my F16 flyover driving home. You do get a fright and the noise!!!!But what a sight Glad to see you rested somewhat and that plans for the Atlantic are well in hand. Lizzy the blue tongue lizard who lives in my shed is back after a long time away catching flies somewhere else however I have not sighted mummy roo and her joey since returning home although the neighbours say she is about. That's it for the nature report! Stay warm and clipped.
Go go go the Atlantic crossing enjoy the birds
Sea ya
Dusty from Dubbo

AMZ said...

hi Jesse.. it's great to have another update from you.. EPL DID look great in all that footage - sooo Pink!! and against that grey ocean just pretty as a picture. I am sure there is many of us that wish we were out there with you! the boat would probably sink though - you have so many loyal fans!! hehe
Stay safe!

Bob from Seattle said...

Here's my simple letter to the queen:

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

I'm writing to you in hopes you will acknowledge publicly the record breaking feat of young Jessica Watson from Australia who is currently half way around the world on her solo nonstop and unassisted sailing circumnavigation. If she succeeds, she will be the youngest person to do so.


Again the Queen's address is:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London, U.K.

Don't forget the extra postage. I couldn't find an email address. They apparently want us to buy stamps. Maybe an intergovernmental conspiracy. (Ha)

Anonymous said...

Good on you Jessica, keep going your the greatest !

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Events like that in Haiti make us realise just how fragile life can be.

It's great to read that you're doing well and at last are free to again establish some form of normalcy on board your little boat. What a great effort getting around the Cape and free from the Falklands. Speaking of which I just read today that Argentina have again claimed the Falklands to be their own. History repeating itself.

Start getting out your warmer clothes. You're heading our way (although a little way off I know) and it's still hot back here in Brisbane. Just for god measure there are even a couple of cyclones forming up around the north of our little island Australia.

Take care of yourself and find those kind winds.

June and Richard Thorn

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
So pleased you have passed Cape Horn safely. I read your blog everyday and feel sad when you haven't written. I'm sure everyone around the world is backing you all the way. I'm pleased for both you and your parents when they went over your ELP. Safe journeying all the way.

Bebie - Caloundra said...

Wow jesse, a fly-over from the RAF especially for you.. how special is that for a very special young lady. It's thrilling just to think about it. Thanks for another great blog.

I'd like to thank IanM for the link to 63 fantastic photos. I hope some, if not all, will be included in your book Jesse... You ARE going to write a book, aren't you?!

Haiti - words can't possibly describe nor photos truly show - their pain.

Take care little sweetheart.

trentgs said...

After the rude awakening off of Gold Coast I'm not surprised at all that you prefer to be out of the shipping lanes..Steering clear of Kamakazi Tankers! I know that must have unnerved you a bit-the moment you knew you'd be sharing water with the biggin's even if for only a short space of time. I was retelling about your 2 am Tanker encounter and your incredible rescue of EPL from the damages- yesterday evening. Having not heard the tale I had them enthralled by your bravery and tenacity. (When ever I get a chance to brag on ya' I do..jus' like my other kids... (:O))....)
Pretty Kool..getting your own fly by...I bet you just beamed! What I think is really swift is the sky is clear and you can see your hand in front of your face after the dense fog and grey days.. Did your heater ever start working?..Hey It is so hard to believe but..its almost February!! Whew..time is a blurr...I bet for you it is an odd effect..both because of shuffling time zones and..the coordinating of schedules and activities to Aussie time...do you have a manned 24/7 command center..ready to respond to your questions whenever?
Have your parents made it back home yet? I wouldn't blame them if they took a few days to enjoy South America..before going back..

Blessings Miss Jess...Our Prayers are with your every mile..

I was looking at the world map on the prayer room wall Sunday morning before Service. seeing your traverse past the horn in my mind and Thanking the Lord for your safe sailing through notorious waters...I need to up date the Map on the music Room wall that I've been stick pinning since you left Sydney..always only an approximation but you're chewing up the miles..uh..nautical that is.

Gary & Jan

Anonymous said...

Some waves for you Jess!

Hope you need them!

Go Jesse, Go Jesse, Go Jesse, Go!

Have a great day! Or night!

I'm off to work! WooHooo


sails said...

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take risks, to be creative, to manifest competence, to change
when the situation calls for it, and to find ways to
accommodate to what is new and different, keeping that part of
the old that is still useful and discarding what is not."

-- Virginia Satir

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I look forward to reading your blogs every day.You are simply amazing ,you keep your cool ,your spirit and compassion for all and everything is astounding ...half way there now cant wait to see you rolling back into the heads in 3months time. God Speed and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse, great ambition and we are all very proud of you...Greetings from far away, from a place called Germany. ;) I`ll be in Sydney when you arrive...Awesome courage..I am following your blog every day. Cheers, Carsten

Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jess

'Pestinfo' is on the money when he/she refers to the fact that 'every man and his dog' (Australian expression) will be sailing around the cape. As you are more than aware, with many cargo ships come less vigelent crews and an increased chance of floating lost cargo. Gees, just saying the words has allways worried me when I have been sailing offshore. Sea Container. There. I have said it and I will never say those two words together on your blog again.

I have never worried about you out there before, because, as I have said before, you are a brilliant skipper in a great boat. But I do worry about the other drivers on the road and the stuff they leave behind. So please stay way way south (like the 45th parallel) from Cape Agulhas. It will be shorter and safer. The safest way to see cape Agulhas is on Wikepedia! Sorry, that sounded like a father telling his daughter to stay away from a particular bouy.

You are doing such a brilliant job Jess. You rock!! Keep up the great work. Before you know it you will be approaching North Head in 25 knots of NE wind, pop up a kite and lay the line down the guts of Sydney Harbour. The crowd goes wild!!!!!!!

Sail safe, sail fast.

Best wishes


Scott said...

It's great how many people have been there in person to welcome you into the Atlantic. On to the next leg! Good on you for keeping up with what's going on in the world when you're sort of in your own down there. It's a sad situation, but lots of people are helping.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

Anonymous said...

Now for the second half of your journey! We have enjoyed following you over the last month and can't wait to see how the second half goes. We wish you nothing but the best!

~Two in TX

Gloria B said...

Hi Jess, Great to have you giving us your daily report again, missed hearing from you for the couple of days after the Cape, but I guess there is so much to do looking after Your beautiful Pink Lady. What a site you must have been for the Pilot from the Typhoon Jet. All the way out there and you do not even get to escape the bad news, eg Haiti earthquake, we do not realize how lucky we are to live in Australia Stay safe Jess and God bless. Love Gloria B. Gold coast

cousinpete said...

hi jess.
i love sneak attacks. although you new they were coming, it must have been quite the sight, and sound. wish i could have been there to see that.
good luck, and i hope you get favorable winds from now on.

David said...

you are doing so well.
from your cape passage, i have realised what most would have done much earlier; that your parents were so proud of you BEFORE you set off. And rightly so.

I am with Gustav - please do catch up on eating and rest.

could i join with other comments and say - let the fishing begin again!

david UK

Unknown said...

Well Vice Admiral Watson good to see the RAF acknowledgment of your recent feat. So now, on to the Cape of Good Hope or as is widely referred to as "the Cape" a famous land mark for clipper ships of old heading for the Far East and Australia.

Good on you Jesse and EPL........
Smooth sailing and hope you catch up some zzzzzz.

Kissyfrott said...

A few personal messages...

@Room401 - a great moment!
Your kids are... (missing superlatives) ... TOP!
@Romagirl - Thanks! Are you from Roma, Italia?
@SaltyDog - I loved your letter to Mr Windvane!
@Dave Verity: a Master trick! Well done!!!
@BobfromSeattle - Good idea, I'll join you!
@Ingrid,Tyreso,Sweden - How are your repairs? Could you finally see the video?
@steveandKerrylovell - I don't get it about Vegie Chocolate (first, I don't know what it is..) ???
@Mary,Maine - you're right, Jesse is a genuine explorer as mankind had in the past centuries
@JonythePony - What's up? Are you and "Jean Bart" the same blogger? And btw,what does mean, exactly, "keep up them dodgers"?
@pestinfo - you're bloody right, Good Hope and Agulhas capes will be a horrendous area for EPL, with traffic jams of fat merchant vessels... Beware!

a big general message:
Thank you to all of you, fellow bloggers, for your caring and generous spirit, following Jessica's example and style, it is a such a sweetness to meet you here on Jessica's blog, day after day, at any hour (thanks to Mother Earth's spheric shape). Your kindness and empathy irradiate the Net... Your good vibes can be felt by other navigators, classroom's pupils, baby elephants, all the victims of the Haitian tragedy, and their brave rescue teams, and inside the blogging community of adopted parents and jessaholics, anonymous or identified, taking news, wishing birthdays, laughing or chatting together. I wouldn't say it is unique, but I am sure it is rare. I feel warmth when i visit the blog (and no, it is not only my laptop being hot!).

and a personal message again:
YOU GO, GIRL! We love you!

Anonymous said...

Well done Jessica a big hurdle out of the way, Go girl!
Phil from Bega Valley

Mary, Maine, USA said...

Good night, Jess. Group hug to you from all of us. May you continue to sail safely and sleep deeply.

I'll be out shovelling snow tonight, moving the frozen water and thinking of you slicing through the swells.

With prayers to our worldwide family, giving of their strengths, skills and money to those who are suffering in Haiti.

You have a zillion stars of gratitude reflecting your light back to you, Jess.

Mary, Maine, USA

Gill Mason said...

Hi Jesse, Well done for doing s well so far! Half way there is an amazing effort and we back in Australia are proud of you!
Gill Brisbane QLD

OurGangof7 said...

Hi Jess
Just a quick note today to let you know that I love reading your blog and keeping up to date with your adventure of a lifetime.
I have awarded you the Happy 101 blog award because your blog is guaranteed to make me smile. I feel so proud of your achievement as a fellow Aussie.
Well done and keep it up :-)

Anonymous said...

Bet it felt good to have the RAF Jet Fighter fly over. Nice to see you getting support from so many around the world.

Looking forward to your successful return.

Remember to pay respects to the Ocean Gods. :-)

Unknown said...

One question. how can you tell the hull is free from growth ?

fumes said...

ahoy there jesse..

say.. do the sooty albatross talk any differently
than the Laysan albatross? and have you seen any wandering wandering by?

you're amazing, fumes

Susan said...

Second try... just as I was scrolling down to send this last time, our electricity went out for a few hours...probably a tree went down on the lines. I've been thinking of you Jesse with our 30-55 mph wind gusts. I'm surrounded by very tall firs, and it's both beautiful and a bit un-nerving watching the trees dance around.

Another note on Bernt Luchtenborg, who will soon be rounding the horn. Check out PW to see what he is dealing with. He has been hit the kind of storms I'm happy Jesse didn't have. He's bracing now for hurricane force winds.


The beauty and the blue of the ocean is beyond incredible! Lucky you Jesse to have spent a few months with it! How's the Atlantic ocean looking?

Let's send him our thoughts and best wishes for his safety as he passes Cape Horn.

If anyone has an English speaking site for him, please post it!

To Tonya Willis,
Here's another one for your list!

Susan in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, well done over the last few days, pretty hectic I bet. Take care out there, don't drop your guard just because you're round the Horn. I am sure mother nature might still throw up a few wild days yet. We are all wishing you the safest return and love your daily reports. Good luck and we will be there in Sydney to see you return. Stay safe kiddo!!!!
Michael from Phillip Island VIC

Susan said...

Hey Georgia Guy
"I finally learned to make words in bold type and italics when writing comments."
How do you do it? Tell us the secret!

Mike from Brissy said...

Just type a "<" then a "b" for bold or "i" for italics then a ">".

Type the text.

When you have typed your word or text, follow it with a "<" then a "/" then the "b" or "i" then a ">" to turn off the bold or italic.

This is bold

This is italic

This is fun!

Anonymous said...

@ Dave... how do you know when you need a shave?... Duh!

Anonymous said...

@ Susan... it is called HTML

Anonymous said...

Texas 6:55pm 01.19.10
Captain Jesse the Explorer

Dear Captain Jesse,
So very happy to see you are well on your way to Cape of Good Hope. So much excitement lately. Time to slow down the world.

All your recent photos are fantastic. Your book, when it comes, will be very moving and inspirational.

Your mindfulness of Haiti was very kind, and only confirms for us all, your grace and beauty of soul. Be safe, dear Captain, for the days of challenge ahead, and know you remain in all our prayers.

Ben from Texas

Unknown said...


I look forward to hearing more of what is ahead and your next milestones. Which is your next big milestone anyway?? If you mentioned that already sorry must have missed it. I am glad you are getting back to a "routine"-enjoy it! Your awesome.

Virginia USA

captain said...

Hi ya Jess,
Your adventure certainly continues....Ive been unable to use the net as I have just returned from an epic 4 day voyage to the Patonga Pub on the Hawksbery via Palm Beach and Smiths Creek. . The fresh prawns of Patonga are still the best in the world and Australia won the cricket convincingly. When u finish your amazing voyage u will have to take your family cruising around Pittwater on Ella Pink Lady. Its very beautiful.....
U take care pirate.... Half the planets following your story now!
Capt'n Kelly

Anonymous said...

@ SUSAN and Brissie Mike

!!!!!!!!!!     !!!!!!!!!
and that is a space between the !!!s

Anonymous said...

If the time stamp for the postings on this blog are QLD time why is the date backwards (month before the day)?

Roger - Cleveland QLD said...

Well done Jesse. One cape down two to go! Easy peasy for Jesse

hezakiah299 said...

01-19-10 @ 20:36
Hi Jessica,
You sounded real chipper in your post, good to see that. That tells me that your tummy is full and you are well rested, and that’s great. I imagine now that all the excitement and the entertainment is over you’ll be getting back to work, not that you ever left it. Remember,(?) you're a sailor 24/7, no walking off the job.

I saw that you got an online proposal, but I would imagine that the fellow that wins your hand is going be top shelf material, and rightly so, you need someone to match your outstanding qualities. You’re going to be one hell-uv-a woman to keep up with.

Hey SaltyDog, Couldn’t help but laugh at your Otto Pilot, way to go.

I liked the description of how Ella lifted her skirt and showed off her bottom, that was cute.

So proud of you Missy, keep up the good work. Be careful and don’t forget to get tethered up. (That’s hooked up not tangled up) LOL…..
Keep your head in the wind, and your Chin up!!!!!!
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
I hope you've managed to catch up on some zzzz's and keeping up the D+F's. Curiously, have you gained or lost any weight in the last 3 months? I hope you catch another fish soon. It's been a while since you spoke of your food bags, anything exciting lately? Do they differ a lot from the things you had in warmer lats? Good luck with the fishing, take good care of you and bye for now...(Aunty) Sam XX

Hello to everyone around the world, I hope you're all well too, as I am.

On that note, as Hawkeye said, let us pause for a moment and think about what we can do for Haiti. Lets not waste time procrastinating about the size of our contribution, EVERYthing helps.

As Bill, aka Ozca, from the Great Bras d'Or Lake says, we all have our own charities and my number one is, has and always will be the very good work of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières.
What they are doing in Haiti right now is both unimagineable and incomprehensible. ONE POWERBALL AND IT'S ALL THEIRS!!!

And for our very kind and noble Transplanted 'Aussie', Stephen M., Maryland, USA...
My thoughts are with you. Our present life results from our Karma and I hope you enjoy a long and fruitful life and get back to us as soon as it is possible. For what it's worth, I will miss you. Take care....XXX

To Magpie and Clint, you guys crack me up...good value! Cheers! :-))

Bluefin said...

Hello Jesse,

I hope all is going well in the Atlantic.

To RichieParis Jan19 8.54pm - Loved your comments, brought a lump to my throat, spot on.

To RioTheHomeworkDog and those Grade 3 Killer Whales, fantastic! Loved your video. You are cool kids with a very cool teacher!

To AmazedbyYou - your list of hints for Overseas visitors in the previous blog OMG I laughed! That was very good.
I went outside after I read that and there was a Carpet Snake curled up on a beam under our verandah! I really laughed then, the coincidence was too much!!! True story! I nearly got "tangled in my tethers" I got such a fright. He disappeared last night and would you believe he is back in the same place today. Thats ok he's asleep, now when I look at him I really have to smile re your blog entry.

Love the friendly, encourageing, loving and helpful nature of this blog site. It is a true reflection of Jesse's personality and it is felt all around the world.

Cheers eveyone,
Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

samurai said...

Dearest Paula,
January 19, 2010 11:18 PM
You're so funny when you said...
"EPL lifted her skirt just for you, you know. Glad it was a good sight. What are we looking for anyway? I am not a gynaecologist, but I’ll have a look." hahahahaha!!

No, I'm not a gyno either, just a regular yachtie who obsesses about "barnacles on my bottom". A nice clean, shiny bottom helps a boat glide through the water unimpeded. Hence the layer upon layer of anti-fouling Jessica refered to.

Thanks Paula also for mentioning SaltyDog's letter to Parker. I meant to acknowledge that and say how much I enjoyed reading it. Great stuff SaltyDog, my sentiments exactly.

Kind regards to all...Sam

Anonymous said...

Anyone watching the Aussie Open? I am starting to see "PINK" everywhere... must be a trend.

Either that or Aussies just like the colour!

Very fetching.

janet said...

Jesse, your adventure has become our adventure. Each day we yearn for a Pink Lady report. My wife and I have decided to adopt you as our daughter, even though you already have good parents. Thank you so much for sharing your life with the world. Janet & Arnie Blakely, Newport Beach, California

Anonymous said...

Wow You!!!! Great going - such an inspiration!!

samurai said...

Dear Richard,
January 19, 2010 11:24 PM

"Welcome back Samuri. Thanks for your excellent poster. We've missed you for the last few days."

Thanks Richard, and you're welcome.
On your missing me? Oh shucks, that is so sweet...but someone has to get up and get this country going in the mornings!!! :-))
Tearing myself away from here is not easy but someone has to do it...:-)) :-)) :-)).........Sam

Susan said...

Anyone would think I didn't have a life!!!So are the hours spent following your adventure Jesse and communing with your worlwide family of bloggers who have reinstated my faith in human nature and all that is good and worthwhile. It is this kind of caring and encouragement expressed toward another, that is what a hurting world so desperately needs. Such a circle of love and support surrounds you Jesse, so I hope it gives you the warm fuzzies!!!!You are indeed an exceptional human being whose imprint in history is already cemented. The videos are superb and to see the aerial view of you and Ella's Pink Lady literally dancing along on a big sea is a heart stopping sight. Such elegance glamour and drama all in one! Be safe and sail well sweet ladies. Now, on with what is left of my day while I look forward to the next exciting installment!

Anonymous said...

I hope RichieParis keeps his bib on 24/7!

Unknown said...

If I'm not mistaking, today, the 19th, marks exactly 3 months since you set off. I wonder, did you take any music with you to listen to? If so, who is your favorite musician or band? If I were out there I would be tempted to sing at the top of my lungs, much to the wildlife's dismay!! I admire your courage and moxy!

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

amazing progress you're making. all the adopted parents are so proud of what you've accomplished so far and what you'll accomplish in the coming months.

continued fair winds and best of sailing!

be safe. be well. have fun.

richmond, va

SaltyDog said...


Thanks for mentioning the earthquake victims in Haiti. When I finished reading your blog I sent off a donation to help the victims with the following note attached.

“Please accept my donation to the Haiti relief effort. I am making my donation in honor of Jessica Watson, the 16 year old Australian solo circumnavigator who is currently sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and nearing the half way point of her incredible goal. In a small sailboat, the young lady with the big heart has inspired so many around the world with her courage and her never ending optimism. I’m confident that much of the optimism that Jessica has so generously shared with the world will make its way to the citizens of Haiti.”

The first half of your trip has been fantastic. And what a way to begin your crossing of the Atlantic, a big send off by the RAF. Very appropriate and well deserved, Jess. On to Cape Agulhas………

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Odette Carty said...

jess.. wish I had wings... I'de fly over and salute you too. Good luck for the next leg.You'll be bandy legged by the time you reach home, with all of us sitting on your shoulders!!!!!!

Odette Carty,

DK said...

Whilst reading a news story of how 5 teens out of 6 were killed in a single vehicle accident due to speed and alcohol, I can only hope that another teen is inspired by reading about your incredible journey and decides not to make such a stupid decision as the aforementioned teens. All the best for the 2nd half of your journey. Your parents must be so proud.

Vic said...

Hi Jessica,

I've never posted before, but wanted you to know that I've been following your Blog and site since you left home. I am so impressed with your skills and your positive attitude, regardless of your circumstances. You are in my thoughts often and I hold the for you intention of a fun and successful journey. Looking forward to your continued posts and your eventual arrival back home with a new record!

pandj bundy said...

typhoon jetfighter and north again, well done u will b home in no time and what a party at the end. safe sailing
judy bundy

magpie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Macca said...

go jess keep going you can still do this.


p.s jess is cute

Peter Flynn said...

Congratulations on rounding the horn. Fantastic effort, look out for complacency.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, so glad to read you again. Such an achievement as others have said. There have beem a few negative commentators in the press here in Oz, I put it down to sour grapes; you have achievement far more in your short years than many have achieved in their lives.
And to do it with such poise and modesty is a testament to you and your parents.
Thumbs up to to your preparation team. EPL looks great in the pics, your sponsors have done you well with their product.
Time now to relax a bit, but keep the focus; the danger time in any endevor in when you think the hard part is over.
Keep on the ball and you'll bring EPL home safe, sound and shining, along with your good self.
Fair winds and following seas sailor.


Anonymous said...

We are following your journey with great interest Jessica.
A fantastic achievement and your comments are so well written and presented
God speed and smooth sailing.

Noel Halford Melbourne, Australia

SaltyDog said...


Well said regarding Haiti. A wonderful 22 year old girl from my area died in the earthquake. She was doing volunteer work, working with orphans and disabled Haitian children. That definitely hit close to home and close to my heart. There have been quite a few bloggers expressing their concern for the people of Haiti. Jessica has been so inspirational to all of us and I hope many of you will direct some of that good will towards the earthquake victims. Thanks, Sam and all of the bloggers. And thanks, Jess, for the good vibrations.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Rio The Homework Dog said...

Our two attempts at including a link to the video were lost somewhere between blog post #450 -1162 on you record setting blog day. We we're hoping you would see it, and we are delighted that so many others we're able to see it too! We would like to thank your blog family that either included the link to the video or sent positive words our way. (Samauri for the original link, Anonymous - must see vote, AlbacoreLiaFail, Michael(hezakiah299), Salty Dog, Jim from Perth, Jowel, Susan in Oregon, Richie Paris, Bluefin ---and anyone I missed)

Jessica - This Friday is pajama day at our school, so if you would like to stay in your pajamas all day we'd be happy to have you join us. Paul and the Killer Whales if you can pull off a pajama day in your classroom, you can join us too. If anyone else out there is looking for an excuse to stay in your comfy pajamas on Friday, feel free to join in. (Maybe not such a good idea for those of you with office jobs)

This is from one of the lost blogs-I seem to just get random letters for the word verification, so it wasn't making a lot of sense until the day you passed Cape Horn and the verification word was rounder. Cape Horn ahead - Rounder.

Best wishes
Room 401 Third Grade

Rio The Homework Dog said...

Oops...I spelled that verification word wrong - roundr.

Salty Dog - You donation in Jessica's honor- Nice!

Room 401

Susan said...

I was telling a friend about what a lovely 16 yr old you are and what you're doing, and she told me about a solo rower across the Atlantic Ocean who left Senegal early this month for South America! She is doing it to raise money for clean drinking water.

Her home page:
1.59 knots

You are both so inspiring to be following your hearts, and doing it in such a way to be successful.

As so many have already said, I see so much of your mum (at least what I saw of her!) in you, and if your dad was feeling a little better during the flyover, I'm sure I'd be saying the same thing about him! He seems like a big cuddly teddy bear... what wonderful parents.

Safety, rest, food (crepes?) and fun,
Susan in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse What a great birthday present for me on 13th January - I was so thrilled to see you conquer the Cape - well done - keeping you in my thoughts and prayers each day still. Bernadette from Baulkham Hills

Bobby from South Carolina said...


Just watched the video of your mom & dad doing the flyover... couldn't help but shed a few tears of my own...you are one extraordinary young woman... we are all so very proud of you here in South Carolina...as always, we are keeping you in our daily prayers...one day I hope to meet you in person & give you a big friendly hug...safe sails my friend...safe sails...

Bobby from South Carolina

Anonymous said...

It was me Jess!

We were flying in formation on a military operation!

I was at the back and I knew you weren't that far away, so I thought I'd check c if you're ok!

Did you see me wave to you with my wings???

I didn't think anyone would notice!

Boy am I in big trouble!

Even fighter pilots get grounded!

It wasn't really me Jess!

Or if it was I probably would have just been lost or something, 'sides Kangaroo's can't fly jets! lol

Be safe Jesse!


Ps. What an awesome thing you did Salty Dog! Well done!

Stephen M. Good luck over there mate! You'll do great things and my heart and thoughts are with you!

To all those little people in ROOM 401! You guys ROCK! What an awesome song! You must have the coolest teachers I reckon!

Ps. Jesse! Your dad made me choke up on the plane! He'd have to be one of the most proudest men!

Well C ya!

Goin to the beach again!


Go Jess go!

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,
My girls and I are loving the inspiration you bring us. You will impact many peoples' lives.
Wendy, Sophie and Manon. Brisbane Australia

Unknown said...

On and on and on with the routine sailing and maintenance, looking after yourself and your conveyance...
with best wishes
graeme and annabelle dodd

Unknown said...

Hello, Jess! I'm Helen from Russia, St.-Petersburgh! Admired by your courage and independence, now I'm going to compose a song about your ))) Also I began to translate some your posts for my russian friends! Thank u, girl!

Kissyfrott said...

"The toad's drool never reaches the white dove"
(for the courageous anonymous) -

Barking Gecko said...

Well Jessica

I have to admit that's impressive.

A Typhoon Jetfighter escorting Ella's Pink Lady. :)

And last week your parents doing the same thing in a commercial aircraft :)

All the best and keep up the good work.




Jo said...

Hi Jesse, Good to hear you are already focussing on the next step of your wonderful journey. What an awesome week for you... The flyover must have been so exciting, what a great treat!! Nice to see you can maybe settle down to a bit of 'normality' whatever that means LOL! Goodness me, you will be on the home stretch before we know it... in the mean time, Take care 'til next time.

Deb said...

hey, just wondering where you source the information on the weather in the middle of nowhere? and how accurate is it? hope its guiding you safely

Faye and Max said...

There was a young sailor called Jesse
Whose parents flew out in a Cesse (that’s a Cessna)
And Mums very first word
As I’m sure you’ve all heard
Was “I hope that your bedroom’s not messy”

With Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,
When I read your blogs, my thoughts are with your Mum - she must be so proud of you, and concerned at the same time. You are doing a fantastic job, and I can't wait to read your final blog saying you are back safe and sound in Sydney Harbour.
In the meantime, thanks so much for keeping us up-to-date with everything. So many of the bloggers are probably people who have wanted to do something but were never brave enough.
Keep warm, safe and well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess , We have been following your progress from day one.Everyday I have talked to our 2 great little boys about you and your incredible journey.I have worried and laughed and been so excited for you . You are an inspiration to us all.
All the best Jess you really are one amazing young lady and if our children can for a moment get one little thing from this it will be fabulous. ALL THE BEST JESS
Russ,Sharon,Josh and Nathan

Queenslander said...

@ Samurai...

Oh Sam, you've done it again!!!

For those less observant... "zoom in" on Samurai's "photo".


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess. All the best. Thank you again for your inspiration....

Post Cape Reflections

The Cape
Mum and Dad’s Flyover
Typhoon Jetfighter
Birds, Kelp, Shipping
On the high seas
Now my heart goes out to Haiti
Whilst my eyes turn toward sleep

Jill (Newcastle)

Anonymous said...

@ Bluefin... Those "hints" posted by AmazedbyYou are NOT "hints for tourists"!

They are dinki di questions asked by potential visitors.

If you do not believe me, I hope a drop bear falls on you!

Queenslander said...

@ Samurai,

I thought you put the country to bed, you being from WA? ;)

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

I hope RichieParis keeps his bib on 24/7!

January 20, 2010 12:38 PM"


naughty, naughty... but spot on!!!

Des said...

It is always great to read your blog. The last few days must have broken any routine you may have had. The RAF taking time out from protecting the freedom of the people on the Falkland Islands to give you a wave must have been very special. If the boys and their planes had been there in 1982 there would have been no invasion and no war.
The Atlantic may seem small to you but it looks like a long way from the Falklands to the Cape of Good Hope. May God bless you with good sailing conditions and bring you home safely. We always pray for you.
Just to hurry you along. The beach conditions at Maroochydore and Mooloolaba are fantastic at the moment.

Bluefin said...

To Room 401 Third Grade Minnesota,

Sorry guys, got you mixed up with those Killer Whales. Your video is great, I've been showing it to my friends, you are becoming quite famous on the other side of the world.

Have fun on Pajama Day, I might join you down here!
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Eddie Johnson said...

Jessica you are truly an ocean princess, you are an inspiration to every teenager in the world. Many people have no idea what is like being on your own for months, having to solve every problem on the boat. You left Australia a beautiful girl, when you return you will be a beautiful woman. You will in the UK always be an incredibly heroic sailor who I would be honoured to have as member in our yacht club. I can’t wait to buy Jessica Watson the movie.

Unknown said...

Jessica, as a professional mariner i have been watching with keen interest your travels so far and i am relived that you have passed the Horn now for the roaring 40's - go girl.
As lonely as it may seem i hope you enjoy the remaining dawns it is a special time, just remember only 3 months to go, pinch yourself and it will be over, i hope you enjoy your remaining nautical miles and as you read this it will be 1NM less to Sydney.
Soft Seas and a following Breeze Jessica

Anonymous said...

@ Simba... negative comments... sour grapes...

Caused by Aussie affliction... "Tall Poppy Syndrome"

Unknown said...

Jessie-you're amazing. In the middle of your astonshing feat, you are thinking of the terrible events in Haitii. You are one glorious little lady-a shining beacon for the youth of today.
May your sails be filled not with wind but the love of Angels' wings.
Phil, Perth, W.A.

Anonymous said...

What RichieParis meant to say was:

La bave du crapaud n'atteint pas la blanche colombe.

(hee, hee, hee... Dastardly & Mutley)

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY, RichieParis!
Haha, my word verification is pervr

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

Slowly but surely your turning the Google ocean map pink. Looks mighty fine too!

Be Safe,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Alexander Raile said...

Jessica,I am 70 years old I have seen a lot of courage in my time but you are the pinnacle of courage.

Be proud of your self!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind regards, Alex.

PWB said...

Dear Jessica,

One of the good things about being out in the middle of the ocean is that you don't have snakes, like we do.

On Monday at work I was talking to a customer for about 5 minutes, at the back of his utility. When he drove off I swivelled on the ball of my foot (180deg) to discover a Dugite snake (equivalent to eastern brown snake) laying on one of the big rubber car stops on the ground. He was one metre long and 3 metres away from me, .... while I was shrinking to be half the man that I used to be. I think he had been there for a while, eavesdropping on our man to man small-town talk. But then again the way that he had draped his body over and around the big piece of rubber, led me to think that he was a she, and that she was into modelling. The pose was a bit Elle Macpherson -ish.

Luckily, I was a amateur photographer, with a mobile phone in the car. I retrieved the phone from the car and returned to the scene of the slime. She had moved off the rubber modelling lounge and was making her way along the edge of the concrete wall. I walked along beside her (at a safe distance) and took shots of her as she made her way, ever so slowly (with swagger), into another day at the outback office.

My affair with the wild side of Hyden lasted about 20 minutes as we both travelled a total distance of about 20 metres.

Not quite as long as your Dip into Danger.

Peace and Strength to you,.... with Wind

Peter Bush

Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse and family,

Samurai...Ba ha ha ha. It was barnacles !! I thought they took years to accumulate. Learn something new everyday. Lucky there is an ointment for "barnacles on your bottom"....

Bluefin Annie, how hilarious !! It’s a sign, he wants you to adopt him as a pet. Laughed about you getting “tangled in your tethers" with fright. Small mercies with a scary sight.

RichieParis and Bluefin Annie, I am with you guys in loving our company. I am going to mention USA, Sweden, France, NZ and many more as well as the Oi Oi Oi’s. that contribute so kindly. Their stories and knowledge and positive affirmations that encourage Jesse, are uplifting and contagious, they are so nice. Stories from abroad are great. I want to help Mary shovel snow….

The Killer Whales is my most favourite classroom in the world and even more amazing they have a lizard/reptile called “Jamie”. How cute is that..!! I even love seeing Magpies feet. We all have a common goal in supporting Jesse and what a superstar she is. Cheers and Beers, Paula

Mario Kruysse said...

Greez from Holland. "Following" you with my 14 year old daughter!

Unknown said...

Good morning, Jess!
Here's wishing you a fantastic day with following seas and time to catch up with yourself.

I want to send a special greeting to Transplanted Aussie, Michael, who's now in Haiti. I just read your posting from Jess's Highlights blog, finally. I wish you a world of strength and perseverance as you faithfully execute your duties there. Thank you for your service. I hope for blessings all around you, for they are there and in many faces.

With love and best wishes to the Mighty Jess and Michael,

Mary, Maine, USA

Shenandoah bed and breakfast said...

This is a very great destination and all the pictures are fabulous and very fantastic for sure.

Anonymous said...

How can you tell if the ocean is friendly?

It waves!

Is the ocean waving at you Jesse?


EJ US Virgin Islands said...

Hey hey Jess,

Welcome to the Atlantic and "my side" of the Earth's ocean water.

Off you go! Great post. I love watching your progress map at the website too and, you're right, that South Pacific seems soooo much bigger than what lies ahead.

Really really great Jess!

Sending you some warm Caribbean breezes...and maybe a pelican or 2

US Virgin Islands

hezakiah299 said...

01-20-10 @ 10:59
Hi Jessica,
Please accept my most humble apologies, I made a terrible mistake, and that sharp-eyed magpie caught it. There's no excuse for it, (maybe age ha, ha, that’s weak) so I can only say "I'm sorry".

I mistakenly addressed you as 'Abby'.
(01-19-10 @ 02:55
Hi Abby,)

I am hanging my head and accepting my self imposed punishment of 10,000 lashes with a wet noodle. LOL.....
Sorry about that.

But while I’m here, I may as well tell you that I looked up the RAF Typhoon Jetfighter, and that is some hunk of weaponry. I don’t know how to send you a picture on here,(heck, you’ve already seen the real thing) but the picture shows all the rockets that it carries. Awesome piece of equipment.

Grudgingly,…kudo’s to ‘magpie’ for his sharp eyes. LOL…..
It took a while before I actually realized what the mistake was.
Good eye ‘magpie’, but I won’t change my name since it’s already misspelled, and I’ve had it to long. Be good, I’mmm waaaatching LOL…..
Earnt is actually earned…..gotcha. LOL…….

Well Jessica, Just having a little fun while we’re in between posts from you.
You take care of all, hope you have a good laugh over this one, I did.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

chris said...

Hey there,
If I had a plane, you would be telling me over the radio to move on and stop following you all over the place!lol
Of course, now you are on your way to the next big hurdle.You can do it!
So proud and think of you daily. Keep it up and dont forget to eat your chocolate!
chris in calif

US Navy Retired said...

Hi Jess, wish I could send you a picture, we have had a litter of Golden Retriever pups. The one that is known as Pink puppy, was being called Pink Lady by my wife. I said we should name her "Ella" what do you think of that ? Great job so far Jess, hope the South Atlantic is good for you. Just a note, the last Navy ship I was on before retiring was the USS Saginaw which now belongs to your Navy and I think the name is HMAS Kinbala or Kimbala. Take care.
USN Retired

Unknown said...

You're wonderful. Godspeed.
You go Girl!

Tressi said...

Hi Jess,
you go girl!
The world loves you!
show them what you can do!

James V. said...

@Bart - please stop this French connection joke. This has nothing to do with nationalism, only with the courage of a great girl to go against the odds and prove what she is worth!
The whole world is proud of her!
James V.

Skipper Cliff said...

Hi Jesse. Weather prognoses for the next week predict a continual pasting if you remain at 50 deg S. My advice is head N ASAP to 40 deg S before proceeding further eastwards. This is serious advice from an old hand.

Bob from Seattle said...

@Saltydog----ditto about the Parker post. great sense of humor.
@RichieParis----Your 9:00AM general message was the most wonderful bit of eloquence I've read yet.

Jesse,-------Didn't realize there were new videos. It's amazing how comfortable you are sailing in those BIG scary waves. I enjoyed your excitement at first sight of land and the Cape. Happy for you.

Sueby said...

Hi Jess,
Are there any other records you can put under your belt whilst doing this trip?
I'm thinking record for the longest time or distance on starboard, and then the equivalent record for being on port!! LOL
Is there a longitude that defines the change from being in the Pacific to the Atlantic?
What number food bag are you up to?
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!
I'm from Russia.
Just today, to learn about your act. I admire you!
Good luck!

Unknown said...

Its a pleasure to read your comments when they come in. I hope in someway it will get teenagers away from the tv screen and into boats.

As a keen sailor (and someone that would like to sail around the world) i wish you a safe passage.

Taranaki NZ

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G'day Jesse
Thurs 20-1-10
Great news just back from the morning walk to find mum roo with no joey in top of the yard at the orange tree again munching away until she saw me and hopped off. Reckon the joey is so big now he /she is on its own. Finally washed Freddie(the car) yesterday to get this light film of "grease" fumes etc of the left side from my jet flyover.. came off quite well, glad Freddie is black.
Hope things are OK with you bobbing along and by your blog silence I am assuming you are resting ...hope so.

Your high of last week must still be a memory that will live with you forever as will your Christmas celebrations.

As always LOL(oud)
Dusty from dubbo

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.

Dan H

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jess! You must be so proud of yourself & so deserving of this of course!

You are an amazing young woman with an attitude that is contagious!

Stay safe & continue on with your dream...we are all cheering you on!

Beau said...

Glad you're back to open water, and the miles will continue dropping away. For me your journey is one of dreams and inspiration... Keep a steady hand, and a watchful eye!

JIm M Cairns Qld Aust said...

Good on you Jess - just looked at the map - you are definatley moving quickly into the South Atlantic - stay safe

Jim M Cairns Qld Aust.

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

My post will be short,I am heading out to ''Haiti'' in a few short hours,how long it is hard to say,as long as my ''skills'' are needed is what I say.Some of my team already their have had positive results.Hotel Montana has shown results,along with other areas too.
God willing we will continue our work to save,care,comfort these people who need our services.
I want to thank Amazedbyou,Richard,Evie,Richie Paris,William and ''SAMURI''especially for your recent comments,WISH I could take you with me,I BET WE WOULD MAKE A GREAT TEAM IN THE FIELD,seems I know you in your words,yes,I'LL MISS YOU,xxx.
Jessica,thank you for allowing for taking time to say my thank you's to my dear ''family member's''.
Back to you,you have accomplished so much in your journey,with more to come,I am truly PROUD TO BEEN PART OF THIS AND I HOPE UPON MY RETURN TO YOUR ''ADOPTIVE WORLD FAMILY''I can pick up some great stories,video's,blogger comments.
I hope to take my laptop with me,if time allows share my stories with you and your ''world family'',if not I shall speak with you upon my return in the near future.
I WANT YOU TO KEEP A ''PROMISE'' FOR ME-keep yourself focused at the tasks at hand,keep healthy,eat well[chocolate goes along way],stay positive in all you do,God has watched over you and crew and I know will continue to do such,remember your strength lies within you.
To you shore team keep doing what you all do best to bring this beautiful lady back to the ''Sydney shores''.To your MUM and DAD,you have raised a fine young lady and I am so so proud to be apart of this adventure so far,you will be in my thoughts while I put my ''skills'' to a positive use.
Jessica,bye for now,look forward to reading up on your journey of a life time upon my return God willing.
Hugs to you and crew,
continued much LOVE and SUPPORT.
May the winds stay true for the rest of your journey.
Bye for now,hugs and much love to all.
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',
[Haiti bound]
PS ''HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY'' a little early,the 26th.,to all my blogger mates,TOAST an ''oil can'' in Jessica's honor for me please.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

We think that you are incredible. Keep safe. We look on your website every day.


Ella (6) and Asha (4)from Brisbane

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within.
It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us
which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and
do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves."

-- Helen Keller

Thierry said...

Hi Jesse,
I was looking for some news on internet and I found your amazing story.
I'm going through all your website, your news, your route and your videos. I love it !
I was wondering how you can send us all your info from your Pink Lady and how you also record and send these little videos.
I was also wondering if you will sail near Tristan da Cunha island, in the middle of South Atlantic. I'm sure the Tristan People would welcome you warmly.
Best wishes for the rest of you safe journey around the world !
I'll follow you everyday from now.

josie said...

dear jesse
my class keeps updates on you every day on you and you are very encourging to me so thank you for that.
My class watches your videos all the time !!!
You are so awsome like i said and
if this is to much to ask then you know but would you mind on one of your videos saying hello to MRS.HANSONS CLASS please can you.
thanks so much - JOSIE G

Anonymous said...

One of these days I want to have a party and invite Amazedbyou and Samurai. Both of you are nuts!

magpie said...

A special Hoo Roo to

Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',
[Haiti bound]

After hearing they had another Earthquake today I'm sure your skills will be needed ASAP.

trentgs said...

Another Quake in Haiti this morning. Sure to un nerve the kids. Last report I heard they run out with every aftershock and are afraid to sleep inside. Can't say as I blame them. Hopefully most of this AID is stuff that will remain and help them move forward- instead of always on the edge of poverty. Seems we'tre always sending a mission team or supplies to Haiti. It would be awesome if some citrus company would plant orchards etc. Ideal weather. And maybe start using solar and propane instead of cutting the trees down. I understand it was a pretty destitute place even before the EQ. Perhaps it would be best to treat it as a test 'planet' since theres so little that the people have and build an infrastructure that works- including businesses and income generating exports. Theres' gotta be something. The Pastor I told you about (Bill Adams and his wife Lisa-who I think was finally able to catch a flight out-she was there on a medical mission before the EQ hit. said its frustrating because the need is so great..much like the old proverbabout tossing the starfish back into the sea- about how it wouldn't matter..and the response "it does to that one." I used to be a part of the L-5 Society and it was our dream to build habitats in Low Earth Orbit. Unfortunately the governments are not Space Colony Friendly at this time.Or mor accurately..twenty years ago since our goal was L-5 by '95. It was achieveable..19,000 people would be in orbit right now...if only...

Gary & Jan

I'm rambling I'll check into your latest News..Hope you are smooth sailing..safe and resting...

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephen M!

In case you haven't left yet!

Please try to keep in touch. I think we would make an awesome team! We're with you too as best as we can be!

Take care mate!

SaltyDog said...

To Hezakiah299,

You shouldn’t get too hard on yourself, Michael. In fact just the opposite. You deserve all kinds of credit for being so dedicated to all of the circumnavigators. I have to admit that sometimes I have to look at my driver’s license to remember that my own name is SaltyDog. So put that wet noodle back on your dinner plate and get back to blogging. It’s always great to hear from you no matter whose web site you’re on.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica

Please pass on a few words to some fellow bloggers.

To US Navy Retired
According to Wikipedia the USS Saginaw (built 1969) became the HMAS Kanimbla when it was acquired by the Royal Australian Navy in 1994 and is now the lead ship of the Kanimbla Class of Landing Platform amphibious warfare transport ship.

To “Transplanted Aussie”
Best wishes for your safe return after your mission in Haiti. It will no doubt be an extremely harrowing time for you and your associates. Use Jessica’s story as an inspiration to do your best in all you do there and remember that it is ‘better to give than to receive’. Our thoughts are with you and the Haitians in distress.

Jessica, I hope you are enjoying the Atlantic and continuing to make good progress northwards to the Latitude at which you will turn east. I guess it will then be a great circle route to Tassie – the State we tend to forget to remember is considered part of Australia.

If you haven’t already done so enlarge the banner produced by (Aunty) Sam (Samurai) for her messages on 20 January. It’s really good and I think you will find it very amusing.
Bye for now …

Tony L (Mt Martha)

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephen M again!

Maybe you could start a blog and speak of your diaries over there like Jesse. I just heard that they had another earthquake! They must be getting hammered. I hope our governments are working as hard as they can for them!

Take care!


Take care Jess!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
You mentioned earlier that Chilean and Argentinian Navy vessels were going to sail by and maybe give you a wave. However you did not comment further whether or not you actually got a visual sighting of them. Was the swell in the Cape Horn area too high for them to find you or to come close enough? D. Coffs Harbour NSW

Ailsa said...

Hi Jesse,
Have you seen any more dolphins? That was amazing to hear you talk about the dolphin that stayed alongside you and EPL for 6 hours as you went through your first big storm a few weeks' ago.

You inspire us to do what we can when we can. The poor people of Haiti certainly need all the help that can be given. Thank you for thinking of them as you venture across the Atlantic.

Take care. Stay safe.
from Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Cooeeee from SA! ........

Good morning sunshine / Jessica! :)

Thinking of you and especially last night as we walked along the beach at sunset. A beautiful sunset it was and as I looked out across the sea my thoughts turned to you out there in that beautiful EPL. I wondered how you were and sent thoughts for safety for you to the universe. Hope they reached you!

To "Transplanted Aussie" ..... Until we "meet' again, may god hold you in the hollow of his hand. Wishing you god speed and safe return to your loved ones.

G'day to all the other bloggers! :)

Can anyone shed light on why my google earth isn't showing the EPL on it???? When I click on the voyage icon, it opens up, google earth shows , but .... NO EPL! :(
Any advice greatly appreciated.

I miss not being able to see where Jess is!

Cheers for now .........

PS: My word verification for today is: Mater. Very apt given I'm a mate AND a mother! LOL

Blue_Thunder said...

Wow overflight of a jet Fighter, like a private Flight Show ;). How cool is that? !

Tom O'Keefe said...

Way to go Jessica. Your doing great and now with Cape Horn behind you you've passed a great milesstone.

Newfoundland Canada

Anonymous said...

@ Simba... negative comments... sour grapes...

Caused by Aussie affliction... "Tall Poppy Syndrome"

January 20, 2010 9:48 PM

True, but generally Tall Poppy Syndrome is directed at people who have become to big for their boots (ie big ego)
This is something that most definately cannot be ascribed to the fair and modest Jessica.

Sour Grapes is more just about being jelous of someone achieving something great, something yoy wished you could, but never had the courage or the opportunity.

Go Jessica!


Bruce from Brisvegas said...

Hi Jesse

Good morning!! Actually it is a great morning. 7am and I am in the library allready. It sounds sad but it will be made up for by spending the weekend at Mooloolaba.

How are you on your schedule? Are you where you thought you would be by this time, ahead or behind? Are you still looking at a May'ish arrival into SYD?


Sail safe, sail fast


Barb Walker said...

Good on you Jesse, you are doing so well.
The first three months have flown by and so will the next.
Keep safe and keep enjoying the challenge.

Anonymous said...

We all have the risk of being hit by a proverbial bus and to me Jessica is an example that what appears to be dangerous can be overcome if you have guts and determination, and proper preparations. She is a fine example of the spirit of Australians. Every day she sails on is another success story not just for her but for all Australians.
Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka

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