Saturday, January 30, 2010


The picture below is of my very cool new t-shirt which was a present from Mum in my latest food bag. I had to share it with you guys as my crew aren't doing a very good job of sharing my excitement!


Pic: My new 'One Tough Cookie" t-shirt!


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Jack said...

HI Jess, You certainly are a very tough cookie! Keep well. JP

Daz said...

Hey Jess the shirt says it all !! you are a legend keep going love following your blog everyday. stay safe

Sarah Cooper (Sydney) said...

Looks so great Jess! That would have been so exciting to find it when you weren't expecting it! Bit like xmas or bday!

It's the perfect shirt though after the last few weeks you've been through!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WoW! What a t-shirt! And what a journey! Everything good for You over there!

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
What a great surprise and very apt, you are one tough cookie.
Been trying to catch up on everyone’s comments, there are so many these days that it takes a while. It is good to see the number of new bloggers that have joined over the last few weeks; your message is spreading around the world.
Thank you for letting Rosie and I share your adventure with you. Your writing is so descriptive it is easy to picture what you are doing and going through in my mind, but I suppose no words will ever be able to describe last week’s storm though.
Thanks Jess
@ The Jessaholics, keep up the good writing everyone, I enjoy reading all the regular bloggers almost as much as reading Jessica’s'.
Well Good Night everyone
Stay safe and hooked on
Tim and Rosie

Jim said...

Looks Good Jessica. Like your present. Glad your safe and doing well out there. You are far the best inspiration out there. Stay Safe out there.

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!!!
How appropriate after that tough storm you just experienced!
Take care and keep up the good work.
(a faithful Canadian fan wintering in Florida -we're called Snowbirds)

Unknown said...

Tough cookie!

That's really great. What a great surprise from your mom!

Keep hangin' tough (mixing metaphors as that's a parachutist phrase from WW2).

Your friends from True Men Ministries are praying for good winds and calm seas!


Helen said...

Ahahahah fantastic!! What a lovely thoughtful supporting mummy you have!!

- Helen (UK)

Anonymous said...

That's VERY cool! Very discriptive of just what you are Jess!!!

Kevin, USA

Unknown said...

Hi Jess.

A nice t-shirt. You are a real tough girl and deserves it. Was bit worried about the storm and condition of the Pink Lady. wish you all the best and nice winds

P. V. Nair

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise that must have been& boy is it a true statement! Great job out there & enjoy reading your posts. Continued safe passage.
Chris in Calif USA

riveter said...

LOL>>>I WANT TO BUY ONE! >>>Do you think your mom can arrange to have some for sale on the a great fund raiser for you and EPL

Sergio said...



Anonymous said...


Apparently your mother knew what we have had to learn by following your voyage.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful surprise for you.That's the kind of thing you need from time to time.There looks like a fish of some sort in the water behind you in the picture...Is that one of the dolphins you spoke about ??

Keep up the good work and spirits.

Anonymous said...

niccccccccce shirt! looks great on you! and your smile.. beauty!!

PWB said...


Dear Jessica,

Please Marry Me?......In the next life,..........

My wife still has some use for me in this one!



PS: I can not swim yet, and I can't eat cookies (doctors orders). Hope this will not affect your decision.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

I love your new T - shirt, and you are one tough cookie.

It's a wonderful gift from your family, a lovely surprise for you.

You seem to have a 'friend' there climbing up onto EPL.. hope that he doesn't cause any problems or mischief !! ..

I'm really pleased you have had a chance for some rest and recreation.

take care and keep safe

God Bless

Armidale NSW.

Anonymous said...

Your momma knows you best- you are one tough cookie :) It's so good to see your smiling face and in warmer weather- Eastward ho!
-Karyn, IN, USA

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - there is an old expression: 'well that's the way the cookie crumbles'. Well darl there ain't much crumbling going on from what I can see; so yes Jesse you are one 'TOUGH' cookie - hard to crack huh!! Mum's know their kids and again in your case Mum's on the money, Mum's the word.

You look more gorgeous as the trip progresses. There must be something in that salt air or perhaps I am observing a portrait of a happy, relaxed, contented and beautiful young girl, simply living life to the fullest; living her dream in an environment full of love, support and respect from an army of Jesse devotees.

Superlatives defy what you have achieved so far and often in trying and dangerous conditions. I firmly believe Jesse you will be named: Young Australian of the Year 2011 (and rightfully so). I hope you are setting yourself short term goals and not getting too far ahead of yourself. Your progress has been remarkable when you bear in mind the 3 knockdowns. But please remain vigilant as nature is unforgiving and can turn on you when least expected. Stay clipped on tightly and enjoy the benefits of a safety first policy. Your homeward bound darl and it's probably time to re-jig the emotions and be content with progress in small steps.

"til next time precious girl take care, let us know if you have any sea creatures along for the ride and how the cooking is going. Is there any prospect of another fish from Jesse??

God Bless precious one.


Trish said...

Oh Boy !! I have been away for a few days and come back to see you have weathered a horrendous storm with just a few bumps 'n bruises to both you and EPL. But ya did it!!! Coped really well with great maturity and humbled by the force of the ocean - yup that tee shirt suits you down to the ground! a REAL tough cookie. Now I have to wade thru all the thousands of messages to ya Jess - rest well stay safe and keep that tether tied on. Onya kiddo!!
Love Trish (CYC) Cairns

Alessandro Machi said...

In response to Riveter,

Sure, why not make a Jessica's virtual boat up on the net and people can buy things that are on it that are the exact replicas of what Jessica is using on her voyage.

Mike in DE said...

Awesome Smile!
Great Shirt, perfect match!

You Go girl.....

One Day at a time!

Big Wishes from the small State of Delaware ( DelaWHERE) USA !

The Smiths in De!

Anonymous said...

Great shirt for your Jessica because you are one tough cookie!!!and a very inspiring young lady for all the woman in this world. You are my number one girl circling the globe..
Jersey Shore Mom, USA

Niels said...

It suit you in design, colour and motto. Too bad that your crew haven`t been complimenting you, but perhaps some dolphins may come by and check out jour new shirt.
Good to hear that you came thrugh that storm in pretty good shape considering the pounding you and your cute little boat took, there is likely to be more where that came from, so keep safe.
All the best to you Jessica,
Regards from Niels, Sunshine coast hinterland.

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

What a great surprise for you and what a great t-shirt!

I concur entirely.

You are one tough cookie.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Phil in Idaho said...

You are one tough cookie girl! Hey, Real Woman Circumnavigate!!
Years from now when your kids and running around crazy and the car won't start you will just laugh and think "No worries, Ive been knocked about in the Southern Ocean, this is nothing"

Happy Days Jess.

Ally said...

LOLOLOL @ you Jess

I think your crew are stuffed (pun)

(not that we couldn't still cop a storm anywhere). How aussie is that phrase............ and how apt is your t-shirt to that saying!!!
Im really in awe at how well this adventure has been planned.
These little surprises are aiding your mental ability to endure this journey, WELL DONE MUM!

i know weve all said this a thousand times before Jess, but KEEP ON KEEPING ON CHICK.
Your prolly sick of hearing & reading it but when your needing a kick you will heed those words Im sure.

Im so glad I deposited lots of prayers in thine heavenly bank account for you. Looks like the dividends are paying off.

You think your excited? OMG your not even in Australian waters yet and Im just ecstatic!!
Im going to be booking my flight to Sydeny soon.

My goal for Febuary is to take in other bloggers comments as you do.
I eat, type and run.

Keep doing what your doing Jess. One day at a time, oh and
Keep on keeping on......

Ally (sth Aust)
means nothing at times but when your need of it you will hear those words.

john naughton said...

Hi Jesse
Greetings from Dublin, Ireland
Love the t-shirt, you look great.
Hope you have a storm gib with
"Two Tough Cookies" on it -
you and Ella's Pink Lady!
Best wishes and safe sailing
John Naughton

Janell in Oklahoma,USA said...

Hello out there! I've been absent for some time and it was such a pleasure to login and see your latest posts. Very happy to see things are going well for you, EPL, and the 'crew'!!! Keep up your good work, stay happy, and above all --safety first!

Love you like a daughter!

Hugs and prayers,
Janell in Oklahoma, USA (presently in VA, USA)

Debbie L. said...

Hi Jessica,I have been following you since I heard about you and EPL on GoodMorning America,but this is the First time I am writing a comment. I think that new shirt fits you to a "T"! I so look forward to reading everyone of your updates as well as watching the youtube videos! You are a true inspiration to all the young boys and Girls to follow there dreams and they can do anything they put their minds to!
Stay Strong&God Bless You,
Debbie L. Londonderry,NewHampshire USA

Richard in Maryland said...

Love the new T-shirt! Just like I have been saying all along
"Jesse Watson, cute and tough"
You attitude is an inspiration for me and I know for many others around the world.

Your solar panel idea of keeping them fixed and fastened to the roll cage probably worked out better than a tilting arrangement in terms of strength.(Less solar gain, but stronger in case of, well, you know )
Jesse Watson, engineer.

Sail On!
Richard W

Anonymous said...

Two bits of good news, the t-shirt and the book deal. What a great start to my day. I've never seen a truer statement on a t-shirt! I can hardly wait for the book to come out.
So the stuffy crew isn't cooperating? Cut back on their food rations. ;) Oh, but you're too nice to do that.
It was nice of your mom to tuck special things in the food bags.
Take care and enjoy,
L.G., Seattle, USA

SaltyDog said...


One tough cookie, yet just as sweet as the sugar that went into that cookie. And it looks like CHOCOLATE CHIP! Don’t worry about whether your crew is sharing your excitement with us. Trust me, Jess, we can always feel it.

Now talk about excitement, your book coming out later this year! I’ll definitely be the first one in line in the U.S. to buy it. There will be a stampede to the book store, so at least I’ll try to be the first one but Michael(75) and a lot of others will have the same idea.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Debbie said...

Hi Jessica

I haven't commented before, but I have always wanted to. I have been following your journey since it started. I am a 37 year old married mom of 3 teenagers. I have a 16 year old son Joshua, 15 year old Emily and nearly 13 year old Luke. As a family we have followed you along and we are very, very proud of you, impressed with your writing and your consistent positive attitude. You are a joy to follow along with. I just want you to know you are very inspiring, especially for me. I have a very serious spinal disease leaving me disabled for now, but I too have a very adventurous spirit and a positive outlook on life. You are showing everyone in the world that if you believe in a dream and in yourself, then anything is possible. In my senior year in high school in the year book, they published a quote of mine and it said, "Believing in your self is the best advice to follow", which is a philosophy that has carried me through even through the toughest of times. I want you to know, that you make my days experiencing the pain from my condition very much brighter each time I read your blog, especially on the days where I don’t feel as positive. You have been part of the inspiration for me to keep continuing to go for our dreams as a family and begin our own business, because as you know; if you want it bad enough and work hard towards your goals then you can make your dreams come true and overcome any obstacle and adversity that stand in your way. To your parents, tell them that they have done a fine job raising such a lovely young lady and that their daughter has left her invaluable mark in this world as she sails around it. You keep sailing along with full wind in your sails and may God and the "dolphins" keep watch over you. We will keep you in our prayers.

Go Jess!

Debbie and Family
Tampa, FL

Robert Bernecky said...

Hi Jesse,
You look tickled pink! A happy sailor on a happy sea.

Robert Bernecky
Mystic CT USA

Anonymous said...

Every day we here come in to work and review your updates..thank you so much for sharing your adventure.

Continued best of luck to you and stay safe.

John, in Florida

Anonymous said...

Jesse Watson and Pink Lady are sailing on a sea of love, her sails kept full by words of encouragement and admiration !

Bruce de Mich said...

How COOL is your Mum!? (First interrobang!) Reminds me of something like, I made it through more than 12000 NMs, I'm over half way home, through battering gales, and 3o foot waves, a 180 degree knockdown, and all I got was a T-shirt!? But it is so fitting (no pun!) for the occasion. Says a lot about your Mum's confidence in you and Ella's Pink Lady to have placed it in the food bag for this point in your journey. You deserve it all... hope there is a BIG chocolate chip cookie in there some place too!

Wishing you fair winds and following seas the remainder of the trip.

Bruce de Mich

mwp62 said...

God Bless you Jessica, and thank you for sharing, fun photo/new shirt!

Anonymous said...

Cute shirt! Your not wearing layers so I am guessing the area your near is warmer?

The shirt suits you esp after all you've been through. I also noticed the dolphin in the background. Super jealous! My goal in life is to swim with the dolphins! :)

God speed and safe travels the rest of the way! Praying for you daily!

Anonymous said...

Cute shirt! Your not wearing layers so I am guessing the area your near is warmer?

The shirt suits you esp after all you've been through. I also noticed the dolphin in the background. Super jealous! My goal in life is to swim with the dolphins! :)

God speed and safe travels the rest of the way! Praying for you daily!

Anonymous said...

Totally! That makes sense. Have a great trip and keep on treking!

Kestrel said...

great surprise and glad to see you in good spirits... looking good for all your time at sea.

Anonymous said...

Captain Jessica:

You are a sweet little cookie but you weathered that storm like a
real trooper! Also, since your Mum and Dad must be tough cookies to steel their nerves to let you be out there, well, you know the saying, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, honey!

Love your new t-shirt and very sweet of Mum and Dad to tuck it into your feed bag for you to discover later. Such a nice adventure in more ways than one!

Gayle Ann

Mike G said...

Nice shirt, Jessica. This is my first post, but I've been following you since the beginning, and have gotten a 6th grade class at my school excited about your trip.

Be strong, be careful, and enjoy the trip! Luck to you.

Mike in Michigan, USA

John Kenney Jr. said...

God Bless, I've been praying for you. Happy to see you got through the "HORN" OK. Now you know why there's so many hymns about sailing ships, your in GOds hands out there.
KJV Kenney

el grande said...

Tough indeed! You look very happy to be in some warmer air and calmer seas!

That T-Shirt symbolizes all of us who are supporting you in our own little way!

Good job, Mom!

Don Bolen said...

Super shirt Jess!!

Ash said...

That is an awesome shirt. Very true too. Take care and keep up with the good work Jess :-)

Unknown said...

Spot on too!

Unknown said...

Perfect shirt, Mom! And what better timing?

hp said...

Bonjour Jessica & Ella's Pink Lady,

Takes one to know one, doesn't it?

Nothing for EPL? :-)

Keep smiling, take care, be safe.

Philip said...

Nice surprise gift Jess. And it is very appropriate for you with everything you have gone through the last couple of weeks.

Nice to hear you making headway East. And it is important to do schoolwork too. If anything it will keep you busy.

So enjoy the nice weather and catch some fish while you are at it.

Cold USA East Coast

Unknown said...

Love the pic. Also glad to see lines coiled and neat. . . . Good work.

Cheryl in San Diego said...

Hi Jessica,
Nice going, Mum! The perfect shirt for the occasion.
One tough cookie, indeed! Jessica you look so cute in your new shirt, all the young Aussie boys, mates, blokes (not sure of the proper down under term)will be lined up at the docks for sure when you arrive. They just better remember how tough you are and that WE ALL are watching!
God Bless you and have great day.

chris coles-morales said...

Hey there!!
Omg, sun!!! And no foul weather gear YaY!! lol
The sun looks fantastic, the cockpit looks neat and your shirt is hilarious but oh so true. You look great too... not all like you went through 3 knockdowns! YaY!

Way to go kiddo and keep on sailing!
Looking forward to hearing all about your newest baking endevour(yes i meant to spell it that way haha )
Have you seen more animal life and is it different? you should be seeing atlantic greys dolphins soon.
May you have the wind always at your back and the seas calm,
chris in calif

Marcus Schormann, Germany said...

hey Jessica , pretty nice t-shirt, i suppose your mum really knows how to cheer you up.
Yesterday i wrote about your idea writing a bock after returning back home. i hope it will be sold also here in europe; otherwise i´ll
check some contacts to get it, promise.
Anyway , enjoy your quite days, take care and don´t forget : one hand for the ship,one for yourself.
Many regards, fair winds, Marcus from Germany

Molly said...

Oh good on Julie!
That shirt is the best, and the timing was PERFECT.
Right after you made it through that awful storm.
You're kidding right?
Chick With Attitude isn't digging that shirt?
She must be having an off day.

Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Hi, Jesse!!!

What a neat t-shirt, and what a wonderful surprise for you! You have a very thoughtful Mum! But I guess we already knew that! Is it going to be for sale on your website, too?

Was excited to hear about your upcoming book. Love the cover, and the darling picture of you and the one of Ella's Pink Lady! I will look forward to reading the contents, since your voice, as a writer, is one that we've come to love and anxiously await each next new post from you.

I don't know if you've been able to keep an actual "Captain's Log" of your trip (probably have, with more details, but don't know where you would have found the time with everything else you have to do ). But, I'm sure that you've got lots more to share than you've been able to post on your blog!!! And your fan family have had many questions which will probably also be answered in your book!

Hope it has lots, and lots, of photographs, YEA!!!!!

Take care, stay safe, so that we can all really look forward to that closing chapter of your book!!!!

Prayers, Hugs, and Squeezes!!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

Lori from Oregon said...

You gotta be tough to do what you are doing~! My mom and I look so forward to your blog each day..Thank you for allowing us to live your adventure with you!

Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

Love the new T.
Love the cheeky smile.
What a thoughtful mum you have.

Gillian, France

Unknown said...

That says it all! Real cool.duane

Unknown said...

You sure are!!


Rick.Bonin said...

One tough cookie indeed, and you look adorable in it.

St. Louis, MO USA

Dukehaus said...

Howdy Jesse, what a great post, and Go Mum Julie!! Love the shirt and she must have been anticipating that wonderful smile when she packed it in there! Hope she got one for every member of your family as well!
The sea looks so beautiful as does the sky. Great photo.

We will certainly be in the wings waiting for the opportunity to own it and be able to hold in our own hands this incredible piece of history that your journey is.

Sail on

Love and Prayers,
Kim and Bill
Wyoming, USA

p.s. just a little bit of homework every day and it'll all be done by the time you get home!
I know it must be boring because it's all waaaay too easy for you.
Math, science, english, physical ed., YOU ARE LIVING THEM ALL!

Becky said...

Hi Jessica,

The shirt more ways than one! Sail on Captain!

P.S. My 'word verification' sounds like 'Dock Slayer.' Also fitting!

Jennifer Merck said...

Both you and the Pink Lady are tough cookies! Love the shirt. What a great Mom!

Glen said...

The shirt says it all.

Mike D said...

Ha HA!

Nobody knows you better than Mum! Sail on brave girl, sail on.

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Anonymous said...

Your new t-shirt looks just great on you! That was really thoughtful of your mum. Your crew is probably just jealous that they didn't get anything.
Nancy in Montana

Old Iron said...

Great T-Shirt Jess!!!

Great Smile!!!.

Thanks for the photo!!.

Unknown said...

In admiration I watch you, good luck and a fair wind)))

Dmitry, Russia

Rob said...

Looks great and fits on more levels than one, you are one tough cookie!!
I can't believe the crew isn't more excited. Tell them to shape up!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Brian Riley said...

Well Mum's the word when it comes to surprises, Looks a treat, and your looking fine as well cookie.
Your crew may not be the congratulation or excited type, but are very good with the camera so keep them for a while....
Safe Passage, will talk later,
Hervey Bay. QLD

Anonymous said...

Love iT! That must have been so exciting for you & your mum must feel so wonderful seeing the picture! I'm sure you have taken her breath away!

Take care of yourself dear girl & wear that T-shirt proudly!

Roger said...

Ohai, again, Jessica!
I love imagining your Mom stuffing that shirt in with your victuals, laughing at how you would smile when you saw it.
Her faith in you is also inspirational, as has been your whole trip, not the least event of which was that recent storm, giving you experiences which will silence any critic who would downplay your accomplishments in this world-class adventure.
You have been in my prayers, and will continue therein.
Via con Dios.
Roger from Davis, CA

Morse Bear said...

Great shirt and you are a tough cookie!
That knock down story sounded terrifying. You did a great job describing it to us. Hopefully no more of those the rest of the adventure.
Abby Sunderland's front page has your website linked and shows your message of congratulations to her. You two are both great! Keep the posts coming, I am enjoying reading them from the San Francisco area. - Rem

Wesley said...

Aha, that's pretty amazing! Haha, have fun wearing that!

Anonymous said...

You truly are a tough cookie...and a CLASS ACT. I admire you greatly. I am SOOOO thankful the Lord has been answering my prayers to keep you safe and give you wisdom.
When I compare your information on your blog to that of Abby Sunderland, I am so impressed at how prepared you have been from the start. You covered all your bases. I have followed you since the day you left and have enjoyed greatly, and looked forward to every post.
Just think of the experiences you have had that will be with you for a lifetime!
Jayne from Maine

Anonymous said...

A very appropriate T shirt...wear it proudly. (Also a faithful Canadian fan, but this one stuck in the frigid north!)Shelagh.


muy bueno jeje
Buenos vientos a ti
Quito Ecuador

Bebie - Caloundra said...

Love your shirt Jesse. You look great in it. You sure are one tough cookie with what you've been through and still doing. What a great mum you have, to pop that in a food parcel giving you a neat surprise(?) I bet the crew love it too.

Take care little sweetheart.

David Staudenmeir said...

Great shirt! I've been following your epic journey since the link to your blog was first posted in one of the forums on our Mt. Whitney (California) related message board. I've gotta ask -- along the distant horizon in the picture of you in the "tough cookie" t-shirt, that sure does look like a very distant mountain range, or at least land of some kind. But it couldn't be -- perhaps a fog bank? Or maybe my eyes playing tricks? Just curious.

Stan said...

Yes, young lady, you definitely are One Tough Cookie! I think your crew needs a stern talking to - especially since none of them were washed overboard during your harrowing storm adventure! They should have a bit more respect for their Captain!

Staffan said...

Yes you are!!!


Randy said...

Hey Jesse!

Lovely T-Shirt I must say!
Is the weather warm again, to wear a T-Shirt?

I have read, you plan to write a book about your amazing challenge... Must be wonderful to go on Journey with you again late this year. I can't wait for it!

All the best for you.
Sail safe!

I think of you!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Anonymous said...

To say the least! Tough and Brave!
~Deidre NC, USA

Nadine said...

Love it. Matches the other pink lol

CyberspaceCowboy said...

Brava Jesse! What a champion you are and you look great in your new T'shirt.

Neil Zee said...

Don't let the crew fool you. They are excited, just busy looking after stuff on the boat...

Anonymous said...

The Shirt says it all!!!, Also nice to see the bueautiful blue skies in the back ground. Also I am excited to see you are going to write a book about your trip I am sure it will be required reading for all young girls soon!!
God Speed to you

Jay from Michigan

Kissyfrott said...

Captain Jesse, thank you for this great picture!
When I saw it, at first I thought that you had received it by parachute, because of the bloggers who called you a tough cookie... and that your "unassisted" status was in jeopardy!
Your Mom was really inspired when she packed this t-shirt months ago. We could almost think she knew you a little!!! One tough cookie wrapped in a lovely smile... That makes a delicious cookie.
And the T-shirt is very cool too, you say it and that's true!

I met a friend this afternoon, whom I hadn't seen for a while, and we chatted as you can imagine. Of course, I mentioned your adventure and told him how you were doing, how you had prepared your journey, how sweet and funny you are in your blogs, the turmoils you went through, the friendly community that grew up around you...
When I left, he came close to shake my hand, and said -I can tell you he looked emotional-: "Thank you for that wonderful voyage you have let me discover". The credit is yours, normal sized hero!

Anything new about your washing? About your -ahem- schoolwork? About that bloody heater?
No new Silly playing the stowaway?

Come on, Cookie Lady, and happy sailing!
What about that, looks like a rhyme:
One Tough Cookie Lady
On Ella's Pinkie Lady
On her way to Sydney
And her bright Destiny...

Luv U, Sailor!

Bill LeFever said...

Hi Jessica:

Love the shirt. Says it all.

My wife and I are both following your trip everyday and both amazed at what you doing.

I was very pleased to hear you will be writing a book, and looking forward to getting my hands on one.

If you ever come to the States to talk about your trip, we will be front row.

You are "One Tough Cookie"... and a cute one too.

Godspeed Jessica!!!

Bill and Cindy
Bishop, California

Charley said...

Hi Jesse,
You look powerfully pretty and I love tough cookies. Hey what can us guys say ! You'r the best.
Great nice days you are having...Charley.. .Your Mum is the best

Kissyfrott said...

@Collette... ayayay I'm blushing... TY!!!
But all the credit is for the person who lights on our hearts... Do you see who I mean? OK, let's keep her anonymous, but her initials are JW. She is responsible for all the good feelings, words and things happening around this blogging place.

Alison G said...

Great T shirt! Nothing like a surprise like that to make you smile. Your Mum must have done an amazing job with the food parcels. I can't imagine working out food for that length of time. I bet she had fun putting in the treats too. Good sailing (from New Zealand. )

Bernie 777 said...

Nice 1 should say 1 sweet as apple pie cookie...u may be tough on the outside but inside we are all the Bernie,,,xxx

Anonymous said...

That T-shirt is right on the button and very timely. 'One tough cookie' after that last big storm says it all!
God speed,
Fred, from Hilton Head Island, SC USA

Anonymous said...

Love the shirt....fits you perfectly:) Glad you are doing well on your quest....excited to see you finish:) Take care and keep up the toughness!


Well im pleased to see you aren't banged up, and what an appropriate t-shirt. The timing of opening it now is almost wo wo uncanny. Your progress from your blogs is in big leaps and bounds; but when I think of your journey day to day and min by min. it makes me think of the little things in life and the joys those little things bring to the overall experience of my life. Thanks for what you are doing in the world and to share it with so many.
Its been a while since i've written but you are in my thoughts often.
God Bless and Safe Journey!!!!

hezakiah299 said...

01-29-10 @ 13:19
Hi "One Tough Cookie",
How very appropriate, leave it to your Mum, she's right there at the proper time. Way to go Julie!!!!
Talk about perfect timing, that was great.

See what happens when you slack off on your crew, they have been 'moping' for to long now and they've lost their initiative. How dare they not share in your excitement, I'm gonna put them on the plank!!!!!! lol....

RichieParis: Re: Jessica can’t swim…That was fantastic, what a laugh I had on that one. Way to go Richie.
Have to run today, getting my passport and can’t miss my appointment.
Will bend your ear later.
Keep up the good work.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Great Lakes Guy said...


I agree with the shirt!

The problem with the crew is they are thinking of something we hear often in our local TV advertisments for the dairy industry....

Got Milk?

Great Lakes Guy - Michigan - USA

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse, Yes! Very cool
and so appropriate. It's just to bad that your mates are so blase'
about it. I bet Parker would love to share it with you. He's one tough cookie. Be Safe! Have Fun!
Bake Cookies! Godspeed!

Susan said...

It's the perfect t-shirt for you! What a great mum you have.

The ocean, sky, and sunshine (and t-shirt!) look really nice, but you look absolutely radiant :)

Susan in Oregon

Anonymous said...


Look how long your hair has grown.

Do you have scissors on board? I guess you could hack it with a knife if you have to.

Anonymous said...

How Very Appropriate !!!

Tom Grayson

Kath, Qld said...

Hi Jess,
haha, what a great t-shirt, very appropriate, & a great picture! Good thinking Mum!
You look fantastic Jess, you have obviously been taking care of yourself, eating well etc.
Stay safe.X.

Anonymous said...

Captain Cookie
In the pic it also looks like you have your fair weather. Maybe now you can get a fish or two.
Dave Canada 291831Z
(I'm not a snowbird, I love winter)

Anonymous said...

That's a T-shirt made for you and I can see in the photo how pleased you are to wear it. If the cookie and the letters are sort of rubbery-feeling here's a practical laundry tip for you: Be sure to turn the T-shirt inside-out when you wash it. That way the rubbery stuff won't peel off as quickly. And keep it inside-out when drying it, even just out in the sun on your "laundry-line".

Deborah, BC, Canada

Anonymous said...

Hi there Jess! I'ts school time and today lesson is Logical Thinking.
Could you or another Blogger please explain something to me?
You left Australian on the 19th Oct 09, Australian time, which was also 19th Oct EPL time. You sailed back over the date line which you either gained or lost a day,which every way you look at it, so it was then say 20th Nov OZ time and 19th Nov EPL time. From that time on you are one day behind us here in Australia. Too the best of my Knowledge there is only the one date line,so how do you get back to be on Australian time again. Or are you planning on playing a trick on us poor Aussies and advising us you will be arriving on April 1 and having everyone turn up at Sydney Harbour to welcome you only to be April Fooled as it is still 31st March on the EPL. And on that note if you did't stop at Australia and kept on going over the date line again you would be yet another day younger, is that the answer to the fountain of youth.
This has now given me a big headache thinking about it. Happy sailing the world is proud of you.
Russell Melbourne OZ

Keith (in the U.S. of A.) said...

You got that right!!!!!!!!

One tough cookie indeed!


Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse....

Yep.... one tough cookie for sure & y'lookin' good.

Sail fine,keep safe and well.

... best wishes,

.... Ooc.

Anonymous said...

Mums rock, don't they, Jess ;)
Looks really good on you!
Keep smiling

Dreamsailor said...

Very appropriate, after the last couple of weeks, also love the smile, Keep it up

Dreamsailor, miami, florida, usa

Anonymous said...


Hi Jesse,

The shirt is adorable and just like a mum to think of something like that (yeah).

You are doing a great job out there, just keep up the good work, be safe and before you know, you will be home, sweet home !!

Take good care and happy sailing !!

Mary & Roy

Kerri said...

How apropos ---- Moms always know!
And true, you are one tough cookie!
I think you must be a chocolate chip cookie ---- quality, steadfast, always yummy, a little sweet, and just about everybody's favorite. And the shirt looks cute on you.

Happy sailing from California!


Anonymous said...

Great shirt - You have a really thoughtful mother but then she knows the real gem that she has in you.
Good winds Jesse
M.A. from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Pink and blue, like everything that surrounds you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess,
during the last week I had only time to read the "latest news" about your adventure out in this nasty gale. It sounds horrific to me and I just kept my fingers crossed for you, even when the gale was gone. But today I find time to read you blog finally. The first I saw was your picture of today and I thought "wow, now it happend. she looks a lot older than 3 month ago". Than I read your blog "I feel 10 years older" - so I can tell you, it is not just a feeling, you even look grown up. Something in your face shows "yeah, I know" and "hey, I am a though cookie!" Go Jesse, go!
Barbara from Germany

Liz LaSorsa said...

That is such a cool treat for you! And you look awesome Jesse. We love your smile and your spirit.

Awhitu Girl - New Zealand

Franklin said...

Yes, you are one tough cookie

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jessica.
I am excited with you
Nice shirt
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

danma said...

Hey Jess,

That is so cool, I bet your Mum didn't think that it would be as appropriate as what it turned out to be after that awful storm....
Just catching up on a few of your posts as we have been holidaying in New Zealand & didn't have internet. Kept thinking of you every time I looked out to sea though.
Thanks for sharing it with us, we think that we are all crew..
As always stay safe & happy sailing....

sunfish550 said...

You really look good Jessica,
weather seems fine. I'm so glad you can relax a bit and catch up.

You ARE soooo tough girl! So true.
You truly love the ocean, like all great solo-sailors of the past,they sailed because they loved the sea.

Have a great day sweetie.
Please be careful out there ok?
Lenny Pittsburgh PA.

Anonymous said...

Hello from NZ Jess.
We have had a couple from OZ on our yacht for the past week and they are very supportive and talk about you all the time! OZ is like NZ, adventure is in our blood. Good on you! and I look forward to keeping up to date with your progress.

KB said...

You realy are one tough cookie to do what your doing
Congratulations to both your parents for raising such a beutiful girl and congrats to all your crew for looking after you.

Any chance of wearing that when you sail onto Sydney
ps looking good Jess, real cool

safe sailing


Unknown said...

It's so fitting for you! Gotta love little presents along the way.

Marquette, MI

Anonymous said...

It's a nice one.

Anonymous said...

You look great.
This solo adventure thing seems to agree with you:)))
Arnie in Canada

Anonymous said...

can I see tooth marks on the left sleeve?? No--you would have realized straight away that you had to wear it--heh heh



zankoku said...

that shirt says it all Jess. You should wear that when you sail into your home port.

Smooth sailing

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!! Tell us somethin' we don't know! :)
Looks like pretty sunshine in the background!

~Two in TX

18yearoldGUY said...

hey jessica
I always read about your tour around the world in the newspaper. I think its great to do something like that... Most of us live a "boring" life just as normal peoples. I wish I will make my dreams come tru, too.
greets from Raesfeld,Germany
PS: nice t-shirt^^

Anonymous said...

hahah... cool :)
you are as tough as that cookie :)

Sofia - Bulgaria

Unknown said...

You are doing terrific, May God continue to bless your journey!!! I have been following you since I first heard that you were planning on this voyage. Thanks for the blog updates, and the videos....

Kirk Carmody,
Minot, North Dakota, U.S.A

Anonymous said...

That shirt was *made* for you

Sally said...

Morning Jess

What a gorgeous photo! That's so funny I called you a 'Tough Cookie" a couple of days ago after the storm. I guess I must be right then! After all if 'Mum Says' ---- it's true!!! That's a lovely surprise for you and very appropriate timing! Call it Mum's intuition. Mum's are intuitive creatures and just KNOW things! You are definitely a 'tough cookie' and we all admire your resilience, strength of character and your humour.

You definitely look warmer in that photo Jesse. Not as much padding. The ocean looks calm in the background and so crystal blue. Very pretty. Any dolphins or birds keeping you company?

What's this news about the rest of the 'motley' crew not sharing the joy over your new T-shirt?! Maybe they are still exhausted after the storm.

Hope you enjoy your new food bag! Are the food bags stored in a particular order, pre-planned, relevant to the timing of where you plotted to be in that week of the journey? If so, are you ever tempted to stickybeak through the bags to see which one you 'wish' to take next? Hmmmm...I know that I could not resist.

Hope you are getting some time-out Jesse as I would imagine the traffic would pick up whilst you are passing Africa and the Cape. This will keep you and the crew busy.

It's a wet and windy Saturday morning in Sydney, although it's early yet, so it may change. I am hoping it will as we are going to an 'outdoor' cinema tonight to see a movie. I really want to go! I have already been shopping and bought lots of yummy things for the picnic. *fingers crossed* Jesse, I will be praying for it not to rain.

Hope you have a lovely day and stay safe.

Plant your DREAMS and miracles will grow ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can ~ Danny Kaye

Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will. ~Author Unknown

Sally In Sydney

Worldviewer said...


There are so very many 'message' shirts which would be equally appropriate for you...

"A Class Act"
"Fantastic Role-Model"
"Brave Adventurer"
"Pride of a Nation"
"Inspiration to Many the World Over"
"Gorgeous Young Lady"
"Bright as She is Beautiful"
"Positive Attitude Through & Through"
"Humble in the Face of Adversity"
"Down to Earth"
"Master Sailor"

...just to name an obvious few.

Jessica, at the risk of making you blush, here is a simple truth...

...Every so often, the Universe presents humankind with a soul uniquely qualified to uplift and inspire others simply with the goodness of their being. You are most definitely one such special soul, kind lady.


Gillian said...

Your mum rocks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain Watson; Great T-shirt Jessica. You are one tough (chocolate chip) cookie. And that Smile! What is it about girls and presents? As you probably know, Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. Fire up your Panasonic Toughbook, go to YouTube and punch in "Vancouver City featuring Linda Ganzini". Beautiful HD video with great sound. I invite your followers to see it. Fare Well Jessica. All the best from Alfred
Vancouver, Canada

Anonymous said...


Attitude said...

"Consider the postage stamp; its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there." Josh Billings

Anonymous said...


Cool Jess!

Well it's true!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

Your Mum sure knew what she was thinking about when she got you that great T-shirt! When you get back home, you should frame it - it sure is apt for you.

I just love your blogs, and once again wish you safe sailing - keep hold of that wonderful zest for life that you have. How I would love to be in Sydney for your return, but I don't think that will be possible.

Take all care,

Lea.. Far North NZ said...

You must be now 'Gingernut'.That's the toughest cookie around...#:>)

Your Mum is a gem. What a task. Planning your life for months ahead..

Richard T said...

Jess, I do remember leaving a small piece of plywood in a plastic bag as a repair bit, I hope you did not mistake it for a cookie,although a small dab of grandmas jam would help it a bit. You really are doing an amazing job and are following you everyday,take care,you look well, Richard T

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

One Tough Cookie your mum planted this t-shirt knowing that by now the whole world would realize what your mum already knew.

How appropriate!

With Respect

Claudio Silva said...

It sure becomes you, Skipper! Life has some good surprises too, not only scary ones like rogue waves. Mrs. Watson sure knows her kids and what to do to make them happy... And you look so well both physically and emotionally that you must keep doing whatever you're doing to stay in shape, for it works. It shows on your face. Hope your book will be on sale at Internet, so we Brazilians can buy it too. I'm sure that in due time there will be translations of it avialable in other languages...

Anonymous said...

Excellent TC Jess . LOL great to see you are still smiling Take care

heals Brizvegas

NorthCountryGal said...

Hi Jess: In honor of your "Tough Cookie-ness" I have consumed half a bag of chocolate chip cookies!! Your picture is just darling, what a treat and fun present to get in your food bag! Your mum is the best mom!!!

Be well, fair winds, and hope you have some sweets to eat! Judy in Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Love it :D x

Meechree said...

hahaha, cute
-Dimitri, USA

pestinfo said...


Nice T Shirt, did I see a hint of blue sky in the picture ??

About your school work. It is said that you are going to write a book - so can now officially dump all your English lessons over the side.

So now you have unofficially passed both domestic science and English. Any other subjects that are bothering you right now?? I am sure a group of followers as big as us can swing a bit of weight to your cause.

Sail safe

Allen H/Bay, Qld, AU

MikeC said...

LOL! Well, at least the rest of the crew aren't eating all the cookies! Re your previous blog and needing to catch up on home work: Reasons why I couldn't do my homework: (i) the dog ate it (1/10); (ii) I spilled my tea/coffee/ red bull all over it (3/10); (iii) I was abducted by aliens who kept my homework (0.5/10); it got washed overboard by a 7 metre wave during a 70nm storm somewhere in the south Atlantic (priceless!).

Sparkin said...

Where do I get a t-shirt... I'm following you and Abbey on her voyage... I'm an avid boater out of Florida and think it's wondreful you both are doing this.
Good Luck Jess.
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. USA

MikeC said...

Sorry - just had to comment - ropes nice n tidy - good girl! Your mum SHOULD be proud. LOL!

Paddy said...

Great stuff Jess, keep it rolling along.

Love and best wishes from Kooralbyn Valley

StuntTrader said...

Tough cookies are sometimes best if dunked quickly, up to 4 times but definitely no more :)

Anonymous said...

Weather in the background looks great too. Long may it last!
Caboolture Qld

Unknown said...

Hello Commodore Watson:

Very appropriate shirt, great
timing and in looks like you have some great conditions.....

You are doing an incredible job.

Take care and stay safe.

All the best.

Bob and Family from Denver CO USA.

Anonymous said...

hi Jess

You look lovely in your new t-shirt and you are an amazing and tough cookie!

Have you caught more fish, or any more squid on deck offering a good meal?

Fingers crossed for smooth sailing, keep safe! :)

Cazz, Syd

Tom/Sue Hofmann said...

... and I believe just as sweet.
Continue to have a good sail, and thanks for sharing this adventure with us. Susan

fnqgirl said...

Love the t-shirt Jess and you certainly are one tough cookie! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Mike S said...

That's a fun surprise from mum, and how appropriate is the timing? :)

Glad to hear that you and the pink Lady survived the knockdowns without major issue. Gotta love that S&S 34, right?


BroncoDave said...

I sailed 11,000 nm and all I got was this Tee Shirt ! Hey it looks great anyway.

Gig Harbor, WA

Reg Vic Oz said...

Looks good and the words suit you been checking your site every day, love it.

Kulio said...

Your mom seems to have thought of everything! So cool to have a mom who understands that something as little as a new t-shirt could really make your whole day :-) Bet she's been waiting for you to open that one!

Jessica thanks so much for all you are doing. If you ever wonder, "Now why am I doing this again?" one of the reasons you can give is that you are sending a message of hope to people all over the world...that dreams can come true, and working hard at something you love has its own rewards!

Keep it up, you can do it!!

Jungle said...

Excellent! Very fitting.


Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jess

Nothing like a fashion parade in the middle of the Atlantic. Saturday morning here as I write and I just want to say how wonderful your writing about the storm was. My client re read it yesterday and he /she teared up. Your writing is inspirational to many people in many ways. You are one tough cookie and you are helping some people more than you will ever know. Have a great Saturday

Sleep well and rock on

Dusty from Dubbo

Anonymous said...

Jessi! I'm glad to see you smiling!
You are great - enjoying a wunderful trip! Tell us: What are you doing at this sunny days? Think of you!
Axel, Germany

dave said...

Hi Jesse
glad your weather has improved and back to t-shirts (my plans to go flying today thwarted by rainey weather in Sydbey )
How far north latitude will you go crossing the atlantic ?

keco said...

Cool tee shirt Jesse.
what is the land in the back ground.

Anonymous said...

Tough cookies never crumble! All the best crossing the Atlantic.

Kissyfrott said...

How can you be so tough AND so sweet, Miss Watson?
You might be a "Miss Teri", as well.
There were Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde...
Would we have Jess Cool ashore, and Tough Cookie on board?

Sail on... Please think that we are all following you in a virtual pink submarine. We are watching EPL's black and shiny hull, and keep on chasing the barnacles.

Faye and Max said...

Hi Jessica

Your new t-shirt looks great,and good on you Mum, little surprises like this along the way must really be good for Jesse's spirit.
What a coincidence that you found it just after Samurai posted her latest graphic (or did Aunty Sam know something!!)
Sail on dear girl and stay safe.

Love from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Where was the photo taken as it looks like land in the background!!
Must be a cloud formation on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

What a cool mom! Tough Cookie is an understatement.

Lori (Western Wa)

Unknown said...

so chic :)

Bluefin said...

That is very cool! One tough cookie indeed, Julie must have been having a chuckle when we were all telling you that after your knockdowns. What a great thing burying surprises in your foodbags, when you are half way across another long stretch of ocean. Mum thinks of everything!

You look fantastic Jesse, still going strong!

Have fun,
Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

Kathy Haynie said...

Wow - great timing on the tee shirt! How did your mum know what you would be going through just before opening it! You look great. Still in our prayers in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica

“One Tough Cookie”! To me that’s really only half the description. You are also very obviously “One Clever Cookie” - electrician, dunny fixer, sail-maker, politician, and superb sailor – and a person with an unfailing positive attitude and thoughtfulness towards others. How nice of your Mum to hide the T shirt in your food bag.

Viewers looking at the photo should note how neatly Jess has coiled the rope on the winch behind her. Keeping ropes tidy is very important on a boat. An untidy rope tail could cause a ‘trip’ and injury to the sailor(s) on board. Many of Jess’s photos show this attention to tidiness, and they show her concern for safety at sea.

Now that Hachette have confirmed a time for the publication of your book I have a request that I expect will reflect the wishes of many. I hope there will be a formal book launch with an opportunity for us to obtain copies personally signed by you. I certainly would like to go to a book launch – presumably in Sydney – and buy my copy, say Hi to you and ask you to sign it. I hope Hachette will arrange that – very, very big hint!!!!

I know you are prepared for any mischief Huey gets up to but I hope the weather holds good and that you are flying eastwards under full sail.

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Heather (SunshineCoast) said...

Yes, yes, you are indeed..

Keep up the great work...

Let's hope you gon't get hungry enuff to eat that shirt !!!!

RainCityBob said...

Hey, Jesse,

Old Davy Jones had a chew or four of you and spit you back as too tough to swallow. I hope you also keep your smart cookie mantle, as there is just a bit less than 1/2 a world to go, and I really hope to have a read about the intrepid Australian Jessica Watson with a happy ending.

I'm sure that you have noticed the inspiration that you have given to the world by showing what one can achieve by calling on one's own resources and strength.

Stay strong, stay smart. Old Davy's been known to try repeatedly.

Thank you for sharing your youth, enthusiasm, and your adventure with us.

Sammamish, Washington USA

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA said...

One tough cookie indeed! Must be nice to have something new and clean to wear. Glad to see you're smiling.

PS School starts next week and everything is ready in my class for the "Where in the world is Jessica Watson!" unit I'm doing, so cheers for still being out there. A pic of you and your map showing where you are to date is on the wall with a huge world map.

Best wishes as always

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

I've never, ever managed to see your teeth! But keep on trying! Just one single smile will do, really!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Colorado, USA. I've been following you daily since a week into your voyage. One tough cookie indeed!! Now that you are twittering, etc, please keep full content on your blog & website. Not everyone twitters or does facebook, and we don't want to miss anything!

Romagirl said...

Great T-Shirt and photo, Jesse - a caring, thoughtful gesture from your Mum.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,

Great t-shirt (well done Mum)....the words say it really are!!!!!

You look well but your hair is a little longer :) funny about that.

The seas look very calm today for you. Hope you are still covering a few miles.

Take care and stay safe.

Ingleburn NSW

June and Richard Thorn said...

Never a truer word said, or in this case printed.

June and Richard Thorn

Anonymous said...

I dont need to say anything the T shirt says it all perfectly!

Karel said...

Jess, you most certainly are a tough cookie - cement like. Great how your mum (and possibly others in the team) put so many personal touches into the preparation of your food bags. Must be nice morale boosters along the way.
Take care.

maxine maroochydore said...

Sooooooo Cute, you look just fantastic in it, your mum really does know how tough you are, Im wondering if there is any more surprises in those bags, I have the biggest smile on my face. thanks for sharing it with us. God speed Jess YOU TOUGH COOKIE, Maxine and Colin Maroochydore

PamG said...

One Tough Cookie, all right!!
Sail on kiwi girl :-))
Pam, Waikato.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Great looking shirt, must have been a nice surprise to find it in the new food bag.... its you though !
About your book, and the storm preparations, I sure hope you will give a detailed outline of your experience of the eight hours you spent belted in the wet seat, pitching and rolling with things flying around the cabin until everything calmed down. That must have been terrifying to say the least. I believe this outline will be extremely helpful to both future newbie sailors and the old salts alike.
You may already know, but yet another "Sail Nonstop Solo Around World" is soon to set out, Ryan Langley,

Wish you all well.
from the great Bras d'Or Lakes.p

Bruce Watt said...

You look great in that t,shirt Jess, and what a thoughtful caring Mum you have. The words "tough cookie" could not be more appropriatre for you. Sail on tough cookie Jess, sail on.

The Sunshine Coaster Family said...


Yep thats you Jessica and I now believe your Mum & Dad are tough cookies as well.

To have the depth of belief in you and your pursuit of the dream to become the youngest sailor to sail around the world - The Watson Family MUST be made of something very special. You are all tough cookies!

Thinking of you - like EVERYDAY!
From The Sunshine Coaster Family
A, C, J, B, & G (Nambour)

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