Saturday, January 30, 2010


The picture below is of my very cool new t-shirt which was a present from Mum in my latest food bag. I had to share it with you guys as my crew aren't doing a very good job of sharing my excitement!


Pic: My new 'One Tough Cookie" t-shirt!


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Lori said...

Hi Jesse, thanks for sharing that, I bet you were pleasantly surprise in finding that in your bag, how exciting, and so apt - you are a tough cookie!

Enjoy yourself darling, like I know you are, hope it keeps being everything you ever far.

Until next time.......x

-Lori, Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!

The t-shirt is fitting - you defintely are tough, brave and resilient. Take care.

Best regards,
Neil from Buffalo

p.s. have you been fishing still?

Anonymous said...

Cool Shirt Jess, very approitate for the food bag.
Saraya :-)

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Sarah Cooper said it all.
Except that "one tough 'biscuit'"wouldn't sound right it.

Unknown said...

I really like your shirt. It does say it all! Tell Mum she couldn't have done better. Grandpa Bob in Tucson

Anonymous said...

Cuuuuuuuute Jess. Sums you up perfectly!


Great TEE SHIRT from your mom. Very appropriate saying on the front... considering the storm you just weathered. Thanks for taking us along on your journey.

Gloria B said...

Hi Jess, That is one cool shirt, what a thoughtful Mum you have. That is the perfect shirt for you, What's that old saying " if the shirt fit, wear it" very appropiate for you Jess. Go girl.
Hope you have good wind and calm seas so God bless, thinking of you Love Gloria B Gold Coast

RedHoney said...

Awesome shirt! So appropriate and it matches Ella!


Unknown said...

Hello Jessica!
What a wonderful gift!for shuuure you are very happy, i know the feeling and i can see in your face how happy you are ;)
My father maded already 2 world trips alone in a boat like yours and one of them was passing the Horn East-West.
Keep going Jessica and good winds for you sended from The Azores islands!!

Unknown said...

Like so many of your extended family I love the T-shirt and the thought that went into giving you such a lovely surprise.

I know what you mean about your unappreciative crew. Behind you are ropes that can be discerned as a rather severe penguin in fancy dress giving you the once-over. Look at those ropes and you'll see what I mean.

Ian from Brisbane

sailaway said...


What a great Mum! She thinks of everything.

I think your Mum is "one tough cookie" too. To have the courage to support such a brave daughter. Makes you wonder how much better the world could be if all Mum's were as supportive.

Julie J

Wonderful quote from "Wind in the Willows" in last blog from Gaffjaw (I think was the name)
Has to be the best literary quote in history and most appropriate for this site!

ericinoz said...

Definitely the right tee shirt for you. Hey, the sea looks pretty calm compared with what you have been through.

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,

Muhahaha. I would never ever ever in a million years have thought myself of calling you a 'tough cookie' (not)

>> I think you're the toughest cookie Neptune has met for many many years, honest.

Stay safe and enjoy

emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)

Anonymous said...

hey Jesse you look real cool in that new T-shirt ! Can you share with us how much water you carry on board and do you have a desalinator ?

Terry, Sydney

Howdy said...

Hey Jesse...

There couldn't be a more apt t-shirt for you. Tough cookie indeed!

Your mum is very thoughtful and obviously had the foresight to know some surprises here and there along the way would add to your well-being. How right she is.

Someone mentioned other merchandise being available. I know that I wish there were coffee cups of Ella and yourself for sale... especially to use when reading the copious replies to your blogs.

Mugs are within the financial reach of most people and I can see them selling like hotcakes.

They would also be useful when we all toast the various milestones you achieve... though maybe wine glasses or tankards would be more apt for some of us. lol

Continued success.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Oh, what a wonderful gift from your mother, and you looks so cool. It fit you perfect.
It must have been a very special feeling for you to dress up in something new. Thank you for sharing your excitement with us on land.
It will take a while before I can spend some time dressed in a
t-shirt. We will soon get "drowned" in snow and the temp. just now is -14 C.
Enjoy it out there and keep on smiling.
Sail safe.

Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Tough cookie indeed!!Hope the final food bag heralds a superwoman outfit for you to adorn as you sail into Sid-da-knee?? You could climb the mast, your cape blowing the breeze ... aaaaaah, a little Priscilla like, but what fun!

Brumbyy said...

Another Jessica Poem

This was sent but must of got lost on the way previously. Thank you to those for the kind remarks.


Halfway Here to There

I left there a little girl, to eyes much older then
Suffered cries and calls from many, even the poison pen

I travelled far in silent seas, I searched my soul for clues
As I closed equator, I still had yet to pay my dues

I passed the line and headed south, low lats were where I’d go
It got cold and heater stopped, but still I honed my flow

A storm or two would meet my stern, the wind would howl a tad
My feather friends would prowl beside, no words were needs be said

I practiced all my skills, those the team ashore conveyed
Between us both this little boat, was ready when Neptune played

We hit the Horn in flying style, a small blow to my rear
Parker took it in his stride, we flew past without fear

Parents rode the airwaves, flying high above their girl
Lifting spirits to great heights, yet minds still left in twirl

Falklands outpost passed on by, a typhoon tipped its wings
Atlantic welcome great so far, the new year so far sings

Neptune drew a line, yet not in sand as known
He threw a storm of power, his child he knew had grown

It tossed the boat so frighteningly, assailing every sense
Turned us up a way not meant, this fear the soul did cleanse

His passing maelstrom opened wide, who really sails this boat
Girl turned woman in just a year, an Aussie pride afloat

So Atlantic Ocean cross I do, warm sun begins to sear
I’m Jessica Watson, and I’m halfway here to there


Anonymous said...

Greetings Jess!) Very nice t-shitr-"from Mum with Love"!) You look wonderfully in it! ! Wish you luck! Fair wind to you and 7 feet under kell!! You are a wonderfull person! I beelieve in your sucsess! Bless you and your Pink Lady! Aleksey from Mockov.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, love the T-Shirt. Mums are great aren't they! They know that no matter what the circumstances a girl will appreciate some new clothes!

Safe Sailing, Vicki
NSW > Newcastle

Sue (this n that) said...

Well Jesse, that says it all eh!
Just beaut!

Anonymous said...

Ahoy Jess,
Love the T-shirt, it was made for you. Mum is so thoughtful to pack these goodies for you. I must say you are looking just as beautiful as ever.
Onward and eastward sailor
Gods Speed
Jules from the NSW Riverina Australia

david said...

hi jesse
love your mum.
sure you do too.

best wishes from the UK

sails said...

Yes Jesse " The T- Shirt say's it all " and your mum knows it.


Anonymous said...

We love the shirt
How true it is!

I wonder what else your mum has packed away for you?

Sydney diana, courtney and james

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to say congrats on the book most excellent news. I will be lining up for a signed copy!!
Jules of NSW Riverina Australia

Nana said...

HI JESSE - Your mum certainly picked a good time for you to have a special treat! It looks lovely on you. I have just seen your teams message about your writing a book. I will be one of the many firsts to buy it.

Until next time, take care.

Lynne (Picton - NZ)

Anonymous said...

One tough cookie indeed! I just stumbled upon your blog today and I've been living vicariously thru you all day long and it's been awesome.

Congrats on your journey thus far and I can't wait to see where the wind takes you next!

Greg (sitting at an office desk on a Friday afternoon wishing he had a story like yours to experience)

Aunty Chris said...

Hey Jesse
Nice to see you in the sunshine with your new T-shirt - (thanks Mum). Your looking good and not too worse for wear after all the storms. Hope you get some more 'resting time' and some nice smooth sailing weather across the Atlantic.
Thinking of you, out there in the wide blue yonder......
Love Aunty Chris, from a quieter Tamworth, NSW, Oz

Collette Cole, Australia said...

Hey Jesse...such an approriate tee for you...obviously your Mum knows you from the inside out.

It's no wonder she held on to her dignity back in September with all those naysayers about...she knew intrinsicly who and what she was talking about!

Its always such a lovely surprise to check in and discover a fresh blog from you..and a photo tops it off..thanks

Looking gorgeous out there, and you continue yo 'wow' me.

Take care sweet girl and stay safe.

Faye and Max said...

We think our last posting got lost in the system and so would like to resubmit it please.
Did anyone else think that Jessica’s Australia Day blog was as good as any posted so far ? (Maybe “Around the Horn” and “The Knockdown” not bad either). Starting with Jessica’s Australia Day message to us, Kevin Rudd, and her gracious message to Abby including the “rivalry” was all class. (We have posted comments on Abby’s blog, rather strong, about rivalry, that met with all positive comments). Then there was the 500 plus comments posted that were just sensational. We started making a list of those to thank but the list was just too great, so we would like to say a big thank you to those who contributed their poems, stories, interviews, links, graphics, keyboard art, songs, funny comments, etc..etc.. and we never get tired of reading the accolades to Jesse.
Thank you all again, we feel that your contributions have given Jessica Watson the best blog on the internet.

Sail on Jessica dear and stay safe.

Love to all from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic)

Unknown said...

Love the T-shirt Jesse, describes you perfectly. Good to see you're looking happy and healthy.

Stay Safe


Bruce S said...

family presents...
good on ya Mum Julie

Hey the seas look quiet
great conditions for cooking
the Atlantic Salmon ;o))

thx for the update and photo

Sydney Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
What a great surprise. Your Mum certainly has put alot of thought into what she packed and how appropriate. You are a tough cookie.
Keep up all the good work. Who knows what else you will find in other packages.

Anonymous said...

The pictures you post are too small and very jpeg-compressed.
Could you or Andrew make them look nicer?

JJ said...

Hey Jesse,

Mum's are just the best hey!!

Love the shirt. Love your expression - it says a thousand words about how you are going.

Take care


rod said...

good morning young adventurer,
the shirt is very appropriate for a tough sailor like you.
wear it with pride.
take care , keep safe and only wet the shirt when washing it.
regards as always
blackbutt qld

Bobby in South Carolina said...

I like the shirt.

You are one tough cookie!

And it is a cute picuture of you too.

- Bobby

Pete and Nancy in Keene, NH. USA said...


Been following you since day one in Sydney and the new T shirt says it all...

Way to go Mum

Anonymous said...

Jessica, you are clearly in your element. You're terrific and so are your parents and so is your new T-shirt!

Anonymous said...

So, Mum knew it all along! We are learning though, following you through all of your experiences.

From the looks of the smile in the picture, I am going to assume that you have a gentle side too.:)

Stay safe, have fun, God Bless you.

Dave from Minnesota (It's cold here)

Jackson said...

WTG Jess! Your an inspiration too us all. Had to tell my three boys about your adventure , they are amazed.

The Jackson's In Indiana

The McGraths said...

Mum must know you so well. How appropriate!!!

Good pick Julie.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

jimmay said...

Ha! Great shirt and great to see that smile. Glad your having fun!!


Unknown said...

Your T shirt sure says it all..thanks for sharing that. It must have been so cool finding it and I guess your mum was hanging out too knowing that it was there waiting for you. WHat a fun !!! Take care out there. Glad to hear that you will be writing a book I will definitely be getting one. Hugs Jan

Kissyfrott said...

Beware, Captain Jesse, a mutiny might still occur!
Don't you think the members of the crew could be jealous not to have received the same T-shirt? It would be kind of you to open your cupboards, take out your knitting tools and make a matching pull over for each of them (scallywags). I am sure you are able to do it, even if you need to ask for some guidance from your Grandma by Skype.
Your adopted crew is not jealous. (We are the best!). So, if you please, let us share your excitement:
Jesse Jesse Jesse! Oi Oi Oi! Cookie Cookie Cookie! Oi Oi Oi!
Enjoy your temporary holidays, Lucky Lady!
Sail on, Legend!

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Oh...Jess, you look so fantastic!

And so does your new t-shirt, I reckon it explains it all, you are one "very" tough Cookie!

I am so pleased to see the promotion of your Book "Around the World"...even before you have finished your voyage, how positive is that!...I can't wait to get a copy!!...I hope you come to Melbourne as I would really love to see you and get my book signed by the girl herself!

Jesse you are one ripper of a Girl!

Catch ya on the flip side!

Clint - Melbourne

Mark and Jude Thomas said...

Hi Jess
Often when we think of 'strength', it is about solo strength, but in fact it is most often not solo at all.

You have a great team. Good on you mum!

Mark [Adelaide]

Tony said...

That fits you perfectly. Enjoy it and send more pictures.

Tony from Texas

Anonymous said...

Excellent T Shirt, how did mum know that it would come out at just the right time, after your storm encounter! Gee never underestimate a mothers ability...or her daughters for that matter! Keep it up Jess you are doing wonderfully. Also cant wait for your book as updated by your crew, will definately be purchasing one for my library!

Queenslander said...

You are all wool and a yard wide, Jesse!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pic Jesse! You are such an inspiration to many young folk out there!! We should get you to come and talk to our school in Brisbane when you get back! :D Take care, and be safe!

Paula from Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Love the shirt! Mom must have taken a paint chip into the shirt store, because it looks like the sleeves are a perfect match to EPL.

Is that a chocolate chip cookie on your shirt? If it is... here's another coincidence... today was chocolate chip cookie day in the Killer Whale classroom! Our cookies were pretty soft and crumbly though, not quite up to your "TOUGH COOKIE" standards.

Thanks for sharing the photo,
(and the Killer Whales)

Auzziemom said...

Fantast T Jess and you certainly are one tough cookie. It is hard to believe that you are heading home. I can just imagine how many presents you would have recieved if all of your fans packed just one. Mine would have been a back up heater:)

Hey.... Is that land we see behind you?

Steve in San Diego said...

So is the "tough cookie" backgrounded by black or blue and pink? But I will say this they both look sweet or so sez this Gramppa.

Kissyfrott said...

@Transplanted Aussie in Maryland and Haiti
We read alarming reports about diseases in Haiti. Our thoughts are with you too. We know you are doing your best and that you are brave; it must be awful to see and face so much distress for so many people.
You will soon go back to Maryland, but a piece of your heart will remain there. Thank you for having done what we, armchair supporters, would all have liked to do. You are a pride.

benjcturner said...

Go Julie! What a great mum she is! Think she might need one too though. She'd have to be pretty tough to be without her daughter for the best part of the year!
Ben Turner - Melbourne, AUS

Cheryl and Steve said...

awesome shirt!!!!The wording is certainly you.
Mums are pretty wonderful people. You never kow what surprises they have up their sleeve for you.
Keep on keeping safe.
Cheryl and Steve
Anna Bay NSW

Helen said...

What will they put on the register at school for your reason for not being there I wonder?

"Extended Outdoor Ed. Trip" ?

Best education in the world your getting out there where you are and your far tuffer than a lot of the 16 year old girls I teach here in NZ. None of them could wear that T-shirt and deserve it like you do!

Toni McLean said...

Hi Jesse,
I think your mum must be psychic after what you've just been through. If you weren't tough before you set out (as if!) you certainly will be now! That's a pretty mean looking cookie too - must say you don't look half as mean, thank heaven!

Pink is definitely your colour, isn't it? And you do look rather pleased with yourself in your cool T-Shirt.

The water looks nice and calm at the moment. Enjoy it while it lasts, I guess.

Have a great weekend (joke :-) )


Rio The Homework Dog said...

Hello from Room 401!

Your picture popped up on the blog, and I saw the t-shirt and thought it was perfect. Then I read your blog and found out it was new. I think your mom is one special lady to have thought ahead and included it at the perfect time. I hope she can find a t-shirt for your homecoming in Sydney. I can see it now...
“Solo Around The World…PIECE OF CAKE!” (Chocolate cake for the picture…of course!)

You are a gem, and a true day brightener!

It’s been a little busy here the last few days. Today the students in Room 401 took home their report cards. Although half-way has a different meaning for us, we have something in common with you…we have reached our half-way point…only half a year of school left. : )

Enjoy the t-shirt, enjoy the sailing!

Word verification - dance
A headline in the making...

Extra, all about it!
Jessica Watson and Ella's Pink Lady dance across the ocean and home to Sydney Harbor!

Best wishes,
Room 401 – Third Grade

jayzona said...

Great to see you smiling after that storm!

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey Ian from Brissy...

Very good!...

Clint - Melb

Charles Dodgson said...

true Jesse, you are one tough cookie. onya as awlays.

Unknown said...

One tough cookie indeed!!

Keep having fun and stay safe!!

Ken (San Diego, CA, USA)

Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse,

What a great t'shirt and so true!!

See Mum's always know what to say at exactly the right time...!!

Rounding old man Cape, conquered major steel bender storm....BEEN THERE and GOT THE T'SHIRT.!!

Enjoy Jesse, all my best to your Mum. She knows best. Cheers Paula

JH said...

Great T Shirt, Your Mum was so thoughtful to have this surprise for you and such good timing on opening it after being through that storm that proved you are a tough cookie.
Hope your days are trouble free and you are having a rest while you can.
Read today about the book you will be writing, I will be one on many who will get a copy of this when it is released. Take care and trouble free sailing.

Sueby said...

Hi Jess,
Do you think some of your tough cookie characteristics could be inheritied from the cookie's mother?
Great shirt - most appropriate to be worn with pride.

Anonymous said...

You're doing awseome. Glad your Mum was able to surprise you with a nice gift. I follow every update from St Petersburg, FL.

Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Hi again,

... what's the saying, exactly, about pictures saying a 1,000 words? You look great. Is Mom prescient, telepathic or something? Excellent timing on her part!! Don't care what you do now, young lady, but you KEEP IT ALL SAFE and then some more if in doubt, got it? So, there! :-)




cousinpete said...

hi there. you tough cookie you. takecare.

Unknown said...

You are an incredible young lady Jess. Truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

teo from russell island brisbane, tee shirt looks great matey and very apt,everyone on the island is following you jess,best wishes in the coming weeks and may all your winds be fair and behind you.

RICHARD said...

It is always such a treat to receive an unexpected gift. You have a thoughtful mother and we all appreciate her.

What we need here is a t-shirt that has your picture with the caption... "One Tough Cookie."

However, you look really great. None of the bruises show. LOL

Hope you can see the Moon tonight... Tonight will be at it's brightest in 2010.


See Ya Sailor!

John from Canberra said...

GDay Jess

Another great pic.

Don't ever eat that shirt - no matter how tough it gets :)

Cheers from Canberra


JEN said...

Love the photo Jess!! Can't wait for more photo's and video's! Reading your blogs is great....but seeing pictures & videos makes it even more real for us!!!

Happy sailing!

Victoria (Australia)

Anonymous said...

Totally apt, Jess!!!

dan said...

definately "one tough cookie"!!

Kaye said...

Hi Jesse,
Love the t'shirt girl and it's so well worded.
Your doing great girl.
Take care stay clipped on and smooth sailing home.
Kaye Brissy Australia. xo

sails said...

"Jessica’s Book – Around the World"

Just read in the news section of your web site the exciting news!

If we order six copies of your book today can we have them autographed please.

Your book will be widely read we are sure and another milestone.

It is a shame you do not have a Eftpos machine on board as you could pre sell a hundred thousand copies before you get back to Sydney.


Anonymous said...

Nice shirt Jess. You are doing really well. I was wondering will you be passing Abby Sunderland on your voyage.

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse
Your Mum knows you very well and she certainly timed the new t-shirt at an appropriate time. You certainly are one tough little lady.

In the photo you look well but is that the residual of a black eye I note on the left side of your face. It would not surprise me you would have copped a fair bit of physical pounding in the last tempest you endured.

I have found something about dunnies I thought might raise an extra smile.

vThey were funny looking buildings, that were once a way of life,
If you couldn't sprint the distance, then you really were in strife.

They were nailed, they were wired, but were mostly falling down,
There was one in every yard, in every house, in every town.

They were given many names, some were even funny,
But to most of us, we knew them as the outhouse or the dunny.

I've seen some of them all gussied up, with painted doors and all,
But it really made no difference, they were just a port of call.

Now my old man would take a bet, he'd lay an even pound,
That you wouldn't make the dunny with them turkeys hangin' round.

They had so many uses, these buildings out the back,"
You could even hide from mother, so you wouldn't get the strap.

That's why we had good cricketers, never mind the bumps,
We used the pathway for the wicket and the dunny door for stumps.

Now my old man would sit for hours, the smell would rot your socks,
He read the daily back to front in that good old thunderbox.

And if by chance that nature called sometime through the night,
You always sent the dog in first, for there was no flamin' light.

And the dunny seemed to be the place where crawlies liked to hide,
But never ever showed themselves until you sat inside.

There was no such thing as Sorbent, no tissues there at all,
Just squares of well read newspaper, a hangin' on the wall.

If you had some friendly neighbours, as neighbours sometimes are,
You could sit and chat to them, if you left the door ajar.

When suddenly you got the urge, and down the track you fled,
Then of course the magpies were there to peck you on your head.

Then the time there was a wet, the rain it never stopped,
If you had an urgent call, you ran between the drops.

The dunny man came once a week, to these buildings out the back,
And he would leave an extra can, if you left for him a zac.

For those of you who've no idea what I mean by a zac,
Then you're too young to have ever had, a dunny out the back.

For it seems today they call them the bathroom, or the loo,
If you've never had one out the back, then I feel sorry for you.

For it used to be a way of life, to race along the track,
To answer natures call, at these buildings out the back.

Hope you enjoyed the smile, I am old enough to have experienced this Aussie Icon as well as the old long drop.

Keep smiling Pet you light up the world.
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hi Jesse
I found something else you might get a laugh out of
About fishing;

A true Bundy Rum Fishing Story
BUNDY RUM (Bundaberg Rum) = Queensland's famous product! Forget Jamaica or any other rubbish!
A Mate of mine told me this story and swears it's Fair dinkum (I.e., 'true'!!).
Here's what he told me:
'I finally got around to going fishing this morning but after a while I ran out of worms.
Then I saw a King Brown(For you overseas people.... a King Brown is one of the deadliest snakes on earth)with a frog in his mouth, and frogs are good bass bait.

Knowing the snake couldn't bite me with the frog in his mouth, I grabbed him right behind the head, took the frog and put it in my bait bucket.

Now the dilemma was how to release the snake without getting bitten. I grabbed my bottle of "Bundy" (Bundaberg Rum) and poured a little rum in its mouth.
His eyes rolled back, he went limp, I released him into the lake without incident, and carried on my fishing with the frog.

A little later I felt a nudge on my foot.

There was that same snake with two frogs in his mouth!!
Enjoy the laugh
Evie from Bendigo

Unknown said...

That's pretty good timing for that shirt after last week's knockdowns. Glad you're able to take some time to relax and enjoy the nicer weather. Great job getting through the rough patches. Take care and God bless!
Paul Weber, Fort Worth, Texas

Andrew Jennings said...

in the toughness vs age stakes, you are absolutely way out in front.

Anonymous said...

Super Spunky Crusty Smile

cate said...

Hi Jessica! I am writing from San Diego, California...watching your progress with absolute delight and astonishment at your spirit and courage. Your new t-shirt is really cute - and so are you. You are a very pretty girl. The world is watching and I am sure they all agree.
Best wishes, from the heart.

Anonymous said...

Aaarg ! Ya deserve the tea-shirt me hearty ! You've done us all proud for a young sea- puppy , Aaarg !

Unknown said...

It is so great to see your million dollar smile and I am glad that you are in warmer weather now. Half way with done with your feat and the best parts are still ahead.
BTW that is one great T shirt, will it be your new trade mark?
Robert San Diego Ca

Cobrarog said...

Well how appropriate and what great timing for that shirt to show up.

Your mom obviously, has always known, what has taken a couple of months for the rest of us to figure out. You are one tough little cookie!! That grin on your kisser tells me that you are indeed hanging tough!

Now that a bit of time since your "baptismal" has passed, I must relate to you a story about one of our bareboat charters in the beautiful, pristine, Whitsundays in North East Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef. To all who are not in Australia, Come on Down Under!!

On one typically beautiful day some squally weather popped up rather quickly. Before I knew it, it had descended upon us with heavy rain and gale force winds. Before I could reef the sails (amateur!), we got hit by a couple of bullets that heeled the boat right over to probably 45-50 degrees. My wife shouted out from below, "Get this GD thing back up level! There are fish flying past the windows down here"!

That was the first thing I thought of after reading your account of that harrowing experience of yours. While us guys got a kick out of it, ours was a cake walk with no big waves, but not to my wife and her friend. Every thing is relative!

jan said...

how cool is your mum!!!

cheers canterbury nz

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!

graemek said...

Hi Jessica,

Your mum & dad are so wonderful.

Their love for you brings tears to my eyes !!!


Peter and Sally on the Gold Coast said...

Hey Jess

A new shirt with a new attitude, looks fantastic you go girl.

God Speed

Peter and Sally

Ron Munro of 5108 said...

Dear Dear Jessica, you have made the news of the Adelaide Advertiser! It says you will be into your book release by August, wow don't forget to sell me one!! Maybe Auotgraphed if you come here to Adelaide and do a book release at Dymocks; I will be there in a flash!!
Happy Sailing Super Sailor you are on the home run .. you cant miss us we are the largest island due east of Africa!! Straigth ahead and a lefty pass Tassie!!

Anonymous said...

Very appropriate, you are one tough cookie and courageous at that!

Glad you made it throw your latest challenge no worse for wear. Keep living your dream!


Astroglide_Australia said...

very tough cookie

Larry said...

Hi Jesse, Last night I composed the greatest comment blog that I have ever sent to you but I'm not sure what I did and the whole thing is just floating around in Cyber Space!! Oh well, such is life in the big city. I believe I had mention how we were not disappointed hearing that you were experiencing good weather and a brisk following wind. Repeated knowdowns is not anyones' cup of tea. I also said that my wife and I are looking forward to partying with you Aussies. Visiting the land down under is on my bucket list. I've just finished babysitting my two year old granddaughter. Her daycare provider took a weeks' vacation. I told my son that I will be taking two weeks!! Your mother knows how to plant her little surprises for maximum affect. I hope your parents can do another fly over at the Cape of Good Hope. It will give you the boost you'll need for the home stretch across the Indian Ocean. It will give her and your father another chance to see the tiny Ella's Pink Lady and its captain doing their thing. Well Jesse I hope I can get this comment sent to the right channels and on to your blog. Sail safe and keep your dream alive. Your long distant friend Larry (

jo from perth said...

hi Jesse.
i am writing from bangkok airport. got to spend lots of time with big tigers and tiger cubs yesterday. the Monk let me lay down with one of the cubs, they my be cubs but they are still big! you look great in your new t/shirt and it is always lovely to see you smile. well Jesse i must go to our next destination. so glad i got to read about you today.

Jules GC said...

Haha, what an appropriate t-shirt to be wearing right now, and how clever of your mum to find it, then to hide it in just the right food bag. (Julies are talented people *wink*).
Jess, I'm so looking forward to your book; I'm sure it will contain many more adventures you'll experience in the next few months - all completed successfully and safely of course!

hezakiah299 said...

01-29-10 @ 21:04
Hi Jessica,
Hope things are going well for you, and it's still a nice shirt, color matches the Lady perfectly.
Got this link from Richard in Maryland, check it out, it’s great. Thanks Richard

On the 'Voyage' map you're heading right for the Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, and then on to the Cape. You are really doing great, how fast are you running? Keep that up and you'll be in Sydney long before your Birthday.

Keep up the good work and I hope you're enjoying yourself.
Always thinking of you, and always proud of you!!!!
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Unknown said...

Hey, "one tough cookie" I guess. Way to go Jesse. We are all pulling for you here in Athens, Ohio. I admire you and your resolve lady.


Unknown said...

Nice top Jessica. I love the color! God speed! Melanie

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, I just saw the latest picture of you in you new 'tough cookie' shirt and it made me smile! I can only imagine how your eyes lit up when you saw it and what perfect timing..... Mum's are GREAT aren't they! Don't worry about the crew not being too excited, they're just jealous because they don't have new shirts to show off!!! Keep on keeping on...Take care 'til next time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica:

ONE TOUGH COOKIE...your mother had the right are one tough cookie...Keep up the good work, keep up the great blogs, and stay safe.

The pic looks great..good luck..

Joe Springfield VA USA

Queenslander said...

@ Evie from Bendigo...

What a great "fish story"... I think I broke a rib :))

peter campion said...

Hi jess
Great Tshirt,
How did your mum know you would need a pick me up. It looks like you are having better weather at the moment, pitty the crew didn't share youe excitment.
Maybe you have been pushing them too hard
Keep up the great work.
Love all your posts
Looking forward to the vnext posting
Peter Canberra

peter campion said...

Hi jess
Great Tshirt,
How did your mum know you would need a pick me up. It looks like you are having better weather at the moment, pitty the crew didn't share youe excitment.
Maybe you have been pushing them too hard
Keep up the great work.
Love all your posts
Looking forward to the vnext posting
Peter Canberra

Jonathan Castelino said...

Hi Jess,

"One Tough Cookie" indeed ! Very smart of your Mum to hide it in a food bag that you would open halfway through your adventure. Your expression tells it all ! Good on you, Mum !

I would like to dedicate this entry to both your parents, who have unequivocally supported you and continue to do so. As a parent, I can relate to their sense of pride and joy.

Jess, you look relaxed and happy and that makes all of us here feel same way. We are truly proud of you and thank you for being such an amazing part of our lives.

You have no idea (or possibly you do) how much you are in our thoughts on a daily basis and its not so much how famous you are (which you are !) but more so the fact that you could be any one of our daughters, sisters, mates or just a girl from the neighbourhood. We just love your humility, your courage, your vision, that steely glint in your eye......and yet the fact that you are still a teenager, albeit a very smart one ! Speaking or which, its nice to know that in the calmer waters of the South Atlantic, you are thinking about some school assignments !

Once again, congratulations to Mum and Dad - your Jess ( and dare we say our Jess ) has done you proud !


Anonymous said...

Your new T shirt looks great, no doubt about your mum, hiding it away amongst the food. Bessen FAmily, Mypolonga SAust

judy said...

hi jess . another day closer to the t shirt and just read u will b doin a book i will b one of the firsts in line for it so bring it on .enjoy the rest when u can and keep on sailing..
p and j

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Oops. I meant to comment *here*, but commented on the last post instead. If you read your posts and their accompanying comments in years to come, that's going to be confusing that I'm commenting about your fabulous new t-shirt, seemingly before you get it! Sorry 'bout that!

hezakiah299 said...

01-29-10 @ 22:07
Hi Jessica,
Your Mum must have really done the math to figure you would have passed the Horn when you got to that food bag. That was great, but then so is your Mum!!!
In my last post the end of this link got cut off, so try it again. It’s an article about Jessica written last year. This was passed on by Richard from Maryland. Thanks again, Richard.

You know Jessica, that’s kind of deceiving, that tough cookie shirt topped off by that sweet smile, lol….. But we know you.
Take care and keep smiling, makes for a happy crew.

Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

How good is Mum, obviously knows her daughter very well, appropriate after what you have been through. Thanks for sharing with us, too bad your crew are not forthcoming with praise!! As always, stay safe, keep smiling and heading east!!

Bron Central West NSW

bengt said...

@Jessica Watson
You are a tough person! Of several blogs written by people doing long-distance adventure I have read, I have rarely encountered such an enthusiastic person during the third quarter. This is the toughest quarter. One is exhausted at that time, but there is still plenty of distance left. It is like between 21-31 km (13-20 miles) of a marathon race.
Last year I read a blog from a friend of mine, who took part in the 12000 km Tour d'Afrique bicycle event (Cairo-Cape Town). In Zambia she decided to take days off, transport the bike on a support truck and do safaris every now and then, because it was not so fun anymore and long distance remaining.

It is easy to be enthusiastic at start and finish but not now, but you are! Great T-shirt!

@Russell Melbourne (January 30, 2010 4:41 AM):
Jessica has to adjust local EPL time forward according to the time zone she is in. About one hour forward every week. At the date line she reversed the clock 24 hours, so the clock should follow Australian time and date on returning. She is just following local time zone.

Bengt "Ben" Larsson, Sweden

AWOL said...

Hey, where's Mary, Maine, USA? She's been A.W.O.L. for two days and...

we're starting to worry about you!

Anonymous said...

PS. Forgot to say, "My name is Bronwyn and I'm a Jessaholic". My hubby thinks I'm well and truly hooked, supposed to be out helping paint the kitchen, betta go hoo roo

Bron Central West NSW

Ranen said...

Great Jesse, wish u good luck and safe shipping over Atlantic.


Leask Family said...

Hi Jesse

How appropriate that you opened that food bag!!! After that storm, you certainly belong in that T shirt! Wear it with pride.

Be good.

The Leask Family, Forbes NSW

Peter Gold Coast said...

Hello tough cookie,

What a lovely surprise, your mum must be clairvoyant knowing you needed a pick me up about now.

My last two posts haven't got through so I will see how I go today

Great news about the book You've got a sale here.

Are you allowed to carry a spare mainsail,I know you aren't in an ocean race but I don't know about your situation.
To Russell Melb. It's all in the theory of relativity only a bit slower.

If someone would put Abby's address on the post I would appreciate.

You are making great progress Jesse, A bit more of an effort on the heater might be an idea Southern Tasmanian waters won't be exactly tropical in April May.

Fair winds Jesse

Peter Gold Coast

Peter Gold Coast said...

Hello tough cookie,

What a lovely surprise, your mum must be clairvoyant knowing you needed a pick me up about now.

My last two posts haven't got through so I will see how I go today

Great news about the book You've got a sale here.

Are you allowed to carry a spare mainsail,I know you aren't in an ocean race but I don't know about your situation.
To Russell Melb. It's all in the theory of relativity only a bit slower.

If someone would put Abby's address on the post I would appreciate.

You are making great progress Jesse, A bit more of an effort on the heater might be an idea Southern Tasmanian waters won't be exactly tropical in April May.

Fair winds Jesse

Peter Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

....hi jess!
you really are one tough cookie!!!
you know, i was checking out your progress on the voyage map, and i wouldn't be surprised it you get home before the schoolyear's out! sail safe!!!

castro valley, ca, usa

Anonymous said...

fOritralHello tough cookie,

What a lovely surprise, your mum must be clairvoyant knowing you needed a pick me up about now.

My last two posts haven't got through so I will see how I go today

Great news about the book You've got a sale here.

Are you allowed to carry a spare mainsail,I know you aren't in an ocean race but I don't know about your situation.
To Russell Melb. It's all in the theory of relativity only a bit slower.

If someone would put Abby's address on the post I would appreciate.

You are making great progress Jesse, A bit more of an effort on the heater might be an idea Southern Tasmanian waters won't be exactly tropical in April May.

Fair winds Jesse

Peter Gold Coast

gsimmons said...

Hi Jessica
Now that's a perfect picture, Julie (Mum) you could not said that any better, she is certainly ONE TOUGH COOKIE. Good timing as well.
You look nice and relaxed Jesse, and the weather, by what we can see behind you looks fantastic. It may be to good, not a lot of wind by looks of things, but that doesn't better at the moment, I'm sure it come back soon enough.
Any good food surprises in this new food bag Jesse, maybe some more chocolate, but I think it would have been melted, but it would be back nice and hard now.
No luck with the fishing by the looks of it. What you need is a fish teaser, if you have any CD's or DVD's you don't need any more, you will need about 5 or 6, drill a small hole about 6 m/m from the edge and another hole opposite, tire about 1 metre of fishing line in between the discs and on the end a about 1 metre from the last disc, tire a lure without hooks or a soft drink can with about 6 holes in the bottom.
Have it about 20 metres out of the stern, and your fishing lure another 10 metres further out. You should have fun making at least.
So keep having fun and KEEP SAFE.
Cheers George Simmons
Lots of love
Exmouth WA Australia

Anonymous said...

Love the T-shirt and enjoy your blog!
Just started keeping up w/you and Abby. Hope to see you both through to the end.
Good Luck from Auburn, Alabama, USA

SaltyDog said...

To Worldviewer(January30 5:59AM)
As always, your beautiful statement sums it up so well. It’s worthy of repeating, if you don’t mind.

Worldviewer said:
“...Every so often, the Universe presents humankind with a soul uniquely qualified to uplift and inspire others simply with the goodness of their being. You are most definitely one such special soul, kind lady.”

Very well said.

And your list of “message shirts” was great. I’ll add one more message shirt appropriate for Jess to the list.

“The meek shall inherit the earth,
the brave will get the oceans”

From Seattle, WA, USA

Queenslander said...

In case you might be star gazing... that is assuming you get a break in the cloud cover.

Full moon rises with Mars... over the next few nights the moon "travels" towards Jupiter. Also in the East about an hour before sunrise at your latitude with the Southern Cross high overhead have a look just under "the handle" of "the teapot" and you should be able to see Mercury!

Been practicing your celestial?

mike said...

Wow, Jessica's teachers are nice
They've put all her school marks on ice
But is our true blue tough cookie
Really only playing hooky?
She's opened her 'school' bag just twice!

Mike (Canberra) :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the t-shirt & the weather looks nice & calm out behind your boat too.

Anonymous said...


If your mum only knew just how appropriate that shirt would turn out to be....

Can't wait to read your book, the chapter describing the storm alone would be worth the price.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
You are one TOUGH COOKIE and you have.......................................................

along with a worldwide gathering of supportive followers....of which I am but 1.
you look great.
Happy sailing
Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

Jane from Sydney said...

Hi Jess you don't know me from a bar of soap but I hve been following your voyage. We have just bought a 44.7 Beneteau and are nervous about taking it out of the heads!! You are very inspiring to me and I am about to turn 47! Keep up the good work!

fumes said...

you look great in your new t-shirt jesse..

and a tough cookie you are! chocolate chip?

~ fumes

Chris said...

That new shirt describes you perfectly! You are a tough cookie!
Happy sailing!

Anonymous said...

One tough cookie and outstanding young lady. Just continue to be amazed at all you do. Love the blogs - who was your english teacher? Safe sailing

Eric Penguin

Jim said...

Hi Jessica,

So good to read in the Latest News page it's official, that you will be writing a book about this amazing epic adventure, reckon I be first in line for it.
Hope you will travel around the country doing personal signings, love the t-shirt too, totally appropriate!As said by so many you are a great inspiration to see the good in any situation.

Sail on sailor girl.

Western Australia

Anonymous said...

Not only one tough cookie also one extraodinary lady and the blogs are something else - who is your english teacher? Continued safe sailing.

Eic Penguin

Mary, Maine, USA said...

Hiya, Jess!

Just catching up with You and the Gang after being occupied with a sibling and away from my computer. Thank you, Anonymous, for thinking of me and noting my AWOL, we really are a family and truly do miss each other when we're offline.

Jess, your Mom is brilliant to have thought of you as Tough Cookie so early in the sail-off game and with so many details that you were all managing. Julie Mom must have gotten SO MUCH PLEASURE stowing away such a fun t-shirt, knowing you'd get it after REALLY BIG STUFF in the southern ocean.

You look gorgeous, like you've been camping along the trails in fresh air and sleeping under the stars for weeks on end.

I'm thrilled to hear of the confirmed book deal although I think I read it in one of your blogs before you even set sail.

Since my heart is so full and I've shed some tears while seeing you look so radiant and happy, here is a Namaste Prayer for you and all of us, as a reminder of the Circle of Life. May it forever live.


I honor the place in you
in which the entire Universe dwells,
I honor the place in you
which is of love, integrity, wisdom
and of peace.
When you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me,
We are one.

xoxoMary, Maine, USA

Queenslander said...

International Space Station
Sightings for 42N 25W.
(GMT -2)

time, duration, max alt, rise, set

19:43, 05m00s, 34deg, NNW, ESE
21:19, 04m00s, 27deg, W, SE

Sun 31Jan
20:06, 06m00s, 67deg, WNW, SE

No it is not a UFO... seen any Jesse?

Anonymous said...

Jess, you're looking fabulous!
Love the shirt!

HomeSweetBoat said...

Oh Jessica that top is just so YOU! Your Mum must have been very happy to see you actually wearing it. LOVELY!

... GO GIRL!

Fay from the Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Great T shirt. You Mum would be very proud of you as we all are.

kiwi_canuck said...

Very kewl T-shirt, Jessica, and oh so true!! You're one pretty special (and tough) lady.

Too bad that your crew don't share your enthusiasm...they're stuffies, after all.....or maybe they do share, but don't show it. Are they all dried out after last week's dunking? On a +ve note; they won't mutiny if they're kept warm & dry on their shelf.

Keep on sailin'
Brian & Phill
(aka kiwi_canuck)
Vancouver, BC

Anonymous said...

Alot of people make comments that their comments never get posted.

Make sure that when you hit 'publish your comment' that you get a confirmation on the top of the page. I've had 5 letter verification words that I know darn well I typed in correctly and it said that it was entered incorrectly.

Bobby from South Carolina said...


"One Tough Cookie" really only scratches the surface as to how incredibly tough you are one remarkable young woman...always keeping you in my sails Jessica...

Bobby from South Carolina

Wendy said...

Love the shirt, it says it all.
Keep having fun, and enjoy the nice weather.

Bluefin said...

So cool about the book Jesse,

On the shelf I have Kay Cottee's book and beside that is Jesse Martin's book and there is a space for .......

You little beauty, I can't wait, Jesse's book!

Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

Unknown said...

hi Jess am so enjoying following your journey and today you look gorgeous in new T & calm sea - reflects your personality - Your story is truly fun to read and you are so positive all the time are you sure your a 16 year old teenager?? Reading my own daughter's dribble on face book makes me sorry I didnt encourage her sailing activiites & discourage her harry potter books more. Good luck with rest of journey your confidence seems ot be growing daily - great
kerry Mooloolaba

PWB said...


Dear Jessica, Bloggers, and the world,

I would like to agree with the wise words from:

Faye and Max said...
January 30, 2010 8:57 AM

Then there was the 500 plus comments posted that were just sensational. We started making a list of those to thank but the list was just too great, so we would like to say a big thank you to those who contributed their poems, stories, interviews, links, graphics, keyboard art, songs, funny comments, etc..etc.. and we never get tired of reading the accolades to Jesse.

Thank you all again, we feel that your contributions have given Jessica Watson the best blog on the internet.

PWB says:

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto

Thanks from me as well.

Kind Regards

messages for PINK Undercover Agents:

1) Shawshank was the redemption that you did mention. Affirmative. YouAreStillAmazing.

2) SAM-U-OR-I, there is no need to die - stop stitches and stop laughing now.

3) Don't try that Stunt again or I will Trade you in.

4) Please send Photo of "Thomas Turd Truck" as soon as Ally The Barber has landed in the Harbour. I have photo for you also. Send to secret PO BOX 90, HYDEN, 6359 AUSTRALIA.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Tell your crew that they are spoil sports. Yes, you are one tough cookie Jesse and you look great in your new t-shirt. A very appropriate t-shirt that your Mum popped into your food bag.

Keep safe and enjoy. Warmest wishes Jan Pace. (Auckland, New Zealand)

Erica (from Brisbane) said...

Hello Jessica, cool shirt. Very glam colours. Is it 50% sunscreen material. Hope so. Putting it together with the Ella Bache creams, your skin will feel great out there in the salty, windy conditions. Good stuff. I'm a tyrant when it comes to looking after my skin. Wear similar shirts, hats, gloves, plus loads of sunscreen to play golf, and walk (not the gloves for walking - that's a bit dorkish!!). Feel much more confident in the sun this way. You're looking good. Happy sailing. Cheers, Erica from Brisbane

Erica (from Brisbane) said...

Oh, and one more thing. How do your food parcels get delivered? Or are they already on EPL?
Apologies if I'm asking something everyone else knows. Many thanks. Erica from Brisbane

Rory Gogan Singapore said...

Tough Cookie indeed.."Stir the pot Baby"
And U caught a fish!
You totally ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Jess- There are about 6 folks living on Gough Island, part of a South African Weather Station. Maybe your team can get you their radio frequency so you can give them a hello as you pass their island in the next few days, if you so desire, and if you are close enough. I don't think they get to see or talk to any locals much, since Gough is so isolated.

Jim from Cairns said...

Hi Jess,
I wonder what other surprises are "lurking" hidden in EPL? The temptation must be there to rummage through and try and find other presents. Your posts make it seem so easy going out there but I’m sure thats not the case. Even with the calm days, as in your latest picture, you can’t escape the isolation which most people couldn’t handle. Your mental state of mind is astounding, but then you wouldn’t have embarked on this adventure if you and your support team didn’t already know that. I am also following Abby Sunderland’s journey. There is another brave young lady. You might like to drop some pens and cutlery in a bag over board for her so she can pick them up along the way, she's aparently short of a few of these items. I see her Dad's a pom and worked on racing boats in Australia for 9 years before moving to the States. I wonder if Abby was born in Aussie? That would make 2 Aussie girls going for the record!! Take care and keep strapped in.I look forward to you next update.
Cheers Jim from Cairns (Qld) Australia

SaltyDog said...

Stephen. M., Transplanted ''Aussie'', Maryland, USA.,[in Haiti], its fantastic how loyally you have supported Jessica while serving the humanitarian effort in Haiti. It’s great to hear your success stories in Haiti to bring optimism and also to hear your stories of grief to remind all of us how much still needs to be done. The last that I heard, the “Hope for Haiti Now” fund was up to $61 million and still growing. Outstanding. I have so much admiration for you and all others who have taken time out of their life to help those in dire need. Well done. Looking forward to your next comments, Stephen. Have a good trip home.

From Seattle, WA, USA


Andrew said...

Your mum is really smart, you look unreal.


Unknown said...

Don't spill any muck on your new shirt JW!

Ummm wouldn't mind one tho'....
not that I'm that cool...

Graeme dodd

PolarisLux said...

Hi Jessica,
You look really beautiful
with your new T-Shirt.
The sky looks clear and blue.
Take care and good sailing.

Jessica Thorburn said...

Gday Jess

Loving the shirt!

I must admit this is the first time I've read your blog...and now I've started I have a feeling I won't be able to stop. You are truly an inspiration! My husband has been following your journey very closely and keeps telling me how you're doing and where you are. Neither or us know anything about sailing, yet you have given us a new found respect for the sport.

You go girl!


Unknown said...

Jessica you are amazing for sailing around the world and only at 16 years old. I wish you the best of luck ^_^. Sail safe

-it's not that life is to short it's just that death is to long

PWB said...


Hi Jessica,

You very "FORTUNE - ate - COOKIE.




Spike said...

HAHA Funny stuff. That cookie sure has skinny arms,boxing gloves,scary frown and probably would be hard a rock to bite into. Chip a tooth hard. ah well...good shirt. Induct him as a new crew co-captain. He'd keep the softies in line hehe. :) Maybe thats why they're speachless.

Achini said...

You are a real tough cookie Jess! I wish I have half the courage you have! Keep up the good work!

workerbev said...

Hi Jessica (Beverly here in Tassie) T-Shirt is toooo coool! And soooo true! You are one tough cookie, just don't let the "crew" get hungry or they might try to take your t-shirt and eat it, or nibble on you! Oh no, the horrors!!

Just a quick stop in before I read the blogs from the other Jessaholics. I hope you are having some good weather and getting some much needed rest. I haven't looked at passage weather lately because I've been sooooo busy trying to keep up reading all the blogs. It is getting next to impossible now. Soooo many! Geeez, all I do is read, and read, and read! And my husband came in my room the other day and said "It's ALL your fault you know", and I said, "What is?" and he said "I'm reading and reading and reading now!" Like Michael(75) says, I laughed myself simple! My hubby isn't much of a reader but he has been spending the days on the couch just reading your blog and all the comments. At least I know where he is, LOL!

Well Capt J, I am falling asleep already and haven't even started reading so I better get to it. Remember GOD is right there beside you (and He probably likes your t-shirt too) so you can talk to Him about anything you like. And His Legions of Angels are surrounding you and EPL, guiding you safely eastward toward Africa. Take care {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tassie


Liz said...

Hi Jess....your Mum is such a honey.
Have started my sailing lessons with a friend, and you of course are a popular conversation we laugh at ourselves learning the very basics and trying not to land in the water, or do the wrong thing with the sails and tiller....all seems back to front to me..but we are having an amazing time.
Rather sticky and wet here on the Gold Coast...must be nice for you to be warming up a bit. the T shirt...are you baking any cookies?..
Well gorgeous take care and enjoy the moment..
look forward to your next then i might have got the hang of this sailing thing ..haha..such fun...gotta start some where hey.

Catcha later


Dave said...

Mums know best Jessica. It looks great! - Dave

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

great t-shirt! Your mother knows you, in and out!!!!

How wonderful!

Go on, you tough cookie!

Keep on sailing, closer to home everyday!

Much love,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

Must say you look great in your new T-shirt and the message on it certainly reminds me of that old saying "When the going gets tough, the Tough get going" and you've certainly proven your toughness, especially during the recent storm!

Thinking of you and stay safe.

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, West Aust

scruffy said...

Hi Jess this is Mark from Caloundra. So proud you got through the storm the other day. Would like to meet you when you return and here about what it is really like to "knocked down" in a yacht. My mates the Kings Beach Stunned Mullets wish you all the best. Scruffy.

Anonymous said...

Well Jessica you may be a "tough cookie" but it takes a lot more than that to get where you are, you are a very intelligent young woman and it takes brains as much as bravery, toughness and sheer pig headedness. You are probably a bit mad as well - but in the nicest way! lol

Anonymous said...

Love it! and so true!


Adam Reeve said...

YES SIR'REE!!!!! You're one mighty tough cookie Jess! And I reckon your Mummy is a wonderful "baker" to produce such a dandy lass!!!!

You sure take a great photo you know. I enjoy reading all your updates.

New Zealand

Keith and Anne said...

That definitely says it all Jess. You are amazing. You have come through so well after your recent bad weather. Hope the weather is good to you. Take care, be safe and look forward to your next blog.
Keith & Anne, Hervey Bay

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
My nine year old asked me two questions last night:
How's that cool girl going in her sailing boat? and, can we get one?
Your an inspiration!
Keep well. benn from buderim

Nico said...

Hi Jesse,

it's great to see you relaxed again in your new shirt and without all that bad weather gear!

And a tough cookie you really are crossing your second ocean now in quite good pace.

So, no weird philosophy from me today, just some heartfelt good wishes for a good, steady progress! :D

Frankfurt, Germany

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
SNAP! :-)) I was very pleasantly surprised and quite taken aback when I first saw that picture because I incluuded that very sentiment on my latest tribute to you a few days earlier. That was in fact the first thing that entered my mind when I first heard that you surfaced from 4 knockdowns relatively unscathed. I said then that you were indeed one very tough cookie and that's what insprired me to begin with. The other bits I included later, after I read your post about you hanging your washing on the lifelines and rigging and about you searching for your schoolbooks. Anyway, SNAP!
Thanks for sharing that great photo with us. It shows you looking a picture of health which is great. I wonder if your mum meant to synchronise the opening of that particular food bag (with your t-shirt inside) with your rounding of Cape Horn, which was on the 14th. What an outstanding consolation in terms of timing for your dear mum. That being the case, you've been quite conservative with your consumption, not to mention very disciplined with your rations, for lack of a better word, you know what I mean? And that being the case, you're also currently one food bag (given that each should last 2 weeks) and 1500nm ahead of schedule. Howzat? Onya Jess, way to go, kiddo!!! :-))
Time is flying just because you're having so much fun so continue to enjoy every single moment out there 'cause you'll be safely back home on terra firma again before you know it. Take good care of yourself, stay safe and bye fore now...(Aunty) Sam XX :-))

kellie said...

hiya jesse
great tee shirt couldnt have said it better


Rob said...

The depth of your support crew creativity matches the depth of the oceans you are crossing. Immense! You have many reasons to be smiling and it shows in your photos. Thanks for the constant updates. Can't wait to read your book.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching your progress since the getgo - but haven't blogged till now (I am not the blogging sort of bloke).

But your T-shirt says it all!!!

You make the rest of us Aussie's proud. You have captured the true Aussie "give it a go" spirit. Stay safe.

God Speed


Anonymous said...

Love the shirt. It fits!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Just watched your latest videos and you look so well Jesse.

Thanks for keeping us updated on what's happening.

You're on the home straight now. Keep up the great work.

Warmest wishes. Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

nanna said...

Hi Jess,Love the shirt and it definately says it all,you've certainly been thru a lot lately,love the positive attitude

Your a legend,stay safe

Nanna Cairns Qld

Anonymous said...

Shirt says it all take care you are amazing...Glenn

bobcat68 said...

Hi Jesse,

What wonderful timing to have that shirt in that particular food bag. Isn't your Mum just plain brilliant?

I have never seen so appropriate a present or such a pleased and proud recipient. And you deserve it to the utmost.

Hugs and congratulations!

Bob from 25 mins due west of Noosa.

Anonymous said...

attagirl Jesse, you jus doin the do, you on the wire babe


Roddy3030 said...

Good on ya Jess, after four knock downs, you are one tough Cookie.

Christine Gold Coast said...

Hi Jess, Lovely to see that beautiful smile you look so relaxed, good on mum for keeping your spirits high.
Safe sailing and keep well
Christine Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, That tshirt sums you up quite well. For all you have gone through and the success that you have had so far, you deserve every success in your continuation of your trip. Good to see you have proven the people with negative thoughts wrong so far.

Anonymous said...

love it!! very true!!
great to hear you are cruising along at the moment, enjoy! Don't worry about school work, you are having the most incredible "education" in life!!
Take care of yourself and ella,
mel of yenda

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey there Jess,
Just watched your latest Vid'...fog again huh!...better than those waves.

I don't know if I'm reading anything into it...but I reckon I can see a moment in you eyes...a little hard given the darkly lite shot..but you give yourself away for a moment when you say you had "definitly some interesting moments"....I have absolutely no doubt that your knock downs were more than an interesting moment!

I hope you put it all down in words Jesse...I can't wait to read very single moment!

Hi Daz...haven't seen you post for awhile!'s definitely been quite on the Radio side of things hasn't it...I guess once Jess get's in suitable range she'll resume some sort of sked's again with Tas Coast...lets hope so!

Cheers Jesse...keep those spirits's really important you do!

Cya ma lady!

Clint - Melbourne

Mary said...

How appropriate Jess, love the T shirt and what timing. regards Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse Yes you are one tough Cookie with....

Along with a world full of followers included
Happy Sailing
You look great Jesse
Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

Anonymous said...

Your mum knows it, your blog family knows it...tough cookie you are! Sail on Tough Cookie!!

Jill (Newcastle)

Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

Hi Jesse

THanks for taking the time to post videos. Nothing better than seeing you in 3D.
Have you read Brumby's poem yet?
It is outstanding.


Anonymous said...

Good one Jesse, see you in Sydney soon!

John Pender said...

Must say, it definitely suits you!

David and Una said...

Hi Jesse,

Definately a verrrry tough cookie!

Your journey seems to be passing quickly. It won't be long before we see you coming through Sydney Heads. I am racing to get my patio finished before you arrive home to a welcome that will astound you.

It was a magnanimous gesture to mention Abby and I am going to follow her journey as well however it was interesting when the American media made a big fuss of her about only being 16, no mention was made of you being out there already. I notice she is sailing an aussie built boat and I would hate to guess how much money is behind her.

When you are on the speaking circuit, we will certainly be in your audience.

Stay safe,


Dave and Una

Andrew said...


Great presi. Its an accurate description of you. I hope it gives you inspiration.

Stay safe,

Andy and Vicki (Queens Park, NSW)

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