Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day!

Every year at school we used to get asked what Australia Day meant to us, this year I couldn't be much further from Australia, there's none of the things that make a typical Australia Day celebration out here, no sunshine, beach, no taking the day off or BBQ but this year I really can say I'm proud to be an Aussie! And also how great it feels to have the support of the country behind me!

I've still got a lot of the world to see (a lot of Australia too actually!) but the things that are special about Oz to me (other than all the cool scenery!) is our relaxed positive attitude and 'can do' approach! I'd like to think that we're a county that's capable of coming together to tackle challenges, one that's capable of showing the world that we can achieve the things that we believe in.

So how am I celebrating? Well last night I was pretty thrilled to get a call on the sat phone from Kevin Rudd who offered to pass on a Happy Australia Day message to everyone from me! That's about all I needed to make my day!

In other news, I'm pleased to report that the dunny is all back together (thank goodness!) and that the stove fired up again (yessss!!!) after drying out a little. Can I just say that, after enduring a few days without a stove my respect for James and Justin (the guys who kayaked the Tasman) and any other sailor or adventurer who's main food source was self-heating freeze dried meals has just gone up about a million notches!

So getting Ella's Pink Lady back into shape after our little battering has been going well, not helped by another front that passed yesterday but luckily it didn't give us any more than 40 knots of wind. I'm currently waiting for the wind to ease a little more so that I can finish patching the main sail and pull it right up again. Ella's Pink Lady looks a little worse for a few battle scars but more importantly is still as strong as ever.I shouldn't really be surprised as this is what we set her up to take and why we picked the S&S 34. Still it's nice to know.

I certainty can't complain about the miles we've been covering lately, we're flying across the Atlantic, I'm starting to worry that it's all going to be over and we're going to be home before I'm ready!

Well I'm going to sign off and have a go at making meat patties with tinned mince for a hamburger. Then maybe even some cake or muffins just because I'm so thrilled about the stove working!

Happy Australia Day!


P.S. Congratulations times a million to Abby Sunderland for departing on her voyage last Saturday, I know what a challenge it is, just to get to the start line. Despite the fact that there seems to be a lot of adults determined to see Abby and I pitted against each other as rivals, I only wish her the best of luck and am totally thrilled that there's another girl going for the record!


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Camden D. said...

You have inspired me to follow in your footsteps. Best of luck. Hope you make it!

Astroglide_Australia said...


You will be the FIRST 15 year old, as you will return before you are 16.

The hard work is over

Bruce de Mich said...

Just watched the 'Seven O'clock Project', clip, Jessica.... Way to handle the press...!

Once again the maturity and grace you have in abundance comes to the surface!

Wishing you continued safe and enjoyable journey.

Bruce de Mich
PS: Thanks, Russ!

Julius said...

Greetings from Germany!

I can hardly imagine how tough you need to be to keep your journey goin!

Dont worry ur gonna make it!

J. (21)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Back commenting again, sometimes I am annonymous. Just been reading the blogs, quite funny seeing some of the write ups. Do you really get to read ALL of them? I can take up a whole morning messing around on the site (don't tell the family that) I can't imagine you having that much spare time with all that you have to do. Mind you, most of them are uplifting and I imagine spur you on as well as give you a chuckle. Hope the seas have been good to you today, maybe next Australia Day your name might be in the honours list!!!!!!!!

PolarisLux said...

You and Pink Lady are perfect
combination to fly over the oceans.
Congratulations for your sailing skills.
Happy Australia Day!

Eric Sonnen said...

Happy Australia Day!!!


Georgia, USA

Kaye Stapleton said...

Thank you Cheryl in San Diego and I am so glad you liked the song/video.

Yes it is beautiful and brings tears to my eyes also but it does tell the oh so true story of Australia and the people that live here.

You come on down girl you'll be welcomed with opened arms and I know you'd have the time of your life and one you'd never forget if you did go home lol.

You take care always.
This is the link Cheryl loved in case anyone wants to play it and I hope you enjoy it as much as Cheryl did.


Kaye Brisbane Australia. xx

Brumbyy said...

Another Jessica Poem

The Tar

Held by straps from falling out
As boat began to roll
Shrieking din of wind about
Was drowned by Neptune’s soul

Green view was there in glassy screen
Tall mast, submerged below
Momentarily this state was seen
Each time, the Lady on show

Upright again in moving mountains
Those crashing curls of power
Down below still held restrained
Surveying, the destructive shower

Not once not twice, but more they came
Those massive waves with force
Inside the Lady, they felt the same
Yet, each came with its own voice

The fear of Tar against the sea
A boat alone in might
Proved the strength of only she
This girl, who battled fright

With Neptune’s test on passing by
Vessel proved its class in storm
Jessica reached, the ultimate high
An Aussie legend born


Bobby from South Carolina said...


Glad that the Pink Lady is back together...and glad your doing great too :) Congrats on the half way point... I am so happy for you!!! Happy Australia Day!!! always sending you prayers & happy thoughts...safe sails my friend...safe sails

Bobby from South Carolina

Tim09 said...

Hi Jess,
Well done on passing the half way mark. Not long now and you will be home again.
Well just a short message today
Rosie and I have some school work to do.
Stay safe and hooked on
Tim and Rosie

Unknown said...

Heard about Abby and now are following you! We're proud of you both. Such courageous young ladies! Be careful, and we're following daily.
Dan and Brenda from Louisiana

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
What an absolute champion you are for embrasing Abby's efforts and bestowing sisterly-love, support and good wishes upon her...good for you! What you said about her warmed my heart with so much more pride for you. I hope your OZ day was super!

Clint - Melbourne
January 27, 2010 12:03 AM
Ta muchly for this...Excellent!

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)
January 26, 2010 9:35 PM
Thankyou for posting the PM's address to Jessica, how about that hey?

Thanks Ozca, (wink) Cheers!

Peter, "HomeSweetBoat"
January 26, 2010 8:44 PM
You're so sweet, XX love U 2!

Hezakiah299, G'day Michael, great to hear you're planning a trip to Sydney. Be there or be square! Tongue in cheek only of course as I realise not everyone can make it but will be there in spirit. :-))

For anyone who hasn't yet listened to Grant's song, "Sailing Home", go to...
It's lovely, thanks Grant.

Have a great day everyone and bye for now...Sam

Jessica...Fair winds, calm seas and tight lines. ENJOY!!! Love from (your so-called, Aunty) Sam XX

keith from WA said...

Hi there Jessica

You must be so chuffed about Kevin Rudd our PM ringing you, it doesn't get much better than that!, by the way I see you have had a few marriage proposals, wish I could put my one in, except I am older enough to be your father,anyway joking aside I can only echo the sentiments of all the others of what a fantastic job you are doing, keep safe Jessica.


John from Gladstone said...

Another first time blogger that has been following you from the day you left Mooloolaba.
I am in awe of your achievments so far and wonder if you realise how much of an inspiration a 16 year old girl can be to people 3 and 4 times your age. You've certainly moved me out of my comfort zone and your comments about Abby are no less than I would have expected from a person of your calibre.
All the best in this and any other endeavour you may undertake.

chan said...

Hi, Jessica
Just catching with your news. Being away on hols with no internet. Great job on dealing with the storm. Over the half way mark and now you can start counting down to hitting Aussie land.

SaltyDog said...


I totally agree with all who say that you should be chosen Australian of the Year. Being from the U.S., unfortunately I don’t have a say in the matter. Otherwise, I would be right there with all of the others leading the campaign for you. I’m a very proud Yank, but I’m starting to think that I have a bit of True Blue flowing through my veins. I’m extremely proud of you and I respect and appreciate all of your fellow Aussies who I feel I’ve come to known.

To Hezakiah299, when I first stood up in front of our support group and said “My name is SaltyDog and I’m a Jessaholic” I didn’t really think that there would be any hope of curing my addiction. But you’re right, Michael. When Jess completes her trip, we will need to continue our Jessaholic Anonymous meetings to cope. I don’t think that any of us will every shake this addiction, but I don’t think any of us will ever want too.

Jess, I sincerely hope to see your name on that list alongside Kay Cottee as Australian of the Year.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Mary, Maine, USA said...

Hiya, Jess,

OMG....Jess, you are so dearly loved by this gob of followers that I'm almost speechless!

I hope you've had a terrific day of catch up...honestly, I haven't checked PW lately so I don't know your estimated weather but I'll check soon.

Jess, when you get a chance, read all of Richie Paris' entries. He's brilliantly written Ch.4 and 5 of your legend, as well as a Very Important Interview with your Scalliwag Crew. WAIT 'TIL YOU FIND OUT WHAT THEY'RE REALLY THINKING!!!!

I agree with Richie Paris that we must find Jessica's Jokester (please identify yourself if you're still with us!!). Yes, I miss Brumbby, the poet, too.

Sally, your prawn art is remarkable! How do you do that??

Happy B-day Susan in O! Who's birthday's next??.....

Transplanted Aussie, Stephen M., my tears really welled up reading your post. How can we thank you and your fellow teammates for doing such a sacred call to duty in Haiti? I am moved beyond words. I wish you continued safe progress and resolution to your service, for now, so you can come home soon.

Jess, this blog of yours is like a beautifully spun web of love and light, with droplets of messages connecting one to another. Life is this way. When things are good and right, cells connect and flow, just like water. In one of my earliest posts to you, I said that this journey of yours is all about water and communication. Our world is "becoming smaller". In the best of ways, we can speak to one another through technological advances, amplifying our love, ideas, feelings, experiences, and stories. The water helps this happen. I'm a professional bodyworker and also do aquatic bodywork. Some of the most profound experiences for self-growth take place in the water because water holds, carries and amplifies the message of vibration and touch.

Your part in this is not coincidental. You are center stage, the central spoke in the wheel around which we are spinning.

May your next 24 hours be safe and manageable. I'm thinking of you and I believe in you.

xoxo Mary, Maine, USA

Todd, USA said...

So glad you and EPL made it throught the big storm. Keep you're focus! Your in the home stretch!!!

Rachel Robertson, Glayva said...

Hey there Jesse......enjoy those muffins....we met you at Mooloolaba (SV GLAYVA) ( Namara and Arran were good friends with Hannah and Tom)Our yacht is now in Langkawi, and we are all here keeping a track of your progress.......well done Jesse. Looking forward to more updates......by the way, do you actually get these posts?

TEK said...

Happy Aussie Day Jessica

The world is behind you and quest.

Aussie TEK

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Jesse,
WOW a call from Richard Branson and the PM! Maybe Sir Richard will make you the test pilot of his new space plane! Your life is getting more and more like Lady Penelope by the day.

I found a link about you that I think you will like. It is in a blog from some round the world cruisers that talked to you near Norfolk Island. Here is the link:


You have the pedal to the metal!

You Rock Big Time!
Richard W

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day to you Jessica, even though it is now the day after.
What more could you be excited about than to return to this fabulous place in a few months time. Cant wait to see you comin through those heads. I may just make the journey North especially for the occassion.
God bless and yeah enjoy the working stove.



Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!.....following your progress daily with great interest and much admiration Jess, the story of the storm blew me away, forgive the awful pun! keep safe, have a ball. david henderson.

Saildog said...

Jessica - from one yachtie to another - well done girl. You go! Could I make one small request? Could you put your lat/long coordinates and maybe your sea state, wind and COG/SOG on your blog messages somewhere. Us yachties wishing we were at sea will really appreciate the info - it will provide context for your story. Meanwhile keep it up. Maintenance will becoming more of an issue so take care of your stuff. Best of luck.

Rein said...

Hi Jesse,
Your PS on Abby shows your maturity!
Keep on sailing...keep on being you!
I am one of your many admirers.

Anonymous said...

Jess, you are a true role model of our country. The blood of a hard working Aussie runs through your veins, no doubt. Keep up the great work.
Stay safe,

CH Mackay

PamG said...

Yes GO Abby :-)) And a call from Kevin Rudd on Australia Day, how cool is that!!!!

The McGraths said...

Hi Jesse,

Happy belated Australia Day, it is pretty special isn't it? Unfortunately I was between night shifts so was checking out the back of my eyelids during the day.
Very happy KR finally contacted you, he must finally realise how special you are, maybe now he'll monitor a bit more closely.

Some of the bloggers posts had me in tears one minute & then laughter the next. Talk about an emotional roller coaster.

@ Mike D (landlocked)... that was a beautiful tribute. Thankyou.

@ Tony L (Mt Martha)... I didn't get to hear PM's address so this was appreciated. (sniff sniff)

@ Richie Paris... you've outdone yourself again especially the pink boat on the flag.

@ PWB (Hyden)... you crack me up! Great to see you wished Susan birthday wishes.

@ Amazedbyyou.... great comeback, I want you on my party boat.

Many others but too many to list so cheers & hope everyone had a great "Australia Day".

Thanks Jesse,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Tina Reed said...

Happy Australia Day Jess. You will always be the first and no one will every forget that. History will remember you and just how brave you were.


Mary, Maine, USA said...

Dear Jess,

Had to come right back on again 'cuz your 7 PM Project just appeared. Sweet interview, the TV rep so gaga over talking with you. Lots of pride there! Applause!!

Welcome back Brumbyy!! Lovely poem.
Also, thanks Faye, for re-posting the Aussie song. It was beautiful and made me tear up.

all love and best to all of you and dear Captain Jess, in her ringside seat.

Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Heya Jess!

I had a bad feeling this morning, like something wasn't right and then it hit me about 11 o'clock. My seat was too far back! Everything was sweet as from then on!

Been thinking about that storm since you had it and what you must have gone through! "WOW"

It must have been scary but also one hell of a ride!

She's just like "THE TERMINATOR" (But as boat)

Alla's Pink Lady!

Her outer body tissue is all dressed up to look pretty on the surface and she does look pretty hot!

Her inner skeleton is built like a Leopard Tank and she is driven by one pretty awesome heart.

She's like the good normal sized Terminator! lol

Again Jess! Well done, and well done to everyone!

I hope you can stay the right way up for at least most of your voyage! "Not up side down Jess" lol. It's hard to get any sleep at all and what's the whole point in having a dunny, if your bed and loo on the ceiling??? lol. At least when you look out the windows you can see the dolphins actually swimming under water and they can see you better too without having to jump out all the time. lol

Rock on Jess Watson!


Ps. I reckon this is an awesome pic of Ella's Pink Lady!

C ya!

Aunty Chris said...

Hey Jesse
Haven't been able to blog for a few days but have been keeping up on your latest news.
That storm sounded horrific!!! Bloody 'ell, glad you came thru OK. And you've fixed the dunny AND the stove so everythings sweet. On Australia Day I had an extra BBQ'd lamb cutlet for you and some nice crunchy salad and said 'Happy Oz Day, Jesse'.
Hope your bruises are healing and you've managed to grab some more sleep. Thinking of you.
Love Aunty Chris, Hot Tamworth, NSW, Oz

Anonymous said...

Just wishing you a Happy Australia Day. You are one of the great Aussies doing our country proud.

Happy journey

Geoff H
Bundaberg Qld.

Michael From California said...

Your maturity never ceases to amaze me! Your Congrats to our Californian Abbey just shows your style...........
Good for you!

Bluefin said...

For SaltyDog

Of course you have some True Blue floating in your veins, anyone who went to the trouble you went to to access some Aussie food to help get into the spirit of things is fair dinkum!

I always enjoy your comments,
Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

Bruce de Mich said...

Brumbyy, I love your poem and style. How elegantly you make the challenge sound! A real tribute to Team Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady.

Thanks for sharing your creative moments with all of us.

Bruce de Mich

Peter Stockwell said...

Picking the S&S 34 is one more example of you careful preparation.
Abbey Sunderland's Open 40 is fast but a lot less stable.

Peter and Robyn (UK)

axis7477 said...

Jessica you are an inspiration to me and I am sure to everyone else, following your blog.You show maturity beyond your years,with your attitude towards Abby. YOU make me VERY proud to be an Australian, and I would think will definitely be in the running next year for "Young Australian of the Year". If there were more "Jessica Watsons" the world would be a more loving place. God speed, and stay safe...Love from Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Oh bother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I went to pick my 11 year old Monique up from staying at her Aunty's house last night and they know I am a great fan of yours. As I have said to you before my family thinks that you are my adopted daughter because I'm always telling them how you are going.

Anyway, I was not watching the news at the time so missed you on television. :-(

Never mind, I have been following you every day and everything they told me about what had happened I ready knew.

I forgot to wish you Happy Australia Day for the other day and also great knews that your PM Kevin Rudd phoned you. You certainly do deserve being recognised, that was a lovely gesture by him.

@ Hezakiah299 - LOL - a Jesse Watson support group to help all of us faithful bloggers recover from missing our blogs from Jesse each day. What a great idea! Which country should we meet in?????? :-) Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada??????????

Anyway Jesse, thought I would just tell you that you were on New Zealand TV. Maybe your Grandparents saw you?

Take care and keep safe my dear Jesse. Warmest wishes and hugs from Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

StuntTrader said...

@ unstranger re "What's an S&S 34?"
Here you go..
Cheers ST :)

Unknown said...

I made an Origami boat and called it Hope. It is in honour of you (see photo). I called it Hope because I wanted to say I go for you Jessica.

Bye and good luck. I'm thinking of you always.

Ellery (age 6)

Macca said...

jessyou are the face of australia at the moment with your voyage representing all of our nation keep going

ps jess is hawt

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
Well done on you mission so far - you are on the way home wish should bring an element of excitement. Can you imagine how many boats will be in Sydney Harbour when you arrive back? I can't wait to see the moment.
Good stuff
Marko polo

Anonymous said...

Ralph Sporleder sends best wishes from Hamburg / Germany ~ The waves, the wind, the sun, the people and animals arround the world will be with you :o) ~

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

Wow getting a call from Kevin and Richard - wow! I am impressed that they are keeping in the loop of your amazing adventure. Australia Day 2011 we should be adding you to our list of amazing Australian's and at 16 that has to be a first.

Travel safe over the next few days Jess and I look forward to your next blog.

Aussie Aussie Aussie

The Sunshine Coaster Family said...

Hi Jess,
Just sending a big hello and HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY for yesterday. The kids first day back at school today. So it was excitment plus this morning especially for our little one starting Year 1.
So wonderful to hear that Kevin Rudd phoned you - you should have Australias support - you are doing an awesome adventure and shows other teenagers the spirit of adventure and fulfilling your dream. Least the swell has calmed down to 4mtr waves!!!
Thinking of you,
Stay safe,
The Sunshine Coaster Family
A, C, J, B, & G (Nambour)

Wayne from Perth said...

It's strange that so many people assume there'd be some sort of bitter rivalry between Jessica and Abby seeing as they're both two young girls chasing a world record, but clearly it seems in order to even attempt such a record you need to be a very level-headed mature person, which both Jess and Abby are.

At the end of the day the record doesn't even matter - for both of them to simply start out on such an adventure puts them in a league of their own - a very special, elite, but small group.

I'm sure when Jessica and Abby return safely to shore they'll have time to reflect on things such as personal records/milestones, but until then I'm sure their only concerns are for the safety and wellbeing of each other.

Fingers crossed for both brave adventurers

HomeSweetBoat said...

Hi Jessica

Fingers crossed that you are still going to get that Tuna for some good sustenance – remember not to overcook the Tuna, they can be eaten almost raw.

I must admit I love eating fish but not catching them. We hooked the most amazing Tuna fish in the Atlantic Ocean - schools swam beneath our yacht, for days. They practically fought one another in their eagerness to catch the hook (flying fish in their eyes)! When I was asked to “pass the gaff” if a huge one was landed, I always glanced the other way as I couldn’t bear to look them in the eye! Living next door to us we have a fisherwoman champion and she knows that when she brings us any fish, they have to be cleaned and ready to eat, no eyes staring up at me! One day she was in a hurry, had no time to clean the fish that she so generously gave us, so she blindfolded each one with brightly coloured material, set them on a plate, and handed them to me. It was hilarious!

I agree with Jan Pace “it's so heartwarming reading all the kind words that people say about you. They are all speaking from their hearts, as I am”. That sums it up – there is a bunch of loving, warm and encouraging supporters behind you. LOVE you ALL.

Another amazing design Samurai!

Thank you Kaye – that rendition of “I am Australian” is BEAUTIFUL.

Jessica …


Bluefin said...

Thanks Brumbyy, thats a great poem. (Jan 27 12.51pm) It paints a vivid picture, I've read it a few times now and each time I have the same reaction - that storm must have been incredibly scary.

Bluefin (Annie) Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

Jess your an old soul, way beyond your years. I wish you everything you want your dreams to be. Lynn tweed heads Australia

Anonymous said...

nice poem Brumbyy well done

Karin said...

Jess- I am loving your blogs- you write very well( that's coming from a teacher!).

You will make it as I sense an inner strength, a great sense of humour and a well prepared vessel.

Your sense of achievement will be your reward not who is the youngest etc.

Keep smiling what ever the challenges.

Karin, Melbourne

Keep strong

7I Ferny Hills SS said...

First day back of the school year today, Jess. My Yr 7 class is going to follow your progress daily. After our initial discussion today, they decided you are a modern day hero! They're right.
7I. Ferny Hills State School, Brisbane.

Babs said...

Hi Jessica,
There is no way I would contemplate doing anything like what you are doing at present. Lots of people say one doesn't live till one tries something way out of one's comfort zone. Well I am telling you now, I do not wish to bungy jump, sky dive, or any other adrenalin rushing project. I am truly an armchair adventurer, love reading other people's books on their achievements and cannot wait to read yours when it is published. That is a positive. It is astonishing that you have now been away three months already, and half way home...........time flies when you are enjoying yourself!!!!!! Safe sailing.

Ina said...

Good morning Jessica, I just wished Abby God Speed as she and Wild Eyes begin their voyage. Now, I have two beautiful, remarkable young women to sail with as they follow their dream. Since you and Ellas Pink Lady sailed away, the first thing I do each morning is to check your blog to see where you are and how you are doing. You have been an inspiration. As I have told you previously, "You are in my heart and in my prayers and I think there is room there for Abby, also." See you tomorrow. God Speed.

Newhaven College schoolgirls said...

Hey Jess!

Happy Ozzie day!! Wow, what a amazing accomplishment to have the prime minster to call you, pretty cool!!

Your doing so awseome were with you all the way and now that we are nearly back to school all my classmates will be there with you too!!


Safe sailing with the wondeful EPL!

Newhaven College
Year 8's
Katie, Findley, Kelly, Zoe and Maddie! xo

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hey there Sailor Girl,
A second post if I may...

I've just watched the 7:30 Project clip, I can see that your Camera has been effected when sea water encroached in on your cabin, if its moisture behind the lens you're kind of stuffed until it drys out but if it's just a little bit of salt water grime across the surface of your lens then you should be able to give it a little bit of a wipe with a Tissue, or soft cloth, but certainly your Web Cam vision quality wasn't up to scratch, or perhaps you were hiding some of those bruises by fogging up the Camera??

I hope your main digital video camera is okay though?

Skype is only really great if the internet connection is fast, your Satellite uplink speed is probably in the vicinity of anywhere between 3kbps to 256kbps with the downlink probably around 1 to 2.3Mbps just depends on the "plan" that's been setup for you plus Signal Strength, so downloading You Tube material may take to long to a point one just gives up, but things like the blog shouldn't be to much of an issue I would think...

And as KB in Melbourne quite rightly points out:-

"...you will always be in the history books as the first 16 yr old ever to circumnavigate this globe."...

How many many more "firsts" await you Jess...I wonder?

Outta here...


Clint - Dandy/Melbourne

Bruce Watt said...

Jess it must have been great to receive a telephone call from our Prime Minister. You have proved yourself Jess, but please keep your eye on the ball, dont let up. Its still a long way to go but we in your country are waiting to greet you. Time will pass quickly, hows the fishing going, there must be heaps around. If you dont have time to cast a rod or line, maye you can trawl.

Sail on Jess, sail on and be strong.

Bruce Watt
Rosebud (Vic)

Anonymous said...

Was you scared being all alone out there in the middle of the southern ocean in a huge storm and when it was dark. I know I would be!!

Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse,

Hope all is well with you. So, I meant to ask you, did Prime Minister K Rudd budget a couple Million Dollars for the sponsorship of….

...The Future Australian Sailing Expeditions featuring Jessica Watson with well re-known shore crew, special appearances by the adopted Blog family, Boat design by JessicaPink Foundation, Superannuation Futures Trust Fund Economic Program Initiative "? (plus one set of steak knifes??)

Oh C'mon.. he didn't!! Well don't take any more calls from him.. te he ha ha. Have fun Jesse, will see ta tomorrow.

@peter bush...it was in the nokatomi building....? is that the right Diehard?

@RichieParis...You really are a joy to read. Thanks for those. Still think fondly of "your dampness".

@Brumby...just loved your poem. Excellent. I like you, are you single...hope you are male. Don't bat for the same team. (something about poets)

@McGraths...ooh ahh mcgrath, I'm on your boat...!! We need RichieParis to come as well.

To everyone that wished us Aussie's a Happy Australia day, thanks heaps. Particular mention to the USA bloggers, what would we do without ya. Blockbuster movies, the music, tinsel town the entertainment !! We grew up on everything American, except for Peanut Butter and Jelly sangers. You gotta love vegemite…!!
No pumpkin pie or bagels or Twinkies, Orios either ...but you “super size” us in so many ways. Cheers and beers Paula

Anonymous said...

You can sail...yes.

And you and WRITE!

You have a great career in front of you.

I follow you from Denmark :)

Anonymous said...

I think I'd be more excited about the dunny working than the K Rudd call!! YAY (sorry Kev)

Happy Australia Day Jesse!

Gold Coast

Anonymous said...

Jesse, will you be able to see the Cape of Good Hope shoreline when you pass by? If so, maybe we will be able to spot you?

Cape Town /\/¯¯¯¯¯\/\
South Africa

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica ,Hope you having a good day today , Nice to get a call from PM yesterday . we had a good day ,spent some time with family and a good friend from US at Ocean Grove. Good to hear you got those broken things working again ,You NEED those things working ,they important , esp that Loo, Take care & smooth sailing ; Lots love Terry and Patricia Melb

Mike D said...

@ RichieParis
January 27, 2010 7:37 AM
Thank you Richie for your kind mention. You too have captured the spirit of the day in a special way!

@ Trudy
January 27, 2010 10:04 AM
You liberated my meaning, setting it to terms far more eloquently than I. Thank you!

@ The McGraths
January 27, 2010 3:05 PM
You are extremely considerate. Thank you for your lovely words.

PWB said...

To Dear Jessica,






Dunny said...

Look, I know my job's the lowest one there is. I'm at the very bottom.

Usually, I keep my trap shut and try not to make a stink.

But I got this position on Ella's Pink Lady. And things got bad. Now where the hell is Ella? Haven't seen her pink arse around for many a moon.

Instead they have this 16-year-old girl in charge. Nobody else has been here for three months. She talks on the phone and the radio all the time--maybe this is some kind of broadcast studio. She talks to her stuffed animals, she talks to Parker, who somewhere out side the door. I can only see the top of him. But all I hear is "Parker this, Parker that" praise praise praise. I think the guy is vane enough. Don't you?

As I said, I don't like to complain. At Dunny academy they always said: "just do your duty so that others can do theirs." That's how I was trained.

But the other day this kid strapped herself into her chair. I should have been suspicious. The whole studio was moving around. I was sloshing a little, but I slosh a lot here.


And she did it again, and again, and again. I flipped my lid. I just couldn't keep it together any more. By about the third roll over I became totally unhinged,couldn't keep it together, and ended up all over the floor, or the ceiling--whichever it was.

A day later the girl got over these games of hers. She picked up my pieces and put me all back together. She kept muttering something under her breath--when whe wasn't holding it.

I heard that even Parker got a little bent out of shape.

Serves him right.


Mary, Maine, USA said...

Good morning, Jess.
Have a wonderful day! You're making such incredible time, ahead of schedule and flying across the Atlantic.

You mentioned the possibility of coming home before you're ready. I completely understand. I hope for you some days of quiet and rest so you have some time to deepen into yourself, soaking up this amazing adventure. Although we all love to hear from you, as we've demonstrated, we're pretty good at chatting away amongst ourselves! If you want to release any pull that you feel to be in touch with us, so you can have some real quiet time, go for it. As been's said many times before, we know that you're in touch with your shore team and family on a daily basis.

So be happy and nurse yourself and Pink Lady! I'm thinking of you and I believe in you tirelessly.

Mary, Maine, USA

p.s. Ellery, your Origami pink boat is beautiful. Well done! I love that you've chosen to name her HOPE. I'm sure Jessica will love the picture that you've sent with your posting.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Watson has captivated our nation

With her can-do attitude her courage and determination

Initially there were doubters, they said she was too young

She didn’t have the experience to cope with what’s to come

She would not cope with loneliness a girl of her age

Nor would she have the strength to beat those mighty waves

Now our Jesse is half way home she’s proving them all wrong

With strength and wisdom grace and style she shows where she belongs

The waves have come and knocked her down but she would not give in

And when at last the winds died down she saw Pink Lady’s ding

Jesse got to work and put things right as quickly as could be

And wrote a Blog and sent us hope our Captain of the Sea.

Mike D said...

Hey Jess,

@ Kaye
January 27, 2010 12:50 PM


Thank you! Very inspiring! OH... I love Australia!!!
Very sad it is sooooo far from where I am... :*(

Be safe Jess,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

magpie said...

Hi jessica,
I've had to work in Pubs on most Australia days and every time we've had some clown reciting poetry.
I love it.
Some hate it.
But we all tolerate it.
AND This Blog is full of it.

♥♥♥Australia is in there somewhere♥♥♥

PWB said...


@ To Mr. Richie Paris,

Mr. Paris I am very proud of you, you have decided to come over near my side of the Rabbit Proof Fence, the Wacky side I mean.

We (the Roo's and I) are going to give you the Hyden 12 Pink Canon salute for excellence in the writing of your epigrammatic discourse:

Special chapter, January 27, 2010 4:21 AM

Special Mention for the section: EXPRESSIONS;
in particular,
"To Fly a Dunny" = being caught in a hurricane.
And the bit about the Flag. LOVE IT.

However, I think it is appropriate for a word of caution, as to the possibility of you falling completely over the fence and entering the realms of sanctified sarcasm.

What clinched it for me was when you decided to play safe and give a P.S. Qualification. Next time sail without fear! Walk the tightrope of wordplay without a safety harness!

Very Kind Regards,

Peter Bush


Bruce de Mich said...

Good morning, Jessica! This is my third blog, this cycle. Can't get enough of the commentary from you and your world community, I guess.

I just stopped by to say, I have been also following the journey of Bernt L├╝chtenborg, solo sailor from Germany, I think, who has rounded Cape Horn several days ago and now appears to be less than 300 NM to your Southwest. He is really clipping along.


Fair winds and following seas to all you out there.

To fellow blogger, I am enjoying all of the creative energy via songs, poems and various other lexigraphical tributes to Jessica.

Bruce de Mich

Bruce de Mich said...

Sorry, major correction! Bernt is something like 700 NMs to your Southwest! (Following the wrong 'dot' on my map!)

Bruce de Mich

Bruce de Mich said...

Time to broaden your horizons, Jess!

CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH MARS: Tonight, a few hours after sunset, go outside and look east. (Guess you will be doing that!) That bright orange star hanging halfway up the sky is Mars having a close encounter with Earth. The Red Planet is only 99 million km away and looks bigger through a telescope than at anytime between 2008 and 2014.
- Space Weather dot com...

Bruce de Mich

Anonymous said...


God Bless
Margare from Johannesburg

Rick said...

Have been following you since you started out. I look for your position and blog entries a couple times a day. Great job. Happy Australia Day from Upstate New York.

Lara from Croatia said...

So happy you're okay after the storm!

Mike D said...

Our Lady on the Helm...

Atlantic seas build and build
And throw our captain down
Vanquished rogue! You shall not keep
Our Lady from her crown

Oceans deep n’ rocky shores
Tiller hard in hand
Eyes fixed upon the prize
She takes a valiant stand

Weather worn but beaten none
The flag of sails do fly
Reflecting grace upon the deep
Beneath the auburn sky

Three cheers for Jess!

Three cheers for Jess!
The Blogging crowds command
Our champion has not been spurned
By oceans, sea or land

Cheryl Duncan said...

Jessica - I read your blog every day and I am in awe of what you are achieving. (I'm 56) and I am so thrilled to read your encouragement for Abby. I hoped you two would consider yourselves fabulous challenge partners, not competitors taking away anything from each other. And its you two who count, not the rest of the world. Well done - you are so amazing. Stay safe and bless you. Cheryl

Bob from Seattle said...

Call from Richard Branson eh? Special you! Did he offer you are free trip on SpaceShipTwo? How cool would that be? No, he's too astute of a businessman for that unfortunately. But if he did (maybe Neptune will appear in a dream) I'd be tempted to fly to Edwards Air Force base to meet you. (or to see you) Or whatever! I've been there once for a Space Shuttle landing.

It seems likely you will complete your trip in April rather than May according to your progress so far. Nothing could top arriving on your birthday of course, but I doubt you would drop anchor for that to happen. You could work on your fishing skills.

Hoping for your continued good fortune Jessica.

Charley said...

Hi Jesse,
Australia Day was good to behold.
Now thar you are up to the 40 you will momentarily head east all the way to the L T at Tassy and HOME.
Does that make you feel good, YES, it does me.
Full speed ahead..Catch a fish in the Atlantic....
Heartfelt wishes, Charley
And one in the Indian...

thehappyrealtor said...

Godspeed to you and I so admire your spirit of adventure and bravery!

hezakiah299 said...

01-27-10 @ 14:14
Hi Jessica,
Another day and that’s one day closer to home. Yeess!!!…..
Hope your bruises and soreness is diminishing, I know just how each little twist and turn can send pain running through your body, and that is miserable. I just got over a cold in my lower back, and sometimes that pain will take your breath away.
Looks like you’ve got everything under control again, and them little pink flags are scooting across that “Voyage” screen. Yowzah, scoot, scoot, scoot.

For Wayne from Perth: Well said Wayne, they have the utmost respect for each other. Abby’s Mom and Jessica’s Mum got together and discussed the food situation for the voyage. That in itself says a lot. Keep ’em coming Wayne.
Susan in Oregon: Happy Birthday Susan, I wish you many, many more.
OK, who’s birthday is next, c’mon ‘fess up.
Peter/Homesweetboat: I erred on my last post, this is what it was supposed to say. Thanks for the kind remarks, I appreciate them, some of your posts are a little far out, for me, but lots are funny. LOL……. .

Hey SaltyDog…Jan had a very good question, where would we all meet???
Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada???…..Throw a dart???

Samurai: thanks for the kind comments, I don’t intend to be square. LOL….
But we shall see. J Every time I try to put in a smiley face, it comes up J. ??

I’ve been at that P/W again and what I see is that it looks like you’re running east just above some weather. But that’s just my S.W.A.G.
I hope you’re enjoying your hot meals, are you getting things dried out?

Looking forward to your next post. Take good care of yourself and them scallywags, and continue to enjoy yourself.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Faye and Max, 26.Jan, 12:54PM:
"Happy Invasion Day". Yes Arthur Phillip was lucky to land in Australia. Unlike his compatriots who landed further east in Aotearoa and had to sign a contract with the locals already in 1830, so the nation can celebrate a really United National Day on February, 6th his colony started with a darker history of oppression and ignorance, which can be traced way up to 1967, when the previous inhabitants were finally reclassified from Fauna to Fellow Citizens. Never mind, keep celebrating, if you feel of having a proper reason on this day, namely the 26th of January.
Victor C. Pankouken

Sue Canavan said...

Hey Jessie

Happy Australia Day from all of us at Sunshine Sailing Australia. Your blog is such a good read and it was great to hear that Kevin Rudd gave one of our most important Australians a call on the day.
Good to hear that repairs are well under way and that you can enjoy a bit of real food again.
Love & Luck
Sue, James & John (Somehwere in Antnarctica still).

capndeb said...

You are quite a young lady! You have reason to be proud of yourself, and your family to be proud of you. I wish both you, and Abby success in your grand adventures! (Ah, to be 16 again!)

bridgetheresa said...

Go for it! I wish you a safe ride around the world!

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain Watson; It's been a few days, as I am still recovering from the shock of the knockdowns. There is only so much an armchair sailor can take.
Happy Australia Day to you Jessica. A call from the Prime Minister! That's got to be right up there with catching your first fish! Stay clipped on. We wouldn't want to lose Ella's Pink Lady. Yours Faithfully, Alfred
Vancouver, Canada

Maria said...

Great to hear you came through a very tough test Jess. I love reading how you are going and think of you lots. Stay safe.

Kissyfrott said...

Chapter 6

Stormy Night for a Dunny

Exclusive transcript of an interview by Sat Phone, of Miss Bunny White, aka Bunny the Dunny

Q- We heard that you have been badly hit by the storm, Miss?
A- Oh yes my Dear, what an ordeal!
Q- How did it happen, Miss?
A- Please call me Bunny. You see, our boat started dancing and rolling more and more, the wind was screaming and the waves shaking the whole house.
Q- But you were well clipped on, all screws in their holes, you shoould have been safe?
A- Oh oh oh poor me! It was rocking so hard that I felt sea sick... so I wanted to go on the deck to get some fresh air, I couldn't just faint in my office, or worse. So I unscrewed my ties... and then a rogue wave stroke us on one side and I was thrown off to the door, that opened wide, and from there in the cabin!
Q- You must have been frightened to death?
A- You bet! My skin is naturally pale, but I must have been opalescent when I rolled through the cabin and broke pieces of my nose, my ankle, my elbow... It did hurt much, I was crying and whining.
Q- Wow, you were close to be killed!
A- Sure! I thought I was going to die. When the boat turned until I fell down to the ceiling of the cabin, I came out of breathe, and when she turned back right, I was just licky to fell on my comrade Chick Withattitude, who was courageously singing "Blow the man down". Well, I blew her down! She finished her song one octave higher! But she saved my life, one first time!
Q- Your life was saved again, later?
A- Oh yes. I was half broken, exhausted, leaking, and I thought that I wold be put down and that the crew would throw my corpse over board. But I had a second miraculous escape.
Q- How did it happen?
A- Dr Watson saved my life. She made me lay down on the floor, she picked up all my broken pieces, she used the best glue to fix them, the brushed and washed my wounds, and finally she put me back in place in my office. I was able to resume my duty, scarred but proud. Dr Watson did a terrific job. If she were not to become an admiral, she would be the best surgeon ever.
Q- She seemed really happy having saved you.
A- Oh we are very close friends and have few secrets to each other. She is the toughest captain, the sweetest nurse, and the warmest friend. With her and Chick, we are like the three musketeers!
Q- You are not jealous of Stevie the Stove, whom she saved too?
A- Oh no, don't worry! He is a good kitchen boy, but Jessica is not in love with him, and neither do I.
Q- Aaah, would you tell us who are he happy boys you cherish in your hearts?
A- If you keep it secret... I have an interest in Otto, you know, the Pilot.
Q- And Jessica?
A- I am sorry, but I cannot betray her... It's her secret.
Q- Please give us a hint. Is he tall? Young? On board?
A- Slow, slow down... OK. My hint... He is a buoy!

Anonymous said...

I am one of your ghost readers who log in daily then spread the word across family and friends with pride in your achievements. Now... I take as much joy in your writing style as in your story. A first for me; to follow a blog (age related) and then write a comment. Lots of love from us.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Jessica. Have become so enraptured by your 'true blue ozzie' approach. First got to hear of you through your Kiwi side of the family and finally decided to send lots of kiwi wishes your way. You must take after the ozzie side cause we all know 'kiwis can't fly' but we can recognise true talent when we see it. You are one in a zillion girl. Your writing and photographic skills are fantastic and the world is your oyster from here on in. Take care and look after that dunny.
Best wishes, Raewyn from Northland, New Zealand.

Richard in Maryland said...

I know I posted this link before, but here is the relevant part of the cruiser's blog, along with the content of your blog from the same day off of Norfolk Island. It is fun to see the same event in time decribed from two different viewpoints. Notice they didn't know your name. The link has their full entry for that day.


Meeting a Pink Lady

Michael and Jackie
27/10/2009, Norfolk Island

I once had a pink lady. It was made of plastic and shaped like the kind of paper aeroplanes you shot across classrooms when the teacher wasn't looking. I attached my pink lady to a white/ yellow squid type lure and just hauled in the mahi mahi.

Eventually I lost my pink lady to a large fish, and was never able to replace it. I looked up pink lady on google, and you might be unsurprised to know most of the items had little to do with fishing.

Anyway today 20 miles north of Norfolk Island we met another pink lady. We were heading South into the anchorage, in increasingly strong winds. Just before dawn they were 5- 10 knots, and then as a cold front approached they quickly increased with gusts into the mid 20s. All we could think of was get into shelter before it gets worse, when coming out of the West, like a bat out of hell, I saw a yacht under full sail. It passed a couple of miles ahead going East, foregoing all shelter.

How strange we thought. Then we heard a young female voice on the radio, the boat was called Pink Lady and she was calling us. Where are you bound she asked, "oh Norfolk Island then Opua, coming out of Noumea" I answered. "How about you". "Me, Oh I'm out of Brisbane doing a solo circumnavigation" the voice replied. By now she was almost on the horizon, as I realised that the solo sailor was the 16 year old girl we had heard about on the Australian News who was aiming to beat the record of going round the world the wrong way in the roaring 40s. Admittedly she was going down wind but her boat was racing along at enormous speed and by time I thought to take a picture she was a speck on the horizon.

Strange who you meet at sea.

( I can't imagine what it must have been like to give your reply to the othe yacht!)

Here is JWs blog entry at that time

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Cleared Norfolk Island
The comfortable routine I had been getting very used to fell apart today with the wind picking up to 25 knots. A short building sea has been making life, I wouldn't say uncomfortable, but certainly different to some of the quiet days we've had. It's nice to be guaranteed some good progress and even with two reefs in the main sail Ella's Pink Lady has almost been surfing
along in the swell at up to 8.5 knots.

This morning we finally cleared Norfolk Island which was a relief because I didn't get much sleep last night with land and a few boats around and have now settled onto a north easterly course that should take us straight to the equator!

This afternoon I was feeling a little down, so to cheer myself up I made a few phone calls, turned the music up, gave my hair and teeth a good brush, all the things that would normally make me feel on top of the world before realizing that I'd forgotten to feed myself! A good helping of tinned potatoes, fried into chips later and I'm back to my normal cheerful self.

No colorful sunset tonight with the over cast skies but it's a little too wet to be sitting around on deck enjoying it anyway.

Sorry but thats all for today,


Anonymous said...



To the lovely friends I also follow and enjoy each day ,thank you for commenting on my art.
Jesse is our inspiration : )
My passion in life IS ART and I am a Primary School Art Teacher who enjoys the thrill of Jesse's journey...What will we all do when she comes home????

Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

Hi Jessica,
Great video I see,got to get my ''daily Jessica fix'',you still look cute,even after all your past day's events.Sounds like you are getting ''Pink Lady'' back in shape,my ADMIRATION for you continues.You still MUST keep UP my PROMISE to me and speed home word bound.How about Gods little dolphin escort,are they still around.
It has been another tough day here,but we also had a joyous part to report,we where en route to the local med. location with a pregnant women,but I guess her little package couldn't wait,so we delivered a healthy little girl in the back of the SUV [hute in Aussie terms].This is only my second one in my life time,but what a happy moment in a difficult times.
The people continue to struggle,but with the help of heavy equipment moving into some sites,more recovery scenes are going to occur.Jessica,they are a strong people and the little ones eyes tell the story each day.
We are making a difference in this tragedy,though these are small steps which will lead to bigger ones just as long as the ''world'' continues to open it's ''heart'',I know I am here with my skills for a reason and now God willing this country will be on it's feet in the future.
Thank you to Mary,from Maine for her kind words,I miss all the blogger's in Jessica's adoptive ''world family'',but I try while here to check into ''Jessica's world adventure''.
Hope someone had a FOSTER'S for me like I asked.
Jessica,you press on lady like you know how,your team is beyond admiration from my end,as for your ''stuffy crew'' hope they are dry now and help you get on with the tasks at hand,your ''bravery under fire at your age'' continues to bring me great happiness for your overall success'.If only I can be their on south or north head or Wat sons Bay lookout to see the pretty lady in pink arrive home,but trust me I'll be there in spirit along with the rest of your ''adoptive world family''.I trust you will write a book once your adventure is over,must make sure when you do your ''world family'' member's get the first printings.
Enough for now ,long winded today,but I am so proud to be part of your journey.
God speed,smooth sailing,stay focused with your inner strength.
Hugs and much love and support to you and your entire on land and sea.
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',
[in Haiti].home next week!!!

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"You become a champion by fighting one more round. When things
are tough, you fight one more round."

-- James Corbett

Anonymous said...

Jesse, you are such an amazing young lady. You give me such inspiration. Can't wait to see you sail back into Sydney safe and sound.

Dieter Prussner said...

"Common Aussie .. common, common ..." a little bit of rivalry is healthy. It also strengthens one's resolve and character. You already have both Jess.
You are great!
Dieter in Melbourne

Stan, Brunswick Vic. said...

Great job Jess. I specially liked the way you were able to congratulate the other girl. She may be younger by a few days, but she has a bigger boat. You'll always be the first to start out, and with the bigger challenge. Like a true Aussie!

Keep up the good work Jess, you're an inspiration to us all.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse

Another hot day in dusty Dubbo after a thunder storm last night brilliant lightening and a 6 inch fall of rain that is 6 inches between the drops! Lizzy was out this morning early in the sun...he/she is the biggest blue tongue lizard I have ever seen well over 300 mls long. My client your age is seeing me today..he/she will be blown away by your storm description and AUS day happenings. Remember not only are you a brave girl in control your attitude is admired by many and is therapy for others....go go go Jess....keep sleeping when you can to keep that wonderful literate brain of yours in top shape

Sea ya


Anonymous said...

Just been trying to figure out when you'll be crossing the mid-Atlantic ridge... On the assumption that you'll soon be (or are already) tracking more easterly to the Cape of Good Hope, maybe four days to cross the ridge? May sound strange but this always seems to me to be where the western part of the world keeps heading west and the eastern part keeps heading east - sort of a great divide .. which of course it is (D'oh!). Another mountain (real and metaphorical) for you to claim! And once you're on the other side, well, it's all downhill, isn't it!? OK, so about 11000kms of downhill, but who's counting? Yeah, OK, you, me, half a squillion other people. Just keep doing what you're doing - ur doin it right!

Anonymous said...

Jessica,hope this finds you fit and well, and enjoying the challenges of the Sth Atlantic Ocean.There was a song some years ago that had words,"the Pacific is terrific" "the Atlantic is romantic"what do you reckon?!!!EPL was without doubt the right choice for your voyage,S&S cruising & racing craft are wonderful sea boats, and EPL is proving to be just that for you.Hope you are getting good winds, and continuing to make good progress.Have a great day Jesse,you are in our thoughts and prayers, Godbless & Godspeed, Dougal

Anonymous said...


G'day Jesse.....

Y'floating.... no, SURFING !!! as sea of such positive vibes... So fantastic!!! Y'r an Ozzie 'example' of the _very best_ type...... Take notes, 'world' !!

Keep safe and well.... and great sailing ahead.... ( & your 'tracker' is becoming unbelievable, now!! It's 'framable' !! Hehheh)

... Ooc.


Anonymous said...

I've been following you since day one but haven't posted until now.
I check your blog every day for updates. You are living out one of my dreams. I am so happy that you are doing well and enjoying your sail.
Don't know if many could have handled the rough weather the way you did.
Keep up the good work I'm rooting for you.
Neil from Florida

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
I made a small change to my little

Jessica Watson has captivated our nation

With her can-do attitude her courage and determination

Initially there were doubters, they said she was too young

She didn’t have the experience to cope with what’s to come

She would not cope with loneliness a girl of her age

Nor would she have the strength to beat those mighty waves

Now our Jesse is half way home she’s proving them all wrong

With strength and wisdom grace and style she shows where she belongs

The waves have come and knocked her down but she would not give in

And when at last the winds died down she saw Pink Lady’s ding

Jesse got to work and put things right as quickly as could be

And wrote in her Blog and sent us hope our Captain of the Sea

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I think there's well over 22 million people in Australia and the leader of our country calls you??? OMG, he never calls me, lol but calls you on Australia Day too! Wooohooo. That's really saying something!

Imagine how busy he was on Australia day and you were on his schedule. You would have made his day Jess! You must be so proud Jesse and possibly now there's a lot more going on in your mind with all that attention and possibly promises!

Please be careful!

I can understand the Honorable Kevin Rudd personally giving you his best wishes and also sending us his best wishes through you. What an awesome gesture!

From your...
protective adopted big brother/friend and with three proud sisters of my own!

Go Jesse! Go!

Proud of you!


keco said...

jessica what can I say. You are an insperation to this ANZAC nation.
keep reaching for that star, you will get there.
We are all with you.
Sail on Jessica, sail on lady of the sea.

Love you keco...xxx

Kissyfrott said...

To all fellow bloggers: A new post by Cdr Dilip Donde, still in Stanley with Mhadei, and very, very kind thoughts and words for our brave captain Jesse:

(...) "Talking about friends, working in the harbour, my thoughts are often with Jessica, battling the South Atlantic Gales and nursing EPL from her knockdowns. In fact every time a gale passes over Stanley, more of a daily occurrence in the past few days, I tend to look up and tell the wind, " Hey! Ease up as you go, there is a brave girl sailing that way!" While Jesse was celebrating Australia day on 26 Jan talking to Kevin Rudd and screaming up the South Atlantic, me and my crew spent the 60 th Republic day of India by putting in a couple of hours of extra work to fix up my steering and the generator! I doubt how many know that the two countries celebrate these days together!"

Commander Dilip is a good man, and a true gentleman.

Bruce de Mich said...

Dilip has made another interesting blog entry on his site with tribute to you, Jesse, included.


Bruce de Mich

Susan in Calif. said...

Did you ever get the heater working again? It'll be getting colder at night again soon. Glad the stove & dunny's working!

Terry said...

hi Jess hope you having a great day ,Terry and Patricia Melb Aus

Anonymous said...

Jess babe,

Pls see second comment left at Dilip's blog at http://bit.ly/9e9qpa also left for you and for your fellow solo circumnavigators. This is if you ever actually read this ... your fans' comments run hundreds and hundreds! :-)




Anonymous said...

Hi jess, we hope you had a great Australia day. We are so glad ya have ya stoive back working, and we hope all is well with you and 'ella'. have a safe passage home, and we are watching your journey everyday.
hugs and more hugs
Woonona, NSW. Australia.

Phycsailor said...

Happy Belated Australia Day!
Thanks for your inspiration to many especially to women that sail!
Glad you survived your knock downs and that your are now headed home.

Anonymous said...

Jess u are far & away the very Best, cheerz mate yo

Anonymous said...

Just had a quiet word with God, and he said you'll be sweet as. He's not sure if your dunny is going to survive the trip though :)

Take good care of yourself, you are an impressive young lady and deserve everyone's respect for your courage and determination.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
Our first day back to school today and our teacher has let us know what has been happening with you. We are proud of you and your determination and strength - you are why we are proud to be Aussies.
We will be reading your blog each week and love your videos.
Best wishes Class S2F Dubbo South Public School NSW (Year 4)

Anonymous said...

Great to see you dodged that second front that came through. I hope all is well and we raised a drink for you at the Brunswick Heads pub on Australia day.
Go girl!!!

Gerard from Rescue Tape

kalin said...

hey there jess ive been following your voyage since the beginning and would like to say congradulations on your achievments so far. what you have achieved so far so many people try to acheive in their own lifetimes....im from a proud fishing/sailing state of tassie but now live in woollongong south of syd and the seafaring stories ive heard growing up have always captivated me...your story will now be spread among all at pubs and docks all around for many years to come....ive also read the book on the 1998 syd to hobart and thought those seasoned guys were courageous maybe even crazy so what you have done and put up with must be classified as insane lol....anyway jess again good onya for havin a crack and setting out to accomplish your dreams and be proud of yourself because as an aussie im proud of you for putting us on the map lol...all the best and safe and happy sailing...

Rosso said...

Jessica, what you have achieved is wonderful. After that storm you now know how strong you and Pink Lady Ella are. Remember you handled that so you can handle anything.

Enjoy every moment. Rosso

p and j said...

u get my vote for australian of the year next year jess. smooth sailing.

The Crows - Sydney said...

Hey Jesse - Happy Australia Day - fantastic news about getting through the storm and well down - you're attitude is seriously on the money and you've tough it out in fine style. Cant wait to see you in Sydney Harbour in 100 or so days. Cheers and stay dry , warm and out of those knock downs.
Crowie, Lu, Max, Zoe and Sam

PWB said...


@ Hi Amazedbyou,

The "quoted line" comes from OUR (as in you and me) FAVOURITE MOVIE,.......shame on you, how quickly we forget.

Ok, All-right, I will give you a clue. But please come back to me with the answer, as I do not want the population of the world thinking that you, also, are from another PLANET,...... one of us is enough.

Clue: 90 % of the movie is set inside a JAIL.

It is a tremendous, inspiring movie about a wrongly judged person, who against all odds - came out winning in the end:

A lot like Jessica.


100% Rabbit Proofed



hezakiah299 said...

01-27-10 @ 23:18
Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to say Good Night, Good Night!!!
It’s just about past my bedtime, although I haven’t figured out what my bedtime is anymore. Since I started following you on this venture my hours are…..hmmmmm, I can’t seem to think of a good word, yeah here it is ‘discombobulated’ there, how’s that. Lol…..
And then on top of all that the Shore Crew sent a whole bunch of links to check you out on, mercy, mercy.
But it’s well worth it.
Say Hi to your Mum and Dad, and also to your Grandparents, Billie and Tom, I hope they’re all doing well. I hope to see them all in Sydney.

Samurai: I’m working, I’m working, lol….. I have to get a passport now.

Ellery(age 6) Re: Origami boat called Hope. That was very nice and thoughtful of you Ellery, I’m sure Jessica will like that.

Jan Pace Auckland NZ. Nice come back, lol, I passed that one on to SaltyDog. Maybe we could just throw a dart at the map. LOL……..

SaltyDog: I’m gathering up all the letters, poems, quotes, jokes, video’s, pictures and songs plus any pertinent information that I can so that when I’m an old man(hee, hee) I will be able to have something exciting and enjoyable to read. And then, I’ll never forget. LOL….
Take good care of yourself and be careful, have fun and watch for Mars to the East. Yes???

Looking forward to your next post. Take good care of yourself and them scallywags, and continue to enjoy yourself.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

samurai said...

Hiya Jess...thinking of you and hoping everything is going well for you and you're enjoying it ALL.

I've just caught up on some more comments and am killing myself laughing at some that I just have to acknowledge, if you don't mind.

Brumby...your poems are always so spot on. Thankyou for the pleasure you share.

Paula...you're such good value :-))

Peter Bush...I'm in stitches, you are too funny.

Dunny...After Peter Bush, I can't take it any more...now I'm crying!!!

Sally in Melbourne...Simply, Brill!

Stephen M in Haiti...You're my hero! Stay well and safe and be proud of what you've achieved. XX

Hezakiah299 (Michael) Ouch! I'm glad you're much better. Stay well and keep warm. You're a good all-rounder, square?... never!. :-))

Have a great day everyone. It's great that we're allowed to chat amongst each other like this while we look forward to hearing from our Jessica again, hey? Love...Sam

karen lee said...

Yay! Jesse's blog has hit the 1000 followers mark - 1002 actually.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, I am new to blogs but I am a true Aussie convert to yours. It is amazing to think we have the technology to follow your comments and see your pics as you sail
and in a small way be part of your adventure. What an incredible adventure and achievement for a 16 year old. What on earth will be next!! Love looking at the pics. Stay safe. From South Australia form

bobcat68 said...

Hey Jesse,

I was idling for a short while in front of my TV last night and the Australian Open Tennis was on but I kept thinking of you. I wondered a little why that should be and then I realised that all the "Ball Kids" were wearing bright pink long sleeved tops and bright pink caps. I wondered if there's a connection because at my age I've forgotten what those kids were wearing last year.

I have only seriously sailed twice in my life but on both occasions my crew contained a "wuss" so it was a mostly case of furl all and use the motor. Very saddening, too late to try again.

Sail on, Jesse and reach your goals - all of them.

Hugs, Bob 35 mins due west of Noosa.

June and Richard Thorn said...

Hi Jesse,

Looks as though we are in for a storm here in Brisbane. Not before long we need the rain. We don't need those cyclones up in the north however.

I hope that the weather is being kind to you and that you are powering along.

Take care.

June and Richard Thorn

David and Una said...

Hi Jesse,

Good to hear you are getting back in shape and we were so pleased that Kevin Rudd called you. Ypu certainly deserve it. You will be a good contender for Young Australian of the Year next year.

Stay safe


Dave and Una

SUBIR said...

1. Happy belated Australia Day. Incidentally 26 January is also our Republic Day in India. Out two great countries have this in common among many other things.
2. Was a little away from the net - hence did not write to you in the last couple of days.
3. Good to know there is another young one embarking on an adventure. It'll be a great day when both of you cross the line. Isn't it great that you inspire each other.
4. As you have pointed out, often it is the media and the public which builds up these contests. The main actors often have only good wishes for each other. This special quality is what separates them from others - the ability to focus on one's achievements rather than basing one's achievements on the failings of others.
5. Good Luck to both of you. I also got some pleasant news from Dilip -he has managed to fix most of his mechanical troubles and he should be on his way. Also glad to know that you have got your stove back on line. Good going.
6. Seems like you are having to face many gales in this area - this area is anyway known for these gales. Take care and be particularly vigilant.
Good luck and best wishes,

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Someone just tweeted that you should be pretty close to Tristan de Cunha soon!

Heather Butler on facebook just said: "Keep it up Jessica- on the home stretch now-a wonderful achievement."

You have no photos on Flikr just yet,

And the Youtube link just gets better.

This is gettin' scary now, I'll just stick to blogger.

At least our dear blogging friend
Richie Paris can talk with unanonomous people now, lol.

Hoo Roo.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica! We are so proud of you! Keep going!

Dora and Rachel
Cz Republic

Tina said...

Enjoy your Australias day, from Catalonia's support!!!Getting ready for life is only in you!! A big hug lady!!

Trudy said...

to the blog family,

happy belated B.D. Susan from Oregon. I always enjoy your commentaries.
Love Oregon, I have worked in Portland and have been to Salem and Ashland many times! driving on
I-5 Seatlle - Portland.

Brumby: lovely poem.

Richard in Maryland:
thanks for the piece of the encounter near Norfolk Island!

Richie Paris, you have outdone yourself...again.....
rib tickling.....

Mike D,
your latest poem gives me nice goosebumps!
thank you for the kudos re my commentary!

Amazedbyyou, also admirable writing!

Peter Bush, love your quirky sense of humour!

Transplanted Aussie in Haiti,
your compassion and love is admirable!

To our Captain Jessica,

fly, fly, safely on home!

Trudy, Austria/Australia

bengt said...

Hi Jessica!
You are a big star now, at least in Australia, not just a star !
For example:
*Getting a phone call from the prime minister, and a praise in his speech.
*Getting a phone call from Richard Branson.
*After the interview was shown in the TV show, there was a big warm applause from the audience.
*There was an edit war in your Wikipedia article recently.
*The last month there has been 9033 comments on your blog, 301 per day. Totally 28339 comments since departure at this moment!! As a comparison, Serena Williams, a superstar, gets around 30-50 comments per day on her blog.

Nice that you are able to repair the damage from the hurricane. I really hope there are no more hurricanes for you.

Regarding the estimated time of arrival in Sydney, my excel sheet still shows around April 24. You reach one of my waypoints, longtude 30W, today on my predicted day. But supporters, don't book airplane tickets and spectator boats in Sydney yet. I have read that people are discussing that already. Jessica has a sailboat, they don't follow time tables.

By the way, Jessica:
it was written by Andrew on Twitter that you will pass near Tristan da Cunha, one of the worlds most isolated popluated places.
I suggest, weather permitting, that you pass very near this island, because it is beautiful, 2000 m high, and the people there (who live on the north side) would be stunned by your beautiful sailboat.

Ben Larsson, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Jessaholics Ahoy !!!

If you are like me and scouring the web for any new information about Jessica and Pink Lady while waiting with baited breath for her next precious blog entry, can I suggest:

- http://www.thedeepradioshow.com/Pages/circumnavigation.html
for a one stop shop on all the solo circumnavigations going on (and history) and other exciting adventures that make me quite envious!!

- have a good read through Jessica's absolutely enthralling blog archive, starting from the beginning (and the last entry on each page to keep things in chronological order), and you get to see a developing picture that simply explains all. Jessica's wonderful achievements out there are simply no fluke.

In Jessica's own words, WOW.

Your voyage is a bit of a distraction Jessica, but I am not complaining!!!

And I juts LOVE how you are single handedly rebranding the colour pink.


Steve in Wellington

MikeC said...

9.30 at night here - must be mid-morning where you are. Hope it's a good day for you both.

PHD said...

Hello again Jess.
All of us here eagerly look forward to your latest blog everyday. But we also realize that sometimes things get just too damn busy out there. Plus we know that time for you to rest and sleep is at a premium so we also wait patiently. We just hope everything is going ok and that you are getting some repairs done as well as plenty of rest.
Hope to hear from you again soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day..
stoked that you are get things fixed up.. glad to hear you had a great day, i did too except it couldn't have been more different to yours, on a drought stricken farm enjoying BBQ lamb and steak in 42 degree dry heat!!!
oh, we really are the lucky country!!!
take care out there, you are a CHAMP!!
mel of yenda...

Kissyfrott said...

A few personals...
@Dunny - excellent! hahaha We worked on the same idea. I love your text! Very very funny!
@PWB - Thank you, I'll try not to tumble... You know, I am not sure enough of all the various and hidden meanings of what I read, and sometimes afraid of hurting sensibilities using a language I don't know perfectly. Coming to symbols (like a flag), there could be, even in free and candoland Australia, people hating any joke about them, as innocent as they are intended to be. About politics and religion, I have a "beware" attitude. Humourproof persons do exist!
@Richard in Maryland. I hadn't read that Pink Lady's meeting yet. Thank you! It is an unexpected piece of tale!
@Sally in Melbourne. Always great work! And a terrifying question, you are damn right. What are we going to do... after Jessica's arrival? No rehab center will be large enough to cure all the jessaholics desperately wandering in the world...

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, just wanted to drop in to say I hope all is well with you. I'm sure you have been busy with all the odd jobs about the place that need attending to. Catch up on some well earned sleep and have a bit of fun with your trusty crew... play a bit of music... maybe even catch a fish or two.... Take care 'til next time.

Thanks Barry of Bribie Island for the link on Freak Waves. I watched the whole show last night and was completely mesmerised, it was so interesting and scary at the same time.

PWB said...


@Reply To Dunny
January 27, 2010 10:50 PM

(‪Dunny‬ said...
Look, I know my job's the lowest one there is. I'm at the very bottom)

Dearest Dunny,
I would like to recognise you in your dunny-ness and encourage you to not create a stink about your self, as there are many others that are much lower that yourself, but they seldom surface, they remain undetected, or you might say hiding underground.

I am one of them.

My name is: Thomas The Septic Tank.

Should you ever grow weary of your unbalanced sea going sludge, please contact me and we may be able to hook up together.

Dunny,……Be Loud and Proud

Yours in the BUSINESS.

The Rural Desert Underground, HYDEN, AUSTRALIA


samurai said...

Sue said...
January 27, 2010 6:03 PM

"Two of us are soon to embark on our first passage from Cape Town SA to Europe on our gaff rigged cutter. You have given me courage and the belief that we will be OK with the right attitude. Your attitude, to be precise. THANK YOU"

Good for you, Sue. I wish the two of you the best of luck, good health, every enjoyment, fair winds, calm seas and tight lines. Go for it! Up the Red Sea, I presume? All the best...Sam

Ally said...

reply to PWB

I found your comment very entertaining... well done

Id like to let you know that out here in dusty sth aust. we have a big vehicle that you see from time to time called "Thomas Turd Tank"
I have yet to capture a pic.
I dont like driving behind it just in case.....well you know.

Been checking in here and if no blog then I know your busy. The voyage map is a great page and keeps me happy when I see another little flag on your progress.
Can truely say now... "one less day" and not "one more day"

keep on keeping on chick

(south Australia)

PWB said...


@ Dear RichieParis,

"I am only going to say this once!"


Or as our famous 3 times World Champion Australian Boxer (Jeff Fenech) would say:


That means Kind contributors, Kind complimentors and Silent bloggers who are "Just doing time and walking the line" of this here, Jessica's Brave Blog.

Kind Regards


Rogr Werner said...

Hey Jesse,

As a totally responsible adult (albeit one who has never quite grown up), I have personally seen the pressure well meaning adults place on their children. Between responsible adults and a media always looking for competition and a race for the next 'winner', it's hard for any adolescent to participate in socio-cultural-sporting event without being subject to some level of manipulation. Too many adults feel the need to live vicariously through heir children. The best thing you can do, and the best thing that Abby can do is ignore this pressure, in fact ignore those who seem to be pressuring you, and do your thing. I'm sure you and Abby both know that sailing alone is not really a competitive sport unless one counts self challenge. What really matters in what you are doing is self perception and living through the experience so that the lessons you've learned may be put to responsible application to life. Continued good luck to you!

Liz said...

Oh Jess...you make it all sound like just a walk in the park....in the middle of the wide blue sea...hanging out the washing and thinking school work. You are the best.Enjoy the down time and wishing you safe and speedy progress. Whats for dinner?


Unknown said...


I'm from Marina Del Rey, California and have been following your blog for a few weeks now. I'm so proud of what both you and Abby Sunderland are doing. I went to see Abby off this past Saturday and I think that it is so great that you two are kindred spirits and showing the world that girls rock! Reading your blog and your well wishes for Abby brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely and mature young woman you are. I will keep you in my thoughts and wish you a continued safe and happy adventure.


Stuart said...

I was prompted to publish my first ever online comment on reading your recent Blog posted on Australia Day, especially your generous PS to Abby - it brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my through.
You're a TRUE Champion.
Stuart, Brisbane, Queensland.

Ella, Brisbane, Australia :) said...

You are so right! Most people think Australia is just about the bush and the outback, but there is so much more to the country than that! I wish you the best trip and I look forward to reading more of your blogs!!!


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