Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day!

Every year at school we used to get asked what Australia Day meant to us, this year I couldn't be much further from Australia, there's none of the things that make a typical Australia Day celebration out here, no sunshine, beach, no taking the day off or BBQ but this year I really can say I'm proud to be an Aussie! And also how great it feels to have the support of the country behind me!

I've still got a lot of the world to see (a lot of Australia too actually!) but the things that are special about Oz to me (other than all the cool scenery!) is our relaxed positive attitude and 'can do' approach! I'd like to think that we're a county that's capable of coming together to tackle challenges, one that's capable of showing the world that we can achieve the things that we believe in.

So how am I celebrating? Well last night I was pretty thrilled to get a call on the sat phone from Kevin Rudd who offered to pass on a Happy Australia Day message to everyone from me! That's about all I needed to make my day!

In other news, I'm pleased to report that the dunny is all back together (thank goodness!) and that the stove fired up again (yessss!!!) after drying out a little. Can I just say that, after enduring a few days without a stove my respect for James and Justin (the guys who kayaked the Tasman) and any other sailor or adventurer who's main food source was self-heating freeze dried meals has just gone up about a million notches!

So getting Ella's Pink Lady back into shape after our little battering has been going well, not helped by another front that passed yesterday but luckily it didn't give us any more than 40 knots of wind. I'm currently waiting for the wind to ease a little more so that I can finish patching the main sail and pull it right up again. Ella's Pink Lady looks a little worse for a few battle scars but more importantly is still as strong as ever.I shouldn't really be surprised as this is what we set her up to take and why we picked the S&S 34. Still it's nice to know.

I certainty can't complain about the miles we've been covering lately, we're flying across the Atlantic, I'm starting to worry that it's all going to be over and we're going to be home before I'm ready!

Well I'm going to sign off and have a go at making meat patties with tinned mince for a hamburger. Then maybe even some cake or muffins just because I'm so thrilled about the stove working!

Happy Australia Day!


P.S. Congratulations times a million to Abby Sunderland for departing on her voyage last Saturday, I know what a challenge it is, just to get to the start line. Despite the fact that there seems to be a lot of adults determined to see Abby and I pitted against each other as rivals, I only wish her the best of luck and am totally thrilled that there's another girl going for the record!


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jan said...

hi jesse, ive said it before,

your simply the best
better than all the rest!!

happy oz day. cheers from canterbury nz.

Anonymous said...

go jess
good job on making through the big storm! Happy Australia day and I hope you enjoyed yourself. Good luck on the rest of your journey

Cooper McClymont, Brisbane

ben said...

Happy Austrslis Day Jesse!

Wow! a message from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd no less. Sorta like a high five really isn't it? A lot of weight behind that phone call. Minister of Youth Affairs...
hmmm has a nice ring to it I reckon :)

Congrats on reaching the half-way mark and now officially on your way home. It's amazing how far you've come in what seems like a very short time...for me anyway.

So pleased the dunny is repaired and you got the stove going again. I can picture the feeling of elation as it fired up.

To know that front wasn't as bad as first thought is certainly a relief. I guess you really don't know for sure until it hits. Hope the repairs to the mainsail is successful and you get everything ship-shape again.

Ok captain, let the celebrations begin!

"Australia fair let us rejoice for we are young and free..."

Ben (Qld)
(Kiwi in Oz)

Susan said...

Happy Australia Day Jesse!
and everyone else here from Oz.

A song for you all:

Peter Allen

I've been to cities that never close down,
from New York to Rio and old London town,
but no matter how far or how wide I roam
I still call Australia home.

I'm always trav'lin, I love being free,
And so I keep leaving the sun and the sea,
But my heart lies waiting over the foam
I still call Australia home.

All the sons and daughters, spinning 'round the world,
Away from their family and friends,
But as the world gets older and colder,
It's good to know where your journey ends.

But someday we'll all be together once more
when all of the ships came back to the shore,
I realize something I've always known
I still call Australia home.

But no matter how far or how wide I roam,
I still call Australia, I still call Australia,
I still call Australia Home.

I had never heard of Australia Day, and I'll never forget it...it's also my birthday :) Pretty cool! It's one more reason on my long list of why I want to visit there.

Christoph M. said...

I keep my fingers crossed for you!
Regards from Germany

Wobbler said...
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Wobbler said...

Happy Australia day you little Aussie Battler.

Keep punching above your weight and good sailing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess

Happy Australia Day - not bad to have an Aussie conquering the South Atlantic !

Trust you have the Green and Yellow somewhere on EPL

Peter Sydney

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Australians all, let us rejoice
For Jess is young and free,
With Ellas Pink Lady and grit and toil
Around the world by Sea

Good onya mate - you little Aussie battler....cook up a storm on that stove now you've got it working.

we're still with you..all the way

You're a legend

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day Jess! Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us, you are an inspiration. I had a few sailing lessons on Port Phillip Bay years ago before going to the Whitsundays with a few friends for 10 days sailing on a Cavalier 37, the model Kay Cottee did her solo around the world voyage on. I was constantly amazed that one person could sail such a small craft around the world alone and in the oceans of the world, not just inside the Barrier Reef. Your videos and blogs have shown us that you're wise and brave beyond your years and I hope that doesn't sound patronising. Stay safe, come back to us and we'll all give you a high 5 even if we can't be there to see you return.

p.s., I went sailing off Maui once and when I mentioned to one of the crew that I'd sailed around the Whitsundays, "just inside the reef though" he laughed and said there's nothing to see outside the reef anyway. He just didn't get it, did he? Go girl!!!

fumes said...

Happy Australia Day Jesse! ~fumes

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Way to go Jesse :-), showing your true Aussie sportsmanship again by wishing Abby well. Go Jesse
:-). I'm sure that 99.9% of people following you and Abby, only wish the two of you a safe arrival home and accomplishing your own person goals.

Yippee, dunny working and stove working. Most important essentials. I remember the photo you posted of those pretty muffins at the beginning of your trip. They looked so yummy. I hope you also enjoyed your hamburger.

You have such a following now Jesse, all around the world. Your personality has shone through as a diamond in the rough (the rough being the sea). That is why I think the dolphins are attracted to EPL, you are a little shining beacon in that huge ocean.

It's amazing reading all the blogs and it's so heartwarming reading all the kind words that people say about you. They are all speaking from their hearts, as I am and are speaking the truth about the sought of person you are.

Go well Jesse. I won't look forward to your adventure ending either my dear (a little selfish I know, but you write such great novels), but I will look forward to your safe arrival home and in the arms of your loving Mum and Dad.

Lots of hugs, keep safe and enjoy. Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand).

PS - Jesse, I am now putting Jan Pace as there are quite a few other Jans blogging you :-).

Susie (QLD) said...

Happy Aussie Day Jess
Keep up the great work
Susie (QLD)

Anonymous said...

We celebrated Australia day sailing of course. Happy Australia day Jess
Dean and Deb
Sunshine Coast

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

happy Australia Day! It's nearly over!

Kevin Rudd as well wisher no less, and so it should be!

You, your family and your team do Australia proud.
You are living, what you say you love about Australia, you certainly are a role model for a positive, relaxed attitude and a can do approach!
You are leading the parade in showing Australians and the world to tackle challenges and achieving them!
I vote for Australian of the year and/or the Nobel Peace prize for you!
And with your comments about Abby and that you won't allow anyone to set each other up as rivals affirms that you are worthy of such accolades.

That too is what impressed me about some of the participants in the golden globe race in 1968.
They were not rivals, but formed a bond of friendship between them.

I read Don Mc Intyres piece about the making of EPL today and he mentioned that you had a top of the line toilet installed, so I am glad the dunny came back together again!!!!!
Buckets are just not the same!

Well, EPL can wear her battle scars proudly but I am glad that you did not get battered by the latest rough weather.

Good luck with the sail!

Have to chuckle at qour getting worried getting back home before you are ready!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your cooking and your eating adventure!!!!

Keep well, happy and above all else safe,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

Unknown said...

We're proud that you're an aussie.
Happy Australia Day Jesse.

Anonymous said...
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Kestrel said...

Hey Jesse,

What does Australia Day mean?

Everything you said and all that you are doing epitomizes the Aussie spirit. You are why we celebrate being Aussie, along with all those who embrace the freedom of being able to say what we feel while respecting others right to say otherwise. Sure, we have our knockers and we need them. They keep us in line to make sure we keep this great land ... well great!

I hope you get to wander this great land and enjoy what it has to offer once you return, but for now all of Australia (well most anyway) are with you, willing you on for a safe return.

Well said re Abby, we wish her well on her voyage, but for now, for you ... take care and


Sail on,

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day Jesse! Glad you managed to get the dunny back together and the stove working. Sounds like you and EPL are holding up well, after your battering.

The Australia Day fireworks are going off over Sydney harbour as I type this... sure one of them was dedicated to you.

Safe sailing.


Peter Vickerson said...

G'day Champ
Happy Australia Day! You're doing the nation proud; we're all so proud of you. The fact that yhou kept your composure when totally inverted with the mast pointing to the bottom was very, very impresive, but that's you in a nutshell.
I noticed that you seem to be getting used to stronger winds. "only 40 knots" was the expression you used today.

I'm not a great fan of our Kev, but he done good by calling you today. I take my hat off to him for doing that.

I cant wait to see your position update and see how close you are to Cape Aghullas.

I'm still sticking to my original prediction of you getting back to Sydney on or before Anzac Day (April 25). I'm punting that you will average 120 nm per day from now on.

Jess, you are a true champion.

Good Onya and God Blessya.

Peter Vickerson


Unknown said...

Have been following you throughout since Sydney Jessica. You're doing fantastic. Your detemrination and spirit is a witness to all. As a fellow adventurer its great to see you going for it. You're one hell of sailor and they way you have managed the conditions and recent storm sends a definative serve to any of the critics still out there (tho they're probably all converted fans by now!!!

There done it - my first effort at a blog. I emailed your support team in December but must have been one of the many as haven't heard. I sincerely hope you'll drop across the Tasman with EPL when you're done to see your Kiwi fans.

Steve (Wellington)

shake said...

Jessica.....ill be flying to Sydney just to see you from 100 meters...You are truly amazing

Sally said...

Happy Australia Day Jesse!

As I am typing this I can barely move as we have had 2 BBQ's today for breakfast and then dinner, so we have eaten ourselves silly! But it was great!!

Lots of fresh Australian produce plus we had lovely weather today so we got to enjoy some traditional outside dining. The good ol' Aussie barbie!

What a fantastic day and like you we are very proud of our country and to be Australians. Congrats on your phone call from Kevin Rudd. Just thought that he would give you a buzz and say g'day did he?! That's awesome news and a nice surprise for you.

Glad to hear that the Loo and the Stove are working again. Both items you CANNOT do without!

Hope the burger and the baking turned out well. I can't even begin to imagine what self-heating freeze dried meals are like and how that works? I will have to google that to learn more about them. Another lesson from the school of Jesse!

Ella's Pink Lady is certainly a strong gal and it's good news that she is still fighting fit and flying along, even though she has some battle scars. Adds to her character!

I have started to follow the progress of Abby and wish her well in the coming months. You know exactly how she feels right now Jesse and it's lovely that you wish her the best in her journey. That's our good Aussie character coming through in you Jesse!!

Hope you have had a lovely Australia Day - stay safe and look forward to your next blog.

The Australian Sunrise
by James L Cuthbertson

The Morning Star paled slowly, the Cross hung low to the sea
And down the shadowy reaches the tide came swirling free.
The lustrous purple blackness of the soft Australian night
Waned in the grey awakening that heralded the light;
Still in the dying darkness, still in the forest dim
The pearly dew of the dawning clung to each giant limb,
Till the sun came up from ocean, red with the cold sea mist,
And smote on the limestone ridges, and the shining tree-tops kissed;
Then the fiery Scorpion vanished, the magpie's note was heard,
And the wind in the sheoak wavered and the honeysuckles stirred;
The airy golden vapour rose from the river breast,
The kingfisher came darting out of his crannied nest,
And the bulrushes and reed-beds put off their sallow grey
And burnt with cloudy crimson at the dawning of the day

Sally In Sydney

Molly said...

If I had to describe your latest post I would do it with one word.
You are a woman of amazing grace.
With all you've been through in the past few days you took time to...
Mention your heart felt pride in your country,
Updated your devoted bloggers on your status,
and offer words of sincere encouragement to another female adventurer.
Belated Happy Australia Day to my favorite Australian.
Glad to hear that some of the "essentials" (dunny and stove) are back up and doing their jobs.
Blessings on you and big thanks to the Angels for seeing you through the storm.
I'm so happy that you've hit your halfway mark and (as your parents said)"are on your way home."
Maryland USA

Pete and Nancy in Keene,NH. USA said...

Happy Australia Day Jess,

Glad to hear that things have settled down and are getting back into shape. You have been handed a huge test and have passed it with flying colors. We all knew you could.

As you are a true hero to your fellow Australians, you are an inspiration to all.

Stay safe and clipped in

samurai said...

Hey there Jess, I hope you're well.
In a fairdinkum, true blue, down under, chuck another prawn on the barbie, dinky-di, aussie spirit I wish you a very Happy Australia day! Enjoy your Aussie pride and know that we are all so very proud of you, our very own 16 year old Aussie girl sailing around the world. And you're on the home stretch now so I really hope you don't run into any more monster waves that knock you down. Nasty buggers they are!
Well done on getting the head and stove serviceable again. I do hope you get to hoist the mainsail right the way up again soon, not just from your good repair/sewing skills but also in anticipation of more favourable weather conditions.
I was also thinking about your wind instruments after you mentioned having lost them in a knockdown and was wondering if repairing those would necessitate another trip up the mast.
Fancy getting a call from the Prime Minister...oh, you privileged one! Onya, Kevin Rudd. You should be very Proud of our Jessica.
Yes, you certainly are flying along, currently 1500nm ahead of schedule and you will be home again in no time so again I say, Carpe Diem. Enjoy every moment of every day you have left out there and stay safe. Take good care of yourself, keep up with the D+F's and bye for now...(Aunty) Sam XX

Anonymous said...

Wow. What an adventure.

Mary said...

In true Australia Day style, I only have one thing to say "You are bloody amazing Jessica". best regards Mary

Auckland NZ - Judy said...

Hi Jessica

Ive just been talking to my friends in Aust
who are having a fabulous day.

I may not be there in person this year but
Im certainly there in spririt...

Happy Australia Day to you too.

Oh..and your picture was in the NZ Herald today.

Safe sailing


Anonymous said...

Hey 45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W

I checked Google Earth, and your tree needs pruning :=) But your Montreal neighbourhood sure looks lovely!

Jessie, your gripping blog sure attracts all sorts, what a wonderful melting pot from around the world.

You are going global!!! Congratulations on your call from you PM, that has to be pretty impressive.

Keep up the awesome work, and please stay clipped in at all times for your thousands of adoptive parents out there.

Kiwi Steve (Wellington)

Bruce said...

Well Jesse - it's good to see you are on the way home now. Past the halfway mark and you still have a sense of humor.
Glad to hear the dunny is back and operational again. Likewise the stove - if that was a no-goer then how would we get the accounts of your culinary achievements.
Hope your next leg is a smooth one so you can get well rested.

Go Girl

Anonymous said...

lluismi spain said.jessica is not a fake.BRAVO

Unknown said...

Happy Australia Day, Jesse! You were very much part of my thoughts today even before I read your latest post. You have expressed the Aussie spirit so well, and you're living it in every way. So proud of you.
Great to see your comments supporting Abby - wouldn't expect anything less of you, and might put a few of those adults in their place,
Stay safe
Neil (Casino)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
Happy Australia Day.
You certainly are a true Aussie, and we are all so proud of you.
Glad you have your stove working and also the "dunny".
Kevin Rudd ringing must of been a great suprise. None of us got a phone call. ha ha.
Glad to hear you are flying along.
Hope all repairs are soon finished and EPL is back to "normal"
We all wish Abby the best of luck also.
"Jesse for Aussie of the Year 2011"

Keep safe,

Chef Courtney said...

Happy Australia Day Jess!

Today was the best Australia Day ever! My family & I spent today on beautiful Sydney Harbour on our sailing boat. It's our 3rd day on our new boat and we love it. Such a magical day, the sun was shining the sky blue and the atmosphere of people waving and smiling from their boats with Aussie Flags was fantastic. We now understand why you love to sail. You are such an inspiration Jess.

They Wrays, Sydney

Unknown said...

To all our fellow bloggers: You make this site SO worthwhile. I enjoy EVERY ONE of your comments. THANK YOU!!!

Samurai, Michael (75), Richie, Salty Dog, to mention a few – YOU ARE THE BEST. I Love ALL of you - too many to mention! I love the blogger family!

THANK YOU to Jessica’s support team, what you do behind the scenes is amazing! WOW and WOW again!!!!

HomeSweetBoat said...

To all our fellow bloggers: You make this site SO worthwhile. I enjoy EVERY ONE of your comments. THANK YOU!!!

Samurai, Michael (75), Richie, Salty Dog, to mention a few – YOU ARE THE BEST. I Love ALL of you - too many to mention! I love the blogger family!

THANK YOU to Jessica’s support team, what you do behind the scenes is amazing! WOW and WOW again!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are one tough little cookie, it's not a nice place to be when the ocean is stirred up by strong winds, you hang in there girl. Good to hear that you fixed the stove and the dunny, have you got the wind gear up and running yet. Well done on passing the half way mark, we are all riding with you, may the rest of the voyage be an easy cruise for you and EPL.
Good luck.
Cam & Annie “H”

Anonymous said...

Ahoi Captain Jess
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie
Oi Oi Oi !!!
You're doing your country proud. Good to see you're in fine spirits and that you managed to fix some of the damage to your equipment.
You sure show true grit and can call yourself an old salt now.
Sail fairweather all the way.
Stay safe - always.
Jenny and Volker,
Perth WA

PHD said...

Hi Jess.
And a happy Australia Day to you. And I'm sure you realize that you not only have the support of your country behind you but the support of all of us around the world. We are all with you out there.

Kaye Stapleton said...

Hi Jess,
my second blog to-day but i wanted to add a link for all to play i hope you enjoy it.
Happy Australia Day!!
Kaye Australia.


Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day Jess!! You are doing Oz proud!!! It's great to hear that Mr Rudd has acknowledged you too on this special day. You deserve it!

Jill (Newcastle)

Bobby in South Carolina said...


I'm not sure what it was about your post today that hit me, but I just started crying my eyes out. I'm happy for you. You seem to be in such good spirits.

And I've never heard of Australia Day so you are educating me as well.

- Bobby

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

This morning I emailed Scottish friends about how we celebrate a typical Australia Day, and the lovely weather we're having ....27.5C at 8 45am, and that was inside with the fans on!!
My friend emailed back tonight that it was 3.5C at 8 30am, (her time); and only expected to reach to 4C.
I think you beat us both with your extreme weather report from the weekend.
Glad to hear you're okay, and we're looking forward to you coming home - hope to see you sail into Sydney.
Go Girl.

Bennie from Brissie

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica
So pleased to hear that you are overcoming such adversity in a very matter of fact way. I have to admit to being among those who were concerned about how well prepared you were for this endeavour after your troublesome start; but you have convinced me that you have all that it takes to complete this undertaking.
I wish you well and I will be amongst the many who will welcome you home and to be proud of your achievements.

Best wishes
John, Brisbane

Wendy said...

You are such a wonderful young Australian Jess. I'm so glad you have got everything working again, hope you enjoyed your cook up.
Take Care
Gladstone Qld

gustav said...

Happy Australia Day,dear Jessica!

Meat patties with tinned mince for a Hamburger and maybe even some cake or muffins and the stove is working again!

In between chatting with the Prime Minister of Australia Mr.Kevin Rudd on the Sat phone.

I suppose her Majesty the Queen will drop in sometime later this afternoon for tea on Ella's Pink Lady ?

The 9pm Australia Day Fireworks just went off at Darling harbour,very pretty all pinks and blues.

Enjoy your Australia Day,Jessica.

You're a true blue dinky-di aussie skipper in that beaut little pink boat!

gustav haffner

Debs said...

That's a great bit of blogging Jesse. Well done yet again.

A call from Kevin Rudd.....Well that must have been nice. I'm glad he took the time out to acknowledge the magnificent job you are doing to show the rest of the world what a great bunch of youngsters Australia has to offer.Smile

I think its great Abby is also out there....i've been keeping an eye on her trip as well this week and will continue to do so.

As someone else said.....*** GIRLS ROCK ******* !!!!!!!

Anyway.....your doing great...and i said at the start of your trip that you would be home before you knew it....and now here you are thinking you will be home before your ready....lol

You stay safe/ have fun...and tell Hannah ive put new pics of the guineas, Jessica and Hannah on my blog....smile ( they are mega cute)

Will catch up with you again soon

Deb and the guineas

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!

Happy Australia day! it is great that you got the phone call of Mr. Rudd, wonderful!

Hope the weather is doing well for you. Im so glad that your stove is back to work!

Hopefully you will be able to catch some fish. If you get more fishes, just be sure it is ok to eat them, ive heard there are some species of fish that arent safe to eat.

Best wishes,


Joanne van Os said...

Happy Australia Day Jesse!

Glad you got the stove back together - I worried about you eating cold meals for the rest of the voyage. AND the loo too! Well done.

I think you can be pretty sure you were a conversation subject over thousands of bbqs today. We are all SO proud of you! And good on you for your classy comments about Abby starting out.

Stay safe and dry, and clipped on!

Darwin NT Australia

Anonymous said...

Well the best news there Jesse is that you have got the dunny back together, you need all the comforts you can get out there, and a decent throne is one of them. Second to that it's nice you got the stove going, but I wasn't worried about that since a dismantle and dry was going to sort that out. Thirdly comes Kev, it's a good show that he gave you a pat on the back on Australia Day. So not only is there personal accomplishment but a fair helping of national pride to be had with this little jaunt...for you and your fantastic team. Abby and others will follow to take the record, but no-one can take your baby away from you.


Amazedbyou said...

Hiya Jesse,

Lovely Lovely post. I said my Happy Aussie Day in last blog to you...but I must say, K Rudd is definitely worth a mention. Woowweeee. That's pretty big. Hope he gives you the key to Parliament House, the way you fixed that dunny, you can fix anything...!! Cheers Jesse, have fun. (ps did he apologise for you know who....)

To my world wide web adopted family,

@albacoreliafail, Thanks so much for the change of photo request, are you sure you’re not aussie...You certainly have that ‘can do’ approach. I hope you succeed in your request.

@Russ.VE6Vk. Loved that !!

@Mary Main USA, thanks so much for the gentle and forgotten art of blessings. We need more Mary’s in our lives, everywhere.

@Susan song by Peter Allen, top show. Also highjacked by Qantas although they did alright, you can see it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX5UR2leYHA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN. You will always remember Australia Day now. You should come over and celebrate one year with us. You will be assured of many Cheers and Beers.

@Peter Bush…. I followed your directions…I took the third right at the bear that looks like a rock. I went to the rabbit proof fence and knocked three times. I tied 50 yellow ribbons around 30 cow paddies. A lady came out and said that you had lost some of your Kangaroos in the top paddock and your were still searching and that could take sometime…

Then, if that was not bad enough, she pulled a shot gun on me, and said some Yippy ki-ay…….quote from Bruce Willis’ Die Hard movie. I think it was Delhlia…it’s over, I can’t take it anymore…. Creep.
te he ha ha..

Margaret said...

Wow Jesse, Yet another special inspirational blog, you have amazing qualities and strengths. You are indeed one very special young lady. So pleased that you have the necessities in ship shape again, its testament to your fortitude and determination that you overcome whatever is thrown at you with such indomitable spirit.Keep up your amazing work. May you have many enjoyable sailing days ahead.

Lynne said...

Hi Jess, good to see you so cheerful after the storm. I hope the repairs & tidying up continue smoothly. Nice comments about Abby, hah, what would the media know! Happy Australia Day. Lynne

Tony L said...

Hi Jessica
Great to hear that you have completed your domestic repairs and have had a thrilling and fulfilling Australia Day. You have been honoured not just by us, but by the PM. In his address in Canberra he had the following to say:

“This Australia Day, the 222nd in our settled history, I'd to tell you the story of three young Australians. I'd like to do that because I think their stories speak directly to the great spirit that is Australia, the spirit that's animated so much of our nation's history, and the spirit that inspires us as together we build the nation's future, and that spirit is Australia.

Last night I spoke with Jessica Watson. It was morning in the pitching seas off South Georgia, somewhere in the South Atlantic. She had just rounded Cape Horn, as you do, her boat's main mast had hit the water four times the day before, and the day before that her parents told me they lived through the anxiety of being phoned by search and rescue because Jessica's emergency beacon had gone off.

Jessica Watson is no ordinary young Australian. She is an extraordinary young Australian, and some 5,000 nautical miles west of Cape Town she wanted me today to wish you all a very happy Australia Day.

I asked young Jess if there was any message she wanted to pass on to the nation. Her message was simple. Her message was live your dream - live your dream. But before we see a squadron of 16 year olds set sail around the world, let me also add what she also said was important for her - other practical ambitions, including finishing school, getting a driver's licence, very useful, I would have thought, in the Southern Atlantic, and - wait for it - getting a skipper's certificate, which I thought you might have needed before you went to the South Atlantic, but not for our young Jess. Jess Watson is a remarkable young Australian.”

At first I was a little confused to read your reference to you and Ella’s Pink Lady being back in shape after a “little battering” and then “looking a little worse for a few battle scars”. Then I remembered that you are a master at understating negatives and emphasising positives! Your positive attitude is one of your characteristics that makes us proud to communicate with you. And, characteristically it seems, you have graciously congratulated Abby Sunderland and wished her well.

Well, keep flying across the Atlantic. You don’t have to tidy your cabin for your Mum just yet so you needn’t worry about how fast you go.

Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia day...were all so proud of you..glad to hear the toilets fixed

Lizzy said...

Happy Australia Day Jessica. You are so brave battling a storm like you did. Glad your stove and dunny are working again. The rate your flying at you'll be home ahead of schedule. Sail safe! Lizzy

John Pender said...

Now that's good sportsmanship! I just discovered Abby last night - ironic you mention her now. Happy Aussie Day and hope all is well.

Bethlehem, Georgia, USA

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome blog today!! yous sound so positive and to think you are 'homeward bound' is amazing!! But as a lot of others say - stay focused and stay tethered on cos you never know what that weather will do!!! Had to laugh at Williams comment (cos I am a Kiwi) about whether you are a Kiwi or not. Oh dear the Aussies won't like this but I do believe your Grandparents are in Central Otago (Ripponvale - NZ) which would effectively give us Kiwi's a 50 percent claim on you!!!! Pretty much says it all!! LOL Take care - NO complacency and see you in Sydney!! Go Kiwi!! MJ from Brisbane.

Unknown said...

Jessica you are my favorite Aussie. You do have a great country and have every right to be proud. I am sure Australia is very proud of you too.
Nice to hear your little boat fared so well in such a nasty storm. And best of all nice to hear your positive attitude and great sense of humor have also endured.
Yea you will be home before you know it but what a homecoming it will be. God bless you Jessica. duane, an American proud of Australia and its can-do attitude!

Des said...

Happy Australia Day
We spent the morning at North Shore Beach; beach conditions are at their best. We had a BBQ at Mapleton and dinner around the pool with family at our place. A real Aussie Day.
Are you not carrying a spare main sail? How big is the rip? A good repair is difficult away from a sail maker’s loft.
As always we are praying for you. God bless.

ben said...

my sincere apologies to all Australians for the unforgivable mistake I made to "Advance Australia Fair". It should read
..."Australians all let us rejoice for we are young and free". My deepest regret for making this error to the Australian National Anthem and hope I can be forgiven.


Ben (Qld)

Ina said...

Good Morning Jessica, I have read your blog and followed your progress every day since you left Australia on your amazing quest. I am not one of those adults who are going to be pitting you and Abby against each other. I am just an Arizona, USA, grandmother who is wishing two remarkable young ladies god speed and let you know you are in my heart and in my prayers each day.

Surfari. said...

Congratulations Jess!!! Half-way around the world and going stronger than ever! This will be an Australia Day you will never forget. Always in our thoughts. Woohooo!

Anonymous said...

hi jess,

so glad you are well and coping after that nasty storm that had you on your toes!! you and your pink lady are true heroes in our eyes!! and you are such a lovely person to be wishing abby well etc i hope that your journey ahead is safe and i will miss you & your adventure when all is done and dusted!!! anyone that tackles the seas etc alone is a true blue hero to me!! happy australia day jess!!

all the best.... deb

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Happy Australia Day! It excellent that the stove is back working.... You should bake yourself some of those cupcakes! I hope the rest of your trip in the Atlantic goes better and you keep up the excellent adventure... I have been following you since October and my daughters are jealous that I am so proud of you!! Keep Smiling.. All the best girl.. Larry from Florida

Lisa in MN said...

Hi Jessica -

Congratulations on weathering the storm in fine fashion. It must give you a giant boost of confidence to know that even if you get knocked down, you can get back up and keep going. We are so very glad that you are safe, and that you and EPL work so famously together. Whoo-hoo on the stove and dunny working again! Enjoy Australia Day! Aussies and the rest of us around the world are all very proud of you. Godspeed -

Lisa in MN

Anonymous said...

Jess U Crusty Young Sea Feline U yo

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day Jessica! I think it's great that you have such a good attitued about Abby attempting the record as well. I found you first and love you to pieces so I'm not sure I will follow Abby but wish her the best too.
Take care and we LOVE love LOVE your blog - still follow each day!

~Two in TX

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

I find an comparison developing here when you discuss the strength of EPL and how it brought you through the storm, albeit a little battered and bruised but EPL made it and likewise you made it.

To me this is a perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

You are one tough young lady and your inner strength so clearly shows through in your "Australia Day" post.

Kudos on receiving the call from PM Kevin Rudd. A class act on his part and this is the first of such high level recognition so get used to it.

You are the embodiment of the Australian spirit and are rapidly becoming a living breathing role model for the youth of Australia; if they will stop for a moment and really consider what you are accomplishing.

Happy Australia Day.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day!

Happy to get the update about the stove. We can go without the dummy but...

Been following along with you, keep dry (ya I know) And always keep something in your tummy. Keep a weathered eye, fix the main sail.

Robbie N
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Peter R said...

Happy Australia Day Jessica. You make every one proud. Wishing you all the best for a safe journey home.Best wishes Peter , Sydney Australia

Rich Hanson said...

Jessica, Best wishes for a GREAT Australia Day and hopefully a little sunshine will come your way... (-:

Stay safe and God speed!

Rich H.
Scottsdale, AZ USA

Anonymous said...

Following your trip here on the coast of NC in the US. I am amazed at your knowledge about sailing, your boat's workings, the weather, but especially your maturity at dealing with all you have encountered and your resilience! Fair winds and safe travel for the rest of your journey...we are all going with you and appreciate your taking us along for the ride. You go, Girl!

jean depelteau said...

Happy Australia day !!! You are fun to follow ... interesting and a great sailor !

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day! Jess, you are such an amazing role model for young - and indeed us, ahem, older - Aussies. We too are a long way from home and miss the sunshine, sea, family and friends. We wouldn't swap our overseas adventures for one minute and will treasure them forever. It makes you think though just what a lucky country Australia is.
Have a beautiful day.
Audrey, Seoul
PS Thank goodness the dunny is back in business.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, have you ever thought about how incredibly handsome Zac Sunderland is? Have you ever met him?

Mark Catalina 27 said...

Happy Australia Day Jessie! I'm sure you are way to busy to read all these comments. I'm not even sure mine are getting thru but I do have a couple of thoughts. 1. By now I'm sure you know in your heart that not only is Australia behind you & your team, so is the world sailing community! I know in NC, and VA USA where I sail, we sure are! 2. I absolutely loved your message of congratulations on Abby's dparture. There are no winners or losers here. Just two very brave young ladies that are living their dream. All the best from an old Catalina 27 sailor ! Mark, Greensboro, NC

Anonymous said...

What's an S&S 34?

KB in Melbourne said...

Hi Jess
you will always be in the history books as the first 16 yr old ever to circumnavigate this globe.
You have shown your courage and humility ever since you left Sydney.
I hope you know how proud we are of you and your whole ground crew.

May the the angels fill your sails with wind and Im sure the dolphins are there to protect you

Enjoy your dream Jess but hurry home to us for the biggest reception ever.

You are one cool chick and in my opinion better looking than any other circumnavigators at the moment.

ps Happy Australia day to you 2

Cape Breton said...

G'day Jessica,
I'm an old Aus/Canuck and wish you a relaxing Australia Day.

So relieved to learn that the stove and the "unmentionable"
dunny are working again. You seem to have the ability to adapt and develop new skills so easily.

Receiving a call from PM Rudd must have been a special surprise and kudos to him for that too.

As others have said, it was a very nice gesture passing on good wishes to Abby. Just two sailors
showing respect for one another.
Its obviously challenging enough
handling the ocean and weather conditions. You are a winner in our eyes no matter what
happens elsewhere. Keep the focus
on "the now" and before you know it you'll be sailing into Sydney.
Be safe and happy.

from the great Bras d'Or Lakes.

PS. Thanks to Sam and Bluefin, you know why.

Kathie said...

Happy Australian Day Jess,

You will be the first 16 yr old to make it around...when I listened to the news yesterday and they were talking about Abby and how she would be the first, my back went up and I became all protective...I wanted to call in and tell them about how you are at the half way point and how you made it thru the storm and how... but then I thought , we all know ,and thats all that matters!!!
Kathie (NYC) xoxox

Mike D said...

Happy Australia Day from an Aussie wanna be!

I too am proud to know of this extraordinary young Australian (Ms. Jessica Watson). I am proud also, to be a small tiny fraction of her grand adventure via this Blog. I feel blessed and fortunate to have stumbled across it early on, for you see, I have never read a Blog before and only came upon it by chance. I don’t normally read the paper or watch the news (seeing how it is usually disproportionately disturbing anyhow), but one day I picked up a paper (the METRO) left lying about and observed a very small article that ignited my interest. Having been a fair weather sailor (now an armchair sailor) (a cruising sailor wanna be) I was keenly interested in what Jessica was attempting to do. So...

Following Jessica’s journey has lead me to discover much more about the world; Australians in particular. About Blogs and Blog followers, and about courage, determination, and poise. All you guys (Aussie or not) have made the world a happier, friendlier place and have spoilt me rotten with your writing and heartfelt expressions and I thank you for it. I especially want to thank Jessica and her family for creating and inspiring this reality.

Some have said that solo sailing is a selfish pursuit, and as such, that Jessica is selfish for doing it. I say that by creating this Blog and freely allowing anyone to join her in her grand adventure is exceedingly unselfish and borders on being altruistic. How few have ever touched so many hearts!

It may have been Australia “Day” for Australians but since Jessica’s adventure began, Jessica and company have made every day Australia day for me!

Be safe Jess,

Mike D
Landlocked in Philadelphia, Pa, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

it was lovely to read your post, and I'm really pleased that you have got the toilet and stove working again.. a relief I'm sure for you to have both working !!

All the best with the other repairs that you need to do.

I'm also pleased that the predicted storm wasn't as bad as expected.

How exciting to get a phone call from Kevin Rudd.

It would be wonderful if you were awarded young Australian of the year for 2011. You are such an inspiration to so many people, and as others have said a wonderful ambassador for Australia.

I'm sure you enjoyed your hamburgers and muffins, a fitting celebration for having the stove working again.

Also wishing safe sailing to Abby and I hope that Dilip is also have a safe journey.

All the best Jesse, keep safe

you are in my thoughts and prayers,

God Bless

Armidale NSW

Bearcat said...

AUSTRALIA DAY and let us keep it and stay a safe place to live. Jess you must have the hide of a rinosorus to endure being tossed like a cork in an ocean. Really as little you said about the ordeal, inside it must have been gut renching not knowing how you'de come through. But as I've said before you are an ANZAC, you never give up. I really admire your spirit and courage, you are an amazing teenager!
Keep smiling and sail safely. The communications sponsors are doing a great job too
Cheers Nick

Dark said...

Hi Jessica

Glad you and Pink Lady got through that storm OK I guess that was one of those times you are exposed to self doubt, had to be very scary sound like you handled it well.

Well done Jess it had to happen and hoping you weather wil be more settled now


Beau said...

Congratulations Jesse on Australia Day, and for coming through the storm. Life knocks us down, we get up and keep going! Wish we could all gather and BBQ some of those meat patties :)

The Griffs of Hillarys Perth WA said...

Hey Jess
Glad the loo is fixed but more glad that the cooker is working. Cold crunchy food! Mmm Hmm that would be yummie for 3 more months.

Now just to make you laugh. I am sitting in my loungeroom on Australia Day night and the house across the road is full of 16-18 year olds who have been partying since (9am). By 4pm they were spilling into our yard peeing against the fence. (As you do) My husband has been going out yelling at them and telling them off, coming back in, going out, coming back in. Eventually a big fight broke out and there is my hubby, the neighbour and the household father trying to break up a bunch of drunken yobbos.

Man and they said you weren't mature enough to sail around the world. You so should have stayed home and chosen to party with those yobs instead.

Anyway been an interesting Aussie day.

Stay safe and best wishes as always.

The Griffs of Hillarys WA Perth.

David said...

Hi, Jess, Mum and you each deserve a Gold Star, Mum for her comments to the Australian press about Abby Sunderland and you for your P.S. on your blog today. You, my dear, are a class act. Stay safe.

David Indiana

Gillian@Fontainebleau said...

Hi Jesse

What a wonderful post from you!
Happy Australia Day!

I am totally hooked on your adventure.
Thank you for allowing us all to follow your dream. You have many wonderful followers whose comments I love reading each day. I can always be assured of a chuckle too.

Glad all systems are GO, once again.

Gillian, France

Richard in Maryland said...

Hello Jesse,

You are the best! Congratulations on getting a call from your Prime Minister. Blogger Tony posted the content of Rudd's address in Canberra, it is a must read. I also like your comment about "relaxed positive attitude and 'can do' approach". Actions do speak louder than words.

Sail on Special One!
Richard W

PS (For people in the USA, this is equivalent to receiving a personal call from the President of the United States on the Fourth of July, and then make a public address about you!)

PWB said...


@ To Amazedbyou.

What took you so long?

I have been trying to reel you for some while .. you got scared, you thought I was some cyber stalker......It took you a while, But now you have realised it just fun.

Good on you.

I was waiting at 1st rock from the Fence (rabbit proof) at our usual spot, where you chiseled the love heart in the rock face. With lap top, on my lap, and awaiting your message. But all I got was a Jumbuck in my tucker bag and a cup of cold Billy Tea that I had prepared for our long distance satellite Celebration of Australia Day.

Well that's enough of: "We're Reeling them in, We're Reeling them in" (ABY, do you know what movie that line is from?)


I am not drinking
I do not take drugs
I am happily married (36 Years).
I/We do not believe or practice wife swapping.
My wife knows what I am doing (my real wife not Delilah), Delilah is a figment of my dry and dusty desert imagination, an attempt at comedy, which I think is now shelved due to lack of interest).

I am not making any comment about Jessica, as this post is a blatant and purposeful FILLER.
A FILLER is for no reason at all, and for times "When Not Much Is Going On", and an attempt to put a smile on the Captains or some bloggers face.

My favourite comedy serial is Canadian Show called:
CORNER GAS, I highly recommend for any body who can runs out of blogs to read. The saying: "When Not Much Is Going On" is the catchphrase from the show. It is about a small town like HYDEN, where I live.

Happy Birthday To SUSAN in OREGON.

Love to the The McGraths, Nowra NSW.

Peter Bush
Where: "Not Much Is Going On"


Anonymous said...

Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Good morning, Jesse! Wowza -- you are something else! Happy Australia Day to you, too!

I was thinking, after all you've been through in the storms, I have not detected any sense of fear. After all that's happened with the early leaks, the heater, the storm and wave damage, and the serious buffeting you took, no sense of dismay that I can detect. It makes me think of this verse. So many praying for you, encouraging you to believe that God is with you and not going to leave you. He is so real, so steady, so unfailing. Throughout this journey it has been my prayer and hope that you will recognize Him, draw near to Him, turn to Him, rely on Him.

Buoyed by your upbeat report, today I will pray prayers of thanks for you and your attitude, and I will also be praying for your safety out there as you patch and re-hoist that main. As always, I will also ask that you find good, sound rest, even in short bursts, and that you remain well and strong. Finally, I will pray for a good and safe time for all of your many friends who are celebrating today at home, and who will miss you dearly on this holiday.

Enjoy your cooking!

(...and thanks, M. o. M.)

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Dear Jesse,
It's a little tricky to find something different to say....well lets see...

I heard on ABC774 that Mr. Rudd had made some reference about you I was half a sleep so I didn't pick up on everything, but still having Kevin Baby give you a call is pretty good stuff you just need to get something written from the PM and signed by him to make it nice and official so you can add that to your book too, Jesse Martin got a letter from President Clinton so it would be nice and fitting to get a letter of recognition from the Prime Minister, well hopefully you will...I reckon that'll work very nicely....

Good to see the dunny's fixed, is that Solar Panel okay?

Good your Stove is working too.

The world will be your oyster my dear, there will be opportunities presented before you that will be tantalizing, actually I hope NASA has there eye on you and approaches you at some stage...well who knows what may happen?

Lovely comments about Abby too, she plans to head south to Cape Horn and right across the Atlantic, practically following a similar path to you but going straight on past New Zealand and then head North East Path all the way back home, it'll be interesting to see how she goes...

To Bloggers I found this Television interview on Jessica some interesting things are mentioned, I haven't seen this one before now!...

Oh well work tomorrow!!

Cya Jesse...ya doing real well!

Clint - Melbourne

CyberspaceCowboy said...

Happy Australia Day Skipper! My dad was stationed in Darwin in WWII and he loved Australia. My uncle Jack settled down in Sydney and built bowling alleys until he retired. He was a naturalized citizen of your great country. And I love Australia too. You are a "Can Do" country.

Kissyfrott said...

Hellooooo Captain Jesse!

Ha! Ha! This other front, "40 knots only". See how having met a HUGE one makes the BIG ones suddenly smaller... Now you just mention it before ending your blog. You, old salt! lol

Happy Australia Day again, as I wished you one yesterday (european time), but today is still worth, and I wish the same to all our australian fellow bloggers.
Thanks to you and your wonderfully generous spirit, I feel like an Aussie too, being in tow of EPL, flying the australian flag. And would I dare to say it, I would be proud to be your compatriot!

You certainly have that pioneers' open attitude, ready for anything, can-do way of living. I wish it were contagious. France, and old Europe, are wonderful countries, beautiful, with so much culture and history, so many dream places, cities, palaces... but too often now, the minds look narrow, and any change, anything new, is considered as a disturbance or an aggression. Maybe it is too difficult for the human mind to save what is worth being saved AND move on in real life, as time passes on and cannot be stopped.

What I appreciate much in you too, many of our blogging friends said it already, but though it remains somehow miraculous, because it is so rare, is how adventurous and courageous you are in action, but also how clever, wise, gracious and generous you are in thoughts and in words.

Your message to Abby is a perfect example. A faithful image of the sailors' community spirit, full of care and respect for sharing the same courage and the same values. Why opposing you both??? It seems so childish. Me! No, me! No, me! Bah...
Records are a modern invention, created to draw attention. They boom and they fade. Made to be beaten. What will remain for ever is the achievement, winning over one's own fears, over Nature's dreadful might, for having dared, having prepared one's self, having be brave enough to face the danger, AND wise enough to not have overestimated one's forces.

Australia's Prime Minister has spoken well, and I am glad he called you. I felt it was something he ought to do, but he might have thought otherwise.
It is funny how your Primes have navigation-related names... Kevin Rudd (Rudder?), and Anna Bligh (Bounty). By the way, is there a Queensland Day?

CONGRATULATIONS for the stove (the stuffy ones must be relieved, they will still have their baked treats... the mutiny threat is going down the scale) and for the dunny! From what you had told of the flying pieces, I thought it was totally broken and lost. I see you are also a plummer and a DIY ace. Your cap will soon be too small to wear all these feathers!

Good for Ella's Pink Lady you could put her into shape again. Her few battle scars are glorious ones and should owe her a medal. S&S 34 was definitely a wise choice. I like reading you are already fearing getting home before being ready, that's a good one!!!

Fly, fly, Ladies, fly. The Atlantic has no secrets left for you now, you already met he darkest ones.
More than ever, I see you as the heroic rider, Ella's Pink Lady as your formidable mare, jumping on the waves and gallopping to Africa.

A few personal words...
@PWB: sorry for the microscope! I must confess your style, with many understatements, unfolding several degrees humour, and sophisticated vocbulary and references make that I don't get all. My english is not bad, but remains a little too short to catch everything in your rich stories. Sometimes I am onl sure it is humour, butI don't understand where!
@Peter/Homesweetboat: Many thanks! Very kind!
@Barry Clements: Oooh you wan't to make us have heart attacks, that's it? More seriously, thank you for the videos. I prefer seeing them now (afterwards).

PWB said...


@ Amazedbyou,

Sorry Forgot: Excellent storytelling work.



Unknown said...

Captain Jessica:

The Prime Minister of Australia called you!!! How nice is that!

Like I said in my first post to you, you are one amazing woman, and you make us girls look good.

Sorry you had Frankenstorm to deal with. He may have turned you on your head, but you just took it in stride! Glad the stove and dunny are repaired. Can you do a few repairs on my home??


Mike D said...

@ Ben (Qld)
January 26, 2010 4:47 PM
Please refer to the afore mentioned apology January 26, 2010 11:18 AM

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica, so glad to see you in such high spirits, always wondering how you are going out there. The main person on my mind in the setting of Australia Day celebrations, was a young Australian girl in the middle of the Atlantic by herself, come on home Jess, god speed.

PS: so glad that our PM took the time to call you. We would love to see some notable people in the blogs, maybe the Queen will be next?



Dan said...

Dear Jessica

As long as you are out there, the whole world is Australia and we are all proud to be Australian.

Portland, OR, USA

MPREID said...

What a humble person for so few years, and courages too. Have a favorite bbq receipe to share? Go Australia!
Michael/ Santa Cruz, CA

Anonymous said...

Well done Jesse, wonderful girl. Best wishes for the second half. From Portugal

bernie 777 said...

Very Proud...but you dont need to wave an Aussie flag u have the backing of a global village we are all one and the same Human Race,,,,go Jessica

Unknown said...

Follow your dreams, Jessica!

I'm following both you and Abby Sunderland and it is my prayer you both make it safe and sound back home.


Anonymous said...

you're trully an amazing young lady and I'm sure, as for the rest of your followers that Australians are very proud of you. Your blogs are a pleasure to read.
Take care out there

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
I justed wanted to say: keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

'different drum ' said...

And Happy Australia Day to you Jessica and Team and all that follow this amazing journey you are taking us on,,i have had to admit to friends that i have run out words to describe what you are giving us all ,,the storm,the knock-downs ,the depth of sincerity[its late and that spelling looks wrong ! ] of your latest blog have left us wordless other than thank-you for taking us with you.And when you sail safely between the 'Heads 'we wont be there just because you are the youngest,or 16 or even because you are female but more for the way you have taken us with you on the way to your achievement.
Sail safe,,i don't know what others thought,but the shot of you from your Parents plane,,a pink dot on a lonely grey ocean certainly showed what you are actually doing.
Cheers,,'different drum ' Freo

MikeC said...

Happy Australia Day! The PM should be proud to talk to you, you've got more grit and determination than any politician I've ever heard of!!!
Best wishes for a safe voyage from a SEPPO who admires your courage.

Unknown said...

What a thrill for all of Australia to have you where you are on Australia Day.
If one old man in the USA desert can have you for a hero then so can a whole country. GO JESSICA!! Great sailing. Grandpa Bob in Tucson.

Anonymous said...

Happy Day, Jesse! Your fortitude and humour are marvellous. Wishing good winds!

Breadwild said...

New fan here. Just found out about your voyage when reading about Abby Sunderland. Have enjoyed your blogs and videos, and fascinated by your adventure, skill, bravery, etc., though we laid awake last night worrying about you :) Praying for your safety, health and success.

Bob B said...

footnote to earlier comment, Dondi has some good pics on his blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

Do you have storm covers for your hatches and ports? I have been concerned that falling off a wave or getting rolled could knock out a standard hatch.

Glad you made it around Cape Horn and hope the rest of your sailing goes well.

Robert, Massachusetts

Anonymous said...


Ocean Rower said...

Incredible effort Jesse - happy days to you and your team!


Cheryl in San Diego said...

Hi Jessica,
It is very clear that you are not only a great sailor and writer but also a very classy young lady!
Please be safe and vigilant.
Happy Australia Day from the USA!
God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Good going Jessica, you got everything on the mend and have such a positive way of thinking things through. I am happy to see that you are doing well after such an adventure. Enjoy your cooked meals.
Hugs, Jersey Shore Mom, UA

Rob said...

Fist off, Happy Australia Day to you! I wish i could call myself one of those Australians routing you along but I'm stuck in the US. However when I read your blog I'd like to think I'm routing on one of my countrymen. It sure is pleasing to hear you are putting everything back together and getting hot meals again. I will have to say this might be your furthest Australia Day away from home you ever spend but I'm guessing you will remember this one forever. You are doing fantastic!
Columbia, Missouri, USA

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

One more thing that I forgot.

Quoting (in part) from your Australia Day posting:

"So getting Ella's Pink Lady back into shape after our little battering has been going well"

This has to be right at the top of being a masterpiece of understatement.

If you consider that a "little battering" let's not have a big battering.

Safe sailing and Godspeed

Georgia Guy

Mike said...

Been a little while since I have checked in. You have done well in tough situations. Your training and resolve has really been a great thing for you. I hope the sea eases up on you for a bit so you may get some rest. Kudos to you and your wonderful team for getting you through the tough spots.

Best to You

Mike Atl

MoonWynd said...

Dearest Jessica,
It truly is an honour to be just about 'by your side' as you sail towards your dream, by reading your thoughts and mind as you work through it and towards it. Just a couple of short years ago, this would not have been possible. Here we are, Your Faithful, almost living the dream with you, in every waking detail. Like some of the other bloggers said, they almost got seasick reading your telling of the Big Storm, I too was right there upside down with you. The difference is, we were horrified; you were a calculating, clear-minded, matter-of-fact leader working through the problems with your solutions. And I also have to say, and these are very hard to come by these days: you truly are one of the Great People we sometimes get to encounter on our Journey of Life. We are learning so much from you Jessica: how to fix things that are broken (even stuff we don't know how to fix like toilets, stoves and sails); how to batten the hatches when the Storm's A Comin'; how to ride the rogue waves as they come, never ever caving in to the fear; how to 'include' rather than worry about 'The Competition' when you called Dilip to wish him Happy New Year and just now, wished Abby well and good luck in all sincerity; how to think with a clear mind and spirit and smile (and laugh about it) all the while, no matter what. Yes, it may be Australia Day, but that doesn't matter one bit. The thing that matters most is we should all aspire to be Great People, every day. No matter where we come from and who we are--or aren't. I don't even know you, and feel so proud of you, Jessica. You are one amazin' broad!
Love, MoonWynd from Vancouver

Larry Teal said...

I'm just astounded! Your courage and perseverance should motive us all. GOD watch over you Jessica. Enjoy the adventure!

Cheryl in San Diego said...

@Susan from Melbourne
"The sparkle in all our glasses.."

What a wonderful expression..thank you! I will now think of it everytime I am involved in a 'toast'!


Randy said...

Hi again Jesse!

You have all rights to be proud of you!
You will be the first young girl, who sail around the world.
...and you are such a lovely girl!

I like to wish you a very happy, sunny and solemn Australian day!

All the best from me to you!

Randy / Hamburg, Germany

Dave said...

I am proud to follow such a determined talented young woman.

Happy Australia Day !

Hope you will sail to the lovely Pacific Northwest coast one day !

cheers from Gig Harbor, WA

Cheryl in San Diego said...

OK, I'll bite.
I thoroughly enjoy reading your musings but must admit that most of the time I have not a clue what your talking about except for maybe the pink motorcycle escapade.
Hyden is on Planet Earth, right?
Oh well, thank you for ahh, hmm, ohh, well you know what I am trying to say, I'm sure.
God Bless you Mr Peter Bush.

PS Please let me apologize in advance if I have offended you in anyway, there is truly no intent to do so.

Brian Riley said...

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie,
Your post says it all.
Safe Passage.Will talk later.
Hervey Bay. QLD.

Meechree said...

Happy Australia day! :D
-Dimitri, USA

Kissyfrott said...

special chapter

Here are gathered some various notes and extracts found here and there in libraries and data bases. They show some secondary consequences of Jessica's epic adventure on places, words and language.

* excerpts of the Wikinary ®, ed. 2511
- Jessestressmeter = semi-mental device created by mysterious scientist, probably Chinese, as he is known under the name of Ho Kei. This ingenious system lets people feel the danger for others. It works at the best when there is much water around the target.
- Jessicawok = revolutionary remote treatment discovered to relief the overtensed muscles, especially in the legs, of people kept in too tight rooms, such as a closed room, a boat, a jail, a cellar. According to the Brissie principle: "If several do a long walk on a beach, in the nature, or along streets, thinking of a specific person who is, willingly or not, locked in a tight space, the legs of the latter will feel stretched".
-Jessaholism = pandemia, started in 2009. A kind of addiction, people hit by the disease can't help turning on their computer many times a day, and at the worst stage, they type frantically weird texts generally full of superlatives and all kinds of marks.
These people are called "jessaholics". They are obsessed by the colour pink, and see pink things everywhere, like pink elephants in their bedroom, pink boats on the sea, pink toenails on teenagers, pink lady apples on the trees, pink kangaroos in Australia, pink drinks in their glasses, pink glasses on their noses, and so on.
- Banaffin = pastry, a special recipe of banana chips muffins. Created on board EPL by the famous Chef J.Watson
- Jesse = young hero

- "to do a Jessica" = reach an incredible achievement
- "to bounce like Jessica" = after having been knocked down, stand up again as if nothing happened
- "silly talking" = teenagers' chats about buoys
- "to make a Julie" = when a mother takes a plane to survey how her children keep their room tidy, from the sky.
- "to send someone a Melbourne Sally" = sending a poetic computer drawing
- "bribing Nep" = throwing chocolate in the sea
- "to fly a dunny" = being caught in a hurricane

- Sydney = It is from that period that a few changes were made in the great australians city. The two main ones are the Sydney harbour bridge, since then known as "the Two Ladies' Bridge", and the Sydney Opera House, that has been repainted in pink soon (probably a few months or years) after Jessic's return. Yes, folks, can you imagine it? The Opera was WHITE before!!! Unbelievable, but true!
- Brisbane = The statue of Jessica on her Pink Lady, in the City Gardens, near the river, is the popular rendez-vous point of all the teenage lovers of Queensland.
- Mooloolaba = has bben renamed MoolooEllaba.
- Buderim = In the home town of Jessica has been created the Jessica Watson Young Adventurers Foundation (JWYAF), awarding scholarships every other year to the best projects submitted by candidates aged 12 to 16.

It has been a burning discussion for years, in the 21st Century, about replacing the traditional Union Jack on the australian flag, by a pink saiboat.
Finally, a compromise solution was found, and that is how the largest star of the Southern Cross, on the flag, that used to be white, became pink.

P.S. Writing on some subjects might be tickling; I want to assure everyone that there is no intention of hurting any sensibility in the lines above! Pure jokes!

Cheryl in San Diego said...


Thank you so much for that wonderful song and video! Gosh I was in tears by the end and I'm an American! I have it saved as a Favorite.
A great big HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to each and everyone of you Aussies.
May God continue to shed His Grace, Peace and Love on all of you.


PS Now I just have to visit you guys one of these days!

hezakiah299 said...

01-26-10 @ 13:54
Hi Jessica,
I know that you’re proud to be an Aussie and every Aussie is proud of you, you are definitely a credit to your country.

Glad to see the stove and the dunny are back in operation. Two (2) key items. Looks like you have just about everything under control now, by the time you receive this post you should have the sail finished.

Yes, there does seem to be a lot of adults determined to see Abby and yourself pitted against each other as rivals, I don’t know why. It seems to me that there are to many differences for any competition to be considered. So you girls just carry on and enjoy yourselves,(Which is exactly what you girls have been doing) and let them ??adults?? squabble amongst themselves. Both of you girls are intelligent, mature and very good sports, and are far more interested in your individual results than any competition. At least, that’s the way I see it.
Regardless of how it turns out, you are both WINNERS. I wish the best to the both of you.

For Faye & Max: Very nice post, she deserves it all, and ‘Happy Australia Day’ to you both.

Well Jessica, I hope you enjoyed your meal of meat patties with tinned mince for a hamburger, and your cake and/or muffins for dessert. I could hear that little giggle in your voice when you said how thrilled you were that the stove was fixed.

Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

chris said...

Hey there,
Good to hear from you again!!
Happy Australia Day to you! It is good to be proud of your country,can you imagine having to be proud of more than one country? Mine are Germany,Canada and United States of America. lol
Congrats on getting your repairs done and double yay!! for the stove. I can't imagine how it would of gone if the stove hadn't been fixed.. Did you have to bang it a few times with a shoe? heehee
Keep on sailing!!!
chris in calif

Nightwolf said...

Hey Jessica,

Just started following your blog. I was led to it after reading about Abby. I'm also following her blog.

I'm very proud of both of you, and I wish you both the best out there.

You've made it so far in your journey, and it seems you've hit a couple of rough patches along the way, but you're still smiling. You're pretty amazing, young lady.

Some adults out here, where I live (only an hour away from where Abby lives), are complaining that individuals your age cannot possibly have the maturity or the mental capability to take on a task of this scale.

I want you and Abby, and any other young adventurer out there to prove them very wrong. Show them that young men and young women are perfectly capable of making wise and mature decisions.

Prove to them that you young adventurers are the ones that are going to take this world by storm. You all have the drive, the determination, the spirit, the wisdom, and the maturity to do it. You guys are the real leaders.

They, on the other hand, are content to sit at home and complain - where they are safe and warm, and want for nothing.

So, prove them wrong.

I'm very proud of you. Continue doing what you're doing.

I wish you the best of luck, and I pray that you go far in life. I pray that your life is filled with adventures! :)

-Andrea, U.S., California

Anonymous said...

I"m from USA and your still the best and the first Jessica.I have followed you since the start you are bravest.Good luck and you will be the first 16 year old girl and the braves tell them all to have fun following your wake....Adam young

Kath, Qld said...

Hi Jess,
.....future young Australian of the year I'm thinkun' :).
Yes, what a wonderful country we live in, although sadly, Aussie life is not like it was a generation or two ago :(.
As many others have said, records will always be broken but you haven't let that stop you.
Anyway, no-one will ever again sail the exact route you did, in the exact boat, face the exact storm/weather etc. Only YOU Jess!
Hope your Australia Day was a good one, we went to Burleigh beach for a while, it was pretty windy & the sea was quite choppy..........I waved to you, did you see me? :).
Stay safe X.

Mike said...

Hi jess,

how amazing the prime minister of australia rang you on Australia Day, I wonder if a certain premier of Queensland initials AB will ring you and pass on her best????, anyway hope repairs to the mainsail are going well, I am sure that storm you endured will have boosted your confidence sky high to handle any other rouge waves you may encounter, read you over half-way now and hurtling along some 15 days, 1500nautical miles ahead of schedule, what an effort!!!


Anonymous said...

Kevin Rudd called you? Wow! You know you're a bona fide Australian celebrity when the Prime Minister calls!

I am glad you have been able to get EPL back in shape and hope you get that final task done - the main sail - before another front is apon you.

About Abby, I was puzzled at first when I heard about her, but I looked her up in the news and informed myself, and now know that it isn't you she's competing with/following the footsteps of, but her brother, who has already successfully circumnavigated the globe. Personally I am glad that girls are getting the opportunity to do things like this now - I have always known full well that some girls are very adventurous - and I'm sure that what has held girls back in the past is the challenge you spoke of - of just "getting to the starting point". You have to have sponsors and advisors, proper equipment and all of that. You have to have parents who will let you fly. You have to have people who believe in you. And I think that's been harder for girls.

You should not think of yourself only as an example of Aussies, but also an example of your gender.

Best wishes,
Deborah, BC, Canada

AMZ said...

Jesse... Happy Australia Day! we are very proud Aussies living in NZ at the moment and we made burgers last night too and all sat around talking about the beach, sunshine, fireworks and paddling pools!! you DO realise how much you love Australia and love being an Australian when you are actually away from Oz!! I can't beleive you got a call from Kevin!! that is amazing.. you must be so proud :)
we are all thinking of you and cheering you on as always.

Anonymous said...

Have a great day Jess!

You just can't keep a good Dunny down!


Go Jess, Go Abby!

Please be safe!


Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
Happy Australia day.
I heard You made Kevin Rudd's day by talking to him on the Sat Phone.
And he should feel privileged, definitely give the prim minister something to talk about.
One of my staff asked me what Australia day meant to me (from an employer's point of view) I told him that it was something to be very proud of and, I was very proud to say Jessica Watson was an Aussie and stood for every thing we call Australian.

You speak of Abby Sunderland and your self in the second tense with regard to adults ( there adults and were children). Don't ever think your not an adult, your more grown up than most the staff I have working for me.
And you stand taller.

Its good to hear you have the dunny fixed, can be a pain without it, and its nice to hear the stove is up and running.Take care.

Fair winds and following seas.

Kissyfrott said...

Chapter 4
One Horn and several Typhoons

Jessica, riding her faithful Ella's Pink Lady, was sailing on, southeastwards, when the God Neptune -as he told us before-sent a storm on her way, as he wanted her to prove her skills before rouding the Cape Horn; and she overcame that hurdle with flying colours.

What Old Neptune didn't know, is that his brother Pluto was deadly jealous. With his invisibliity helmet, he had noticed that human girl approaching his Andes cordillera.
Pluto had his habits around the Tierra del Fuego and the Cape. He planned to warp all the area in fog, to kidnap EPL and her skipper. The first result was that Jessic's parents couldn't find their daughter's boat, twice, when they tried to fly over her. Neptune didn't guess why there was such a thick mist, but he heard his sweetheart's complaints and he blew, blew, blew the gog and the clouds away until the plane could circle over EPL.
Though, Pluto had been really evil, as to distract Neptune's attention, he had stolen his trident and hit the Earth far from the Cape Horn, in Haiti, where his evil gesture caused much damage to innocent population. He tried, still wearing his invisibility helmet, to bring it back to Neptune, but he left it fall on the ground and created a second, minor this time, earthquake near the Falklands.
Meanwhile, Neptune was so exhausted that he fell asleep.
At first, seeing his brother sleeping, Pluto didn't dare moving too quickly. But when a the loud sound of a Typhoon Jetfighter flying over Jessica's boat didn't wake his brother up, he got the idea of calling his nephew, the monster Typhoon, to break that sturdy little boat and bring him back his new fiancee. Typhoon was some kind of an ugly dragon.
Typhoon launched a salvage attack, simulating a hurricane, sending horrendous winds, splashing the ocean, and sent four monstruous waves to knock Ella's Pink Lady down and out.
But the brave pink boat held on, getting right again and again. And her bravest captain held on, yelling encouragements. And their brave crew held on, clinching their safety belt and singing octaves higher. And the brave Parker held on and stuck at his post. And the brave Otto Pilot held on, steering EPL through a hellish sea, but not through Hell's entrance, as Pluto hoped.
Meanwhile, Mercurius, God of the Travellers, flew to wake up his uncle Neptune and told him what was happening. Fortunately, Neptune arrived in time to stop the "perfect storm" instigated by his evil brother, and offered Jessica a calm sunset.

Anonymous said...

gday jess ,i am a independant filmaker and songwriter i wud love to contact your parents and talk about my new project with them, how do i do that . i live in brissy north ,my email spitfireavenue@hotmail.com .keep up the exclnt work . from rob

Anonymous said...

Say, I just read the news post that you have been out for 100 days, are at the halfway point, but 1500 nm 'ahead of schedule' That's great news, you're really on the backside now,getting closer to home with each mile that passes under Pink. Way to go!! :) -Karyn, IN, USA

Laurie Shand Bray said...

Congratulations on the halfway mark!!! How exciting you are now headed home :-D
I follow you daily and thoroughly enjoy your blogs, thank you!


Transplanted ''Aussie'' said...

Jessica and entire Team;
Great to read your update and the article on the ABC site.
Today has been a tough one for our Team at a site,but we have turned to a ''Recovery'' mode and it has been very trying,but God willing we will continue with the tasks at hand.
The ''Haitian people'' are strong,I see that in them each day,but the country is down,but I truly believe they will rise to the challenges they face,the human spirit is strong,as you know from your recent events.
I am SO PROUD OF ALL YOU ''AUSSIE'S'' today,I so miss my hometown SYDNEY,especially during these celebrations and Charles Dodgson who tells of swimming off Bondi and smelling the activities on shore,reminds of my days as a young boy growing up in the Point Piper area and going to the beaches while I was going to Cranbrook,you make me HOMESICK MATE.
Jessica,sounds like you are getting things back in shape after your pounding by mother nature,I trust your ''stuffy crew stayed dry,if not put them on deck to get some sun.
Young lady I remain in total admiration of you and your positive descriptions in your updates.YOU CONTINUE TO STAND TALL IN MY EYES AND I AM SURE IN THE REST OF ''WORLD FAMILIES'' EYES TOO.You will make this adventure of a life time and grow from it.
Hope to be home next week,still have allot to get done,but there will be light at the end of their tunnel,but not right now.
Miss all my fellow blogger's,too many to mane,but we are united for you in our love and support for you.
God speed,stay safe,warm,dry and continue to be positive daily.
Congratulations on your half way point,it's down hill from now on and with God guiding you along the way.
Smooth sailing,much love and support,hugs to you and entire crew both land and sea,
Stephen M.,
Transplanted ''Aussie'',
[in Haiti ]

Kissyfrott said...

Chapter 5

Interview of Them Scallywags
realized in the week after Jessica's return to Sydney
(Big Ted answering, except when mentioned otherwise)

Q- Mr Ted, you were on board Ella's Pink Lady during Jessica Watson's journey around the world?
A- Yep. We did all the trip.
Q- How did you come on board?
A- Well, we were, how d'ya say, just breaking out of a kind of jail in Buderim, and we heard of a boat about to sail off...
Q- But it was a solo journey?
A- Oh, we are short, and discreet? No one noticed us.
Q- But Jessica Watson noticed you, obviously? Why didn't she have you expelled?
A- Sure... Huh Huh Huh... I must confess... She had a crush on me, hee hee
Q- You were probably a problem for Jessica. More people to feed, more work?
A- Not at all. Aunt Julie had prepared food enough for all of us. And you know, we don't eat any meat. Only cakes and candies, muffins... treats... And thanks to us, Jessica didn't put on weight during her cruise. She is such a good cook that without us, it would have been hard for her to get out of the cabin when we arrived in Sydney!
Q- But she had much work with you all?
A- But who do you think made the job aboard? Chickie on the mast, Blue on the deck, me at steering. The others to keep EPL clean. And Jesse was our cook.
Q- But Jesse was the captain?
A- Oh, to speak to the others ashore, yes. But I am the real skipper. And I am the youngest Solo circumnavigator.
Q- But, Big Ted, you are not solo, there are your friends with you?
A- Oh, our gang!!! No, they are pals, not relatives.
Q- I don't get it?
A- I am the only solo. My name is Theodore Solo, aka Big Ted. The new youngest Solo circumnvigator. May I precise I am younger than Jesse?
Q- Oh... Then is is the youngest girl?
A- (Chick Withattitude) No, it's ME ME ME Meeeee
Q- Sorry, Miss Chick
Q- And what are you going to do, now that you are famous?
A- I think that we shall resume our singing career.
Q- You are... singers?
A- Sure! We were one of the biggest groups in Australia. And we shall be one again.
Q- You were... famous?
A- Sure! Never heard of the Wiggles?
Q- The Wiggles? they are not you!
A- Certainly not! They stole our songs and our costumes!
Q- Are you joking?
A- Hem! Almost. No, in fact we lost them in an awful poker game. (whispering: never play with a chick)
Q- So...
A- So they took our place, songs, costumes, everything. Look at me, and imagine me as a Wiggle. Honestly, could there be anyone wiggler than me?
Q- And how are you planning to get back on stage?
A- We are, yes. I'll play the lead and Chick will sing.
Q- With a new name?
A- Yes, the "Them Scallywags". And we shall have all pink costumes, pink instruments. We wanted to be the "Pink Floyd", but another group stole the name too. Chick will be called Alba Tross, and my stage name will be Youngestround Solo.
Q - Thank you, Mr Solo.

Erica (from Brisbane) said...

Well done Jesse on your positive comments about Abby. That's what I thought too. "Why do they need to be seen as competing?" I asked myself. While it's fun to break a record, people always want to challenge a record and be the "first" so a record often doesn't stand long. For me, the real success is in completing the difficult dream. Go do it Jess.
Glad your dunny is fixed. Not only a sailor, but a plumber too. And, fancy, a phone call from Kevin on Australia Day. How special is that! Happy sailing. Erica from Brisbane

Jonathan Castelino said...

Hi Jess,

I thoroughly enjoyed your most recent blog. As always, you demonstrate amazing maturity, yet haven't lost that "teenage element" - I thought the "yessss" and possibly a bit of a fist pump when you got the stove working was really cute. Reminds me of my own two daughters who would do something similar if they overcame a challenge.

What a great attitude. First with Dilip Donde and now with Abby. We can't agree with you more that this world we live in is meant to be shared with each and every individual living in it.

Australia Day always brings a little tear in my eye. We are truly blessed to be living in this great land where people from all walks of life co-exist. You are quite right. There is always so much to experience in Oz and a lot of us haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg.

Well how about that ! The PM himself calling to wish you. I have heard him on radio a number of times and he's a pretty casual guy when talking to anyone and insists on being called "Kevin" instead of the more formal "Mr Prime Minister" or " Mr Rudd".

You take care of yourself and keep getting that warm tucker into your belly (another "yesssss!" and cyber fist pump in honour of you getting the stove working). Most importantly, rest well.


Berlin Red said...

Hey Jess,

With your attitude,campassion and great sportmanship you deserve to be Australian of the year, you go girl.

Stay Safe

Berlin Red

Jonathan Castelino said...

To Susan (26Jan10 6:58PM),

Hi Susan,

Thanks for sharing the lyrics to a really great tune - I STILL CALL AUSTRALIA HOME. I actually know the music to it and now I can play the whole song!

Although it is used to market our national airline Qantas, I think it speaks to the spirit of this great country.

I know I will get the old guitar out and have a go at it tonight.

Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Break out the chocolate too! You need to really celebrate just how resilient you are, and just what you've achieved so far. Keep remembering your successes Jess! You're truly a great example to young people (hey all people).


Janelle - Carrum Downs (Vic) said...

Happy Australia Day Jessica!! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Glad that you came through the storm OK and that almost everything is fixed. Best wishes for the remainder of your voyage. You go girl!!!!

Bill Siedlecki said...

I have been so impressed by your comments as your venture progresses. You seem like a very mature and clear thinking young woman. Best wishes for clear sailing after the knockdowns! Happy Australia Day!!

Kissyfrott said...

@personals - thank you Miss Jesse!

Great entries, Amazedbyou, Tony L... Many thanks!
How beautiful is your tribute to Australia, Mike D! May I join you and repeat your own words?
Happy Birthday to our friend Susan in Oregon!
Thank you, Mary (Maine)!!

Did we lose Brumbyy?
And still no news from Jessica's Jokester?

Jose, Clearwater, FL USA said...

Well, I have a bit of Australian too. My Australian mini shepperd named Jackson. My best friend indeed. Great pet.
I am glad to see all is well and I think you might have started a new revolution. "Around the world in my sailboat"...cool ...very cool.
Stay safe and Straight Ahead.

Anonymous said...


Here's a happy little PRAWN for you.As you can see he's the one who got away!!! Quite a few of his friends weren't so lucky at my BBQ yesterday.I am an animal lover and Vegetarian so I accept no blame but I guess you would like seafood right now.
Great to hear you have Personal recognition from Kevin Rudd who represents us here in Aus.
Hope you have clear skies and Happy sailing for a while.
HAPPY (belated) Australia Day.....I was a bit busy as my son was married and then we had a follow up BBQ the next day.
Sally in Melbourne by the Bay

Jules GC said...

Belated Happy Aus Day, Jess! Good to hear the repairs are coming long nicely and the cooking situation is back to normal (not to mention the dunny!).
I wonder if it's possible to have a bit more information about where you are and how far you've got to go to the Cape of Good Hope? The little pink boats never seem to make any progress and there's no way to know how far it all is. Thanks!

John Webb said...

Hi Jessica, I hope you had a great Australia day, I know you are a long way from home but we raised a glass to salute you as well as our great country.
As always you put into words what most Australians are thinking in regards to Abby Sunderland leaving on her round the world youngest attempt, and that is to give her your support. As Australians we will absolutely support anybody who is out there "Having a go" and whether Abby breaks your record or not, it doesn't matter, you will always be Our Hero.
Stay safe..!!
Aussie Aussie aussie Oi Oi Oi..!!
John Webb

Unknown said...

Hey Jess Wow a call from K Rudd !! Well deserved...see they are all proud of you.YOu even have my husband looking up all the stats on your make of Boat...Happy Australia day and stay safe glad all the improtants bit are back working again .. Love Jan

Phil in Idaho said...

Glad you back on track and doing well. Good for you on the positive attituide regarding Abby. I must say however despite the fact she's fellow countrymen of mine I really hope YOU capture and keep the record.

Keep on Keep'en on!

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you
feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the
inner voice which says, 'This is the real me,' and when you
have found that attitude, follow it."

-- James Truslow Adams

hezakiah299 said...

01-26-10 @ 17:26
Hi Jessica,
How’s the clean up coming,….you’re all done, well that’s fantastic, but then again you are!!!
Glad to see the stove is working again, will you be able to dry out some gear now? Careful with the fumes, if there are any.
I was watching P/W and I really can’t figure anything out on that d……thing. But I know you have to be smarter than the screen. Ho, ho, ho.
I just hope you don’t run into any more storms like that last nasty.

Peter/Homesweetboat: Thanks for the kind remarks, some a little far out and lots funny. LOL……. I appreciate them.

Ian from Brisbane: Happy 70th Birthday, (01-28-10) I hope you see many more. If you like I’ll stop counting mine and let you catch up. LOL…….

For RichieParis: I was going to ask you about “The Legend of Jessica Watson” Chap. 4, in this letter, but you must have read my mind, and there it was, plus a special chapter. Thank you kind sir.

For Beverly, Tasmania: (Begin again in 2010) Very nice post, as usual. I hope you give some serious thought to Sydney, I’d love to meet you and your husband. I’m working on getting down there but I won’t know for a while. Good luck to you, you can do it. Think of Jessica!!!!!

For SaltyDog and all other Jessaholics: Not writing Jessica off but, I think it might be a good time for all us Jessaholics, to start tossing ideas around as to what we are going to do when Jessica arrives in Sydney, and we start showing withdrawal symptoms, any suggestions, are there any Jessaholic Anonymous clubs nearby. LOL….

OK Jessica, I thought your remarks to Abby were admirable and I know she feels the same about you, she’s had her share of naysayer’s, and she got past them also. It’s really strange how some of the public beat up on you and Abby with no results, so then they try to pit one against the other. That’s pathetic. You could give a person a bag of gold and then they would complain that they didn’t like the bag. LOL…..go figure.
Take good care of yourself and crew and don’t forget to eat drink and be merry. Keep that upbeat attitude and that chin up.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful friend, fan and follower.
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I, I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (75) from Kingwood, WV

Nana said...


Great to see another update from you. Interesting as ever. So glad your toilet is fixed and the stove. Don't know why but one of the first things I thought about when I got up this morning. You are constantly in my thoughts.

Both you and Abby will be successful in your own individual ways. Both courageous for attempting this challenge in the first place.

Enjoy your patties and muffins or cake.

Proud of you Jesse.

Until next time.
Lynne (Picton,NZ)

minnesota mom from usa said...

Dear Jessica, oh my gosh, I was without any internet for a week and the first place I went today was to check your blog to find that you went through such a storm!
If I would have seen it catching up to you on passageweather it would have been achingly difficult to think about you out there. Oh, thank goodness for your fine Ella's Pink Lady and thank goodness for your fortitude and level head. And thank goodness your stove is working to give you a bit of warmth and comfort. I hope it's all smooth sailing up ahead. Minnesota Mom

wilson said...

HI Jessica,

i hope you hade a fab Australia day, glad to see you making good speed. hope your burgers and cake turned out ok and it filled your stomach. a young aussie soldier recieved the young australian of the year for his incredible heroic efforts in afghanistan, i reckon next year your will be right up there, i know my family will be gunning for you. Have a safe day


Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse,
Going great! Keep up the good work. Good to K Rudd cought up with you. You make all us Aussies so proud.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, love love love your blogs, and happy Australia Day!

@ Dan .. love your comment.

And, love reading all the comments from the blog community, so much outpouring of love and support I find myself reading through very watery eyes.

I find all the Happy Australia Day msgs from the global community so heartwarming, that everyone has taken on a spirit of unity, not separateness .. as Jessica has with Abby. We are all family, inspired by Jess, no matter where on the planet we are.

Happy Day everybody!

Cazz x

Anonymous said...

Jess, you are already a champion, just doing what you are!!

No need to prove a thing - just enjoy the ride!!

I'm an 'old salt', but not a tenth the sailor you are.


BB Gold Coast

Kirsten said...

Hey there
Just dropping in to say hi.
Well its a magical day here in Wellington - enough to make us think that summer has actually arrived. Well for today anyway!(yes we do have good days here, not often, but as the saying goes, you cant beat Wellington on a good day!) I see in the news section that you have caught up on sleep - sleep is good, the world is always a brighter place after some sleep!Anyway, better get back to work - a waste of a summer day.....

Anonymous said...

Captain Jessica:
I like it! I have been checking your Blog and Web page for several weeks now and I am enthralled with your postings. You are so positive and clearly a great sailor and a great writer. One thing that I would love to keep track of is your Lat and Long. Some of your early blogs had the Lat and Long on them. Any chance of your team posting them somewhere on the web page.
John Martin
Howick, New Zealand

Michael said...

Hi Jessica,

since a few weeks I wasn´t so much interested in ocean sailing. Mostly I do prefer flying in gliders above Europe or (of course!) Australia :-)

But just after your departure your journey was set to my attention by some news page. For me the "youngest round" doesn´t matter, it´s the blog, it´s the story, it´s the "following" what matters. Now it´s really a daily must to check out EPL plus crew...

All the very best for the second half of the trip!

Michael, Germany

Joiners said...

At least Abby knew she had to use an Australian Built Boat!;
Designer: Jutson Yacht design, Australia

Builder: A.S.A. Yachts PTY, Australia

Model: Open 40, solo

Built: 2001

Hi from Ecuador said...

Hi Jessica! Happy Australia Day. My wife and I have been in Ecuador for the last few weeks and I have enjoyed reading all your blogs & keeping in touch with another Aussie abroad!
Hope it is all smooth sailing ahead.
James & Rita.
Cuenca, Ecuador.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

g'day Jess

Very late today. Happy Australia day again because it is now in your time zone . Well done re your remarks on Abby. Who cares who is the youngest and all that...the fact that you are both accepting a huge challenge is enough. I want to see you both home safely with many adventures to tell that haven't appeared in the blogs. Great to see another Queenslander give you a ring ie the PM. Glad you can have a barbie of sorts now the cooker is operational again. You'll always be first in my mind as a pretty terrific captain sailor and brave young lady.
Hey Jess LOL(oud)

Dusty from Dubbo

Graeme Joy said...

Well Jesse you survived the storm with great courage & style, it takes true inner strength to do that. You put all the naysayers to shame, good on you!! Then a message from the Ruddster. Wonder if he is trying to drag those Qld pollies who tried to stop you back into line? Hope so. Keep it up, you are doing so well. Graeme.

Dusty from Dubbo said...

G'day again Jess

Don't get embarrassed about this...

To all you bloggers out there what about a nomination for our brave young lady to become the Young Australian of the Year representative for 2011. A few letters to Kev and some blog support should do the trick..what do you reckon???? It is never too early to get this sort of thing going evn though she is only halfway.

point 2. travelling at the rate you are going you could be home on or about your birthday mid May

Dusty from Dubbo

marief said...

My day begins with checking out Jessica and Australia Day was no different - I am possibly more pleased about the working dunny and stove than about the call from the PM (although I am so glad he recognised you). Looking forward to formalising you as the Young Australian of the Year next Oz Day Jess you are truly an inspiration to young Australians.

Anonymous said...

Jessica,you have done well,really well in adversity and shown just how accomplished you have become in the last 100 days.Storms,gales, hurricanes whatever can all be terrifying on land, but at sea and at night, it all seems much,much worse.In that moment when both you and your boat are being "tossed" about you know that things can only get better, and they have! Well done Jesse.You continue to make good time,and thats terrific "keep on keeping on"You are now officially "homeward bound" and that must give you a great feeling,stay focused and alert Jessse,have a great days sailing.You are in our thoghts and prayers, Godbless, Godspeed, Dougal.

Andrew said...


Any idea what you will be doing next year on Australia day? I am willing to bey that you will be accepting the 'young Australian of the year' award!

By the way, Vicki wants to know what exercise regime you are following. She is worried that you are losing your fitness!

Good luck,

Andy and Vicki (Queens Park, NSW)

sunfish550 said...

From the depths of my heart Jessica...


May you ALWAYS have...
Love to share,
Health to spare,
Friends that care.

PRESS ON Sweetheart...
Lenny Pittsburgh PA.

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
this one's for RichieParis.
i always read your blogs, sometimes a little hurriedly but i find them quite amusing.
Thanx. Oh yeah is it Sally that does the artwork? I can barely navigate my keyboard to type let alone attempt art.. welldone.
Michael, Carole has already started plans in one of her last blogs, so you may want to contact her, re Jesse's triumphant return.
Jesse we are hopping on a plane to Thailand in a few hours. Fingers crossed i can check the internet for you whenever i can.
As i sign off hoping to keep up to date with you, i wish you good winds and safe sailing.

Trudy said...

Hello Jessica,

hope the weather has eased off, but not enough to stop you from flying home!

When I check your website in the morning, I know you have travelled another 100 or more nm. Keep it up Captain!

to Mike D, Phili you said:

'some have said that solo sailing is a selfish pursuit'

any activity one chooses to do 100 % to find the saturation point, to test ones own boundaries, to know one self is at its foundation selfish, all energy and thought is directed to that pastime.
One could also call it focussed!
These are the heroes, those that excel and break from the accepted patterns as defined by society as 'normal behaviour.
The proof of the rightness of what Jessica is doing following her dream is by the large admiring global crowd she has gathered, who in their innermost being, know that the potential of doing something extraordinary in life is within them also.
Jessica is rekindling that fire.
Lets find our own dream and be 'selfish'!
We would all be happier people!

Richie Paris:
like Jessica you have wowed us again....the legend continues! What a treat!

bernie 777:

Peter Bush:
you wrote:
Peter from Hyden where not much is going on!
There may not be much going on on the outside, but all the more on the inside! I am enjoying the tour!

All of the global family, keep well, happy and safe,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

Manu said...

Hi Jesse,
Happy Australia Day to you, to all your team back home and to all your followers on this blog.
I bet you're happy to get the dunny back in working order, lol.
After all those events of the past few days, a plate of muffins would go down like a treat.
Stay safe and enjoy
emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)



Sven said...

Hey Jesse,

good to know you're fine.

This blog is 'Happy Australia' every day, thanks to your positive attitude and the fellow jessaholics!

Take care, Jesse,

Sven, Hamburg.

PWB said...


@ Cheryl in San Diego

Australians are renowned for their ability to laugh at themselves.

I am glad that you "have not a clue", as I would not want to offend you.

Quote for today:

“If you find it hard to laugh at yourself, I would be happy to do it for you.” Groucho Marx.

Thank for the Bite, please call again.

Peter Bush


trentgs said...

So with a canned mince burger is there any 'roo in it for Aussie Day?

I bet you're happy to have, and thankful to have the stove and dunny going again.
I wondered how she looks topside after raking the waves?I know about the bent solar support, and steering vane, but is the sat dome crooked-or did it just look that way?
You mentioned the wind instruments had not fared well. Do you have some alternate method of calculating your average speed?
Hope you and the crew enjoy the muffins..and the burger..Best of the sea to you Miss Jess..

Be Blessed..

Gary & Jan

trentgs said...

Happy 100 Days and half way to the harbor!! We really are proud of you. and its cool that someone else is going for it..but is it okay if we are loyal EPL fans and are keeping a close watch on her lines?

AA OZtralia said...

Hi Jess, keep up the good work, I am an old sailor of some 41 years, sailed in over 30 ships so I know where you're at. I have had my own cutter, an Alan Payne design 42 foot Koonya called the Gryphon for 9 years and I always wanted to do what your doing but, I left it too late. I am letting you do it for me, so you go girl, you are inspiring me to the max. I could have done it but it would have meant retiring early but money is a precious commodity and I need it to bum about in my caravan back here and there round OZ lol

We are all behind you and one thing I do know after years of sailing around the joint as a professional Merchant Marine on just about every kind of vessell u can imagine, I know only too fully, its not easy going out there. I was on some fairly big vessels during my time and looking up at some of those huge swells they were mighty big from where I was. I can just imagine them where you are, even bigger so, I really admire you heaps...God Bless and sail on girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Steve
...and im a Jessaholic


keco said...

happy Australia day to you.
Glad your LOOO is new againj ha ha ha ha.
I love reading your comments on events you are having. I am so impressed with how level headed you have been in the big knock down.
What a girl. By the time you sail back into Sydney you will be sailing on cloud 22.
wishing you the best of fair weather for your sail across the Southern sea's.
Go Jessica GO.
love you Anzac, keco.

Claudio Silva said...

Congrats, Skipper, in your national day! Australia is a big country but does not gets much press time in Brazil. Anyway, if your country(wo)men are mostly like you, I like them already. Maybe one day I'll go there to have a beer with the "mates", altohough this might take a while. Anyway, I'm glad you repaired things after your "perfect storm", and that you are in a good mood and making good progress. It's surely a good sign when politicians stop saying you're too young to sail around the world and start complimenting you in public... We all too wish the best to Captain Sunderland, and hope that she and her boat are as tough and well prepared as you and good old EPL are. This circumnavigating thing can be really demanding, as we've all learned in the last few months; and getting back home safely is everything. We know this is a dream you'd like to enjoy longer, but don't worry: there will be other challenges after the first one. Maybe a solo rocket trip to Mars. They might even paint your spaceship pink... I know we guys and your family and team will feel much relieved when you finally dock in Sidney! But there's still quite a stretch of sea and months ahead. So, proceed, Ma'm. All hands on blog, ready for the Indian Ocean...

trentgs said...

Well Jess I just read up a bit on Abby. I'm not sure you could really call it competition when the boats are so differing classes. Hers' while different is basically a racing boat. I'm not sure of her course but can you really compare these voyages? At some point technology will be doing the sailing and you are just along for the ride. I will admit its a sharp looking vessel but not in the same class as EPL which is a more classic lines vessel. It looks like she has hardly any deck space..are her sails automated?
Can the journey be really completed in as little as 6 months? Are you familiar with her? Not thinking competitionally..more the friendship angle..does it continue to escalate until we have 10 year olds trying to break the record? I guess as long as theres a record there will be someone out there trying to break it. I know it might have started out as a desire to break the record..but I don't think thats really what its been about for you..pretty much since 19 October. Its been more Jessica wanting to do it..that beat whoever at all costs. I read that this , sailing around the world has been your dream since you were ten..but was it really just the dream of beating the next person, or was it the challenge to your self?
Tania Aebi set out to sail around the world and did it (except for a 53 mn technical error (she gave some one a lift to an island)) she still accomplished the feat..and yes it took nearly 2 years but her voyage was one of intense discovery and awakening. This is also much of what you have found. It really didn't matter how many miles were between you and the EQ. You were just as excited to meet that challenge as the one you just secured rounding the horn..I hope Abby does well as well but I don't think you can compare the journeys' at all. Its' a bit easier when the courses are similar and the boats-then you're really apple to apple 'racing' but this ,,why its just worlds' different..If you are sailing a racer you will expect to shave off some time but someone else will come along with another skinny hull shallow draft skimmer and do it 4 months..what has it proven? Only that the one with the greatest techniology wins..not who was the keenest sailor..or the one with the skills to say it was his or her ability to use the authentic sailing technology to meet the challenge. No her vision may be similar but her voyage, like yours will be worlds apart..

I love sailboats..I look at the Contessa 26 and believe you could make it just as successful as Tania did..-except for the part of non-stop-uninterrupted- she never had the stowage space to do that..Like I said..you are incredible..because you are you..and your achievement will be in the books for years to come in the S&S 34. Happy Aussie Day..

Sleep well Miss Jess..and hopefully the sea will skirt around you with the next gale to give you the chance to survey your sails...

Gary & Jan

Bill (Brissie) said...

Go Aussie Go, You ROCK.
Bill (Brissie)

Queenslander said...

Speaking of school... all the kids had to go back today (Wednesday 27th).

For the first timer's parents some schools were putting on tea & bikkies for the teary eyed mums.

Are you doing "School of the Air"? By rights that should be "Sea"? ;)

trentgs said...

I was reading more about Abby. Sounds like shes' got the stuff to make a go of it..I studied a bit more about the boat too.
Go For it girls! Make us all proud but sail safe...

Anonymous said...

Spent Oz Day afternoon eating fish and chips overlooking the rocks and beach. Somewhere in the high 30s, blue skies, lazy sun, just a breath of a sea breeze. Three Oystercatchers called in down along the shore, followed by a Pacific Gull. Back up where we were, only one lone seagull hanging around, waiting for some scraps. Someone walking past warned us of a brown snake they'd seen just a few metres away. I said thanks, looked at the unperturbed gull, and threw it some bits of fish. Australia Day. Just another day in paradise, really.

Thank heavens for all this, and dunnies that work, I reckon.

Glenda said...

Hi Jess, wow, a call from the PM on Australia Day! Congratulations on getting everything working again and amazing to read that gale force is now becoming routine for you. It was lovely to read your comments about Abby and it gives me great hope that your generation will run the world in a spirit of co-operation and mutual support. Enjoy the next exciting chapter of the voyage and hope the weather and seas are gentle with you. As always, stay safe.

David said...

I just learned about your trip yesterday and went right to the Internet to find your website. I will follow you until you arrive home. The videos on your website are great !!!

Silver Spring, Maryland (USA)

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