Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Better Wind

I'm pretty thrilled to have made good progress to the east over the last two days. We've finally had 15-20 knots of steady breeze and Ella's Pink Lady has been surfing along nicely. The wind is also expected to keep increasing, so you never know, it might start getting a bit more like the Southern Ocean down here after all!

The light drizzly rain has become a constant and the temperature seems to drop a little lower each day. At least the fog seems to have disappeared now (see pic below). There's still plenty of birds around, but I'm not doing so well at getting pictures of them as they just won't sit still for me. I'll post some pictures just as soon as I manage to get some half decent shots!

When I venture up on deck these days, I feel a bit like a clumsy elephant with all the gear that I have to wear. First there's all the thermals and various different layers, then boots and wet-weather gear, hat, life jacket and what feels like half the hardware stashed in the pockets of my overalls. I'm always carrying my knife, PLB (personal EPIRB), shifter and more often than not a selection of various other tools. It's far easier to just take most of the spanner set with you, when picking the wrong size means an extra round of clipping and un-clipping tethers and opening and replacing washboards.

I'm still having the time of my life, doing a lot of reading keeping up a constant stream of hot drinks, having fun with my cooking (my chocolate pudding was a great hit with the crew yesterday!) and today I've a had few little jobs to do when shackles on the vang (which holds the boom down) andwindvane decided to give up the go. But a bit of improvising and we were all good again.

So just 1500 nm to Cape Horn and 2009 almost over. I can't believe where this year has gone. It's nearly 2010 already!


Pic: A foggy few days over Christmas!


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Andrew said...

woot woot bring on 2010!!! ^^)
the cold sound better then a stinking hot cabin!! but thats just me its nice and warm on my boat!!!
^^) :):):)have a good 1!!

Anonymous said...

Jrsse, you are a hero to all that follow your trek. Follow your blog everyday

mimo said...

Hey Jesse, good to hear you're well and staying safe by using all of your safety gear. It must be a combination of nerves and excitement about going around Cape Horn. This may sound a stupid question, but will you have to start watching for ice when you get down there?

Anyway, gotta go.

Stay Safe


DreamsFloat Joe said...

Glad to read your having fun Ms Jessica! Git-R-Dun and enjoy your journey!

gulp...gulp...gulp....gulp...gulp.....buuuuuuuuuuuurp....ahhhhh Happy New Year!

Bruce said...

Big Hello from Sydney
I am proud to be one of the 1000’s
Cheering you on!
Please keep "clipping on" ... we know it is part of the job, so please keep it on!
Little by little EPLs nm count is
getting you to your deserved goal.
Happy New Year

From Sydney

PS thanks for the earlier December
“Sunset with pastel colours” picture.
It is my Desktop Photo!

PPS and HNY to your funny land based crew and blog family.
What a joy to read their positive humour ... you know ... the 1 liners from Tim, creative comments from Amazedbyou, Samurai, Trudy, magpie, Sally, Hawkeye, Richie Paris, poppa bear, emgb1, sails and from
Argentina, Santiago Chile, Venezuela, perth wa, moscow, Bulgaria, USA, Canada, US Virgin Islands, NZ, UK, Tassie, SriLanka, New Deli, Dusty from a damp Dubbo, Austria, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Finland, Sweden, Germany, OZ, Anonymous(ssss), and and and the rest of your crew and bloggers whom I should list too.
Big Thanks.
clipping and un-clipping tethers

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess
We were glad to read you have a Kiwi as a "crew" member now!!!
We read you blog each day.
Keep up great work

Marilyn and Ian
New Zealand

Attitude said...

"Sometimes we are limited more by attitude than by opportunities."

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

Hi Jessica,
I took a little nap this afternoon, the window was open and there was the gentlest warm summer breeze wafting in carrying subtle perfumes of freshly cut grass with the distant sound of kids playing in the street mingling with sounds from the TV from other room, I started to imagine myself on a boat at sea, I was imagining what it must be like trying to sleep on a boat rocking and rolling in sympathy with ocean, within seconds I reckoned I astral travelled out to Ella's Pink Lady and stood just under the dodger watching the waves rise and fall....

And then I suddenly woke up....damn!

Thanks Samurai for finding those Video links about Dilip on his boat Mhadei, it's quite amazing to see how those Easterly winds has dramatically put him further south, strange to that he doesn't have HF on board, a Short Wave Radio is far less complicated piece of a equipment compared to the Satellite communications equipment that both Jesse and Dilip are relying on, it honestly what take to much for that equipment to go down, having HF on board is more for back up if anything and thankfully Jesse has a pretty good HF Radio of which I have heard her now on a few occasions.

Boy oh boy Mr Richie Paris you are spreading yourself around, I'm seeing posts from you everywhere...not that there's a problem, there isn't, but for instance I was up till 3:30am last night just catching up on peoples posts (blogs) whatever you want to call'm, and a saw your little face or references to you, show up I think 6 times in Jesse's last blog, so between going from blog to blog from Dilip's Blog to Abby's Blog...boy oh boy hours can just go by!

Anyway...keep'm coming Richie I find reading your comments just as entertaining as those folks that stop in just to say "Hi Jesse" and that's it! - I'm just trying to think what the hell I was doing before Jessica came into our lives!

Oh and thanks to Grant Fjermedal - I find the "Crtl F" Key a great idea, I didn't know that....the things we learn on Jessica's Blog!

And to "Amazedbyou", yes I also liked "the Kangaroos in the top paddock" reference, very good!...clever.

"ToSeeTheSea" thanks for your YouTube links too, you guys that set forth upon the sea brave kindred souls, escaping the human race, filling your lungs with the freshest of air, often gliding between life the nearest land 4000 meters below, the human desire to search to be free, unclutered by lifes illusions, how I'd like to be where you are....

Damn...I was aiming to be the first on top of the blog tonight, gezz you people are fast!

Jess, sounds and looks like you're right into it, good picture, describing your clothing attire is just amazing, but don't forget you're a petite kind of a girl so anything you wear should fit like a glove!...hehe...

Looking forward to those other pic's....

See ya Jesse....

Clint - Melbourne

Attitude said...

"The world is your mirror and your mind is a magnet. What you perceive in this world is largely a reflection of your own attitudes and beliefs. Life will give you what you attract with your thoughts think, act and talk negatively and your world will be negative. Think and act and talk with enthusiasm and you will attract positive results."Michael LeBeuf

jo from perth said...

Hi Jesse,
glad to hear the wind is picking up for you. It must take you some time to get dressed in all your cold weather gear. I remember a particularly cold winter in Missouri when i was in the states and felt much the same as the 'clumsy elephant' feel you described.
We are going down south tomorrow for New Years, and i am hoping the friends we are staying with have the internet on so i don't miss any of your blogs. BUT if i do go silent for a few days, i will still be thinking of you. I had better wish you Happy New Year just in case. What an exciting way for you to enter 2010. I am sure it will be one New Years Eve you will never forget.
Along with good wishes for the coming year, i also wish you Good Winds and Safe Sailing.
p.s i am keeping my fingers crossed that i will have access to the net and not have to miss out on any of your adventure.

Toni McLean said...

Well, Jesse, when you spend your time gallivanting around the ocean of course the year is just going to disappear! :-) And as for chocolate pudding and that crew of yours, they're all going to come back looking like blimps!
So, it looks like you were trained in everything except how to train birds. I bet you knew there was something you'd forgotten to learn.

Glad the wind is picking up a little for you. Hopefully it doesn't pick up too much. A little surfing is good, but too much can be a bit hair-raising. At least for me, but maybe not you!

Whatever you do, don't fall over in all that gear, otherwise you might not be able to get up again. You'll just roll around and around until EPL comes to a stop.

I do remember those times of washboards out, go through, washboards in, coming back, washboards out, go through, washboards in again. And sometimes succumbing to temptation ... it'll be allright, I'll only be a second ... and then sploosh, down into the cabin.

Glad to hear you can still say you're having the time of your life. You're making it sound all too easy and just too much fun. We're all feeling sorry for you enduring all your privations and hardships, you could at least sound as though you are a bit miserable. :-)

1500 nm to go to the cape ... go girl.

Wishing you just enough westerlies and no more.

Caves Beach Andrew said...

Hi Jessica,

Good to hear from ya again - and even better to hear another report of good progress. You really have had a pretty good run so far - let's all hope that it keeps going.

And it is also nice to hear that you are staying aware of all the safety aspects of your voyage - mind you, you are probably getting thousands of reminders from your support crew each day.

Would love to see a pic of you playing the stumbling elephant role - we've seen you in the summer clothes, now it's time for a pic in the winter gear!

Anyway, won't chat too long tonight as I am a little weary after another long day of golf practice, I am nearly at the end of a 10 days stretch of 8-hour golf practice days before sharpening my skills ready for the summer tournaments.

I'll be out of the country almost as much as you come the new year, plenty of overseas trips for me in 2010 playing golf. I just hope that our schedules collide and I am able to greet you on your return to Sydney around June.

Take care gorgeous girl and keep smiling.

Thinking of you always (is there a little jealousy creeping in there?).

Caves Beach, Newcastle

Toni McLean said...

thanks for the pic. I think we all appreciate your trouble in posting them. And you probably know that a number of us are now harassing Dilip as well. He may never forgive you. :-)

ToSeeTheSea said...

The wind is coming as no doubt Bob will tell you soon enough.

Keep your trisail handy. you don't have to have storm conditions to use this versitile sail.

keep up the good work.

Readers can see what a trisail looks like at www.youtube.com/ToSeeTheSea

The McGraths said...

Hi Jess,

Well finally home from hot & sunny Mildura to the South Coast of Nowra. Maybe now I can keep up with the posts a little better. I love hearing how well you're doing & still feel like I'm on the ride of my life.

Also got onto Cdr Donde's site & sent best wishes to him also. This could be dangerous! what with Abby about to start as well I don't think I'll ever be able to keep up with household chores let alone shift work.

For "RichieParis," I'll get back to you regarding the flag & how it will be constructed but we are more than happy to bear the costs. It will be a labour of love anyway. I do hope to get as many blogger names as practical on there though.

Take care,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Bengt said...

We can't want for the albatross pictures. Hopefully you can take some photo and crop it or have your blogmaster do that. I don't think you can have an albatross sit down. :-)

Meanwhile the readers can read my forecast on estimated times of arrival to places along the route, based on a 110 nm per day schedule:

Date Position Accumulated distance
24-dec Point Nemo 48°53S 123°24W 7850 nm
08-jan Cape Horn 55°58S 67°16W 9950 nm
12-jan Falklands (Stanley) 51°40S 57°50 10400 nm
02-feb Longitude zero 40°00S 0°00 13200 nm
11-feb Cape Good Hope 34°21S 18°28E 14200 nm
14-mar Longitude ninety 40°00S 90°00E 17700 nm
25-mar Cape Leeuwin 34°22S 115°08E 19000 nm
08-apr Hobart 42°54S 147°18E 20600 nm
13-apr Sydney 33°51S 151°12E 21200 nm

Maybe I'm too positive since this is below 6 months. But the Cape Horn passage at 9950 nm around January 8 will have taken less than 3 months, and almost halfway.

Come on Jessica, good luck and sail safe.

/Bengt I Larsson, Gothenburg, Sweden

(Weather just north of Gothenburg: Full snow cover, no wind and -12°C)

Brian Riley said...

Better winds and all suited up, you sound like an avatar with someone pressing the controls for you to move.
The forward progress must be exciting for you after the last few days of just a rolling sea.
The cooking has to be great with the crew enjoying it with no complaints.
1500nm to the Cape, with a solo sailor moving in closer to you, maybe a duel rounding together and be able to take photos of each other.
2010 is really just around the corner with no fireworks for you to see,maybe your shore team will send you some shots of the main land spectacular.
Safe passage, will talk later.
Brian. QLD.

DAPHNE said...

Hey Jess,
I have been following your journey for the last 2 weeks. I am so proud of what you are doing and who you are proving to be in the face of all those who were cynical of age, gender and ability. You are just amazing and I look forward to seeing how the rest of your experience unfolds. You are teaching us all to follow our dreams and find the extension of ourselves. Go girl! Keep safe and travel well.

John F said...

Hi Jessica,

Glad to hear that the wind has picked up a little and you are making better progress.

I have just finished reading most of Dilip Donde's blog. It sounds like he has had his fair share of equipment related problems during his voyage. Here's hoping that your equipment problems are minimal and easy to rectify. I'm sure that you have the best people back at base to advise you on these matters.

Not many days left until the end of the year now. Are you planning a New Years Eve event?

Stay Safe.

Best Regards,

John F.

Cam said...

Hi Jessica,

Just wanted to congratulate you. You are sailing really well and I reckon you could be past the half way mark in time. May be I've got it wrong but on the 28/12 you had sailed almost 8200NM in 71 days averaging 4.8KTS 115NM/day which is fantastic considering the number of light wind days you have had. From day 71 I estimate you have 9000NM to run to South East Cape Tasmania. With the better winds you you can expect to average 6KTS/144NM/day which is 63 days. Then a slower 760NM up to Sydney, pushing current at say 4KTS, so another 8 days. This puts you into Sydney on the 9th of March. Wow 142 days. Yes all going well you will indeed smash Jesse Martin's record!
Once again you are doing great and are an inspiration to me.
Keep clipped on. Stay safe.


StuntTrader said...

I came across this saying recently.."What would you do if you knew you could not fail"?
For some unknown reason it reminded me of you Jesse :)
Thanks to Grant Fjermedal for all the useful info

HAWKEYE said...


Hi Jesse - you appear in excellent spirits and that is always good news.
I said a couple of postings back that it is amazing how quickly time flies and how the small steps add up before you know it. 1500 from Horn means the head should be elsewhere and by all accounts you are well and truly in the right space. Those little jobs are so important and although you sound like a mobile workshop the safety gear was mentioned so the Jess-Stress meter is not buzzing tonight.

Those birds sound wonderful company. I wonder if there is another SILLY out there or even a twice as SILLY that will drop in for a bit of that pudding.

'til next time special one please take care and keep yourself in the safety first mode. Get some rest between the jobs and the reading in cold weather is just the medicine the doctor ordered. Take care darl and god bless!!


Galia said...

Hey Jesse!

Yesterday I went to my weekly laughing meditation class (the best healing tool!) and we had to imagine ourselves on a boat in the middle of nowhere feeling peaceful and jolly. i couldnt help myself and my boat was bright pink like yours! then we had to imagine a school of dolphins that are laughing with us and sardines that are doing funny tricks.
well i know we sound loony but if you ever feel down start laughing- at first it feels fake but then it becomes really funny and the real laughter starts!
at least you dont have to imagine yourself on a boat in the middle of the ocean to be peaceful :)
Happy journey dear and Happy 2010!!

The McGraths said...


"Mary, Maine USA" OMG I am drooling over the sound of those cupcakes. I Think you should post the recipe.

Also.. "Mike Kay, Indiana,"
Got your message re the flag, we would be happy to put your name up there, after all you've been there from the beginning too.

When we get it constructed we hope to get it onto the web just to enable people to have a look if they wish.

Cheers everyone,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

Jo said...

Hi Jesse, I love it when you post pictures so thanks for that. I'm so glad the fog has finally lifted, I'm sure it's lifted your spirits as well! Not long now to the Cape and to think you have been out there for over two months now!! Indeed, where has the time gone! This is one Christmas and New Year you will never forget!! I would really love to see a group shot of you and the crew bringing in the New Year if you can manage lol we haven't seen them lately :)... oh and a shot of you in youre safety gear would be great too. Sorry if I sound greedy but I just love watching your videos and seeing all the pics you post, it makes it all the more real for me as I'm sure for everyone who posts in here. You keep going Jesse, you are doing wonderfully well and we are so proud of you!! Take care 'til next time.

bernie777 said...

Hi Jesse I hope you dont get bored with me writing to you;;;sometimes my mood changes but life begins today with each new day so sieze the day and go hard...you are going so well and its the simple things in life that are the most satisfying...happy new year Capitan Jesse////u inspire people////landlubbers 2....cheers Bernie 777.....

picard said...

Glad to hear all is going well and your spirits ar e still high.
Keep it going and Happy new year!!

samurai said...

Hey jess, I hope you're well.
Nice to hear from you and that you're making much better progress.
I don't know if you remember the photo of the mother and baby dolphins I posted to commemorate your 6000nm achievement? I took that photo while hanging over the bow of a boat. I must have wasted a couple of rolls of film taking that one photo, as the dolphins like your birds, wouldn't "sit still" for me either. I set the camera to take multiple shots and pointed it a little bit ahead of the direction the dolphins were swimming, clicked and hoped for the best. That photo was the best out of the many others wasted. Why don't you try what I did and hopefully a bird will fly in the path of your viewfinder at some point and you too can hope for the best. Out of the hundreds (+/-) you may take at least one is bound to turn out and if you end up with one nice shot of an albatross then it would be well worth the effort. At least these days you have the advantage of digital technology and real-time exposures so you can just delete the ones that bomb out.
While reading your (very discriptive) account of all the gear that you have to wear now, namely the thermals, various layers, boots, wet weather gear, life jacket etc, I was reminded of the times when I struggled similarly and sometimes wished I was a boy. Do you know what I mean? It's not so easy using the head for us girls is it? At least a boy can just....well, you know?! But us girls have to strip off almost completely just to take a p....wee. :-)) But be that as it may, it is still vitally important you stay well hydrated, ok? None of this...I can't drink 'cause it'll just make me want to go again, ok? I used to be like that and paid the price for it.
It's good that you're staying on top of all the little jobs and I'm sure I know how much enjoyment and satisfaction you must get out of repairing things on your beautiful boat. The problem a neglected shackle causes can far exceed the time it takes to maintain it.
I hope you continue to make good progress east and peel off those 1500nm to the horn so you get through there before that boy who's chasing you. :-)) Take good care of yourself and bye for now...Sam

Mal, Wendy and Samara. said...

Love that foggy shot Jess, it looks very peaceful and inviting out there. Happy new year in advance in case we don't get to say it on the day.

Enjoy your time out there in solitude from modern life..........you will never forget it, (I know i've said that before, but it is so, so true).


Mal, Wendy and Samara

carole (Mackay) QLD said...

Hey Jess,
Thanku for the great photo, and as usual your cheery description of life out there - glad the crew enjoyed the chocky pud ! that will keep them happy for a while. I can imagine what it is like with all those layers of gear piled on, then pockets stuffed with tools. Good girl keep clipped on - even tho its a hassle, in reality it is your only lifeline. Great stuff you are going great - a steady breeze, lots of elusive birds who wont do as they are told - LOL - maybe you could sit the crew outside for a while and the curiosity will bring the birds in... maybe.... Enjoy your hot drinks, and nice hot food as the temps drop - till next time continue to enjoy it out there, we are all cheering you on....

carole (Mackay)
Talking of rain, we have had our first real rain since April, its pouring, swimming pool overflowing, water everywhere and of course I was thinking of you - similar circumstances-water everywhere!

magpie said...

Hi Jessica,
Great to hear your closing fast on the Horn.
I just had a peep at the Horn conditions 3 weeks ago on Youtube. They reckon this is summer cruising?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4twL0VRrBM

I can't believe no-one's asked you to say Cape Horn fast 3 times yet, lol. Where did Jessica's Jokester go?

Also...♣Clint Jeffrey would've probably been first but his report would've taken 30 minutes to write, lol.

Antonino said...

Hi!have a nice days to Cape Horn and i hope sea will be good for all your trip. Happy New Year,and all your desires can be realized....
Ciao from Sicily

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
I sent a comment about radar and the radar reflector (the white box at the top of EPL’s mast) to answer the request by Dreamsailor of Miami, Florida, USA, and some more information about dodgers as a follow up to the information offered by Grant Fjermedal.

This was printed as the very last item (243/243) under your ‘Not so fearsome 50’s blog for Sunday 27 December. It may be of interest to some readers.

It’s good to hear that you are now in weather more to your liking, even if you do look like a baby elephant. You have to grin and bear this part of your voyage – I’m sure you know that. And you would soon find out if you left anything behind – according to good old Murphy, if you leave a tool behind you will soon find it is the very one you need.

Your photo has come out well, and does show a slightly misty horizon typical of the light drizzly rain you have been getting.

Keep trying to get a photo of an albatross – preferably flying. They rarely sit still in the water and a photo of one sitting still would just look like a big black duck. Even if the horizon looks a bit wonkas if you get a shot of a soaring albatross it will be worth posting. Some of us can fix the horizon with photoshop!

I am surprised you share choc pudding with the crew or did they get leftovers. That could not be possible. Your love of all things chocolate has become legendary!

Enjoy the ride and say hi to the next albatross that comes your way.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

Anonymous said...

Oh no Jesse,
Not feeling like an elephant surely
That would be WAYYY ttooo heavy for EPL!!LOL
Glad the fog cleared for you.
Safe Sailing in your woolly jumpers.
Sally in Melbourne by the bay.
Thanks Mary for your encouragement.

Tracy Wilson said...

Hey Jessi, I dont care what anyone says, you are awesome and a very brave youbg lady. Most people would be too afraid to atempt what you are actually achieving each day.
Believe in your self and your training and you will show the world what a young mind and body is truly capable of. I admire you Jess. Fair sailing, Tracy Wilson (Canberra)

kina said...

Hold on to ya hat Jesse! Cape Horn here she comes :)

Ben (Qld)

Old Iron said...

Just a few day to a new year.

Thanks for the update and photo

How is you school work?

Juergen Schlichting said...

Dear Jessica,

hope the best for you, my family is with you.

best wishes
Jürgen from Vienna/Austria

Niels said...

Hi Jessica.
good to hear that things are going well and that you are very safety contious.
By the way, do you have a helmet you can wear to protest your head from impacts if the sea get really rough?
Take care,

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Jessica,

WOW . . . I got up this morning, about 5:30 AM my time and read the new blog additions to the "Not So Fearsome Fifties" and went to have breakfast. Back at the computer at 7:00 AM and I find "Better Wind" with 37 comments already.

It's almost like your followers are akin to vultures, sitting on a tree limb, ready to pounce on every new post you make.

And while I am on that subject, I just cannot resist coming back to comment upon the stylistic improvement in your written descriptions of your surroundings and how far this has progressed as your journey has progressed. The word pictures you present now are so far advanced as to merit an award for penmanship.

Your description of suiting up to go on deck reminds me much of what the astronauts go through in suiting up for an EVA in space. We got the image perfectly.

So bundle up, clip on and be safe as always.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Juergen said...

Dear Jessica,

Good luck. I and my family with you.

Best wishes from Vienna

Wilbs said...

Hi Jessica, thought it was time for another post on your blog to wish you a Merry Christmas and a great 2010. Was away on holidays fo a week but have now caught up on all your latest commentary. You've probably seen the Hobart results - it seems like it was one of the smoothest, incident free races for a while - hopefully a good omen for you. The super- maxis looked absolutely magnificent making their way up the Derwent.

Your latest blogs, I feel, have subtlely changed in tone, with just a hint that we're getting down to the serious business of your trip. I guess that EPL skimming through relatively calm tropical waters may have lulled us followers into a slightly false sense of complacency. There is now a real feeling of building - I don't know, anxiousness? tension? nervous anticipation? - as you head ever further South and East. But we all believe you are up to whatever comes your way and hope that our thoughts, prayers, hopes and good wishes will keep you, above all else, safe and sound. Take care,

Peter from Sydney

PS For Gods sake don't drop any of those tools overboard!

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
I am proud of you doing all these jobs by yourself! Carrying all that equipment and crawling around the boat. Hope them dodgers are doing fine too. With all those solar cells and windpower you should have plenty of electricity on board. I was wondering if you were using that electrical power secretly to propel the boat a little faster.
Anyways, keep up them dodgers and happy sailing,
Jony the Pony

RichieParis said...

Great job, Captain Jesse! I love reading that the wind is back, chasing the fog and pushing EPL the right way!
The pic is nice too.

An elephant on board? OMG! But I realize how a good girl you are, and your sharing sense... Looking like a stuffed elephant did comfort your crew members, you were more "one of them'. Just be careful you don't go to sleep on the shelf with them, one of these nights!

@McGraths, many thanks. Let's keep in touch.
@Clint Jeffrey, sorry for the invasiveness. Jessica's journey turned into a daily priority for me, especially when I am on holidays like now.
@BengtLarsson and Cam, your foresights for Jesse's arrival are impressive, much under the 8 months planned. As EPL is sailing faster than expected, and until now without real trouble, it seems likely that "they" will arrive earlier than mid-June. But that earlier? I guess there might be some too calm zones somewhere ahead.

Back to Jesse: You are a true wonder. All the family here is happy to read your blogs and confident in your very soon entrance in the Atlantic waters.
You deserve your chocolate reward!
And your incredible shore team has also all our admiration. What a good job they did before you left, and they are doing constantly now. I miss words to salute them all.

Anonymous said...

Have a great New Year's Jesse!

Keep enjoying yourself! I don't know how you do it.

You're a legend luvvie! Girl Power!

Gold Coast

Mike said...

Hi Jessica,

Great to read you're traveling so well down there in the southern ocean and you have favourable winds behind you, sounds like you are suitably prepared for the cooler and rougher conditions, rounding Cape getting through Drakes Passage I guess is the major milestone of the actual journey I guess.

Bengt - thanks for you calculations of dates Jess will at various points of her epic adventure, it's a handy guide I have printed for reference.

Attitude - the quote you provided from Micheal LeBeuf is so very true, some are worried about Jess when she travels further south with strong winds and big waves, the truth is it's all in the mind, if you have a strong picture in you mind of the end result of your desire that you keep reinforcing by constantly thinking about it (in this case sailing into Sydney Harbour after having sailed safely round the world) that reality will come about. There is an Intelligent design that runs through us and connects all events together.

God works in mysterious ways, maybe that collision with the tanker was all meant to be, so you set out on a different date avoiding otherwise unfavourable events events, circumstances adverse weather conditions etc. had you set out on your original planned date in mid Sep.

This is why I know you will succeed Jessica because you KNOW you going to be sailing into Sydney Harbour victorious.


All the best Jessica.

Tim09 said...

Hi Jessica,
Just Tim reading your blog tonight, Rosie has gone on her own little adventure to her Grandmas' in Ayr,Queensland.
Don't worry i have to report in every time you post a blog and tell her whats happening.
Thanks for the link to Dilips site as well, have been checking in on him as well (Have you two got a side bet on as to who will be first around the Horn).lol
Glad you are making good progress and yes it does look like there are stronger winds to come, so stay clipped on and take care.
Ok bye for now
Tim and Rosie
To The McGraths
Could you please include Rosie and I on your Flag. :-)

Scott said...

I have a new appreciation for what you're doing. I finally started my sailing class yesterday and I'm wiped out today. Day two starts soon! Stay warm and safe!

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA (temporarily St. Petersburg, Florida)

Molly said...

G'day Sailor Girlie,
I had pictured you socked in with fog, so I was relieved to see that you have some visibility.
After months in summer clothes, cold weather clothing does seem cumbersome at first.
However, you are the most adaptable person there is, so I know you will get used to it in a snap.
Ah, it's almost time to ring in the New Year...in which you will become a record breaker.
Continued blessings,
Maryland USA

Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

I'm really trying not to post more than once....but

Sam Sam Sam (Samurai)

you made me laugh out loud...

I really didn't know what you were on about until you said "just to take a p....wee"

Then is it all fell into place...

Yes I think I can understand the problem...

Cheers Sam....I do enjoy reading your posts...

Clint - Melbourne Town

Ernest From NH (USA) said...

Hi Captain Jesse,Good job with the
repair work. You would'nt want to be repairing crucial components in a heavy sea. The birds must be thrilled to see EPL. They have never seen a pink bird flying accross the ocean with a young women holding on tight. Be Safe! Be Happy! Sing Louder! Stay Alert!

Anonymous said...

Yep ya still doing it well young lady, and we are still sitting (unbeknown to you) on the stern of your little ship blowing onto your sails, bet you can't see us though ;-)

Kevmeister from Perth

Kim humphreys W.A. said...

Hi jessica
Glad to hear your spirits are still high. you will need all your wits for when you round the Horn. Best of luck for the rest of this year and well into 2010. Have a Happy New Year
Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray
Hpi Hip Hooray
Kim Humphreys W.A.

Nico said...

Hi Jesse,

congratulations to your progress! I didn't really have any doubts about it (during my absence from the web over Xmas), but it's very assuring you're going on so well! I especially loved the pic with you amidst all your presents.

So for now (and me being back in office despite I was supposed to have a few days off, but our clients thought otherwise) I wish you a lot more of that steady wind and I'm looking forward to welcome you in "our" ocean very soon next year! :D


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Jess. Here is my calculated little recap of how you might be feeling today with the New Year and the Horn approaching....

1500 NM to Cape Horn

Steady breeze
Fog lifted
Windvane shackles
All taken care of
2010 here I come
And then the Horn!

Jill (Newcastle)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse,
That was a very interesting blog. Love the sound of the chocolate pudding. I can just imagine you trying to manouvre around the deck with all your gear on plus the tools on your belt.
Thanks for the great photo, it really looks like the
Southern Ocean now!
"The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare"
Go Jesse!!
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

hi Jesse
I wish you and the whole blogging "family" out there the very best for 2010. Happy New Year to all. Your blogs continue to be compulsive reading. Enjoy your ride around the Horn.
Kevin in Launceston Tasmania.

duane said...

Drink a lot of hot Chocolate Jessica. It will warm your innards and put a smile on your face.
Your description of foul weather gear reminds me of the suits astronauts wear. I think they also bring along everything they might need when they go out for a space walk.
You helped make these last few months fly by following your progress. When do you expect to be back home? Keep safe and enjoy the ride. duane

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Congratulations on your progress, I am so glad to be able to follow your great adventure, I look forward to read your blogs everyday and enjoy reading them as well as the comments of your extended internet family!


Marina from Turin

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,
Good to hear that you wear all the safe gear etc. As I have mentioned before, I have never been sailing but I have seen films how rough the weather can be when rounding the Horn.
Interesting to hear that you see birds still, the atlas don't show any island.
The chocolate pudding was a real treat for you, and I guess there are more treats to come.
I wish you Happy New Year now.
Tomorrow me and a friend will see the opera "The Pearl Fishers". The opera hasn't been on in Sthlm since 1918. This will be a treat for me.
Keep on smiling and sail safe.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Rich said...

Jesse, On school holidays and just found you while surfing on the net. I will be following the rest of your amazing journey. Wishing you great winds and safe days for 2010. A fan from San Antonio Texas USA.

Amazedbyou said...

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for dropping in, so glad things have picked up and you are surfing the nm away. New Years is nearly here !! Bring on 2010, it will be a year to remember for you I am sure, how exciting.

I cannot ever imagine you being clumsy, mind you, as long as you are warm and have the safety thing covered, its all good.

From what you have described you must resemble the Mitchelton tyre man, how funny. Will look forward to those bird piccy’s, hope you get a good one.

“Shackles on the vang”... I thought that only happened at my place on a Saturday night.
“do a little dance, shackle your vang, and get down tonight”.

I have got no idea, I would not know a vang from a shackle.

Anyhow I am glad you have them sorted, a girl with a spanner is a force to be reckoned with. I am off to go google them.

Happy New Year Jesse if by chance we don’t catch up. 2010 is your year, celebrate big !!

Happy New Year to all my blog family, you are all such great fun. I must mention the experienced sailors of this blog, thanks so much for your beaming passion. You all make me want to sail. I would have to name everything on the yacht “that thingy” but I reckon I would enjoy it. Nigh Night, cheers.

workerbev said...

Hi Jesse, Beverly here in Tassie. Waaaay to go! You are getting so close to the Cape...it just doesn't seem possible. Seems like just yesterday we were telling you how to party at the Equator, now you are almost at the Cape. How time flies when you are having fun, hey?

I'm sure you do not look like an elephant! A baby koala maybe - fed up good. But...you will definitely be glad of all those layers of warm, warm clothes. But like Sam says, sometimes there are times when it would be good to be a boy... Just a big hassle for us "ladies" when the urge strikes. And the fact that you have to drink so many hot drinks to keep warm, well, we know where you will be sometimes.

Husband & I are still tracking the Sydney to Hobart yachts on Google Earth and also the official Rolex website for them. We like Google Earth better. There is one poor ol' bugger at the back of the pack, doing 3.8kts still going through the Strait in 94th place. She just can't seem to get going faster than about 3-4kts, don't know why, maybe doesn't have the right sails or not enough people on board or what, but I guess somebody has to come in last don't they? At least they will still be able to say they finished the Sydney to Hobart Race. That is what it is all about, keep on doing what you have set your mind to and do it until the end no matter what.

I have written to Cdr Donde (for you bloggers who call him a "boy", he is actually 42y.o.) and told him that you have us all so spoiled with daily blogs that he will have to try to keep up with the same. He sure has had a bunch of mechanical problems of late. You just keep up with your daily maintenance chores and you shouldn't have any problems. I'm sure your shore team did everything to the best of the best so you wouldn't have too much to worry about in that capacity. I'm glad you know what to do when something does need fixed too. What a girl!!! Hats off to you!!!

Well, 1am here in Tassie so I think I'll check the yachts one more time and catch some shuteye. "If" I am able to get out of bed tomorrow (would be the 12th time in a year) I think my husband wants to go to the Hobart docks and take pics of the yachts that are already in - of course, with him being a Kiwi, and the Alpha Romero winning, well, I can't live with him hardly. Men and their toys.

Please remember God is right there on EPL with you and His legion of Angels are supporting her every single second of the day and night. Just have a chat to Him and you will be amazed at how good a friend He can be. God speed my dear, and stay clipped on - especially now that the wind is picking up and things could get rocky. Which I'm sure will make you a teeny-tiny bit happy. Beverly & Andrew Penney, Bridgewater, Tasmania

John said...

Hey Jesse. Glad to hear that you are keeping safe. That's the first entry that really sounds like solo circumnavigating. I really like hearing of your care in moving about the boat and preparing for anything! Best of luck into the New Year!

John L in NC

samurai said...

To Clint - Melbourne Town
December 29, 2009 11:04 PM

I see you have kangaroos running around your top paddock as well, hey? hahahaha!!!

Cheers & beers...I also loved the slurp...slurp...slurp...buuuurrrp!

Great stuff... :-))

Ron said...

You need to make those birds sit still so you can get photos. Well girl, you're sailing right on into next year and I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time. I have yet to miss one of your blogs and I can promise I will not miss one. I want to see you dressed in all your cold weather gear. It's probably hard to see you for all the clothing. Godspeed Jesse.
Ron - Alabama USA

Mary said...

Great news, Jess! Thanks for the update. So happy you're happy, as usual. I have complete and utter faith in your abilities and instincts. You are doing SO well.

I loved Samurai's little discussion about the realities of female anatomy and the tendancy for SOME to limit hydration because it's such a hassle to get undressed. For that reason, a mountaineering company designed a funnel with a long tube for women to use without having to completely undress. I guess it could be tricky (haven't used one) but I like the idea AND being able to continue hydration.

Such a truly sweet group of bloggers sailing with you, Jess. We all love reading each other's comments, hope you do, too.

Love the laughing therapy post and Sally, I must admit I had to look a few different ways to see your brilliant elephant. I also saw a frontal view of a head and trunk before I saw the whole ellie. Excellent.

Dearest Jess, here's wishing you Continual Time Of Your Life days, keeping your albatross eagle eye out for gear wear and tear, misbehaving shackles, etc.

With love and oceans of respect surrounding you always,
Mary, Maine, USA

Ron said...

Gday Jess,

Just been checking out your yacht builder Sparkman and Stephens. Funny that you have an American built yacht and Abby has a Australian built yacht. Thats okay I drive a european built bus. Can you hurry up I want you to be the youngest. I still cant understand why you picked the smallest yacht in comparison to others trying for the record.

May you be blessed with lots of wind.
ha ha

Anonymous said...

Absolutely awesome. As a windsurfer I've noticed that the wind usually follows the rain, so be prepared! I just read "Alone at Sea" the Joshua Slocum bio and am wondering if you'll be going through the Straits of Magellan or around the tip?

On the northern Great Plains we survived the blizzard of the decade, actually, worst storm since 1967 as 50+ mph winds raged for several days piling snow into fantastic drifts. The northern Black Hills received 45 inches of beautiful powder in 72h and the snowboarding was superb. As 2010 approaches revel in the knowledge that you alone exceed anyone who has ever lived on planet earth. Sail on!

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
I think your writing is absolutely excellent. I am already looking forward to reading your book that you plan to publish. I hope nobody is copying all the stuff on your blog to put it in a book... It is worth on of those Pultzer prices!

Forgot to mention that we would like to see more pictures and videos of yourself!

Keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

Anne Bonny (Spain) said...

Hello Jesse,

From Spain I send you all my best wishes.

I am sure that this adventure will be the best experience in your live, probably after all this moments that you are living now, you will be another person, a best and stronger person :-)

Also I would like to send a message for your parents, because they said "yes" when you decided to do that.

I follow your blog.

Anne Bonny

SaltyDog said...


Commander Donde coulnd't ask for a nicer host than you to greet him on his way to Cape Horn. What a nice gesture on your part to provide your readers with the link to Dilip Donde's blog. You are a sweetheart, Jess. He just might be overwhelmed by the response he receives from your dedicated followers. Just another example of how your warm, welcoming nature is being reflected by so many bloggers.

As Grant Fjermedal mentioned, the comment on Abby's blog regarding an international feast at the cape is entertaining. If nothing else, Jess, it could be quite the photo op. The youngest solo circumnavigator waving as she passes Minoru Saito, the oldest.

For those who sould like more information on Saito's attemt at a record 8 solo circumnavigations and to set a new record for oldest, his web site is http://www.saito8.com. He is ready to leave Punta Arenas, Chile, possibly today, to resume his attempt. He rounded Cape Horn but was forced to be towed into Punta Arenas when his yacht was disabled in April. After months of repairs he set out again but once more was forced to return to Puntas Arenas in November with sail and engine problems. He now plans to motor through the Strait of Magellan to resume sailing from the point of furthest progress before he stopped for repairs. Saito is sailing "the wrong way" traveling east to west, so following his daily logbook on line might give a little preview of what's to come for Jess, although weather and sea conditions are constantly changing.

Well, I'm happy you're getting better wind, Jess, and hope it continues all the way around the Horn.

Have fun, stay safe and happy sailing.

From Seattle, WA, USA

Paula said...

Jesse, very sly the way you snuck in the info about all the safety gear you're wearing on deck, just to placate all of us Nervous Nellies around the world. We appreciate it, believe me! I sail a little bitty Herreshoff 12 1/2 on a protected salt-water "pond" on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, and I know how slippery it can be on deck even there. Keep up the good, safe work out there.

Oh, and what's a shifter and what's it doing in your pocket? :)

Anonymous said...

Still following ya...each day! You are totally inspiring. Keep it up Jesse!!!

~2 in TX

Russ. VE6VK said...

Great photo Jesse. Nice to see you are picking up that west wind. You have the right idea about layering your .Up here we have such changing temperatures that it is the only clothessensible way to dress. From -40C a while back, it is now -11C and probably -1, once the sun comes up. You are making good time and 1500 miles wont be long at that pace. You seem to be getting well prepared for any situation, a very smart girl. Best wishes, as usual and smooth sailing...Russ Calgary

Ad Moerman said...

my chocolate pudding was a great hit with the crew yesterday!

Hi Jessica,

You'r a good writer and you have a nice sense of humor. Keep on jokking and sailing. Then I keep reading your blok a few times a week! Good luck and stay safe.

PS. On this side of the world it's also cold.

Grt, Ad

Ranen said...

Good going Captain Jessica.......really happy to see the foto.....actually any foto gives us some kind of feeling how u r doing....good going buddy...wait for ur unique 2010....hope u will have fun with those birds.....wish u a great day ahead...
Ranen, Tx

Anonymous said...

Skip'Ohoy.Captain Jessica.Happy to see that everything is going well,say Hello to the Albatrosses from me.Hope that the Cold is not bothering you,you shuld be used to the cold by now,it means your blood gets ticker and the cold dont feels that bad anymore,just stay away from bloodthinnings drinks.Here where I em is gray sky wery windy and minus 5 C and falling,cant wait for this winter to be over,just 25 feet out from my window I have a Birdfeeder,its wery busy with Woodpeckers,Blue Jays,Tufted Titmouse,White-breasted Nuthatch,Black-capped Chickadee,Juncos and a Redtailed Hawk that are hunting all of the above.Cant wait to see you round that Cape Horn and head towards Falkland Island's and warmer weather.G-d speed and fair winds. Herman.Hampstead.NH.USA.

Anonymous said...

Just found out that Jessica means "God Hears". Nice to know that when you're feeling all alone or need some help.

I'm well along in finishing a 17' trimaran. Think I'll have a go at sailing the inside passage here in the Pacific NW. You are showing us that there is something to be gained in taking on a challenge.

Godspeed, Jessica.

chris coles-morales said...

Hi there,
Grats on being ahead of sked.Amazing progress you are making and you must be glad for that!
Keep warm, woolies to the toes!!
I hope that the New Year is a bright one for you... you are getting it off on a grand start!
chris in calif

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

I'm a 27 year old Police Woman, and until I started following you and your journey, I thought I was brave! It goes to show, it doesn't matter how old you are, or what you have standing in your way, if you put your mind to something, you can make it happen!!! You are such an inspiration, and I look forward every day to reading what you're up to next! Take care, stay safe, and continue to have the time of your life!! you are bound for big things in your life, and I look forward to hearing about you for years to come, best wishes x

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hello Captain Jesse, Glad for you that the wind is picking up, I'm sure it feels good to make progress and Ella's Pink Lady probably sails smoother! Thanks for the pic, it still looks a little foggy out there! Hopefully you will get a good shot of some of the birds that have joined you,that would be great! Georgia Guy c'mon I would like to think we are at least eagles, osprey, falcons or hawks waiting to pounce , but vultures! lol The McGrath's thank you I am honored. Well Jesse only two days to the new year and I usually look back and think about what I have accomplished in my journey and look forward to next year and what I want to do on my journey. Well seems to me you have a unique situation in that you can look at a map and see just what you have done on your journey and as well plot out next year. You are so inspiring it is hard for me to express how following your adventure has impacted my outlook at life. I know that is a little sappy but it is true. Thank You Captain Jesse! Here's to fair winds and sunshine! Godspeed, Mike

RICHARD said...

Great to hear you are geared up! We don't know weather to be happy or cautious about your moving well once again. On one hand we know how dangerous the Cape can be, so we are slightly fearful of that which is just ahead. On the other, we have been delighted with your progress and . On the third hand we have every confidence in your skillful abilities and maturity. Soooo full speed ahead! No challenge is too great for Captain Watson and the crew of EPL.

BTW, thx for the pic. love em.


See Ya Sailor!

Anonymous said...

Here is a Utube link provided by an anonymous posters on Abby Sunderland's blog. It features an Open 40...not the kind of boat that Jessica is using but it gives you a bit of an idea what the area off Cape Horn can look like...wind speeds in the mid 30's.


Steve in California

pete said...

“A positive attitude may not solve every problem but it makes solving any problem a more pleasant experience.”. great job jess, pete, Cairns.

Anonymous said...

The seas look great there, but never get complacent Jesse - sounds like you're doing the right thing. I can see you now with half of Oz on the same page in your progress plot - you have home in your sights. Don't be in too much of a hurry to get there, experiencing extremes and coming out of them successfully will bolster that inner confidence you already have in abundance.

Happy New Year, and be sure to make the emphasis on 'Happy'


Rex said...

Thanks for the update, Captain, and the flags on the map. Always nice to watch your progress.

Keep an eye out for sails over your starbord quarter. Dilip's catching up, but a bit to the south of you.

best wishes to you both as you approach Cape Horn.

Rex Gibbons
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
PS: Rain, drizzle and fog with NE winds here today, and + 4.3C right now. We're at about 46 North latitude and 53 West longitude in the northwest Atlantic.

ceasterday said...

I watch and wait for each new post. It is an amazing journey you are on. The sea is gorgeous, but something so awesome that it is hard to comprehend for land-lock people like me.

Personally, I will be pleased when you have rounded the cape and back in warmer waters.

You cross my mind often and I wonder what is happening in your world at that moment.

May God watch over you.
C. E.

mariah voije said...

has it got really cold?

Staffan said...

Hi Jessica,
When you mentioned life jacket will that include a life line.

To me a life line (safety harness)is more important than a simple life jacket, specially alone in the southern ocean.

Dont ever venture upon deck without it.



mariah voije said...

is it really cold yet?

Anonymous said...

I wish you always warm and dry clothing, a safe and dry spot on board and good eating.
Stay safe and sound.

John (UK) said...


What's the thing (food, comfort or item) you miss the most?

Also is there anything that you wish you had with you that you either chose to leave behind or didn't think necessary?

Anonymous said...

I left you a couple of notes but I dont see any posted.
I even remembered you on X-mas eve...here, in a South American crazy hot weather I though about you..
Happy New Year..
Maria from Asuncion, Paraguay

AlbacoreLiaFail said...

Happy New Year's Eve, Jess --almost!

It's a sign of unavoidable maturing when you can't believe how fast a year goes by. It only gets worse, meaning we must work (or play) faster to make dreams come true! Jess, you've caught on faster than most of us with doing something BIG quicker than most of us can think up a goal, let alone do it!

Cam's 9th of March, Bengt's 13th of April-hmmm...being here in gamblin' Nevada, we should get some wagers going!

To the McGraths, we would be honored and grateful if you found a little corner to write "Albacore 'Lia Fail' USA" on there, too.

We have such respect for your amazing common sense balanced with big imagination, Jess! Those posting and those just reading see in you a truly wonderful person as well as a great mariner with the oceans calling!

The Albatross photos might be a bit like the fish-catching!

Happy New Year from your adoptive family of pink fans landlocked in the snowy high desert of Northern Nevada, USA!

Phil in Idaho said...

Back from Christmas with the family and catching up on the past blogs. Wow things are getting real interesting for you. Love the videos please keep them up as ypu can.

Happy New Year!! You are doing great.

William Watson said...

Hey Jess!

It's cool the fog has lifted and your gaining speed!

How fast have you had her? (Ella's Pink Lady) Is she at a trot, canter or gallop? Will you be able to pull her up if she bolts? It's funny how we compare our transports with horses, camels and donkey's etc... It's our original and basic rule of thumb and always will be! Also funny how both men and women refer to an object of pride as she or her!

Anyway Jesse! Before I'd even heard about you, I saw your head in the paper with what you intended to do and thought nothing of it except, "well good on her". When you rammed that ship I thought, well there go's that idea! When I heard that you were still focused on going, I started to show interest and followed your blog. How you composed your self under pressure, with the media and your determination impressed me! How ramming ships and in your perspective is only a little bit of an accident, sort of worried me. (It could have killed you, ya duffa! Stop ramming ships)!

Now, after 3 months and after winning over my heart and with your determination and focus on what you are doing, the intelligence, honesty with how and what you write about and with your support crew it has taken away any doubt I may have had for you against the elements.

Without being mean Jess, I sincerely hope that you are pushed to your limits and challenges that you have anticipated for around the cape and for the other challenging parts of your voyage!

Jesse! I operate earth moving equipment as a comfortable job for now because it's fun and something I've always wanted to do. (My Bob Cat and loaders sort of complete me!)

As a passion I also work for challenging behavioral units around Australia for the government. (Kids with ADHD and Autism mostly). There are many experts and professionals trying to push them to learn how to spell, read and write. These kids aren't stupid and nor are they interested in being told what to do by experts!

I now have kids waiting to hear from you, they want to learn how to write. You did that Jess without even trying, because you are real and they see it. So now I have to work harder! Thanks a lot mate! lol

Take care Jess! Be safe and don't be tricked by strangers. No one needs to know exactly where you are! Like you said, a lot of crazy stuff happening out there and you're at work sweet heart!

Proud of you!


PS. Have the greatest new year Jesse and everyone else!

You all rock!

You're gonna need a really big flag!

How about a sail with a mast?


Anonymous said...

Marilyn and Ian, NZ, Dec.29, 9:13PM: Check older blogs. Jess always had an even furrier Kiwi in her crew.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

It certainly sounds like you are now encountering conditions more commonly associated with the Southern Ocean and you are enjoying them to the fullest. We're all delighted with your progress.

Hope all your gear is standing up well and will keep doing so under the more vigorous winds and waves on the way to the Horn. Please keep all the shackles on EPL nice and tight and stay safe.

Kindest Regards, Martin, Canning Vale, W.A.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jess, stay clear of those birds. Any droppings on your boat will be regarded as taking foreign matters on bord which could affect the rule of unassisted sailing and will infringe our strict quarantine laws as well, even when you wash it off again, as this will happen with non-Australian water.

Anonymous said...

magpie, Dec.29, 10:04PM: Where did Jessica's Jokester go ?
There is a theory on company development. One bunch of people love starting them and take great pride in their puioneering spirits. Once an enterprise is steady enough they are getting bored and hand over to the folks who are happy to potter along with everyday's monotonous tasks. These are the "goers" that can keep companies steady on a successful path for years to come. Meanwhile the pioneers are on the move pushing another enterprise out of the cradle. I guess Jessica's Jokester is one of those.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Yes, greetings to Jessica's mum. Good news for you. With that lot of "elephant's gear" on Jess will not be attractive enough for a pic on the front of a Men's magazine...

hezakiah299 said...

12-29-09 @12:49
Hi Jessica,
Glad to see that the wind picked up for you. Depending on where you’re at the weather looks like it’s going to get a little rough. P/W show's it picking up on Sat. thru Mon. You might not even be near it. Just looks like it would be fun for you.
I imagine with all that gear on you would feel somewhat like an awkward elephant. It would be more suitable if your gear was pink. LOL....
You sound like you’re in high spirits and having a good time, keep it going that way. I hope the crew saved some of that hot chocolate for you. Good for you on getting that problem worked out, nothing holds you back,
you’re incredible.
How much more weight does that add to you, with the tools and all, any idea?
Take care, be safe and cautious, you’re getting into it now.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful fan and follower,
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

emgb1 said...

Hi Jesse,

Well, you do prefer when things come a bit lively, don't you? Good lass! Anything too slow is probably just good to catch up with sleep when you need it but more than 2 days of that and you get frustrated, don't you ?

And your own words: You're still having the time of your life. Well, GOOD ON YOU, LITTLE MADAM !
And thanks a bunch for sharing it with us all because we certainly having some good time through you as well. Even though, (but we'll never admit to it loudly), we're all a bit jealous of you.

For the past few days, I've been trying to guess what date you might be passing the Horn. I've got an idea in my mind but this is only a guess, really. I sort-of made a bet with myself.
Whatever the date, I will have a drink to it, no fear.

Stay safe and keep enjoying it

emgb1 from South Wales, UK,(GMT+0)

Anonymous said...

Nico, Germany, Dec.29, 11:13PM: welcome in "our" ocean.
How do we read that ? Do you still regard the whole Atlantic as German or did you mean the North Sea being the "German Ocean" ? Goodness me, how much is necessary for some spectators to feel involved in some events ? Never mind, this is a Global Event. We all let you off with that remark...

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

Being on vacation, with hubby flown off to visit family (I stayed home to avoid kennel bills---NO! not MINE; the dog's and cat's), and having a pesky cold draining any motivation I might have had to get something practical done, I actually had some time to read some of the comments from your other fans. Wow, you've attracted some really cool friends!
It's amazing how many folks comment about the comments, and I find myself wondering, 'is it because they too are on vacation, or are they just faster readers than I'? It's true I *am* a pretty slow reader, but after an hour of reading I had to give up and I wasn't anywhere near finished with just one day's worth of comments. I confess I'd read Dilip's because he still doesn't have the hundreds that you do and it seemed more doable. It's fun finding the same names on both blogs. Also, you may or may not recall my saying "keep on sailing on" and then explaining that the real phrase is "keep on truckin' on"...well, in reading a few folks' postings, I find that indeed the real phrase is "keep on keepin' on". There are probably more errors I've made but that is the one that comes to mind....oh yeah, and one of your commenters pointed out that it's "Furious" not "Fearsome" (50's)--I stand corrected, it's true that the Wikipedia entry on Cape Horn refers to them as "Furious"--I've also discovered that there are two options for the 60's, "Screaming" or "Screeching". Either way, we get the picture; dangerous! (At least that's *my* translation).
So with all that gear on, you can still move fast if you need to? I suppose adrenaline will do that for you. Hee-hee. Now, what about wearing a wet suit? Would that have been more cumbersome? less warm? too silly? You can probably see how my mind works---I wanna be dressed properly if I fall in (but I reckon in those latitudes you *really* don't want to do that).
OK, don't want to hog the podium here--down I climb for now.
Thanks for the photo of the water and the great word picture of your heavy atire. You're doin' great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica
Smooth sailing
Luv u
Richard (QLD)

Anonymous said...

Too right ! Once you pass into the 50s and 60s it is so vital to keep up your Vitamin Cs, as there is in [C]hocolate, [C]akes, [C]ream, [C]ustard, [C]oughmedicine, but with all that importance don't loose attention on Vitamin A as it is benficial for your eyesight. Mostly A can be found in ALBATROSS, so COME AND GET YOUR A L B A T R O S S !!!!

Josephine from Sweden said...

Hi, a question from Sweden, who do you refer to when you write, crew ? I thought you were alone on your boat, always.

Angus. said...

Hey Jesse,
Its good that your out of the fog for a while, hope it stays that way for you. It can start to get depressing after a while.

Samurai-: Blokes don't have it all there way, I was fishing on Fraser island once during winter, had all the gear on from normal jeans , overalls, waders, the whole shooting dice. Then one of my mates suggested going for a Pee. Once he had planted the idea it took half an hour to get my gear off so i could go. last time I have a beer at 5-00am.

Your lucky to have so many good people writing to you like Richie Paris, Attitude, Clint and many more.There very positive with there coments.

I have to agree with Mike about positive thinking and that changes sometimes are meant to be. That accident with the tanker gave you a tiler instead of a wheel. Less to go wrong.
My kids have put me on a GMail account, and have put my name as Angus Bris, because you have so many people from all around the globe.

So long for now, take care.
Fair winds and following seas.

ropisfwb said...

Re: Chocolate pudding.........It is important to keep the crew happy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ! Was at our local boating supply shop to stock up on flares for our soccer club's next game and I heard a young chick in the next aisle asking for PRBs. She said that she has read your blog and as you mentioned that thing for your own safety this chick now wanted her boy friend to have one as well when he is going out with his mates. But the funny side was that it didn't sound like a boating trip for fishing, it was more like that this guy always got so drunk with his mates that this chick could not find him. I think she had this idea that when he pops his last stubby that PRB should go off as well giving her a mark on her GPS to find him. Sounded sic. Had the feeling I was in one of those funny movies or hidden camera shows.

jwb777 said...

THX for another descriptive post!

You have earned all the superlatives we can think of for your ambition, achievements, bravery, skill, courage, inspiration, competence, etc, etc. ....And, I've lost track of all the 'hats' you are wearing out there --sailor, engineer, electrician, fisherman, chef, correspondent, photographer, and on and on. I just looked back over the photos you have posted and am impressed by how fashionable you are out there in the ocean! :) SO, perhaps it is time to give you another 'hat' to wear --how about "model"!! In every photo you are wearing another good-looking outfit! And never the same one twice! How remarkable that you can make 'fashion statements from the high seas' while being the youngest ever to sail solo around the world!!!

Eager to see pix of you wearing your cold weather attire, 'boots and wet-weather gear' and all, BUT never a photo at the expense of 'SAFETY FIRST'! Stay clipped-on, warm, well-fed, and always alert to the needs of yourself and EPL. Seeing you safely enter Sydney harbor is your goal and ours! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Hugs and prayers,

Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Jan said...

hi jesse, an elephant, kiwi, chicken , and a bear, wot a crew,

pleased to see your blog this morning, cheers from canterbury nz

Anonymous said...

BENGT, swing your calculator, please. We need a coordinate for the following day:
01.02.2010 (First of Feb.) or written continously: 01022010. Get the drift ?
To be fair for our US friends you have to supply a reading for the (second of Jan.), as they would interpret this symetric date.

Anonymous said...

Currently on ABC3 back here in Australia a British show called "Serious Ocean" is being screened showing an adult team supervising 8 kids from the U.K. sailing around Cape Horn. Considering their journey and the fact that Cook and others crossed along Horn in a Westerly direction, what is the current Radar Blog for that region ? Jess and Dilip are coming from the East (who else ?) Anybody sailing westbound ? And being Peak Summer how many Big Cruiseships are in the vicinity between Argentina and Antarctica ? Any icebergs ? Whales ? Have I forgotten any other obstacles, such as loose containers, forgotten WW II seamines, the "Flying Dutchman" or undeclared Navy traffic, especially sub-surface of any nation ?Painting this picture, is Jess really that alone out there ? Sounds more like rush hour...
Good luck.

Rob Hardie said...

Hi Jesse,
Great reading as usual. I am glad you are taking all the precautions and keeping safe. Doesn't matter how long it takes to get ready or how clumsy all the gear feels your safety is the most important thing.
You are certainly making good progress and I dare say the next couple of weeks will be most intersting sailing for you. I bet you cannot wait.
So proud of what you are achieving. It is truly wonderful and inspriational.
Always thinking of you.
Keep safe and stay warm,
Ingleburn, NSW

Anonymous said...

Hallo, Jessica. When cruising alongside our lovely Falkland Islands, please make sure your Australian flag is clearly visible and cannot be mistaken for an Argentine one.
John, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

Anonymous said...

BENGT, don't worry calculating for the 20.10.2010 [20102010) as Jess should be back in Australia then. But Dilip might be interested in your coordination calculation...?

Andy said...

Hi Jesse, the fog is very common where I live (Milan, Italy) but not in this period (mainly in november).

time is running out for this 2009 and ready to board on a new year, just to wait some more days.

Keep a good sailing, cheers from Italy


Anonymous said...

Did you know...
that in 2005 the Wiggles released a DVD called "Sailing around the World" ? Yes, under the command of the couragous Captain Feathersword the colourful 4 are cruising on board of SS Feathersword from one funky destination to another. Can we expect this Kiddy-Mob to be among the welcome crowd back in Sydney ? Come on, guys keep that spot open in your appointment diary.

Anonymous said...

So Jessica, now even I will post something here. Great fotos that you´re taking ;-)
Good luck on anything u do^^

Anonymous said...

With all that chocolate on board, which executive needs to be fired for not signing Jess' boat to be [mh..mh..mh's] BROWN LADY ? Or ...Purple Lady ?

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Jess,
I read soemwhere among the comments to your blog that thos Albertos floating around should taste like duck.
Maybe you can try to catch one to stock up your provisions.
Don't forget to take a picture of those albertos and you before you eat it!
Keep up them dodgers!
Jony the Pony

Anonymous said...

Jess, you jumped the protocol to celebrate Christmas in time with your family in Australia, but when will you see the New Year in ?
Good chance for us to stay blotto for the whole of Jan. 01.

Anonymous said...

jessica, you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

When you join all the verification words together and print them in one book, who will claim the royalties for this poetic masterpiece ? "Andrew and the Blogmasters" or Dr. Gustav Leberwurst (ha, this will get some folks googling...) ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse'

It's always good to see you on here, I am sure your in to longer and a lot colder days a head of you every day now that your gettin closer to Cape horn. But soon enought you'll be back to warmer water's.. so bare with it for now right'... good winds are a blessing as well to and I see your up with every thing so your head's on right.. thats good to know as well to.

God is watching over you, and your friend out there on the waters now... more then likly he's either up with you by now or has passed you on by... but I have read his Blog.. and he dose stop a long his ways.. so more then likly you'll be coming together again before your back home again...

God Speed you on ward.. and Bless you with a safe sea's a head of you now...

God be with you always...

John Glenn Sheppard USA

Anonymous said...

Andrew, Dec.29, 9:00PM:"the cold sound better then a stinking hot cabin !!" Mh... I guess you have not been in a Siberian hut, crowded with folks of all gender, age and stomach fermentation trying to warm the place by comsuming all sorts of cabbage dishes. And, YES, that's why those huts have sandbags on the roof...

Anonymous said...

Jess, just logged on from the UK to catch your latest update. Absolutely blown away (again) by you and what you are doing. May you be blessed with good conditions as you sail into 2010.

Watch out for any of the brothers & cousins. Eric Penguin (& 'arfur)

Anonymous said...

Jessi,say hello,sorry for my english,I'am originally chile,but I live in Spain(Pirineos)..I'm look every day your voyage..

good luck,I'hope you visit Chile is very beatiful,the south is espectacular..
Good sea..

EJ US Virgin Islands said...

Hi Jesse,

Great progress!

More of a scientist than a sailer I read your 1500nm as "nanometers" not "nautical miles" from Cape Horn at first, "wow, she's close!". Too funny.

Good to read you have steady winds that are moving you along.

Better heavy and safe than...stay tethered you and the crew - no risky business :-)

Sail on!
US Virgin Islands

Anonymous said...

Most important of all, keep tethered, even if it means an extra trip for a forgotten spanner. We don't want to lose such a precious treasure overboard. (Although I'm sure you would manage to survive even that.) I sounds like you've been experiencing charmed weather conditions. Hopefully such conditions prevail throughout the trip, although I'm sure you would relish a little more challenge. Keep warm and keep safe. Happy sailing.
Arnie in Canada.

I am watching you said...

Dear Jessica,

Glad to see that you are enjoying the good winds again...you are really courageous and showing the world what a gal of 16 can do...Congrats..you are an inspiration... and example of 'success follows determantion and hard work' Great going keep it up...

Especially want to thank you for posting Dilip's blog address on your blog...now he has so many well wishers following his progress from world over...you are simply great...

I am sure it helps to keep the spirit high when you know there are so many people watching you!! Especially when one is having some problem on the boat like Dilip's currently facing....And i agree that Indians can fix anything...so will dilip...

Wishing you the very best and great entry with a bang into 2010!! YOu and dilip will be in our prayers.

Keep going great young lady!!!

"I am watching you" (from India)

Anonymous said...

I am stunned. Where did you get those washboards from ? We recently, when forming a new Skiffle Music Band, had to incorporate a Frontloader player, as we couldn't find a decent washboard. And for the bass player... don't talk about it. The poor chap is desperately tuning a milk crate in lieu of a tea chest. Is this the end of Skiffle Music as we know it ?

Chimli said...

At least your getting acclimatized Jesse for the cold south at a reasonable pace instead of Wham, all at once. Hope the Kiwi didn't eat too much chocolate cake; he'll be crowing or burbling over the Sydney to Hobart I bet :)

Anonymous said...

Samurai, Dec.29, 10:01PM:
Astronauts flying to the Moon were BOYS and they didn't have to strip all their gear off. It is just a question of choosing or even designing the right gear for situations that can be awkward. I am sure what works with babies and toddlers can be transferred to adults using items supplied under the...well, how can I make it sound terribly embarrassing (as you did)... you know... those... incontinence supplies ! YEAH, let's go that way. Straight overboard with that stuff afterwards, the ocean is so great, the ocean is so wide, just make sure no fishing boat will net it in months to come, those paperproducts have proven to outlive its users when stored in landfills.

maxine maroochydore said...

Chocolte Pudding what next, you really are full of surprises, have a good ride Jess, God speed Maxine and Colin Mroochydore

Anonymous said...

Samurai, L O L . You are so spot on. Every camping outlet has all sorts of hydration packs and the other day I have seen an advertising poster with a kajaker in the middle of a turbulent whitewater rapid sucking on one of those plastic tubes. But when it comes to the other end of the hydration chain... NOTHING. Nobody has taken it up to design a smart device to keep you sporting around without pitstops. Jess' journey won't benefit from it now, but surely 2010 can be the breakthrough year for the mobile bathroom. This world liberated itself from the landline phone, IT IS TIME FOR F R E E D O M FROM P...(ah, shut up !)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse, so great to hear from you again and with a photo. Thank you. I am glad you have better weather now, and will get up some spead which I am sure you are looking forward to.

We will be away for about a week so no contact from me. I will really look forward to catching up with all your news when we return in the early New Year.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and safe 2010.

Lynne (Picton, NZ)

Anonymous said...

Here's another link of video from the Southern Ocean.(Again from the same Open 40) This will give you a much better idea of the sea state - turn your speakers up and settle back and listen. The footage at about minute 3, taken from the starboard rail, is worth the wait.Imagine days of this in an opencockpit.


Thanks once again to the Anonymous poster to Abby's blog who turned me on to it in the first place.

Steve in California

Dusty from Dubbo said...

Good morning Jesse Wednesday 30th December and getting closer to your next goal. Don't you just hate wearing heaps of clothes to stay warm! Still where you are it is a must. Off to Sydney for the New Years fireworks tomorrow..never been to the "crackers" before should be good. Stay warm and with all the fog hopefully you will see some sun before the Cape..must dash Christmas /NY a busy time for me as some families have major problems over this holiday break.

Hey here's a good one..the gaol at Wellington near Dubbo was left unlocked on Monday night and no one escaped!!! Can't believe it.

Sea ya

Dusty from Dubbo

Meechree said...

Still loving the photos (:
-Dimitri, USA

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jess, you have come such a long way, we are all so proud of you (you probably know that by now)pictures are great, keep safe, your little guardian angel, Vicki from Caloundra.

Marian said...

Hi Jess,

It's great to hear you are wearing your safety gear!!

I enjoy reading your blogs, they're so interesting.

I know it's a bit early but just want to take this opportunity to wish you and your team back home a Happy New Year :)

It's awesome you have such an amazing supportive group of people world-wide.

New Zealand

Anonymous said...


Hello from a freezing cold Boston, Massachusetts. Been following your trip closely. Wish you the best of luck in 2010! P.s. Great pic from Christmas day - certainly a Christmas you'll never forget.


Carol said...

Ahoy, Jessica!

Just a little levity, but at times I'll bet you wish you could hear someone hail you from nearby. Not so near that it disqualifies you, but just as to not feel so remote. I truly hope that all your messages of love and encouragement are enough to keep you from being lonely. We're all trying to be, right on board with you, to keep you from feeling anything but our closeness and support. Remember, as the song goes, "just reach out you hand, and you'll know, wherever we are, we'll be there" . . . yes we will! We're still amazed at your courage, and positive attitude . . . and, that's what it takes, so keep it up. But, always remember the need to stay safe, and not take any unnecessary chances. KEEP CLIPPED ON TO THOSE SAFETY LINES, and, like the astronauts, check and double check that you're securely fastened. Actually, I've been kind of thinking of you and comparing your voyage to that of the astronauts . . . very similar in many ways, in fact, there are probably fewer who have attempted what you're doing, than those going into outer space, so we should all give you the credit you deserve. I was listening to Queen Elizabeth's Christmas message which I had brought up on Youtube, and half expected her to mention you . . . . since so many of us, even here in America, have been following your every move, and thinking of you all our waking hours (and sometimes, those "waking hours" are actually during the nighttime. Looking up at the moon, which is close to full right now, and thinking about your being able to see it too, when the fog lifts. Speaking of the Queen, guess I'll send her a message reminding her that you're on this incredible voyage, and that she should be keeping you in her thoughts as well!!!!!

Just know we're thinking of you, Jessica, and giving your hand encouraging squeezes, and praying that you'll have smooth, or manageable, sailing when you reach Cape Horn and, that you're able to stay the course!!!

With love and so much admiration!!!

Carol, Florida, U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are using the safety gear...but then again, master sailors know better than any land lubber the consequences of not doing so.

Thanks for the pics and continuing stories.

Jeff from Indiana, USA

Larry said...

Hi Jesse,
My father and I used to sail on Lake Erie (Dad actually sailed in many other places too). Anyway he has been following you along and told me about your site... so now I am another fan who has started following your trek. I wish you the best as you sail into the new year! Safe travels!
Larry from Ohio

Flash said...

Hi Jessica!

Ich schreibe auf deutsch, damit man sieht, daß auch die "krauts" sich für dein Abenteuer interessieren.

Ich finds klasse, wie weit du schon gekommen bist und hoffe sehr, daß es wirklich reicht für den Rekord und nichts dazwischenkommt. Zuerst aber mal einen guten und gesunden Jahreswechsel für dich und dein Boot -

and a happy New Year!

Cheers aus Deutschland!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
just opened your welcome message!
Terrific, that you are having better winds as long as they don't get too wild.
Can you still move, with all that gear on??????
Me being a natural girl, I rather have all my clothes off, than on! That's also why I am in Queensland!
Even a long sleeved jumper makes me feel, as if I have a straight jacket on!
And at the first opportunity, it's off with it!
Good that you have your knife with you at all times and all the spanners.
Arrrgh, I can just imagine the weight and clanging!
But, that is the way it is at the moment, no getting away from it!
Your cheery attitude and your sense of excitement and adventure will see you through!
I am reading a lot too. From the Australian classic series Moleskin Midas about Anthony Yates, who was exchanged by his drunken, ex-convict father for a hind quarter of stolen beef, a black fellow and an old horse.
A. Yates began with nothing, yet he died one of the richest pastoralists in the State of Queensland.
Excellent reading and an insight to life at the beginning of settling the Ophir Valley.
Definitely NOT boring! Australiana pure!
Hope you and your crew didn't get choco mousse all over your faces!
Glad you were able to fix the shackles on the vang.
The weather, sailing in itself and these little challenges keep you on your toes!

The photo reflects the mood of the sea! As always very nice.
Hope you can get enough rest in between your jobs and dressing and undressing for the outside work!
Keep your cabin dry and warm!

My wish for you for the coming year:

first of all complete your adventure successfully without injuries and other mishaps (I see you sailing into Sydney harbour.......)

and may you have so much luck and good fortune, as the rain has drops,
so much love, as the sun has rays
and so many good things happening as the rainbow has colours!

Good sailing, keep well, keep happy, clipped on and generally safe,
Trudy, Austria/Mackay

Anonymous said...

Hello Skipper Jess! Special one!
Granny & Grandad W here. Will talk to you later, but just now need to talk to your friends!

We felt we had to break our self imposed blog silence to say a "BIG HELLO" to all your amazing blog family.

Thank you all, each and everyone of you, --- thanks to the 'regulars' and the first timers too, for your support, poems, pictures, advice, humour and caring of our Jess. All of your names are becoming so familiar and its a bit like meeting with old friends now as we log on and read your latest greetings to Jess.

We wonder at the affection revealed. We want to say how wonderful it is to know so many people from around the world are following this journey with prayers and good wishes. God Bless you all!
Billie & Tom from Waikanae NZ

Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse,

So good to read your words and feel that you're 'keeping on, keeping on' with your amazing qualities.--- ~ very impressed with the 'on deck tool caddy and repair kit'... Hehhehheh.

Your pic of the grey was a delight... Y'know, ..y'need these to throw into contrast the beauty of the sun on the horizon ones that you've sent. But it's all good... and you're 'there' !! :))

And only a bit over a week before the Big Left Turn, especially with the increasing winds. Your voyage map is very striking, now. Gees, it looks like a 'real sailor's' trip__ Hahhahhah.

Also looking forward to your sharing your next fish with us ( viz. ~the serried rankers). Surely the increasing birds aren't just about to view Ella !!!

Ok.... I'm outa the way again. I'll drop a word on New Year's Eve, of course.......
The Very Best to you...

.... Ooc.

Mic said...

Good to see the wind gods finally come your way - they knew you needed rest before you round the horn, Happy New Year and also including your support crew. Well done!!


Anonymous said...

Just got back from a week's camping with the family and couldn't wait to catch up on your blog when I got home.

What are we all going to do when your journey ends and there is no more blog?

ROBERT said...

Hi Jessica,

I would like to know how many outfits you brought for your trip?
My wife brings a complete outfit change for each day of sailing in the British Vigin Islands. We go for a two week bareboat so it involves a lot of clothes. I won't even mention how many rolls of toilet paper she insisted on bringing on board.

Your trip up the mast reminds me of a sailor I used to crew for years ago. He had me winch him up the mast and was very nervous. The boat was tied to a dock,there were no waves and the wind was light. When another crew member came on board the captain was yelling and screaming at him to not rock the boat. I give you a lot of credit to go up the mast while sailing.

I would like to do some open water sailing but have not done so yet. Enjoy reading your blog and find it more enjoyable than the typical travel that only talks about the people and countries these sailors vist.


45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

Bonjour Jessica,

On top of everything you're also a good sport, sharing your bloggers with Dilip.

You might want to check on him because "...both [his] electronic autopilots went off in quick succession!"

Keep warm, be safe.

Ian said...

I was so pleased to receive your post indicating that all was well. Your mum was on ABC Radio yesterday (or maybe the day before?) telling us that you had some running repairs to do outside. The most affirming part of your post was reading your little complaint about having to remain clipped on. We certainly don't want to lose a girl who has become very precious to us.

A lovely photo of a foggy day, Jess. Thanks so much.

Love from

Ian from Brisbane

Auzziemom said...

We are a Canadian family who has been following your courageous journey from the very start. We all send love and good wishes. Stay safe hon and know there are thousands of us cheering you on and praying for you daily.

martinsites said...


We follow your blog and appreciate you sharing your adventure with us. Love the photos, the information about your day, and the technical sailing content.

Fair winds and following seas!

trentgs said...

It does look a bit soupy out there. But its great to hear you're making some headway..and cruising east. Yeah you may feel clumsy but..its' all there to protect you..no really..it just makes you FEEL clumsy..not actually..uh..er...clumsy..So you know what we're gonna say? Take everything you think you might need- and don't forget the most important thing...clipping on. The water is getting too cold for putting your feet in..and..definitely swimming is OUT!
You really do sound chipper..even a bit testy..for sure..you're enjoying the ride more today than 2 days ago.. I'm sure the fog lifting has much to do with it. When its grey and cloudy its hard to see the brighter side..But thankfully your boat is pink..and how many times I have thought this must look like a Barbie commercial from above..but..hey !! Why not!! When you're setting the record..for THE History Books..it will sure stand out..Just like..the Spirit of St.Louis all shiny and aluminum looking..and a few pages later..theres Jessicas Pink Lady..

So..stay warm, clip on..and enjoy the ride.. Congrats on closing in on the Horn...

Gary & Jan

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica. Am loving reading your blog. I can just picture you wearing all that clobber! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Best wishes,
Noela, Brisbane

chan said...

Just caught up with your latest blog and video. My daughter has been volunteering in Cambodia for the last 18 mths and I think of her when I read your blog. You are both away from home doing your own thing.
Looking forward to the next blog. Can't wait to see you round the Horn!!!

trentgs said...

I was reading too yesterday from a book entitled..'The Cure For Anything Is Salt Water." (Subtitled 'How I threw my life away and found happiness at sea.')written by Mary South..the one who headed to sea. One of the blubs on the back says 'Mary South had the guts to do what many of us would love to do-throw ones life overboard and see what happens next. Her story is brave and inspiring." Another Blub.."Mary South's courage and amazing sense of adventure is proof that if you allow your strength to ciome out, nothing can stop you. Her book is a must for all women."..This lady bought a 40 foot, 30 ton trawler which she christened the 'Bossanova'-her crew? some dogs...She set off without any experince ...in fulfillment of a life long wish..She is in her 40's.. Pretty exciting stuff..and reminded me of one of much tenderer years..slicing a trench around the globe in a pink sloop...Is an intereting name though..I have a friend who bought a sailboat and named her 'E'pa-nee-ma'...like the girl from..." She's a writer too wrote some cute childrens' stories about "Penelope a peculiar purple porpise".
Gotta a run...But still got you in my prayers and thoughts...Sail safe..

Gary & Jan

Rob Williams said...

Glad to hear you are on top of the dreaded boat maintenance and equally important self maintenance.Thinking of you and wishing you happiness and success.Bye for now and Happy New Year if we don't hear from you until 2010.
Rob Williams and family,Tasmania.

Susie (QLD) said...

Hi Jess,
Thanks for your regular updates. I read them at every opportunity.
Keep up the great work
Susie (from a wet QLD)

Jack, Darwin said...

Hi Jesse,

Too cold for me down there, brrrh!

Sounds like 3 months of non-stop sailing is starting to show on EPL's gear. I'm sure you know that chafing is a major problem for the long distance sailor and prevention is better than cure!

Stay safe and have a great New Year.

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 31:10, 15, 18
10 A [woman] of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. 15 She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls. 18 She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night.

Good afternoon, Jesse, young woman of noble character! Another installment from this set of verses in the book of Proverbs. Only one more to go. Your steady nature and the way you are dealing with those needed repairs and maintenance items, your calm expectation for increasing winds and cold, and your proficiency with your tools, all make me think of your noble character. You are amazing and an encouragement to all of us. We will all start off 2010 with a spring in our step for having followed you so closely, and many thanks to you. This evening I am praying for you, your warmth and safety, good health, and all of EPL's systems and equipment. Blessings to you!

Ross said...

Good to hear you have some decent wind to get you going a bit quicker. I'm getting very excited that you are getting closer to Cape Horn but at the same time I am hoping you you are not going to be subjected to the Furious Fifties once you get there!

Good to see you have all the safety gear with you when you go topside and you are tethering.

I am looking forward more than ever now to read you blogs.

Take care.


Emile MHS said...

Hello Miss Jess, We don't think that you are in the Southern Ocean just yet, according to Google. South East Pacific is more like it. Keep the foul weather gear at hand, please

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse
Glad you enjoyed your cooking session
Where I'm staying in the Riverland in south Australia and we have been having some pretty hot weather quite a contrast to what you have. I'm not sure I am looking forward to 2010 but am glad the silly season is nearly over. Well Pet have a great day.
Love and hugs
Evie from Bendigo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, when I first heard about your trip I thought you (and your parents) were crazy (being the mother of a 16 year old daughter myself), but I have changed my mind. I'm really in awe of what you're doing and think it's fantastic - adventures are really what makes life worth living, and the memories you have from them will fill you with richness for the rest of your life. I really hope everything goes smoothly out there on the ocean for you - I'm not remotely a sailor and it sounds terrifying (not to mention nauseating) to me to be going around the cape of good hope, so please stay safe. Good luck - I'll be following your blog.
Lots of love, PP

DB said...

It is so interesting what you are doing. Thank you for your reports.

DB in Pennsylvania

Aunty Chris said...

Hey Jesse
Glad to hear that EPL is picking up some pace more to your liking and that you have some more birdies for company. Try to stay nice & warm and eat lots more of your choccy stuff to keep up your energy levels - according to the fellow bloggers the wind is going to increase somewhat! Eek. Hang in there. We're all clinging on for dear life with you, white knuckles and all, so you should be well and truly stuck on. Be careful.
Love Aunty Chris(still wet Tamworth, NSW, Oz)

janel said...

Amazing...I can hardly wait for the New Year to begin...just remember there are lots of us that are with you and cheering for you. Stay dry and warm. Cheers! c

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica
Overnight I began thinking about your lack of success taking photos of Mr Albatross, and I recalled a comment by Samurai that she had set her camera to take multiple shots and then selected what was worth keeping and deleted the rest.

I then remembered that the press photographers who took photos of the catamarans I was involved with back in the 1980s took many rolls of film out in the boat with them and used what was then called motor-drive to take a number of shots in rapid succession while the shutter was held down. In a roll of 36 shots they considered it good if they got one that was good enough for use. The scenario –trying to photograph a very fast catamaran from a power boat while it was racing in a sea which jerked the power boat around unpredictably and often violently –was similar to you in the cockpit of EPL trying to photograph a moving albatross. Samurais suggestion was a good one.

This morning I looked up the Panasonic website to find out what cameras they supplied you with, and then looked at the instruction manual for the DMC-FZ35. The manual says you can set the camera in “Burst Mode”. It will then take pictures at the rate of 2.3 per second for a continous run of either three or five pictures at a time while the shutter button is pressed.

In that mode you may have success. Samurai is not joking when she says it may take hundreds before a really good shot is obtained. I never had any success trying to take still shots of dolphins and gave up. The video camera was better for them, and may be better for the albatross too. And video may be more interesting because it makes it possible to see the flight path of the albatross as it follows you in long oval downwind sweeps past your boat.

Keep trying. You will eventually succeed and no doubt find it immensely exhilarating when you do.
Tony L (Mt Martha VIC)

ET Gurl said...

Hi Jessica

Just been reading about Dilips problems with the bolts well maybe your carrying a few you dont need so i've told him if he cant fix the problem maybe he could use a bit of super glue or better still what about a bit of selastic or silicon like you use so lets hope there's no leaks at the Horn

Westerlies said...

jess,love your journey..but really love your take on xmas, Something we lose sight of back on dry land. You had the sun come thru and the sight of a great seabird. We need to realise that these are the gifts to cherish and not the junk under the tree. Having dolphins surf along with you in the wee small hours in the middle of the briny is really neat too. Hope they come for u too..Take care Paul

Anonymous said...

onward towards the horn...keep on cuttin the waters and aiming for the target...you'll get there!! Cheers.

sails said...

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects
it to change. The leader adjusts the sails."

-- John Maxwell


Carl said...

Phhwoooarrrrrrr. That's a westerly to help you along Jessica. Quite a few people on Trade Me are following your progress, and sending you silent hugs. (Trade Me is the Kiwi version of e-Bay). You have no idea how large your crew of wellwishers is. Careful with that hot chocolate. You may longer be a Slim Jim when you arrive back in Sydney. Happy New Year Jessica.

Anonymous said...

You have me fascinated what you do each day. In between watching the test cricket at the MCG I keep thinking of you bobbing along. Blogging along with you all the way. Marg Bessen, Mypolonga. S.Aust.

oganiksurfy said...

Well done Jessie! Kiakaha mate! Siva

andrewVA said...

hi jess,

still with you all the way...you are doing FANTASTIC! glad to see you're all bundled up and clipped on.

thanks for the pics...keep 'em coming when you have the chance!

so i'm going to add one from now on:

be safe. be well. have fun. STAY WARM!

richmond, va

Steve said...

Hey Jesse,

I look at that photo and think "OMG! Imagine where that young lady is actually located! In the middle of an ocean." Those waves look so ordinary, yet just thinking of their location boggles my mind.

You never cease to amaze me, Jesse. You are a hero! Keep up the great work. I follow your logs every day. I love the photos you post.

Thinking of you often,

Steve (Melbourne)

Noela, Gold Coast said...

Hi Jesse,

Great to see you're keeping safe. It's not easy being loaded down with gear, and yes, one does feel like an elephant, but you can't do without it either.
You are a smart young lady with her focus in the right place.

RichieParis said...

Thank you Granny and Grandad W!
We wish you a very Happy New Year with the safe and merry return of the new heroine of modern times... your so special Jessica.
Don't have any doubt: She created this swell of love, by her temper, her spirits, her skills. Wondergirl exists, and she is skipping a pink yacht on the 5 Oceans. Congratulations, you may be the proudest grandparents ever.

Paul Dallow Adelaide said...

My day isn't compleat unless I know how you're doing :-)
Happy New Year Jess.

Stephanie said...

As I sit here in my warm, comfortable house, suffering from a bad cold and a case of the midwinter doldrums, you're out on the wide open sea, battling the elements but healthy and in good spirits. Clearly, the future belongs to you and those like you! ;) I know it's a bit early to wish you a happy new year, but I'm going to do it anyway: a very happy and safe 2010, and may it exceed even your lofty expectations. Happy sails!

Peter & Nickie said...

Love your updates, following you all the way. Stay happy and keep enjoying the adventure!!!!
Stay safe....

Petr (NZ)

hezakiah299 said...

12-29-09 @21:19
Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to mention that the picture was great. It doesn’t look like the fog/mist is to far away. Looking at the maps, you are making pretty good time. I hope that continues so that you’ll be at the cape and the weather won’t be to bad. Although I figure you would like it to be a little bad. LOL….. Can’t blame you for that, you just want a little excitement. Yes???
Keep the spirits up and enjoy yourself. Watch out for them scallywags and take care of yourself.
Loads of love and hugs, your faithful fan and follower,
May God be with you and watch over you and may the angels keep your sails full, and I will keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Mary said...

Dear Jessica,

I want to thank your grandparents, Billie and Tom, for coming on board and introducing themselves to us, your blogging family:

I'm very happy that you feel good when you read our notes to Jess. Words can't really explain how attached I've become to her. It has to do with the Laws of Attraction and mirroring. Jessica's passion radiates out over the world ocean. We who are equally passionate are attracted to her and her quest.

It's positively a JOY to read the blog notes on a daily basis and to cheer Jess on with a crowd from all around the Earth.

Thank you for coming on board to say, "Hello". May your spirits be at peace knowing so many people in the world are supporting Jessica's dream.

Mary, Maine, USA

hezakiah299 said...

21-29-09 @ 21:35
For The McGraths:
I would appreciate it very much if I could get my name on that flag. I would gladly contribute to this memento. Would copies of this flag be available?
Please contact me at:
Thank you,
Michael (74) from Kingwood, WV

Larry said...

Hi Jesse, I don,t always comment on every blog you write but my wife and I read every one. My children think I'm a broken record because I'm forever Jessica this and Jessica that!!! I just recently found out about "Abby" and my children asked me that since I'm an Americian am I going to root for the other competitor. To which I replied "NO WAY"!!! I started out with Jessica and devoted a lot of myself in encouraging her on her quest and as I said before I hope my family and myself can be there when she sails triumphantly into Sydney harbor. So Jesse keep doing what your doing and keep your eyes on the goal and prize ahead. Your long distant (adopted) friend Larry(guamgranite @myfairpoint.net)

GrandmaSue said...

Have just caught up with the last few days of your blogs. Thanks Jesse.
Enjoyed the Christmas video as well.
Glad to hear you're happy with your progress and are having fun in the breeze.
Sounds like you have a contented crew too. Onya.

Tim said...

I can relate to extra trips and loading your gear up with tools, I have been doing that alot working on my rigging lately.
But i would be super careful 'improvising' on boom vang shackles. I have a theory about shackles in sailboat systems, that you can design, and that some people do (besides myself)design them to be weak points in a system, with the idea that they will 'go' or "blow out" before more serious or costly damage occurs, like breaking your boom in half. As if the vang does overload, something will break, and if not the vang, then the boom... i mean that if you make the improvised shackle replacement too strong, it might break worse, either the rope or boom, or the blocks. Same with the wind vane.
I would hope you have shackle spares stashed somewhere, or else, I would think of 'swapping out some shackles, from something else on the boat, since the loss of boom or wind vane, would be very bad. Maybe you could take shackles off of some other blocks or something and replace the ones that blew out, especially, since, most likely these will blow out again, where as the shackles that have not yet blown, are probably under less load. Some of the blocks, might allow for rope to be used instead of shackles to attach them, doing multiple wraps of some small diameter rope, to keep the strength up.

Sorry if this sounds complicated, but something to seriously think about and understand, I like to know all the loads and strengths of the system, and understand what will happen if it is over loaded.

If you know the manufacturer, kind and size of the blocks,the rope diameter, manufacturer ,type used on the boom vang? ANd the shackles that broke, you can look up the strengths online.

I would recommend only fixing the shackles by swapping them out, with the same ones, or else scavenger some the same size and kind off other blocks or hardware, and 'improvise' for the ones that did not break.

ANd be very careful about the boom vang, and the windvane settings, as the wind picks up, and as you shift from beating up wind, to running. You can not really afford to have either suffer a total or serious break.

Do you understand?

ANyways, good on yah! and keep it going!

Tim B. SF, CA, USA

Anonymous said...

Thank you Billie and Tom! What a great pleasure to hear from you. I can't imagine how proud you must be of Jesse. Her determination, bravery, sense of humour, her honesty and Jesse's incredible capabilities are just a few of her remarkable qualities.
Coming from Buderim my family and I have been following her progress long before she set sail on her incredible adventure.
It is said that "Success is not so much what we have as it is what we are" and that is so true of our Jesse.
Kind regards,
Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

Anonymous said...

G'day Jesse, this all appears to be so easy & natural to you! Just another day out in the middle of no-where!!! Keep up this great attitude & you'll be back in Oz in no time, with this great adventure behind you (& the millions following you). All the best for the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Andrew, holiday times between Christmas and New Year. No comments posted between Dec.29, 11:53PM and Dec.30, 06:07AM. Jess will appreciate it by having more time to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Samurai & Co, you are testing my patience...
I have adjusted my "cringe" level but your comments to what the U.S. Cultural Society likes to widely describe as "bathroom" still triggers my response alarm. I have got up at 4.00AM to work something out on my PC, but now your "problems" have caught my full attention.
For how long have we got full sanitary solutions, that have reduced disease risks in crowded cities ? And how many centuries, milleniums have human beings survived before that important invention? Surely, we rather like to read about geography, the beauty of albatrosses, sailing techniques and how to survive solo in a confined space. Please,everybody out there, leave those other "problems" to the experts behind the scene. Commenting is a nice social idea, but I guess the astronauts flying to the Moon were pleased, in hindsight, they did not have to bother with this task.
Victor C.Pankouken

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