Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still Going Well

There's not a huge amount to report apart from the fact that everything's still going really well. All the work to the hull is finished up, and the rig will be in any day.

Ella's Pink Lady is only a wash away from looking totally cute again, but right now there's not much point in getting the soap out because the Gold Coast is covered in a haze of orange dust! With the dust storm getting thicker and the weather feeling so eerie, maybe it isn't such a bad thing to be tucked safely out of the way in a shed.

I'm looking forward to getting out on the water for a few quick sea trials over the weekend before setting off to Sydney again. Everyone's still in good spirits, working away at all sorts of little bits and pieces that will make my life more comfortable. It's great to be able to get a few things done while we've got the time. Dad's built me a little set of steps to make getting in and out of the companionway just a little easier, particularly for my more inflexible guests! Chris deserves a medal for tackling what had to be the world's most uncomfortable job: fitting one-way valves to the cockpit drains while lying upside down in a very tight spot. And another project has been setting up a system of pumps for transferring fuel and water from jerry cans into the tanks. I've been writing up checklists and studying charts and weather for the pacific.

That's it from me for now,


OllieM said...

wow sounds like everything is going really well despite the mishap, and its fantastic to hear that you are all in such good spirits.
i can empathise with Chris i often find myself in situations like that in my boat, i'm a sailor out of perth (16)
I was wondering if there was a more sailing orientated blog or email contact, as in your route, equipment, boat handling etc. i would be really interested to hear from you
keep up the good work,
Ollie Marshall

Gavin said...

You must be getting really excited now Jess to get back on the Pink Lady...or maybe Dusty Pink Lady if the weather takes its time to clear:)

Jess, your success will be the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the team is progressing well on the repairs. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures on the water.

God speed Jessica Watson!!!

Steve Walters
Houston, TX

First Boat said...

Best of luck to you Jessica!

Your friends from FirstBoat will be thinking about you during your amazing adventure.

miiii said...

nice to hear
all is going well
i`m looking out for the first sailing blog

doeg doeg
bey bey
Daan Werdekker

Marcus Schormann,Germany said...

dear Jessica, what pitty with the sandstorms around you. But i suppose it only gives you another time of rest. Don´t let to much of the sand into and onto PINK LADY, on one hand you´d never get rid of it for the whole yourney and on th eother it would scratch the whole paint on the boats surfaces. And you will gnash with your teeth all day long :):):).
yours, so far , Marcus Schormann , Germany

delatbabel said...

How long are you in Sydney for and where will you be berthed?

gungho said...

Good to see another hard core aussie ready to take on the world!!!
Small hic up in the scheme of things to come but if it didn't break u, it will certainly make u stronger. ( oops for the cliche )

All the best from central victoria where i'mm struggling to find enough water to put my windsurfer on.
I'll look forward to the updates on your site.

Take it easy and have a good time!


Benja said...

Hey Jess :)
Great to hear all is going well and back on track. It sounds like the crew at the Goldie have really pulled all stops to help out, a great testament to your character and the passion you're instilling in your dream, take care, great to hear all is going well, your cuz Benja

Kim said...

am glad to keep up with the progress of the repairs! hope you are back on the water soon! wishing you the best in the days leading up to your departure!!

greenville, in

jodieedwards21 said...

Hey Jess good to see the boat back on the water hope teddy finds his sea legs soon.
Luv Taylor & Hannah xx

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I started following your blog right after I saw the accident in the national news on my yahoo mail. This is all really fascinating. I will continue to read your blog and follow your progress. Good luck! If you get bored check out a blog that I have just started, it is of my photography,

scott said...

great work to all involved in the repairs. feel free to come to the south coast if you still want some work! hope the trials go well this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the last few steps on "Ella's Pink Lady" and look forward to hearing about the sea trials.

Saraya :-)

Rob said...

Hi Jess,

Sounds like its almost that time for you to prove to some people that you can do this record breaking event. I have a daughter your age,and given the right advice and training, Id let her do it if she was responsible enough also, which you seem to be. Do everything right Jess, record everything right, and follow all the rules, because if you dont, these non beleivers are going to sit back on say " see, told you she wasnt ready " and they will get a big head over it, come on Jess, do it and do it well, Ill be watching your progress, best of luck.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing adventure! Honestly I'd be terrfied out there in the open ocean by myself, but then I'm a landlubber.
How does one deal with possible contingencies/accidents when one is thousands of klm from anywhere?
Do you have insurance or something so that an emergency rescue can be carried out if need be?
You are one brave young lady...

Captain Australia said...

I applaud your courage & perseverence.

Life is not so much about the destination as the journey, and you're setting out on a great adventure.

We should all pursue our own goals with the same vigour, fortitude & persistence.

Kind Regards

Captain Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, I have just read a news report that said the Queensland govt has asked you to reconsider your plan to sail solo around the world. It must be dishearting to hear reports like this. I have been following your journey so far and it has been exciting to see you finally on the water.Non sailors would see this as a huge risk but your mission has been germinated from a desire birthed long before now.I want you to realise your dream but not at the cost of danger to yourself. It is your decision to make.
Take Care
Yeppoon Qld

scott said...

have just read the latest media reporting about giving up the sail. whatever you and your team decide, i'm sure we will all support that. personally, i hope you keep going. i hope the tests are going well this weekend.

Shane said...

Go for it Jess. Don't let the armchair critics get you down. If I had listened to the doubters, I would never have done any of the cool stuff I have done. All the best for your endeavours!

Russ said...

Keep your head up Jess. You never thought it would be easy. You have worked long and hard for this.

The challenges have obviously hit earlier than we would have liked but it's how you handle them that matter. Learn, live and prosper.

Best of luck :-)

Akanksha P Mohla said...

This is amazing Jessica. All the very best as you commence your incredible odyssey! Look forward to reading about journey..would be berthing at India?

Akanksha P Mohla
Mahindra Odyssea

Andreas said...

Jessica, we live in a world where some people want to 'regulate' others for 'their' own good. I like to think of them as the dream-takers, I love the fact that you are willing to take them on and live your dreams in spite of these obstacles...

Of course, behind every obstacle there is an opportunity and you are an amazing example of someone willing to embrace your obstacles and learn from them. The naysayers could learn a lot from you.

Keep creating your world on your terms..

Energy flows where your Focus goes

Keep your focus on your adventure and success and and enjoy each learning opportunity...

Cheering you on...

Anonymous said...

hey there jessica
we have heard plenty of things about u over here in New zealand
and i would like to say keep up on that goal as u will get far in life even still if u dont make it4.
im also a sailor (16) year old sailor and really injoy it just like u do.

i would like to hear from u so plz give me an email at

Cheers william

Anonymous said...

Saw your video on ESPN today. I really liked it. I especially like your answer when you were asked how important was the record to you and you said "Its just an excuse to go on the trip"...great answer, good luck to you Jessica...

trentgs said...

Jessica Just wanted to say We're all for you here in Savannah,GA and rooting for you all the way around the globe. Its' an admirable dream and an Achieveable One Hold On and Go For The Gold! You're in our hearts and Thoughts as well as Prayers for Smmoth Passage But I believe you have shown the kind of determination that it will Take to get it done. Blessings on your Grand Voyage.

Marcus said...

Gods speed and all the strength is the world to you...What your undertaking to do is a leviathan task which will challenge you to the core of your being...I hope and prey you meet those challanges...May the ocean be kind to you...

brooke said...

Hey Jess,
Dont let the knockers deter you.
We know how strong and talented you are. and behind you 100%. Go get em girl.

Mark, Karla and Brooke
Mooloolaba Marina

Lori said...

Best wishes Jess as you prepare to set sail soon! God bless.
Holland, MI
Lake Michigan

Tracy said...

Good luck Jess, I will be following your journey with great interest. Stay safe

Anonymous said...

Best of luck too you Jessica! Can't wait to read about your journey. I wish you fair winds and following seas from Rhode Island and North Carolina USA
Peter Spencer

Albert said...

I finally read your side of the incident and I must say it was as I had suspected. So many people ASSUMED and spoke before they got all the facts. I'm satisfied with the evidence and I hope you can put it all behind you.

Ben said...

it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.Being succesful means getting up one more time than you fall....get up n go girl

jimowin said...

Hello Jessica,
Will you be reading any books while on your circumnavigation?
What sort of stories do you read?
Do you have any books?
Are you going to write a book?
You certainly picked beautiful yacht, A must read is "Gentleman you are First" its about Olin Stephens & his boats. I'm sure that he would be with you in spirit. Cheers Jim Owens

Andrew said...

Did you get some sea trials over the weekend? The gusting westerlies would have been a pretty good test of any repairs I would have thought - about a good a test as you will get without going to sea in a storm. Any pics from sea trials over the weekend to see how the boat handled it?

Anonymous said...

God to see everything is getting back on track for you. As for the naysayers and what not, pffft. Do what you want and dont let them get you down. So all the best for your voyage, and may you encounter fair winds all the way if you are around the 40th.


Anonymous said...

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.
Benjamin Franklin

Energy and persistence conquer all things.
Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin may have discovered electricity, but it was the man who invented the meter who made the money

Weide said...

Dear Jessica,

Don't bother with those nonsenses from what 'others' think! You're your own master, and the best candidate for the challenge you've decided for yourself!


Kerry said...

Congratulations to Jessica and her parents. There are many people in the world past and present that have been told they "shouldn't do it". These people have been young, middle aged and even maybe considered too old. I am praying for your quick and safe return, God Bless You and your family and team and may He travel with you as you go.

Anonymous said...

The best of luck to you Jessica and know that there are so many more people watching and cheering you on. It is a shame that many people choose to pass judgement or negative comment without any understanding of the situation or the motivations of you and your family. I think that you are amazing to carry on in such a positive light and not let any of that stuff get you down. Well done girl! Can't wait to see you continue to shine!

Keep it up!
the smiths :)

Surfer Girl said...

Jess, what an inspiration you are. I am glad you are following your dreams. Maybe one day I'll see you out on the high seas! All the best

Ruth Young said...

Great to hear that the sea trials are now underway! It must have been "hard" work on the hardstand...Good on you and your team for getting all the repairs done. All the best for the sail to Sydney...look forward to hearing more about your big adventure.
Best regards,

The Bludger said...

The world needs adventurers, explorers, people willing to look to the horizon and wonder what is beyond.Without individuals willing to do that the human race may still be swinging from trees or living in the African Savannah or non existent.
History does not record the countless individuals who left home and set off to explore and discover the world. Our early ancestors who moved out of Africa and over thousands of years spread around the globe and inherited the world. Neither does history record the trials and tribulations that they faced. History does record some of the more modern explorers, Scott of the Antarctic, Vasco de Gama, Sir Edmund Hilary, Amy Johnson and many others. Each one of those contributed in their way to building the world that we live in today.
Our governments have gone soft telling the world that they are protecting us from harm. However in reality they have simply lost their nerve as they become overly protective and consider endeavors such as yours as too risky. Scared that the outcome of your endeavors may cause you pain, hurt or even death.
Jessica, I support your endeavor and wish you well and fair winds. May you experience the joy of a sunrise on a boundless ocean and the cooling breeze at the end of a hot day. May you sail back to the acclaim that you deserve. You carry the dream of many on your shoulders.

Chuck said...

dear jessica I saw your spot on ESPN and sailing around the world is pretty kickass not gonna lie. Best of luck to you

Chuck L-P

Mark and Jude Thomas said...

Hi Jessica
Last year my wife and I travelled with our 2 kids for 6mths round the world. Some thought we were crazy, but it was amazing. We are looking forward to following your journey on your blog. Stay safe. The Thomas family from Adelaide.

Anonymous said...

days and days and no blog. whats up? Canada is wondering

Leon said...

Hi Jessica,

I see that as your departure date draws near, the media have stepped up their interest and many of them have decided to take a negative approach, relying on the fact that the majority of people in this world would have no idea how keep a toy boat afloat on Lake Bathtub, let alone have the courage, skill or determination to solo navigate a sailboat around the world via the Southern Capes.

But then maybe that statement is just as negative as the media reports that instigated it.

What’s probably truer is that the very same majority of people in this world quietly harbour a desire to be just like yourself, and though they may have reservations stating it publicly, they vicariously applaud you for daring to live your dream.

And when it’s all said and done, when you sail back to port with green slime down the side of your boat instead of scratches, I can guarantee the people who are currently telling your parents that they are wrong won’t be standing on the dock to tell them they were right.

Have a great sail!
Leon, West Oz.

Cheryl S - Brisbane said...

All the very best of success as you follow your dream Jessica. You are an inspiration to young and old alike - I am in awe of you. I wish for good weather to follow you and look forward to reading your amazing stories.

Anonymous said...

Good luck from all of us up here at the Cairns Yacht Club... it was a pleasure to meet you and we wish you God speed and a safe journey

Anonymous said...

What an amazing adventure it will indeed be! I Wish you luck, you are an amazing young woman, who should serve as an inspiration to other young girls!!

- T. West OZ.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Just a quick note to wish you a safe trip to Sydney. Pop in to the CYC if you get chance for a beer, oops coke.



Anonymous said...

Tenga Buena Aventura from GM Pacheco Albuquerque,New Mexico

Scotty - Denver said...

Two things -

Well, really three. First, The Lord is watching over you Jesse. Second, as I've gone back and read these posts about the accident and the refit and all, is that you are fortunate to now know what it takes to re-rig and the third point is related: You are now going to be _extremely_ cautious about shipping lanes.

I'm glad it didn't dampen your spirits, you chose to take the accident as a learning opportunity rather than a setback. That's what I'm finding so inspirational about your attempt so far.

My wife and I are keeping tabs on your progress. We'll continue praying for your safety and for your record attempt.

God bless you!

-Scott & Cheryl deBeaubien