Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thanks St John cadets for helping Mum with the first aid kit and for the picture!!


Andy Kayla Morgan said...

Hello Jessica,
My name is Andy. My kids Morgan who is 12 and Kayla 14, and myself, are enjoying your blog. I'm sure you are excited about your impending departure date. Because we are! The Boat looks sweet! We have followed both Zac and Mikes journeys from about mid way through so were excited to be following yours from the get go. We live in Mammoth Lakes, CA which is a ski resort in the Eastern Sierra. We wish you all the best and pray you have a safe and comfortable journey. Go get em!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica! Joe here in Valpariso Florida, on the Gulf Coast of Florida. A word to your comment about someone reading your blog. Many of us who have followed both Mike and Zac as they made their trek check in here every morning for an update on your page. No worries - your progress will be followed by many of us daily so keep the updates coming. Regards from the UA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica:

Just wanted to let you know that there are many who are following your blog, with my family being one of them, not everyone posts, but I would venture a guess that your website is getting many, many hits per day. I check you blog on a daily basis and am excited for you to begin your adventure. Be safe out there and take care of yourself, and please post as many pictures as you can.