Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sea Trials

Jessica's mum here.

We waved Bruce and Jessica off last night and stood watching as Pink Lady's navigation lights disappeared into the darkness under the Southern Cross.
Was a pretty monumental moment.

She reported in this morning at 08.00 hrs
Position 26.30 S 154.19 E
They are on a heading of 90 degrees and doing 7.5 knots
The wind is 12 knots.
All is going really well, there were lots of fishing boats about during the night.

We can see her smiling from here on shore!



Anonymous said...

WOW 7.5 knots, Go 'Pink Lady' (and crew)

Fair Winds

Saraya :-)

Anonymous said...

must have been a pretty amazing moment for you, I'm sure you have mixed feelings about this whole adventure, excited for Jessica but worried at the same time. My family will pray for Jessica every day of her trip...god bless you all