Thursday, August 27, 2009

Out and About

Sunrise over the deck, heading home after two nights at sea.

Doing jobs up the top of Pink Lady’s mast, the top of my world!

Pulling the main sail up and heading out for a sail with my sister Emily and brother Tom.

Thanks John for the last minute welding and late night work!


Marcus Schormann said...

Hey Jessica, nice pics of PINK LADY in action, worth to keep for my project to build a SIB of her.
many regards from Germany, yours Marcus Schormann

Kensei said...

I've just finished tracking Zac and Mike. It's now your turn.

Hopefully you'll have a tracker so we can see your progress. That was something that kept me coming back to the other web sites. Also, an RSS feed would be great so I can see when new blog posts have been posted on my Google portal page.

Anyway, everyone here in Japan wishes you the best of luck!