Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home Again

Two nights at sea and 250nm dodging shipping was a really good test for Pink Lady and myself. I'm very impressed with how easy she was to handle. Sitting in the cockpit, it felt like everything was right there at my finger tips and perfectly under my control. Everyone's saying it: The S&S 34 is certainly the right boat for the job! And what a great job all the team have done!

I was also pretty happy at the consistent speeds we were achieving. On the second night, with 30 knots of wind and a short swell, we did uncover a few small leaks in the deck. Leaks like this aren't really a safety issue. They just make life extremely unpleasant. It's so nice to know about these problems now while we have the chance to fix them!

So it's back to work at a million different things, and next time I’m off by myself!


Jackson Hole Skier said...

I am curious what kind of speeds you were achieving with your nice clean hull, hard dodger and new slick paint job?

Anonymous said...

What an amazing feeling, it would have been fantastic.
Yes it's best things break now, while you can fix them, rather than later.

Saraya :-)

Chris Rees said...

Good luck Jessica! I admire your verve. When are you hoping to start this epic voyage?


Scott Wakefield said...

There is an esoteric saying; "Blessed be the obstacles for through them we grow". Don't let this mornings incident get to you. It's all part of the journey.
Best of luck Jessica. I fully support what you are doing and wish you fair winds.

Melissawjdh said...

I wish you a safe, healthy, and above all happy journey. Go with the wind girl, I wish I had your courage.

sue perry said...

hi jessica,
wow!what an experience for you to do something like this. i'm proud of you. i live in new hampshire, am a mother of 3 daughters and teach 2nd grade. i enjoy your blog and i plan on telling my class about your adventures.

Anonymous said...