Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ups and Downs

Friday wasn’t the best of days starting with my epoxy poisoning creeping up on me again. For awhile I had quite a nice panda eye look happening, not something I’d recommend when you’ve got a photographer scheduled to take your picture for the paper! I’m sure it went ok in the end… till I got back to the shed to find some very sorry looking expressions.

Up till this point the whole team was on standby to finally install the beautiful new Yanmar engine. Mechanic ready to go, forklift in position, gearbox we were waiting for due to arrive 10am sharp etc only… you guessed it, the gearbox didn’t arrive. It’s amazing how far off track the gearbox managed to find itself on a simple overnight delivery! Definitely not one of the better days.

So to take my mind off it all I did something 16 years olds often do on a Friday night and headed off to the movies. Three hours of painful action scenes later, my frustration was directed at the fact that the heroines hair and makeup managed to remain perfect throughout.

Saturday was a lot more fun, after a hard mornings work scrubbing the shed completely spotless we finished up with a shiny coat of pink paint on the hull. Too late to change my mind so it’s lucky I love it!!



Keith MacDonald said...

It would be great to see some pictures of the now-painted hull. I don't think I've ever seen a pink sailboat before!

Anonymous said...

Hi! A pink boat! That will make all the sea creatures 'sit up' and take notice!! You really are an original Jessica! -- as feminine as you can be and yet with all the guts and 'cando' of the toughest deep sea fisherman or rugby player, only prettier! Seriously though, I will be with you through all the ups and downs, peaks and troughs of your epic voyage, praying for you through the long nights; - and for all your wonderful supportive family too.
Godbless and Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess! I have just been reading Zac' latest blog. It makes compulsive reading especially for you! A nasty very close encounter with a container ship! - and so near to home! Hope you have a good radar and warning system! Zac is due home on 16th July! So I will have to keep an eye on your blogs instead! Best wishes.