Sunday, July 12, 2009

It wasn’t a dream

Well it wasn’t a dream, we arrived at the shed this morning to find that, no I hadn’t been dreaming and that yes we had painted the boat pink! After opening up the shed we had to spend a while just taking it in, what a color!

After the initial shock I have to say it really looks something! Can’t wait to see her finished off and on the water. And not long now, after the deck gets a final coat everything goes back on, then it’s off to do some sailing.

To give the paint a good chance to dry Pat, Ed, Bruce, Mum, Dad and I spent the day doing various jobs off the boat in the sunshine. We ran wiring through the targa frame, prepared the stanchions for refitting, painted odds and ends, serviced a pump etc

Tomorrow its try two installing the engine, fingers crossed!

I’m off to take one last look at the boat before heading home.


P.S. Thanks everyone for the comments and remember to book your tickets for the ‘Bon Voyage’ dinner.

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SamBlog said...

good luck with the 2nd attempt at getting the engine in!! hope it all goes alright!