Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last busy days

What a busy and exciting week so far! And things only get faster from here… We’ve still got a few long hard day’s work between us and heading off to Sydney but I can’t help feeling so proud of the boat, how sturdy and cute she looks! Even with so much still to do what all the team have achieved over the last 7 weeks is amazing, what a lot of hard work. I can’t help being glad that the boat’s only 34foot. After being all striped down for so long its such a nice feeling to know that the boat is ready to be put back in the water. Not long now till we get to do some sailing!

Every day lately has been a good one but Wednesday was particularly exciting, the boat was pulled out of the shed! I missed the big event because I was off in Brisbane visiting David Lambourne to see the progress on the rig.

Also while we were in Brisbane Bruce and I had the chance to stop into P&W Marine Engineering and were given a very warm welcome. After a tour around their amazing work shop we left with a beautiful new shaft.

A stop at BIA’s boating saw us leave with a box full of essential goodies, all those last minute things. Thanks to Peter and Greg for tracking down all those tricky little bits and pieces!

Dan and I with the new shaft but a big thanks to all the guys who’ve put so much work into everything we’ve needed.

With my new mast, can’t believe how lucky I am to have David Lambourne and a sturdy, shiny complete new rig!

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Bobby Timson said...

OMG Jessica, you must be getting very excited about how the boat is progressing. You actually smiled in that last photo! It's a nice smile, you should show it more often. Have fun at the dinner.