Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bon-Voyage dinner, not to miss!

The Bon-voyage dinner at Twin Waters this Saturday night isn’t one to miss. James Castrission, Don McIntyre and Jesse Martin will all be along, Ten Networks Bill Woods is MC and the food sounds promising! Tonnes of exciting stuff happening, some interesting bits and pieces up for auction and I’ll be announcing the winning name from the Sunshine Coast Daily’s boat name competition.

Jump onto the home page for more details and grab your seats before times out.


Anonymous said...

Wicked boat color Jess.HAVE A GOOD TIME AT THE DINNER.
Yeppoon Qld

Old sea salt said...

more thoughts from the old buggar: ensure you have two hose clamps on each pipe connection so if one breaks the other holds, in emergencies you can rob these to use together (you can join several)to hold other stuff together.
Tooth ache is something that can pile on the misery, talk to your dentist who can prescribe stuff to deal with this. I guess you know about the self-heating hand warmer sachets to put in gloves and keep those hands warm deep in the Southern ocean?
Good luck Jess Toast king neptune to stay on his good side

Peter Briggs

Roberto G. Augusto Junior said...

Hi Jessica,

I'm excited about your trip. I'm sure you are writing a piece of the sail history.

Good winds.


merle said...


Good luck on your round!
We are all pulling for you.

Merle Laswell
Clermont, FL