Sunday, June 14, 2009


Believe it or not ‘moping’ is an important part of sailing round the world, every week it’s completely essential to spend a couple of hours being completely un productive, just vegging out by yourself, not letting one single important thought cross your mind, also known as recharging your batteries. This week my batteries were well over due for a recharge, pressure levels too high and energy levels too low! I spent Saturday evening watching mindless TV and rereading my favorite books while my amazing little sister Hannah made all the toasted sandwiches I could eat, forced second helpings of desert on me and sent me off to bed early. Result = ready to take on the next week!

If it’s the kind of thing you read check out the latest edition of Dolly and if you’re in Queensland and can get your hands on a copy of the Qweekender, the cover story about me and the voyage is a great one.

Next week’s plan includes final fiber glassing, getting the new paint underway, building a new galley, completing the plumping, getting the wiring underway and I’ll be heading down to Brisbane on Wednesday day to do a marine medical course.



Cameron B said...

Hi Jessica

You would have thoroughly enjoyed the totally relaxing weekend, especially with your sister running around for you, why cant my sister be like that.

A brilliant weekend is always followed by a fun filled and fully loaded week and by the looks of it it defenetly is. Good luck with the work, enjoy.

Cameron B

Anonymous said...


I heard your father interviewed by Greg Cary on 4BC. You're lucky to have such a supportive family.
Keep safe,


Missy B said...

Hey Girl!!

Wow. This is wow. I mean I would be VERY scared to you know to be alone for like a year.

But thats me, I wish you all the best of luck :D.