Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whittakers chocolate supplies and Icebreaker Clothing

Had a great day today, went in to spend some time with the Met Service technical team at their office in Paraparaumu after catching up with grandparents at Waikanae.

Seems like I have, all I'll ever need for supplies for the boat now! Whittakers Chocolates have undertaken to supply me for the voyage! Quantity was a hard one but the boats only so big!

I'll also be snug, warm and stylish with Icebreaker providing me with a selection of Merino clothing.

Flying out of Wellington this afternoon and home tonight!



Anonymous said...

Been talking to your auntie kath today at UCOL and you really are an insperation. My daughter is 15 and i would love for her to sail around the world but hopfully it would take her about 3 to 5 years and then she might be over that teenage stage. We gave up everything to move to New Zealand two years ago and the best advice that we were given was that "when you are standing on the edge and its a long long way to fall,JUMP, only then will you know how great it is to fly" Oh and if you have too much chocolate i could store some here for you.... Well done, you are already a hero so now just go and enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, Maree McHugh here your old preschool teacher. Have just heard about your amazing plans. I wish you well for your journey.

Regards to your family, would love to catch up with them some time. Email
Cheers Maree

maree said...

Hi it's Maree McHugh, your preschool teacher from years ago, Nadine contacted me telling of your amazing plans, what an adventure!!! I wish you well and my regards to all your family would love to hear from them. Cheers Maree. Email